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REVIEWS OF ZavaZone Sterling IN West Virginia

Ann Sh

Great place, neat and clean. Very helpful and friendly staff. They make you feel welcome. Perfect for kids almost all ages.

Sarah Jean

This place is AMAZING! It is so much fun and I cannot recommend it enough. Even though there were a lot of birthday parties going on at the same time, they really managed the timing well. I was easily able to scale the rock walls and mini obstacle courses with no wait before moving up to the overhead obstacles. Those are the best! I also did the ascending posts, small obstacle course, ramps, and the neat little seated ride. This place has something for everyone so long as they love being active and adventurous. 100/10 would recommend.

i is a gay

I went through the entire Zipline course thing. It was a great workout and super fun. I went with a friend and we had so many memories of going through it together! After the course you can hang out in a quiet room they have on the second(?) floor and drink coffee (free). The foam pits are really chill as well if you just wanna bounce around.

D Henley

Amazing place for the kids to climb and explore. It's safe and the kids are always attached by cables as they traverse the mid air obstacles. There are other activities on the ground as well, including mazes and activity rooms. My boys enjoyed it and always ask about going back. Oh, I suggest you eat before you go, the food options weren't extensive, and they didn't need to be, this is a place to keep moving, not to sit down and eat.

Kasher Khan

The facility is nice. It has more variety than your standard trampoline park. However a lot of the more interesting stuff is for kids that are older. I have two things to report. The staff needs to be better trained. It looked like a bunch of high school kids that knew each other and they were more interested in chit chatting then paying attention to the kids. I strongly advise parents to watch their kids 100% of the time. The parking spots towards the back, marked for zavazone are super tight. If you have a nice car don't bring it here... very likely it is going to get dinged by a mini van door (and it would not be their fault). It is just that tight.

Katie Pfaff

Really neat space, great challenges for all ages. They have rock walls (including a glow in the dark one), over head ropes courses, Ninja warrior courses, and a trampoline section. I did think the trampoline park was a little smaller and less exciting than some of Zavazone's competitors. But overall, nice place. Staff seemed happy to help but could be more proactive (i.e. helping us get down from rock walls and giving more instructions for ropes courses).

rich house

Hours of fun!

Brandon Hall

Great place to take kids. Also adult friendly just usually packed with kids. Only problem is the time goes by so fast and price and get expensive.

crystal W

ZavaZone is great but had two apparatuses down.

Russ Hall

Edward Heaton

This place is amazing. Bring yo kids, bring yo wife.

Loudoun County Rocks

Great place for the kids to release energy and to have fun on a rainy days.

Galia Pastushak

Really good activity center for kids and adults...

Shekoo M

Great , clean and lots of things to do . However, short on staff .standing in line for one activity for 15 min out of the 1 hour you purchase not much is left. Not coming back anytime soon!!

Andreas Resch

Was very good, not crowded and a lot of things to do. It is appropriate for almost all ages.

Heather Wiemer

Really fun place for kids. Expensive but you get a lot for the cost.

Nova Fine Homes

This place has a lot of cool, unique stuff for kids to do, such as catwalks, rides and elevated obstacles courses..... definitely worth the trip!

Madison Clark

Min Jekal

Alex Winograd

6 and 8 year old loved it. Some long lines for the more popular areas.

Suehyun Jung

My 7 years old's favorite hangout place. Great obracle courses!

Rex Hayes

Great place. A lot of fun!

Lory Wiest

Great place, si lo definitely coming again

EB Investments

The kids enjoy. Very good personnel.


Kids loved it. The announcements are insanely loud. Parking was a b----. Someone got hurt. But my kids loved it.

Ely Siswanto

Good stuff, good food and good place

Mehran Tossian

to expansive and to busy

Sudarshan v

Great fun place

Lucas 1234


Joseph Tucci

Ahmed Youssef

Very nice play area, ninja worrier for kids

Joshua Snow

Awesome time. Great for slightly older kids.

Raed Alhashmey

Great place for kids

Erica Edge

Expect kid exhaustion!!!! YAHHHHHH The child/teen may need to be semi-independent on deciding what activities they would like to participate in. Otherwise they may miss out on some activities because there is no one there to guide them along. However this may be different for groups or small parties. It was great way for kids (12&15 y/o boys) to spend 2 hours to explore new things.

Francisco Tizol

Brian Riley

Great, challenging activities for ages 5-15. Will definitely be there again, as our kids had a blast!

Algir Soni

Kids loved it. Place is big and with kids it gets loud. Good for kids 4 and up but adults can participate as well.

Thomas Cantilina

Not as big as the Rockville ZavaZone but still plenty to do for 1-2 hrs.

Edinoel Soto

Great place for kids birthdays! Ninja warrior meets trampolines and rock climbing !! Love it

Becky Marroquin

J Jones

Great place for active kids 5/6yrs and up. Ninja warrior like fun with trampoline area. Your kids will get tired! Would recommend this over flight or other trampoline places. Have been to both Rockville and Sterling location and prefer the drive to Sterling. The Sterling location seems safer and the people that work there seem to be more proactive and friendlier. They are there to make sure rules get followed but not to babysit your kids so make sure you keep an eye on Your kids as this is a place they could get injured. The reason for 4 stars... price tag.

Winter H

Can't wait to go back!

Atif G 11221820

Best place for kids price are reasonable too


Very fun going here!

Bella Isa

Staff were helpless and unfriendly. Very pricey for the service they provide. I don't think we'll come back.

Chris Langford

Emily Urbanski

Such an amazing place!

Natali K

James Tippets

I took my three kids here on a Saturday because we were looking for an indoor place for them to get their wiggles out. It was $34 per kids for only 2 hours, not exactly cheap but I thought it might be worth it. don’t forgot though, that they charge several dollars more per kid to purchase their mandatory socks. Cons: 1. Several of the activities were broken or closed, and some of the ones that were open their weren’t enough staff to operate them so they were effectively closed anyway. 2. There are honestly only a few places to sit down. There are, however, a number a massage chairs strategically placed, but they all cost money and actually beep loudly at you if you should have the audacity to want to sit on one of them for a minute or two without you paying several dollars for the ‘privilege’ of using it. I’m sorry, but $100 for two hours, and you can’t give me a place to sit? I took my kids here to get them tired, but make me tired too. 3. After waiting in line for a couple minutes and one activity, a woman rudely confronted little boy and told him that they had reserved it for a birthday party so he couldn’t use it, my kid ran to me in tears. There wasn’t any sign or anything. So I paid how much to not even be able to use all of the activities? 4. Quite a few of the activities require a certain height or weight, which makes sense for safety reasons, but of my 3 kids ages 10 and under, there were several activities not one of them could use, and a number that 2 of them couldn’t use. My kids are frankly on the small side but I wish that would have been advertised better. 5. It was so crowded. It was a Saturday, but they really need to limit how many they let in. I didn’t feel safe letting my kids jump much of the time, there were so many kids running everywhere. 6. The staff didn’t seem to be able/willing to enforce any of the rules. They are almost all young kids and they seemed to be completely overwhelmed by the mass of people there. Pros 1. They AC was on and it was cool inside. 2 they do have a number of activities. 3. They have a drinking fountain, although it is almost as far away as possible from the play area. All and all, this could be a great place if it was managed better. With the high entry fee, it would be nice if there were higher quality of experience.

Diego Muro


Pavel Penev

I found coming up with ways to step and places to hold yourself to, in order to get through the high ropes course fun (even though I'm not a kid any more, at least in age). The low ropes course is nice, too, but you'll need a good amount of arm strength to get through the last part of it, if the proportion between your body mass and arm muscle mass has increased since your younger years. Also, watch what you're landing on when you leap from something you're holding yourself to. I got my ankle a bit hurt from one of these. There's another ground course that doesn't require holding on to anything, a slide where you start vertical at the top, a climbing wall, and few other attractions, and games. If you're an adult, there's probably a limited number of times you'll enjoy these, but the obstacle courses have a good number of obstacles, some of which can be quite challenging, so you can spend a good amount of time exploring those, and building some skills.

Isreal Varela

JD Torres

Parking can be a PAIN and oh no places to sit for the adults, like anywhere (party rooms or in the play area)

Malissa Winograd

Lindsay Eshenbaugh

We brought our boys and their friends ages 4-8 and they had a blast! The manager, Demetrius, was very accommodating and very understanding. We will definitely be back! 1 hour was too short of a time to enjoy everything so I’d say we will do 2 hours next visit.

Luis Krafft

Stephen Trask

Great fer all kids 4-60 yo

Pankaj Singh

Good place to have fun. However may not be suitable for young kids.

Don Robinson

Awesome activity center!!


Joshua Combs

Awesome place for kids and adult's

Garrett Kuge

Kids 12 & 13 loved it. Kept them occupied for 2 hours.

L w

Samuel Cottrell VI

It had a lot of great attractions, but none had much depth.

Reyan Patel

Amazing place. Better and more advanced then other jump zones. They also have some great party booking offers.

Ben Lundquist

Belal Mahmoud

Kim Martin

Dot and Roger Keller

Great place for the kids, lots of activities. High wire walk.

Kayla L

Great way to burn energy


Lots of fun stuff to keep kids busy.




What a wonderful facility! So safe, kind and caring staff, a blast for kids and kids at heart. Going back!

Yiman Song

Joseph Vaccaro

Best ninja warrior course in the area. Trampoline area not quite as big as Rebounderz, but much more variety in activities

Michael Sun

Very fun for birthday parties.

Cheryl Engelbrecht

Great place and lots to do. My husband and I had a great time on the courses. Just wish oir Birthday Party employee assigned to my son's party explained how things work instead of me having to go ask the front desk check in. Better signs for main entrance are needed.

David Mathews

Super cool kids experience. The prices seemed a bit high, especially since 2 main attractions were closed during our visit.

Shannon Lanzerotta

My son's favorite place! We have a membership and go 1-2 times a week.

Mounir Benbatoul

Parking is a major issue, not enough, only one way in and out. Inside atmosphere is awesome and fun.

Ken Caston

Solid fun, highly recommended when schools out. Wear out the rug rats.

Carol Anne Elston


Brian Chong

Nice place for kids. Lots of trampolines as well as other challenges.

Denise Symonds

Jane Stanford

Poop sucks

Kathleen Miller

Wonderful physical experience for all ages!

Master Lee's Martial Arts

Master Lee's kids love this place Thank you for your service!

Weiming Pan

American nija playing

Brandon Lawson

Timothy Brown

Kids always have a good time.

Todd Massidda


Jason Crabtree

Carson Reed

C.T. Previti

Super Duper Fun! I wished they were closer- so we could attend daily. Hopefully they will place one in Burke or Fairfax. I’ve been there twice- workout Birthday classes for a neighbor and I had to take my son.

Thea Booher

Christina Gulick

Great place for kids birthday parties!!

Lloan Murieta

Rick Emery

My son loves it. Way more things to do than rebounderz for about the same price.

David Lotts

Amazing. The stuff you can do there would considered irresponsible anywhere else!

Sofa King Good

This place is awesome. Trampolines, rock climbing wall, various kid friendly games and physical challenges. Best part is the elevated agility course. Two floors with stairs and elevator. Party rooms hold about 24 kids. We went as guests and completed the waiver in the lobby. There is a height requirement for some of the things. The staff is friendly and helpful. We will go again. Parking is good but only one way in and out.

Ibelisse L Salgado V


Jared Shepard

Great place! Bring sneakers... this is socks for trampolines, but sneakers for obstacles!

Karen Murphy

This place was awesome! Kids had a blast. Lots to do and keep them active!

Mahari Grant

Wow, this place is huge. And with all the activities available, there is no way any child can be bored here.

Jodhbir Jasrotia


Jeremy Cotton

Had my son's birthday party there. The staff were excellent, and the facility is fantastic. A result great experience!

Kathy Michelle

This place is great and has activites for all ages. Staff was friendly and helpful. It was also very clean, and I would recommend this place for anyone looking to have fun.

Mat Johnson

Great place for kids.

Ebony Doran-Robinson

Mehwish Khan

Nice place for family fun

Michelle Stroh

Great fun for the kids. Nice sitting area for spectators with (not very good) complimentary coffee.


Super fun. A little more staff watching on the trampoline would be nice though.

Reham Said

Loved it amazing place for kids to play

Nazish Khaliq

Awesome fun for all ages.

Jonathan Kokoras

Great workout

Younus AlGohar

My daughter loves the place

Judith Monge

Nice place, nice staff



Long Ma

David Traub

Pretty fun place for all ages, as long as you're mobile and aren't afraid of knee injuries.

Joseph Frisk

So fun for everyone

Jeff F

Brand new! Clean! Lots of different things to do. A must do on a Friday night, no wait...... Friendly staff.

Nicholas Pratt

Super fun. Really good quality for price.


10 year old loved it

Luke Akerlind

So much to do!

Ashley Liseth

I haven’t been there yet but I’m pretty sure it’s fun because all of my friends have gone and they have said it was way more fun than other places they have been

Jenae Grader

My son had so much fun. It was very clean too. Perfect thing to do on a rainy afternoon.

Brittany Bauccio

This was the perfect place for my fearless almost 7 year old. I imagine it’s best suited for children a little older 8/9+. They let him do everything except the second level course. He was thrilled. Two hours totally wiped him out. One hour would have been perfect since they weren’t busy on the weekday morning we visited. No lines or waiting. Facility was super clean and staff was friendly and attentive.

Arpan Shah

Great place for older kids. Lots of physical activities to work them out. Ninja trail, trampolines, Dodge ball, jumping pit, wall climbing, vertical slide and more. You are bound to have fun while working out.

Baron Maddock

Hi, my name is Baron, I'm turning 13 in February I'm really not impressed about this bounce place I've had a few incidents, especially on the ropes course. (Read Sondra's Review on Yelp). Everything you do at this crazy location, YOU MUST WEAR SNEAKERS! I always wear crocs but basically, why not add more attractions that you can wear jump socks or, change the rules of the aerial zone attractions to wear jump socks. Another Thing, you're stick climbing thing doesn't have helmets! Get Helmets ASAP! Buy PETZL helmets, it's a good brand! The glow-in-the-dark rock wall was kind of torture for me, four corners of rock wall was a danger for me. I've got one injury while playing dodgeball because somebody hit me in the noggin (head) and called me out, that was totally unacceptable! Whoever the manager of the place is, tell him/her to add a no headshot rule! If I ever come back, (Probably 1/10000 chance) I need this adventure place IMPROVED! But more bad news, some parents blacklist zavazone. Parents that hate this place, I've an alternative... SKYZONE STERLING Please tell me when you improve this place

Yesica Suarez

So much fun on adult night


My group came in during an adults-only night event. There were a lot of attractions to try: rock climbing, trampolines, dodgeball, warped wall, to name a few. Personally, it felt to me like something akin to American Ninja Warrior. We spent three hours during our visit and we enjoyed every second. They definitely secured our return business.

dxelightfulx Roblox

Good, but the staff was talking about inappropriate things near little kids...

M Rand

Awesome place. My 12 year olds went for 2 hours, and that seemed to be just right. Much much better than the trampoline places, since there is much more to do. They should have designated teen times(Maybe they do but I didn't see it). It would be nice to have food service as all they have is a few machines. Plenty of staff which keeps things safe. Definitely a place for a birthday or group event.

Carl Brockmeyer

Very cool place for kids. They will have a blast

Ashhal Anwer

It's a fun place for kids

Joise Salgado

Great place for kids and patents!!

Brendan Bowie

Brought my eight year old girls there and we had a blast. Good exercise, great to get them away from electronics and burn some energy. They're too young for the high ropes course, but I got a workout up there.

Rob Tourangeau

Heather Robinson

Phenomenal place to spend the afternoon. Such a great time. Staff is very friendly and great snacks and drinks.

Bryan MacRae

Kyle Hogan

Michael Bogomolov

Matt Davis

Took my son there for his birthday. We all had a great time. The obstacle course was a lot of fun and trampolines were the hit though!

Deniz Akkaş

Meg Varley Keller

Fun but unfortunately staff was very bad and they lied and didn't pay attention to anyone's safety

Jason Pirrello

There are lots of fun things to do at Zava Zone, but the warped wall was closed due to some maintenance issue. :( They are very organized for birthday parties, but 1.5 hours of play time didn't seem like quite enough for the kids. Ask them about the party deals vs just buying tickets for a group.


One of the coaches was asking me personal info

Maria Smith

Super cool place for kids and adults. I would say even 6 is a little young for most of the attractions unless you child is fearless. Would be great for an active adults night with a ceiling ninja course, trampolines, rock climbing and some other cool things.

James Schaefer

Adventure awaits! Challenge yourself with the high altitude obsticle course or the stepping stones to the sky (you'll know what I mean when you see it). Or, just bounce around on the trampolines available throughout the space.

Sean C

Lesley Calayag

Jennine Burgess

This was my first visit to zavazone and my kids had a great time! This place will definitely give your kids a workout. My only recommendations would be to add more seating on the main floor for parents and to have staff positioned at different points supervising the obstacle course. Several kids were getting confused as to which direction they should go and how to operate the harness. This caused quite the bottleneck in some places.

Ragheed Al Ameen

John Bryant

Awesome Place. Lot of different athletic activities from Ropes Course to trampoline. All indoor. Activities for all age groups

Maeve Hartley

My kids had a great time at ZavaZone. The staff was so friendly and helpful, and the activities were very fun for them.

Nicholas Montalto

Pretty cool place. Although a little busy today, the kids were able to get around the whole place a bunch of times and seemed to have a great time. They were getting more confident throughout their time there. I think it would be a cool place to have a birthday party as we saw a bunch going on while we were there. The parent waiting area was good. I had a couple cups of coffee and was able to work on some homework! Winning!

Krystal Morton

Kids had a blast. Not just a trampoline park or climb zone. So much for kids to do. Theirs ninja warrior obstacles, a swing, trampolines, dodge ball, wall climb, sling shot. All the people were there to help kids as much as the could. ITS A MUST GO PLACE.

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