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REVIEWS OF Tilt Studios IN West Virginia

Ember Riley

This is one of my favorite places. It’s hours of fun and it’s not expensive. Food is pretty good. They’ll get new stuff to switch it up every now and then, so even if you go there a lot like I do it never gets old.

Laurel Nelson

The kids enjoyed the Virtual Reality 3D thing the best. Choosing tickets for trinkets at the end was great. The staff was helpful and attentive when we needed help while purchasing the Tilt Studio card. All the games are on a point system which made it confusing. As a family of 3 adults and 2 children we spent a little over 100.00. The adults got hooked on the game that drops fun tickets into quarters so you can buy more items!

Dale Spencer

Really great place to take the kids. Lots and lots to do. Even miniature golf. It's a little pricey kind of quick but not bad.

John Denney

The family loves this place!! We often do big meet ups with friends and family alike to spend hours here. Highly recommended!!

Brandy Plunkard

Great selection of fames to play, a hidden jem. Knowing this place is here we will be coming to the mall more often.


Lots of fun for all ages

Tiffany Dozier

Tons of awesome games to play! They serve food and drinks as well. Affordable entertainment for the whole family.

Robert Hanvey

I wouldn't say this place rivals Dave and Busters but it's still a pretty cool place to kill a couple hours and waste a couple bucks. The food here isnt much to rant and rave about but I suppose that's to be expected from an arcade. Also, its definitely a family friendly environment so your kids should have a blast.

laz naugle

Great selection of arcade machines. Also noticed alot of refurbished cabinets I know they don't produce anymore, but alot of the games didn't work or robbed us for points

Jamie Lantz

Prices are slightly higher than similar venues closer to my home, but still a blast if you have a group or just enjoy video games

The King of games 1

Busy management stand around

Rafael Torres

Great place for kids and adults alike!

Vincent Romano

This place is awesome. It almost has a Dave and Buster's feeling to it, with all the wide variety of arcade games, although it is way cheaper. They have giant claw machines, bumper cars, a mini golf course, and so much more. I'm really looking forward to my next visit.

Yatna Almonte

This place has some serious issues. Management is unreliable. They do NOT follow any regulations when it comes to minors working for their company. The arcade itself it’s very disorganized and the staff are basically on their own with very little guidence from upper management. I hope this can be fixed soon since the environment has the potential to be great not only for customers but also for possible employees.

Linda Blenker

Girls had a great time, lots to do.

Sheyenne Nicole

BEST. PLACE. EVERRRR!!!!! So much fun! Great for kids AND adults.

Timothy Lloyd

Lots of modern and old games. Do not ordered food there, over priced, terrible taste, crack head in kitchen

Dave Blankenship

Make the games work. There were 4 or 5 skeeball games..only 1 worked and it was short balls. The isle beside of it had too many balls, but it was out of order. 3 air hockey games..1 was out of order. As we walked up to the other 2 games an attendant was taking them out of service. Also, make it easier to put money on multiple cards simultaneously.

Garett Junkins

Good sized arcade with a wide variety of games to play. They have mini golf but I have never played it before. They sell beer to.

April Haworth

Was a great night with family and friends!! Fun prizes and things. Only draw back is so people have already broken some things on two player playing makes it difficult

Vincent Hawkins Jr

Fun for thw whole family, Kids and Kids at heart alike. New school games old school game and some in between. Need a place like this around chambersburg pa.

Roy Philistine

Very fun place to be with your family and friends.

Jamie Parks

Fun for kids and families. Lots of pinball machines.

Mindy Diggs

We had fun but alot of machine were broken


Nice selections of games but the cost per game is very high. Puttputt was a nice touch. Will visit again but would go to VA where games are half the price.

Dark Hydra

Went for a child's party, and the lady who helped with food and drinks was great. The one guy at the counter lost several cards, and then accused us of losing them. When he found them, he wouldn't listen to what items my family was asking for. The games are pretty over priced, and the claws didnt close. The attractions were fun for the kids though. Were super appreciative of the lady who helped with the party though. She was very patient and super kind.

Mariela Diguardo

Cool place for kids to have fun!

Brittany Andrew

Fun place but alot of the games mess up.

michelle sarvey

Children had a great time. Not enough staff redeeming tickets. Waited a very long time for help.

La Ha

The kids had lots of fun, but it is somewhat expensive so plan to spend a min of $60 per child on games and rides. The staff were friendly and very helpful as well. I will return and recommend others to give it a try too.


Coolest arcade I've ever been too

Maurice Jones

The staff was friendly, and there were a lot of games for choose from. My only issue is that a fair amount of games were either out of order or one of two of the player joysticks were out of order. I was still there for about 2 hours and had a lot of fun despite that issue, so it wasn't detrimental by any meana.

Ashley Jonez

We had so much fun. Date night without the kids where mommy an daddy actually got to enjoy the fun. Employees quick and helpful

Charles Fenton

Being one who enjoys going to the arcade, they do have a good amount of the older arcade games I treasure from my childhood with newer ones that you think you'll only see at places like Dave & Buster's! Also they have a "laser tag" like game, putt putt golf, a mini bowling lanes & bumper cars for those who are into them! Even jokes to them asking where was the go-kart track & they replied planet fitness took that room up before they moved in! Lol

Ashole Heaton

This place was awesome...but with the way they use the is a rip off. You can't tell how much you have used or have left without checking on the machine. The card goes so quick...our 4 kids had $20/each and we were done and out of there in 25 min. Smh

Jonathan Graham

Cool place just don't like nit being able to pay cash to play games and half to but stop many tokens

Paula Davis

Great place to have fun


It was so wonderful and amazing just being able to run around just like a kid again. They have really fun lazier tag and a lot of video games. Like a lot of games. And plus the card system they use is very useful and awesome!

cullen coleman

It's ok, obviously kids like it. Gets pricey quickly, so it's most efficient to go for an hour during the week. I think it's 4-7 for $12 for an unlimited hour of video games. There's also Lazer tag, bumper car, mini golf, and other games you can win prizes for, but they all cost extra. Probably a good place for a birthday party.

William Paire

Fun arcade games, friendly staff, not over crowded

scott9050 9050scott

I am a child of the 80's, this will bring back memories for anyone. Great selection of classic games and new ones as well. Great pinball selection. I love taking my 4 year old grandson here.

Sue Skidmore

So much to do and play. Good for kids and Great! Grandma. I had as much fun as they did!!!

austin bradley

Great place to get out and have some fun

Cristian Pando

Great place to let kids run wild!

Steve Saylor

Great games and time killer!

The Spanish Brad Pitt

Great place for kids

Matthew Branch

Awesome arcade in the hagerstown area.

still Chill

Good but only if you have like 100 dollars so really it's good I recommen it but only if you have the money

Adam Dodson

1. "Not everytime means your a winner" did a prize game. Won, it didnt cut weak. Manager said just because you did everything right and perfect doesn't mean you win. 2. Cost for games were reasonable 3. Food bar very slow. 4. Staff helpful and nice. Not impressed with leadership. 5. Clean but very cold inside. They said that was for the games. You would think they had NSA servers or something


We didn't get the chance to play any games; only had time to walk around. Hope to get an opportunity next time we are in the area. The rating is for what this arcade appears to offer; never seen this in any other mall in the surrounding areas.

Melynda ballou Austin

Pretty good losts of fun for the kids

Dagmar Lankford

Fun games and smiling faces

Candi Dillmam

Awesome, tons of fun

Tommy Gunn

I just love it

Jason Martin

So much fun. Love the old school arcade games.

Frank Duncan

Huge place with not as much variety as you would expect. Tons of different claw machine type games of every size. Priced like a mall arcade also, don't expect to get out cheap.

Julie Jarvis

I had a good time

Stacy Nelson

My two sons love this place. Good fun for the whole family.

Janice Burch

Very clean well spaced place with a wide selection of activities for Everyone!!! Our Family enjoyed just walking around at first before signing up for a fairly priced game card we shared between the 3 of us. We will be back !

Kevin Ferrell

Mix n match of fair and arcade games, and an interesting take on that. First time you go should be fun, but expensive. However after, I feel that it might get old. Laser tag looks well done, however, and if there's a deal on that for a group, it might be a good option. If you're looking for something like this, make the trip to Dave n Busters, it's worth it. And check Groupon for cheap deals

casey shaw

It gives kids something to do .I thi k its great.

Justin Smink

Extreme fun for the whole family and boy do they have great prices

Jacquelyn Thomas

Grandchildren loves and my daughters

Brandy Muller

Lots of gaming options. Perfectly empty on a Sunday morning

Eric Minnick

Half of the games don't work and I wasted alot of money and management wouldn't do anything to rectify the problem

Briana Ballou

Only about 80% of machines we’re working. A few claw machines took our points and didn’t work. Overall a nice place!

fnu lnu

They're doi g it right

Deez Dingleburz

Pinball wall is awesome! Old video games are awesome! The newer video games they have are AWESOME! But God knows when I've got tons of tickets, I definitely go to an arcade to spend those tickets on kitchen appliances! Marvel at such fabulous prizes as an ELECTRIC CAN OPENER! An ELECTRIC GRIDDLE! A 4-SLICE-TOASTER! What's a person with 80,000 tickets gotta do to get a giant 24" plush Pac-Man!? By far the dumbest and most nonsensical thing about this place is the stupid prizes. They're not even good brands! You'd think they spring for at least a Black and Decker, but no, Mainstays Wal-Mart brand toasters. I just want to make sure people are taking this journey with me: Prizes. At an arcade. Toasters. ELECTRIC CAN OPENERS. Dumb.

Joe Lutz

Kids had fun just a little on the expensive side

Violet Wolfe

Great place. I went here for my birthday and had a great time. Decent prices, lots of games, and so many memorable games from my childhood were there. Only thing I need are more skeeball tables. There were only 4 and it seemed they were almost always in use. Happy for airhockey, bowling, and mini golf. So much to do and so little time to do it. Will definitely return! It's so nice to see an arcade again. I've missed them.

Tasha Meadows

Lots of fun. Great place for kids

Giovanni Malave

This place is the ultimate arcade around they have more games than any place plus the have bumper cars inside!

Anna Conway

Great time for the kids, it's clean and the staff is pleasant and helpful.

Michael Brown

A complete RIP off and the best way I've seen so far to have the guilt created by your kids remove hard earned cash from your wallet. The games are very expensive and cost part points to play, so you'll always be left with points or part points on your card, which you can't exchange back. There are other places like this that do it better.

Jessica Terry

It has arcade games, mini golf and mini coaster ride just to name a few things. Great for families and groups. Has a miniature food place. All games require a card with pre loaded money which can be bought at the kiosk. $1 fee for card plus however much money you want to load unless you kept your card from previous visit. Some arcade games give tickets. The games require a lot points to play.

Tiffany Savani-swartz

Its ok... way too many crane machines, no young kid machines

Todd Apple

This is a nice place but it desperately needs anti bacterial lotion and/or wipes located for customer convenience. Especially during the flu season when these kinds of places are just harboring bacteria and viruses.

Mike Parlon

The place ROCKS lots of fun for everyone

Zody Hershey

Place is Awesome kids love it

David Wetzel

Not sure they should be open yet. Many of the games are out of order. I was ripped off twice by the same game, I thought i didnt swipe it right so i swiped it again. Dude said he put 2 credits on it, it only worked once, wasnt bothered to ask again. You have to literally say excuse me to the group of teenagers running the middle station or else they will not acknowledge you, regardless of how long you stand there looking at them. Everythings overpriced and the prizes are junk, but thats every arcade, cant knock points off for that. And... As my kids were picking out prizes, the last thing my youngest got was a rubber shark, it was 375 tickets. He hands it to her, then proceeds to tell me that we were 4 tickets short... Yea, if you feel like coming around this counter and taking it from her, then you can have it back.... After dropping a hundred dollars so my kids could get some candy and a couple cheap toys, yea, I was little upset. Will update if they work out the kinks...

Chris Mixer

Although the arcade business seems to be in grave peril, one champion stands alone. From the old school to the brand new, Tilt has something for everyone! If you got some time to kill, if you're looking to have some fun with your kids, or even if you go by yourself, this place is fun.

William Ballinger

It is good place to have fun

Raging Panda

This place was absolutely amazing. Fun for all ages. Decent prices as well. Definitely will be going again.

Donovan Harvie

Very good pricing. Lots of games both newer and classic. Some of the kids rides and a few games were broken but overall a great experience!

James Keefer

Complete rip off! Games are overpriced and cost fractions of points which leave you with leftover points that are impossible to use and can not be redeemed. TOTAL SCAM! They know exactly what they are doing by charging 2.10 credits instead if whole numbers.

Bethany Spencer

Love love love it’s amazing all I gotta say ur kids will nvr wanna leave

Shania Lewis

Really glad this place popped up in the mall. The arcade is decent but the laser tag, bumper cars, etc. are what make the place great It's too bad it's more of a "If you happen to be in the mall" kind of place, and a lot of people dump their kids here.

Loretta Milner

I dont care for it. But the people I was with love it

Dora Baldassare Sailor Black Butler Moon fan

Love the Pinball Machines that they had line up at the back of the arcade. I got three Stuff Animals from one Claw Machine.

Susie Lahr

Tilt was fun, even for adults. Me and my friend were transported back to childhood with fun visually immersive games and adorable prizes.

Veronica Brandenburg

Been there a few times had fun and got respect from the staff!

Creepy Killer 420 rtard

Amazing arcade place

Terry Furajter

This place is like a scaled down version of Dave n Buster's. If they added a restaurant or became partners with the food court that would be a game changer.

Santonn Wilson

This is 1 of the coolest places I've been to in a while. So much to do there. Rides, bowling, golf, lazer tag and more. My favorite is the old school arcade games. Sometimes we want to find things to make us young again, and for me going back and playing old games does it for me. I really felt like a kid again when I visited this place. I definitely recommend it.

Bruce Baker

Glad to see the classic Arcade return to the mall.

aaron comer

Pretty good time..very nice and helpful attendants

JC Philllippy

Good in principle but with the amount of broken machines it is very disappointing. When an arcade doesn't even have working skeeball machines that is not a good sign for the arcade. They offer other great attractions such as laser tag and a virtual Hummer ride, but both of those have been out of service on our two visits. If the management can take care of the equipment they have this place will do very well but only a few months into operation it doesn't look very promising.

Shirley Hartman

Cooks were drinking liquor behind the line. Food over cooked and rubbery. And other part was cold. Plus to top it all, HAIR in my salad!!!!

Bryan Sprankle

Great place to take your little ones for a good time. They have all the classic arcade games from back in the day, as well as the new ones. Lazer Tag, Blacklight Mini-Golf, bowling lanes, and a snack bar. They have bumper cars, and a small carnival type ride for kids. They are open until midnight on weekends so the normal teenage riff raff. They are a bit on the expensive side. Was there for 2 hours and spent $65. All in all it was a decent time though. I definately recommend you, and your little one give it a try. Thanks for reading!!!

Mark Briscoe

Great Fun Place some things are a bit pricey but that's life

Jane Bryan

Very confusing understanding card balances. Way way way over priced. Makes chucky cheese seem really cheap. Their atm was broken The 1st machine to buy cards was broken Once was enough!

Brittany Stull

Nice place alittle pricey

Danielle Green

It's ok. Was there for a couple of hours...never saw anyone that worked there actually on the floor. They were all behind the counter or outside smoking. Several games out of service. I wanted to try the mini golf...but the only moving objects are your golf balls...maybe because it's indoor it's not allowed...not sure. Definitely not a "Dave & Buster's " so...adjust your expectations. (Food, atmosphere & games). Wish they had pool tables. I still had a good time. Wish there were more sophisticated...up to date games. Nice sized space. Next visit I'll check out the lazer tag.

treon nazreth

Have reasonable beer and wine lots of good games even pinball

Jeremy Lavin

Great place for your kids & you too!!

Tyler Ferry

Nice place to play some arcade games. Some of the cabinets don't work properly though so thats why it's getting 3 stars. The lazer tag arena is pretty cool though probably the best feature of the place.

Randy Tuggle

Rip-off joint. Horrible way to spend your time. Tried it once. Never again.

Joe Lint

Lots of games. Food available. I think they're working on a liquor license (they may have it now). Staff is pretty friendly. It's about as close to Dave and Buster's as you can get around here.

Jeff Powell

Fun place to play old and new arcade games. Lots of different things to do but can get a little pricey.

Ashley Raker

Staff was friendly. Having my sons 8th birthday party here

Wayne Wetzel

Pretty awesome! Only complaint is it's loud.

Tonnie George

I enjoyed my time there it was fun

Dave sterner

Very interesting place They have some of the old stand up video games that I used to play

James Gillam

My son had his birthday here recently, and it did not disappoint! The party deals are very reasonably priced. The games included claw machines, pinball machines, retro video games, and some newer video games as well! I love that they have two Dance Dance Revolution machines! Sadly, one of the dance pads weren’t working properly and was not labeled. However, there are LOTS of activities to do in addition to the large arcade including laser tag, mini golf, bowling, bumper carts, and a small roller coaster. The staff was all courteous. I was very impressed with my party coordinator! She still says hello to my son and daughter every time we come in and makes it a point to brighten their day. The food and drink can be pricey, so plan accordingly. They do serve alcohol though!

Kurt Groshek

Great place for the whole family. Lots of fun!

Megan Riggleman

This was an amazing night with my step kids!!! So much fun and a huge variety of games. The only reason I'm putting 4 instead of 5 stars is their pricing for the packages .... The prices aren't actually terribly expensive however, you can't play ALL the games with all the packages.. you have to combine two packages in order to have access to all of the games and attractions. If there was an option to play ALL of the games with ONE package, even if the package was more expensive, we would have done it.

Angus MacDonald

good place to play pinball

LP June

Laser tag is dope, although its a little hot and stuffy in the play area. Mini golf is cool, and there are plenty of other games to play.

Thomas Bowles

Awesome arcade, it's huge! And they have the best prizes I've ever seen at an arcade!

Amy Chad

Definetly worth the money and so convenient being right in the mall. Very warm in not sure if it was alla the bodies or all the games. Either way kids and even the adults had a good time

Chloe Skupnick

Not impressed. Went in with the special from online saying $12 for an hour. Was told that ended at 7PM and it was 7:30. So, the cashier had me buy ~coins~ instead. My kids got to do 3 “attractions” which is what we came there for- NOT the games. While my kids were in the laser tag I looked at the internet special and it said nothing about 7PM. My husband went to talk to the cashier to show her, again, it said nothing. She called in the manager who told my husband we were liars. So, we paid $26 for 3 attractions that took about 20 minutes when we could have paid $24 for an hour. Pretty disappoiinted.


Too much of a knock off chucky cheese

Mike C.

Alot of fun for everyone. This is a huge arcade, with games for people of all ages to enjoy.

Dorothy Blankley

My kids loved this place

Yolanda Newlon

Love tilt. Mainly because i love arcades period. However i think machines are a little overpriced. Causes you to go through ur money/points too fast. Also you can tell alot of the claw machines are rigged. But other than that it is an awesome place to hang out!!

Matthew Cable

Always love Tilt!

Randy E

A big variety of games, but expensive!

William Schutz

Fun place to take the kids.

Dominic Hoffmaster

Was hoping for better alot of the games where not working and some that where running where not working correctly you would pay for a game and then find out the controls where broken.

Deltoria Gallant

My kids love this place

Nicole linn

Very nice but expensive

Rebecca Boyer

So much fun. Adults and kids. Bring your MO ey because you can't stop!

Ant Green

Im 27 and loved the place

Michael Hessong

Grandkids had a blast here

Dana Phillips

So much fun for kids & adults! I loved the retro video games - Pac-Man & Galaga! Plenty of things to play for my 10-year-old. Little pricey but we all had a good time!

Margaret Mom

I took my sons here and we had a lot of fun. There is a good variety of games and activities. We played mini golf and laser tag.

Stacey Marie

I like the place but seems like the claw machines are rigged

Danielle Crankfield

The party staff here is great! They are attentive and work very well with children. The kitchen staff moves very slow and seems to be confused much of the time. Overall it's a nice place. Don't ask for coffee.

Unika Starkes

Tilt was awesome my 7 yr old loves it

Amy Johnson

Games are so awesome

Bobby Hall

Kids love it. They ask to go all the time.very cool place.

William Eichelberger

Rating based on the fact that I only play pinball. I can play pinball for hours and only use $10 or less on my play card. They have around a dozen machines. Wish they had machines from the 80's or 90's. Regularly find minor issues with a couple machines, ball getting stuck in Deadpool game, you spend 25% of play time waiting for the machine to realize a ball isn't in play and it kicks it back out - also had this issue with the Ghostbusters machine and since fixed and the ball is hit in that same hole, the ball shoots out/is released right down the middle of the flippers - sucks since its a bonus shot. Machines and the place itself is very clean. Drove 40 minutes to get there for their first pinball tournament, only to find out it was canceled with nothing posted on their fb page or site, I had checked prior to leaving home. Expensive I'm sure to play other games.

Brian Phillips

Way better than Chuck E Cheese and it helps that it's inside the mall. The kids can spend a lot of time playing any game they desire and most are adult friendly so parents can play along with them. The toys kids can get with their tickets are nicer too. The place is huge!!! Loaded $30 onto the cards and still left with money on them. It's a great deal.

Anita Lancaster

Kids always have a blast... Good place for adults to take a break too

cory green

Very fun place for a family night

Rachel Cooper

Expensive but has a lot to offer

Kerrick Reisbig

Made some good memories. Kids made out with lots of loot!

omar gomez

Really cool place if you like arcades.

Caitlin Ogg

Really fun for kids and adults alike!! Food and drinks and adult beverages too! We will be having our children's b day parties here this year

Andrew Phule

Wanted to attempt a claw catcher game before I left. I tried twice to start the game, each time losing 10 or so points. The machine wasn't working, so I alerted staff, who told menl they would credit the machinefornme. When I showed them the game, I was informed that he knew it didn't work, because it wasn't working earlier, and he wasn't able to credit that game. I asked why it hadn't been placed out of order so that no one else tried it, and received no answer. So now I'm out 20ish points, however much money that was, because I didn't have time to stay. Disappointed with this arcade.

Melissa Hunter

My grandchildren really enjoy it, something different to do. A little expensive.

Jody Brelsford

Great fun but wear summer clothes because the heat is jacked up to 110 degrees and you're not going to have fun of unless you're prepared to break the bank. I spent $50 in about 10 min prices are ridiculously high on the games.

Blaze97834 Gaming

Best arcade ever!

B Shores

Great place to be after a 420 session

Sari Kress

Highly overpriced with each game and can be a little chaotic. Defintley fun for the kids, but bring your wallet because its gonna cost you. Young staff, not overly friendly.

Wanda Cudd

My kids had a blast here. Better than Chuck e cheeses

karl boyd

Lots of fun awesome time there.

Jett Jones

They had lots of good old school games but it would be nice if the had Street Fighter.

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