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REVIEWS OF Alta Pest Control LLC IN Washington

Melinda Truax

Matt from Alta Pest Control stopped by to explain annual service. We decided we did not need their service at this time. The only issue we had was one large bee hive which Matt took out for free. He asked us to call if we need service in future. You bet we wil do just that. Great experience. No wonder they have so many good reviews on Yelp. Posting this on Google because they deserve it!

Kendra Crowell

I have been impressed with Alta's customer service. I raised some issues regarding notice prior to arrival for service, and notice at the time of service. These were quickly and pleasantly addressed. I like that they deweb when they get here in addition to spraying. It's helpful that they allow for call backs between scheduled visits if you need pest control

Irena Dikova

U.S. Timber Cutters

Julie Pomp

Alta has béen persistent in treating our indoor ant problem, coming back multiple times to treat and retreat.

Mike Kraemer

Very courteous and prompt. This is the third service I have used. I have a problem with an overabundance of wasps which this service seems to control better then others. They are local and not a national group and they have always met my needs and never over promised.

zim ml

this company needs to teach their sales people what ‘no soliciting’ means. i have a sign posted clearly next to my door and their sales guy still knocked on my door. when i pointed out the sign to him, he continued to give me his sales pitch and informed me that it was not a solicitation. as he was leaving, he complained about how he wished he had the day off too. it’s your job, you signed up for it. not my problem dude.

Petra Sixl

I learned about Alta through one of their door salesman, who was very nice explaining their services. As we have some problems with ants and some spiders around the house I signed up for the quarterly visits. Looking forward to a bug free zone around the house!

Auggie Doggie

Jacob Erickson

Polite, professional and very efficient. He came with the syringe to apply the bait and I requested he not do that as I have just had my oak hardwood floor refinished and new baseboards installed. He went out to his vehicle and came back with 3 ant bait arenas--perfect. He was there to get the job done, but listened to my concerns also. Great employee!!

Kris Cook

A sales rep knocked my door and when asked if he would show me his soliciting permit he refused and later told me to "F*** off". I never intended on doing business with them but I would think they would do a better job of choosing people to represent their company.

Rocco Vranizan

Great experience with this company the tech who came to my home wad very friendly and took care of the job super quick but done correctly. Will do business with them again for sure.

Scott Patterson

A plus service. Always there when you need them!

Patti Knien

Happy they made accommodations for my schedule. Two dogs I need to manage during their visit!

Bryant Little

Bill Kemp

Keith Reynolds

Fast and professional service! Encountering fewer pest with every treatment.

Mr D

Sarah Cline

Tee Bee

We have been using Alta for a year and a half now. I have been very pleased with their customer service every time I have called on for the reservice that is included anytime I see an increase in bug activity in the house. I will say that it is just as they promised- the spider occurrences have definitely decreased over time with each treatment. The prices are great and competitive, and I feel good about the safety of the spray used on the outside of the house. The technicians who come and do the work are really some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. They are attentive to detail, courteous, always put on clean booties when entering the home, and seem to love the work they do for keeping our house armed against pesky bugs!!! I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you Alta!

Mary Lisa

Tim was an outstanding ambassador tor Alta. He exudes confidence in what he's doing and demonstrates the knowledge to perform the service.

Camille Foote

I went to Alta from another pest control company and am having much better spider control with Alta. I highly recommend Alta Pest Control.


Great company. Have been using them for years. They have very nice service people and are committed to meeting your needs.

James Birkinshaw

My latest visit was 6/15/2015, and the technician (Aaron) was very personable and thorough - he found about 20 abandoned and active nests, all of them small enough that I missed them. I feel confident that if we see any wasps around here, at the very least they are no longer taking shelter in our eaves. I'll be glad to see Alta Pest Control next time they visit!

Judi Rogers

The people were very nice and seemed to know their business. I hope the ants go and stay away.

mithil kumar

Jim Fehr

Alta personnel listened to my request and completed it.

Bryan Barbre

David Prior

Alta got me on their schedule very quickly. I did not need to be present for Timothy S. to treat the house. He did a great job and they were very accommodating with a specific situation I had. I'm already seeing good results. Alta is great! Thanks, D.

James Miller III

They have done a great job with reminding us when they are coming by and since they have been our pest control service provider, we have not seen any bugs.

steve winn

Awesome customer service , very informative

Cherie Stockwell

Pez was attentive and professional. He made a point to ask if we had any issues or concerns and listened and addressed our concerns. We are very happy with Alta Pest Controls service staff and their results.

Carol Wold

These people are responsive, friendly and they know their business. If you need help with insects or critters, call them.

Renee Bruce

The service is easy and on time. They call and email with reminders of their scheduled visits in case I have seen something I should let them know about and I won’t be home to tell them. Have also come out if I have seen pests in between visits. Great company.

Kathy Spring


why would i hire them?, they obviously either can't read,or don't respect me, by knocking on my door despite the "no soliciting" sign.

Sarah Davis

Carol Wellman


Very professional, got the job done. Would continue to use

Sandra Schimelfening


Sonja Vonheim-Condon

Alta Pest Control has taken care of an ant problem we had. Alta sprays quarterly and i don't have to worry about the ants anymore! They use safe products so i don't worry about my animals.

Trudy Crozier

David Rice

Thorough service, responsive to individual situations.

Eli & Katie Head

Morgan Stuller

David Minor

Tiffany Anderson

Boo! So aggressive. Would not take a 'No" answer. I had to close the door on their salesperson, who pestered my teenagers, & repeatedly came back to my house until he could try and pester me, and yes, its 8:15 p.m.

Coffee Nebula

The only reason I'm giving four stars is bc they literally just came out today so I will update with results and change rating accordingly. We have three messy tweens who despite our best efforts are sort of famous for weirdly stashed pizza slices and snacks, and keeping up with pests is a hassle so I already knew the value of this service. A friend told me her guy pays a bunch for monthly service through another company last year and it was worth it for them. We've been financially struggling a long time and just now on the upward climb so I didn't think this service was in the realm of financial possibility. This little door knocker dude came by yesterday giving me his hardest pitch and I was like listen my dude. I'm already aware of the value so I just need to know if I can afford it. They told me their cost would be 50 down 35 a month and that's pretty comparable to what we've ended up spending on pest control but with less effort on our end. Honestly it was the guy's awareness of bug habits that impressed me the most if I wasn't already aware of what a good deal it is. The online reviews led me to think it was a good deal also. So today the tech came by and he was a super nice little dude named Dray. Our kids loved him. He was in and out pretty fast and seemed to know his stuff. Idk what voodoo he did but I'm just really stoked to see if the sorcery keeps the bugs away. Will update.

Chad Eaton

worked on ant problem

Debra Braden

Alta service is always top notch! Thank you!!

Olesya Gordon

Darren Hungeford

I asked your service guy that came to our house if he had any more goop to put on the counter to kill the ants. He gave me a syring of some to use. He was very helpful. s hungerford

Ray Miryekta

Warmer weather brought out some carpenter ants. I called Alta Pest Control and the showed up following day, punctually. Technician performed his job with care very efficiently. When I called to check on the bill, the manger curtiously informed oo procedural steps if required at no charge. Viva Alta!


I apologize that I cannot remember the name of the young man that came out to my house for a follow-up treatment on Friday, April 20. He arrived when he was scheduled, listened to my input, answered all of my questions, and he explained what he was doing to address our situation. I felt we were well served and a very good job was done. Thank you Alta! Dave Ramsay.

Linda Simpson

I am confident that we are once again bug free. Timothy was great.

James Dean

Responsive , professional and effective

Laurie Tucker

service was fast and technician was helpful and friendly

Dan Jasper

We had Sugar Ants all over our Kitchen Countertop. Quincey sprayed them and we went all over the house and garage and sprayed some other areas we found. There were dozens of dead ants the next day.

Kevin Allan

Enrique Perez

Lisa Kempf

Quincy from Alta Pest Control went above and beyond taking care of our spider webs and bee nests. He was very thorough and did a remarkable job reaching difficult spots. Thank you Quincy!

Christine Winder

Alta has always been prompt, easy to communicate with and thorough in their services. I really appreciate their flexibility and reliability.

Julia Knoppi

Wonderful tech who explained all the processes and chemicals involved. Answered all my questions and was polite and professional.

David Campbell

We had a severe odorous house ant outbreak yesterday. Jasmine came about 3:00 and helped us understand how we should use our bait the next time - we were overdoing it, which just brings more ants to the area. She was excellent, and there are no sign of ants this morning. Thanks Alta! Dave n Debbie Campbell

Rayne Browning

Great service. Alta takes care of any and all common pest problems, with efficiency I've never seen. All of the technicians are great people. They have very competitive pricing, and the online customer portal makes it a breeze to modify and view my account.

Kingsman Yen

Timothy was great. He carefully looked out for all weaknesses around the house and got our attention to the key issues.

Paul Pratt

Well, so a new office is opening in Spokane Valley, I go for an interview and I’m interviewed in a pick up truck by the manager Daniel and he hires me,tells me I’ll get a call off one of the owners Chris or Mike, well 12 days go by and 3 messages left by myself I finally get a call to say we are not hiring you no more...? What if I had left a job for this one what if my wife had quit her job for me to work around our children. Very unprofessional company if you ask me,be very careful when dealing with this company because I’ve been in customer service and sales retail store owner for 30 years and this is one company I’m glad I’m not going to work with,for after the way I’ve been treated

Jillian Heilman

Tim came out today 12/8 he is so professional and kind. Did an awesome job and made sure I knew the wait time prior to letting kids and pets out to play. He really was awesome.

Ramesh Venkat


We were recommended to Alta Pest Control by a satisfied meticulous friend. We had issues with carpenter ants in summer and silver fish. So far, the customer service - from the receptionist to the guy they sent- has been a pleasant experience so far. Pablo, the guy assigned to our area was respectful, polite, communicates well and does his work with careful thought. It’s still early spring, I can’t tell until summer to determine the result of the pest control efforts. So far, I’m a contented customer.

Darrin Mock

We had a young student come at 6:00 and when I wasn't home he came back at 9pm. I told Him that 9 was way to late for a sales visit and yet he persisted. Even after I told him "no I wasn't interested" he kept pushing it. Yes I have a "no solicitation sign"

Samuel Richardson

I started working with Alta about 6 month ago, they seem to be doing a good job. I had to call them to treat a wasp nest and ants in my walls and they were able to schedule this very quickly. Technicians have been friendly and I feel that I'm getting a service worth the cost of it.

Janna Kinney

They are responsive, but we never saw an improvement with our ant problem after using them for over a year. Hardware store bate traps seemed to be more effective.

Karen Andersen

Although I'm still seeing some creepy crawlies Alta has been great to come out and re-treat to get the problem solved. Good customer service.

Verna Ditty

the service provider was helpful, through and willing to answer my questions

Janice Harrison

Melissa Llamas

Extremely responsive and always willing to ensure that our pest control needs are taken care of. Thank you Alta Pest Control!!

Bridget Avril

Jennifer Yount

Very professional & always like to support local family owned business;)

T Martin

Stay away. They had a solicitor in our neighborhood. When they approached me, I was busy and told them I wasn't interested. They continued to harass me so I asked for a business card. They said they don't carry them, so I asked for a license. After the person "called his boss" he told me they have one back at their truck. He asked me if I was still interested and I told them if you can't provide me a card or license then I will report you. He then asked me again if I was interested or not and I told him he was pushing his luck and better get off my property. FYI, I did report them and now there is a file started so if anyone else sees this, and had a similar experience, call it in. I was polite the first time he asked, but he was too pushy and lost not only my business but my neighbors as well.

Tracy Brown

Brenda Kvietkus

The technician, Pez, did a wonderful job. He was professional and thorough.

Nancy Kaledas

12/12/2017. Alta Pest Control just performed their quarterly service for us. Aaron is amazing. He is personable, knowledgeable and professional. And he has a nice smile. Keep up he good work Alta.

Michael Mouat

Had a bee problem under our front steps, literally couldn't leave the house from the front. Tech came out in a full bee suit and did a great job of getting rid of the pests. filled my rodent bait traps while here also. Great service.

Clint Karlinsey

After receiving conflicting information, Alta pest control did a good of responding and taking care of the issues we had. The technician was very friendly and did a good job.

Julie McIntyre

Spencer Alpert

Thorough, friendly service

Bryan Stanton

Excellent service! No hassles, no worries.

James and Lauren Fasciano

I just had my quarterly service after moving to a new home. Aaron, our technician was polite, kind and did a fantastic job removing webs from a very high roof line. Everyone has been super professional, even coming out on an extra visit to deliver supplies they were out of.

Chuck Hampton

They are fantastic. We are trying a new place but not liking them to much. Alta is a good dependable company

Shari Pettigrove

Great company, fast and friendly service. I have been using them for close to two years, I no longer have the ant problem that I did before, and no more ants in my house. I highly recommend Alta Pest Control! Friday, June 8th my date of service. Aaron Byrd was very friendly and informative. He talked me through everything he did. I appreciate the time he took with me, and the care he showed all of my plants/flowers.

Jesse Warwick

Update: The owner of Alta Chris called me the same night I wrote the review below. We chatted and he completely took care of the issue. I was able to transfer the service to my new address and he even offered to do a supplemental service on our current house in the meantime. Super impressed that the owner of the company cared enough to make it right. Use them! Got approached from a Sales person walking down the street and decided to try this service. She wasn't super clear about the terms of their services. I'll take responsibility for not paying closer attention ( I had my 5 year old and dog running around the yard at the time ). Anyway, we needed to cancel because we are moving but had already had the initial service which cost $50 with their $150 discount for signing up for a year (5 total services) the additional services were $100. So here is my issue: The guy that came for my initial service was here for all of 15 minutes and because I canceled early I had to pay the $150 discount back. So I paid $200 for a guy to spray around my house for 15 minutes. Not to mention there are still all kinds of bug and spiders in and around my house. I just don't see the value.

Eric Ngo

Steve Cox

Great pest control company, very knowledgeable and proficient. Technicians are very polite and helpful and arrive right on schedule. Highly recommend this company

David Fishburn

Friendly professional service each time a technician comes out. If there are problems between scheduled appointments, they promptly come out for an interim treatment.

Martin Redman

Thanks Jay, you are a good guy, courteous and knowledgeable.

jennifer boyd

Deanna Book

They're always hard working , polite, knowledgable and competent at their jobs. your concerns and questions are always quickly dealt with.

Jan Bodine

Service was handled as promised.

Ivan Jackson

I had a bad experience with their salesman, who was rude. However, I had an optimal experience with the owners. They came to my door and personally apologized for his bad behavior. I must admit, I was impressed with their professionalism and their sense of courtesy.

Melva Levick

great sevice. They come back for a do over if still have spiders etc at n/c

Matt Adkins

Always on time and always responsive. Even when we have had a few critters pop up they have been right out to take care of it.

Linda Pickard

Edward was professional, customer-oriented, and very efficient. We were very impressed with his services and look forward to having him provide pest control services on our home again in the future.

Winn Steele

samiya hinde

They listened to my concerns and made necessary efforts to rectify the issues. Grateful for a company with integrity in this fast-paced world.

Kathi Alfredson

I sure appreciate the knowledge all the techs show when they come out. Pez was friendly, patient with our barking puppy and hit all the areas we told him we were concerned about.

Rebecca Kanow

The biggest issue is we ended up having to move out of state because of a lost job and the office was unwilling to work with us to cancel the contract. They demanded payment for contract cancellation even though there was no way that we could use their services in our new state. The lady in the office did not care about the job loss and told me I signed a contract and had to pay up. Pretty darn insensitive. Just be aware that their primary focus is money and not customer service. -After this review they contacted me and gave me 50% my contract cancellation fee so I have increased the stars from 1-3

Mark F

Good Job! Thanks

Ron Hanken

Fast efficient and they respond quickly to requests.

Jill Olson

I've used them for years and they have great service.

Lorraine Criss

Reliable, excellent work, great customer service, easy billing. Clean courteous technicians introduce themselves, inquire about concerns, and explain their procedure before work begins.

Amanda S

Sam Racicot

Daniel was my technician today. He did a great job! He started by asking me what my concerns were. Then proceeded to explain how he would treat my property based on our discussion. Then he went to work. He was very thoural and did everything he said he would do. He paid extra attention to ensure all gates were closed and latched. I am very satisfied with his work. Great Job!!

Terri Austin

Laurie Clark

Pest control is a not the most fun to deal with, but these guys always make it simple, painless, and almost fun. One less thing to worry about, I totally trust Alta and all the technicians

Cheryl Morningstar

Alta reps are always very polite and professional. They arrive on the day of the appointment on schedule.

tamara san miguel

Always accommodating always professional it's tough to get rid of the pests of the world but Alta Pest Control sure tries thank you Alta

John Santos

Great service. No one was home when they arrived to service the property, so they could not get into garage. I called them and asked them to come back and handle the garage. They scheduled return visit two days later at no charge to complete work in garage.

Sonja Petersen

Michelle Owens

Love Alta. They are super responsive, very friendly and knowledgeable and happy to walk you through what they are doing. If you have an issue in between treatments, they come out quickly to help resolve the problem. We've used other pest companies in the past and they are by far the best we've had.


Been using this service for the past few month. Very professional and prompt.

michelle m. cummings

We have been using Alta Pest Control for 4 years now and I really appreciate how customer service orientated that are. Quick response times reasonable pricing and amazing service. Cannot ask for more.

Gary Stepaniants

Pablo Preciado is pleasant to deal with. Always respectful and courteous!

Steven Vadman

on time, complete service, i am a satisfied customer

Daniel Rhodes

The technician was awesome

Kevin Hope

Mike MacKenzie

1st time user of this service from Alta and with pest control it is wait and see. Hopefully I will be able to rate higher in the future.

Karen Capretto

Bethlyn Miller

The technician was prompt and courteous. In a week, we'll know if the deltadust worked.

Ronald Buchanan

Always timely and courteous.

William Benshoof

Mark Miller

Diana Kraemer


Jill Rapier

I highly recommend Alta pest control as they truly listen to their customers! They come back out anytime you have a new concern, and are quick to respond to communications! Timothy has been taking care of our property. He is outstanding. He is professional and does a great job.

Yonmi Choi

prompt and professional

Chris Glasgow

The service tech arrived on 12/15/2017 for our quarterly service. He was professional and efficient. He asked if there were any questions or concerns about pests. Overall a good service call.

Teresa Pierce

Edward at Alto Pest Control has done a great job containing my ant and wasp infestations/populations dispite company personell turnover. As a Field Manager, he's gone out of his way to maximize continuity and meet what previously were unmet needs. Edward is quite educated in pest control and prevention, ant and flying pest life cycles, pest behavior, and interventions. It's more complicated than it all looks! Edward's Discovery phase is very thorough. He surveyed my house's interior and exterior, came up with a 'living' treatment plan over time, and the outcome was immediate. I had ended up in Urgent Care more than once with wasp and hornet stings. So, after recently seeing several wasps coming through my door all at once, I had to quickly leave my home until eradicated. I called Alta and I believe it was the following day (?) that Edward phoned me directly and was right there remedying my wasp situation. Done. Pest control is tricky and controversial. SO many pesticides have proven to be environmental disasters. Alta has worked with me closely to not only use the most eco-friendly products available but to employ smarter, more eco friendly pest control methods. They've done physical wasp nest removal vs chemical treatment where ever possible. They'll localize treatment vs broadcast across the entire lawn. I have pets so they address that in my treatment plan. The products Alta uses may 'meet EPA specs' like their Techs say, and I'm sure Alta Techs comply with all application protocols. But, information is unveiled daily that WHATEVER pesticide's being used has toxic side effects. Afterall, that's what they're formulated to do. Between that, environmental restrictions being rolled back, and new pesticides/herbicides receiving fast-track FDA approval (long before adequate environmental impacts are disclosed), I can at least sometimes feel Alta makes it possible for me to balance pesticide use with the ants in my Cheerios box. It takes an educated, willing professional with the working understanding of bugs and their behaviors over time to do that. This family-owned company is proud of it's reputation. Their services are only as good as the Technician's hands it's in, but I've let them know my needs over time, been willing to work closely with their Techs, and my needs have been met. So, if you must treat pests, Alta's the smart choice.

Sabrina Brown

The technician was in the neighborhood so there was a salesman, Sean, that was walking around offering deals to neighbors that got serviced the same day. I was not looking for an exterminator, but knew that we tend to get those big black ants in the summer and they drive my husband crazy so I took them up on the offer. The tech found two dead and three live wasp nests, I was only aware of 1 dead one - so that right there was pretty sweet! They put down a bait for the black ants and will be back in a month the reapply, if I can get rid of those I'll be happy cuz my hubby was be extremely happy! They both, salesman and technician, were very friendly, polite and professional - I definitely would recommend this company, and look forward to them following up for the next year!

debbie austin

The customer service is great!

Dennis Koch

mary white

No regrets. Excellent feed back. Product is doing it's job.

Tony Winsley

The most accommodating receptionist, Amber, managed to get us scheduled at the end of the day. Tim came by and laid bait and traps, explaining the process the whole step of the way. Everything happened just as he said and the insect activity terminated within a couple of days. I am very glad that we signed up with Alta Pest Control.

Eric Boston

Responsive and informative. Nice crew, and the office staff is super helpful as well.

AJ Weber

Great company! Very responsive and listened to what I needed - Even as I was running out the door! Great follow through and very affordable.

Lynn P

Tim did a great job! Alta has serviced our home for the last 5 years.

Jeremy allen

Matt McHugh

Great service - they come when they say they will and always do a great job.

Dan Moorehead — — AI Powered Excel B

Daniel Edison is the most knowledgeable, eager to assist, and able to reassure home service providers, and Alta Pest Control the first pest control service able to fully address my all my concerns and requirements, even when it comes to an extremely difficult spider infestation. Thanks, Dan and Alta!

Lois Brown

Sheila Morrison

I called on Wednesday they were here on Friday exactly at the time promised the technician was knowledgeable and personable and did a great job thank you Alta

Cassandra Haavisto

Have loved ALL my Alta techs! Love their service.

Elizabeth Wallace

The sales men with this company bombard you and tell you lies to sign up. If you sign up with them know there is a contract, even if you are told by the sales person that there is not a contract and you can cancel at any time, that is not true. If you want a company that lies and is pushy, choose this one. Their product doesn’t work either.

James Atkins

ALTA have been my pest control company, since 2016 and I would not used any one else. Since I been using the co. my home don't have any spiders or any other small invader in side my home or out side. You can't keep spiders from making webs out side , but Alta come every two to three month, which keeps the spiders a bay. I would not have any other Company , but Alta/

Bonnie Eckert McHenry

They have amazing, thorough technicians and the stand behind their guarentee!

Ananth Chidambara

Jasmine was fantastic, she was patient and did a through walk thru around the house and answered all my questions. Cleared the dead rodents and placed new traps in the crawl space. Keep up the good work !

Regine Neiders

Great company, shows up when they say they will. Provides good service! Highly recommend them!

Linda Westcott

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