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REVIEWS OF Preferred Pest Control IN Iowa

Madellyn Heimbaugh

We have used Preferred Pest Control for 5 months now. We bought a house that is in the country and surrounded by cornfields (and mice!) We called Preferred Pest Control to help us take care of the problem in our house, our garages, and our storage shed. Ryan is the gentleman that comes out to our house, and he asks our current concerns and listens to them. They call us to schedule our next appointment when it is time and they even come out in between appointments to refill the stations if needed. They are so flexible and kind. They have been the best investment to keep the critters outside.

Rod Belden

Technician and I used to work at the same organization. Good to see him again. Very cordial and polite. Seemed thorough but I was not looking over his shoulder the entire time he was here. Very reputable pest control company. I’ve used them for 13 years.

Deborah Pappenheimer

Have been using Preferred Pest Control for many years and am happy with their service and technicians. They are always courteous and do the job quickly. I highly recommend!

Christina Amys

We have worked with Preferred Pest Control for 11 years. We have always been happy with their service and their staff. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great pest control company.

Derek Forsythe

Always have great experiences with anyone at Preferred Pest. From scheduling appointments to the guys coming out to the house, they are incredibly friendly, timely, communicate arrivals, and always follow through with what they say. Most importantly, they have a great pest program that has kept any critters at bay. We have an outlet/drainage pit behind our house and is a hotbed of insects and critters, but have yet to see any inside the house. They know what they are talking about but don’t talk over your head. We also had them spray for mosquitoes around the outlot because they take over the backyard. After they sprayed, there was a huge reduction in mosquitoes and each spray lasted a few months. For the price, it was definitely worth doing over the warmer months so we could enjoy the backyard. Highly recommend their services!

Samantha Martin

We have used Preferred Pest for years & 2 different homes now. They are a quality company and very helpful in times of emergency (I.e. a yellow jacket nest in our foundation and yellow jackets coming into our basement & home office). Would recommend them to anyone in need of pest control or pre-caution. John did a thorough job with our winter treatment.

Rich Basart

Tyler is always on time and completely thorough. Won’t go anywhere else for pest control!

Sue Strain

We have use Preferred Pest Control for several years now. They are professional and courteous. They call well in advance to make an appointment and work with your schedule for making inside applications. They wear booties too!

Dusty Baker

Extremely easy to work with and very accommodating to my schedule.

Jason Ostrander

They provide great customer service! They have friendly, attentive workers and are more than willing to help you with any of your pest needs that may arise throughout the year.

Howard Huff

The serviceman was very polite. We really appreciated that he put coverage on his shoes.

Jin K

The people are professional and very nice when they come inside. And they listen when I have questions or concerns. Thank you.

Jennifer Dugan

Jon was very professional, courteous, and prompt. He put booties over his shoes to keep from tracking in and did a thorough inspection of the home for pests. Since signing up for their quarterly program, we’ve not had any concerns about pests in the home. The email reminder about the appointment was helpful as well. Recommend Preferred Pest.

Dave Howard B

The technician was Preferred Pest Control was very knowledgeable and provided good treatment and the inspection of our home. He also helped me understand plan options which was very helpful. I appreciate working with a local company with excellent service providers.

Melissa Dahmen

I've been using Preferred Pest for the past three years and I'm always so impressed with the time they take to listen to and address my concerns when I find bugs around my house. They are prompt in arriving when they say they will and if I find or hear something in-between my regular services they are at my doorstep the next day! I've recommended them in the past and will continue to do so in the future!!

jerry Jeep

I have been extremely pleased with the service from this company. The people I have had contact with are very friendly and helpful. We first contacted them after a previous pest control company we had used failed to rid our property of mice. This company came promptly and immediately found all kinds of ways that the mice were gaining entry to our house, ways that the previous company had failed to find after a year and a half of claiming they had found all ways the mice could be getting into our house. After Preferred Pest Control came the mouse issue was immediately resolved!

Alissa Birkenholtz

We are very happy with our ground force service through Preferred Pest. During the summer months we get wasps around our back deck and with Preferred Pest if ever we begin to have issues they will come out in between our regular services and treat free of charge. Every service person we have had for treatments has been friendly and efficient. Most important, we have peace of mind that our home is free of any pest issues!

Mark Bequeaith

Great people to work with. Had a Pharaoh ant problem like never before. Came out right away. No hard sell. And even did a free follow up treatment when the ants didn’t completely go away the first time. I’m an organic gardener and Andy took great care to make a precise application. Really appreciated that too.

Tiffany Davis

Excellent service from this company! We had more ants than we've seen before, they came out sprayed very thoroughly and found where they were coming from. Told us it may take up to 4 weeks to completely work and for them to be gone. About 24 hours later we haven't seen one since!

Michael Ritter

We are very pleased with the service we receive from Preferred Pest Control! The technicians are always friendly and respectful of us and our home. They are also sure to remind us that if we have any concerns or new pests, to call and they will be happy to come out as soon as possible. Great company, highly recommend!

Mary Jo Sires

Very thorough and conscientious! Much appreciated.

Justin Meyer

Moved in to a home with some termite damage and had PP come over and take care of it. Great work. Would use them again.

Tori Cory

We started using Preferred Pest at a friend’s recommendation and have been impressed ever since! They are all incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and polite. I highly recommend them!

Alan Vontalge

Andy was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and mannerly. Our mice problem is gone and we now have piece of mind.

Kirby Antisdel

Thorough, knowledgeable and extremely courteous. Always on time and schedule

Hans Hoeksema

They do a fantastic job and really try to help with issues. When we found mice in our home they helped to find problems and solutions. Haven’t had a mouse since.

Amanda Smith

We love the family owned feel of Preferred Pest Control and how all of their technicians are polite and professional. Would recommend them for anybody in the DSM area!

Katie McCann

Tyler was very courteous and helpful. Would definitely recommend Preferred Pest Control!

K Miller

Preferred Pest exceeds my expectations every year. They are hands down the best in town. Always professional, on time, and stand by their work. Don't waste your time looking at other companies, just start with the best!

Jennifer Souder

I bought an old house that had sat vacant for a year and a half. There were a lot of bugs but as soon as I had Preferred Pest start treating on a regular basis the bugs disappeared and I haven’t had a problem since. This is a great company with excellent service and if you should see a pest between visits they come back and re- treat for free. I love living bug-free!

Cindy Houchins

Great service and friendly Techs. The come promptly if ever a need in between applications if a challenge arises. Great insect control and value for the money

Emily Eikenberry

Great service! We signed up for the year service contract. It was nice that I never had to call and remind them that it was time for a service. I only wish I had generally known when they were going to come so I could ask them questions when they were here. Many times they were here and gone before I was home or knew they were here.


We have been extremely happy with the quality of the services Preferred Pest Control has provided. They show up promptly at the scheduled time, are very friendly and genuinely care to provide you the best service and customer experience. We noticed right away a difference in the amount of spiders and wasps around our house. I would definitely recommend Preferred Pest Control to anyone!

Joe Fraioli

Pest control is not for everyone. For example, some people LOVE the rush of finding a tarantula-sized spider hiding in their clothes in the closet of their new home. I, however, do not. I also don't like wasp nests INSIDE my house. Enter: Preferred Pest Control. Always kind, always professional, and with a commitment to their craft. They took care of the spiders, the wasps, and everything else that's tried time and time again to invade my home. Bugs, please leave me alone. For those of you who find it worthwhile to pay for that extra protection around your home, I highly recommend Preferred Pest Control.

Teresa Sutton

Started using this company when we discovered a carpenter ant problem. The main reason I chose them was they emphasized they were careful with pets. They have been fabulous taking care of our home. We are pest free since we started using them about 5 years ago.

Heather Greer

We have used preferred pest control for a while now and they are always ahead of the game and take care of our home in a very timely manner! Definitely recommend using them!

Allen,Paula McKinley

We started using Preferred Pest Control years ago when we had a carpenter ant issue. They took care of the problem and we have been on a quarterly maintenance program ever since with no other issues. We live in a wooded neighborhood and they come out for issues from time to time and we never have to pay extra.

Dana Olson

Don't like spiders, mice or bats. Over the past few years, have seen them all. Preferred pest control has been there to make them stay away. And if any new pest should show up, jordan has been great with suggestions to get rid of them also.

Barbara Beatty

At our home, Preferred Pest Control has done an outstanding job of controlling ants, wasps, and spiders. Their most recent challenge was destroying a wasp nest under our grill table. Total success - only dead wasps since then! Everyone is professional, friendly, and thorough. I highly recommend them.

Luke Mohlenhoff

Friendly, knowledgeable and always on time. Use their annual service plan and am very happy with the value it provides.

Darby Squier

Preferred Pest Control has done wonderful work for all of my apartment buildings. Jon is wonderful and so is the office staff, they are always quick to schedule an appointment and get out to our buildings and take care of any pest issue we may have. Thank you for all you do Preferred Pest Control!

Russell Cory

I have had other pest control services and this one has my needs and wishes as a priority. They have the answers to all my questions except winning lotto numbers. Very professional and thorough.

Eric Wolfe

We’ve been a customer for 7yrs. Andy is very courteous and always asks if everything is ok and if we have any problems that need addressed during his visit. Jobs well done.

Broc Bebout

Great company and team of people to work with. Easy to communicate with and were on-time. Tyler was very pleasant to talk with and very helpful in recommending how to best seal up problem areas that could lead to further issues. Got rid of our ant issues and haven't come back.

Danielle Timm

I just love preferred pest control. They are quick, professional and thorough. i’d like to say I’m a customer for life but they do such a great job not sure I’ll need them that long!! Thanks guys

Megan Coakley

Great to work with! Very prompt and attentive!

Tory Mears

We have been using them for years with nothing but positive experiences. Always on time and with a positive attitude. I would highly recommend Preferred Pest to anyone in the market for regular pest maintenance!

Reed Anderson

We originally hired Preferred Pest Control to take care of an ant problem underneath the outside front steps. They eliminated our ant problem after the first treatment. After the initial treatment I signed up for the Groundforce program to prevent future issues. The program includes four exterior and one interior treatment every year. Their interior treatment is pet and child friendly. We have been using Preferred Pest Control for about 5 years and they have been great. The Groundforce program is a great preventative measure to help prevent problems before they happen.

Alex Battani

The first few years of living in our house we would get wasps in the fall inside. Like close to 50 over the course of the fall. Previous pest control folks didn’t do anything about it, dismissing it since they couldn’t see an obvious fix. Preferred pest found a crack in a vent where a wasps nest was built in our attic. They took care of the issue and haven’t had the same problem since!

Prita Shukla

Preferred pest control provides a great service and we have been associated with them for 7 yrs and our home is totally pest free. They are great people and provide great service.

Chinmay Bajikar

Preferred Pest control do a great job. We have them do Pest Control for our new house since the last 3+ years. There people are always on time, courteous and knowledgeable. Ryan Garvey, during the last visit was great and went above and beyond to resolve some of the issues we were having.

Susan Smith

I've been using Preferred Pest Control for many years. They're friendly, efficient and let me know if they find anything that is of concern. Highly recommend their services.

Kristen Curran

Preferred Pest Control has been great to work with. The customer service is great and they do a great job! I would recommend them.

Nathan Evans

Great service. Got rid of our ants and wasps in a timely manner. Great employees as well. Polite and friendly.

Meredith Burnison

Preferred Pest Control is great. Service professional is very knowledgeable about all of the creatures we have found around our house that is close to a creek. We set up a service plan and they are also very responsive to any issues between service visits. Highly recommend, they've been my choice for over 10 years.

Kristi Northway

We are so happy with the service we get from Preferred! They are always extremely courteous on the phone and on-site. They are so knowledgeable about the pests and the best way to treat. I also appreciate that Vance was so considerate of our pets and the use of chemicals in our home. And he didn't push to do more than necessary which I really appreciate! Thank you, Vance and Preferred! You are killin' it!!!

Daniel Doyle

Always professional and thorough! Great people who do high quality of work!

Alaina Andorf

This is an amazing company!!! They do an amazing job and are very thorough and friendly! They genuinely care aboutatheir customers! We had our home treated for insects and had no problems afterward! Would go with them again in a heart beat! If your searching for a place you won't be disappointed!

Laura Woudstra

Not only are the technicians always professional and do an excellent job, they are incredibly polite. I continue to recommend their services to anyone that asks.

Jenn Lee

When I made the original inquiry, the gal on the phone was extremely helpful. Within a couple of days we had someone out here for our free assessment, and the next day they were out here spraying. All of the employees I've engaged with have been extremely helpful and kind. Highly recommend this company.

Don Newell

Having Preferred Pest Control treat our yard for mosquitoes resulted in a pleasant outdoor time in the summer! Great job - well done.

Allie Mayberger

Preferred Pest is OUTSTANDING. We have worked with a variety of pest control companies in the past, but they are HANDS DOWN THE BEST! We have had great employees come to our house. Recently, Tyler Smith came because we had wasps inside our house. It was like Superman showed up at our doorstep! He searched the entire vacintiy of our home, it took nearly an hour to find the small wasps nest. He took his time, told me the type of wasps he saw, and what to look for in the future. He took care of the wasps in our home immediately, and we’ve had zero problems since! Hire preferred pest now, and ask for Tyler Smith to service your house!!!!!

Rachelle Kloppe

I live in a wooded area and constantly combatting mice. Ryan listened to my concerns and didn’t rush through my appointment until my concerns were addressed.

Danna Folkers

We have used Preferred Pest Control for over 10 years and love them! They have great customer service, kind technicians and an excellent product. I highly recommend them.

Jared Harlacher

Always on time and do a great job!

Anna Wittmuss

We have had a very good experience with this company. We have found no live spiders in our house since we started.

Kaylene Ripperger

we use them for our apartment complex! John is wonderful, knowledgeable and professional.

Susan Walter

Very happy with the service provided by Preferred Pest Control. Our technician is always friendly and does his job efficiently and effectively. No complaints.

Brent Minter

Love the people and the work they do.

scott dorau

I have been using their services for years. Very professional and easy to work with!

Tami Halverson

We have used Preferred Pests for years! Their staff is always so helpful, polite and friendly. They take our concerns to heart! Highly recommend!

Sean Trammel

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, did a great job - haven’t seen a single bug in the house since they came out!

Gary Marchant

We had never hired a pest control company until last summer when we had an invasion of carpenter ants. We called Preferred Pest Control and the ants were soon gone. We now have them come every other month, they are very courteous and thorough.

Mike Scoblic

We've been using Preferred Pest Control for about a year and a half and they are excellent. Ryan was the technician that did our last treatment and he was extremely polite, nice and did a great job. We highly recommend the company and Ryan.

Geoff Wood

The cold this fall forced mice into our house and we weren't sure what to do about it. Preferred Pest helped us out very quickly and talked us through what we needed to do to keep them away in the future.

doug sires

Great Company, Great people and maybe most important their service is effective. All our pest are gone. We live in the woods with lots of bugs including black ants. Tried several pest control people and only Preferred Pest took the time to figure out where the problem was. The owner went on the roof and the ants were coming off the tree limbs. He sprayed the roof and we have not seen a ant in over 2 years. They come about every 2-3 months and spray the outside. They spray the inside every 4-6 months. They do things like put traps out in the garage for mice and take down spider webs outside. You will be very happy if you use their services. Highly recommend!

Ashley Moore

Preferred Pest has far exceeded my expectations. We initially called them because of a wasp problem. Over the the past year we have seen a huge improvement with the number of wasps. Preferred Pest has provided excellent customer service and we are very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism from the technicians.

luke hukee

Great experience. Very kind. Very thorough. They did a great job and I would recommend to anyone.

Gene Russell

We have relied on Preferred Pest Control (PPC) for the past five years. In those five years, we've seen them go above and beyond with wasps and one DEAD mouse! Too many to count, wasps entered the base of a bedroom casement window. They got 'em in the Spring before they got active and prevented future visits. Then on the sunny front of our home, they kept treating for wasps in three separate siding spots until gone. This past winter, we had a terrible odor in our basement. I always lie to my wife that we don't have mice. I tried to find the dead critter in the drop ceiling but could not. PPC's awesome tech came out, found it, disposed of it and placed treatment in more spots. (Can't lie anymore!) We pay for five visits a year and absolutely recommend Preferred Pest!

Betsy Bolton

Preferred Pest is the BEST!!! I had clovermites...not any more :) They are always so friendly and super nice when they come to the house. Also when I have called to change an appointment they are super easy to work with! I recommend Preferred Pest 110%.

Kerry Ausmus

Preferred Pest is wonderful to work with. The technicians are efficient, on time, and friendly. I would never use another pest company.

Dianna Merritt

Preferred Pest Control is a very professional company to deal with. They are here when they’re scheduled and do a great job. There man Tyler does a great job every time.

Brittney & Jordan Garvey

We bought an old house and there were spiders and bugs all over when we first moved in. After having Preferred Pest come out we've had no issues with bugs. The guys are always punctual and super courteous; highly recommend!

Anthony Larson

We had a problem with crickets. We contacted preferred pest control and they were friendly, professional and prompt. They came out on time and did the work very fast. All of their products are pet and kid safe which is also a big plus.

Jacki Stevens

Great company to do business with. I give them my highest recommendation. They are extremely professional and most importantly keep my home free from pests.

Jared Laermans

Showed up on time and quickly completed work. Very friendly.

Mark Thompsen

Best of the best!! Fits our budget too! Andy is so kind and courteous. He is always on time, greets our dog, and does his job in no time at all. Our house is full of collectibles, fine art, lots of upholstery and silk draperies. Andy is very, very careful when doing his job. Never has even one picture frame been out of place when he leaves. The office staff are wonderful when scheduling services and have always accommodated us if there is a conflict. We highly recommend Preferred Pest Control!!!!!#

Mary Haselton

I’ve been a long time customer of this company. They do a great job and have always been very responsive to our requests. Jordan is great to work with. Very friendly. I highly recommend Preferred Pest!

Margie Flowers

You will not finder nicer or more trustworthy people, no matter where you look!

Megan Barber

Great customer service and very willing to explain their services and answer any questions. And they sent someone out very quickly after I called about noticing ants around the outside of the house. They even put on booties to cover their shoes when they come in the house. I would recommend this company.

Michael Wegner

We are long-customers and have always had punctual and professional service.

Colleen Kuethe

We had an issue with clover mites and with great determination Preferred Pest Control got rid of the issue. Our technician, Jon, is very knowledgeable, professional and reliable. He's conscientious and efficient. Also impressed that Brian, the one who sold us the annual contract, stepped in to do our service when there was a conflict with my schedule and our technician's. A company that truly cares about the satisfaction of their customers.

Sara Bergman

Excellent service. We called them last year regarding an ant issue and they took care of it very promptly and in a professional manner. We enjoyed our experience and decided to start an annual plan with Preferred Pest. We're thankful for the follow-up treatments that have all been conducted by informative and professional employees and will continue to use them moving forward. Would definitely recommend!

Mark Nielson

Friendly and knowledgeable people. Very attentive to my home's needs. I've been a customer for over 2 years now.

Bill Atcheson

John does a great job. Thank you!

David Marshall

We've used Preferred Pest for about 3 years now and have always had a good experience. The employees are always friendly and service is great.

Colby Elmitt

Preferred Pest Control continues to deliver an excellent product in quality customer service. I called about an issue I was having with spiders and they were able to send someone out the next day to resolve the issue. I will continue to give Preferred Pest Control my business because it's a service I trust. Thanks again!

Abby McCulley

Great experience! All three gentlemen that have come to the house we’re polite and knowledgeable about their product. They were diligent to note out hardwood floors along with children in the home. Highly recommended.

Alicia Elifritz

We had Preferred Pest automatically as part of a new construction and warranty for 5 years. When it expired I shopped around and they were still the best price so I didn't change. No one else was as responsive and prompt as they are. They are friendly, flexible and explain anything I ask. They accept photos and will email responses and suggestions at no cost. It helped me to figure out which service I should get. Definitely recommend!

tamra smiarowski

Preferred Pest is an outstanding company to work with. Customer service is the best. Their technicians that come out to treat my house have to be the most educated in their field. They not only listen to and answer my questions, but they respect my concerns about those pesty pests. Jon, especially, always has a smile on his face and an overall passion for what he does. Preferred Pest is all about making sure I’m satisfied and my pests are gone.

Lisa Schulte

We have had great experience with Preferred Pest Control from their office staff to the specialists who come out to do the spraying. We have had no issues with unwanted pests since we called Preferred Pest Control. We are very happy and plan to continue working with them.

Amber Rude

Super professional and excellent service! Very timely and really listened to our needs due to pests we had been dealing with. Highly recommend!

Spencer Johnson

The continued excellence in service is paralleled by intellectual conversation and groomed professional attire! Highly recommend.

mary ill

Excellent customer service, their techs are hardworking and friendly and go above and beyond for their customers! They take the time to make sure the job is done well. Love this company!

John Day

Preferred Pest is the way to go! They are very trustworthy, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Amanda Charter

We have been using Preferred Pest for almost 10 years now. They have always been great to work with, they are very flexible with appointment times. Not only is the staff in the office but also the technicians very professional and courteous We refer all our family and friends looking for pest service/maintenance to Preferred Pest.

Xiao Wang

Best pest control service in town. The technician was super helpful and friendly.

Linda DeYoung

I've been a customer of Preferred Pest for years. Their technicians are very knowledgeable. I've called them when I had a wasp issue and they came out and treated at no additional cost.

Katie Beeman

The techs are always friendly and knowledgeable in the services they’re providing. They are thorough and make sure to provide the best and safest service. Office staff are great at finding a time that works perfectly with our schedule. All around a great company!

Melanie Perry

Friendly and professional. Always eager to help!

Brian Parks

Been a customer for a few years now and have been very happy with services provided from the front offices all the way through every technician that has come to our home.

Mary Claassen

I'm very happy with Preferred Pest and have been a customer for many years. Excellent customer service.

Greg Stieber

Have used them for a little over a year and have been very pleased with the service. Scheduling is super easy and my experience with all of their technicians has been positive. I would certainly recommend them.

Lauren & A.J. Wilcox

I can always count on Preferred Pest Control to do a great job! Tyler is always so friendly and helpful and I know he will do anything he can to get the job done in a timely manner. I will only use Preferred Pest Control to help us keep pesky critters away because they are so reliable!

Kimberly Burrier

We have had Preferred Pest come into our home for the past 2 years and they are fantastic! Their technicians are extremely professional, efficient, and always on time. We have not had issues with bugs/spiders/ticks since we have started using their services.

cindy weems

Always pleased with Preferred Pest Control. They take time to do the job right and listen to any issues I have problems with. Very courteous and efficient.

Maryanne Sobiech

We were unhappy with our first pest control provider and changed to Preferred Pest Control in 2013. They have consistently been punctual, reliable, professional and knowledgeable. Their technicians have all been courteous and helpful -- as well as great problem-solvers. We highly recommend them.

Brooke Stewart

Our family has had great experiences with preferred pest control. We love Joe Peters and Jon Andorf! We are so thankful to have a service with people we can trust.

Beth Pietan

The technicians are always professional and friendly. They're always willing to go the extra mile to assist with any issues that I have. Very reputable company. I would highly recommend!

Jessica Merrill

Ryan was awesome! Super friendly and very thorough. Sooooo glad we called. They were there the same day to do the consultation, and two days after that they were here to set traps and fill in holes. Very knowledgeable and experienced...we would definitely recommend them to anyone with pesky critters problems.

Steve Rude

This past fall, we noticed some spiders along with some interesting insects in our home in West Des Moines and knew it was time to call our friends at Preferred Pest Control. The following day, Joe P. came out to our house and did a fantastic job! Joe was very professional to work with and knowledgeable about our situation. Better yet, we haven’t had any more spiders or insects in our home. Definitely recommend Joe P. and the entire team at Preferred Pest Control!

J Kucera

Tyler knows how to keep my home pest free

Cheryl Reiser

Love Preferred Pest Control!!! The guys (Jon, Brian & Brad) are great, office staff is very efficient. Anytime I have a concern they are at my door within a day or less. Highly recommend them for your pesty needs...

pat ashby

Preferred Pest has done a great job for us over the years. They are always on time, friendly, helpful in answering any questions, and thorough. I recommend them without reservation. Yay for no bugs at my house!

Katelyn Perez Van Dam

I love Preferred Pest Control! Great company and amazing employees!

SJ Risewick

Always great to find a company that treats their customers like family. Have been using their service contract program for about 8 years and have never had an issue that wasn't promptly and courteously resolved. Just had our summer service and the tech remembered (on his own) to check the problem areas we have at our home and addressed the pests before they had a chance to become a problem.

Mary T

We live in an area with lots of spiders, wasps & mice! Preferred Pest has been amazing at taking care of all the creepy crawlers. Tyler is fantastic & incredibly friendly. He does a top notch job of finding & plugging up even the smallest holes that the mice find to get inside!

Michael Finley

Unfortunately they dont stand by their product unless you have the highest priced and longest term plan. I had an initial spray for 190.00. Within two weeks of the spray ants and spiders had returned. I called back thinking a second spray would be covered due to the product not really working but was frustrated to find out it would only be at a reduced amount. If I'm paying for a product I expect it to work a little longer. Very disappointed that I will be going back to doing the spraying myself.

Sam Anderson

The service was great. Haven’t had any issues since. Would definitely use again!

Andy Sommer

perfect service, professional technician, prompt/on-time. 100% recommend service. we've tried multiple pest control agencies in town, and Preferred Pest Control has solved all of our problems and had the best customer service. Thanks for keeping my family comfortable.

Meridith F

Preferred pest control will forever have our service! We have never had a poor experience. Consultants have always been on time, very professional, upfront, and honest. Highly recommend!!

Stephanie Rohloff

We love Preferred Pest. They cleared up every problem we had promptly, with a wealth of information on each big we encountered. We love the kind and speedy service they provide.

Daniel Johns

Great people to service your home! Knowledgable and thorough! Always pleasant and doing everything they can to ensure your satisfaction!

Jennifer Parker

I have an issue with ants year round. Preferred Pest has helped me keep them under control. I haven't had an 'antsplosion' since they started treating my home last April! The treatment of my crawlspace is quick, easy, and makes me feel more comfortable when I have to go into the space to change the furnace filter. Thank you Preferred Pest for keeping the little 'buggers' out!

Dan B

Ground Force Service has been great. Really helped with our wasps, Asian beetles, spider, and box elder bugs. Techs are always friendly, on time, and thorough.

Rob MG

This company is great. I had springtails. These tiny little bugs. Another company came out, didn’t know what they were. PPC comes, looks at the bug “oh, it’s a springtail”. 1 treatment, they are gone. I would recommend PPC. Professional, polite, and it just works.

Andrea Todsen

The technicians are nice. The mosquito treatment is effective. My mosquito magnet has no bites (from home.)

chuck ill

Great family owed business, the staff are personable and professional. Thank you

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