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The Light

Went there foe a friend's daughters' birthday party. Arrangements were good, staff is nice but you have to be fast to enjoy everything...we did not get any time to decorate the room. And cake cutting was very quick..they did not even bother to call/wait for the bday girl's parents to stand beside her so that she can blow the candles and cut the cake with them. I mean, they wrap it up really fast. Best for the people who just want an 2 hour in-out small bday bash.

Dan Miksch

Great place for a birthday party-definitely thought the glow party and laser tag options were great. Biggest complaint was the lunch portion--didnt think the employees did a good job of getting the food out quickly to the kids/keeping it moving. We had a large party, so perhaps they we're just understaffed.

Regina Brooks

It was wonderful for the children but I think they should have more time for gifts opening. I do recommend food for the adults.

Bob Meer

We had a 5 year old birthday party here. The staff was very well organized during the different phases of play and food. Everyone had fun. We were kind of rushed out at the end and didn't get all of the leftover food we paid for, but that was the only negative.

rodgers 1252

I used to work for this facility for 8 months. The first 5 or 6 months it was fine until they hired a new manager. She is annoyingly controlling and nags all the customers. Even though being trained this manager was the worst. She never made staff clean properly. The bathrooms are disgusting, the party rooms are dirty, and all the inflatables have caked on layers of dust on top of them. The staff there is overworked and always unhappy. Even worse the general manager is always in a bad mood and interrupted party’s to yell at staff members. She is also very rude to customers and staff. Nobody likes her. If you were to have a party here then it will not be fun as staff is always unenthusiastic. Do not have your party here this place is terrible.

John Dayton

Great fun for the kids. Nice staff.

Aaron Ecks

Great place for children party. The host was great too.

Flavia Ambrose

I had my son's 2nd birthday here. The pizza was really bad and tasteless. We spent almost $100 or more just for the pizza and it was not at all satisfactory!! WASTE of money

Sarha Mavrakis

Mariya M

Ibidunni Osundare

Alissa D'Auria

Super fun, clean, and well organized!

rakesh g

Jason R

Great for birthday parties.

Joseph Carter

Pretty cool spot for kids. They occasionally have PNO.

Chatter Jabber

mazel tov...! my godson was ecstatic after his party. best experience in town without a doubt. party was priced well. seems like everyone around is scrambling to do their party here and despite how busy this place is, they manage to keep everything together. adults and children had a great time. as we left the party, it didn't hurt to see a few washington redskins payers there to attend a teammate's kid's party. they were nice enough to sign a few autographs for my godson. i highly recommend this place.

Trish Thompson

Great for kids parties!

Amanda Thomason

Amy Ibrahim

I had my son's 6th birthday party at this place and it was great. This year I decided to have his 7th birthday party there as well. It was the worst ever. The new management team are not professional. Th general manager was rude even from the day I was booking for the party. Th cake was HORRIBLE, It was ugly birthday cake. The staff was helping in the party was not good at all. I asked for the photos as I did last year, But this time, the shots was the worst, not only that, I they didn't include our cake photos, instead they uploaded photos from a girl's party!!!!!! I am still trying to follow up with them since last week of Feb 2015, almost a month!!! I don't recommend this place in Leesburg..

Rachel DiMauro

Karina Baeza

Jon Setliff

This place has some great bounce houses and slides for kids to play on. However, when there for a kids party, the access to the rooms seemed to go by very fast. And Elsa looked a little creepy...

Vivien Tran

My daughter had a great time here for her birthday. The only problem I had was that I was told that 2&under and 12+ were free when booking the party, I even triple asked (three different people) and received the same answer BEFORE putting down a deposit; but when it came down to it - they charged those ages. I did mention this to them and they honored the under 2's but they charged me for two 15 year olds & two 12 year olds at a 3-year old birthday party. I'm not cheap, but I was under the impression that they were free and felt they should have honored their word as it was their mistake.

Family LLP

Amazing time... Love how your party play time is not mixed in with the public like a Monkey Joes.

Toxic Pig

Jeff Peshoff

Beverly Greene

Went to a 5 year olds birthday party. The children had fun, the party was organized so the children can experience each room and activities.

Monique Moore

Great experience with the grand girls... They totally enjoyed themselves and wore themselves out!

Jackie Etienne

Birthday parties here are always a blast

Divya Jayaprakash

They have two activity rooms With good games and friendly staff. I was here for a kids birthday party, but even we adults enjoyed a lot. Adults are allowed on most of their attractions. Everything was well organized, shift from one room to other was smoothly done. In the last room refreshments were arranged for. Their staff served all the kids. Overall management was good.

Kimberly Pratt

Came with my two kids on a Monday afternoon. Not too busy and the staff was amazing! They played with the kids.

Chris Waldron

Love pump it up. One of the most fun bounce places we have been to. It seems all the kids birthday parties are here now vs other places in ashburn/sterling/leesburg. Pretty awesome spot and staff works well with the kids and parents.

Taylah McMillan

Anderson Davis

Ali Siddiqui

This pump it up is seriously the best one that I've ever been to. The new owners are amazing! I had my son's birthday party here, and they did a phenomenal job. The kids had a blast and wanted to stay longer. The staff is super nice, and I will keep bringing my son here for many many years. The previous owner didn't do a good job at all, but these new owners go above and beyond to make your party perfect! THANK YOU!!

John Heddleston

Lots of fun for the (young) kids. Attended a birthday party here and it was well organized. Plenty for the little ones to do and each bounce "arena" has different activities so they don't get bored.

Vishnu Pilli

Venkata parimi

The ambiance is clean & equipment are in good condition. The reason for giving the rating is for three reasons. Children who haven't played are also counted for, even after mentioning to exclude them at the front desk. Second reason being that the attendants are indifferent ex. while cutting the cake, to our surprise the cake was not offered to cut by the Birthday girl, as they just brought the cake to blow the candles (from the side of girl), took away for distribution. In retrospective, It was so funny how it could be done. They brought back the cake only when we insisted for it. Most of the group photo for all the kids were taken without the birthday girl. If you are planning to have a part,y, be prepared to followup with the attendants at every step of the party.

Brynn Harrison

They do a great job with kid parties here. Best value for the money and the kids love it!

Andrew Bruckschen

Although the atmosphere is very clean and friendly, they do not have an reserved for younger kids. They do allow the child to play but not to take part in any actual jumping. Still though I will go back.

Sofia Kalaitzakis

Very nice and clean

Barb Forgach

I just picked up my children from the hourly drop to find out the craft was a religious project. I was never told religion was part of this camp and I do not understand why they would push religion at a bouncing place. It is very inappropriate and disappointing.

Jay C

The staff is kind and super helpful - they take care of everything! It is very convenient for busy families. Our boys and their friends loved the birthday party there!!

Daniel O'Brien

Lee Charlton

Anna Leitch

Had my son’s birthday here 2 days ago, absolutely wonderful!! The service was incredibly, my son and all his friends had a wonderful time. They accommodated my last minute changes and adds in with zero complaints and a lot of grace. My son’s best friend ran up to him and said “next year on your birthday, please hold it here again, it was AMAZING”. Truly a wonderful time was had by all the kids and most of all the birthday boy!!! Made my life a million times easier! THANK YOU

Kati Lunceford

The place is nice for kids under 6. The price was on point with it being smaller than other places. Strange set up with 2 separate areas for play, but both areas are not open at the same time.

Hyejin Jo

This place needs a training for their staff how to run it safely. Without it, your kids would need a luck not to get hurt.

Chips with Salsa

This place is doo doo

Edward Apsey

Tire the kids out while I go have drinks for Parent's Night? Yessir.

Sam Milloy

Rip Leesburg pump it up.

Sumer Jabri

Lousy service, good fun for the kids.

Ojus Bathla

Ryszard Sieradzki


Lisa Fiumara

We had our son's 4th Birthday party here and we were blown away by the service, staff and the experience at Pump It Up. The rooms were very spacious for everyone and clean. Staff was so friendly and attentive. Having the private rooms were very important to us as some of these "bounce house" places have hundreds of kids in their facility. Our party was together the entire time and had a blast. The detail they put into this party was phenomenal! We highly recommend Pump It Up!

Kristen Wood

Marquelle Adkins

Fun place for birthday parties.

Adam Bartelt

Kids had an awesome time

Alice Foresti

Not much to do except bounce. It is a nice environment, though.

Ron Reinhardt

My 5-year old loved the "free jump" which cost only $10 for an hour and a half. The guards were attentive, well-trained and kept the children safe without spoiling their fun. Seemed clean and cool on a hot, code orange summer day. Recommended.

Jocelyn Rivera

Raj Etta

Saidi Mchumo

Brian Carr

Had a large joint birthday party here. Kids had a great time and everything went very smoothly.

Wayne Cmiles

Grandson had his birthday party here. Very organized. I didn't see how the staff expected the 5 and 6 year olds to actually watch the safety video. The kids had fun, the staff kept the kids in line and did it such that no one's feeling got hurt and everyone had a great time. I do suggest having your party there early so after its' over the kids and you have the rest of the day to recover and get other things done. Also, later in the day the air gets a bit stuffy from all the bodies running around. Nice mix of things to do and the party room at the end was a nice place for everyone to gather and get ready to go home.

Priscilla Goldman

The girl at the front when we came in yesterday for Glow Jump seemed annoyed by the use of my pass and became very short with me, which at first made me a bit bothered. When we went inside though, one of the employees in the room with us named Jeremy was doing so well with my son and all of the other kids that I felt much better almost immediately. He was running around and playing with the kids, engaging them. My son adored him, kept him busy the whole time we were there, and gave him a hug when it was (reluctantly) time to go. This is above and beyond any staff I have seen at this sort of facility, and I wanted to make sure he knew he was appreciated.

Joel Zamboni

Rahul Lokare


Good place for kid's party. Make sure they don't push you through the rooms and time the playing time accordingly. Limited staff so be aware.

Amber Tomasch

Fun place for birthday party

Yuliana Castillo


Vijay Sale

Nice place for kids party

Claudia LaFreniere

Just celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday at this location and overall it was a pleasant experience. I read some pretty bad reviews before making the reservation, so I suppose my expectations weren't terribly high. To begin, the reservation process went pretty smoothly. The girl who took my info was very polite and thorough over the phone. I ordered the Deluxe Package for 15 kids. One thing I will say is that the amount of food that is included in the package is not sufficient for the kids and the adults. I ended up having to pay about $100 over the package price in order to have sufficient food for all the guests - keep that in mind! They did call me a week before my party in order to get the food order completed. The day before the party, a few guests said they weren't going to be able to make it, so I called Pump It Up to ask if they could remove one of the pizza orders. The girl on the phone said she would take care of it, however, the day of the party I learned that she had not removed it and the extra pizza had been ordered!! Brianna, the manager was very gracious about it and said that since it was their mistake she would not charge me for it. Our staff personnel were a boy named Brooks and a girl named Elizabeth. Overall they were nice and accommodating. They weren't super peppy and engaging with the kids, but I didn't mind. One of the girls took pictures of the kids at party which were later displayed in the party room. I thought this added a nice touch to the party, even though the quality of the pictures weren't great (many of them were blurry). You were then given the choice to purchase the pics for $20. Even though the quality wasn't great we purchased the pictures anyways since the ones we took on our phones didn't come out too well due to the dim lighting in the bounce rooms. The age range of the kids at our party was from 2-5 yrs old and there was something for everyone to do. The play area (which consisted of two separate rooms) was a success with the kids. When we got to our party room, things were a little less orderly. I think the staff was still trying to figure things out. The plates and cups had not been set up for all 15 kids, so there were kids who had no food and drinks, while other had already started eating. Then the ice cream cake was starting to melt because it had been sitting out too long. I asked if they could put it in the freezer until it was ready to be served and they did. Overall, I just got the impression that they didn't really know how to handle this aspect of the party as well as the play area. They seemed confused and unsure of themselves, which meant that I had to get more involved. The pizza and chicken fingers were really good. They are catered by Manhattan Pizza. The ice cream cake was also tasty, but the decoration fell short. I was told that they would do a Curious George theme on it and there was nothing on the cake that had a theme. Fortunately, I had brought some Curious George candles with a George figurine, so my daughter was happy. If I had not brought that with me, I would have been upset. One recommendation we have for Pump It Up is to have some soft music playing in the party rooms. The atmosphere was a bit blah for us without music. The two hours seemed to fly, and they really try to keep you moving because of the other parties that follow. So when they say 2 hours, it really is 2 hours - not a minute longer. So make sure to inform your guests, especially those that tend to run fashionably late. We had a few arrive late and I felt bad because their kids missed time in one of the party rooms. I know it sounds like a lot of things went wrong, but they were minor in the grand scheme of things. My daughter and her friends had a blast, and that's what mattered most to us.

Mona C

PROS: The 3 stars are for the service and the way the play/ party time works. Liked the fact that they take pictures (not quite well shot though) and share it with you and the guests in the party room. The facility was clean and kids' hands sanitized, like most of the other places, before play and food. The party room is good size. CONS: COMPLETELY LOSES ON VALUE. This is definitely not the place for you if you would like to have a better spread for your guests (even just the pizza for that matter is over-priced!). The GOODIE BAGS looked and turned out to be way below average and didn't have Pump It Up name on them either. Seemed like a very cheap product. This is the first time I purchased goodie bags onsite and I probably will not do so again. I went to Kidz Plaza in Ashburn last time which was pricier than this place but I actually ended up spending less than I did here, with a much better spread that I could arrange myself (KP allows you to get nut-free food from outside. They don't rip you off on the food!) and 2.5 hours of private party time (irrespective of Fri/Sat/Sun). A much better value. They were full when I tried to book so had to look elsewhere. Next time, will book in advance. I personally will not consider pump it up for my parties again, but I would recommend to someone who is looking for a very BASIC level of service and some fun for the kids.

Stephanie Sams

Our party attendant was Awesome.

Adi Nasir

Very clean

Doris Jaico

Sean Smith

Robyn Tinkham

My 4 yr old had a blast will come again

Boney Hampson

Saba Ahmed

Nzoputa Afulezi

The children had fun!

chris westbrook

Pretty awesome with the exception of getting moved from area to area should just be able to stay in one area before or after food!

Josh Kandies

I've taken my kids to two birthday parties. Very well organized and a lot of fun for the kids.


It's cool for young kids

Jason DeLorenzo

Sam Majidi

Matt Tabler

Mary Adams

Fun Place for Children & Big Kids

Pavan Jain

Clean facility, friendly staff, good for kids birthday party who like to jump on the bounce.

Josh Roof

Only allow free play at certain times amd without asking the age of my daughter said she was too yiung to I have a crying toddler in my car that only wanted an opportunity to play. Will not be back.

Talib Ali

Great place to take your children!! Awesome place for birthday parties as well!

Stephanie Walker

Such a fun place to go for a party!

Vikram Santhanam

Margaret Apsey

Great but a little overpriced.

Tarryn Quinlan

Kristen Tapia

We had a truly wonderful and impressive party here today! The entire planning process was so easy, from start to finish. I was particularly impressed with the professionalism of our young helpers, Andrew and Morgan, who did literally everything to ensure we had a great time. I especially appreciated their subtle and polite approach to communicating all of the event steps throughout the party but how concietious they were to not be bothersome so that I could relax, play with the kids and socialize with parents. I always knew what was happening next, but never felt overwhelmed with having to make any decisions (an enormous help when playing host!) Tenea, the manager, clearly does a fantastic job running the operations at this facility and she was a total pleasure to work with on the phone and in person. It was a delightful birthday party for my daughter and we will most definitely come back!

Keyia Lewis

Abdul Khan

Wesley Calayag

Great place to host birthday parties and let kids burn off their energy

Essence Brown

Clean and organized.

Richa Gupta

This place is little overrated. Divided in four parts. Front reception, bounce zone and then dark neon zone, party room. Reception, very boring and non interactive. Bounce zone looked like overused and was only half filled bouncy. It looked really bad coz of low filled bouncies. Next is neon zone, which was good. Kids had gud time. Slide there is way too high for kids under 7. Party zone has a chair for birthday kid ( old looking n scratched). Staff was not interactive with kids at all. Guy there was rude to kids. Food served was okok (3/5). The whole experience looked like a boring in and out of a play area.

Venkat Pathipati


Excellent place for Parent's night out and birthday parties.

Tiffany Epley

Tony Reese

Shubhra Gupta

Kids always enjoy when they go to pumpitup. New facility, nice and clean

Karen James

Best staff. Kids have fun and so do the grown ups. Staff always had smiles and kept it safe. Go for sure with or without kids.

Danielle Anderson

Great set up but staff members who were monitoring the children were not paying attention; on their phones and flipping off equipment.

Dan Wesely

Kids loved it, lots of bouncing options

mady Johnston

Sambit Misra

Nice place for daughter loved the place.

Ralph Wall

My Son Rated 5 Stars!

Avalamanda Satish

Good place for kids parties. The parties are organized very well and the staff is very good.

Carlos Manotas

lavanya m

Jacob Moore

Kids have fun here but it's really expensive.

khalid beg

Awesome place to take kids! Very friendly staff. Great for birthday parties

Scott Marks

Laia Rovira

Mohammad Hassaan

Donald McCleary

Great place. Highly recommend this venue for parties and entertainment for kids.

Rebecca Paolilli

Celebrating my daughter's 4th birthday party. Their services are superb. Ryan and Mariam where wonderful. Well coordinated.

Feebs Brathwaite

a guy 2 but it's freaking bad

Jake Robinson

monica peshave

I had my sons Bday party here. The 30 mins play time in both Arenas were good but the last 45 mins were too less for all kids to eat, cut the cake, giving the return gifts. The fruit bowl was not good at all. Adults hardly got anytime to eat , they packed up pizzas, cake, drink and other stuff while we were eating and literally asked us to pack up and leave. Was not satisfied after spending so much money!!

Sherine Wright

Et General

Lovely place for children to have fun. Great for kids birthdays

Brandon Landas

Kids had a blast. Fun place. Service was great this year

G Gudavalli

Srikanth Yalavarthi

Small place with not many activities

Sabrina Turner

Not too bad kind of over crowded when waiting for party

Brian B

Kids had a blast. Great staff.

Antonis Reese

alex emerson

This place is amazing for kids birthday parties. It has giant moon bounces, and games for kids to play. A safe, and secure area to ensure your kids can't wonder off amongst big groups. It's affordable, and in a good location. Staff members are kind, and helpful. The place is always kept clean.

Joseph Gardner

Okay place. A little hectic with limited staff supervising.

Joshua Daniels

sascha wilson

Not enough Toys and they kind of push you trough...

Ananth Namburi

Good place for kids to have fun.

Ricardo França de Araujo

Kids had some fun , but there is absolutely no infra for parents.

Hay Rodrigues

Minha filha foi em um aniversário e adorou. Na parte da espera é muito agradável também. Tem coisas que pode comprar para lembrancinhas foi bem legal.

Philip Cowgill

Shanta Foreman

Love this place to employees are wonderful wonderful wonderful

Rav M

Not that great. They need to work towards the entry point. Was difficult to get to the location.

Rene T

Do not recommend the camp. Kids asked please to not go back.

Radhesh Gollapudi

For small party’s

Stephanie Jackomis

The staff was wonderful and guided us to a successful party. It was expensive so this is not a way to save money.

Fran I

We went to a birthday party here. Staff was super friendly, place was clean. It felt like we were in the rooms too little time but I was distracted so that tends to make time go faster. I’ve seen better endings but I think the birthday girl and other kids had a great time and that’s what’s important.

Flor Fuentes


Sheria Newkirk

Alexander Manea

Great place to take your kid for Parents Night Out!@@

Mio EG

Karmen DiProjetto

Fun for the kids, but way to fast paced for the price for parties

Melody Prochazka

Hitesh R Bhambhani

I had my daughters 2nd B’day party here. The 30 mins play time in both Arenas were good. They tracked the time well in the Arenas.. But the last 45 mins were too less for all kids to eat, cut the cake, giving the return gifts. The pizza was cold when we got at the party. At literally 12 mins before last 45 mins they came to ask to cut the cake. In that 10 mins we had to cut cake, serve and eat as well. We hardly got anytime to eat the cake, they packed up pizzas, cake, drink and other stuff while we were eating and literally asked us to pack up and leave. The 2 staff managing our party were unsupervised high school kids, who were not there for serving the kids after the 1st round of eating. They were not helpful at all and did not handle last 45 mins well. We did not have time to even distribute the balloons and say bye to the guests. We were not satisfied after spending so much money!! A very bad experience overall. We will never host any future events there!!

Mike Newbold

My kids have a great time here! The staff is awesome.

Matthew Sharpe

Went to this location for a party. Plenty of space for about 20 kids to comfortably run around in. Staff was friendly, equipment appeared clean and well maintained. Hassle-free for parents and nice size party rooms (2) for hosting. There are two separate arenas that kids get 30 minutes each in with their own unique inflatables for fun. Only complaint would be that the "wind machine" when paying for a party only includes a certain amount approved for use; otherwise, you have to pay for it. For paying for a party, you should get unlimited use of the's a wind machine.....


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