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REVIEWS OF Student Recreation Center IN West Virginia

Ahmed Z

Anything you could want is here! All the facilities are always clean and the staff is always helpful. It does get packed on prime hours but there’s always something to do here.

John P Lichter

Great facility for students @ WVU.. nice than most gyms or country clubs..

Georgina Burrows

Saif Abbas

Josh Wang

mohammed albusaidi

Darren Huckaby


Colton Diges

Brian Woerner

great facility for WVU students and staff

Michael Tarantino

Tony Persinger

Hassan Aljawad

Omar Albarghouty

One of the best university gymnasium in the nation.

Megan Martin

Little run down. But lots of amenities. The pool is awesome! Rock climbing too!

Samson Bankole

Sabrina Omar

Eden Stern

Laura Brescané

Saubhagya Borate


dylan elliott

isabella anile

Great facility but gets extremely packed, especially during prime hours. It's mostly students that go here, but there are many people from the community who work out here as well.

Ross Harvey

Awesome place, but it's mind boggling to me that they can afford thousands and thousands of dollars worth of upgrades every summer, but unless you're taking summer classes, you have to pay basically 37 dollars a month. There aren't that many students here in the summer; so if they're registered for the fall, why not let them work out? Isn't student health a big deal? Makes no sense. Certainly a great place during the school year, though.

Fritz Maher

A beautiful place to exercise. Weights, track, pool ( such a wonderful thing ), climbing rock? ( not me ) and ping pong!

Henry Link

Mike Miller

The student rec center has everything, and the staff are always friendly and helpful.

Brooke Shafer

Guests should be free.

Isabel Long

Loved the pool, the volleyball court and also they have a rrally big rock climbing wall.

Terry Ferrett

meg c

Great pool and hot tub


Nice Center, priced high for most employees.



Dustin Wishner

Great gym. Has it all

Rupayan Saha

Vikas Agrawal

Rodrigo Fernandez

This is a pretty commplete rec center with all sorts of options for workout. Weights, cardio, pool, climbing wall, + an outdoor component. It is the best options for WVU students, staff and faculty in Morgantown but might get expensive for non WVU members of the community.

Colin Eggert

Great place, friendly staff

Danny Cozza

Dave Mazon

It's been 10 or more years since I've been in to use the facilities. The exercise/workout areas look good - all the equipment and spacious layouts. The aquatics/swimming area is awesome and a first for me to visit. Great areas within for both youth and adults. The whirlpool was a hit with my daughter, and the sauna - perfect way to end the visit.

Uche Osahor


Marie Elmer

Luke Miller

Lateef Kareem

Harrison Dalton

Ashish Maradapa

Gio Bowers

Greatest rec center you may ever see

Kim Brabson

Facilities are great. Wish they had an alumni option avalible. Myself and 2 boys 30 bucks for the day.

Abdullatif Abdullah


Azaleah Davis

Has alot of equipment including rock climbing wall, fully stocked weight room and cardio room, indoor track, swimming pool, whirl pool, and hot tub, 6 basketball courts, martial arts equipment and much more

Michael Howell

Faisal Radwi

If only it had less students some way...

L Traynham

Liam Sullivan

Khaled AlNahhal


Haseeb Khan

Nadine W

Prames Shrestha

Amanda G.

Rafia Zulfikar

Mays Ibraheem

Victoria Prisby

Thilanka Munasinghe

One of the best places on campus at West Virginia University

Raihan Khan

I don't use the rec center. They offer many services for students though. They should offer separate swimming lesson classes for females although in USA you don't expect this gender based swimming lesson classes.

ömür duğan

Great group excersize programs! All areas are very clean, good air conditioning!

Lyn M

Gregory Chesson

As a student, it's a great place to go, tons to do, and open till midnight which is nice.

Teddy Davidson

There is a little bit of everything for everyone here. If you like lifting, cardio workouts, wall climbing, basketball, volleyball, swimming or even squash...this is the place to be.

Aurora Leverett

Abdou Diallo

Jenny Javick

Chris Buzzelli

Brandon Clark

Bashar Sadat

Josh Earl

Sat on a park bench outside of this facility. It was getting too dark to read, so I glanced at my phone and it said I could do this.

noelle nieves

Omid Golestanian

Anna Buxton

The rec center is awesome!! I especially love their pool. Friendly staff, impressive gym, great equipment, clean, great rentals, etc. My favorite gym for sure!

Suzanne Burton-Connors

A friend plays Simi professional football and unless I pay to park or have student parking pass there is no where to park. Information available online is very limited.

JJ Shin

Besf facility ! Best condition to work out! O love swimming and squash!! They have good place to exercise and very clean! Opening time and closing time is very nice for exercise. Climbing, running, and health programs are amazing. I usually go for Body Pump class, and it is awesome!! I love to shower in rec center! They have a good quality atmosphere!! Also I can park after 4pm during week day! So I can park there!! Also weekend parking is free charge!! I love that!! Thank you so much!!!

Christian Jackson

Christian Vieweg

Kevin Hand

Good people and excellent pool.

Fighting Heart


Johanna Vasquez

Awesome place to have fun!!

sridhar kalyanaraman

Ernie Meadows

Easton Thewes

Awesome place to get a pump or shoot some hoops

Bradley Smith

Graham Andrews

Matt Anderson

Amazing - has a climbing wall, nuff said. Seriously, one of the best places to go to in Morgantown. All kinds of courts, equipment, and clean.

Kevin OMalley


Jeffrey Okai

Anthony DiPasquale

Something for everyone to do.

Krizia Berg

This is a great gym by any standard for any style of fitness training. They have tons of squat racks, benches, machines, free weights, cardio equipment, you name it. They're only really lacking in cable equipment, but that's not a big deal. The staff are friendly and keep the gym pretty well organized. One of my favorite things is they have a couple gender neutral shower rooms, single occupancy, which I've never seen at a gym before. I would come more often if it wasn't so crowded but it's Wonderful in the summer.

Vincent Cropper

Loved it.

Paul Jesse

Pattie Norman

Very busy

Jini Song

The best gym ever.

Matthew Leezer

Lucas Coffey

I believe the Climbing Wall is one of the largest indoor walls around, at least when it was built.

the_detonator of last words


Great place to get your sweat on. Never did the classes here, but the equipment is of a great variety. Lots to see and do, go have fun!

Devon Vanallen

Absolutely beautiful, great rock scrambling

Jennifer Lloyd

Yann Nenebi

Nice facilities. Quite big too!

Bob Dole

Miles Payne

Julianne Johnson



Bohye Jeong

John Thomas

Sante Boninsegna

Fantastic facility Great location Wonderful venue for basketball

ssjwesker .

This rec center has very good facilities. There are regular group classes, court spaces available to rent, and independent machinery. There is also a center where WVU students are able to sign up for group trips hiking, biking, climbing, etc.

Jeffery Sill

Tons of high quality equipment and anything you want to do is here. Climbing walls, pools, hot tubs, treadmills, free-weight 's and more. Enjoy it while you are able to!

Chris Raffle

Daahir Ahmed

It is a good place overall...but it would be nice if the ventilation system is upgraded

Dorrit Mcdonald

Gary Schubert

Abdulali Alsalman


John R Miller Jr

Melia Milam

Saroj Pradhan

Sandra r thy sa vr

Bubble tag was wonderful!

Eamon Donovan

Unique Karki


Eric Johnson

Terri Frye

Hannah Wilson

Garrett Fink

Mohammed G. Al-Hallak

Decent place to work out at, convenient schedule

Nashid Mirza

David Trotter

Gary G

Great space, great equipment, friendly staff.

Mallory M

Christian Rodriguez

Johan Zietsman


It's free for students and amazing.

PAUL Boone

Nigel Mika

Awesome spot for pumping some iron

Jon Smithers

jason schultz

Mike Riggle

John John

Great Place to work out or play

Emad Al-Hajjaji

Curious Wanderer

It is a great Gym! But one problem is that when they are closing, they remind you to leave every 10 mins and then i think it becomes 5 mins, like during summer hours from Monday to Friday they close at 9 pm so when it is 8:30 they remind you that you must leave in half and hour and so on until it reaches 8:55 and remind you that it is closing in 5 minutes. Overall though, it is an outstanding fitness center in Morgantown.

Ashley Reynolds

Best place to workout if you are a WVU student. They have amazing workout classes for free and great equipment to use. If you are not taking advantage of free workout classes and free gym equipment you’re crazy.

Jay Patel

Friendly staff and great facility. It has volleyball, basketball and badminton courts along with a swimming pool and wide range of exercise equipment. It also has an indoor wall climbing and a track to walk or run. The facility is free for students and around $30/month for faculty and staff.

Abby Horst


Everything great, except for parking!

Kim Richmond

Very nice

Manuel Alejandro Soto

De'Anthony Morris

Wayne W. Van Ellis

Great place to get in shape!!!

Davion Cunningham

David Jackson

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