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REVIEWS OF Sage Pest Control IN North Carolina

Jamie Campbell

The technical side of the service wasn't great. I had fire-ants that managed to get into my house (while under Sage's regular treatments) and the tech was clueless about how to resolve it. I ended up having to resolve it myself. Then when I moved and cancelled the service, they still serviced my old house and charged my credit card. Waiting for a refund now. They are nice on the phone, but not very knowledgeable or organized.

Scott Hildreth

Friendly and respectable employees. The service is quality. Would recommend

Dan McNeil

We were very impressed with the service provided by technician Randy Kelley. He was attentive, professional, thorough, and explained every product used in all applications. He even explained some "bug behavior" and answered all of our questions completely. Thanks, Sage!!!!!

Mike Mitchell

Your service man can't be beat. So nice, energetic, and enjoyable. I wish he would come to our house every time. I'm sorry I can't remember his name.


My compliments to the employees. Organized and cleaned up after!

Vanessa Dineen

Reliable. Always on time. Great service. Highly recommend.

Marvin R Moore

The technician arrived on time. He was professional and friendly answered all my questions. Sage provides great customer service and I would recommend them to anyone.


The guys that come to my house are great!!! Customer service has been excellent thus far!!!

Rick Cantelmo

I have been Using Sage Pest Control for time now and always get excellent service. In addition if any signs of bugs in between treatments periods they come back for free. Very pleased customer Rick C.

John Schauer

Great Service- Always ontime/Technicians are professional and courteous- and end results are a pest free house.

Windel Shay

My entire experience with sage is one of the best even there product is one of the best . I would recommend anyone who have kids at home to use Sage it's all earth friendly. Thanks to Alec and all the Sage technician I met so far great group of guys. Thanks again.

Meg Craven

Another professional & friendly experience with Braden providing our 2nd treatment! Less than 24 hours, we are seeing dead beatles, spiders & fewer flying critters. Customer service rep, Tess was also prompt & helpful scheduling the appointment with Braden.

jacek bok

I am totally satisfy very good job done thanks

Will Harris

Terrible customer stay on hold for long periods and they tried to bill me for something they had no right to...luckily I caught it. Also they try to get you locked in on a ten treatment plan and basically schedule your treatment whenever they feel like it. I went almost a year without them treating my home interior, they kept spraying/treating the outside.

Lynn Mooney

Very good

Senior Dockman

This was the second treatment that Sage Pest Control has done at our home. After the first treatment for pest control I saw a bug inside the house and asked them to spray inside and outside for the second treatment. They returned today for the second treatment and sprayed both inside and outside. So far I'm happy with the services provided.

Jim Reese

I've been using Sage for several years and am very happy with the service. Rarely have any insects in the house, but hey are prompt to come back when I have any issues. Their yard treatment has been very effective in getting rid of grubs and other pests.

wang xue

I have to say their service is so bad. my tree has a lot of bugs at the root and almost dead right now. I called them and they said they will come to my home to take a look, but till to now they never come and 3 weeks passed, and also they said they ever talked with my wife on phone that they will not come as per weather, OMG, they do not know my wife phone number, how did they talk with my wife on the phone? they are liar and please do not trust them, they still send bill to me again, bad service and my tree almost dead, also want to get money. so, crazy!


When the guy came he askedme what needed work and I showed him. A week later there are no bugs at night around my face at night

Albis Acosta

Always on time, flexible scheduling, through, courteous technician and support staff, effective.

Marita-Chuck Lash

Always on time, always professional, great service!

Janae Rodriguez

Jamaul was wonderful! I honestly would only recommend him to my friends! If you need anything done you gotta request Jamaul if you want it done right!

Lara Parker

Andy and Bush were friendly and thorough, spending time to show me areas of concern and ways to prevent more pests. Thank you for great service!

Joy Martin

We have had great technicians but Chris Unger was by far the BEST technician, he went above and beyond! Very friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. We have been with sage pest control for a couple years and have had great experiences all the way around. Office staff are great to work with. I would recommend them 100% for all of their services.

Bernice Bishop

We've been using Sage Pest Control for 2 years and could not be happier. We receive email notification of service 2-4 days prior and when we've needed to change the appointment because we needed inside service, they were very accommodating. The tech will typically call when he is 30 minutes away so you know exactly when he is coming. Although the tech has notes regarding exactly what you want done, he always knocks and asks if there are any special problem areas. Service is professional and the invoice is emailed before he leaves the property. We've had our account set up for automatic payment with never an issue. We highly recommend Sage Pest Control for their services, personnel, professionalism and pricing.

Jenn Giordano

Sage Pest Control provides excellent service. Their employees are always professional and friendly, and have gotten insect problems taken care of for us that our previous service could not. I would definitely recommend them.

Laura Dulin

JAmes is a wonderful salesman! He is polite and friendly. Never pushy! He explained all my questions in detail, I am sick of my ant invasion and after today's treatment , I haven't seen ants around my kitchen sink they had made themselves comfortable since March! The reps are all young, but knowledgable. I'm very pleased and can't wait to see ongoing results! Thank James and Michael!

Todd Mellars

I am so grateful to Sage pest control for doing a wonderful job taking care of my house here in Charlotte. The technicians are always courteous and timely, and after having used several other pest control services I can confidently say that this is the best one in the nation.

Beth Miller

We have been using Sage for years. They are very professional and thorough. We moved into an older house with a bug and critter problem and they got us fixed up very quickly. The programs they offer are very affordable and effective.

Vincent Weisenberg

I've been very pleased with Sage over the past couple of years. However, the technician that came yesterday was only here for about 20 minutes. I do question whether you can perform a service on a two-story house on a 1/4 acre lot in 20 minutes. Regardless, we don't see bugs, save for a few ants, so I assume what they're doing is working well. Keep up the good work!

Chris Arrwood

Fair pricing. They stand behind their service by coming in between scheduled appointments if needed. We have had very polite staff both at our home and when I've called to schedule. Sage has been treating our home for 9 months now and we have no complaints.

Koh Herlong

Very professional. Very communicative. Very reliable. Great service. We have no problems with pests/insects because of Sage.

Percy Burns

I was pleased with the service that Sage performed for our home and yard. Percy Burns

Lynette Sandlin

For days I had noticed ants accumulating in my kitchen so when Fred came by to talk about Sage's services I jumped at the offer. Josh and Kaleb came the following week and addressed every issue I had both inside my house and out. They even took down some wasps nests and took care of some fire ants I had in my backyard. Great customer service all around, friendly and timely. I definitely recommended Sage if you are having any pest control problems!

Jordana Gheraibeh

They were very nice and do great work. No pest to report!

Lorell Lovett

I've used a number of the "bigger" players in term of pest control and was never really impressed. Sage imo does a great job in customer service and I feel confident that even when I'm not home the work gets done e.g they get the cob webs, remove wasps nest etc. if I need them in between visits they are always money!

Ricky Vacca

Great company! Super kind and supportive! Would highly recommend them!

Nina Atwood

I had issues with the billing department for the first 2 years but they have made great improvements. I have always appreciated the techs that come to the house and the results. Now they have the total package

Brenda Jiron

I have been a satisfied customer for a few years now. They are affordable and always on time! They have a great customer service that is always ready to help by phone. It doesn't matter which person comes to spray around the house, for they are all so nice and patient with me. (one guy even helped with a survey I was conducting :) Thank you Sage Pest Control!

Jessica Jane

They are friendly and prompt. They come when they say they are and are easy to coordinate with.


Great customer service! Our technician Justin was awesome. He explained the products and the process for application. Will recommend to others for sure.

Corey Larkins

I was very impressed with Sam the salesman and Cam the technician. They both did a thorough job of explaining everything to me. I'm excited to get rid of the bugs in my yard.

Kernise Jones

This COMPANY does nothing but lie. I wish I would've done more research. Now I'm stuck for a year with being completely dissatisfied with the service I'm receiving when this year is over I'm out. The sales guy did nothing but lie from the beginning. You get what you pay for.

Anthony Canterberry

Techs are always professional and courteous. I like their environmentally safe products. I like that they granulate a 50 ft perimeter around my house. Haven't had any bug problems since I hired them a year ago.


Excellent service. We used Sage for the outside quarterly service and the outside of the home looked fresh and the treatment they used resulted in no spiders and no ants. Had to stop using Sage due to a move.

Michele Thornton

Marcells Daniels is a great technican with Sage Pest Control. Always respectful, friendly and professional! Our experience with Sage Pest Control has been the best!

Natalie Madison

Sage Pest Control has definitely kept the unwelcomed pest ( ants, spiders, rodents, and other squiggly pests) from invading my home. The best thing about it is, they do it almost under the radar. They leave a pleasant door tag to inform you that they were there. Their prices aren't over whelming either. I'm glad that the field reps knocked on my door and I'm glad I accepted their services.

Carrie Hartman

They do exactly what they say they will, and they do it well. Great service - clear communication with advance notice days prior to each appointment, a summary of what they did, and helpful suggestions that don't come across as 'pressuring' us to buy more services. I can't think of a single area of improvement.

Terry Efird

I had a 5 month contract with them for service at $109 a month. Well they have done so many re services than regular service. They would come do the outside, but never do the inside of house..I stopped the service after 5 months and they never called or sent out an appt set up and just showed up when I was not home and serviced my yard....I called and told them about it and that I have canceled the service a while back and they should have called before coming and they would have known...they did take care of that at no charge. In an attempt to win my service back they agreed to do a reservice and do a fire ant treatment and if I would let them do my pest control for ants, spiders, etc. I agreed if they would actually care me into the home well the guy came to do the yard and would not do the inside of home which was the agreement I made with them they failed again with doing what they were suppose to do which I don't understand why they can not do what needs to be done like they say they will do. I do not trust this company for that reason and the stuff they use for spiders does not work. The one thing that I will use them for that the service does work is the mosquito service as it is $65 and has been working great very happy with that service.

David Jones

Sage pest control has had outstanding customer service and there has been a great reduction in the pest seen in my home I recommended them

Garrett Sugg

Regular services have met expectations. Re-services have been easy to schedule when needed. Customer Service has been great.

Dagmar Hendricks

Marvin was very friendly, explained what he will be doing today and did a fine job! Thank you!

Kryse H

They have great customer service, but slow service appointments as far as re-spraying. We’ve had their service for 8 months, and have had “stink bugs” the entire duration of their service. I was just told last week that the spray should cover this, which makes me upset that I have been dealing with these pests the whole time. Overall, good service.

Tracy Kuehler

Super friendly employees. Very thorough and willing to go above and beyond to be helpful!

Karuna Kataria

The services is prompt and comprehensive. The serviceman identified the problem areas and also explained me the reason. Very satisfied by the service today.

Helena Rivers

The work Polo did today was great...i want Polo to be my permanent pest control man..he makes sure his job is done right

darlene carmer

I had several questions which were answered with knowledge that I understood. I have not had a problem with bugs in my house.

Mary Coombs

Very professional, arrived on time, and did the entire house inside and out. Great service.

Josiah Philpott

So a salesman came and knocked on my door I opened the door and he told me all about his wonderful product and I said no thanks I use a different company, so he proceeded to go on and tell me more about his wonderful product and I was like look my wife likes the other company so no thanks, He says so your wife has something special with the technician that's comes for you, implying that my wife is cheating on me, let me tell you this dude was about two seconds away from getting punched in the face, but I just said whatever dude and walked inside and shut the door. little punk better be glad I am not the same man I used to be....................................

John F

Only reason I'm giving five stars is because of a guy named POLO I'm really giving HIM the compliment .. He was the best Tech that has came out to my home I mean dead bugs everywhere the following day each Tech does something different I don't think sage has or uses a routine like technique like some of the other company's I would ask for POLO he is a good guy ..

Pam Blackley

I was actually going to give you a call to tell you about the technician because he was very nice and he spent a lot of time here. I really did appreciate that! Excellent!

rick maltba

Very good & clean technicians,they do a fantastic job.

Khamid Mamedov

A young kid picked up the phone.. sounded like he was high out of his mind. Very unprofessional and rude. Laughing for no reason at all. Not the way to earn business..

Dwain Crissman

We are very pleased with the service and product, and highly recommend them to anyone, for a pest free home AND YARD.

Brigitta Harrell

Always been very nice and friendly, service is very good. They get really on it. Spiders and bugs and ants are gone.

Qowop 4123

First guy they sent checked all of the rooms with a flashlight and said that we have no bedbugs, 2 hours later we found a bedbug on a pillow. We then got a treatment, during which the guy was saying a lot of questionable things and didn't seem to want to spray anything unless we asked him too, despite him supposedly being the best of their company. He left our closets, bathrooms, couches, and downstairs untouched because "they were too far". 1 week later I found a bedbug on a book I was reading, and it seems the infestation is worse than before the treatment.

Rik Rik

We just started service and were absent on the 1st visit however we are very satisfied with results. We were around on the 2nd visit and the Sage gentlemen was very thorough in cleaning webs from house and applying 2nd application. He was very courteous and and concerned if Sage was meeting our expectations. We are on an annual program so at this time I'd rate Sage as excellent to outstanding!

mag gam

I have had Sage Pest Control for over a year and I have not had any problems. I like that it cost 99.00! The staff is friendly and respectful.

Magic Coleman

Good Pest Control company. With the quarterly treatment plan they even come back unlimited times to retreat if needed.

Ashish patel

Bugs not going away after treatment in my case. I hade first treatment a week before. I am expecting to see some results after it but I am still seeing bugs and spiders crolling across the home. I found big spider last night which make me think that this treatment even working or not ?

Carol B

Always professional and knowledgeable about the service and products used.

Eva Layton

Sage has been servicing my home for many years. I called for help with a very large hornet nest. Jason came promptly, and took care of it. Customer service is excellent. The specialists are very courteous and professional . I recommend this company.

Holly Lewis

I've been using sage pest control for a couple of years. Always does a good job and will come if Theresa problem at no extra charge.

Noor Alsafadi

Been customers for about 2 years now, great pest control company, always on time, service as promised, prompt customer service, and they take care of any concerns you have regarding pests and bugs inside and around the house. Also always ready to come in between appointments if requested at no additional costs!

Conchita C

Sage serviced my residence today and I was impressed. Don was very professional and thorough. He listened to my concerns and went the extra mile to make sure every request was completed to my liking.

Norman Moore

Great communication and responsiveness re cost, schedule and follow through. No problems!

Daniel Teklemariam

They were very polite, professional and knowledgeable about their product. Very punctual and worked quickly and efficiently. I am extremely happy so far.

Sharron Goodwin

We live in the Youngsville Area not Charlotte. We had a problem with fleas in our garage and Sage came out to service on Aug.4,2018. There was still evidence on Monday and even today that the fleas were back. I called and talked with Tim in Sales. It happened that Ben was on a call in my area so he was able to come by and spray again. Tim worked really hard to understand my frustration with the issue and assured me Sage stands by their work. Ben provided the backup once he showed up today and treated the area again. Thank you Sage for working with us and our pesty issue.

Dylan Quicano

The man was very nice and did his job fast and effective. Really good service and really good people !

Dalin van Overbeek

I've had a great experience working with sage. From what I can tell they are very honest company and I have been working for them for 2 years. You won't be disappointed in your service

Kelly Supek

We were having problems with a large amount of spiders and webs around our property and my niece highly recommended Sage Pest Control. I was very pleased with the initial service we received yesterday. The technician, Christopher, called ahead and was right on time. He had notes from the phone conversation we'd had with the home office when we booked the service, and came prepared to tackle all of our problems. He also took plenty of time to ask about any additional concerns. He was polite, attentive, and knowledgeable. He carefully sprayed all of the baseboards inside our house and then de-webbed the entire exterior perimeter of our home. He also took down all wasp nests and sprayed all areas around our house, pool and yard. It already seems like there are far less bugs around our deck and yard, but time will tell. So far I am thrilled with their service!

aduan walker

Great people great vibe great service.

Maria Fernanda Borras Santiago

Daniel R was the technician that went to our house and he did an incredible job! Thank you Daniel and Thank you Sage!

Scott Jordan

I called and was quoted an amount for pest and termite control. When I called back 2 weeks later and was ready to start the service I was quoted a higher amount. Poor business practice! No thanks! Will go with another name that I know and trust.

Nacole Holmes

Does not do what they say they would do. Had spiders, ants and other insects. Called to have resprayed. Never came out to respray. Instead, sent account to collection agency.

David Brinkley

Sage is always 1. On time 2.Courteous 3.Professional 4.Knowledgeable Just great people to work with !

TJ Allor

Great management. They not only care about their employees, but consider everyone's well being

Alan Dalton

Very friendly and attentive to there job

Chelsea Martinez

NEVER GET SIGN UP FOR THEIR TRIAL OR SERVICE. I lived in a house to house community in Gastonia and I agreed to trial and then monthly payments. Their big spray didn’t even work well, our $20 Lowe’s pest spray did better than what they used. In fact made things worst. When I become pregnant with my 1st child, which we lost at 20 weeks, I called to cancel the service because we had expensive doctor bills and wanted to cut our bills down. They then said that there’s a $110 charge to cancel which didn’t help us and said we could put it on for hold 6 months. Well six months later came around I still wanted to cancel because I was pregnant again after our loss and still having more doctors bills and told sage that I couldn’t afford paying over $100 for their services that wasn’t working and I didn’t know about the cancellation fee. Well, that did nothing obviously because they billed me again and then sent to collections that’s then been sent to a law firm. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Not a great ‘family owned’ company when you don’t care about families.

Jacob Cazier

Sage's service rocks! I like how they treat my yard, and I don't have to worry about my pets either. Definitely would recommend!

Jeff Sonner

Great customer service through sales rep. Not 100% satisfied with product not even a week later after treatment. We still have ants and mosquitos around. Unsure if i will let them continue to service my address.

C Crow

We recently had sage come out and spray for pests in our new home in the waxhaw ( charlotte) area. We had used them in our previous home and had a good experience . This however was anything but good. The interior of your home was sprayed in such a way that it left a thick, white residue on my hardwoods , baseboards and the bottom parts of all furniture and cabinets that surrounds the exterior walls. Even after cleaning multiple times I still am having a hard time getting it all off! They were supposed to come periodically and clean the exterior of cobwebs and Each time they have come they neglected to even get the cobwebs. I sent an email with pictures and my husband has talked to them on the phone. There has been no follow up or customer service, They apparently don’t care! We have canceled our contract Sage And will not use them in the future . 0 stars.

Morgan Ward

My most recent service was top notch. The technician was helpful, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond. 5+ stars for him. The past year has been not as good. I don't have time to babysit every tech that comes so any infestations, spiders, and roaches etc have been more frequent then we would have liked

R.W. Williams Sr.

After the initial treatment and then the follow up, all ants and other bugs were no longer noticeable in my house! Added mosquito service for the summer and I have only had 1 bite in 3 months!! It works and the staff are great!!

marykathryn fabbri

Excellent customer service. Nice to know that use Safe product for my 9 month old

Courtney Rosenthal

I am so pleased with my service from Sage Pest Control... we have used them for more than a year and have been completely satisfied. I would recommend anytime. Hoping you go to Wilmington NC soon!

Joe Congel

Friendly and prompt service - good communication. I used a different company last year and was not happy - Sage is a whole lot better and their products work!!

Davis Hines

The Sage Pest technicians have been very professional and have all performed an outstanding job. I was using another, very popular, pest control company and was having a lot of issues with the tech not showing up and with pests. After Sage's first treatment I noticed a significant reduction in pests and today we have zero issues with pests. I have two properties serviced by different techs and both have no issues today. I highly recommend Sage Pest Control!

J Patten

I have been happy with their product. If I see one insect, they will happily return to spray again as many times as I like.

sherry smith

Not as thorough as they should be.

Diante Fogle

Diante was awesome. Took his time and did a great job. I would recommend him anytime.

Stuart Reiner

Service was excellent and the service man explained everything that was being done

Carol Turowski

This associate was helpfulness, thorough and informative. Last time the cobwebs outside were not removed and didn't look like work done.

elena aguilar

I am very happy with you're service the person who attended me was Alex he was a very nice person and had very good manners. I really like them every boody is very nice they are better than other company's in other ones they are rude and Saem they don't understand but the ones in these compny are very polite. Thank you for your fabulous work.

Nanci M. LambCranford

Extremely Pleased With Entire Experience, from initial contact through completion of first treatment. The Sales Rep was friendly and made himself easily accessible, without being overbearing. The Service Tech was knowledgeable, thorough and very personable. I love the use of ORGANIC ONLY pesticides, safe for pets, children and the environment! The price is affordable, even when income is limited and fixed, with payment plan options available. I am looking forward to many years of great service, and living pest free in every surrounding of my home, both inside and out!

Brenna Kolumba

Worst Company i have ever worked with. Sales person will lie to you when signing up. I constantly had bugs after they sprayed. Told them repeatedly i can only have Saturday appointments and it was a hassle on the phone fighting with them every time it was service time. The first couple treatments were not done. The Tech said it was and never performed anything..watched from in my house as he faked the process and left after 10 minutes. Do not trust them that they we even service your house if you are not watching over them. Glad my contract is over and will tell anyone that listens not to do business with them.

Tameral Roberts

The technician was very professional and courteous. He made sure all of questions were answered, and services were set up very quickly to take care of our problem.

Susan Murphy

Love this company! The techs are friendly and punctual. And if you point out extra spots that need treatment it's no trouble at all. No bugs in MY house!

Jennifer Rusticus

Travis was very friendly and professional. Always on time. I also love that they will re service for free if needed. Recommende to all my friends and neighbors.

Clara Hodgin

Since having sage come to our house for about 7 months now, our home has been almost free of any type of pest. When we started the service we had spiders in the corners of rooms and ants in the kitchen and we are clean people! Sage is great, and I feel good about their safe and health conscious method!

Allen Howe

Fine gentleman, did a great job

Jessica Clarke-Pounder

Came to my door uninvited to sell pest control. After I managed to come to the door with my small children because I thought it was something important they persisted even after being told I wasn’t interested several times.

Charla Clark

Sales persons were extremely nice younger sales people who were knowledgeable but not pushy. So far the service reps have come & done what they are supposed to do. Since tthis has been thru the Fall I am happy to report less spiders!

Dan Ngo

They are very good, courteous, friendly, and professional. We're very happy with our experience working with Sage Pest Control. Highly recommend it.

Ashley Wooten

Justin does a great job, he's always on time. He explains everything he's doing. I would recommend Sage to all my family and friends

Penni Stritter

Tyquan's customer service was excellent. He was friendly, did his job, but didn't waste any time. I am always asked if I am seeing any problems in between service and Sage is happy to do the inside any time.

Jack Tate

Very impressed with Sage pest control. Salesperson was knowledgeable and not pushy. Customer service was very helpful when I had to reschedule my appointment and the technician was on time and spent time to really understand the problem areas we were having and explained all their products very well. It's been almost a week since our first treatment and we are no longer seeing any ants and spiders. Very pleased!!


Jake did wonderful job treating the inside and outside of my home. Took the time to explain the procedures and options i had. Would definitely recommend jake.

Rob Kelly

Since contracting with Sage, I have had nothing but problems. First off, their product doesn't work. Every time they service my lawn, there is no noticeable improvement. In fact, a couple times the bugs increased. But the kicker is that my wife caught them filling up the holding tank on their truck with our water. They thought she wasn't home because they rang the doorbell and she didn't answer because she was on the phone. Five minutes later, she looks out our front window and they are stealing our water. Yes, you read that right. After repeated calls to talk to their manager, they refused to apologize saying that filling up their holding tanks with clients water is a "standard industry practice." I have been a pastor in this community for over 10 years, and I have never come across a more unethical company. Do not give Sage Pest Control your business.

Kim Suther

We have been using Sage Pest for a couple years now and have never had a problem. Anytime I have a special request they always come through immediately and do a great job. Recommend them highly!

Terry Mcclure

They do not listen to what the customer wants. Also they said that that would spray under house, been here twice hasn't been done yet.

Bonnie MacConkey

I highly recommend this company. They are very professional and experienced.

douglas adkins

Professional and informative. We had our interior and exterior treated, plus the crawlspace. We've used Sage for over a year and are pleased with the results.

Betsy Thompson

Jay treated my property. He was on time and went over what he would be doing. He was very friendly and polite. When he finished he told me what he had found in and around my house. He was very professional. If all their technicians are like Jay, then I will be completely satisfied with their service.

Joanne West

First time with Polo. I will request him every time. Good listener and addressed my concerns. Thank you

J Arango

William D stopped by my house last week prior to receiving visitors. We were afraid the some foreign critter may also visit and cause embarrassment. William was utterly professional and knowledgeable about the recurring palmetto bugs in the area. He even sprayed our crawlspace--no issues at all since then. Absolutely delighted with Sage and technicians. Always with a friendly smile and really eased our minds. A++. Thank you.

Eric Burris

I have been with them for 4 years now and they have not only done an excellent job but all of the technicians that have came to my home has been very professional and courteous. Anytime that I have asked for a "re-service" they have been "johnny on the spot" in detail and attention. I will continue using them....

Lee Wayne

Very good experience with this company. The agent was very helpful and friendly.

Robert Carpenter

Everything with the technicians and the services they have provided have been top notch. The only issue I have right now is that when when we set up a Bedbug Service with them we explained that we couldn't afford to pay for it all at once. The local branch manager gave us a discounted rate and told us that we could pay $50 the day of the first treatment and that they would split the remainder $150 over three months and add it to our normal monthly charge. We paid the $50 dollars the day of the initial treatment. Fast forward two weeks to yesterday (7-1-19) the tech comes out, does the follow up treatment and leaves. Great service as usual. I get home from work and check my bank account to find that a charge for $150 dollars had been made to my account. My spouse called the office and explained what had happened and the arrangement that we had made with the branch manager. She was able to reverse the charge and said that the agreed upon payment arrangement would be back in play. So, I get home today and my spouse tells me that he got a call from the office today saying that the previously agreed upon payment plan was null and void per the owner of the company because payment plans are not authorized for these types of services and that the full amount would be due on August 1. I can understand that the manager may have made a mistake in authorizing the payment plan. However, as an agreement had been made between us and Sage Pest Control I feel that they should have honored the agreement that was made weather it should have happened or not. As a result of this situation, I am considering seeking a new provider for our pest control needs at the end of our current contract.

Staci Richards

Not happy at all. They sell you with you can cancel at anytime and then hide their cancellation fees!!!!

debora Papp

Justin is the best tech. He is friendly and professional. Our house is pest free.

Judy Small Little

ZERO STARS!!!! THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!! You try to be nice but wrong is wrong!!! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.. THEY ARE A RIP OFF!!! ALEC IS A LIARRRR. He told me I would pay an initial fee of $99 "THE SPECIAL" they were running in April. Then I'd pay $39 quarterly . They charged my card today $39. I called and was told it's a MONTHLY fee of $39, then they charged me $110 to cancel. BEWARE they are a scam!!!!

Jocelyn Howard

Sage has been really great so far. I wanted a pest control service just because I am so paranoid by just seeing 1 bug/ roach every once in awhile. However I did find 1 roach after the service started I have a much better peace of mind. But other than that they are very courteous and easy to contact if I have a question.


Good service. Pleasant technicians and customer service representatives. Competitive pricing. Have recommended the service to friends and family,

Marlos Barnette

He was very helpful and highly professional. Took his time and dis his job flawlessly.

William Cantrell

Salesman has come to my house twice in a neighborhood with no soliciting signs clearly posted. The second time I wasn't home and he made my wife uncomfortable because he hung around outside the house after being told no.

Cristina Espino

You guys do a great job and after technician is done he explains detailed the job that was done in my home..Great service and great product.. has really met my expectations..Marvin Fisher has great customer service exp.. thank you

frank darden

Sage has been a go service provider for pest control. We started using Sage Pest Control about 1 year ago. We are on a quarterly plan with 3 extra service visits for the coming year. The Sage office calls in advance of sending out their service tech. I rate their last service visit as very good.

Jefferson Moody

This is a great company. Josh was very informative and the tech that showed up answered all of my questions. Thanks for the excellent service Sage Pest Control!

Sherry E

Been our pest service company for 3+ yrs. Anytime we have a special service request or question, A+. Highly recommend.

Christie Porter

Andy is the best!!! Very nice & friendly. Always does a great job!

Von Nnabugwu

Simply the best pest control company ever. Justin and the whole Sage team job well done!! I would recommend them to everyone that service was wonderful. Sage is a company that really cares about there customers.

Shannon Uloth

Terrible!!! 1st of all we had an appointment between 2-4 the technician was still 30 minutes out at 4:45. Alec the sales rep or whatever he is did not give accurate information. The information given to the tech was not correct. We were given a price and that was also changed and incorrect. I do not recommend Sage at all! I give them-⭐

Matthew Sandness

I don't understand why this company sends out college-aged sales reps soliciting at 8:30pm. Ours is a neighborhood with plenty of small children. I don't appreciate pushy door to door sales, and especially not that late in the day. Also, if the doorbell doesn't work and you don't get a response when knocking, that's not an invitation to knock again. Avoid.

Rebekah Sadler

Randall Falls was the technician that visited us today. He was courteous and professional and went out of his way to ensure that both the problem areas I was aware of were treated as well as some I was unaware of. He walked my property and thoroughly treated above and beyond what I had originally requested. Fantastic thorough service that came right when I needed it!

Sean Johnson

I've been very pleased with the services rendered by Sage. Not only were their treatments highly effective, but their customer service and professionalism displayed by their employees (both the field technicians and customer service reps) was second to none. The only reason for me canceling my account is because the HOA at my new house has a contract with a different company. I'd surely recommend Sage to anyone looking for quality, complete pest control with great customer service! #TeamNoBugs

Roland Snitker

Service was timely, friendly and thorough. I would highly recommend Sage Pest Control to anyone looking for a first class company with top notch customer service.


The seater was fast. Although he was talking on the phone while he was spraying. But I have seen senipeds and spiders since being sprayed. I'm always looking. How long before they will disappear. I know it takes some time.

Don Patenaude

on time... knowledgeable.. courteous work force.. easy on line notifications before and after appointment times.. has taken the frustration out of our pest service...

Jim Bullard

We have been very satisfied with the service we receive from Sage. We called with an unscheduled request to treat an in ground yellow jacket nest. They were here the next business day and treated the house including the bees. Thanks for your quick response.

Kimmie Miller

Great and very thorough job at a good price.

von johnson

Great service technicians... Reasonably priced and the treatments worked...No Bugs!

Lena Treadaway

The tech was wonderful and knowledgeable. They totally took care of my problem.

Norm MacDonald

Pleased with their service and very impressed by their Customer Service.

Jolin Collins

The technician Reggie was so helpful and very professional. He was giving me useful tips to help me keep my home insect free.

Jeanee White

I've been with Sage for a couple years and they are awesome! Very friendly and accommodating. I am very pleased with their service.

Ching-Shih Wang

They keep coming to spray my house and charge me when contract expired even after I told them to stop coming. Basically, I was told they can come and charge me once they email me 2 days before they are scheduled to come. I have to ask for a written documentation of service cancellation and dispute the charges. I will not consider this company next time when I need pest control and will not recommend this company to anyone. I feel robbed.

Ingrid Camacho

Great experience. Great comminication and service. Hire this business!

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