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REVIEWS OF Guard Pest Control IN Washington

Jasmine Rodriguez

An ant problem came about and the timing couldn’t be any worse! However, after calling multiple places, Kate, I believe, was very understanding and able to get me scheduled the same day!! Kevin was knowledgeable, friendly, very reassuring and honest. I appreciate the great customer service I received through this whole process. Highly recommended

Paolo Ciccu

Karen Tall

Kevin from the company was prompt, knowledgeable and really helpful. I’m glad I found the company!!

Sue Ellen

Dustin has been great to work with. We have been given an hour's window when he is to arrive and it's been mid point which is great, most places you schedule anything your lucky if they even show up on time. So very dependable. I asked a lot of questions the first time and he was very nice and answered all my questions. I did a lot of research before calling your company and I really depended on the reviews and also the type of company and Dustin falls right into what I expected. A small enough company that is like family and not so corporate that I was just another number, I feel like the customer. I was also really surprised that the upfront fee covers trap replacement every 14 days for the 1st 90 days before, signing up for another service. Now that is a huge surprise and over all a huge savings for me. Thanks again for letting Dustin take care of our issues for us.

Loren Gahnberg

On time, efficient, friendly, and took care of a large, difficult to get to nest of yellow jackets inside of a wall. Definitely will call Guard the next time without hesitation.

Lori Linson

They are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

Jessica Zimmerman

Great service, knowledgeable and very thorough.

Jonathan Moon

Kevin was very knowledgeable in treating our ant problem. He is very friendly and we would definitely recommend him. He takes pride in his work and respects every question you throw at him. His 90 day policy is also a plus.

Helena Parker

Meant with Kevin, he as set traps and will return off and on for 3 months. He identified several possible points of entry for rodents. I feel assured that he will take care of this issue for us! Also, I found Kevin to be very helpful and personable. I would recommend Guard Pest Control!

Tony Kraft

Kevin was thorough and knowledgeable, offered solutions to help with my problem areas that any homeowner could do. Kevin did not try to push any service that was not needed instead provided a plan for our current situation and future treatment.

A Adams

I am so happy we chose to use Guard! Kevin is so professional and attentive! Thank you so much!

Angie Mckeever

Got the job done:)

Spencer Jong

Nice and profession

Roy Macgregor

Carolyn Woods

We recently had Guard Pest Control correct a problem that we had. They were here every day on time, and fixed our problem with rats, moisture ants, and now every thing is clean and corrected. Nathan worked his fanny off. Kevin knew his stuff. Well Done. Thank you so much, Gary and Carolyn

Justin Currey

Privately owned company. Respectful, polite and knowledgeable staff. Couldn't be happier with their service and wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Petar Jamborcic

(Translated by Google) excellent job (Original) excelent job

Karen Tolman

They were on time they were kind and considerate and they did everything that they told me they were going to do I have referred them to my mom as well

Sue Williams

Fantastic company, highly recommend them. Will definitely use them again if needed.

Clifford Johnson

Russell Johnson

professional and courteous. took care of all rodent problems right away. would highly recommend.

Ashlie Gamero

Guard Pest control is the best service with the best prices! Amy is great to work with. Would recommend.

Matt Fields

Nate did a fantastic job not only checking on our rodent problem but also educating us on where they could be entering from and how to stop them from getting in. He was very professional and personable in all aspects of the job. I highly recommend their services and will most definitely reach back out to them for any future issues.

Michael Gates

Very thorough, explained the treatment process, how it worked and made sure all my questions were answered.

Beverly Kiltoff

Kevin was professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. Zero sales pressure. He shared a lot of useful information so that I could make informed decisions. Highly recommended!

Ashley Loughran

David Henry

Thomas Engle

Good people to do business with. Honesty and integrity are hard to find nowdays. If your problem comes back they are there to respond quickly.

Sue humphries

Very prompt and courteous service!

Traci Orso

Kevin is very knowledgeable. I really appreciated the time he took answering all of my concerns and questions that I had. His sincerity and kindness is refreshing.

Colleen Robinson

Excellent customer service & education. When I found evidence of rats in the crawl space, called Guard Pest Control and they dispatched a technician in just a few days who was very thorough in finding entrance points into the house, pointing out what I would need to do to block the entrances and setting traps. I asked a bazillion questions and he had answers for each and supplied a thorough billing, with photos of what he found in the crawl space, He also showed & explained the bait stations, which I had great concern about since I have three dogs - felt very comfortable after his visit that I knew what to do next, and that going forward after the initial 90 days, that my dogs would be safe as we would move into bait mode. Just great relief that they have this wide range of 'rat psychology' knowledge and rat experience to ensure that I will soon have no issues. Quick, professional and thorough.

Stephanie Puzey

I've used this company twice for services and they are amazing. I signed up for their quarterly service as a direct result of my satisfaction with them. I know that makes me sound like a robot, but that's just pretty much it! Highly recommend!

Jeni Shogren

From the first call to when the technician finished at our house, I was completely impressed with everyone I talked to at Guard Pest. The technician, Kevin, was very knowledgable and friendly. He was happy to answer all my questions and throughly explained the process of getting rid of our carpenter ants. He explained what we should see and expect in the next few weeks and I really appreciated that. He provided top notch customer service and I would not hesitate to call them again if need be. This company really does deserve 5 stars!

Kevin Downing

This is the first time ever in over 30 years that someone has come to my home, offered professional advice and then tried to NOT charge me anything. This is unheard of today and I will be sure to call Guard Pest Control if I ever need their services. Friendly, polite and knowledgeable. A+++

Manny Aquino

Great service. Friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended to all.

Camping and S’more!

I highly recommend Guard Pest Control. Kevin is very knowledgeable and professional. No matter if the job is big or small, you'll get the service you need. Guard Pest Control has been servicing our business for years and also has helped me personally with a home inspection.


Good professional service. Kevin found issues (point of entries) that other pest services did not point out. As a result, the problem was resolved!

Roslynn Briggs

I have used Guard Pest Control for over two years at multiple apartment communities that I oversee. They treat, get rid of and educate you on the pest situation so you know what to do going forward. They also have taken care of my spider, and most recently ant situation at my house. Kevin is very knowledgeable. The office Staff has always been kind and friendly. In my industry that is a huge deal! I would recommend them 100%.

Sarah Graef

I am beyond pleased with their service! We had an ant problem in our home for almost a year and paid a competitor a ridiculous amount of money per month to try to fix the problem with no luck. After one conversation with Guard Pest Control they were able to not only give us the tools we needed, but not even three weeks later we were complete any free!! I could not be more pleased!

bryce busby

Out of all the pest company's I worked with this is by far the best, prompt service and professionall. If i had any questions about bugs he had the answer.

Rachel Jackson

Professional and super helpful. And, as a female person, let me say there was a decided lack of feeling as if I was being lectured/patronized at any point (which has not been my experience with other pest companies). Would recommend to anyone.

Cecilia Locsin

Very happy with the service I received from Kevin at Guatd Pest Control. He was very friendly, polite and professional. He explained what he was going to do very thoroughly and was very efficient. I would highly recommend Guard Pest Control..

David Andrews

Alex Nielson

Great experience! And fair priced. Gave me lots of info and knowledge on how keep pests out!

Janice Benner

Marta H Reed

Guard Pest Control is a great service, since they have been coming regularly, I have not been bothered with icky creatures!! Their staff is great! They are like old friends coming to help!

sharlean Driggind

To be honest, I called Orkin first but due to the HORRIBLE "SERVICE" I called Guard Pest Control. First, it was a human I talked to on the phone. I like being able to talk to a person rather that push a bunch of numbers. Second, they were able to fit me in on the same day, Thank you so much. Third, Kevin provided explanations and took the time to answer questions (even from my kids). Then there is the fact that he showed up in a 'low key' vehicle. My neighbors just thought a contractor was working on the house. Thank you very much for everything.

Diana Banana

They have done an amazingly professional job, they were extremely honest, and were really knowledgeable. Best company I've worked with!

Brian L. Acey

On time, thorough, knowledgeable and priced right. Offers follow up visits at no charge if problem persists. Thank you!!

Relbod D

Great customer service - Fast and friendly

Trevor White

Guard Pest Control was terrific. Great to work with. Took the time to explain what was needed and the path forward. Happy I chose them!

gage lorenzo

Great company to Work with! Definitely would recommend to others!

Chrissy Baker

I had thumping sounds coming from inside my walls for a few days and needed an exterminator. I assumed that it was rats. I wanted to go small business and not corporate because I feel they care more about their customers. After researching pest control near me and reading their reviews, I decided to go with "Guard Pest Control". Amy from "Guard" took my call. She was extremely pleasant, helpful and courteous. She made me feel confident in making the choice to go through them. I hoped that I would receive the same customer service with the exterminator. They were able to schedule an appointment with me in 2 days. Kevin, the exterminator, showed up on time. I asked if I could walk with him to educate myself on signs to look for.I am impressed at his knowledge and honesty of my situation. He gave my family and I the same professional and friendly customer service as Amy. There were no signs of rats in my home, in fact no evidence of any pest entering the home was present. He gave me ideas on what to do when I hear the noise, such as checking the exterior of the home and keeping a log. The next day when I returned from work I heard the thumping noise. I immediately went outside to observe my roof. On the very top of my roof was a crow pecking at what looks like a spray of tree pollen/seeds. I own a sweet gum tree on that side of the home and believe the seeds were blown up there. I live in a windy area. Not only that, but my roof needs replacement, and remembered the zinc strip was loose. I believe that because it's a thin strip of metallic like paper, the sparkling reflection of the sun on it was attracting the birds to my roof. Kevin did mention that sounds can simply be the echo of birds on the roof. If I ever have a pest problem or question again, Guard Pest Control will always be my choice. The cost for time, supplies, and maintenance plan was a good deal. Because he didn't find anything, he cut the cost for me. If the noises continued being a mystery, he offered to return to the property and set up traps for a small fee and continue maintenance. I feel that the bargain was a fair deal and balanced to the quote I received from Amy. If you want a good priced exterminator with experience and excellent customer service, Guard Pest Control should be your choice!

Debra Werdell

If you need help with bugs or pests, call Guard Pest Control! Nate was friendly, respectful of us and our house inside and out and explained the process as well as answered all our questions. I HIGHLY recommend this company. If you went with a cheap alternative company and your critters are back, you will be glad you called Guard! They're great and they fully guarantee their work.

Greg Hull

Kevin was great, arrived on time, very professional and informative. Amy after hearing my problem scheduled an appointment for the next day. All is well now, I would highly recommend Guard Pest Control

Joshua Bates

Kevin arrived well within the appointment window. He was very professional and listened to all our concerns. His inspection was detailed and include photos of his findings. Our receipt included written details of the inspection as well as information on how to prevent additional nesting going forward which he had covered before he left. I would definitely reach out to the Guard Pest Control team if there was some other additional infestation at my home but for obvious reasons I hope to never have to hire them again. :)

leann rhodes

Everyone should use Guard Pest Control. Kevin is always on time and just a really nice guy and the ladies in the office are always friendly. I have been using there services for about 4 yrs now and this year the spiders were HORRIBLE. I called and Kevin was out the next day and he resprayed the whole house at no charge, how great is that. I can't talk highly enough about this company and the spiders are gone.

Yvonne Perry

Lee Shelley

I purchased a 30 year old commercial building with existing long term tenants. They reported a long standing ant problem that had been treated but never was resolved. We hired Guard Pest Control and within a few weeks our ant problem was nearly gone. After a year of maintenance by Kevin and his crew, this is the best it's been in regard to pests!

Jennifer Sturtevant

Fantastic service from the moment my call was answered to our appointment with our technician! Thank you so much! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Abram Elwell

Very knowledgeable and they actually gave me the advice to NOT use their services, since moisture ants don't need treatment after wet wood and leaks are removed. Impressed me enough to write this review.

Jess B.

For initial trip out, set traps and found entry points. Gave suggestions on how to close them up as well as deal with external burrows. Very satisfied so far.

Barbara G

So glad I called Guard Pest Control! We had a carpenter ant problem and gave them a call. They got back to me immediately, explained the typical procedure, and I scheduled an appointment with only a 1-hour window, which I really appreciate. Kevin arrived promptly, inspected the area, explained the best course of action, and got to work. A short while later he was done, assuring me that he can come back at any time to retreat if necessary, no additional charge. Kevin was fun to work with, thorough, personable and knowledgeable. Again, so glad I called Guard -- I highly recommend them!


I contacted Guard Pest Control because of their consistently great reviews. I am super happy to have them onboard! They have awesome customer service on the phone and in person. They offer a great quarterly maintenance plan and it’s total peace of mind to have ‘insurance’ coverage if we have any issues in between visits. Highly recommend this local business!

Alan Brake

Great customer service. Quick and efficient. Highly recommend.

Mariko Taggart

Kevin was very friendly, informative, and helpful! He inspected the outside of our house, plus two attic areas inside. It was good news he didn’t see any signs of rodents. He found a spot on our roof that a squirrel is mostly likely coming in and out of, and gave us tips on how to fix. Thanks, Kevin!!

Justin Hillgrove

Super friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend them!

James L Hammer

Lisa Neris

Alexia Manthey-Smith

My husband and I just moved into our dream home- but the little friends under the house could potentially be our worst nightmare. I called Guard Pest Control, got on the schedule right away and Kevin was here within a few days of us moving in. He was super knowledgeable and went above and beyond explaining how he was treating, as well as how to prevent future problems. Totally worth the money to have such piece of mind! Definitely recommend!!

Lila Thompson

Very polite and understanding. The best public relations that I have seen in a long time. Listens to me about any concerns and opinions that I might have. I recommend them to anyone. Megan is a good asset to that company.

Bryan Blakeney

Update: Refunded $250 that I requested since I felt I got about $100 worth of service. I am satisfied with the outcome all things considered. Price for service is $350. This is supposed to include 90 days of followup, which I confirmed was supposed to happen about every 2 weeks and that they would be responsible for calling me and setting them up. Kevin has only come out once since I hired him to place the initial traps at the end of April, and we've caught only one mouse that by the time he came out was nothing but a poof of fuzz after the maggots got done with it. I've got 1 month left on my 90 days and I'm quite upset that I've been allowed to fall through the cracks after spending so much money and the assurances they gave about what I was paying for. I have no idea what the status of my traps are. I had a bout of blow flies a week or so ago so, I wouldn't surprised if another mouse has been allowed to harbor maggots and hatch them in my basement again. They get 2 stars, but only because when they did come, they've been knowledgable and have given good advice, but apparently that's where their service ends. Frankly could have gotten that advice on Youtube and the internet for free. But I thought I was paying for a service to have my problem taken care of and followed up on with them maintaining their placements for 90 days. So far though the flys and maggots have done a better job of keeping tabs on the dead critters caught. Thank god for them or it might stink to high heaven in here.

Thomas Logan

Great service and knowledgeability. Fast and friendly along with great advice for different parts of the property. Would highly recommend.

Sam Bolong

Andrew was very good to work with. Had problem with rodents in the downstairs offices. He set up traps inside and outside. It took 2 visits to catch all the rodents in the building. Once they were all trapped Andrew sealed off where he thought rodents were entering and we have not seen any in the building since. He now only comes quarterly to check the traps.

Gigi Davisson

Jaime Southard

Guard Pest Control is wonderful! The staff and service are beyond what we could have asked for. Prices are fair and they are reliable and professional. Kevin, our tech was friendly and explained everything thoroughly. I have and will continue to refer them whenever possible.

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