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Where is New River Gorge National River?

REVIEWS OF New River Gorge National River IN West Virginia

Peter Zupinski

This is our second trip to this area. We are whitewater rafting fans and this river is great fun for relaxing full day whitewater experience. Water is always warm in late summer and spacing between rapids gave us plenty opportunities to swim with the current. Highly recommend.

kelleigh miller

An amazing array of experience are available here. Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting, Trail Running. It's Almost Heaven

Alexis Barone

It's stunning. The park is well maintained and the Park Rangers are awesome and extremely knowledgeable. Great rock climbing routes for all levels.

Christopher Mosley


Larry Wigal

Most beautiful place on Earth

Seraphim Dawn

There is a lot of beautiful land to explore in this gorge. From top to bottom history and beauty.

joshua owens

My happy place

Charles Ellison

Great times

Teresa Donohoe

Good place to visit

Jason Adkins

Terry beach was clean, beautiful and very well taken care of and respected by prior visitors. The sand was so nice I had to get bare foot. The other visitors we ran into were all smiles and waves but minded their own business. Great place to spend nice summer days.

AJ Reissig

Great scenic river, lots of outdoor stuff to do. Hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, climbing, and tons of local history.

Sarah Auxier


Scott Kamins

Always a great time

Anthony Duke

This area is perfect

Elizabeth Koontz

Live here at edge of Gorge. So beautiful n see all wild animals so peaceful

Randi Muck

Breathtaking...terrible drive

chris cardwell


Stud _ Life

Very beautiful place to visit with the family ... Note- bring bug spray and sneakers.

Helen Coynor

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! You can schedule kayaks, rafting and hiking all in one day. An amazing example of the power of nature and water.

Sheikh R

A must place to go if You're visiting that town.

Seth Huston

Always a great time and exciting trips down the rapids! Highly recommend a whitewater rafting trip!


Really.. people rate the river??

Marie J Hatter

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Kevin Carpenter

Awesome scenery

Alan Booth

This is a beautiful trail

Dan Allman

Very little infrastructure in some areas, but it's part of the experience. Be ready for windy roads!

14U 14U

Nature at its best.

Michelle Bove

This place is one of the most beautiful places in the entire United States. It is absolutely breathtaking! I have been coming here since 1976 before the bridge was even finished and I never miss a summer that I don't come down and walk the trails and see the gorgeous views. White water rafting down the river is an awesome experience. I love Wild and Wonderful West Virginia and my grandchildren will see the beauty this state offers. New River Gorge is a must see!

Nate Everidge

Went for the weekend to climb. Pretty novice climber but there was a great mix of routes everywhere. Bridge buttress was a great spot with pretty awesome views. Would recommend Zag. It was a 5.8 that was definitely worth. A little crowded at all the spots. I've seen some complaints about Bubba City but I had a great time. Met a lot of friendly people and also had a great mix of routes. Would not reccomend staying at the climbers campground. Fires weren't allowed and it wasn't very sociable. For me it wasnt what I was looking for but they did have very clean restrooms and shower. Definitely looking forward to going back. Pictures are from the visitors center.

Amy Baker

Stunning landscape, beautiful views, awesome people

Cynthia Scott

Great it is a beautiful place to stay

The Polish Bear

A fantastic place for adventures

Roger McKinney

Beautiful always

Karina Stephens

Awesome trails and an amazing experience. Be sure to check out the Endless Wall Trail and Long Point Trail. Both were excellent and an easy enough, yet long, hike. Seeing the river from the cliffs on the top of the mountain was breathtaking. You can even hear the excited shouts of the white water rafters below. I hiked for miles and took hundreds of photos. The Endless Wall Trail had climber's access options with paths beneath ladders. Unforgettable experience and area in West Virginia. There's so much to do, day or night, for people of all ages.

M Davis

Lovely area

Mike K

Great climbing and rafting!

Desiree Woodworth


Zachary Gray

Definitely worth a stop.

John Akery

One of the most beautiful places on Earth

Chuck Dawes

Beautiful scenery, piece & quiet

Dave Cortright

Rafting the lower new with Adventures on the Gorge was a truly fantastic experience. Also did the hike down the steps for a view of the bridge and a short forest loop across the highway from the visitor center.

Gregory Stiller

I was impressed with the Rangers. So sweet and much information. Made my 2000 miles journey worth while. Thank You.

Mate Lovrincevic

Beautiful place

Jennifer Riley

I feel in love with New River Gorge! It has so much history and nature to offer. Perfect for the person that likes history, nature and all kinds of adventures! We did the Bridge Walk offered y the outfitters to the left of the Rim visitor center! I was not disappointed!

Rosie toler

Ive to at meet its the most beautiful place ive visit in awhile I love everything that it as to Alfred from fishing and camping out and enjoy the great views of the seen its a great place to different enjoy time with family and friends

shane bolding

Is almost heaven ..

Margaret Brown

Our State offers an abundance of outdoor activities to anyone who loves outdoors. It's beautiful and majestic. Highly recommend it.

Andrew Brown

There's like this giant bridge. It's awesome dude.

Joseph Glenn

Beautiful and stunning River. I saw it from the Amtrak which follows alongside it all the way down. Best part of the trip.

Shaun Maynor

Simply Beautiful

Saybella White

A beautiful place to be on a Sunday Funday, absolutely gorgeous and a great place to take photos.

Richard Pack

It is Almost Heaven.....

Eugene Lanham

Great ride beside the great new River real nice

quintin reynolds

This is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in a long time . The sensory at the this national park is breath taking not to mention the rafting was quite the experience also.

jimmy neal

If you like the outdoors go

Chris Honaker


P Baxter

You have to put this on your bucket list.....

Richard Harvey

Always enjoy seeing the river.

Donald Jarrett

Awesome place to and enjoy the views

Jason Wells

Very pretty.

Bryan Browning

We hiked a couple of miles down Glade Creek Trail. New River Gorge is beautiful and this trail is an easy way to enjoy it. Take in Kate's Falls too.

Samuel Stanley

I can't wait to go back next year, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited

Debi Jumper

I love this place! It has beautiful views! Inside there is a small Museum that tells the story of early Miners, history af the river, and the making of the bridge! I visit this place every year, Bridge Day weekend!

Arthur Johnson

Great view scenic trails lots to see including bridge walk

Isaac Kasem

Nice place

Odie Mongeni

The Welcome Center was nice. The man at the Center was very informative. I really liked the natural woody look around the Center. Bathrooms were clean.

Brendan Calvert

Good views

Casey Sherman

So many things to do! Rock climbing, hiking, rafting and great food in the area. Well worth a go!

Sydney Pelaez

Beautiful would recommend to everyone!

Lisa Cameron-Plumley

Beautiful short hike. We love our gorgeous state.

Hal M

Great place!

Angela Green

Beautiful is all that needs to be said.

Zack Scott

Execellent for all adventure seekers

Jon Balter

What a great place to white water

Ben Brown

With All My Heart..With Everything That I Am...Cant Count All The Times...That I Missed You...There's Been Way To Many Days...That I Looked Into The Sky...And Wished I Could Hold You Now...Then I Hang My Head With A Tearless Sigh...Love You More Now...Theres Nothing Deeper Than A Tearless Sigh...Then I Did The Day Before...Cause My Dear Butterflys Are Free To Fly

kevin Just

Best rafting on the east coast.

Billy Lee

Beautiful facility

Seniru Senarathne

It's a beautiful natural river. But it is not same as Kithulgala river.

Todd Goetz

Best outdoor experiences in the eastern United States! Everything you could want Outdoors, it's all here.


Nice trails

Michael Hyman

Fantastic place for whitewater rafting on class 4 and 5 rapids. Been here twice and each experience was awesome. The experience is so much fun and the guides are the best. They will truly make your experience so much more if you are personable and respectable. Remember to tip your guides, its the right thing to do!

Brian Quintana

Extremely beautiful, must see place! There is everything here! Hiking, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, water theme park, history, awesome eateries, pet friendly cabins, and much more. We will definitely be back soon!

Nicole Asbury

Beautiful place with great restaurants that a hidden gems

William Miller

Have rafted many of the rivers in the US, and I think the New River Gorge in October is one of the best.

Kris R.

Where I learned to Trad climb.


Has to be by far one of the most beautiful places in America. Lots to do and see when you are here, expect to be here for at least 2 maybe 3 days to see most everything.

Brian Hart

Great day great river this time of year

Adam Gach

Beautiful out doors. It is like nothing else. You just got to get out there.

Roger Hartley

Nice unspoiled area at Sandstone Falls. Easy to get to from Hinton due to nearly completed upgraded road. Kayak fishing for smalles is great fun. Unparalleled scenic beauty, you may catch a glimpse of an Eagle.

Chad Cecil

Great fishing,awesome whitewater,very scenic

Pamela Stroman

Fishing not so good, watch out for snakes

Malissa Webb

ALWAYS a great experience especially for nature lovers alike!! Saw baby bunnies baby possum deer and 3 adorable baby racoons!!

Chelsea Pleasants

My favorite place in the world!

John Rogers

Great views from the observation decks. Well maintained.

Clinton T.

So beautiful. The bridge is simply a marvel. If you can get a group together to do some white water rafting the river is great for it!

Dominic O'Sullivan

Great for white water rafting

Henry Jones

Always quite, peaceful and beautiful!

Keith Stevens

A beautiful and relaxing park!

Michael McCordy

Beautiful place to visit ! Wonderful views or the gorge, bridge and surrounding mountains ! You must see the small waterfalls at the Kaymoor trail. It isn't a far walk from the road at all.

Jeff Woolyhand

beautiful breathtaking scenery

Art Taylor

My favorite place to go in the state

Edward Webb

Always a good place for me to find beauty and peaceful

Robin Baker

So many hiking trails,rafting,zip lines. Also plane tours.Many outfitters to suit your needs.

Kathy Sheaffer

Very pretty scenery winding roads through lush forest, mountains, and small villages

00420 MetalHead Jimmie

Magnificent, impressive and Beautiful

Margee Moore

Must do! Here is a hidden secret. This place is not over-touristed! The river is protected and isolated. You must have a guide to raft it as it contains some category 5 rapids. It was a thrill. We saw old ghost towns too that are deserted towns that got mined-out leaving behind shells of foundations. The boulders are ancient and the rolling hills gorgeous. Perfect for families with kids over 9! Teens will love it.

John Mueller

A beautiful part of West Virginia. Great hiking, white water rafting, scenic views, and nature.

Lori Lynn

Its a fast food restaurant

Amon Stanley

The most beautiful place on Earth

Jimmy Fleshman

It's just a great place to go and get away with the family

Marc Cahill

Very scenic destination... Worth the trip!

kelly velez

Views for days! If you love nature go check it out!

Robert Webb

Serenity,beauty none compromised, peaceful,mind clearing.

Vida Horsfield

This is a great place to visit if you enjoy being outside. Many trails to explore the area. We've been there several times and always had great time.

2348pinewood Malone

Nice trails leading out to the cliffs.

Roscoe clay parts of things

You get you a bluegill cast it in wait a bit and bam channel cat city

Amber Bittle

Beautiful. Great place to go sight seeing. I would recommend it to anyone who's never been. It's not some where you want to go multiple times unless you just pass through often or if you live in the near by area. But it's great in the fall.

Colleen Urbancic

Beautiful place to be!! Be prepared for the stairs to climb back up. 170 stairs just about. Gorgeous views! Would like to have more time to spend here next time.

Kokina Simon

Beautiful Scene

Zane Elliott


Mitchell Richardson

Great little hike

James Williams

Beautiful place, but it was much nicer before the park service seized it.

Heather Buntin

Fun place to go out on the river in a calm area. Really beautiful and peaceful out there.


This place is absolutely breath taking. So beautiful! Some of God's greatest work.

Erik Cederberg

Beautiful area, and trying some whitewater rafting on the river was a very nice activity.

Logan Keffer

Its a huge gorge with a beautiful view very high

WV Adventures

Heaven on Earth

Albert Stoddard

Awesome place for the kids

Kathy McCall

Beautiful. Lots of photo opportunities.


Worthy of going back

Stephen Smith

If you love the outdoors then this is the place for you!!!!!

Fred Dimmick

Highly recommend it! Whether in the area or making a special trip it is definitely worth seeing!

RaeAnna Kirsch

What a fantastic hike and beautiful outlooks. It was amazing to see.

nathan trout


LeeAnn Price

Beautiful scenery!

Randy Kincaid

Best National Park in the nation hands down!!

Gerry Ram

Decending the first ladder was a little intimidating but it was very fun. Seems that I remember going down the ladders as much as the wonderful views.

Ginny Smith

Beautiful is all I can say.

Sara Brubaker

Majestic beautiful and peaceful.

Ireland Bateman

Warning 1 way road on most of it very curvy and bumpy and dont adive trucks.

Christopher Boggs

The bridge and the recreational area are very nice. Whitewater rafting is awesome. I loved it.

Ashleigh Bailey

Very beautiful place to go and collect your thoughts!

Chet Clough

Best place to visit on a low budget

Billy White


George Feamster

Great place to go relax and catch some fish!!!

Sam Jackson

Very cool to come down for bridge day


Beautiful country! A great place to live!

Randy Murphey

Pretty good visitors center with boardwalks to bridge views and picnic tables.

Denise Burgett

This is such a beautiful place and I highly recommend it to anyone

Mark Pesnichak

Stunning beauty

Chaps Benfield

Such a cool place

Cecil O'Dell

For those of u who have never been here u need to come see this place and enjoy it from fishing,rafting,hiking, biking,walking,rock climbing and giving yourself and ur children a experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives and they will always want to come back..Come join us in God's country !!!!

someone else

Delicious. Fresh tomatoes!


Beautiful!!! Everyone should visit here if you're in the area

Jonathan Silverman

Go here. Incredible fun and amazing to see. Great road trip. You will have fun. Go, now!

Thomas Lichtenberg

Beautiful place

John Sollenberger

Seemed like it was a great area for doing outdoor activities we stopped at the visitor center and it was very entertaining

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