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REVIEWS OF Greenway Pest Solutions IN New Mexico

Paul Julian Gould

Good people, ecologically aware, and willing to work with us, as certain economics have been a blessing, and I'd be willing to recommend them to any and all of my neighbors. (but I think many of them are already happy customers)

Demi Becker

Signed up with them, cancelled service by email, called them 3 times, never returned my calls so we offered to pay initial fee and they still went ahead and decided to steal 300 dollars from us. So if you like being robbed here’s where to go!!!

Michaela Behm

Great service. Super nice and helpful. Always on time and scheduled appropriately in advance. They listen to specific concerns and address them. They have even come back out free of charge if we still have issues after a servicing.

Vicki Elder

Their staff and techs are very friendly. Their use of all natural products lets me know my kids and pets are safe from all the harsh chemicals used by other companies. Just an overall great company!

c sw

I was also solicited outside my garage as I was trying to spend fun outdoor time with my 8 year old daughter in the driveway before dark. I understand a little, but when someone says they are not interested, take the hint and leave, and certainly do not get into their personal space for 15 minutes & scare their children talking about black widows & then tell them you are coming back! Also, I checked the website and there is no list of ingredients for treatments. I certainly would not use anything stronger than boric acid baits preventatively. Everyone - please consider all the beneficial critters that are crucial to all of our lives like bees and potential risks to human children.

Shalice Stephens

I love Evergreen! The tech's are so nice and amazing they always make sure I am taken care of. Great company and customer service. Thank you!!

Zee Scott

Update 12/12/2018 We were told by two managers that we would receive a refund. The first manager (the one who replied to original post) he said we would receive 100% of the money we paid (about $140.00). This was after he and one of the technicians disclosed ongoing issues with the company and expressed dissatisfaction with a co-owner Zack (Zack was the one who convinced us to try Greenway). When we did not receive the money we contacted him two or three more times and each time he said he would take care of it “personally”. He was stern when he finally returned our call and told us he was in meetings all day and managed 7 locations. I expressed empathy for his time, yet stated we merely wanted follow through. When we did not receive a refund we called the company and were told that he documented that we would no longer have a contract but they were keeping our money as a cancellation fee. We spoke with another supervisor/manager and she said we would receive nothing back and that she spoke with the other manager who denied saying that he would personally make sure we would receive a refund. After multiple attempts to remedy this, she said we would receive a check for half of what we paid. A month later, we have received nothing. I am very disappointed that we have not received the refund check that we were supposed to receive over a month ago. The office manager said they would refund half of the money we paid. I am not sure how to best address this, as they seem to lie and not follow through. —————————————————————— Original review I hoped we would not experience the same service as some of those who have complained. We have yet to have our 3 month visit. Zack did a wonderful job selling us on the company and assurance that customer service was their top priority. We have left 4 messages during the past 2 weeks (for Zack the sales rep and the company itself). We have yet to hear from anyone and are concerned that we may have been oversold. It is frustrating to pay on time and not receive service as stated, or the courtesy of a returned phone call.


Greenway Pest Solutions represent the finest people and the kindest products environmentally. The techs are savvy, and that makes me feel confident in the application on our world. Best service money can buy!

zac hardman

The rep was very kind and explained the service very well! When Dashawn got to my house he was amazing and did an excellent job! I look forward to doing business with them.

Jeremiah Colson

The staff at Greenway is always helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make their customers happy. Their plans are affordable and their staff is very knowledgeable. They will not sale you a bunch of stuff you dont need or think you need. If you need service between your scheduled appointments, they will service your house or company at no charge and do it with a smile every time. I will go nowhere else for my pest service needs.

Hanna Lopez

Thorough and good customer service!

Mary Jo Long

The company is reliable and has good customer service. If I have a ant problem in between regular visits they comeback quickly to take care of it.

Laura Newman


chad phillips

Both staff and technicians are courteous and professional. Techs are knowledgeable of pests and critters around your home. Billing staff will help you if you run into a tight spot.

Lynn S

I’ve been a customer of Greenway Pest Solutions for a couple of years now, having used another pest control company for over 25 years. Greenway has superior products, nice technicians and cost less than I was paying previously. Most importantly, other than the initial treatment, I have been able to have them apply their products outside only and the barrier they leave has kept the bugs out of the house. As I am very sensitive to chemicals, this has been a huge advantage. Greenway comes quarterly, charging the same amount per visit as I was previously paying every other month. And they will return, at no extra charge, if problem areas or species don’t clear up after treatment has been applied. Everyone I have spoken with at the company has been knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Highly recommend.

Christopher Flint

The employees are very knowledgeable. They evaluated my situation with my ant issue and set up a plan. So far after 4 weeks we have no roaches, we've seen some dead spiders but the ants are still around. They did spray and put out granuals twice and it seems like it made the ant meaner and set up a third colony in the yard. I know it's only been 4 weeks but they wanted us to rate Greenway Pest Solutions and that's what I got so far.


Very friendly staff! Great at explaining the process from salesman to technician. Seen less bugs inside home and they even got rid of ants outside :)

Lou Luna

Reliable service including reminders and followup. Products that are used are effective including long term effectiveness and not harmful to pets. Highly recommended.

Blaine Sande

Always friendly, professional, and they come out in between treatments if needed, which we have only required once!

Ruth OConnor

Greenway has always been responsive to our needs and the gentleman that services our house is sensitive to the fact we have a small dog. He is informative and positive! Great Service!

Marietta Wright

I had both scorpians and centipeeds in my house and yard when I moved here two years ago. Greenwayn Pest Solutions came and we decided on a three month program which works very well. I still see one now and then but most are dead and outside. They are very good to come back if called in between. They are always pleasant and do a very good job. Very Polite and accommadatng.

Neale Browne

Really enjoyed Alfreds company, he explained everything he was doing. Great Tech!!!

Nicholas Yielding

Solicited my house at 8:30pm on a weeknight while ignoring a no soliciting sign.

Kevin Holdaway

When the tech came out he was extremely friendly and thorough. Would recommend Greenway to literally everyone! Thank you so much Greenway!!

K. Box

I am happy with my service of a year as a customer. Greenway is very professional. I have never had a scheduling issue, customer service issue, or issues with service. They are very thorough with spraying and they explain what they are spraying and why.

Sergio Tovar

Professional and friendly technicians. Always able to schedule service that works with my schedule. Text and email reminders before service date as well as phone call 30 minutes before arrival. Great service.

Steven brack

Very professional and friendly. We used to have a serious cockroach problem, now it is very rare to see one running around. After about 2 years of service they continue to do a super job, and are very careful about harming features in your yard that you do not want sprayed. We just had an unusual problem of an ant colony living inside the foundation of our house and they took care of this problem very easily, with 2 tiny bait stations that stay out of sight.

Jeanne B

Greenway Pest Solutions has been managing our pest control since we built our new house on land previously occupied by a lively assortment of critters. Greenway immediately respected our request that we only wanted a barrier between our house and the desert - we’re not looking to create a dead zone. After Greenway took charge of our pest control, we’ve been extremely pleased to see the desert ecosystem is still thriving in our yard, yet our house has been absolutely secure; we can walk barefoot in it at night without fear of a nasty surprise. Greenway specialists are very knowledgeable about pest control options and they are unobtrusive, efficient, timely and thoroughly professional in their work. Pest control can be a serious issue in our area. I highly recommend Greenway Pest Solutions to everyone.

petra hendon

Your service great as usual. I enjoy you service man and always get an education along with the service. Thank you

Shawn Burich

Reliable service and they use a great product. They also so yard perimeters.

Susan Brower

Took lots of time to explain their services.

Michele S

Jusy got done unloading groceries and standing in my garage when Zach walked into my garage. I told him I would have to talk to my husband about adding services, he asked what my husbands name is, when he usually comes home, how long I've lived here. I asked him for a business card and he responded he didnt have any cards on him and his truck was parked all the way down the street and he had to catch an airline flight but he would send someone over tonight. Really? First off you see a garage open ask permission to enter and or if the resident has a few minutes to discuss adding pest control services, have business cards available, asking a woman her husbands usual schedule is creepy. That whole interaction was unprofessional, rude and hope not to see or hear from any of your representatives. I spoke to your specialist and she seemed empathetic and embarassed that your employee Zach interacted with a resident with a scummy sales pitch in that manner. Next time if he has a plane to catch dont intrude on residents. Your company could do a lot better than that and residents deserve better whether you get the sale or not. I may have not been interested now but may in the future but your representative made sure I would look elsewhere first before contacting Greenway Pest Solution for services. Terrible just Terrible.

Chad Hensley

Greenway Pest Solutions introduced themselves to me just weeks after moving from out of state through a door-to-door campaign through my new neighborhood. They were able to explain clearly what they had to offer and why they were a good choice for pest control. After coming from an excellent company at my old residence, I had certain expectations from my new pest control company and I can say that Greenway has met all of them. They are always cordial and take care of everything in a timely manner. One of my favorite features is the way they set-up auto-pay to divide the cost of the quarterly treatment into equal payments instead of one large fee near the time they come out. They guarantee their services as well. I would highly suggest Greenway Pest Solutions to anyone looking for a quality and affordable pest control company!!!

Deborah P Duch

no problems everyone who comes is friendly and so far I have not had a problem with pests

Kaitlyn Lerma

Very friendly, informative and affordable!

Lori Lee

Very friendly staff, the service is excellent.

kyley hernandez

Wonderful people and service

Jason Duggin

Hey owner. How are you? Each one of your guys should be carrying a solicitation permit from the city. Also, each one of your guys should be out of ANY area by sunset, according to APD. 915pm there should be NOONE ringing door bells at any house on my block unless they have specific business with that person. You DO NOT have any business in any area of town after sunset. Obey the laws. Obey the signs posted on doors that say no trespassing and no soliciting. When told to leave your people should LEAVE. Your company gets no respect, because your sales people have no respect for home owners. Simple.

Marcus Joe

I've used these guys for about two years now. They come out every six months. Since I started using their services I have not had an issue with pests in or around my house.

Rich Dolbow

Greenway Pest Solutions does an excellent job. The technicians are very friendly and courteous. They explain what they are doing very thoroughly, and follow up with an email that describes exactly what they used and the quantities. After the first application, we saw dead bugs that we had never seen alive before around our home. We are very pleased with their service.

Joel Piazza

Did a very good job

VV allez

I have had very good luck with Greenway. I have had to reschedule a couple of times. All of the technicians have been great working with me and my dog. They give me time to get the dog up int he dog run and then inside so that they can treat the dog run as well. Always very patient. They complete the service in a timely manner.

Thomas Hart

Nathan is a rockstar. Top notch customer service. Knowledgeable and courteous. This is a great company.

Margi Coxwell

The workers are always prompt, friendly, and capable! They do a good job!

Carmen Cook

On two occasions the sales representatives have ignored our clearly posted no soliciting signs. The low ratings are due to this. If insisting on selling services a flyer would have been polite and more acceptable.

Laura Frank

Very friendly and efficient. I haven't had a single bug since

Dorothy Jarrett

I have a NO SOLICITING sign on my door. The sales guy rang my doorbell and got clear out if the way of my peephole. I only opened because I was expecting someone. He went on to ask about my dogs, how many and how big as he stepped closer to me. This guy almost got the door slammed in his nose. You DO NOT walk up on someone in their doorway. Then he asked me for something to write on. I'm not turning my back to a stranger at my door. They don't have name badges or cards to verify who they are. I had to call the company and verify. Door to door sales shouldn't be allowed! It's been mentioned by many, they are fully ignoring NO SOLICITING signs.

Aerial Frog

I get that sometimes people are distracted coming to the door or just plain cant read the "No Soliciting" but when you point it to them and they continue trying to sell you something you have no interest in is beyond stupidity. They may wanna coach their employees on being aware of their surroundings.

Phyllis Williams

I had my home treated by Travis and he was fast, accurate, very professional. He took time to explain what he was going to do and really did a great job. I look forward to seeing if the product will work. Thank you for sending someone who’s knowledgeable about what they are doing.

rachelle dedrick

My pest control technician Angel is above and beyond excellent. I have been a customer of Greenway Pest Control for a couple of years they will spray the outside and inside of my house every 3 months, during that 3 months if I see any bugs they will come out and spray again for free. When I became a customer I had ants that were taking over my house. They got me an appt right away and took care of them. It took a couple of free visits but since then I have had no ants inside. Greenway is extremely reliable and their prices are good.

Andrew Braunschweiger

Great service Tech was pleasent & knowledgable, answered any questions & quick briefed me on product used..Outstanding service !!

Eric Walls

Please don’t come to my door, when I have a clearly visible NO SOLICITING sign. That tells me all I need to know about your business practices.


Takes care of the bugs and will come back if needed for free.

Carla Bencke

Great service! Very friendly staff!

Adara Walton

All my experiences to date with Greenway Pest Solutions have been wonderful. They send really good Technicians and i especially like Angel who does an outstanding job. His attitude and thoroughness do impress me. He also asks if i need anything additional before he leaves. There is no pressure. The only thing i must check sometimes is their arrival time--whether morning or afternoon but i usually get that settled before he arrives. Thumbs up on their excellent "green" service! A.L. Walton, Santa Fe, NM

Nicole Scribner

Good customer service! The solutions they use are great at keeping the bugs away and out of my house. A little pricy but well worth the money.

Larry K Grube

Greenway Pest Control has been providing an excellent service at our home for the past 2 years. The service techs have been considerate and courteous every time they come to the house for this service. The bug, spider, and ant problems have been eliminated compared to the time they started service.

Timothy Davis

Greenway was very quick to respond and help with our pest issues. They explained their process extremely well and treated our home like it was their own. The technician was very knowledgeable and provided wonderful service. I am very happy with the company overall and look forward to continuing business with them going forward.

a local

Never show up and even when they do still have ants and and bugs ...not worth it

Robert and Micki Lawson

We are not please with our experience with Greenway. They were notified that I work from home and must have an organized scheduling so my clients are not interrupted. I am constantly receiving notices that my service day is on a different day. It is a waste of my time going back and forth trying to get things rescheduled when I notified them of my scheduling requirements in the beginning. Their treatments have also been ineffective. I am allergic to one insect and the man I spoke with about the issue just blew off my concern. I pay to keep these away from my door and out of my house. It is not happening, I have actually seen more since using this service. NOT acceptable.

Chris Hughes

Good experiences so far, bugs are gone but when a few pop up they stop by and give a quick service.

Gail Crane

We've had Greenway taking care of us for over a year...It works! We used to have problems with ANTS (lots of ANTS!) and for a while ROACHES (UGH!). Since contracting Greenway no roaches; a few ants recently just before our latest treatment - now no bugs. Only comment that might make this 5-star is if we could get a estimated time frame the tech plans to show up...we have dogs and a locked gate... BTW the techs are unfailingly professional, and friendly with great Customer Service skills!

Mel Liv

Terrible terrible. Pushy salesman harassing me at my door for twenty minutes and asking me for water. The salesman told me the company does not provide them water. I called the company and talked to a sales manager who said it’s not possible to be taken off their list and they can’t guarantee that they won’t come back again. Find other ways to advertise. Tons of other people agree, looking at your reviews.

Natasha Winter

I am pleased with the services received by Greenway Pest Solutions. Only thing I do not like is when getting a confirmation email of my appointment it does not provide me with a time window, and last visit my technician did not call when headed out to my home and showed up at 8:30 on a Saturday when I was still in bed asleep. Not professional.

MaryAnn Schaefer

If I could give 0 stars, believe me, I would. Their salesperson came to our door at about 8:30 pm. You don't go door-to-door at that hour, it's not legal and we have a HUGE No Soliciting sign right at eye level. It is the large red and white one available from local police substations and is so large it can be seen from the street in front of my house. This salesperson rang my bell anyway and proceeded with his pitch. My husband pointed out the no soliciting sign and the guy never apologized or anything, just continued like he was oblivious. My husband must have said no 5 times and yet the pitch continued. Myself, I'd have slammed the door after explaining what no soliciting means. Anyway, we finally got him to leave. I called the company the next day. They would use this event as a "coaching opportunity" I was told. They obviously did not because a month after this individual came to our door, I am still reading complaints from neighbors about this company on social media. The complaints all echo our experience only now they've added a new twist. The salesperson points out neighbors homes and claims they've signed with them. The complaints are still mentioning ignoring no soliciting signs, pushiness, rudeness and unwillingness to take no for an answer. If they were that good of a company they wouldn't need these type of salespeople.

Sam Tri

Great service with good advice if they think other things might help eliminate bugs on top of their treatment. Service people have always been friendly and professional. Treatment seems to work well for all our pests. I just wish it was easier to book your regular treatment appointments. We get regular service and they always book a follow up appointment but don't let you know until it is a week away which makes it difficult to complete in a busy schedule. Wish the would just call or email me to set up an appointment soon.

Nancy Donally

This company is great! Very professional. Very transparent. No hidden cost. Glad we went with them. Also received a discount because my husband is former military.

CJ Coriz

I've been a customer for 2 years now and I have had no problems. Very friendly staff and great customer service.

Rebecca Haulenbeek

I have appreciated the services provided by Greenway, how they schedule appointments and address concerns. Yes, they have returned, at no additional charge, to address a concern. I too appreciate their positive attitude and supportive way of doing business.

LaurenandLesa G

Greenway Pest Solutions have given us great service for 2 years. If we need something between service months they are always able to service when called

Adam Shurtliff

After having some bad experiences with HomeTeam I decided to switch my pest company to Greenway. I have nothing but good things to say about this company. Very informative and fast response time. They promised a lot and came through with all of it!

Valari Taylor

I have been very pleased with the service. They come in, complete the service and leave the area just as they found it. I have not had any bug problems. They send me a email reminder usually a week in advance of the scheduled appointment so I am well prepared for their coming. I have automatic bill pay as well and that is very easy. I am very pleased and I do recommend them.

Ryan Dudley

The Call center is ready and willing to throw your contract in your face. I have had to call 3 times to clarify that I am on a monthly payment and monthly service system. First, they show up and don’t spray in home as i requested. Second, they sent a technician that trash talked his co-workers and bosses telling me “you don’t need to spray inside”. Lastly, they charged me for a month and didn’t show up and when I called they claimed the computer still said I was on quarterly. Don’t waste your time, it has been a headache and worst off I still find fly maggots and cockroaches all over my house.

Susan Smith-Pierce

Excellent service. Knowledgeable and professional technicians. Highly recommend!


Just had someone come to my door and try to just schedule me without even going over the price or having me tell him I was interested. I told him I would talk to my spouse and asked for a card and some information. He asked me to call my husband to go over it. and this was the second time he came to my house today! Asking me if I'm usually home in the evening. You don't ask a female who's clearly alone in her home if she's home in the evenings. When I told him I wasn't interested he got an attitude with me. I better not have anymore sales people come to my door! Forgot to add that he rang the door bell and knocked on the door very aggressively. After he was done, he walked almost to my driveway and waited so that I wouldn't be able to really see him from my camera and would be forced to open my door.

Alysen Meekins

The techs that come out to spray are always kind, curteous, and knowledgeable. And we have no sign of critters! Definitely reccomend!

Vivian Huertaz

Greenway has some good technicians which are friendly and respectful of my home while spraying for ants that showed up at my home .

Tina Crunk

Great customer service, always communicated and reminded of appointments and were willing to comeback if locked out. Great job Greenway staff.

Dorothy Seaton

SALES representative came onto my property by trespassing across the front yard instead of using the sidewalk. I caught him in my front yard multiple times on my security camera when I was not home. This time he came on 4th of July and I told him to leave and not trespass on our property again. He would not leave and I finally slammed the door in his face. He was very rude and not at all apologetic about cutting across my yard to get to the house next door. He seemed to think I HAD TO LISTEN to his sales pitch, AND HE SAID HE WOULD BE BACK! I will call the office when they open to tell them not to ever send him here again.

Peter Conticelli

This group is great. They come out to the home and really explain what they are doing and make me feel confident in their services. Great group!

Joshua Gray

Had a guy show up to my door to sell these services. After an hour of going through my home and setting up an appointment, a guy showed up next day and since it was raining the guy asked if it was OK to reschedule for the next day, guy never showed back up. Now I'm constantly hounded by Greenway to pay a 106 dollar bill for services that weren't even performed. This place will scam you with their shady employees. I hate giving bad reviews but after today's conversation with a lady at Greenway, I won't hold my tongue any longer. This place performs poor business!

Rocio Maldonado

I have been using Greenway Pest Solutions for about a year now and I have been very happy using there services. They are great with scheduling times I am able to do. I have also seen minimal bugs around the house.

Shne Sr Roundy

Salesman came by, promised great deal, service and price. We signed up giving out account info for direct billing.The next day the service clerk came and denied doing much of the promised services and did so with attitude. Could not reach service manager. Salesman said he would make it right. The service mgr called back an hour later and said he would personally come by the next day and would give me a confirmation call one half hour before his arrival. Never called, neve came. 45 min. Late another service clerk shows up. Back to square one. Called service manager (Andy) who totally cops an attitude and hangs up on me. Called salesman concerned with them having my account information. Comment... trust us. Incedently, the salesman took it upon himself to start judgement concerning my religion. (Really?) Beware!!!


Really unprofessional!!! Only got a one star so I could post... I feel like these people are trying to scope out our houses. I have a no solicitor sign posted on my front door and still my Bell rang, knocked on the door, and knocked on the window and I caught the sales man looking in my windows!!! What kind of sales person does that? Scary!!!!!! Some proper training would be great!! I have heard from several neighbors in my area about this same man knocking on doors that they also have no solicitor signs up. My neighbors have also said they received workers from your business knocking at 8 to 9pm. WOW!! Again very unprofessional. This practice of your employees is ridiculousl. My husband also mentioned to the salesman we have no solicitor sign and he kept talking

Gabriel Torres

Amazing company great people who are flexible and trustworthy. Absolute pleasure doing business with them.

Kathy Romero

I recommend Green Way, they helped us get rid of the pest we had. And if weneed them sooner to come out they are here. Thank you.

Rachael Theuret

We have been using Greenway for about 2.5 years at our home and we absolutely love this company! They take the time to listen to and address any pest issues that we are having and have even made a special trip out to help with pests between visits. We love how professional and courteous they are!

Roz Wheelock

When we purchased our home last year we discovered 'bugs'...most were outside, thankfully. However, the creepy things were outside and in the garage, so knowing that means soon they would be inside and we contacted Greenway. They scheduled a visit right away, and there was not a bug to be seen, in or out. SO, we signed up for continued service. It's been a year now and we have NEVER even seen a bug outside or inside. What a relief. Thank you Greenway,. We appreciate the quality of your service techs, as well as their careful locking of our gates. Sometimes I forget to check before I let her outside!

Genevieve Bustretsky

Greenway has excellent customer service! I am very satisfied with my experience. I highly reccomend for anyone looking for a solution to their pest problems.

Jacob Daybell

Salesman was super cooperative and took time to resolve my concerns. The guy who treated my home did a great job of taking down ALL the spider webs and after he got done he asked me if there was anything else he could do. I would recommend Greenway! Especially this bug season with the heat...

Julie Witty

Knocks on the door anytime they are in the neighborhood doing someone else's house. Even with a "No Soliciting" sign on the door. I will never do business with a company that can't respect people's privacy. I just looked through the other reviews, and apparently this is an ongoing problem. The "owner" keeps saying he is having mandatory meetings with his sales crew, and yet this practice continues.

Darrell Foster

Super friendly and my house has no pests. Recommended.

Tiara Mendez

The technician was amazing new what he was doing. They had a Gal call me t9 make sure I understood my contract, great customer service. Very pleased

Bryson Nastacio

Great service friendly stays

Kevin & Michelle

Some advice. Before taking the Greenway customer satisfaction e-survey, wait and see how things go. After an initial service, I took the survey, and gave the technician five stars - which he deserved for his professionalism and courtesy. The techs and phone staff all deserve high ratings. BUT, Greenway's PRODUCTS are completely INEFFECTIVE. We had - and continue to have - ANTS. The same tech has come out repeatedly to spray and lay bait for ants to take back to their nest. (And yes, I realize ants can simply be problematic in some seasons.) BUT, the PRODUCTS don't work. Period. (We resorted to blue-taping our baseboards to try and keep them out.) And so much valuable time wasted on having the tech come and go. Time after time, imagine the frustration of waking to find ants trailing everywhere in the pantry, sinks, and floors while paying for pest control. So here's my point in writing this review and going so far as to say the company's products don't work. By total accident, and to our horror and disgust, we found THE ANT COLONY (THRIVING!!) underneath the base of an outdoor wooden cat tree -- no more than 10 feet from our house -- right next to our patio! If you've never seen an ant colony, it's a bustling city, with literally a swarm's attention and care given to the little round white eggs sacks lined up in rows ready to burst. I've never been repulsed by bugs in general, but the sight stuck with me through the night. So, as a paying customer since May, and because of the aforementioned, I would NOT recommend this company to strangers, friends, family, or neighbors. And one final thing to share about my neighbors. I learned the service manager was in our neighborhood about a month ago or so. He was soliciting new business on our street and telling our neighbors that Greenway has a "five-star" customer on the block. After talking to a staff person by phone, I was assured our name and address were not shared. But I felt this business practice was inappropriate, given my permission was never given to solicit sales, and despite repeated service, the ant colony was never rendered dead by whatever was used in our yard and around the foundation. So, if you're a new customer, I suggest waiting to see how things go before rating this company, its' products, and service. Otherwise, run the other way.

Jeffery Herrera

Greenway pest solutions could not have showed up at a better time.. I got a great deal by a awesome sales rep named zack ..can't wait to be ant free

JOE Groleau

We had a great experience with John performing your services at our house recently. He was prompt, detailed and respectful while he was here. I thank all you guys for being professional and informative as well! See you guys soon!

Emily Humada

I love this company. Very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff. They give you a sheet itemizing everything they did after each treatment and are always quick to respond to customer needs. They do no cost follow up visits if you see pests between visits.

Gene Segura

These guys just stand on our street corner waiting for people to come home to ask if our neighbors told us what they (greenway) are doing. They don't pay any attention to the no soliciting signs and when confronted say they are not soliciting and start getting an attitude. And since our neighbors are apparently supposed to be telling us what they are doing I asked around and most of them have had the same experience, so all I can see them doing is harassing our neighborhood. Calling the police next time I see them in the neighborhood!

Obed Sanchez

Good job, tec was very knowable, price bit high, all and all excellent

Jorge Gonzalez Brizuela

Was a pleasant transaction getting set up and also good transition when they came the first time so help with my bugs. One month completed great pricing. Recommended

Jennifer Silva

Always on time, asks plenty of questions and addresses all of my issues. My hours at work change frequently and they work with my need to reschedule. Tech calls when they are on their way for added security. Great company, great staff.

Saul Flores

The technician was very profesional, fast and great results, no more ants in the house or outside the house. Great Company.

John Castillo

Great experience, affordable, and hassle free. They do a good job, I would definitely recommend.

Russell Dillon

Reliable, courteous and professional company. The original date of service scheduled would not work, so they quickly rescheduled to a date and time that would work for us.

Deborah Davis

The servicemen are very friendly and efficient Whatever product Greenway uses gets rid of those bugs. I wish, however; service could be pre-scheduled. Most times I have to reschedule because the hours that Greenway schedules are during my working hours. I like being at home to tell them of issues and to make sure they can get in my backyard.

Shae Memmott

Our route manager was very friendly and professional. He was extremely informative about what the service consisted of. Our technician met all of our expectations and was also super friendly. He spent a full hour at our home treating for the pests. We were seeing ants and spiders and after the first treatment we haven’t had any more bugs. I would highly recommend using them.

Donald Garcia

Purchased our home March of 18 and had problem with little creatures. Greenway came out and did there magic inside and out and now I have seen maybe couple around the house. I highly recommend Greenway they do the job and do the job right.

Felicia Branch

I personally love this company. Everyone has great customer service, especially the technicians who come to service my home. So glad I choose this company over all the rest.

Robin Levandowski

Always friendly and helpful. They always ask to make sure we are not having any problems in specific areas of the house and always do a through job.

Patrick Chavez

Greenway has Serviced our home for a believe three years now. We have no reason to try another, they provide us with a friendly service teck (Angel) who knows what he is doing. Greenway seems to be all about the costumer, as it should be. Our main issue was sugar ants, they have taken care of them. Greenway is our choice Patrick. Rio Rancho

Sara Crespin

Affordable, friendly pest control service! I love that they are eco friendly and green products, which helps having a family and pets around the whole extermination process!

patricia alexandre

Wwe had some bugs and after the treatment that Greenway made, no more.

Jennifer Rich

My household can get hectic. I have left notes on the front door about not ringing our door bell. The technicians text me when they arrive to make sure my puppies are inside and then text me when they are done. They even lock our gate before they leave. They have come back (free of charge) for those pesky little ants. Thank you Greenway for making and keeping our home pest free!

Andy Montoya

Another solicitor from Greenway. Perhaps a complaint filed to the Attorney general office for them not following no solicitation signs are in order.

David Sitch

satisfied-thank you on July 16-Vicente patrolled our yard for those pest pest-did a great job-explained what he was doing and very professional and a GREAT attitude of which I appreciate-thank you Vicente

Kari Newport

Very friendly! Haven't noticed any live bugs since being sprayed. Feel that my dogs are safe with the products they use!

Mary Ann Sanchez

Excellent service. Got the job done promptly. Courteous and friendly.

Sue Downes

Awesome company. They are careful about the ingredients of their products so that pets and plant life is safe. They are friendly and accommodating and really appreciate customers.

Lisa Keffer

Disrespectful and untrustworthy salesperson at our door despite a large “no soliciting” sign, harassing us and refusing to leave the doorstep despite numerous warnings. The entire neighborhood, in fact, crashed the HOA phone lines as a result of Greenway’s brash behavior. The community association has instructed residents to report the pest service to the city and/or police for trespassing and harassment. Greenway allows and encourages unacceptable & disreputable business practices. They can not be trusted.


The salesman explained the program well and offered good initial discounts. The service person engaged us, explained wht he would be doing, and made sure to answer our questions.

Steven Wilson

The associate who serviced our home was listened to what we had to say about cockroaches being found in both bathrooms. Even though they were dead, he agreed it shows that they are getting into the inner dwelling area of the house. He thoroughly applied the insecticide inside the entire house, then thoroughly sprayed all around the soil/dwelling contact areas of the house. He checked back with us before leaving, reminding us to call Greenway Pest if we have any further problems.

Jacob Carian

Fast and thorough service. Very attentive to areas needing more treatment, and very friendly toward pet and children's areas

Thomas Sloan

Friendly people all around, came and sprayed my house in no time and knew what they were doing. Would recommend

Brandon Bernardin

Greenway is fast and trustworthy. We get our outside and inside sprayed quarterly with expected results. The technicians are always courteous, quick, and punctual. Very recommended!

Steve Martinez

Very nice & courteous professionals. Bugs are gone too! After the initial treatment they were dead all over the place in front & back yard. I was concerned about their treatment killing off the lizards around my house because my little 7 year old likes chasing & catching them.....their are plenty of those creatures still running around, but not any bugs.

Brayden Weese

The route manager was super friendly. He joked around with us for a bit and made everything extremely clear about the service and pricing. Their tech did a very thorough job on our house and we haven’t seen a bug since.

Patricia Moran

Greenway Pest Control is a fine company. I have had no problems with their technicians who are always polite & knowledgeable. The products used are effective. We are pleased with Greenway!


There great always very professional and great costumer service

Susan Reese

Efficient, affordable, professional, knowledgable and friendly. Good with pets, respectful of property. I'm very pleased with the services provided and recommend Greenway to friends and family

Ginger Bee

They are fast friendly and very professional

Aislinn Maestas

Amazing service as always. Friendly and professional employees. Love that they tailor their services to what you need.

Ron B

Always there, always on time. Great service and results

Aisle McGrath

Very friendly staff, I had a billing issue and it was taken care of quickly. The service providers are very professional, friendly, and respectable. I highly recommend this company. Thank you

Jordan Lowry

Your door to door sales rep need to learn some respect. Logan has been to my door and my grandparents and both times we politely tried to tell him we weren't interested, but he still insisted on harassing us.

George White

Prompt, courteous, extremely Knowledgeable very pleasant to work with. Thoughly enjoy having Greenway as my pest control place Thank you Green Way Pest Control

Heather Conway

They are professional and friendly, I have no complaints about their service.

Sara Wall

Zack just stopped by to schedule service. He was very polite and professional. He explained the service fully. I look forward to the service and will give another review then.

Mike Johnson

My experiences with Greenway have been fantastic. We had to have a retreat after our original treatment due to finding a couple pests and Greenway was responsive and scheduled a follow-up timely. From our initial consult to setup service to the two techs that have been here to treat, all of the staff have been very polite and thorough.

Morgan Carter

Friendly,thourough and fast

Michael Stober

Greenway does a good job and spray's thoroughly in the house and yard. We don't have any bugs now. They also took care of our ants in the back yard

Judi Walker

Greenway does a great job spraying for bugs outside our home. Since we've started using them, we no longer have bugs in the house. Their staff is professional and friendly. I highly recommend them!

Filiberto Pacheco

Great service. Highly recommended

John Armstrong

Nice people, reasonable price.


We LOVE Greenway! We first "met" them from a representative who knocked on our door 3 years ago. Every experience we've had with them has been thorough and professional. We are lifetime customers!

Fernando Mares

Great company. They take care of all my pest needs and concerns. Technicians are always kind and eager to answer any question. Ever since they have been taking care of my home i no longer have pest inside.

Jane Wells

When I moved to Albuquerque, my home (45 years new) had a constant stream of ants in the kitchen. Since I have been using Greenway, there has been no sign or ants or other tiny critters. During the last service, the technician notified me that he had seen and eliminated a new ant hill by a walk way in my backyard. They have been efficient, courteous, and unobtrusive. I have recommended them to friends.

Kevin Phelan

The pest service was ok. However, phone service has been terrible.

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