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REVIEWS OF Aspen Pest Control IN Washington

Jani Aden

Today was the first time we have seen David and he like the others was a great ambassador for Aspen. Aspen employees are curtious, knowledgable and thorough, everytime! We have not had issues since they started with us over a year ago, I'd recommend them.

Joshua Miles

Aspen Pest is great - they were professional and answered all my questions. It is nice to see a company that still cares about the customer experience. They definitely helped with out big problem.

Ted Gates

We’ve used Aspen for three years and are happy with their service. When we have a concern about pests or bugs between our regular service schedule, they readily send out a technician, at no charge. Top notch culture focused on customer satisfaction. Very much appreciated.

Marilyn Doyle

We have used Aspen Pest Control for almost 2 years. They carefully spray all areas, check rodent traps and clean wasps nest. Technicians are always friendly. I would definitely recommend them.

Maureen Hampton

Terrific, dependable people. We bought a house that was infested with mice and bugs. After one visit, the critters started evacuating. It is a pleasure dealing with people that do what they say.

Dan Ewing

Great customer service and they do a really thorough job. Price is completely fair for piece of mind that no creepy crawlers are cruising around.


So far so good. Many pest control companies talk a good game but typically don't deliver. Aspen has kept our house pest free from the start. We occasionally see a spider outside, but never anything inside. They have maintained a professional image every time they arrive. My wife and I are very happy with Aspen.

Dianne Elliott

Aspen Pest control took care of our carpenter ants, spiders, and mice. Very professional.

Jason Goebel

Aspen always does a thorough job on our house. I’ve tried a couple other pest control companies in the Camas,WA area and have come back to Aspen. Very responsive customer service, also. Typically get the owner when you call.

Dannette Schumann

Professional, friendly, trustworthy, and extremely responsive! We have been with Aspen Pest Control for 3 years. Daron, my service man, always shows up with a clean professional appearance, lets me know he's there and asks if I have any areas of concern. After every treatment he lets me know he's finished and takes the time to explain exactly what he did, and what he observed during his treatment. I have never had a problem getting a hold of the office. They call before every visit to let you know they're coming, if I don't want or need treatment inside I don't even need to be home. They bill correctly and on time every month. This spring we had a sugar ant infestation they came out right away, treated and took the time to explain exactly what to expect. These extra treatments are no charge. The owner, Joseph, is very personable, and friendly. He takes the reputation of his company very seriously and will make sure that his customers are treated properly. The products they use are safe and won't harm my small children or dog. I can't recommend Aspen Pest Control highly enough!

Christina Tsui

Excellent service. Technicians always show up on time and clearly explain what the are doing for the service. Highly recommended!

L Rodger

Aspen does a great job. They schedule quarterly but they have been available quickly for a wasp issue i had. They explain findings and are very thorough. Everyone is very professional and friendly. The service far exceeds my previous experiences with other companies.

Deanna Rusch

Just had Logan out from Aspen for my first treatment. He was so kind and patient (even with my dogs!!) and explained everything very clearly for me. This company came highly recommended from multiple people and now I know why. Thank you!

Matt Brown - Live Pacific Northwest

Aspen Pest Control is the easiest, most consistent, and efficient pest company I have ever worked with. Not only do they come out whenever we need them, they also return quarterly for regular maintenance so pests don't return. One other terrific side note: The owner of the company calls after every visit to check in and see how his people are doing. Pretty incredible in this day and age.

rod frederiksen

We have always received excellent service and results with Aspen Pest Control. There technicians have always been here on time and have done a great job. I highly recommend there service!

Smita Sethi

I’ve been with Aspen Pest Control for so long I can’t even remember! They are best local pest control company.

Jon Calhoun

These people are the real deal. In my opinion, thinking about pests around your home is not a fun topic. Although, Aspen Pest Control goes above and beyond to make sure that you and your family is taken care of -- time and time again. Their services are top notch, prices are competitive, and best of all, their customer service blows me away. From start to finish, Aspen has the best people in my mind. We are new to the area and highly recommend for the whole home projection!

Philip Werner

The pest service is timely and the engineer is always courteous.

Douglas Owens

We’ve been a customer of Aspen for over 1 year. Super satisfied with their service. The team is always courteous, on time and efficient. Pricing is competitive and a good value for the money. Best part is that they aren’t scared of wasps!!!

Stephen Edmonds

David and Logan have come out to our residence and have been very polite, punctual and focused. It is such a relief to hear their observations and professionalism and knowledge. These men have hit it out of the park and they are always welcome to return as they need. My family is in great hands. Thank you gentlemen and for the office staff they are a treat to work with as well. Let them come to your house and I am sure you will be rewarded as well. Thank you Aspen and crews Best Regards SteveE

Steven Barrese

Great service and results. We were infested with ants inside and out prior to starting service. After 3 treatments- we have not had a single ant inside the house or bothering our hummingbird feeders. I’m glad we started service.

Critter Fam

Aspen Pest Control is a great Company. We have used them for years. Our home is now pest free.

Kathy Slavin

Contacted Aspen due to an ant problem. They have been great...kind & professional. Service seems to be taking care of the problem. No complaints!


They have a fantastic "quarterly" service that's around $100 per quarter - an exceptionally reasonable price! The fella who came by was so nice, and explained everything clearly and earnestly. Just such a nice guy, like everyone I have spoken with at this company. There are no caveats to this review, I'm glad that I called them! .

John Thomas

The folks at Aspen Pest Control have been treating our home for 3 years now and always do an excellent job, both in the field and from their office. I definitely recommend them.

Sara S.

Aspen was our hero when we were overrun by sugar ants! We’re now on the quarterly maintenance plan which is helpful- knowing that wasp nests and spiders are controlled is great, especially since we’ve got kiddos running around! They are very friendly and thorough- highly recommend!

Jennica Mayfield

We signed up for Aspen Pest Control's quarterly residential pest control service shortly after moving into our new construction home 3.5 years ago in the Felida Neighborhood. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with - their entire team is very prompt and professional. And any time questions or one-off requests come up, they handle it with grace and good care. We're also very satisfied with the price/value they offer, alongside using environmentally-aware products to keep our pets and family safe. All around, 5-stars! I highly recommend Aspen to anybody looking for a highly reputable pest control company in the Vancouver area!

Peg Carver

Always very thorough, courteous and professional. We feel our pest problems are under control and appreciate the good work of Aspen’s staff.

Tammy Tisdale

Always very courteous and professional. Very flexible and guarantee their work. We've been with them for about 4 years and have been pleased with their service every step of the way.

Marissa Lowder

I didn’t realize how much peace of mind I would gain from utilizing aspen pest control. Rather than feeding the ants in our kitchen to my son’s frog (not kidding) I finally called aspen and the ants disappeared. It’s also been so freeing to play outside with my kids without having to dodge the wasps that were living in our eaves. Joseph, Donovan and Logan have been so professional and respectful that I am comfortable having them in my home at any time. I have recommended aspen to my friends and family with no reservations and I don’t recommend things lightly. Very pleased with the service we’ve received.

ann sheldon

Great job! The serviceman was very polite and thorough. They took care of my home and went above and beyond. You can tell this company really cares about the service they provide.

Jill S

Aspen Pest Control has been super responsive and helpful from the get go. We were dealing with wasps and although not their most active time, they were very problematic. Aspen came to our rescue right away. Isaac came to our home and was so kind and thorough and efficient. Brave too! Bugs and spiders and wasps are no fun. Thank you so much for a positive experience and for setting our minds at ease.

Pam Peck

This was our second visit and have been pleased with the great results. We have not been bothered by ants or spiders since beginning service with Aspen. He explained what he did around the house and why. Definitely recommend.

Julie Melton

Aspen provides an incredible value and exceptional service. We appreciate the expertise, the willingness to come out and make recommendations when we have issues, and all of the detailed information we are given. Several times in the year they make an extra visit for our wasp nest problem and have gone above and beyond to reduce the wasps in our yard. They also eradicated an ant issue this year when it became clear we had colonies in our walls. We’ve also had them look in our crawl space when there was a noisy creature and they were able to tell us quickly what it was and a recommended plan for dealing with it. All with our quarterly subscription - no extra charges ever. Bonus that the Aspen team are friendly and kind members of our local community. We love Aspen!

Devon Pichardo

They call ahead to give warning, you dont need to be home for them to treat your house and I leave directions with them not to treat my garden and they listen. They're quick and efficient.

Kelly Jane

The servicemen from Aspen have always been polite and thorough. They are able to take care of our yard, our eaves, and our interior.

Mark Evans

Professional, quick and thorough.

Natasha Mautz

Always professional. We appreciate them addressing all of our concerns. Reese was very courteous and thorough. He explained everything to us and made sure to take care of any issues we needed addressed.

Cheryl Robbins

I've always chosen to use a local pest control company vs. the "big guys" who advertise on television. Why? Customer service. Joseph and his team embody what a small company does best: hands-on, focused customer service. They care enough to do their very best on every visit, every call, every encounter. Oh, and they kill bugs really well, too. :-) We've used Aspen since we relocated from Dallas to the PNW and nary a bug to be found inside our home. Joseph is personally responsive to his customer's concerns and needs, and that really means a lot. We've have had the opportunity to meet three of his technicians, and all were exceptional at answering questions, demonstrating professionalism while being friendly at the same time, and moreover, doing their job incredibly well. Thank you to Joseph and his team for being there when I need them.

Tiffany Pierre

Great service ! The workers are very nice.I haven’t had any trouble with bugs, bees, and wasps nest

Michelle Pickett

I have signed up for the quarterly plans with this company and have been very impressed with their level of service - both with the techs as well as the Customer Service reps. They are always quick and effecient and provide good detail on work done and potential issues.

Patrick Mullane

The staff has been great to work with and I the tough summer bugs were reduced dramatically. I have enjoyed having the same staff show up each time vs having different people, that tells me the company is good to their employees. The price was very competitive as well. I am glad I have used this service and would recommend to anyone in the area.

Robby Trimbo

I've used Aspen for two years since I moved in to this home. I've had to call them twice for extra, unusual service and they have been extremely attentive, prompt and professional. Very happy to have reliable, consistent service come immediately when I find uninvited pests. Highly recommend.

Steph Ko

I've only had great service from Aspen. They go above and beyond in terms of customer service. It's easy to schedule with them and the technicians are knowledgeable and easy to talk to. This is very important for me because I use their service for my home and several rentals.

Philip Haggerty

Quarterly service; made appointment, was on time, gave great service, and tech was nice to deal with. Another good experience.

Mark Budnick

I have been a customer of Aspen for over a year now. I was consistently having issues with ants since I bought my house. I tried treating myself but they kept coming back just as bad. . After hiring Aspen I have only had the occasional issue. And when it has happened they came out immediately in between my scheduled service calls to take care of the issue. The employees have always been very professional and friendly when coming out. I would definitely recommend them if you are having any issues.

Myriam Griffin

These guys are so awesome! Their customer service is superb: on my first scheduled visit, their tech did not show up. To make up for the issue, the owner called me to personally apologize and gave me a free service! The free service was super professional and I signed up with them right away. I've never seen a company be so generous to make up for their mistake. Every service after the first has been timely and just as thorough as the first; the level of detail they continue to pay to our home is commendable. Our spider problem has been completely resolved and boxelder bugs no longer cover the sunny side of our home. We also had a lot of mice outside, and I can't remember the last time I saw them scurrying through our yard at night. Our home is pest free! I highly recommend these guys!

Megan G

Have been using Aspen Pest Control for nearly 2 years and always have a great experience. Their customer service is fantastic and they have helped keep our home bug, pest and exterior cobweb free. We would highly recommend them!

Kara Lewis

Aspen Pest Control is amazing! They’ve always come in a timely manner, are professional and really try to help. They are thorough in explaining things and Joseph even went above and beyond when we had woodpecker problems. I’d highly recommend them.


Spiders and ants and wasps, goodbye! Thank you Aspen Pest Control for getting rid of our BUGS! I have always had a good experience with Aspen. We are on a quarterly service. The cost is reasonable, and if we have an outbreak in between services they have always been willing to come out and re-treat at no charge. This has been nice because we live in a definite sugar ant zone... Thanks again Aspen! Keep up the good work!

Reed Raymond

Aspen is always very helpful and informative in dealing with any pest issues we have. They are happy to come out between services if something comes up.

Kathryn Roemer

Aspen Pest Control has helped my home and family be pest free! They're prompt, courteous, informative, and non judgemental! No matter how clean you keep your home it feels very personal when pests intrude on your blissful home. Anyone can feel utterly taken back if you see a critter run across a room. But at Aspen they explain and relieve you of worries. Thank you to all the wonderful staff that have assisted our family!

Kodi Allison

Aspen Pest Control is amazing. Everyone from the receptionist to the techs to the owner is very professional and nice. They have kept my home bug, spider and mouse free for over a year now and I wouldn't change that.

Janna Ramsey

We have loved our experience with Aspen! They have always been very thorough and have saved us from many a wasp!!! The people who have some out have all been amazing as well. We highly recommend them!!!!!

Cham Chek

Daron arrived on time, listens to my concerns, and informs me with his findings. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. In my opinion, Daron deserves a raise!!!

Sallitunes Sether

The guys from Aspen Pest Control were great. They came when they said they would; they were professional, courteous, and competent. After they were done, we have no ant problem. We had had an infestation of ants in the house for 4 years and not been able to get rid of them with any of the consumer products we tried nor any of the home remedies. But after they treated the house the first time, we had very few problems. When some did come back, I called and they came the next day to clear them out. We have been free of ants for three months in what had been their most prolific advance. I highly recommend their services.


Aspen gets an A+! Dan, was my technician that came to our home to handle some pest issues. He was incredible! Punctual, professional, well informed and showed excellent client care with my billion question. Joseph was my point of contact and his custom service is second to none. Fair pricing and locally owned. I would refer these guys to anyone. Thanks Dan!

Greg Schmitt

Excellent customer service with the technician asking about any problems we have had and taking the time to remove outside spider webs. Highly recommend Aspen.

Celeste Hammon

Such a great company to work with! They eliminated my pests and have kept them at bay since the initial call with their convenient quarterly service. Prices are reasonable and all of the staff is very kind and willing to answer any questions I have. I appreciate that it is based here and not some large corporation franchise. We Will be a longtime customer of Aspen Pest Control!

Julie Hoopes

Great Customer Service, friendly.. Highly recommended!!


Always prompt, courteous, and thorough.

Dustin D

We have been using this company for more than a year. We really enjoy them, they are friendly, knowledgeable and happily take care of any pest issues we have. We will continue to use them.

Tyra Lee

Reese and Darrin have both been out and they are great! They were very friendly and professional! We have had to have Aspen come out and treat in between our regular service calls as well with no issue. All I have to do is call them they show up and take care of it for us and at no extra charge.

keota Sis

Service was helpful and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work

Melanie Edwards

Everyone is very professional, thorough and friendly! We always receive detailed and consistent service. Couldn't be happier!

Tracy Bartholomew

We have been using Aspen Pest Control for around 6 months, and we have really appreciated having them around. They are always courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. They go the extra mile to make sure we are happy with the service we receive. I highly recommend Aspen!

Amy Gerst

Very professional and on time. Thank you for taking care of our house. We really appreciate it!

Denise O'Hollaren

Aspen is very professional and curteous! They responded quickly when needed!! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

David Fehrer

I have enjoyed every interaction with Aspen personnel. Thorough service is always done, and any and all questions are clearly answered to my satisfaction. Thumbs up all the way!

Cat Cat

Complete pest control with quality service. The scheduled maintenance is great and well done but it's the omg calls that make me a happy customer. It's one thing to show up quarterly to spray but another thing to include visits to remove a dead vole in a hot garage or to bring out extra glue traps because your cat found a crazy looking bug by the garage door. It's comforting to know that I don't have to wait for my scheduled appointment if I am suddenly seeing crazy wasps swarming or weird nests being built.

Lori Draudson

Aspen Pest Control has serviced our home for several years. They are always very thorough and make sure that they address any of our pest concerns. Their employees are extremely courteous and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone.

Karen Hartinger

We have been using Aspen for the last three years. They have done a great job. The people that come to my house are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Other than a few extra wasps or ants

kristen salata

I would recommend aspen for any need! We started to remodel our house and found that we had some mice activity- they told me what products they use and their plan to get rid of them. We also had them spray for spiders and have not had a single spider come into our house since then! The products they use are effective and safe for animals and kids which is a huge plus for me! I like that their prices are reasonable, the staff are friendly and always ask if we need anything else during their visit. They always call ahead of time to remind me of their scheduled appt and that I don’t have to be home when they come by. They are the best!

Donald Erickson

Aspen Pest Control has been an excellent choice for us. We always receive calls to remind us of our service dates and the company is prompt with the appointment times. Aspen Pest Control, and owner Joseph, is a great local company that continuously offers professionalism and great service. They always perform a thorough job inside and outside our home. We have been happy to give the company’s name and number to our friends and neighbors.

Bob Bonafede

Aspen Pest Control epitomizes professionalism. Their representatives are extremely knowledgable and courteous. From day one, we've experienced service that feels very personal. They take care in ensuring that the job is done to our complete satisfaction and if there are any concerns, they are immediately addressed. I would not hesitate to recommend Aspen. It's reassuring to know there still exists a company that believes in quality customer service.

cathy denton

Nov 4th he came out and sprayed. Was very professional at his job. Asked questions to now what he should do. Sorry I can't remember his name but all the young men that have sprayed over the past 15 months have been very nice and polite.

Allison Henriksbo

We have used Aspen for 3 1/2 yrs now and are very happy. When we first moved in we had a big ant problem. Since using Aspen, we haven’t see one! They have definitely helped with the rodents from the field next door, ants, wasps and nasty spiders. We see very few critters!

Gil Amundsen

Really enjoy thier quarterly service. Keeps away all the unwanted bugs inside and out.

clara shropshire

The Aspen tech Reese, did a very thorough job with the exterior service of our house and shop. I’m very pleased with Reese’s professionalism and the manner in which he communicated with me! A job VERY WELL DONE!!

Jodi Dobbe

Reece did a very thorough job! He was very attentive and I appreciate his help!

Susan Bowdle

We are am very happy with Aspen Pest Control. Great to have scheduled inspections that find and remove yellow jacket nests before you know you have them.

Niky Veal

Aspen has been amazing!! We have their quarterly service plus they come any time in between when needed!! They are always on time, super friendly, and very efficient!! So glad we choose Aspen for our bug issues!!

Allan Weiland

Have used Aspen for over 2 years for quarterly service. They are prompt, professional and thorough. Always asked whether inside home service was needed. When I spotted wasp nests and carpenter ants they made a special visit within 48 hours. Have no concerns with using their services.

Samantha Burgess

Daron and Donovan were very knowledgeable and professional. They explained what they were doing. They also gave me great advice about simple things I can do to make my home more "mouse proof". They were able to work around my schedule and showed up exactly when they said they said they would. Thank you.

Nicole Richter

Service is great. The employees are very nice. Logan did our service this last week and was very helpful and courteous. We have been bug free since last summer thanks to aspen.

Vernon Crow

We've been using Aspen Pest Control for our new home for about 3 years. They really take care of wasps, mice, and any other pests that appear. The best thing is, they're very unobtrusive, and are always careful to ensure the safety of our Golden Retriever. I recommend them highly.

Frank Gmelin

We have enjoyed great service with Aspen since we started with them 3 years ago. Friendly service and they take care of business in a non-intrusive way.

Jeanne Sjothun

I have used Aspen Pest Control for 4 years and have always had excellent service from them. They are always polite, call ahead so you know of service day and time, and listen when you point something out. On occasion they have missed some …

Dan Allen

I have had Aspen pest control for over 2 years and have never been disappointed. They have Professional Technicians arriving on time doing a thorough inspection

Marlon Gorden

I have always received excellent service from Aspen! The technician was very thorough, on time and friendly, and treated for pests both indoor and outdoor. He always explains clearly what he found, including insect activity, rodent activity, etc. Our house has been pest-free since hiring Aspen to provide quarterly treatments. I would highly recommend Aspen to anyone!

Steve Bell

Everyone I have interacted with at Aspen Pest Control has been courteous and helpful, from office staff to field reps.i am very pleased with their service. The results speak for themselves.

Monteo M

I couldn’t be happier with the service Aspen provides. I had a major ant problem and originally called a different company, their guy pushed like a used car salesman. After that experience I was hesitant to work with another pest control company but I have to say Aspen is awesome! They don’t push and really seem to know what they’re talking about. They’ve also been willing to work with my requests and specific needs. I highly recommend them.

Lindsey Patience

I wish working with any contractor was as easy as working with Aspen. They’re the friendliest people on the planet, they do a fantastic job, they’re always on time, and scheduling is a breeze.

Kandi Fontana

Absolutely recommend to anyone. We’ve used Aspen for years now. Very affordable and extremely good customer service!

Jennalee Miles

We loved working with Aspen! The tech did a very thorough job. He was very clean and respectful every time he entered my home. More importantly, they resolved our bug issues! I would highly recommend this company!

Minh Tam Le

We chose Aspen Pest Control for one time service that comes with 90 days guarantee. The company is fast response and offer best pricing. Will definitely recommend for home or business.

Jordan Michael

I've had great experiences with Aspen. They are a local company that is easy to do business with. They call several days in advance to schedule the quarterly service, and the technician has always arrived as planned. The technicians are always professional and friendly. I haven't had any pest problems since starting the service.

Bruce Dodds

We have been clients of Aspen for about two years. During that time, service has always been prompt, polite, and effective. This is clearly a company that cares about its customers. I strongly recommend Aspen.

Jamie Dent

We have been very pleased with Aspen. They are punctual, friendly and very thorough. We really appreciated the time they came out same day I called to check out our crawlspace. We heard noises and the technician found a vent pushed out. He fixed it and gave us some tips to prevent future problems. Aspen gives us peace of mind:)

Mary Underland

LOVE Aspen Pest Control! Logan is always on time, quick, efficient and personable. Plus, they keep the bugs away. I highly recommend them.

Richie Espino

Very friendly and thorough staff. They make sure my house is pest free and even contacts me during my scheduled service so I never have to make an appt unless it’s a special circumstance. So far very pleased with this company and my house is still pest free (knock on wood).

Alice Dunaway

Professional, considerate and thorough! I’m terribly afraid of spiders and Logan took the time to thoroughly inspect all the places those creepy crawlers hide out and took action to rid my home of them. He also went the extra mile and knocked down several yellow jacket nests that were just forming. Very comparable in price to other companies out there but the extra level of customer service these folks provide is beyond compare. If you are in the market for any kind of pest control, look no further than Aspen!


If I could give more stars I would.From the initial phone call with Liz always being polite , professional and flexible with scheduling. To Joseph who is very knowledgeable and experienced he helped me figure out a plan that was best for our Home and very competitive in pricing. He also went out of his way to come out in the field and reassure my Husband everything would be safe even for our pets

Vicki Curtis

Great service from Aspen Pest Control. They are always timely, friendly, and informative. We've had them out every few months for the past year and are always happy with their service.

C Gill

Aspen is a locally-owned company with great employees who take their job seriously and always make sure the customer is satisfied. Their non-toxic geranium-based spray keeps the bugs away. Spiders stay outdoors where they belong! Professional, courteous, efficient and reliable. Great customer service, too. Highly recommend.

Bobbie Cervi

The technician was very kind and patient since I forgot that I had scheduled the appointment. He took care of the outside of the house until I could get the chance to get my dogs secure. He was very interested to learn about my problem and even left some additional ant traps in case they were necessary.

Fraser Pollard

What can I say? They got rid of my ants, and they haven't come back. Also, the technician always arrives on time.

Ashley Hayden

Reese was very polite and informative.

April Berlin

Great customer service with friendly, quarterly check ins to see if we need their service. Mindful of our concerns with our pets.

Darrell Hill

Service was great. The service man was very friendly and did a through job. No problem with bugs since then. Now a year later I had problems with ants coming in. I have never had problems with ants before and they came out right away and took care of everything. Service was awesome and the service man answered all my questions and even left information on what to expect and how quickly my ant problem will gone. I love Aspen. I had them come back and spray for fleas at a later date and did a very nice job. Thank you.

Andrew Shattuck

Aspen has always been on time and in regular communication. We’ve had no incidence of pest or insect infestation inside or out since using their service.

Jaclyn Gilliam

Aspen is a great company we have used them for a couple years now. Always on top of it. Great coustomer service. And the the staff is always so nice. Definitely recommend. And their prices are great!

Chris Zakharoff

Aspen’s proprietary spray blend has worked flawlessly, year after year!

Eric Howell

Very pleased with this service... We had some rodents that got under the house and although it has taken a couple visits to get them out, this company has been more than accommodating and willing to help any way they can! Staff has been very friendly and informative, and we would definitely recommend them to anyone we know! Keep up the GREAT work guys!

melissa andrade

Very friendly people with excellent customer service. Also, best prices in the area! I had a lot of Carpenter ants and they are gone now thanks to Aspen pest control!

Addicted Fishing

By far the BEST pest control company in Clark County! Every time I use them Im impressed even more by their customer service and the knowledge their team has. HIGHY recommended. I had them helping me with Stink Bugs and Boxelder Bugs.

Jenni Eng

Consistent and friendly service.

Janice Thoni

Aspen Pest Control is a great company. We have been using them for 3 years. They come quarterly and deal with wasp nests, spider nests, set and check rodent boxes and today left ant traps for the ants that are creeping up inside again and they sprayed the perimeter of the house for me. They will come back and spray the inside if I ask them to. I highly recommend them for pest control. Top quality service.

James Poelke

Top notch company. Friendly staff, and always prepared with solutions to any issues that come up.

Jeffrey Peterson

We've been using Aspen Pest Control for almost two years, and we're very satisfied customers. They come when scheduled. They do the work they promise to do, and they do an excellent job.

Jesse & Laura Flores

Always friendly, their products are environmentally friendly and more importantly work!

Craig Frizzell

In recent weeks, boxelder bugs had pretty much encased the exterior of our home. They were everywhere! Aside from continually battling to keep them out of our house, due to the sheer number of these bugs, they were beginning to stain our siding, patio deck and vinyl windows. We hired Aspen Pest Control to come out and apply treatment that would hopefully reduce the number of boxelder bugs on our house. The technician, Donovan, came out and applied the liquid treatment with a backpack sprayer that was able to reach up under the eves 3 stories high! By the time Donovan was done, the boxelder bugs that had been once clinging to our house, now littered the ground. In the two days since the exterior of our house was treated, I have not seen a single boxelder bug on our house. I never would have believed it. Outstanding service by Aspen Pest Control, and special thanks to Donovan for taking the time to do such an great job!

Abhi G

We signed up for quarterly pest control after Joe took the time to walk around the house and demonstrate how their service is beneficial. Their people are professional, polite, and good at their jobs. Pricing is also very competitive. I'd be happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking for pest control in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Mark Cline

Aspen is great, they always call and let me know when they will be by and do a very thorough job.

Bethany Nyholm

The first thing I noticed was that Aspen was on time. Usually you have someone say between this time and that and they show up thirty minutes after they are supposed to, but Donavan showed up on time, he listened to our needs, and got the job done fast and thoroughly. I haven't seen an ant since and it has been three weeks. I would recommend them to anyone.

Helyn Rose

We have been with Aspen for over a year. They young people that take care of my bugs problem always do a great job. We have a wasp problem. They always go out of their way to check all the place they hide. The young men that take care of the spraying are very kind and polite. I really like these people.

Danielle Kelly

Always friendly, thorough and on time. I’ve had aspen pest control come quarterly for a few years now since I’m terrified of mice and I haven’t had a problem since. I also love that they will come back out no charge in between appts in case something comes up. One year the sugar ants in the summer found their way inside and they took care of it right away.

Sylvia Carson

We have used Aspen Pest Control for a number of years and we are very pleased with their service...they are always prompt, courteous and thorough...we highly recommend them!

Christine Geraci

Always courteous and efficient. When I discovered my dog was allergic to Wasps, Aspen immediately came out before my scheduled service and did a sweep of my yard. Found a hidden nest and took care of it. Great service!

Cindy Middleton

Was able to get an appointment scheduled quickly. Tech came out on time and quickly addressed our problems (carpenter ants, spiders and wasps!).

Michelle Copeland

Excellent customer service, professional, and very knowledgeable about pest control. So glad we decided to go with Aspen for our pest control service. I highly recommend this company!

Nicole Payne

Aspen pest control has been great! I was referred to them by friends in the community. They are always prompt, courteous, and asking if there’s anything else they can do while on site. I would 100% recommend them!

AZ Suarez

We definitely recommend Aspen Pest Control. We have been using their services for a few years now and continue to do so. They are easy to work with and we like to be on their quarterly schedule. Their prices are reasonable and well worth it.

Randy Matsumoto

Aspen has always been responsive and provided excellent service.

Jeffrey Crossland

They did their initial treatment in June when the ant were bad! I’ve tried everything with no results, the day after they treated our house..... the ants were gone! It is now September and Reese came to service our house again and was fast and efficient and clearly explained the work he did. A professional company with excellent results!!!! I would recommend Aspen to all!!

Meisha Yelanskiy

Aspen has been a great company to work with, they come out in quarterly services and that works great around seasons and work schedules. They’re so helpful as weather gets hot and then cold, pests are trying to keep cool and warm as well. With not wanting critters in our home; this is the company to call. If they have already done there quarterly appointment, and there is still critter activity they can come back out with no problem or charge. Aspen is affordable and overall a great company. Thanks again for helping to keep our home free of pests.

Brad Noah

We've used Aspen for a few years since building our home in 2015. I've been really impressed by the fact that they are extremely accommodating and courteous, on time and thoughtful/respectful of the homeowner's needs and time. The pricing is fair. When a competitor comes knocking I tell them that I have no need for their services, I use Aspen.

June Williams

Dan, the service tech, was efficient and polite and met all my pest control needs.

Kathy Ford

Good prices, very friendly and the ants are gone!! Thank you!!

Susan Bryant

Extremely pleasant people employed at this company. The technician taking care of your house checks in with you first to see if there are any issues or concerns. And, then reports back to you before leaving. Nice way to get rid of those wasps!!


Everyone we have worked with from this company has been amazing! Their level of service is unparalleled. I just wish all companies had their level of professionalism, effectiveness, fair pricing, and personal touch.

Bette Jo Poser

I have had Aspen Pest since 2015. Their service people are great. Office support is always so polite. The cost is reasonable. Before their service we battled ants. Their product is safe for children and pets. I would highly recommend Aspen Pest. B.Poser

Dana Christensen

Our Neighbor was having some issues with mice in their home and I wanted to have someone come out and assess for signs of mice around our house as well. I called Aspen Pest control and talked to Joseph who was very knowledgeable and spent a great deal of time with me clearly addressing all of my concerns. He sent out Logan to do an inspection on our house and he was very professional and friendly. Logan discussed how the assessment of the home works and what he would be looking for and then he did a full inspection of our home including under the crawl space. Thankfully there were no signs of mice however we did put some preventative measures in place to guard against us having problems in the future. I was very impressed with the professionalism and quality of care we receive working with Aspen Pest Control. I highly recommend their services!

John Stewart

We have used Aspen Pest Control for four years. They come quarterly and do an excellent job. If you’re looking for a company that is very conscientious and gets the job done in a timely manner, this should be your only call.

Sherry Cushman

This is the BEST COMPANY EVER!! Family run super nice people go beyond the extra mile. You WONT be sorry. Got rid of a mouse problem completely!!!!

Ashley Shawcroft

We bought a fixer-upper home that had been vacant for a year. There were spiders, wasps and ants in unacceptable amounts. We had Aspen Pest Control come out to treat the property and we couldn’t have been more satisfied. The technicians were clean cut and professionally dressed and were knowledgeable about the various pests and how to control them. They arrived on time and worked quickly. Most notable was our technician’s agreeable attitude as I asked him to treat our crawl space, which gives me the creeps just to look at from the entrance. He crawled right down in there without batting an eye. Also, we found their services to be very affordable and honest. They didn’t try to sell us services that we didn’t need. Hard work, honest service, and ethical business practices: that’s Aspen Pest Control.

James Arnold

Logan is the best he always gets to the point he is friendly and fast and knowledgeable.

Patrick Allen

Great customer service, feels like you're talking to a good friend.

Stan Hall

My wife and I continue to receive excellent service from Aspen Pest Control here in Vancouver. We started to have a sugar ant problem, so I called the office to see what can be done, and after explaining the issue, Aspen scheduled a technician to be at my house the following day. The next day, David from Aspen arrived at my home on time, listened to what I had to say, and promptly took care of the ant issue. If I could rate Aspen Pest Control higher than 5 stars, I would.

Angie Lee

Aspen is a great company for pest control. I highly recommend them!

Michael A Collins

Going on 3 years now with Aspen! We have always received excellent service, the technician was very thorough, on time and friendly, and treated for pests outdoor. He always explains clearly what he found, including insect activity, rodent activity, etc. Our house has been pest-free since hiring Aspen to provide quarterly treatments. I would highly recommend Aspen to anyone! Thank you Daron Marchant!

Jayson Foidel

Aspen is great. We signed up for the quarterly treatment. The reps that came out were friendly, informative and thorough. They worked with our schedule and while here are practically invisible. After the first treatment the pest problem dwindled and is no longer a problem. They treated for ants inside and outside of house and mice and rats outside. Very pleased with results. Very please with price and prevention they provide.

Carey Jenkins

Always friendly and on time between the 1 hour window given. Very professional and they take the time to listen to your concerns and make sure all concerns are taken care of. I would reccomend Aspen Pest for your needs.

Chris Brodigan

Aspen has exceeded my expectations from the very beginning. Their customer service is exceptional, the techs are incredibly professional, and the most importantly the results are great! We have been pest free since the first appointment. Thanks Aspen!

Tom Moncrief

Just had my quarterly service by Aspen Pest Control and would like to compliment them for their service. Always polite and professional. I highly recommend Aspen Pest Control

Kolten Lindsey

I don't write many reviews but this company deserves one. Fantastic service and great results. The service is what really amazes me though. EVERY member of their crew is polite and friendly. Their level of customer service is something you don't see often nowadays. It's obvious that hiring the right people and training them well is a priority to them.

Tami Cheyne

Logan was great! He was on time, very professional and personable. He is very thorough. I actually requested him because he did such a great job initially. I highly recommend Aspen. I haven't had any pest issues since.

Steven Castellano

I have used many pest control services in the past. Aspen Pest control has exceeded my expectation time and time again and has been nothing but outstanding. It also is a plus to use a local company like this rather than one of those …

Monica DeDear

Daren always does a very thorough and quick job and is very friendly and professional. We are always glad to see him when he comes to our house and highly recommend him to anyone needing pest control services.

Kathy Cardiff

Aspen Pest Control is the best service I have ever used. I appreciate the call ahead with the scheduled date and time and who ever calls is always very thorough in taking down special instructions if I will not be at home the day of service. All of the technicians are knowledgeable and very professional in their manner. I would not think of using any other pest control service. Thank you Aspen Pest Control.

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