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REVIEWS OF Turner Pest Control IN Florida

Julie F

Thank you so much for the excellent service! We love Owen! These negative reviews are actually comical. We will be recommending to all. Thanks!

Constance Mays

Every year I am able to request and receive from the same technician who is excellent. Since the technician comes into your home to check for termites it's good to have the same person

Jasmine Franklin

I have a monthly service now which is SO much more affordable then only calling when the problem is too big. After the service, I receive a detail report of what was done, any suggestions or anything additional they recommend (and why they would recommend it) - and this all happens while I’m at work! They are efficient, friendly and handled the major ant problem I had with ease. I am moving and plan on transferring the service to keep up with preventive pest/infestations.

Jody Mitchell

$ 100.00 a month for pest and yard control NOT cheap with very poor yard results after a full year. I have called three times with every time I will have somebody call you, 1 1/2 months now still no call. And because I refuse to pay till I …

keenan wiggins

I Would definitely recommend this company for these 2 reasons. First, they showed up almost immediately after I called them to give an estimate. The following day they had Carnell Oakes out servicing our place. Second, not only was Carnell Oakes extremely thorough he was very informative, he took time to explain what he was doing, why and most importantly what results I should be seeing and how to prevent this from happening again.

Megan Mena

If I could give -5 stars I would. Ever since the merger they don't have time for their customers. They took on too much too quickly and now they don't have enough employees to cover issues. We found out we had termites on April 27th they sent a tech out on May 2nd who said they are termites but he's not the termite guy. He sent photos and emails to the termite manager and said I would get a call later that day, which never happened. I called the next day and was again told someone would call me which never happened. Again I called the next day and finally was was able to make an appointment with a termite tech, I have no clue why two days before no one could book an appointment for me. Termite tech came out and treated the inside (he is the best part of this company) but he doesn't treat the outside. So again I made an appointment for May 15th to treat the outside, low and behold they cancel on me. Now we have to wait who knows how long to get someone out here to finish the treatment. Meanwhile termites are eating our home. WE HAVE THE TERMITE BOND WITH TURNER! Yet this company is putting us on the backburner since they have to cover the cost of treatment. THEY DON'T COVER DAMAGE DONE, JUST TREATMENT. So while they drag their feet we are getting more damage daily. We were Brandon pest clients and loved them, but since they merged we can't get the service WE HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR. If u want reliable quality service don't go with turner. I'm sure they were better before they bought Brandon's clients but now they have taken on too much and are worthless.

Jason Boyle

We had Turner Pest Control come and do a survey of our property, the technician arrived on time as planned, he was very polite, friendly but most importantly very thorough, he was professional and very informative, he obviously knew his job and was very thorough indeed in the way he went about his work, I was very impressed and would highly recommend Turner's to anyone.

Donte Thomas

I would defiantly recommend Turner Pest Control to friends and family...They delivered great customer service!!!!!

Angie Reno

Excellent choice for Pest Control solutions. Extremely customer focused.

Sandi P

The Techs were knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly on time. They explained the service in detail. I'm just happy to know I'll be able to enjoy my yard this summer without pest and mosquitos, and Wasps. Thank you Turner Pest Control!

Kandallu Ramesh

I have been a long time customer with Turner Pest Control for more than 10 years. Recently I have cancelled their services, both termite & Lawn care. Over the past 2 years, the lawn service has gradually deteriorated but the price went up! Also, I was notified that they won't renew my termite bond after staying with Turner for more than 10 years with no evidence of active termites or termite damage during inspection for the past 10 years. But they offered to perform "Preventive termite treatment" (No active termites or termite damage present during the recent inspection} for a hefty fee with no warranty on termite damage repair. It will be like "paying insurance premium but no benefit of insurance". I decided it is time to move on...Those loyal customers like me, please keep this in mind.

Keith Greene

Prices changed multiple times but they had right square footage from the start. When I cancelled I was told I owed money, but I paid in full at beginning. Phone wait times are ridiculous.

Ms.Chelle Latrice

Excellent work and prompt service. Haven't regretted using them yet.

Anthony Presciano

I dont usually do this, but I feel it necessary. This company is impossible to get ahold of. They dont show up on time for their appointments either. The main reason why we had to cancel though, was that they just couldnt keep out the pests. Its pretty evident they do as little as possible when they are here.

Kathryn True

So far I am really happy with this company. The previous homeowner had Turner and I signed up a month after moving in. The 2 times I've had to call for follow up service our rep Tab has come out the next business day to take care of it. I have never used a pest control service in my prior homes. I am very selective about which companies I sign up for any type of service. I love having the peace of mind that they will come out and take care of any problem.

Tina Turner

Turner pest control always makes sure to handle any issue you are having. All their technicians are extremely knowledgeable.

Mark Ferry

we are not having any problems with insects so they must be doing things right.

Kathy Leach

Very professional and courteous! Was a pleasure to deal with.

Angela Smith

Always make my appointments around the time needed. Professional and customer friendly service.

Tony Kainauskas

Quickly solved our rodent problem. Trey is an excellent representative of Turner Pest Control

Yvette Martin

Great customer service. Technicians are always friendly and happy to answer any questions.

Ronald Lindsay

Honest explanation of the options available to us. During service, the technicians explained how and why they use certain methods and materials.

Liz Adams

Our yard has never looked better. Technicians are very professional. After reading some of the negative reviews on Turner, I decided to beef up my review. We have been in our home for 25 years and have used several other pest control companies in Jacksonville before settling on Turner about 7 years ago. Turner is by far the best – regarding results, professional technicians, customer service, etc. Other companies constantly bothered us with phone calls to add additional services. Other companies sent out unqualified unfriendly technicians and used inferior products. Other companies pay no attention to requests and complaints. Turner is very concerned about customer satisfaction. No company is going to be perfect and I try not to judge a company on one bad employee. I am sure employee turnover is a problem for all pest control companies, but Turner does a good job keeping employees properly trained and responding to customer feedback. We have used 4 other pest control companies and are most satisfied with Turner. No company can completely eliminate weeds and bugs in Florida, but Turner does the best (by far) that we have found. Our lawn is beautiful. I will try to post a picture. Finally, keep in mind that normally only dissatisfied customers take to the internet to complain. There are MANY more satisfied Turner customers that unhappy ones. Happy customers don't normally bother to write reviews.

sarhada shilling

I had a horrible experience with this company. I hired them to provide pest control service for my Mom's house. I signed a contract, paid $120 for the initial service, and scheduled the first service for 8/22 at 11:00AM. I was told someone would meet me at 11:00AM on 8/22 because the initial treatment would be inside and outside of the home. I took a day off of work and drove from Orlando to Jacksonville to meet the technician for the first appointment. 11:15 comes around and no one had showed up yet. I contacted the company to follow up on my appointment. I was informed the appointment was moved to another day due to the technician calling out sick. NO ONE from the company contacted me to inform me of this BEFORE I drove 2 hours to meet them for the appointment. All anyone could offer me on the phone was an apology. There was no attempt to keep me as a customer. It was the worse display of customer service. Not only had I signed a year contract for them to treat my Mom's house, but I had also referred them to 2 family members because I liked the sales person I dealt with. I immediately canceled my contract and demanded a refund of my $120 initial service fee. What a waste of time. I will be hiring another pest control service and will not be dealing with this company again.

Panther EyE

I have lived in Jacksonville Florida for a few years now. Upon arrival, literally as our cable was being set up after moving across the country, I saw an advertisement for Turner pest control on the television. I quickly jotted down a note to call them later that day. I have been very happy, with the exception of one incident, with their services over the years up until now. That is the reason I am not giving 1 or 2 stars, because this situation arose only in the last 3-4 months of service. Now it seems they have changed technicians for our area and the quality has really went down hill. I am now even seeing insects I never saw before - it is like no treatment is being done at all. It's like they may as well be spraying water. The other techs we had in the past were efficient and friendly. They would explain things well and were thorough. EXAMPLES OF BAD SERVICE: This new guy knocked down some wasps 'mud piles' not sure what they are called- the dark gray globular things and left all the debris everywhere. He didn't sweep it away into the grass or anything - it was a huge mess right at our front door. I didn't see it until it was too late - it got tracked in the house. Gross. Another issue is that he supposedly sprayed and what not but I mostly saw him just standing around. I didn't watch him the entire time however, to be fair. We called about a spider issue - they came out, still saw them - even after the allotted time frame to give it a minute. Yes, I didn't see as many, but way more than we'd ever seen before. We called about seeing roaches - never saw roaches before and I keep a clean home. No food lying around, trash piled up etc. The insects continue to thrive in our home. Now, there are these strange long black beetle/earwig things taking over. That's the final straw. This guy has been out here 3-4 times, and this is the WORST I have ever seen our bug situation since living here and even when we moved into a house that had been vacant for many months. Before, with their service, I'd see something 1-2 times a week, at best. Never any roaches, either! Ewww! Now it is multiple times in one day that I will see something, and I'm certain I am not even seeing the half of it and I can't take it anymore. It is unfortunate, but since he is the tech assigned to our area I am now searching for a new pest control service. I called over the weekend to have a manager call me. I missed a call - I am assuming it was the manager several days later, but they never tried to call back. I'm done. Will be hiring someone else in the next couple of days. UPDATE 2: We went with another company. Problem that we've been dealing with for over 3-4 months with Turner was literally solved in 48 hrs. with new company. It's been over 3 weeks and I have not seen anything anymore. The new company saw immediately what the problem was, validated my concerns and took in depth measures to make our home safe, but inhospitable to these insects. It is so amazing and refreshing, we don't have to worry about being freaked out in the middle of the night anymore by some 6 legged creature. I am not certain what happened to Turner Pest Control, but they do not appear to be as efficient as they were when I first contracted them for our home. UPDATE: The manager did call me today, Sept. 4, and he was very pleasant and was interested in trouble shooting the matter. I do appreciate that. I try to be fair in reviews, so I wanted to let anyone reading this know that my mailbox was full, I called back but it appears he did not receive that message. Perhaps their new products are not as effective - they are trouble shooting, but I do appreciate the customer service I received regarding this matter. Thank you.

iluv2smile 2019

I was very satisfied with my service today. David was very nice and courtesy. He even was swiping the doors and garage entrance of my house where pests normally hangout. I have never seen any pest control service do that. He also was very understanding of me working at home and respected my need for a quiet environment to perform calls. I would definitely recommend anyone to Turner Pest Control and will be a continued customer.

Ashley Hunter

He’s great and works so hard


Excellent service and response.

Greg Arnold

The technician, Evin, did an exceptionally thorough job, told us exactly what he had done and why, and was absolutely professional. Exactly the kind of technician you should have representing your firm. Thanks!

K3 Y

Edit: Since posting the following review on several media sites, Turner Pest Control has contacted us after reviewing our account and call history and refunded the amount we were unknowingly charged for. They also apologized for the inconveniences this has caused. They have made effort to correct the incident. I do believe that this should have been taken care of without the use of negative reviews but I am grateful the effort was finally made. I still do not plan on utilizing their services in the future. They do have many good reviews so I would advise if you want to give them a chance make sure you know 100% what you are signing up for. Original Post: GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! I moved back to Jacksonville and was looking for someone to help get my lawn healthy and get the bugs out of the inside and around my house. So I reached out to Turner Pest Control. They have a discount if you pay a year in full, so I did so. I was told it would take time for my lawn to recover and this was the best option. We discussed doing the year then consider doing another year if I’m satisfied. During the year, I’ve had to repeatedly call them back between treatments to retreat the lawn and for bugs. The lawn did not get better. At one point my lawn became COVERED in WEEDS that were not a problem before. The bugs were not taken care of. They would be dead around the house for a few days after treatment, but that was it, they came right back in. When I called back I was told that the bugs coming in the house would die on their own in a few days anyway so retreating was pointless. (I had spiders who most definitely did not die after a few days.) I started treating the house and yard on my own with much better results for MUCH CHEAPER! Now for my BIGGEST COMPLAINT: They came to the house WITHOUT my knowledge to continue treatment AFTER the year. I took their server stating that I was dissatisfied with their service, they called me to ask what was wrong. I told them everything and let them know that I was not going to continue their service. APPARENTLY the lawn service side doesn’t communicate with the pest control side. (You can call one place to start all the services but you have to call two different places to cancel!?!?!??) So the pest control continued, again WITHOUT my knowledge, to treat for pests. Then I got a bill!!! I called to ask why I was getting a bill and was told about the continued treatments. After speaking to several customer service representatives, I was told that their Supervisor would call me back...they never did. I called again and was told this time that the district manager would call me back...again...they NEVER DID. Next thing I know I get a “Final Notice” bill in the mail stating if I did not pay the balance in total within 5 days it would be sent to collections and reflect on my credit. It also said that they tried to contact me about this issue several times with no response on my end! I paid the balance to keep this issue for effecting my credit. To say the least I am VERY UPSET!!! I will NEVER USE OR RECCOMEND THIS COMPANY OR THEIR SERVICES AGAIN!!!

Wakko G

Updated 5/11/19 So thanks to Google the owner and staff of Turner Pest Control has finally helped sort out my termite bond and answered my concerns. Their technician Dennis Anderson (very nice chap) came and inspected. I have a few things to take care of but everything is basically sorted. So yay! I have more confidence in them now. And I hope to continue the relationship. Original Review When I purchased my home the builder had bought a termite policy with Turner. So a year later a bill comes telling me the amount due is $265.00. So I call them and ask what do I get for this $265.00? And if my house has termites does this cover tenting them? They are supposed to come and inspect and they haven't. I call and speak with Sheavanne and this Don Anderson who never calls back. There is a $1,000,000 warrarnty coverage on the house but no one can tell me from the office what that means and what that covers. For example does that mean they will tent my house? Not a company that I would have any confidence in. Should have posted this review a year ago. Now the owner is interested in talking to me. Bad service. Bad joke. Dear Stacy — Well I have paid up in full and Brooke is going to setup an appointment. So we are moving in the right direction. I am sure my home will pass inspection and it would be great to have it sprayed for termites and whatever else you do during a yearly inspection. As far as being uneducated - employees should know what goods and services are offered by a company and be able to answer a customer’s concerns and be knowledgeable about the programs that are offered and the contracts the home owner has with your company. If they need to be trained and that is up to the employer to get them up to speed...

Sara Travostino

Terrible! Guy came to spray perimeter of my house but didn't let me know ahead of time! I have a newborn and dogs and can't have those chemicals tracked all over my house! Would have been nice to have confirmation and a heads up. To top it off, looks like I'm still having the same problem that my landlord originally had them come for in the first place.

William Morris

I noticed a significant improvement in my yard in just two weeks. By combining the yard service with my Turner Guard pest control I received a significant discount. All of the Turner technicians that have come to my house are very professional, courteous, and trained in their jobs.

Amber Chilcoat

I always have a great experience with the customer service reps and the service technicians. We recently had some little black ants in our kitchen, and since the technician came out to treat, we haven’t seen them any more. They always do a great job and keep our home free of pests!

Carrie Schmidgall

The sales associate Kyle was the BEST! Polite, friendly and informative! Thank you Kyle for being patient and taking the time to explain all my options to me! Kyle even checked on me the day after my application to see if everything was ok! Amazing customer service!

Barbara Murphy

Quickly after moving into a new place we noticed bugs mostly in kitchen area. Saw a Turner Pest Control sign in my neighbor’s yard and gave them a call. Price seemed reasonable so set up appointment and paid for the service. Tech came out to treat inside and outside. Continued to see the same type of bugs. After little over a week called to let them know we still have an issue. They sent same tech out a few days later who spray in the kitchen. Very next day saw same bugs. It had been over a week since second treatment. Called the office on last Saturday to request a refund ( suppose to be a 30 day guarantee). Lady who answered the call was very cold and not sympathetic to my issue. Said she would have a supervisor call me for the refund on Monday. Well it’s Thursday and no supervisor call. I call again today and got the same cookie cutter answer, “the supervisor will call you”. Still no supervisor call and we still have bugs. Terrible customer service and guarantee on their work. I just want the bugs gone. Now just want a refund and to never use this company again.

Kelly B

The customer service is incredible. They always let me know when they will be there for service and when they are completed for the day. The technicians are very knowledgeable and answer all of my questions. I am extremely satisfied with Turner and highly recommend them for anyone who is in need of pest, termite or lawn service.

Felix Reyes

The worst service ever, on the first visit the tech text me indicating that he spayed under the house thinking that no one was keeping an eye on him. My wife was at home making sure that the job was been done and the tech didn't spray under the house. I had to call the sales rep and he went and sprayed in the areas that the tech didn't. They were supposed to go two weeks after and they never showed up, after waiting for a month I called to cancel service the customer service rep indicated that a supervisor was going to call me within 24 hrs. and it's been three weeks and I have not received a call. Don't hire this company there a bunch of irresponsible people that don't care about there customers. They offer a service that I paid and never received.

Nicole Prieto

We just moved to Jacksonville and Turner Pest Control was recommended to us by a family member who's used their services for years. So far, so good! During our initial call Cat assisted us. The company is lucky to have such a bright and …

brohm86 shinanagins

I was managing good on my own till I got a carpenter ant infestation So I called they came out quick. It took a few weeks of them pouring out of the wood work and dying but now it's been a little over a month and I have not seen a single carpenter and very few spiders and other bugs and I live right on a woods line so I'm pretty happy with the service also went the extra mile to hit my problem spots that I showed him I forgot the gentleman's name but it was truck 417.

Gillian Steinbach

We started using Turner shortly after moving into our brand new home. We noticed some weeds in the grass becoming unruly and was going to cancel service to find someone else. Received a call from a supervisor who came out and treated the grass. Afterwards, it looked like our weeds had been treated with RoundUp, leaving big brown patches all through the yard. Mentioned it to the same supervisor who treated it an he said it was normal. Bull! Because of this treatment, we had to buy sod to replace the BRAND NEW LAWN they ruined. Emailed in to cancel our service, expressing our dissatisfaction and couldn’t even get an email back. I did specify not to call, but got nothing in response. We promptly hired another company to help get our lawn back to where it should be. Even in their initial report they mentioned that it looked like our yard was hit with RoundUp. Just frustrated with the lack of response... we gave them a second chance and then nothing.


First of all, I apologize for the delay in getting this to you. My experience with Turner Pest Control and Chris (the young man that takes care of my account) is excellent. Chris is friendly and polite and always makes sure that he's …

Kelsey Davis

I rarely leave reviews but I really appreciated the wonderful service I received. I called to inquire about services for a home that was infested and had been empty for months with no working A/C. Someone came out only two days later (I think his name was John, he was GREAT by the way!) and talked to me about the process. They were even able to get someone out to me a few hours later to immediately get started. The person that came out (William) was also amazing. He explained the process to me even more and offered helpful tips to help with my issue. I cant wait to see how things turn out, but I am very confident in my decision. So far, I am glad I chose Turner Pest Control.

Tom D

My yard went from decent to horrible to the point where the association sent me a letter to get a service. I called and left messages and no one called me back. Account Number 259013. Thomas Dionne

Ileana Ledee

When they first came to my house everything was roses and violets charged me $200 as initial fee its been 2 months since i got the service and they have only come 2 times at the first month the sec time they came they dint do anything and my infestetion got super worse i went from wanting preventive because i barely had pest to roaches walking on my bed counter tops everywhere it has gottem so much worse like 100 times worse. they charged me the $25 and have not come to my house. i called them and told me they have been to my house 4 times which is a lie i have cameras all around my house and i am willing to show the video of said dates. They dont wnt to refund me the $25 when they dint do anything at all. My house is worse than ever. I barely had 2 roaches before now you cant even walk without stepping on one. I promise they made it worse its like they spray to attract the roaches so you have to keep calling them. i do not recommend this company at all they are thieves, horrible customer service and horrible at their jobs.

Gabriele Palmer

My home builder signed me up with Turner for termite protection,I didn't chose them myself. After 3 years I finally started to compare prices with other companies and found out that you get the same service for a lot less from someone …

William Latour

Very disappointed. Brandon pest control was merged into Turner right before my quarterly treatment. They couldn't find my account for service but knew where my bank info waso make the withdraw. Guy came out Friday and we had a swarm of carpenter ants and their after hours voice mail was full. I called Monday and they couldn't get anyone out until Friday. I called orange environmental and they were out the same day and fixed the issue. Orange environmental is still fully locally owned and manged. They will be getting all my future service needs for better service at a way better price!

Sandra Jakus

Great service. polite and professional. Will recommend to friends and family.

Diamonds are forever

I think they are great!

Jessica Worthington

Great customer service! Explained the process in detail and very professional. I researched several other companies and priced compared. I feel very good about my decision to go with Turner Pest Control.

Rita Bearden

Great company, our lawn looks a 100 % improvement. They listen, friendly and gracious.

rosemary murray

Excellent customer service. Both of my technicians are very professional and they both have great people skills. Cost is reasonable and worth every dollar. My yard is in good condition. I am also being serviced for ant beds and indoor spiders. No ant beds and no indoor spiders. Absolutely no complaints.

Sherry Milo wiki

I do not normally write reviews even when I am unhappy with a company but this will be an exception! I have been with Turner Pest Control for the past year and was advised that there was a plan to correct some weed issues as I moved into …

Meka Rollins

Turner and Brandon merge supposed to be better company and have more employees to forfill the Jacksonville area but they're still not there when you called I had to go to Home Depot to buy my own yard and bug repellent stuff before they can schedule me to be on their books 2-weeks out but they get their money every month

Dawn Callison

Technician was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Sailorman 76

Excellent and responsive service. Insect issues around the house are almost nonexistent with the professionals at Turner (that's quite a statement if you know Florida!).

TJ Jackson

So happy I made the switch to Turner for both my Pest control service and lawn care service! This company is the best I’ve worked with in Jacksonville and Yulee Florida!

Gregory. G. Davis

I am proud to say that we have been with Turner Pest Services for 19 years. Nice to be with a winning team of professionals from Turner Pest Services.

Patricia Doyle

Courteous, punctual- waiting to gauge results


When I call or email Turner they reply almost immediately! The customer service is second to none, my tech (Rick) is always friendly, polite and professional. I know that any issues that may arise will be taken care of ASAP and I enjoy a pest free home.

Susie Stone

Great tech customer satisfaction. Our tech comes out and is courteous and efficient. Very pleased with our service.

Dean Hardwick

Never received a call back. I'm with Massey Services now.


I will not recommend this company. I called and scheduled an appointment for 8:00am on October 31, 2018. At 8:05am there was no service tech so I called Turner and asked if a tech was on the way. I was placed on hold for about 7 min and it turns out that the scheduler scheduled my appointment for 31 AUGUST! Strange that she would schedule my appointment 2 months in the past. That took some effort to look on the month of October then go back 2 months and write in an appointment date and time in the past. If they cannot schedule an appointment correctly can they really control pests correctly?!

Kristle Lee

Nothing but positive things to say about this company. They are friendly, informative, and professional. The technician arrived on time and was very knowledgeable. The woman I spoke to from customer service was excellent as well. I …

Maureen J

Great customer service !

denise charles

Turner Pest isTHE BEST!!!

Bridgett Jones

While the guy that came this time wasn't very personable, their service is always fast and efficient.

Michael Fargnoli

A very professional organization. I have trusted their experience for 26 years. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for the best.

Kim Robinson

They were supposed to spray this grass and kill everything on driveway for $300. They’ve now been back 4 times and only about 20% is dead. Please use stronger chemicals

Lynn Nihls

My lawn looks worst ever year! I was told these reasons over several years Too wet too dry not enough water too much Water Too much sun Too much shade Best one Was the cement is too HOT killing the roots of the grass around patio, driveway and sidewalk!!!

Jenna Careme

They always have friendly associates, prompt on-time service, competitive pricing, effective safe treatments, and they value customers' satisfaction. I've used them for about 10 years.

Ernest Grant

I like Turner's lawn care program and their responsiveness to concerns. Those employees contacted and those servicing my lawn have always been both helpful and knowledgeable. The worker from the lawn cutting service I use commented the other day my lawn shines compared to many others in the neighborhood. Turner has a big part in this. Thanks.

Lori Klucharich

As former unhappy Brandon customers, inspector Ryan Mercer was our first contact with Turner Pest Control and his customer service was above and beyond excellent! He was so helpful and informative, it was truly a pleasure having him perform the inspection. We are about to move so I wasn't able to sign a contract with him today, but I will DEFINITELY recommend him to the new home owners as well as call him when we are in our next home!

andie cook

I love how polite, helpful and friendly our technician is. I also like that if I have a concern it is covered and not an additional charge.

paula petersen

Mac comes to public storage to service the location once a month. He's very knowledgeable and always courteous and friendly. I would recommend him to family and friends if I ever hear that they need service at their home or business.

Amanda McFarland

Never really took care of all my big problems. I know they can't get 100% but it still wasn't worth the price for how much bugs are still left behind

Michaela Shoup

Lewis, who is our Turner Pest Control person for our zip 32207, is so sweet. He came to do his pest control thing and moved my trash cans up the driveway. Above and beyond customer service. They come out whenever you need them. Very flexible and accommodating. I've never had a problem with this service.

Quincy Berry

This company is horrible. Don’t go here for QUALITY pest control. I still have ants and spiders all in the yard, even though they said they sprayed it! They said they would wipe the eves down and there is still a ton of gross spiderwebs. My poor baby girl got bit by a red ant while playing outside!! When I asked them to come back out they wanted to charge me more. I canceled and went with Terminix Pest Control. You will not be disappointed if you transfer there! The technicians are amazing and I actually don’t see bugs anymore! And they said if I happen to, they would come out that day or the next for FREE to get it taken care of. Terminix is an amazing price for their organic products and completely safe for pets and children! Terminix actually used products that not only kill on contact, but actually keep AWAY. You won’t see those bugs again. Oops this turned into a rating for Terminix! That’s how amazing they are! Turner will not impress you like Terminix will! I promise!!

Mike Wallace

We've had Turner Pest Control at 2 different houses during the 17 years that we've lived in Jacksonville. We've carried the termite bond, pest control, & yard service with them. Have been satisfied enough with their service to keep them all this time, if that tells you anything. However, the purpose of this review is to give recognition to one of their employees that came out this morning to do the 10-year Termidor HP application. Richard Gagnon was professional, polite, courteous, and really took the time to explain the process and answer all questions. I've never had a bad experience with a Turner employee and have been pleased with anyone that I've ever worked with. However, my positive experience with Richard compelled me to take a few minutes out of my day to write this review. He's an awesome young man and if these are the "next generation" employees of the company, Turner's in great hands!

Matthew Smith

Tab is very knowledgeable and friendly. Great company.

Elston Jackson

Not good for the money

Denise Sumner

I do not recommend this company at all. We have had them for 1 1/2 years and have had at least 6 different people come every other month. No tech ever returns, they change their help so often. How can anyone get to know my type of Zoysia grass and know what to do to treat it? The last guy said my grass needed potassium and sprayed it on, the next month the guy said "No, you have a fungus, it did not need potassium." They tell you a bunch of empty promises and they do not deliver. Find another company, we gave them over a year which is what they said they needed to get the grass looking good. By the way, the grass was only 6 months old, brand new Emprire Zoysia. The only reason we hired them is because we wanted to have this brand new sod continue to look great. What a disappointment they turned out to be. UPDATE: I had an appointment on a Wednesday for someone to come out. I needed to reschedule it for the following Wednesday. The District Manager said "How about between 10 and 11 on Wednesday." I told him that was great. 11 o'clock came and no show, 12, no show, left a message on his personal cell phone which he gave me the number to. Called the office 3-4 times asking if anyone had heard from him, no one knew what was going on. No phone call, no message, no text, just a no show. No apology, hey sorry I got tied up, can we make it for such and such day. I asked who his boss was, he called me back and said he would be out that same day between 3:30 and 4 pm He came right at that time. Very nice, thinks he can get my grass looking the way it should. I am hopeful but we shall see.

kerri conway

New to the state of Florida and signed on with Turner Pest Control. Very happy with the services and only wish I could remember the technicians name that performed first service inside and outside of our home. He was excellent, courteous and professional. Lawn already looks better since the 1st application 1 month ago! Will recommend to anyone needing this company’s service. Kerri Conway

James Abel

Bug service has been great. We rarely see a bug inside, and if we do it is dead. Lawn service...not so much. They chased our lawn for two years and just could not get it under control. We had to go with someone else. So, great bug service, not so great lawn service.

Charles Cibene

We are satisfied with the service we receive from Turner for our home, yard, termite and mosquito protection. We recently had a problem with Worker Ants in the house and Turner quickly sent Virgil, our technician, to solve the problem. Virgil always dos a great job for us.

John Greenfield

Technician arrived on time, was courteous and professional.

Vicky Lobo

Friendly, reliable service every time! Our tech Rick was knowledgeable and a pleasant change from past pest control companies we have used in the past. Extremely happy with all of our interactions with Turner Pest Control to date. Highly recommended!

Jayy Perry

My family and I love turners. We have no bugs and my children are all boys so they're slobs and constantly get food everywhere faster than I can clean it up and we havent even seen so much as 1 ant yet. Good job turners.

Jim Snyder

Confused, currently a Turner customer, buying a new (To me) home and called Turner for a quote on the termite bond. Clerk explained she had to set up a whole new account and not utilize my current one, I said ok but could someone call me back so I didn’t have to sit on phone. She didn’t answer but responded it will just take a minute, waited and she came back to give me appointment and scheduled it out 2 weeks, told her I didn’t want to wait that long for a price, she said ok and conversation ended. Don’t know the owner but if this is your marketing, good luck. Having said that at my current home the service delivery has been nothing but professional. Maybe they just have too much demand.

Jose Villarreal Sr

Great Service and love the recommandation.

Alicia Siter

I like how easy they make it to keep pests under control. They show up quickly when there is a problem.

Anthony Griffin

Charged us 6 months for termite service I cancelled last year. They said they mailed a refund 2 months ago that I never received.

JaTonya Phillips

My salesperson Don G. Is highly knowledgable and offers great service. I have been with Turner Pest for 18 years and am satisfied with the quality of service that I receive.

Jonathan Snell

I was explained everything throughly. Professional scheduling and a great price!

Lyana Figueroa-soto

They completed my request on personal attention to my lawn with extra fertilizer and watched for weeks to ensure my grass was growing healthy! I am very pleased with their continuous great service!! Thank you Turner!!

Calyn Johnson

We love all of them! They have taken care of every issue with our pests... The transition from Brandons Pest Control was immaculate.

Danielle S

Jesse was so nice when taking my service order over the phone. Very polite and informative. When Trey came to perform the one-time spray and gel control, I had a ton of questions for him about my roach problem(which was due to rain, not …

martina moenckert

So far doing good.

William Karandos

Thanks for doing a great job looking forward in doing business with your company again

Abigail Lambert

I am always trusting Turner Pest Control Guys. To prevent infection brought by insects, I constantly make sure that we get misting once a month so that they have nowhere to dwell in nearby. They deserve five stars!

Heidi Green

We were a Brandon customer for over a year. The transition has not gone well for us. First, they take our favorite person off of our route and won't allow him to come do our service any longer. Then, they send a new person who sprayed my neighbor's yard, instead of ours. I emailed them over a week ago and still have not received a response on this issue. A technician called me Wednesday saying he was on his way to service the backyard and wanted to know if he could go through the house... no, because nobody was home because we didn't know he was coming and the company still hadn't responded to my email about them servicing the wrong house. I also informed him that the technician usually schedules an appointment in advance and comes inside to spray. He said he would have someone from customer service contact me and they still haven't.

Rachel Hubbell

Bad customer service promises made and never kept

Jeff Cook

Great service

Susan Malphurs

Billy and John are considerate, professional and do an excellent job every time they service our home. We've used Turner for years and have never had a problem. We highly recommend this company!

Barry Peck

My grass needs a lot of work and i dont think they are givining it the attention its needs. You have to kerp on them

James Ecker

So I utilize Turner Pest control for pest service, Termite service and lawn service. The pest and termite service are awesome. I never had any infestations or any really bad pest concerns, but for seasonal changes and outside issues they have been great. I used a termite bond for my newly built home but turner guard is more of a preventive service which I prefer. The lawn service left something to be desired. I had neighbors who used other services and their lawn was a lot better. So I cancelled that service. All in all a quality pest control service.

Lloyd Becker

Very happy with Turner. Quick response to my needs. My technician Brian is thorough and very knowledgeable!

Fart Knocker

Very polite and friendly. In and out of my home in a timely manner. On time for the appointment.

Cindi Penrod

Great work. I love this company.

Bobby Kennedy

The team at Turner Pest Control. My elderly mother was having no results with her pest service and would literally be loosing sleep due to German roaches. The crew at Turner came out to the house, explained the process , was super patient explaining what to expect. It's been a couple of months now and no bugs, Great Job Turner Pest Control !!

Harvey Byrd

Turner is doing a very good job keeping my lawn in good shape.

Leif Hanson

Very polite on the phone. When the rep came, he was knowledgeable of the services.

Joseph Santore

Turner has been our pest control company since 2012. Technicians have always been prompt, courteous and very competent. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding service.


As long as Tab is on staff you will have my business. I havent met another professional like him. Very personable and knowledgeable about all aspects of his job. Not only that he went out if his way to explain things to me, give me advice and gave me plenty of information and things to do to help our situation. This is a guy who cares and has the company interests first in my eyes and wants to keep customers.

Geraldine Marsh

As a new customer to the area, Flagler county,Fl. We were contacted by this company to take care of our lawn, unfortunately we did not get the "superb" service they claim to offer.The pets control end, seems to be fine, we got a technician knowledgeable and detailed on his work; but the lawn service is another story, they charged us for services not provided and when we called the office they did not have us in the schedule. We had to call to the office to inquire when they were here and they couldn't answer us. No signs on the ground are left by this company to prove their visit. But they charge you . Beware!!!!!

Jeff Clayton

Contacted Turner Pest Control about some yellowing of the grass in our yard. They diagnosed it as a fungus issue, and came and sprayed on a day when the forecast called for several hours of thunderstorms. Sure enough, ten minutes after they sprayed, the rains began, and continued all day. Doubting that the spray would be effective in these conditions, I asked them to return and spray again. They agreed. Then they never showed up on the scheduled date. I asked them for a refund. They agreed, and said that it would be processed in 3-5 business days. Two weeks later, I still had not received a refund. Had to call again, and this time, they finally refunded my money. Turner Pest Control is a lousy company, one that seemingly has no problem wasting customers' time.

Loren Lisk

A bit sale oriented, and less explained options but seems good enough, a bit pricey for the Turner guard service at 200 down $60/mo for service though. Hopefully it's worth it, will give it a year and see what I really think...

april wilkins

Very professional and solved my problem quickly.

Dan Lee

Turner and all their associates have provided great service for the 10 years since we built the house.

Robert Creevy

So where to begin on this one. For the past 6 months I have asked for them to call before they come so I can let my dog out. No courtesy there and have been told each time I reach out that it is on file for the tech to call first. Moving on to the good stuff. So let me start this as I have 7 cameras around my property, last month Turner comes out, again no call but the tech shows up on 1 of 7 cameras and stated he serviced my whole property and sent the bill. Must not have seen the cameras. I call the company and tell them what had occurred, both call and false service. Had a manager reach back out the next day in which they were apologetic, did offer free service which was great. So 2 days later I get a ring at my door, mind no call first, it was the guy who was supposed to do the service the first time. No hello, no courtesy, straight out confronts me on my property with attitude. Needless to say I tell the guy to get off my property not just once but twice and do not get to have my yard serviced properly again. I call the company telling I don't need this, I pay for a service and courtesy, far from what I have received, again wai until the next day for a manager. Again explain the confrontation from their associate and no call. Told them it they were not in the middle of trying to do the right thing I would have fired them. Two asks I gave not too be fired and not have this review put online. Do not ever send that same tech to my house again or I'll have him charged with trespassing and call before you come. To finalize the story, a week later I get my doorbell rang. I'm serious, no call and same guy doing the service at my house with attitude on my property again. Called the company and no callback from a manager. Needless to say, absolutely horrible company. Gives empty promises and poor customer service. If you want to be walked on like a doormat on your own property feel free to hire them.

Roselyn Capuano

Turner pest control handled our lawn for 1 year and 4 months but I wasn't really satisfied. I have Trutco for 2 months now and I see the difference, our lawn is nicer now.

Ken Manuel

My annual " TurnerShield Pest Prevention" service was performed in an efficient and professional manner. The technician arrived on time and he performed all of his tasks in a very exemplary and courteous manner. He communicated what was to done via the annual service and inquired as to any specific areas or pests that needed special attention or treatment. A very detailed service report was sent to me electronically for my records. I would recommend Turner Pest Control to those person who are looking for a quality and efficient pest control company who stands behind their service.

Phil Lee

Best Lawn and Pest Control Company in Jacksonville. Very professional and detailed oriented.

Demi Bentley

Brad Ward and Lee are the best! They are honest and trustworthy. I've used them for just over a year now to keep my home and yard pest free. Their termite program is awesome! Anytime I need anything i have their cell numbers and they come right out! I highly recommend them to keep your home bug free!

Tony Vona

Anthony Vona Amazing, Amazing service !!! Very knowledgeable, respectful, and friendly !!! I tell people about you guys all the time... i really appreciate you guys, you've turned my yard around, keep up the awesome work.. Thank you

Sylvia Crews

This is an email from March. These pictures are from this morning. My grass is dying and the yard is full of weeds. We put new sod down last year and the year before. "Spring fertilization gives your lawn a good foundation for the summer growing season, but unfortunately, it also gives weeds a boost as well. Since lawns are not growing strong just yet, they likely have bare areas that weeds quickly take advantage of. Lawns are also growing slowly right now, so mowing is reduced—this, too, helps weeds thrive since they’re not getting cut down. To help your lawn look its best in the months to come, we recommend getting on a regular mowing schedule now to encourage growth and control weeds. As your lawn gets more lush, it will also help choke out the weeds. As always, the lawn and outdoor team at Turner Pest Control looks forward to helping you have a green, healthy lawn this summer. Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly simply by responding to this email."

Kelsey Ackerman

They do not have the right products to kill fire ants (from the source) however no other bugs have been seen

Andrew Adams

Excellent service

james griffin

The tech was excellent.

Hubert Byrd

I am a fairly new customer of Turner Pest Control, however very pleased. Prompt replies and service. Handles things like moles, not all other pest control companies do. So far Turner is the best I have had in their field overall and I am 86. Tom Byrd


Josh Harris is an excellent representative of Turner Pest Control. I had my termite bond lapse and did not understand the importance of it. He took the time to educate me and make the process of re-establishing the bond a better experience by working with me on the pricing so my oversight would be less painful. He truly is a caring and professional individual that inspires trust and credibility with the customer. Thank you Josh for your great service!

Michael Polselli

So after talking with my neighbor about how I kept on seeing spiders around my house he recommended Turner pest control. After reading some reviews online and taking his recommendation I decide to give them a call. The customer service representative that I spoke with was knowledgeable and answering any questions that I had along with being very professional and kind. She explained the whole process to me and exactly what was going to happen. Later today a technician named Lee Parsells showed up exactly on time. Extra points for that. So after the whole meet and greet I explained the situation around the home and he told me exactly what he was going to do. Lee was extremely professional and very thorough in his job. I would see him opening up light switches and other things around the house and really looking into everything. After he was done he explained what was going to happen next and asked me if I had any questions. I just wanted to take a minute out of my day to recognize Lee for his services today and I would recommend him to anyone of my friends and anyone of you that are reading this review. Extra points for Turner’s pest control being pro military.

Erin Kinnie

I like this company for several reasons: 1. decent prices. 2. calls to announce quarterly visits 3. courteous, knowledgeable employees!

Jake Sieckman

Friendly and fast.

Judith Lichtenstein

They have our annual termite prevention check and maintenance and when it was first to renew they were more than helpful in making sure our inspection was taken care of afterwards they allowed me a payment plan no hidden fees and we paid it off sooner than expected only owing my balance. I was told if I had any problems to please give turner a call. Thank you for allowing us to make a payment plan with your company.

Eileen Queirolo

The guy that came to service our house, Gerald, was amazing! Very straight forward and honest with everything we needed to get done. We had termites and he helped us with treating the affected areas and provided us with his number to ask questions when needed. He seriously puts our minds at ease. Thank you! Definitely recommending him to my friends and family.

Claire Best

I am very happy with the service. Carnell the Service man explained everything, was helpful, friendly and professional.

OutLaw Kelley

Will work with you for all your pest control needs...

Vern Estey

On time, efficient and advised which ares to watch.

Rachel Malagon

What a horrible company! The guy they send in is telling me that he don’t want to spray in my house because he dose not see any bugs. So I called the manager and he comes out and dose the appointment himself the next day what I an greatful for. I tell the manager I don’t want that other guy to come back to my house and they send him anyway! I then canceled having the pest company and they start charging me saying there giving me my pest control and I try telling them there making a mistake. Now they somehow put $228 on my credit!!!!! This company needs to be investigated!!! Stay away from here! They are shady!!!!


I maintained the Turner service that was in place when I purchased my home approximately 6 years ago and at that time, I considered Turner to be a 5 star service. The servicing tech appeared to be knowledgeable and thorough, customer service was on point, and Turner offered discounts for multiple services, as well as a discount for paying the annual cost of service in full. Through the years, the servicing tech has changed numerous times and while some have been exceptional, others have not; the level of service appears to have declined. Turner no longer offers a discount for paying the annual service in full, and the cost of my service has recently been increased twice within a year. At one point we saw silverfish and although Turner "tried", their attempts to rid the pest were unsuccessful and I had to resort to other means of treatment. Coincidentally, Turner increased my cost of service afterward, even though they did not resolve the issue. It is also worth noting in my experience with Turner, they are more of a reactive service than a preventative one. Meaning aside from a quarterly appearance, they only treat your home when pest are present, rather than treating to prevent pest from being present in your home. Given the decline in service over the years and other factors to date, my current view of Turner is a 2'ish star service with potential for improvement. Should Turner improve during my patronage, I will update my review accordingly.

Bill Arthur

Originally signed up for termite protection about 3 years ago and 3 months ago signed up for lawn care. When you call for an estimate the supervisor shows up in a couple days and describes what and for how much they plan on doing. 2 weeks after original lawn service I called Turner to let them know the weed control didn't work. They sent a guy out to re spray. Did that 3 more times and the weeds are still out of control. I asked that they change the weed control mix and the fertilizer does not appear to be doing much. They said they will have to send the supervisor out and I said fine. Supervisor did not call so I called again and they said the would let him know. Waited another week and no call. Dropped Turner Lawn Service. As you can see I don't recommend Turner. OWNER RESPONDED THAT THE SUPERVISOR SPOKE WITH ME AND ADVISED THAT THE WEEDS NEED MORE TIME TO DIE. SUPERVISOR NEVER CONTACTED ME EVEN AFTER REQUESTING (3 TIMES) FOR HIM TO INSPECT AND ADVISE ON WEED AND LAWN CARE OPTIONS. WHEN CALLING YOUR CUSTOMER INTERFACE NUMBER I WAS ADVISED(4 TIMES) TO WAIT 2 WEEKS FOR THE WEED CONTROL TO WORK IF IT DOES NOT THEY SENT A TECH OVER TO RESPRAY (WHICH THEY DID). CUSTOMER INTERFACE THEN ADVISED ME TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE SUPERVISOR (WHICH I ATTEMPTED TO DO 3 TIMES) WITH NO RESPONSE. IF THERE WAS A RESPONSE FROM THE SUPERVISOR I WOULD NOT HAVE CANCELLED SERVICE. ALL OF WHAT I STATED ABOVE SHOULD BE VERIFIABLE FROM THE CUSTOMER INFACE FILES. I TYPED THIS IN CAPS TO DISTINGUISH FROM THE ORIGIAL COMMENT, NOT BECAUSE I AM MAD.

Linda Trembley

Technician was very knowledgeable and very thorough in applying pest prevention.

peter moore

Saw a bug in the house scheduled a home service. They came to do the yard. Smh


Very professional pest service. Used them for 2.2 years then sold my house and moved our of state. Very responsive and affordable.

Colleen Hanner

I will never recommend this company. I contacted Turner after seeing a couple of dead bugs in my house. I wanted to spray for good measure. Customer service was very nice and helpful and the price really wasn't bad. The technician did arrive on time and was also very polite and professional and he did do a thorough investigation in my home to make sure the wasn't an infestation. There wasn't and of course I was relieved. At first I was very happy with the company and had a peace of mind that my home was being defended for critters. A month or so later, I saw a few bugs again in my kitchen, so I called and they sent someone right out. But the technician only sprayed in my kitchen where I saw critters and no where else. That agitated me a little, but whatever. That's where I was seeing them so I didn't fuss. A couple of weeks later I noticed ants getting into kitchen. Which was bizarre because they were suppose to spray all around the house 20-30 ft for ants. And I still had ant beds around my yard. After about 9 months I was done paying money for something that was not working. Since then I have noticed bugs in my kitchen more regularly. I took matters into my own hands and purchased Bengal. I saw bugs coming out of nowhere just dying. Which is a horrific scene to see since I only saw one or two every day or two. I am convinced that these pest have been here the entire time Turner sprayed my house (Kitchen twice). Don't waste your money. They don't do as promised. Buy Bengal! For inside and outside your home. It's cheaper in the long run then paying for someone to come to house and still not see results. Also, even though I cancelled my services before my monthly dues were due, and before someone was suppose to come my house again, they still charged for me two months worth of service. Which is also ridiculous. So Turner, you will get your money when I see fit to send it.

Mckenzee Figueroa

My Husband and I contacted Turner Pest Control end of Fall 2017. We had a minor weed problem that we were looking to get taken care of. Once we called Turner Pest Control they sent a Tech out to survey our Lawn and give us a quote and plan of action. The Tech at the time said we would start to notice a different by Feb. 2018. Now we are in the middle of April and our yard is horrendous and their are multiple different types of weed everywhere. Every time we call to complain they send a tech out to come look at it and discuss with us what they can do to get it under control. We called in March and the beginning of April. We are just fed up! We have paid for absolutely NOTHING. In the past two weeks, two different managers we suppose to come out to personally survey our Law and talk to us, but unsurprisingly no one has shown up. Turner Pest Control has been a complete waste of time and money. If i could give them 0 stars I would, 100% do not recommend them.

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