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Katie Dombrowski

Clegg's was able to rid us of the cockroach problem we had at our rental home. They also helped with the ant problem that recently came at the end of the summer. They call us once a month to follow up, and are flexible with our schedule if someone is not able to be home. They have a friendly and reliable staff.

G Can

Really happy with the service Scott & Mike provided. Great people. Very knowledgeable. Great service. I highly recommend cleggs!

Rebecca Antonelli

AAAAAAA++++++ I put off dealing with a mice issue in my home way too long. Because I only caught a few, I felt I could handle it myself. However, the last one I caught was still alive.... ARGH!!!! Dry heaving + nearly sobbing, I called Clegg's Pest Control and they advised me on how to humanely take care of the injured mouse. Then the cold weather set in. A very large contingency of mice became frequent unwanted houseguests and I decided my DIY pest control days were over. Because they were so helpful, I called Clegg's again. Kevin came in no time and did a whole house inspection (even telling me I had a leak in my garbage disposal ;) ). He found more issues than mice and was able to treat my home the same day (without charging more for the extra critters). No pressure selling. Great whole house advice. He even offered to come back in a few weeks to check the traps for me! I'll never go anywhere else and I highly recommend calling Clegg's. (They serve all of NC). Thanks and job well done! Rebecca

Bill Richardson


This job was not worth my time, the employees treat and talk to you like slaves

Alicia Martinez

Life as a new homeowner is overwhelming enough without having to worry about uninvited guests. My dad sprayed the nooks and crannies when I moved in and then again after I kept encountering roaches. Roaches are my kryptonite. I have a phobia, so whenever I found a roach, I would trap it and wait for my roommate to come home and dispose of the nasty thing! To be honest, I did everything in my power to treat my house on my own, from roach houses, to sprays, to poisonous tablets. I cleaned my house continuously and kept my drains closed when not in use. Unfortunately, the buggers kept finding a way in to torment me! I have never used a pest control service before, but my first experience far surpassed my expectations. My serviceman was not only prompt but early! In my experience in home services, a prompt and/or early arrival is rare. During my home inspection, the serviceman checked every nook and cranny including the crawl space, under the sinks, and the attic. Not only was he thorough, he took the time to explain where to look for roaches, how they find a way into the house, and prevention techniques. This knowledge and passion for my home protection meant the world. Taking the time to explain roach habits, however disgusting in my eyes, made me feel so much more secure. My house was sprayed with a solution that is non-toxic for my dog. Since the treatment, I have not encountered another roach. This is a major relief since I had gotten used to finding roaches at least a few times a week. I highly recommend Clegg's for your pest control needs. Not only do they know what they're doing, they cared about protecting me and my home. Two thumbs way up!

Donald Wilson

Kevin from Clegg's Pest gets the job done! Very reliable, easy scheduling to fit mine and reasonably priced. All in all a great value for the care of my home!

Nanette George

Clegg's is amazing. Their staff are informed, professional, and punctual. Mostly, we've been dealing with ants and spiders but they came out once to help us nab a copperhead snake that found its way into our screened-in porch. A Clegg's pest control hero was here within 30 minutes of our call. We appreciate their awesome team!

connie kanipe

Office staff very unprofessional.

Ken Jacobson

We had a mouse problem; technician arrived on time for a one time treatment. She was very knowledgeable and treated the location to eliminate the problem. It's been about a week and so far so good.

Ben Silliman

We can always count on Cleggs to respond quickly to our needs for pest control. We are confident that they are committed to customer safety and environmental protection. Our service expert, Kenneth, is terrific--very knowledgeable and friendly, willing to listen and knowing just what steps to take to keep ants and other critters at bay.

Sara Jensen

We've been Clegg's customers for many years. They always provide excellent and professional service. Highly recommend!

Jay M. Brown

Our Cleggs service technician, Kenneth, has a degree in entomology. Kenneth inspires confidence and trust. He is responsive to issues that arise sometimes with ants and spiders. However, in the realm of those nasty palmetto bugs (cockroaches), which has long been our biggest issue, we rarely see them in our house and when we do, typically they're nearly dead. That's the way we like it. Cleggs gets the job done.

Steve Crone

Kevin Yow

This company is great. They use Watchdog dehumidifiers!

Richard Bowden

Have termite insurance with Clegg. This year did not inspect under the house because door was locked. Asked to set up a time to come back but didn't get the call.

Heather Cutchin

I contacted Clegg's shortly after moving into my new home, with almost an acre of land and a koi pond. There was evidence of termite damage but no active termites on the inspection report. Clegg's did a thorough inspection of my property, presented a very reasonable estimate, and within a few days, had provided the termite treatment/prevention as well as home and yard treatment. A week later we were still seeing clover mites on the patio (which they had expected us to see) and they came back out for a second treatment at no additional charge. I signed up for quarterly service to help keep the house pests and mosquitoes at bay. Very pleased with the service we have received thus far. The technicians were extremely professional and knowledgeable, answering all of our questions. Highly recommend!

Derrick Robinson


Swade is polite, efficient and knowledgeable.

Deborah Justice

Steve Fitzgerald

I am a real estate agent and recently used Clegg's for a termite inspection for one of my clients. My client and I were both really pleased with the field inspector, Scott Waddell. He is very knowledgeable, patient and took the time to answer all our questions. I would definitely recommend Clegg's!

Gail Hicks

We have used Clegg's for a number of years and have been completely satisfied with their service and professionalism.

Deann Humble

Clegg's has serviced my commercial property for over 10 years. I called requesting them to help identify the source of a fly issue. They were not willing to help identify the issue, stating that they wouldn't be able to dig in walls etc... I understood the digging in walls point and said I just wanted "my pest company" that I have contracted quarterly to investigate the issue. I am not qualified to identify flies, which would seemingly help identify there source. The lady that answered the phone was less than helpful and frankly pretty rude. This wasn't my first experience with lack of great customer service from this branch of Clegg's, but it will be my last.

K. K.

I called them for an ant problem that was developing in my kitchen. Every once in awhile I would see an ant on my kitchen counter. I called Clegg's and upon their inspection they found ants had built a mound in between the exterior and interior wall of the kitchen. Well Clegg's got busy and treated the interior and exterior of my home. Now they only treat the exterior once a quarter and if any issues arise in between treatments they will come treat at no additional cost. The service technician is very friendly and answers any and all questions. I recommend Clegg's!

Iris Karas

Trent Rentsch

The word "termite" is not one any homeowner wants to hear, but I got lucky because I decided to call Clegg's. Their inspector came out quickly, reviewed the situation, and helped me understand exactly what damage had been done, and how they were going to get rid of the termites. The crew that came out & did the treatment were friendly, professional, and FAST! I can't thank the Clegg's team enough... real Pros!

Carra Herring

Rick Wright

Timely, professional delivery of services. Competitive pricing and quick responses to any pest issues that arise between services (which have been minimal with our switch to Clegg's).

Louise Canady Bass

I’m very disappointed in the service I received. On 8/26 I received my initial service. I was noticing a few ants scouting around my master bath. The technician arrived early and was courteous and answered all my questions. After the initial treatment I noticed a slight decrease in the number of ants I saw 9/9 I had a follow up visit. Same technician, again prompt and courteous. I explained where I was seeing ants and he baited around my kitchen fireplace. He told me I would see increased activity but to let them be since they would carry the bait back and kill the colony. A few hours later we found an infestation in our pantry where previously there had not been any ants. We lost several hundred dollars in groceries and spend hours cleaning up and treating the pantry. I emailed your company that night with photos. 9/10 I received an apologetic email response an was told that someone would be following up with me later that day. Late afternoon I did receive a voice mail apologizing and leaving me a contact number. 9/11 a few minuets after 9am I returned the call and got voice mail. I left both my husband’s and my numbers. 9/17 when we had not received any further contact from your company we emailed again asking for a refund. 9/18 I received the follow up phone call. The gentleman was apologetic for the delayed response and apologized explaining that the technicians had been told not to use bait inside. He told me he would speak to his supervisor and that they would be in touch. 9/23 I emailed again asking for a refund since I have had zero follow up from Clegg’s after the phone call 5 days before. We have treated the house ourselves and not seen a single ant since. I understand that your company does not control the ants. I am however frustrated that the judgement call to use bait inside cost me much more than I paid your company to solve the issue. I’m disappointed that the two treatments did not have as much impact as the off the shelf solution that we used, mostly I am disappointed in the follow up of your customer service. Although everyone that I eventually spoke to was polite and apologetic, the delay in response is beyond frustrating at this point. In short the solution your company offered escalated the problem and cost me twice as much to fix.

Marie Thompson

Maria Eswine

Everyone I've spoken with is so helpful - even when we became out of town landlords. They're courteous, upfront about costs, and on time! Thank you for protecting my home!

Ellen Mueller

Lynn Goldberg

We made the great error of listening to our Clegg's agent concerning dampness in our crawl space - he strongly suggested that we get a Clegg's dehumidifier - plus other stuff - which we did. Clegg's had a crew install the unit in our crawl space. Some months later - during a routine HVAC inspection, we found out that our crawl space was full of water - caused by an improperly installed dehumidifier. We were more than annoyed. We asked to have the unit removed. Our Clegg's agent said he would "do right by us" - we should order a replacement unit (provided by Cleggs) and not have it installed. He would find someone to buy our unit. Then he disappeared. Horrible customer service - no credibility. I would run for the hills if anyone with Cleggs suggested we purchase anything from them.

Phillip Jones

My dealings with Clegg's is through Scott Wadell and all of my dealings with him have always been on the up and up. He is an honest and sincere person making it easy. I have always had good experiences also with the guys that come and do the inspections.

Don K

I'm a contractor who has hired Clegg's for pre-construction termite treatments. Clegg's has always done what they said they will do, for the quoted price and in a professional manner. I'm very pleased with them.


I've been using Clegg's for many years and would recommend them to anyone. Ryan is my technician and is excellent.

Stuart Hobbs

Fern Hockaday

Bruce Hill

Have used them for years, never an issue. Pests run from their treatments!

Terry Paul

I've been a Clegg's customer for 13 years. The technician is very professional, knowledgeable, and always arrives at the time scheduled.

Michael Mehaffie

Great service. Their technicians are friendly and attentive to derails.

Roger Bolser

Great company. Friendly and knowledgeable technician. Always willing to add that extra "treatment" if we have an abundance of ants, ant hills, cockroaches or other little critters trying to invade our space. Plus, they are treating every month for the monthly charge, unlike most others that only treat every 2 or 3 months yet still charge monthly (think about that for a moment). I would highly recommend Cleggs.

Phil Amanna

Susan Buckley

Kendra Powell

Very unprofessional

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