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386 Frye Farm Rd, Greensburg, PA 15601, United States

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REVIEWS OF Statler's Fun Center IN West Virginia

Ashley Grimme

I gave it 2 stars for a couple of reasons: 1) Expensive. 2) You have to been 18 to drive a passenger but you can drive a CAR at 16. 3) The carts go slow. 4) Stuff from the track gets in your eyes. Like little black pieces. The mini golfing is fun. It’s a fun place to come to since there is nothing like it around.

Caleb Kelley

Jeff Buzzard

Great place to have a party

DeMarco Walker

Andrew Fry

So fun

Garrett Parker

Enjoyable fun place

Karen Iverson


Was fun with the family. Only issue is the price of the go karts. If I'm spending $30 I should be getting more than 10 minutes. Other than that it was a good time.

michaeldtutera michaeldtutera

Ashley Karasek

Rhonda Juliano

Matt Gillenwater

Played 18 hole mini golf didnt get to go kart any but has arcade aswell nice fun outing

Troy Hill

Employees working behind main counter in arcade area were rude. Guys working the go-karts were nice & helpful, though.

Phil Bliss

Great family fun for all ages. Go karts are a blast

David Shaddinger

Real life mario kart cool beans

Jacob Lubic

A little old-looking, but lots of fun with a group.

Shannon McAleavey

Super fun place to be! The go kart course feels larger than it is. There is a nice selection of arcade games. I haven't touched mini golf, but it looked really cool. It's a great family place to be in.

Gia O.


Donald Jordan

My wife and I just played the minature golf course on 7/19/2017. We both enjoyed this clean well maintained course. I even got a hole in one on 16th hole I believe it was. Price was $15.00 for the two of us.

Clayton Peace

This place was a 10/10 it was fun and relaxing. The arcade is small and usually packed with kids but the mini golf and karts are where it is at. Gas karts for pro require a licence, and they let you ride with out a helmet and in flip flops. However I would not suggest it, I am just an idiot at times. You do need a shirt tho... Haha

Esther Franklin

Fun place to take the family.

Dusty Wisdom

My husband and I enjoyed ourselves here. We used the batting cages and 10 mins on pro karts and spent about $45. The price is reasonable and it wasn't crowded.

Andrew Juba

Very fun date location.

Michelle Gallant

Steve Meyer

Awesome place, great mini golf course and only go-cart track around!

J Sue

Super fun!

Paul Graziani

The gocart are so funn

Gonny Bob

Tons of fun, went with lots of friends.

Jeffrey Davis

Truly a fun place to take your kids -or if you just feel like being a kid again! A real Race track with GoCarts, Miniature Golf, Batting Cages and Arcade with prizes

Sean Cobb

Great family fun

Marissa Mayers

Great family fun!

Dana Fullerton

Great fun.

Bolton Boys Inc.

Tony Kovatch

Great for birthday parties... Great employees and service !

Arcade josh rhine

Josh was first place in go karts and dad was second place for dad

James Snyder

Fun place to go with the family

D'metrius Johnson

That's the best place I went there for fathers day and went go carting and mini golfing I would definitely recommend it for friends and family

Robert Chermely

I found it a bit overpriced but fun

Mitchell Ross

A very fun place to hang out when the weather is warm.

cowanbrandee .

Awesome and local family fun. Would make a great date idea, too.

Roberto Saget

Always a good time coming here and mini golfing. Been here about 600 times. Suggestion? They need to change the course up and do something different. Other than that it has a good history with me. Go take the family out!

Nkosi Francis

Great little place to get some karting in. The no bumping rule is lax if they know you guys are just trying to clean pass. If you also are the only people there they'll let you run your whole time out. Unless more people show up


The arcade is small yet cozy, but the highlight is the gocarts! It has a super fun track

Joseph Griffin


Tom GS

The go kart's and track were great. I've been to many tracks, and this is one of the best. Many times the karts are too slow to have a lot of fun. These were great.

Jacinda Fondelier

This place is so fun! Even as an adult we had a blast. Very nice mini golf course with beautiful landscaping, awesome batting cages, and go karts too!

A Google User

Rex Kuhns

Had a lot of fun golfing! Thanks!!

Joni Michalski


Paul White

Sandra Mason

The kids loved it

Ashley Mickey

So much fun for many ages

Alexander Poach

There's a sense that places like this have been dying out recently, and it was a breath of fresh air to know there was a place like this not too far from my home. Definitely a bit out of the way, but Statler's has a good bit of variety, a nice mini-golf course, cart racing, an arcade, batting cage, and a fee other little things. Didn't try the food but it seemed perfectly acceptable.

C Holiman

A fun time for the family

Kolby Kramer

Putted around the mini golf course today... but someone 'fore'-got to cut out some of the holes. Really ruined my birdie chances.

Geoff DeWitt

Greta time!

Alexis Mighty

Decent size mini golf. Go Karts are always fun. Not sure about the food

Joseph Niedzalkoski

Great place for kids. Mini golf, batting cages, go carts (depending on age). Indoor game center, soft drinks, nice restrooms. Easy location to find and get to.

Elizabeth Grote

Love it! Great place for a date or an afternoon with your family.

Emme West

Mitchell Wohlfarth

Reviews by kids

I was at Statler's Fun Center, with my family. We played mini golf, and we had fun but then we went inside to the arcade. Our grandpa bought us 8 tokens. We started playing until I accidently put a token in a game and the slot said 25 cents but really it was 1 dollar. At most arcades they make the price noticible. Statlers doesn't do that. They make children find out the hard way. I lost my coin. And they did nothing and walked away. So I moved on. But then I went to Guitar Hero and I hardly saw the price again. That is how I lost both my coins! Overall, this is a good place for people to mini golf and bat and go cart, just watch out, as you may lose tokens. Thanks for reading and goodbye!

Kaylee Wyandt

Arcade was small, but other things were very fun.

Raymond Firek

Luke Parise

This place is awesome! Go carts, mini-golf, and an arcade indoors. It's kinda pricey, but if you are thinking about going then go!

Benjamin Dulin

Vince Leasher

Kim SR

This was a lot of fun, wish there had been a bit more to do.

moe rosado

Jennifer Griffin

Cheryl Lubinsky

A local small business for kids to come and Play who truely cares about children. The owner is a gracious kind man willing to give back to the community. He never saw my face before, but when humbly asked for a donation to help a child with cancer, he did so without hesitation.

Jessica Negich

A lot of fun!

Patrick Hayden

S smith

always fun

Richard Rose

Took my 2 yr old daughter with me for our first time. Was great experience for both of us. Go karts, mini golf, arcade and prizes and some food.

Simone Caldwell

Family friendly and affordable,. Great date night fun.

Jonathan Hillman

Awesome mini golf course. Best go carts in pa.

Coleen Marriott

The kids had a great time. They went on the go-karts 3 times. We didn't do the mini golf but it looked like a lot of fun.

Zac Seymour

A bit pricey especially when paying for two people. Lots to do here. I personally like the "pro" karts even though they are a few dollars more. The mini golf course is a bit above average.

bevin wilkinson

Great place to take kids

Lorynn Sarver

Nice, but thought it was pricey. $21.75 for 15 minute go kart rides.

Matthew Kozera

A lot of fun and so much to do

Michael Schmidt

Had a birthday party here. A+

Nuclear Synthetics

Really liked the mini golf and go-carts! So much fun!

Patrick McMillen

It was really fun go karting and golfing

Jay G.

Go carts, golf, and some games with tickets and a prize counter. Could have more prizes, and games, but it is fun.

Paul Mauser

Great time. The mini golf was great and the prices were reasonable. A nice place to take the kids.

Glenda Harris

We loved it

Tim Gardner

Fun place!

Charles Ross

We had a great time

Thomas Gerhart

My son loves riding in the go carts and looks forward to driving by himself.The place is fun for adults also.Went twice this summer.

Jake Pittman

Awesome just awesome

Chris Leonard

carlos garcia

Lynn Marzetti

Best go-kart track in the area

Steve Demko

Great place to take the kids

Grace Skarzynski

It's fun for something to do, but limited in what it offers. The golf course is the nicest part.

S.A. m

Great time riding gocarts

Mercedes Michetti

A lot of fun for kids in one small area.

Jake U

Very nice place, well maintained, clean. Go Karts are always fun, and the mini golf course is very interesting. Prices are well to. Can get a little crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, but the line moves fast on the Go Karts


Statler's is a great place to go, especially with children. The prices for mini golf and go karts are fair. However the batting cage prices seem a bit steep. Each token cost $2.50 for about 12 pitches. The cages are good quality, just a little pricey

Chad Lowry

Good place to have a little fun with the kids if their a little older

Roy Roddy

Games inside ripped me off and no small cups got to buy next size up

B. David Smith

Very small never knew it was there my kids visited from South Korea and we spent a few hours there I took some around the go-kart track and mostly played Skee-Ball not a bad place


Pretty good

Roman Bruno

Scott Shank

Nice place to keep the kids busy. Go karts, mini golf, batting cages, games, etc.... The prices may be a bit high compared to similar venues.


Had a great time there for bachelor party

Xray Grant

This place is the best around. Everything is clean, up to date, and well kept. Prices are tolerable, could be a little cheaper, that's why 4 starts. 25 bucks for two adults and a child seems a little high, however; they always have great deals going on. It's a "must see" place!

K. Doug Allen

Dan knows how to treat a group! We took our Celebrate Recovery leadership team over to Statler's to push the fun button. We had a great time, the food was delicious and reasonable. The team had a blast and are still calling and thanking us for the evening. It's a pleasure dealing with a fourth generation family owned company. I would highly recommend Statler's for any occasion, from birthdays to corporate retreats! Thanks again Dan!

Chris Lisle

Lots of fun here. Didn't try the food but the go karts and mini golf were a blast. Pricing was about what you'd expect. Real fun time here.

TTV Porkchop

Cool place

Shawn Ostrander

You get exactly what you expect here with activities offered; nothing extraordinary, but fun.

Brian Adle

Went here with my roller derby team for a fun free game activity. Some of the most inventive miniature golf holes I've ever played. Who lets you jump the ball over the water? It was excellent.

sylvia bedick

Was so much fun even though I am uncoordinated and hurt my arm in the batting cages

Regis Busch Jr

marci laskey

I beat my boo!

Dan Mills

The kids always have fun and they try to keep it well kept.

William Sullivan

Nice place

James Lin

Go karts, batting cages, and mini golf. I only did the mini golf - it was a fun and challenging course, and affordably priced.

Andrea Mcneill

Celebrating my son's birthday. Golf was fun but oh my goodness on the go karts.. exilerating! Felt like the fast and furious. Great place!

Jennnifer Jennifer

Great place for go karts and batting cages! Kids have a blast and the pro karts are awesome! My only complaint is purchasing a ten minute session and then being told after that it's two 5 minute increments and you have to get in line all over again with people who just arrived. The sales person should have warned us about this or at least put up a sign.

Donna Painter

Great place with reasonable prices. Loved it so much we came back a second time and I'm sure we'll return again. Good job...keep it up.

Yvonne Swierkosz

Family fun

Jon Doe

Love skeeball


Got a great deal on groupon. We did mini golf, batting cages and go karts! Had a really good time with my family.

Clndy Mccordy

Awesome place return Everytime we are in this state


Ryan Fondelier

Great place.. also very reasonable to have a great day and not break the bank.

Eric Auer

Great fun!

Nikki Egleton

Mike Koehler

Decent family fun night

Michelle Shawley

Awesome place for birthdays, love it

Sarah Cooler

I love the go carts. They were really fast. I live the arcade.there are so many game to choose from.i love the mini golf.there is a beautiful view.i was a little dis pointed , because I didn't really like the ice cone was kinda soggy. So never get the ice cream

Pete Jurofcik

Ok. Go carts only.

Michele Anderson

Lots of fun. Get the #4 go cart, fasted.

Elizabeth Wyant-Sims

Barbara Coy

John Wheelus

Friendly staff, awesome mini golf course, the combo deal for 2 rounds of mini golf and 2 go cart rides is good deal.

Tony Anthony

Good times to be had here!

brittany Nowak

rick lischerelli

Great place for family fun day.

Dave's Garage Time

I liked this place this place a lot it is fun for kids

Sean Bray

So much fun! Well kept, would recommend!!!!

Stephen Eshbaugh

Always a great time!

Deborah Holup

Ron Sholock

Fun need to update a little and add somethings but still fun for family

Shanna Giles

Sean Klein

So much fun but a little pricey.


Fantastic place to bring family or a teen etc date night for a fun evening from go carts to batting cages. Prices reasonable for the areas. Staff are very nice wasn't a long wait time to ride my kids absolutely love going here! Highly recommend!!

Andy Paxinos

Bill Marshall

The employees were very nice. Had a great time with my daughters!

Bill Potthoff

Go carts, video games miniature golf. Good place to take kids.

Joretta Myers

Had a blast. Staff was great

Clair Russell

Dre Toney

John Cooper

Good deal with Groupon, nice go karts

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