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REVIEWS OF Uhrichsville Water Park IN West Virginia

Erik Myers

I myself can't stand water. But my little 4yr old thought it was just awesome! Which it is! 2 big water slides and a spot that's like a playground area for children in the pool. It has 3 slides attached to it and numerous other water fun things, like buckets that dump and hoses that spray, etc. All and all a good place to go that's fairly priced and you can easily burn a day up. Have fun!

Stacie Hawkins

Clean and fun. My kids really enjoyed the water slides! Plenty of seats and shaded areas.

Ashley Paulin

Perfect place to take the kids to cool off. Best suited for ages 2-15, although the adults still had a great time on the raft slide.

Michelle Travalik

Very clean, safe and fun water park. Wish it was bigger. It is always busy!

Kelly Carlson

Very clean. Family friendly even for teens. Nice locker rooms and lockers to rent. Concession stand had reasonable prices & you can bring in food & drink. No cans or bottles.

Mark Lamielle

Great place for the whole family!

Sara Freeland

Alittle pricie but the kids always have fun

Ellen Still

Relacing and love watching the kids have fun

Rick Corder

Clean, offers alot for the price. Would highly recommend to anyone who likes water.

Tammy Swick

Great place

melissa burkhart

Great fun for the kiddos!

Melissa Reed

I wouldn't even giv this place 1 star but had to 4 this review to go thru. We drove an hr & a half to get there, got 2 swim 15 min, had 2 get out cuz of some issue, after waiting anther 55min we were allowed back in, then 20 min later had to get out cuz they were closing for the day. We could stand in line for a raincheck pass but they refused to refund anyone their money back. They just collected it so they should have given it back. & the place is very small & very crowded, no room to really swim.

Misc Misc

Great pool, a little crowded, but nice and clean and always have a great time.

Shawn Wright

The environment is awesome with awesome lifeguards and staff. Reasonable prices for entry, great selection for food as well as prices and very clean

Ed Ostrum

It was fun. The whole family has something to do.

Jo Welden

It was great, very clean!! Lots of fun for all!!

Michelle Swihart

So nice for the kids!!! Hope it stays for a long time!!!

Mary Mencer

High price! I liked the old Uhrichsville Pool and Dennison Pool! The Water Park is more for kids then adults!

Brian Smith

We attended an after hours party and the staff was great and the park is always fun.

Janette Elsea

Nice water park for kids

Stephanie Fannin

Great place to relax, enjoy the sun and most of all play in the water!!

Angel Powelson

A good place to go with kids and adults

Whendy Thornton

Great place to park while watching the football game it was a bit cold to go to the park...

Lisa Brown

Grand kids had a blast!!!

Dave Mello

It's cheap, it's clean and the kids have a blast. Not sure what else I could say.

Chrissy Anker

Very clean, plenty of space to spread out, and lots of slides/water features for kids of all ages. Our group (ages 2-15) had a blast!

David Klingensmith

Amazing waterpark for toddlers!

kelly newsome

Love this place.. The kids' favorite!

Andrea Ortiz

Fun place for the kids. It's a smaller water park but it is in a small town. So it's decently sized. The staff has always been very nice and helpful. They keep the park clean and I love that very hour they give the toddlers a chance to enjoy some swim time to them selves. Gives everyone a chance to eat or use the restroom during that time.

Rachel Hines

For being a new water park, I'm very surprised at how expensive it is to even walk through the gates as well as the price of food. It seems like they hire a lot of young adults to work inside which might explain why they have had problems in the past with lifeguards not helping people the way they should. It seems like they are more into their phones and checking out each other and friends that come in then doing their job of protecting children and adults from being hurt at the park. Parking is on a one-way Street and on very hot days they are very busy and a lot of times there is no parking available at all. Long Waits for the water slides and for the concession stand. It's usually so busy your children cannot have much fun because there are so many people in the pool there is not even room to swim. I live nearby and have only been there a couple of times because both experiences I did not have fun at all I would rather swim at home or someplace else.

Patrick Patterson

A whole lot of summer fun and sun without breaking the bank!


Very good staff and concessions. Reasonably priced and nice grass area.

nicole palmer

Great place for family!

Amy DeFine

There was an incident and they had to close the pool for the day. The staff was very apologetic and gave everyone a pass to return this year ror next. Thank you for such a great park, and I hope folks weren't too harsh about today's mishap!

Megan Varner

Have been several times however this past visit on August 3rd was enough for us to not go back. Overcrowded with hardly little to no shaded areas or lawn chairs, you must either get there at opening to find a nice shaded spot to sit or if you get there later than you will have to people watch to find a chair (when people leave) or spot to sit under shade. Rough crowds-cursing and secret smoking. This time the soap dispensers were empty with one dollar store container of nearly empty soap and the dispenser top was removed-so as your having to tip it over to get some to wash your hands-yuck! I said something about it and at the next bathroom trip there were dollar store hand soaps at each sink. There should be a policy at all waterparks that flip flops or shoes are worn in bathrooms. I find it disgusting to see grown adults and their children going into public restrooms do NOT KNOW what is on the floor!!! Not to mention you are carrying that yuck out of the bathroom and all over the waterpark and into the water. The pool floor needs redone.

Sarah Dulkoski

Definitely needs some up keep. Not as nice as it once was. The smell of urine is pretty gross near the slides and some grass areas. Many tubes were partially deflated and they seemed to not have as many as they used to. Women’s restroom/locker room has a clogged drain Outside of showers, soap dispensers and paper towel are missing or broke. Several tiles are missing on the walls in the women’s restroom/locker room. Their “cabanas” to rent are a pop up shade with a lounge chair.

Rick Bearducci

Lots of diseases.. dirty park. Kids got sick after visiting

Lola L.

A little pricey, and they make you get out by 5:45 all the time for private parties, and they blow the whistle all the time!!!! Constant whistle blowing is all I remember...

Sebastian Schreiber

Great place for a fair price $ 22 for 4 people on groupon. Perfect for all ages !

Jaden Mahaffey

The water park is great I use to always go there as a little kid and I loved it there

Tiffany Bryant

Really great place for the family

Susan Anderson

We went for an after hours party. Friends had rented the park to celebrate their children's birthdays. Everyone from the eldest adult to youngest child had such a wonderful experience. Staff very friendly and courteous! Highly recommend for private parties!

Billy Francis

Nice little park to swim for kids

Diann Becker

If you're looking for a fun pool to take the whole family, this is the place to go !! My daughter's and grandchildren and myself had a marvelous time. Go on Google for the park regulations and rules. HAVE FUN !!

Karen Miller

Not going back, there was an incident and they had to close the pool & you only got a rain check if you had been there less than 2 hours

Kyle Green

Very clean. Very affordable. Worth the drive.

Simon Thomas

Life guard was rood at the top of yellow slide

Benjamin Bixby

Always a blast to go here

Raymond Welch

Really nice park and the staff are very professional and do their job well. But some of the people who go there are not very responsible and twice this summer now while I was there someone has either puked or pooped in the pool. Probably won't be going back till they find a way to filter some of those nasty people out!

Christophed Heck

Small to be called water park but over all a good place for families. Love that u can bring in outside food and drinks ... They will check your bags and coolers on entry so make sure u read the rules....

Wendy Burroway

We love the water aerobics class!

Steph Oldaker

Great place to spend the day! There is a kids' play area, 2 water slides and the pool goes from shallow to deep. They also have a concession stand and the prices aren't too bad. You can bring in your own food or even have pizza delivered to the park. The park is fairly easy to find but get there early.

Mike Lacey

Great place. Crowded today. Wasn't as much fun. Standing room only. 1st time this crowded. Too many groups from daycares and YMCA and church day schools. Maybe limit so many groups coming in on same day... fair visit today. Other visits were better.


Only reason I even give it two stars is because of the cleanliness, but other than that I did not care for the staff at all!! The younger ones I should say are rude!! Pricey and I will not drive 45 minutes there again!! Two thumbs down!!

Cayla Ames

Great little water park and not that expensive. It's even better because you're allowed to bring in your own food! They also have a reasonably priced concession stand with plenty of food options. Zero-entry pool with a kid area is nice, although big kids can play on it too. There are also 2 separate water slides for older kids or adults. If you want a good spot or a chair, you have to get there early. Otherwise, bring a blanket and find a sunny spot in the grass. Well worth the price.

Vickie Eichel

Love this place

nick jackson

Our family absolutely loves this place. Low cost family fun day.

Robin Vitale

We have been here 4 times and have had a BLAST all 4 times,,even though I took my phone swimming and down the big slide with us!!!But was well worth every penny spent!!We plan in spending Alot more time there again this summer....

Anita Simmons

Took the kids and we had a blast.

tonya collins

Had fun!!

The Dog show

It was so cool!!!! U should go there

David Fletcher

Nice place good food

Kelly Wells

Can’t wait to come Sunday. Great place for kids.

Melody Reed

The children love it

Xxidek_right_nowX x

Most places I go only have 4ft water so I loved how there was 8ft water and the fact there was a pool there to chill In

Renee Collins

Great place to cool off and have fun :).

Susan Robinson

A lot to do there and great price.

James Grubbs

Uhrichsville water park is absolutely an amazing place to take kids too!! I was very impressed with what a beautiful water park it is, how clean the facility is, and how much fun we had!! My family and I will be back in the near future!!

Mary Biros

Met a friend there. Reasonable price and nice little pool for area

Amber Douglas

Nice and friend staff. Great place to have family fun

Brittany Milliken Carr

We went this past summer for the 1st time and we went 4x thru the summer. Its so clean, affordable food options, you can get Papa Johns delivered right to the gate if you want or pack a cooler. Its about a 35min drive for us but I would make the trip every weekend if we could

H Weisgarber

Awesome place to go affordable prices great atmosphere

Matthew Fonte

Quite frankly this place doesn't live up to the hype in my opinion. It's ridiculously overcrowded and parking is terrible. Some employees were rude to my kids regarding rules that were ill-specified. And unless you get a good deal on Groupon, the prices are really not very good. Personally I prefer the public pool in Orrville over this place. It's highly unlikely that we will come back.

Elizabeth Zayas

Very good,clean place ,staff very courteous great family time

Ryder Quarles

It was so much fun and it was cheap. The kids and myself had a blast.

Lindsey Elizabeth

Best pool ever. Enough said.

Kimberly Nader

Was very nice, cheap, I do wish they had longer hours

Melanie Trombetta

Fun place to go with kids,very well maintained,clean and friendly staff.great prices and nice selection of food


The staff there are helpful

Brandon Bart

Kids had a blast and it wasn't over crowded.

Brenda Mathie

Great time!

Ohio's Last Rockstar

Crowded. Cant believe how many grown adults threw their trash on the ground. Nasty.

Kylie Miller

Very nice and affordable also very clean with warm water

Nicole Oliver

Great pool. Slides are lots of fun. It was extremely crowed on the day we went so we didn't get to enjoy it too much. But if you can hit it on a slow day, it is worth going.

Gina Miller

This place has 2 nice water slides for play kids and some very nice smaller slides and play area in the pool for smaller kids. The downside is that there is no diving board, even though the pool is 8 ft deep at the one end.

Victoria Power

Very clean, well taken care of. Great family venue.

Vickie Braley

It was very nice. Clean and the worker's were very friendly. My grandbabies enjoyed there day. Lots of fun.

Sherry Edwards

Fun times

tiffany anderson

Always a fun time with my family and son.

Mike Newburn

Very nice for kids

Crystal Kugler

We love this place! Concession stand is reasonably priced too

Nicole Ochoa

Absolutely love this place you can take a cooler with plastic bottles and you can even order pizza out lots of swimming space stuff for every age to do

Todd Abbott

Neither here nor there on it. It's sort of typical. But a great place for kids.

kayla 613

My kids had a blast there, food was reasonable and it was pretty cheap to get in (6 for kids, 9 for adults). Only thing i disliked was i planned going in the middle of the week when they claimed to not be as busy... yet there was wall to wall people... couldnt even TRY to swim around...

Destiny Starrs

This place is fun for the whole family!

Dan Crone

I thought it was very fun and clean.

holly friedman

My family always has a great time.

TJ Jackson

Its a place to go and have fun all day

Brad Chambers

Awesome time with the family. Great time for an inexpensive price

Tony Gillilan

Great experience

victoria porter

The facility was so clean! The staff is alert to all of the swimmers. Our 12 and 9yo LOVED it!

Misty Ghrist

It's a good time for the family. Cheap food. A lot of fun

Shantial Ferguson

We loved fun water park

Frances Hughes

Love this place. Very good for families.

Harley Crone

Pretty nice

Bob Hannahs

Very clean, small water park.. Friendly staff.. Would recommend

Betty Collins

Soo much Fun! Clean! Great price! I will definitely go back! I recommend highly!

Lysa Breeden

Our first time there today and we loved it. Park is clean as well as the whole surrounding area. We will be back!!!

Tim Mcfarland

Perfect place to take your kids, they have everything you need.

Caprice Warner

My kids love the water slides here.

Jamie Smith

I love this place

mar mar

Best amd cleanest waterpark in the entire area. Only place with tube waterslides

Anthony Williams

Great place for my grand kids.

Sheri Webster

This place is clean and beautiful. Pricing isn't bad either


Nice place to take The Kids, nice and clean, lots of fun.


Fun place to relax and enjoy yourself

Ashley Hooker

We enjoyed our time here. The kids had fun. The only downfall was it became super super busy. Too crowded. I liked that they had life guards everywhere.

paula sparks

Awesome place...

Lori SmithWhitten

Great waterpark, my grandson had a good time.

Jeniffer Cortes

The day we went it got closed after the same child puked in the pool 3 different times

Julie Mamula

Close to home and great place to cool off and swim with the kids.

Charles Budde

So much fun at a great price. Zero entry pool for the little kids with three small kids slides and two adult slides for the older kids. You can bring your own food but the concessions are not over priced if you want to buy at the park.

Tazie Elward

Great fun for everyone clean water good selection of food many extras

Catrina Beatty

This place has the most outrageous prices. Its barely affordable if you have more than 1 child. Not to mention they changed the "rain checks" they use to give if it started raining. Now it doesnt matter if its starts storming 5 min after you get there. No refund

Garry Barnett

Very nice clean and worth the money

Tanya Higgins

Always a fun time making memories with my family !

Courtney Cwalina

They wouldn't give my money back was there for 5 mins, to crowded.not my kind of place was of ten dollars in the area and tried to give me a day pass

Ashley Host

Awesome to take your kids. Lifeguards everywhere, people standing at the gate so children cannot get out. Strict rules for kids safety!

Michelle Sanders

Had a blast with the family here. Lots of fun.

Rick Harper

Very clean. Well managed. Lots of life guards. Food reasonable. Admission price good.

Charles Benning

Nice little water park ,be nice if they segregated lines for the yellow and green water slide was kind of annoying dodging people to go down the green water slide while holding a raft for the people who wanted to go down the yellow water slide. Need a better way of doing this.

Tammy Wadian

Great place for kids if they're tall enough

D.J. Hans

Great family place and always clean!

Sheenah Ross

My kids love it! The owner and staff treat our family wonderful! The concession stand has decent food, and quite a few choices to pick from, or you are permitted to bring your owncfood/drinks. They have a picnic area, locker room with showers, and its clean. Shallow area for babies and toddlers, water slides, its a lot of fun, just wish they had a lazy river!

Gabbie Lopez

It was a little packed i wish there more space but it was really fun

April Taylor

This is a nice little water park it has a play set for kids but the life guards should be watching the bigger kids on it better. The day my family visited there were several teenagers running all over the play set and one of them knocked my nephew who's 3 years old into a fixture on the play set and he wound up leaving with a black eye and a scraped up face. This play set is built in size for younger children and the life guards were watching all of the teenagers run all over it knowing that there were little kids playing on it and they made no effort to stop the teens from running on it and knocking several small children down including my nephew.

Beverly Pritt

Kids loved it & you can bring in your own food and drinks in a cooler!!!! Awesome!!

Ryan Woytko

They have overpriced concession stands

Alicia Culp

Love this place. Cooler is allowed plastic only no glass or aluminum or alcohol. All day fun. Wish they were open later. Close at either 6 or 7 depending on the day.

B Myers

Great family mini water park

Sandra Ray

Was very clean well maintained first time visit staff was awesome the prices are very reasonable can't wait to go again

Angel Ackerman

Loved it! Fair prices to get in and for food. Will visit again

Jimmy Meyer

Family rented the pool for two hours in early evening. Great weather, great turnout.

Robert Dennis

Great local park clean friendly cheap great for all age kids

Scottie A

Fun for kids of all ages.

Marcia Ward

The price was high, and it was crowded. But it is very well run and my son enjoyed the slides

Surviving Schultheisz

This place was so,fun! It was our first time there. We had a blast and so did out littles! Great staff, amazing prices and very observant lifeguards. We will be back soon!!

ender king357

I wasted my time.

Lukas Yoder

It resell y fun and the slides are awesome

Kenny Lee

An awesome place to take the kids in the heat of the summer. Fun for the whole family. But it can get crowded at times. Overall its worth the drive.

Wendy Bullock

Packed but kids loved it. Get in early to get a seat

Queen Zoe

The pool was nasty in the kids end the bottom was slimey. The slides we're fine though.

J Freeman

Great place to take the family for a little summer fun!

bob brinker

Had a gun show at the Masonic lodge. Great turnout. Good time.

Candace Lovejoy

Great place for family fun

Timothy Miller

Crazy busy on a hot day

Gary Walters

I love it and my kids do to

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