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REVIEWS OF State Fair of West Virginia IN West Virginia

Frances Covey

Lots to see and loved all the horse shows and harness racing events. Animal judging of all kinds. Fun time.

Calvin Ross

Organized well with competent staff. Healing Appalachia was a fantastic show!

Elizabeth Crookshanks

Many things to see and do

Carol Exline

The State FAIR of West Virginia, has amazing entertainment and a great place for family to go.

Ruby Brown

Very beautiful place .Also very confusing place to commute in .

John Perry

All 10 days were great.

Diane Fischer

Great ruritan ice cream and cattleman steak sandwiches.

Victoria Lyttle

Loved it. Lorries Morgan was awesome.

Leslie Baker

This is a great place for the whole family no matter the age. From Midway, to the animal barns, to the Grandstand and the shows, and anything in between theres definitely plenty to get involved in. Entertainment is good all around. It can be pricey though. I get the prices to tend to raise from a year to another. Just wish the jump wasnt as noticeable from year to year. But really you really do have a good time

Toni Pensule

Love the state Fair! Great food and fun for the whole family!

Jeff Poff

Had a wonderful time

Dara Fox

The food is the best part, without a doubt. A bit pricy though.

Brittney Pritt

I'm a local and I Love the WV State Fair!! The food, the rides, the shows, the concerts, games.. it's a lot of fun! As a local the only thing I can say I truly dislike about the WV State Fair is the traffic in and around Lewisburg!

Janet Kennedy

I had a blast. I got so tired walking around though. There is a lot to do down there.

Gay Homesteader

Great flea market. Held twice yearly, spring and fall.

Jake Strange

VERY disappointed (to say the least) that the WV state fair would allow a group like the WV Citizens Defense League to set up booths for recruitment purposes. A group who's members are openly involved with or support known white nationalist & fascist groups/individuals such as the Proud Boys & Tommy Robinson. Why?

Dianna Summers

Awesome Family time

Amber Jones

Love the fair, awesome place to go and look around. Love the concerts and food options.

Bill Hampton

Great entertainment. Happy to be there and see old friends.

james beach

A great fair with a variety of food and rides for all ages.

brian sizemore

Everyone was rude and 6 bucks for lemon flavored water. You ask for lemonade and you literally get a full cup of ice and some powder based lemonade, but when you ask to go light on the ice they all say "it won't taste right". Huge scam anymore and no more descent acting people that run the place or attend it. Went every year since I was a child and the past 10 years have gotten increasingly worse. I feel like the term "excuse me" and actually noticing others having a hard time navigate through the crowds to help them get to where they want to go would make things a lil more enjoyable but now noone seems to care and only care for themselves.

Tracey Spencer McCarty

Love it! Lots of good food ...

Lilu Nagy

It was our first time going to the West Virginia State Fair. My daughter had a blast. She loved the Spiderman bungee attraction. The only thing that I didn't like was how rickety the Giant Ferris Wheel was. It is old and seems like it is going to start falling apart. Other then that we had a wonderful time. We plan to go next year. Although we will not be going on the Giant Ferris Wheel.

patricia Green

Always a great place to go see live stock.

Matthew Ward

Great event. Cinnamon Rolls. All the vendors and farmers showing their stock animals.

Mike Rose

A summertime wv treat

Sarah Pyles

Lots. of. things. to. see. and. do. Good. music. and. Good. food. Lots. of. exbityors. .It. is. fun. for. the. whole Family

Mary Mays

Too much fun and food was amazing and the water was so good!!

full _metal_jacket22

Fun for kids

Ant Stevenson

Seeing things from all over wv is great ....really kept clean ...foods pricey but it's ok

Danielle Hicks

We have been to the West Virginia State Fair a few times and hope to continue going making it a family tradition. It's a wonderful place for you to take your children, or to hang out with friends and or family. There's so much to do here for all ages, such as: rides for little children and thrill-seekers, a variety of food markets, all different kind of shops and some very unique ones as well, and there are many types of games to play like Bingo to throwing darts at balloons. If you're more of a sight seeker you'll enjoy walking around and seeing the contests and winners. My favorite part was visiting with some of the horses and meet and talk with the owners. It was all very organized: lots of free parking with help to guide you and plenty of handicap spots. We will definitely be going back again!

Abubakar Jahfareye

A great concert Venue. Even with a few thousand people in attendance it was easy to move about in the crowd

Walter Davis

Great facilities

Donald Torman

Loads of fun, great livestock, rides and entertainment

Stephen Bryant

Great food and so much to see and enjoy. You have to come see it to understand why this fair is not like any other.

Brian Daugherty

Perfect size fairgrounds. Spent 9 hours with my wife, and 2 children 2 and under without getting bored.

Charlotte Butrick

Wonderful experience

Her Royal Highness

I love west virginias state fair

Matthew Key

This fair is definitely a let down, considering this is the state fair.

Rt c

Great times here every year

gary mcclung

Going down hill more every year. Food is way too expensive for what you get. The only good thing are the Ben Ellen doughnuts

Gail Harris

Every August . wish they still had fireworks like when I was a kid. Hmmmm, donuts, loved the cart to run you around, horse pulls and show animals

Terry Alder

Always fun!! My kids like it. It is a little pricey but they have certain deals on certain days to get you in the gate cheaper.

Barbara Tawney

Every year we look forward to going at least twice. Love the food. Lots for all the family to do!!

Dave Bair

County fairs are just as good

Randall Daniel

More than a day's worth of things to see. Lots for the kiddies and adults to check out.

Crissie Scott

Great food, entertainment, love wv building

Pat Stafford

It's the state fair what more needs said.

Sour Girl

Go to an amusement park like 6 flags. You'll save money and it hurts me to say this, I've went every year of my life, family tradition. 36 years and now it's just not worth the time and money. Not to mention the rides are nearly falling apart

Vonnie Prigge

Fair ground employee who provide info regarding camping when fair is NOT in progress provided TERRIBLE written instructions/ directions.. As we are not locals and we entered by the extension office as per instructions we drove and walked around at just about dark for an hour looking for the SOUTH lot !! There is NO SIGN to indicate location. We made our reservations 4 MONTHS in advance!! Told we would have access to a shower house and toilets near( close) as travel ing with with small children . WRONG..... these were about couple blocks away and. Boarded and Locked . The topper to all of this When we found our reserved spots someone else was PARKED IN THEM !!!!! What are the chances our $$ will be refunded ? We would have done better at a Walmart parking lot. Definitely not the services we paid for. Vonnie , Browns Valley,MN.

Ginny Sears

Always crowded and expensive.

Larry Harris

My son loves to go here not just to ride the rides but to see the animals as well. He has a blast every year here. As for myself they need to make changes because it's the same thing every year. The bands are different but that's about it and the prices for the food and beverages has gone out the roof. I still enjoy it though because my son has such a great time and watching him makes the whole thing special.

Connie Bailey

I loved it. The first time for us being there

John Cook

The fair is always fun!

Luc1d OaTH

Best fair ever i love it totally recommended

john ferrell

Great place for all the family to enjoy a day of great fun and laughter!

Christine Roberson Phipps

Such beautiful and clean place with a variety of fun :)

Joe Perdue

No matter where I am I always make it home to the fair!


Nice place

Lisa York

Great fair

Kim Spencer

To expensive, nothing fun to do unless you want to drop 300 or more.

Richard Harvey

Always enjoy the WV State Fair. Go see the animals.


Good old fashioned fun, reminds me of childhood. BUT the rides are ridiculously priced. I don't see how a family of four goes to the fair for less than $200.

Teresa Smith

My first time going. Will go again. So many things to do.

Andy Englehart

The WV fair was crazy busy. The rides were fairly standard for fairs, with a couple extra portable roller coasters. Food was diverse and good.

P Simmons

This was my first time ever visiting a state fair. The parking is free, although some places do charge you to park, we parked for free. There are free standing restrooms in the parking lot as well. They have tractors, with covered wagons attached to them, that travel throughout the parking lot to pick people up and take them closer to the fair entrance. I didn't think it was any more expensive than any other fair I've been too. I loved all the food and all the great food choices. It was smaller than I expected for a state fair, but since I'd never been to one, I guess I have no comparison. We went on a Thursday morning and it was nice, not too many people. I would definitely recommend it. Everyone we encountered was super nice.

Matthew & Cheryl

Love they added days this year and cant wait for next year. Hate that it's so expensive for the rides and everything else really but always a fun time

Benjamin Kastenbauer

Fun gathering but there is little in the way of maps as far as I could find. Parking was not that bad. Not expensive if you don't want to go on rides otherwise price can increase quickly

Trish Price

Lots of people, weather was good---very hot. Many food options, good food at that. The animal displays were interesting, glad owners allowed petting, talked about their adventures. One very large carnival atmosphere...something for everyone.

terry marcum

Very nice place to get out & have fun

Brenda Turner

A yearly thing

Lisa Cameron-Plumley

Something for everyone.

Hal M

A great state fair. No fried dough!

Jakob Flack

The beast fair ever

Sheila Shrewsbury

Always a fun place to take the grandchildren, and go to at least one concert each year.

Kelly Bryant

Great place to take the family at all events

David Malone

The west Virginia state fair was family had a blast being there. Can wait until next year to go back.

Anthony Couillard

Hey its a fair. Lots to do! We went and looked at the rabbits, cows and horses like normal. Ate a bunch of fair food... pizza, tacos, fried oreos, grilled corn on the cob, ice cream and some slushies. Played one of favorite games Fat Albert! My kids love the rat. Always fun things to do, been a tradition. Not bad only $11 to get in, but bring a fat wallet, the ride tickets and food is not cheap. Still crazy how many smokers there are, if you don't smoke that can be a bit annoying. Still, there are lot of things you can see and shows you can catch for free. I mean the racing pigs never disappoint.

WestVirginia Gma BEAR Boswell

Great state fair however prices are so high that a family of five at median income would need to save for a year to go for a day or 2

Richard Beasley

The fair is for the kids and youths, but I thought it would have embodied more of the W.Va. culture and artist. Not even one moonshine still "/ There was no decent food to speak of, no smoked pork or barbeques. It was ok seeing the farm animals, the horticultural exhibits, but its got a long way to go to be a real state fair.

Shaun Fletcher

Went to see Jayme Johnson. Had a blast, its a little pricey. But tons of fun,the kiddos were whooped by the end of the day

Malissa Webb

Had a great time..there were a lot more kid rides than I expected so our toddler thoroughly enjoyed himself and there were benches set up along the walkways in between rides to rest a minute or two!!

Theresa Shaffer

It doesn't seem to have as many activities as it used to in the prices have skyrocketed

Whitey Taylor

Check out the Trump stand just in front of the entrance to the fair

Diane Meadows

Fun place to visit

Bobby Deitz

The fair was great, but some of the grand stand shows was to loud to enjoy.

Defender Fabrication

Tyler Childers concert was awesome

Teresa Doss

Look forward to it every year. Love the animals.

James Hinkle

Not as good as it used to be they done away with a lot of the attractions they didn't have any of the real big rides this year 90% of the workers are Mexicans and all the music on the rides is Mexican music and you can understand the music I believe for the price that you pay to get through the gate and the price that you have to pay for the armbands the ride the rides that have should have been more entertainment there this year is more like a County Fair rather than a state fair

Dennis Harrell

Fun for the whole family


Nice Hillbilly Fair I am upset I missed it this year got dates mixed up

Jeff Woolyhand

The people in Beaver West Virginia at Tim Cyrus state Farm is a fantastic team and make an outstanding effort for you great place to go to get insurance

Kester Dingus

Nice state fair with a variety of activities. Parking is as expected-far away but free shuttles are provided. Midway is always muddy!!

George Canterberry

Good place to have some fun but prices on stuff is ridiculously over priced

Patrick Bennett

Nice place

Corbett Drumheller

Great place for every One....

Abbey Reed

Very fun.

TF Games

I dont like rollercoasters personally, but the food, people and carnival games were great! Would recommend!

Eddie Vass

Used to enjoy the fair but now that they are serving alcohol I’d just rather not take my family to be around all the alcoholic’s. Had one follow my wife and I out of the fairgrounds until I told him he better go somewhere else. Shouldn’t have to put up with that!

Sherrie Caudill

Not a far drive and a great day finding lots of good Little Treasures and great food love the cinnamon buns

Teresa Sharpe

Great place to spend with the family! Great food and entertainment! Love my state WV!

Wayne Looney

come every year from roanoke to the fall flea market and antique show .. always leave with a pile of goodies .. wish they did it more .. always a good time and friendly vendors ..

the Miner

Cool fair with great rides. Lasts for two weeks but i only went one day.

Jimmy Hatfield

Always fun especially when Alabama is there

C Miller

Always one of our favorite events. Came on Saturday, Girl Scout day. Love riding the rides and seeing the animals. Enjoyed walking through the buildings and seeing all the crafts.

Carl Colussy

First time there It was a little smaller than I expected but I enjoyed the verity of each building one with flea market stuff the next farmers market with the gun show in next building made it complete for me

Shelbi Withrow

Family traditions made fun. Tons of delicious food.

Anita Wickline

Liked the fair when I was little remember when my went there when they was

Yolanda Taylor

First time at a st fair an im workin it

Paula Hall

Loads of fun.

Sharon Keith

Have had a great time until we got to our seats for the 38 Special concert....Great seats and view but they have these metal chairs so close together its unbelievable! We're packed in like sardines...No leg room or elbow room. I'll never attend another concert here!!!

AmorBrujo 92

I guess since I'm older I realize things more but it just seemed more fun years ago. Now it's overpriced. I would NEVER get on those so called "rides" and the food is overpriced. It's in my hometown and I love the idea of the Fair but compared to other State Fairs like the one in Texas it's just a complete rip off!

river rose

There is so much to enjoy during fair time. There is always something for everyone. Even when it is not fair time the fair grounds hosts many activities and events from different organizations. Love the craft show in October every year the same weekend as TOOT.

Mike Belcher

Great place to be love the fair5

Dorothy elmer Bryant

We like everything about the west Virginia state fair

Sharon Toliver-Hardy

At this point, my siblings and I go for food, crafts, jewelry, shoes and clothing and my brothers go also for animals. It is great fun. They have all kinds of rides, horse races and betting as well as concerts etc. I jave been going since I was a child in elementary school. I am now 55.

Mary Karen Porterfield

We had the best time...front row seats for Jeff Foxworthy. Best fair in years

James Williams

First time visitor, very nice facility. Clean, large buildings and show rings.

Wendy Darnell

I had an awesome time! 1st time in this part of WV and loved it!! The fair was a lot of fun. Many activities for children that didn't involve rides.

Autumn S

Pretty fun, lots to look at, and they had a bear show this year which was neat.

Tim Davis

Great llace to take the kids and if your up for the challenge and able to handle the work you can always help oit with tear down every spot or every year

Jennifer Bunner

Great fair to see amazing attributes of West Virgina!

Jennifer butcher

Love going to this fair every year. Would like to see a water sprinkler to walk through to cool off near the rides, due to being very hot and not much shade around the rides. Smoking areas are all located on the other end opposite of the rides, to far to leave kids at rides and go have a break. First year I've noticed this, seems like a new rule being set in place.

Ron Primmer

Love the flea market, temperature was 80 or more but still fun

Kevin Canterberry

Always have a Great time at the fair! We took the camper and stayed a few days. Everything was great.

Michael Stafford

Fair was great but could use additional seating with shade, more control over smokers and ecigs and could someone please tell Bobo to SHUT UP!

Roger Honaker

Great fun and food, but price to get in out weighs the good. Few families can afford to pay gate admission and still have money for food. The games are just another form of gambling, the only difference is...these are Professional rip offs

Linda Smith

enjoyed the open spaces ...alot to see...

Ronald Wood jr

Not a bad fair first time going, only issues I had were the long lines for adult rides, along with tickets costing $1.25 each and most rides were 4+ tickets each. One hotdogs stand had hotdogs for a dollar. That was a great deal and very fair price. 6 to 8 dollars for lemonade was high since you got very little due to excessive ice.. over all I had fun.

Rosemary Vanhoozer

So much to see

Carolyn Clevenger

Great food great fun but very expensive

Bill Kelly

Something for everyone


Happens once a year and everyone is on their A game

George Feamster

Love the fair!!

Nevin Lucabaugh

wonderful experience.

Crystal Marsh

Love the food, vendors, and family fun

D Sub

Love the exhibits! Loads and loads of things to see, do and learn. Everything from gardening and flowers to poultry and livestock, and handmade crafts and canned goods. There's plenty of rides for the kids. I strongly recommend the armband for rides because individual ticket prices are completely ridiculous. There is usually a big name headliner for concerts on the track. More food than you can possibly try. Lots of farm implements. Very crowded this year. Really miss the cafeteria.

The Gamer

I love the rides

Kenneth Tyree

A lot of great sights and sounds

Julie Simmons


Lisa Bennett

Way overpriced.


Nice place for families we try to go every year

Julia Kerwood

I go to the state fair every year. I'm going to the Alabama concert on August 16th

Jamie V

Food was way over priced, few places to sit and enjoy your food and those were not exactly super clean. Too little shaded seating just to take a break. I know it's a fair and all but for the money spent it was a bit disappointing.

Alisha White

It's a lot of fun!!!

Donna Miller

They did a very nice job setting everything up. There were lots of activities and rides for everyone. I feel like it keeps getting better and better every year. I loved the John Michael Montgomery and Clay Walker concert. I appreciate everything that the people who coordinates it does and all their hard work. I have lots of wonderful memories of this year's fair and past fairs. I enjoy going to this every year.

Sly Deskins

The fair is by far the best in West Virginia but one of the smaller State Fairs in the United States. You can easily exhaust the venues and walk the grounds in about five hours. Money goes quick here, so be prepared. There's long lines for many of foodie joints, like Cinnsation Cinnamon Rolls.

Azjah Hinkley

I didn't get to go this year but my daughter did and she had a blast!! I usually try to go every year.. But just couldnt make it... And I love it!!!


The West Virginia state fair is a fantastic fair for anyone. Very kid friendly and has tons of things to do from horse racing to magic shows. Definitely worth a visit.

Rhonda Smith

The fair has gone down hill in the last ten or so years. Not as much participation from a lot of companies and things that used to be there. The free camping now makes you pay a daily fee, which to me is ridiculous, That alone has made it more expensive for families that use to take the whole family on a mini vacation every year. Cost to much to get in.

Anthony Bogan

Decent for no frills camping.

David Lewis

For some reason it wasn't as good as before

Dan Edwards

Big, busy fair. Farm animals, exibits, rides for the kids. Lots of fair foods. Saw live Sessame Street big stage dance act. Kids loved it.

Rebecca Kirk

We always have a great time at the WV State Fair! Lots to do and the food is so yummy!

Jennifer Mullins

Nice fair with tons of stuff to do!

Stephanie Sedinger

Great place for family to join together and make memories

John May

It's the only place in this state that you can experience the enjoyment of rides and games like that of an amusement park! It's a bit pricey but it's a lot of family fun or fun with friends!!!

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