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REVIEWS OF SeaBase Family Fun Center IN West Virginia

Michael Walsh

It's a ton of fun. There's lots to do and see for both kids and adults alike. Keep up the good work.

Deanna Stubbs

Very clean, plenty of things for the kids to do to burn off some energy. Food was reasonably priced, wait time for food was good. Bathrooms were clean. Plenty of parking. Handicap accessible, they have different areas for kids of different ages. Small arcade, but some machines require 4 tokens just to play and you may only get 5 tickets, they have a small train for the kids to ride that goes around in circles, it costs $2 per child extra. They also have birthday area. There was a laser tag there as well for the older kids. That also is extra. Overall it is a nice place to let the kids get some energy out.

Emily Hartig Murin

Thank you, Seabase, for a great birthday party. We always enjoy our visits, and the kids are always happy and tired. The staff makes everything smooth, and they are always friendly and helpful. My only recommendation is to either move the smoking post either to the side of the building or ban it completely. Right at the front door is less than ideal with little lungs and pregnant guests coming and going.

Justen Christy

Great place for kids of all ages, but you are not allowed to bring your own food. They have a place inside for food but cannot provide allergy friendly foods for kids. If you can't accommodate food allergies, you should most definitely be able to bring your own food inside (thank god we did anyways)

anthony masters

Fun place for kids to burn off some energy.

Jen Gross

My 18 month old LOVES it here! So much for her to do and she always leaves tired. Planning on having her 2nd birthday party here!

h cameron

Great for a two year old. She enjoyed the big kids area more then the toddler section. Very clean equipment bathrooms too. Staff was nice to us. I had a band on my wrist and so did my daughter and staff checked us out. So good security. We will be going again soon.

Paula Klepsky

2 1/2 year old had a blast. My biggest complaint is the toddler area being polluted with older, rougher playing children. Staff as well as parents should work harder to keep the area for little ones safer by not allowing these bigger kids in the toddler area. I expect the rougher play in the bigger play areas but not in the toddler area....

Samantha Stiffer

Kids have fun and it's a good place for them to burn extra energy. Bathrooms are usually gross.

keaira booker

I asked one of the girls from the snack bar for a rag so I could wipe off the table that we were sitting at. She told me she would wipe it, but then asked another girl to get it, which caused an argument between the 2. ALYSSA, the girl who finally came to wipe it off for us, had a horrible attitude, and began to angrily wipe the table off flicking crumbs and chips from the previous party all over the adults and our children that were sitting there. THEN she angrily sprayed cleaner all over the table, (without warning us, asking us to move, OR EVEN spraying it on her rag first which would have been the sensible thing to do) which got all over us. We went up to the front to tell he manager what happened and he proceeded to tell us that “since she didn’t say anything, he can’t do anything about it”, he also said “they’re rushing around” SO, I guess it’s okay to spray chemicals on adults and children, and fling crumbs all over them because “they are rushing around” which was not the case. Also yalls food is disgusting. I will NEVER recommend or go back to sea base ever again. -Keaira Booker Response to the *expected* defensive response: It seems like every negative review you get on here, you have some kind of excuse and defend the actions of your employees. Did you miss the part where I said the girls openely argued about WHO would clean the table? Secondly, when my sister came back to you a second time and explained the situation better you continued to defend Alyssa, and use “rushing” as an excuse. As a woman who has worked in customer service for quite some time now, I was taught, and also used common sense, when dealing with customers no matter how busy I was, “rushing” is no excuse for food, to be flung on customers and chemicals sprayed on people, ESPECIALLY babies and those who are pregnant (MYSELF

Dana Day

My 3 and 4 year old loved it. Didn't stop running around, climbing, jumping, and sliding for over 2 hours!

Brittney Lehman

Had my sons birthday party here. I felt rushed. The kids wanted to play, I think the time spent in the party room should actually start half hour after party time is scheduled. We still had lots of fun and we come here a lot on weekdays. Its a fun & cheap way for fun. I like how parents don't have to pay to get in. I wish more kids places were like that. Seabase has wonderful pizza and staff!

Carly Cole

So much fun for our girls! We have a 1.5 year old, 5 and 8 year olds and they all love this place. It would be 5 stars if there was more parent/staff supervision and a larger toddler space. Parents here seem to really embrace the "free range" parenting trend. Bigger kids take over the toddler area and start throwing balls at the littles. And begging for tokens was a common occurence. The place itself is great though.

Mendel Markel

Great for smaller kids up to about 10 yrs. Plenty of sitting area and Wi-Fi for parents while kids play. Very reasonable prices.

Fran Krull

Kids had fun the place was hot and to many people in one spot

Sarafina Vespaziani

It's a zoo when it's busy lol but my kids (9 & 11) love it. The play areas, arcade, Lazer maze and indoor train ride are great and the staff are always courteous and kind. My son has Autism and can be obsessive compulsive... the staff have always been very understanding and patient with him. That means the world to this anxious Mum!

Denise Keeling

Cute 'lil place! Kids love it here! The pizza is fantastic!!!

Cheryl Williams

Awesome place for kids...friendly helpful staff had a good time

Beth Burkard

Best deal around to keep youngings busy for a few hours. But game room always half broken and takes your money consistently. Needs more and better games. Food okay.

Erin Johnson

My oldest was invited to a birthday party #funwithfriends

Kyjiah Hill

I refuse to ever go back to this place. We had issues with a couple of their employees. To be specific their names were Alyssa and (MANAGER) Steve. Alyssa was EXTREMELY rude. Her attitude was absolutely disgusting. All because she was mad she had to wipe off a table..which by the way my family had offered to do FOR THEM! She comes over and while we are all sitting at the table starts wiping the table pushing the crumbs and everything all over us. Then goes to spray and sprays all in my mom and my cousins face. Not once did she say excuse me and she literally saw more crumbs on the table and walked away and left us with a partially cleaned table. My family goes to the manager Steve and tells him about the situation and instead of saying he would handle her first he just offers to have someone else clean the table and then he asks my cousin if Alyssa said anything to us and she says no but her attitude was terrible and his response is well if she didn't say anything to you then I can't do anything. Are you kidding me? What kind of business are these people running? Also I was highly disappointed in the food my fries were not cooked all the way and my chicken tenders were very hard.

p Simms

This place is great for kids. Particularly young children. It is pretty cheap($8) and you can stay all day if you want. They have a snack bar with decent food and prices. Ive heard it get busy on weekends. I was there on a Monday night n loved it.

Natasha Adams

My kids absolutely love this place. I love that it has something for all the kids to do. The toddler area is great for the smaller kiddos.

savannah carmichael

Kids love it there can't wait to go again

Waldo Avila

Great for kids between 2-6. Ok for kids other ages.

JonJen Wolfe

Usually very crowded but the kids enjoy it. Sad they replaced the mini golf area with a not to well equipped music area. Not upset the golf is gone, just that the use of space wasn't utilized well.


Fun on a rainy afternoon

barb s

Nice place for kids. Staff is very immature not very friendly

Heather Hardin

Best place around for kids 1-14.

Marissa Mayers

A great place for some family fun! Lots of tunnels for climbing. They also have a music area, a baby area, a train, laser tag, laser maze, a game room, and an interactive screen for the kids to play on. There is a food area. The place is very clean, the staff is very friendly, and it's well priced.

Melissa Long

First place I feel safe enough to have my son just run around and play he absolutely loves it here and the workers are so nice we come here a lot I highly recommend this place

Am Kasper

My two year old had the best time ever! It was very clean and had a great time!!

Adam Tomaino

A little dirtier than I would like but kids dont seem to mind.

N Fenner

Great affordable place for the kids to really let loose. Gives me a headache but they love it! Can get loud, crowded and chaotic, so keep that in mind if you're not into loud crowded chaos.

Josh Baier

Great for birthdays

April B

Love this place. Just wish it was closer home. But to hear the children's later an see their smiles it's worth it. Warning adults have nothing to do there except wait.

Mary Ellen Monack

Great place for kids. Good prices all around. Friendly, welcoming staff.

Alicia Jeffcoat

I had a really fun time, their is so much to do for little money and the staff is very friendly and helpful. My only issue was that they dont have much for younger kids with prizes and you need so many tokens for the big prizes.

Destinie Bartlett

My son loves it here! There's the arcade, the different play gyms, a toddlers area for younger kids and interactive floor area. Plus a small area with music discovery, train rides and laser tag. The food area is perfect for parents to sit and watch their kids and the food isn't half bad. Prices are decent too. Children 1 and older are only $8 and infants under a year and adults get in free. The atmosphere is always friendly and so are the staff. My son plays himself into exhaustion and always goes home and takes a nap. Plus there's different party packages for birthdays. It's definitely fun for the family! I highly recommend coming here! I'd give 6 stars if I could!!

Melanie S Berg

Here from Chicago visiting relatives and sight seeing. SeaBase was a perfect place for our four-year-old to burn off some energy. Everyone is absolutely wonderful polite and kind. Place was very clean and a lot of different things different fun things to do. There is a eating area if you're hungry or thirsty.

Rachel Sementuh

We brought our nearly 1 year old and 4 year old there yesterday for a birthday party. The party room was nice and the server was very good with the kids and pleasant. The place was busy, but the kids had fun until the train. It was very disorganized and the worker was clearly overwhelmed. A young girl (maybe 2 or 3) was in line and told she couldn’t get on the train because it was for a party. A woman who appeared to be the mom was holding an infant and tried to move the little girl out of the way but the girl tried to go around to get on the train anyway. The worker KNEED THE GIRL IN THE FACE!!! The mom walked away and it looked like a manager got involved, however the worker was laughing. NOT OK. We left. Never going back. So unsafe, cruel and totallly inappropriate. What kind of place that caters to kids has employees that knee children in the face and then laugh about it? Totally disgusted and my 4 year old was disappointed that we had to leave but I didn’t feel like having her assaulted too. Since I can’t respond to the response, I am editing my original comment to add this. I would love to see the video and I love the tone of your response which is very defensive and unprofessional in my opinion. This incident was actually the topic of our breakfast conversation today and I felt the need to offer my input after seeing that other people complained about the same incident. Maybe you should invest in a different type of system since you believe that an employee using their leg as a safety mechanism is appropriate. Thank you for corroborating my beliefs that your facility is manned by uncaring and immature individuals. Even if your claim to “it didn’t happen” were true the fact that I witnessed your staff laughing at someone during an incident is concerning. I assume you have video of that too?

paul rossman

Grandkids had a great time

Tiffany Gan

This is a great little place for kids! Clean, too!

Kate Sorensen

SeaBase is a clean, affordable, very great way to burn off active toddler energy. Having a separate toddler area is much appreciated, particularly when the larger play areas get busier. Staff is very friendly! It's also nice that they do not charge for adults. We have been to SeaBase multiple times and each time, our toddler has a blast!

Heidi Kuhn

SeaBase is great! Considering the chaos of kids of all sizes and ages, the staff maintains a tidy area. We were there for four different parties and ended up having our youngest sons party there last year. We sprung for the whale room so we'd have lots of space. We had pizzas for the kids and food for the adults outside the party room. Our hostess was great, prompt and friendly. Sure her shorts were a little too short, but in her defense that's the style now and it is super hot in there with all the kids and running around. Kids of all ages loved the arcade, air hockey table and laser tag. Not one complaint from our party about the food,staff,cleanliness or SeaBase as a whole. The staff is on a schedule so time checks are expected and appreciated. Honestly WAY better than Chuck E Cheese and for some other comments made who wants to bring their own food to a place like this anyway??? We were permitted to bring our cake in for our party, but I give the management and staff 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and kudos for being in customer service ....people,parents and kids are the hardest customers!! I'd never be able to work there,but play there is a whole other story!! Thanks SeaBase!

Aaron Ridgely

I thought it was very kid friendly for all ages.

Tiffany Stupka

I recently attended a birthday party at seabase and let me tell you that will be the last time I go there!! I witnessed a very distributing event in which the Seabase Manager took NO action against when brought to his attention An employee shoved and kneed a toddler out of the train line. She was irrationally yelling at young children and adults. Whether or not what she thought she did was okay it was NOT!! I was in complete disbelief that the Manager didn’t even apologize for how their employee treated PAYING families! If I could give zero stars I would! If you want to go to a place where you and your children are mistreated and disrespected then please go to Seabase! I know my friends and family will NEVER go there again and we will make sure our experience is spread through social media..

John's auto LLC the mechanic doctor

Cool place to take your kids to have fun.had a awesome time with my son. Reminds me of the old school discovery zone. Staff is friendly.not to busy.very good price number one place to go no complaints


It was straight up awesome. Period.

dragon heart

On the road traveling outside the Pittsburgh area? Kids going bonkers in the car to let off steam? Midgets at home need some rec time? This is the place for them. Laser Maze. Laser tag. Train ride. Music area. Tunnels, mazes, and slides. Toddler area for your waddlers is fenced off so they aren't creamed by amped up bigger kids......snack bar. Arcade area. A bit of advice for management though.....don't charge more than $0.50 for ANY OF YOUR ARCADE GAMES. Nobody wants to pay the $1.00 you have on some of these games. A kid will pump in far more tokens at a lower price and their parents will let them. Most parents steer their kids clear of any game more than 50cents. A lower price increases play which increases profit. A higher price equals fewer plays. Although it might still fair ok, I think you'd get more in the long run. You ought to test it out. Fun place for the kids and parents can relax on benches or chairs or on padded seats if they have kids in toddler area. Secure exit so nobody can run off with your littles. More to do and better priced than that purple ape place that seems to get more expensive every time you visit.

K Major

Great place cheap for the little ones.

Bethany Walters

I was very skeptical about trying this place because the outside looks so sketchy. But, I was desperate to find something to do with my 2 year old on a snowy day. It wasn’t bad, clean and well maintained. The other kids were well supervised by parents. I wish that train wasn’t there though, because it was the only thing my son wanted to do and it wasn’t running at all, plus I was not going to pay extra for it.

Rishona Campbell family fun! There is a dedicated play area for babies and toddlers. My 2 year old and 1 year old twins played for hours! Lots of fun all around

Steve Toward

My kids have so much fun here.

Olivia Brown

Food was awful, service was terrible , left without anyone even checking us out. Very disappointed


Great place to go with the kids

Sheila Verbanic

Alyssa is an employee there and she assulted a toddler!!!!! Then when she was confronted she did nothing but laugh at the matter. Then then manager did nothing but just try to justify Alyssa’s actions. Not one apology was given! Seasbase apparently feels it’s ok to not only push and shove children but kneeing them in the face is ok too. What a nightmare of an experience. Reply: There were no tempers over riding a train. The only temper and horrible attitude came from Alyssa. No personal insults of any kind were stated on my end either. I even tried to talk about the situation after it occurred and was laughed at. Very unprofessional and very immature. Since you are a parent then you should know that something occurred that I was not okay with for me to get so upset so quickly! Rather than apologizing for the fact that I even felt that way, you keep justify the poor actions of your staff. As I said, we had a great time until this point (and have in the past) so i’m not sure what switch went off with the staff for the event to turn so nasty so quickly. It’s so disappointing that someone could treat a small child like that and you keep trying to support her actions. I wish to no longer communicate with such horrible human beings.

Mackenzie Mittereder

Great place for kids

Lauren G

Huge place and always fun

Marylouise Bittner

Fun for the kids. Need something for adults to do besides watching. No ideas on what--sorry

Kathryn Sheffler

Affordable and fun play that keeps the kids happy and active when. Great place to go when the weather doesn't cooperate.


Pretty chill. There mac n cheese was one of the best things I've ever put in my face.

Emily Lapisardi

Very impressed with the wide variety of activities here-- one of the few places my toddler son and 18 year old stepson can both have fun. Pizza wasn't good, but the rest of the experience was great!

JoAnn Stupka

If you want to take your child to a place where they can be abused by the staff and the complaint totally ignored by the manager then this is the place to go!!!!! Apparently if a child is too late to get on the train the staff member puts her knee in the child’s face to keep them in line and if you attempt to speak to the employee she just laughs so you take your complaint to the manager who defends the employee!! DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!!! I would rate this place a-5 but it won’t let you write a review without at least a one star !! DON’T put your children at risk!!!! STAY AWAY from Seabase Greensburg!!!!!

Jennifer Flahery

I really love this place to entertain my son and may be his favorite place to go. I would love to go again however, last time we were there eating by the bathrooms and noticed people were actually going into the bathrooms in their socks and than going back to the play areas. That really determines my thought of going there again. Especially my kid got sick a few days after. Since people have no common sense to put there shoes on before walking into a germ full place, maybe a sign on the bathroom door could help.

Hannah Gavazzi

Awesome place & cheap for kiddos to play! Definitely love taking my 4 year old to get some of his energy out during the winter months!

Carina Mendola

I take my son here all the time. Nice open area. Great tube playground. Good food selection, not just pizza. Arcade games are pricey.

ashley lynn

This is our first visit. At first I was shocked at how an employee yelled at another employee infront of other guests. The attitude of this staff member was unprofessional and inexcusable. HOWEVER, there was a young gentleman whom was tall and skinny with dark hair (I do not know his name) who was absolutely amazing. My son wanted to ride the train and he was more than willing to help us. He was full of smiles and just really had a great personality. Because of him I will be back for future visits. This location is clean and the kids seem to enjoy it. My only advice is that you need more employees such as this young man. As I felt he really cared about his job and enjoyed making my son happy.

Chris Daniels

It's nice having a place like this nearby. The only "negative" might be that the snack bar serves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so if you have a peanut allergy in your family, this can be an issue. It's only an issue since you never know if a little kid will sneak his sandwich into the tubes and smear peanut butter. SeaBase may want to consider going nut free. It would probably increase business since there are thousands of kids with nut allergies.


Great place to take the kids. Two 2 story play places. Food was good and not overly priced. Plenty for the grandkids to do.

Jennifer Gareis

Absolutely perfect for my 7, 3 and 18 month old!

Brian Clawson

Fun place for the kids and generally clean overall. A lot of of birthday parties are held here so it can get kind of crowded from time to time. The staff seems to be friendly overall and great with the kids. Fun place.

Stephanie Conaway

My daughter has an amazing time every time we come.

Maddie Hoffman

All employees were very nice and helpful

jaden calven

Always a good time

kyle holtzman

My toddlers love this place. Great value for the cost.


Our family loves Sea Base. The kids wear themselves out here every time and never get bored. We enjoy going on weekdays because it can get crowded on the weekends and a little bit hectic with so many kids climbing around. The food is always good and prices are affordable!


Family friendly fun and prices. Our 2-yr old grandson had a blast.

Donna Fox

Wonderful place for kids! The employees are very nice! Not to happy with the food! Our granddaughter loves Sea base!

John Grant

My son would come here every day if he could. Always a fun time and very reasonable.

Krista Marie

I tried to schedule my kid party here. Short staff!!! They falsely advertised!!! I used to take my kids here all the time!! The manager Ava was completely rude!!!!! I won't be coming here again!! I even offered to pay someone for the hour and a half!!!!! I would give a 0 starrr!!!!


Always good a place to bring your kids. Fun environment lots of activities.

Kevin Shanahan

The kids loved it! Excellent place to bring young kids.

Tonya McMillian

Awesome family place

David Flathers

Amazing last minute decision for the kids since it rained for our trip to Idlewild Amusement Park. For $8/per child, it was the absolute best two hours of fun for them to enjoy the playground equipment and grab some snacks that made the entire experience amazing for out of towners like us. Definitely think this business model should be established in every major city. Very affordable and fun for kids of all ages.

Carlos Gomez

Great place for kids!!

Nikolaus Hruska

Fun for all ages of kids. Our 1 year old loved it on our first visit. We'll definitely return soon.

Lynn Marzetti

Grandkids always have a great time.

Stephanie Seilhamer

Please for the love of God if your kid is sick keep them home. My toddler loves it absolutely loves it always getting ran down by bigger kids not being able to read the no running sign lol but it's a lot of fun for the family and only $8 a kid

chris schmidt

kids love it great price

Jimmie Dipasquale

I had a blast cause my kid doesn't like other kids he gets scared but he a so much fun so thats why I had a blast.

Barb Coomer

Just okay. The video games were expensive and a lot needed the attendant to fix. She was pleasant. The kitchen was very pricey and the lady working there needed a smile. Don't waste your money on the laser tag. It lasts 5 minutes. The playground area was nice but didn't seem too clean. My grandson is 8 and he said it was just okay. I was there a total of an hour and easily spent $25. I wish Kennywood was open, better value.

Chris G

Nice place for the kids to play, pretty big open area. They give you a bracelet and sticker with your name on it for you and your kid to wear, security measures could be a bit better. At least they have something in place though. Definitely recommend visiting with your kids, they will enjoy it.

Betty Shaw

First time going today with my 1 year old son. Overall we had fun in the toddler section, but there were a few rambunctious/aggressive children, injuring other children. Staff members were trying to get the situation under control, but the parents were nowhere to be found, so we left. There should be better regulations of parents supervising their children at all times, it's not the staffs duty.

Ashleigh O'Donnell

My kids love going here! It's always clean and the staff is friendly.

shawn mort

Bring back the ball pits!!! were a little upset they weren't there...a place like this, it's a must have. But anyways its awesome can't knock it down for that. Admittance affordable, food affordable, and an all around great time for small children. My kids love this place!

Robert Shaffer

Fun place to take the kids

Sleepy Sunflower

This is a great clean space for kids to play and have fun safely indoors! The staff is super helpful and nice! will definitely be going back for a long time!

kayla Tatters

This place is amazing my kids have fun everytime we go and there is plenty to do there and the food is good

Chantelle Lay

They do not come and tell the big kids not to play in the toddler area. There are all kids working there and maybe 1 adult. Babies and toddlers are almost getting trampled on because they're not abiding by the rules in the toddler area, of not playing over there. It ridiculous.

John Muto

Nice affordable place to take your children for a safe indoor play facility. Staff is very friendly and helpful

Amy Widlocher

It's ok the one girl that works there is so ignorant other that that my kids had fun

Tammy Snyder

Kids love it there. But there birthday parties r 2 rushed

Shazia Sheikh

Fun place for the kids when the weather is too bad for them to enjoy outside.

Courtney Noel

Great place for indoor activities for the younger kids. I Love the toddler area, makes it nice for the little ones and it's not as crazy and big. Overall, it's a very clean and maintained placw. Having the snack bar is also very nice for the kids working up an appetite. Good prices.

Melinda Benish

Neva having fun at Sea Base

Tonja Denny

Our kids LOVED IT. From 1.5 years old up to 7, they all had a blast and were totally wiped out afterward, just how we like em!

Samantha Lee

My kids were treated like garbage by a group of young workers. They wanted lollipops. The worker told them. They couldn’t have that many cause he didn’t want to count them. Trey was his name. The supervisor didn’t care. The young girl with the drawn on eyebrows had a very poor attitude and very ignorant. She didn’t want to count either. Trey let my children walk out the door without taking their wristbands. This place was complete white trash. I’ve never seen a business be ran so poorly in my life. The supervisor and owed should be ashamed. I will be filing every complaint I possibly can. The health department will love the complaint about their dirty kitchen with the mice... this place was dirty and rude. The way these teenage workers stood around with their poor attitudes is the reason or society is the way it is. The work ethic is very sad. Instead of hAving 4 workers Stabd begins a contest at a concession stand. And 6 workers by the door just looking at each other they could be cleaning the filthy bathrooms and tables maybe even clean all the booger’s off the tubes. Very sad Their parents should be ashamed of themselves and their children.

Samantha Lake

We always have a amazing time here. Had 2 birthday parties there so far. Very organized and friendly staff.

Cj Meyers

Nice place for your kids to enjoy a few hours or exercise and activities. Family owned and operated. Snack bar has reasonably priced food and drinks. We frequently stop here for our kids to have fun and interact with others.

David Scherer

Kids always have fun here, and generally safe to relax and let the kids run off some energy. Super affordable and reasonable hours for a last minute, or inclement weather place to take the kids. Loads of stuff for the kids to play on/in and some value-added activities for the older/adult kids.

Joe McClellan

Fairly priced for what you get, a few climbing/sliding structures, a toddler area, small arcade, and laser tag options. The food court looked adequate and the bathrooms were okay. A safe, fun place to spend a few hours.

Amy Grossman

Grandkids had fun. May even have next birthday party there. We had lunch and took a while, and some was cold. They need to post what time the train rides are . When the kids saw it going they wanted to ride it and we even got the tokens for it. Then when it stopped they said it be another half hour. Disappointed kids but they refunded our money. 4 stars because of the train.

april luffe

My son had a blast

Nichole Moon Child

I've been coming here since I was a child and always had so much fun. The first time we brought out little one she was 6 months old and it was a little to crazy for her just yet, however since bringing her back now that shes one I can say without a doubt this is still the best place around for toddlers and kids. I absolutely love the prices and the joy on my little ones face. We had a few bumps in the road, and I think they need to maybe manage how they put kids on the train a little better but weve been going every weekend for the past month now and we love it. Best thing was taking the ball pits out. Only thing I think needs changed is maybe managing the amount of older kids that really shouldn't be in the toddler area just for safety reasons, but that's on parents not the place its self. Will be back again this weekend. Thanks for awesome memories when I was a child and helping to create new ones with my child.

Ed Barnes

Great place for kids and reasonable prices. Good food too.

Ken Green

Was really nice. Place appears to be clean and well maintained. Sucks that we have to drive so far outside of Pittsburgh to avoid all the inner city crowd, but it's worth it.

Monte Costa

Great fun for the kids. Prices are reasonable

Richard Alloway

I haven't been to SeaBase in about a year (my wife usually takes our son while I'm at work), but we went last night and they have really updated the place! The arcade is now awesome, too! The only downside was that they currently have mini-golf torn down.

Brian Anderson

Great place for kids. They also have party rooms for birthdays

Tabitha T.

We love Seabase! It’s clean and fun for all ages! I love that adults are allowed to climb, slide and play with their kiddos too. The train is my daughter’s favorite!! It’s a wonderful rainy day (or any day) activity. We drive 45 minutes to visit Seabase and it’s so worth it. The daily price can’t be beat! Grab some friends and make the trip! I highly recommend Seabase!

Duane Shaffer

I had my sons 1st Birthday party here today and was pretty happy overall with everything. The only thing stopping me from giving 5☆ was the attitude and demeanor of the girl who was singing my guests in. I had numerous complaints from my guests about the girls attitude and the way she greeted or didnt greet my guests.

Jeffrey Mason

They rushed us out of a private birthday party room so they can put another party in there very packed very busy

Jeffrey Wilt

All that matters is that kids love it. The pricing is pretty reasonable. The staff could be better but you really don't need them for anything. Like I said. 5 stars because it's not badly priced and kids love it

Robin Davidson

Good for young kids. Lots of climbing equipment, new musical area for tots, a train ride, small arcade, party rooms, lazer tag (which I've never seen anyone play), a pool table, air hockey, and a cafe.

MaryBeth Brink

All 32 years of my life, I never heard of this place until a friend told me how it compared to our local spunky monkey! Though the appearance outside isn't over the top, the inside surpasses all of my expectations! I didn't have to break the bank to give my children a fun experience. I felt my children were safe considering no children are allowed to leave with an adult unless they have matching numbers similar to chucky cheese. I only got the chance to enjoy this with my girls but my son wants to check it out and that means we will be back again! I


Nice place to take children 3+ and up

Phyllis Kendall

My 20 month old granddaughter loved the toddler area. Lots of things to climb that were just her size. Her 10 year old big sister had fun too

Kerry McCarthy

Fantastic place to take the kids and let them run around. Lots of different activities for all different ages which is nice. One thing that can be annoying are older kids running into and out of the toddler area. I've had to intervene a few times to get them to stop to avoid a younger kid getting hurt. I've been to similar fun centers and they have more of a gated/single entry point to prevent bigger kids from roaming in and out. Something to consider!

Susan Case

It's a really nice place for kids. They r kinda inexpensive. 8 bucks for kids. Adults free. And the food is good.

Dave Blankenship

Great Cheap Place For Your Children To Have Outdoor Insideside Fun, Even Adults Feel Like Kids Again lol

Dylan VasQuez

Had a great time with our niece but I was a little surprised at how rude and uncaring most of the staff were. Maybe it will be different next time.

Kaitlyn Betler

This place is great for kids and when my son is playing in the tubes my daughter and I are in the baby play area. However, the 6 peoeple at the front desk that weren’t doing anything could have been monitoring the baby area a little better. The whole time we were in that area I had 12 and 13 year old running and jumping on my daughter in the ball pits. (Shes 1) please take care of your guests in this area better. It’s not far to the babies.

Clay Smith

Are your shots up to date?

Brad Clark

This was the second time we've been here. My daughter loves it and makes friends each time she's there. It's only $8 per kid and adults are allowed in free. Hell you can't even go to a movie for that price these days. They don't allow readmission but they do offer a pretty well stocked snack bar. Only negative is the price of the games in the game room and the cost of the prizes. Not a huge deal because I make sure my daughter knows we aren't there to play at the arcarde. Birthday parties are going on in the background, but they never seem to inhibit the other guests from enjoying the whole facility. Great place to let your kid burn off some energy and for you to keep your sanity.

Madison Oberholtzer

Good place to take kids. My son had fun. I would maybe recommend going in the morning. After a certain time it becomes insanely crowded and alot of people dont watch their older children who just trample over the younger kids.

David Gelotti

Nice place to go for parties only bad thing is me and my wife my kids walked right out the front door without anybody even around the front counter to check to make sure they were our kids

R Gilbert

My 2 year old loves this place.

Fred Hartley

Kids had a lot of fun.

Megan Wigle

Fun for kids. Wonderful toddler area and plenty of space and activities for older kids as well

Clocked Pro

Very affordable for birthday parties or just taking the kids for a day out. Clean a lot to do for children safety is a focal point for this place food games laser tag party rooms excellent place!

Tyler scott

My children love this place I also loved it when I was young nice to be around still the pizza there isn't the best but that's my opinion

Adrien Klins

Fun. Reasonably priced. Clean. Kids love it. They have party rooms. Arcade. Laser tag. Tubes. Train. Ball pit. Mini golf. Always fun never a disappointment. Wish they had more deals/coupons. Arcade is expensive.

Bern F

Fun for preschool and early elementary ages

Nicole D

Came here for a relatives birthday party. One of my first jobs years ago was at a place like this in New Jersey, so I know what a hard time it can be to work with a bunch of stressed out mama bears lol. The part host (Maggie? Maddie?) was great and the other staff all seemed friendly and new what to do and how to handle a crowd. Plus the kids had a great time and the place was pretty big with lots to do.

Lenny S

Great place for families. Train ride costs $2 per ride. I think it should be free, included with the price of admission.

Tim Kramer

Kids had a great time!

Louis Good

Good place for younger kids think under 10. Food was ok. My older child was born and disappointed so if you have a younger child and a preteen may not be the best place to spend a day with the family

OfficiallyTara 36

This place is great for kids and adults. Kids can run, jump, and just have fun. Adults can let their kids energy get out. They also have great food. It's a family place for everyone.

Colleen Stuchal

I took my grandson to Seabase. As always he had a great time.

Khloe Mospan

Kids have loads of fun!!

Sarah Lawson

My kids love this place. I just wish it were a little closer to us!

Ashley Jones

Great value for small families! I do wish they would have enforced the age limit in the toddler section.

Ted evangelista

Almost always a good time! Great place to let kids run n play in a safe environment.

Maloney Maloney

We had a great time until a worker intentionally put her knee to the face of my friend's 3 year old. My friend's daughter was trying to get on the train and when they were told they missed the ride her daughter didn't understand so she tried to go around the worker. The worker could have handled it way differently but choose to lift her leg and put her knee in the face of my friends daughter. My friend got upset but choose to walk away and then came back to clear the air on how things got escalated and the worker laughed at her. The manager came to talk them and of course he took sides with his employee. So no apologies were made nor did the employee have any remorse for either intentionally or accidentally kneeing a 3 year old in the face.

Florence smith

Food not that great.

Lauren Dodson

We brought our three year old and almost two year old. We’ve had the best time and have played for hours. The prices were so reasonable and we appreciated that the parents come in free. We will be back when we are in town! :)

Nathan Mountan

Food is not the greatest and over priced for what you get. The staff are all rude, lazy (on there phones) and unprofessional. We bought a train ride ticket and they said what time the train was going to be which ended up never happening. We decided we didn't want to wait and the staff were rude/arrogant about not giving us a refund for the train! I highly recommend not coming to the seabase in Greensburg ever!!

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