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REVIEWS OF Kid's Choice Sport & Fun Center IN West Virginia

Linda Witherel

My husband and I just left the most disorganized, unwelcoming kids' establishment. Our grandson is visiting from Texas and he was not happy at all with the place. Since he was not with a group they wanted nothing to do with him. They took his $18 and let him on his own. No one introduced themselves to him or showed him the ropes. We won't be back.

Morgan Cruz

We had my daughters birthday with you guys at the Woodbridge location and LOVED it. Our hosts, Noah and Alissa, were absolutely amazing. Could not have asked for a better birthday for her. Thanks for everything!

Eric Parker

Awesome place for the kids to cut loose, they have a room for small children and big kids. Also laser tag and a game room. The pool is great also. I had a ball and my kids where happy is a win-win situation!!

Martha Luizaga


abel lugo

Michael Garcia

Awesome price and a great facility

Alyssa Scrubb

Great place to bring kids! Staff is great, building is clean, and the kids love it! It’s a great place to let them run around and burn off energy

Joe Kim

Great place and parents are free

Judith Filpo

I am not gonna lie I’m a kid of 12 I was playing in the trampoline park as my b day to turn 12 I fell cause it’s wood and sence they don’t have special socks so I fell!!! Then in the lazer tag every 5-10 minutes there is a LONG 20 min break thats full 2 GAMES!!! But it’s also fun unless u don’t wanna run or jump just walking is ok in lazer tag like why (safety I know) bye

Metube Vlogs

loved it LoL :p

Kitza Ongay

Location is big but the tots and castle area need some improvement and new toys. The pool looks awesome. The price is reasonable and they have military discount.

Queen Kaylah Princess

Ali Fathi


Jose Aguilar

Jaida DiMento

Nikki Bradshaw

Joseph Santullo

We have a toddler. He enjoys both the bounce room, and the under 3 play area. The climbing cushioned plastic sliding what nots all seems in clean working order. There much fun to be had. Best prices I have ever seen.

meli matt

Kerry McDonald

Antonio Gomez


nice bro

Erin Crane

I had a great time! Everyone was so attentive and nice, but Alyssa really set the tone for the great customer service we were expecting and received!

Nancy Aldea

Today was our first visit to the Kid's Choice Sport & Fun Center. My daughters (ages 2, and 4) really enjoyed themselves. The only thing that I had an issue with was the paint chips that were splattered all over the soccer area. My daughters wanted to check out the activity area and I noticed a good amount of paint chips on the floor in the soccer area near the goals. The walls and ceiling were chipping and looked really run down. That poses a really big safety concern. Aside from that, the people were friendly and helpful and the toddler area was amazing. We will most likely be returning soon, just maybe not to the soccer area.

Joshua Jeffery

never been there

Melissa Ortiz

I visit Kids Choice from time to time and usually have a pretty good experience. That was not the case today I brought my kids along with my grandkids to play in the bounce area and tots area. The young lady watching over the bounce was VERY nice. I was then approached by one of the managers Kathy she had one of the nastiest attitudes i’ve ever came across in a business. I will make sure I call back to complain. I felt unappreciated as a customer and will not be returning!!!

Pam Neal

Feels like 100 degrees outside and 110 degrees inside Kids Choice Sport Center, kids are sweating like crazy and you feel like you can't breathe. I informed the staff that they should at least alert parents about the air conditioning not working prior to us paying. Terrible first visit.

Michelle L. Sams

They used to have the the inflatables in the field area, allowing the kids to run. Now it's in an old basketball court-type room and the kids are monitored and told when they can go up a slide. The floors are super slippery while in their socks. It's very controlled and my kids have said it's not as fun as it used to be.

Aidan Sampson

Leslie M

Some staff are great but the rest ruin it. Our first time going, it was a good experience! My 6yo had fun jumping in the bouncers and made some friends. There was a little area for our 1yo to play with toys, most had dead batteries and looked pretty worn out but nbd. THEN, We sent our 6yo to summer camp for a week during the summer and he was so traumatized that he talked to a therapist about how much he hated it. He told his supervisor that a kid had hit him in the face with a toy and their answer was "you're fine". If he feels like he needs to report it, then no, he is not fine. Just bc he was not bleeding, they ignored the other kid's behavior. Obv. He is never going back THEN, we brought just our 1yo on his birthday morning to play in the bouncers and with the toys again. We were hesitant to go back but we always figure everyone deserves a second chance. They didn't. We got there and were told that the bouncers had been moved and the toys as well. The check in girl was very nice, took our money and gave us wristbands, we headed to the bouncers and went in with our 1yo. Then we were told by a very VERY rude girl that we couldn't be in the bouncer with him, even though he can't bounce by himself and everywhere else allows parents in with their kids. We said ok we will just go play with the toys since we already paid and had planned this as part of his birthday day. That same rude girl then said that the toy area was under construction and we could not do that either. So then why did they take our money if there was nothing our kid could do there? We went back to the nice girl up front and she refunded us. We will never go back. Not for parties, not for camps, not for anything. Terrible, uncaring employees ruined it for us.

Vicki Hall


Sami SoeSah

This place is simply an old gym they painted into a Kids area. It is trashy, beat up and seedy-shady looking. Some of the staff are upbeat but most are sad looking. I was amazed at the pool area. It looked dirty and it was stinky and dark. The entire place was just gross. I would not take my kids there again.

mizzhouse1 .

I signed my toddler up for Lil kickers. I received a confirmation, followed by a reminder. This morning I arrived at the center at 9:56 am. The 2-3 yo class was scheduled for 10 a.m. I checked in at the front desk and was told to go downstairs and he would be down shortly. My child was downstairs on the field playing with other kids kicking the balls around. He was very excited all morning about soccer. 10 minutes after the scheduled class time the same young man from the front desk came down. He asked if my 2 year old was 4. I told him he will be 3 in December. He told me to hold on as he went back upstairs. When he returned he started Xmas with children who were clearly older so I remained waiting on the side. A young woman came down and spoke with him. She then walked over to me and asked me if I was there for later class. I told her the class was for 10 am. She then told asked me if I had gotten the date wrong. I informed her that I received a confirmation and appointment reminder. She proceeded to tell me that it was not in their system and the class had been canceled because no one registered. I showed her my appointment reminder. The parents sitting next to me chimed in to say they had told her the same thing as she was there with her toddler. The young woman apologized and asked if I wanted to reschedule. She also offered for my child to play in the center. At this point I am very upset because now my two year old is sad that he cannot play soccer, which she has been waiting for all morning. I declined the offer because not only did they not tell me this when I first got there and allowed my child to go downstairs to prepare and get even more excited for the event, but it was unacceptable to me to be told that our appointments were not in their system when I have received email communication for this specific class. The worst part of this is that I am now having to explain to my son that he cannot play soccer at the center today. I will never find it acceptable for anyone to build my child up to disappoint him. Luckily he has a 10 year old brother who is at my house kicking a soccer ball around with him, but I am still livid.

Tejash Shah

Jim Kvasnicka

Lots of different rooms, but kind of a maze

Christal Owens

Kids had a blast!!!!! Pool bathrooms didn't have any doors on them, and smell of tinkle..... But with children bear can you expect????

Mekhi Johnson

I went there with some friends and had a blast. One of the staff members Melanie was very nice and made the experience good for us.

Edwin Orlando

Clint Boit

Amy Craig

Terrible parking and inside looks awful.

kaz z

Jennifer Lauren

We come here often since the price was $9 during the week day for bounce houses and laser tag. Parents could also play free with their children. That’s what kept us coming. However, we just learned the hard way that they changed everything about a week ago. I get to the desk and I’m asked how I can be helped. I tell the girl I’d like the $9 package for the bounce house and laser tag. Instead of saying anything or informing people an older woman next to her makes a snotty face and raises her brows. The girl helping me then says, “if you want laser tag and the bounce houses it’s $18.” I ask if they changed prices and only then did they give me any information. She said a week ago they changed prices and a lot of other things. Not very specific. So I continued to ask does that mean parents can still play with their kids for free or do they have to pay too. Parents now have to pay full price as well. Okay, no big deal I understand that. However, my son was really looking forward to laser tag and bounce houses but going in expecting to pay $9 and then told it’s now $18 he had to choose one or the other which was still $12. No advertising, no notice, no signs, nothing. You get a surprise when they tell you your total. So if you’re a regular or come often enough to the point you know what you regularly pay, check before assuming the old prices.


- The Party Coordinator, supervisor, the Host and Hostess - did a great job!!! Thank you! They handled the party so well we can't ask for more. - Room are good size. Enough chair, table for gift, set up table depending on the package you choose. Other wise regular birthday table decoration which looked great - if you ask me. - Outside food and cake is permitted EXCEPT Pizza. - Kids Choice is really big... they have Laser Tag, bounce area, and play place (INDOOR) - My suggestion - if your guest have a mix age the Hybrid package is great! - I am very happy ... my daughter was very happy ... the kids seem to have a blast as they have multiple activities. Our package didn't include the Pool, but if you like swim party ....They have big pool which you can incorporate for additional $$.


The only problem I see is a lack of customer service skills at the front desk. But, all in all, as long as my kid is happy and there is no funny business, then I am happy.

James Davis

Fun for kids, fun, fun, fun....

chris Hernandez

Allyson Wines

Tanya Natalenko

Тне place needs some renovations ,new carpeting and cleaning.some areas really old floor and painting.

Marvin Marin

We love it.... Very reasonable price..

iceteafresh offthestreet

Great place!

Diana Rosner

Very fun

Giann salicrup

Jason Borucki

Great, quiet soft play for toddlers in the Fall, Winter and Spring, but avoid it like the plague in the Summer unless you like watching your kid being trampled by a stampede of daycampers under little to no supervison.

Widney Dubuisson


shoshana pursley

Edward Wilcox

Prices are awesome for what you get but new rule or newly enforced rule of no parents on the bounce equipment is stupid and probably won't be coming back because of it

Zarinah Summers

Awesome place for the kids to play and the parents to relax!

Leo Otero

Aida R.

I've been at this location for both party events and summer camp. On both situations I have been satisfied... my child is very happy and is always ready to go back. When it entails to either situation I make sure to go to Kathy.. shes very informative and has great customer service. Many staff members come and go but its good to see a familiar face!

Jose Lemus

(Translated by Google) Excellent place for sport (Original) Exelente lugar para practicar deporte

Javier Salmeron

Andre Roberts

Jessica Scavo

A good place to take a bunch of 8 year old boys who drive you nuts! Just set them free in the bouncehouse area so you can enjoy your coffee in peace! This is coming from a mom who can't even use the bathroom in private.

Isaac Villarreal

Great options for all kids. Great price for the all day activities. I brought my kids here to mainly play on the soccer field and the basketball court. Unfortunately the court was used as the new bounce arena. They were a bit disappointed, but ended up having a great time on the bounce arena. They played a few rounds of laser tag. My kids ranged between 9-13. So they had fun. I definitely recommend this place for the price and options. We'll be going back for sure.

Alex Sorto

Center needs some updating but everything they offer makes up for it! They are clean and always see staff members cleaning. They care about the safety of the kids and their PNO program is great! I dropped my 3 year old off there for the first time and I am not sure how but he did not cry! Mind you he has never been to a daycare, babysitters, school type thing until we tried Kid's Choice. Ms. Kathy was his favorite and he got attached to her and we always call before to ask if she will be there because we love it when she's there! She's so great to the kids and always asks for ID for pick up even though she knows our faces but hey thats better than not checking at all.

Justin Valdez

The swimming pool is never open

Ron Miller

Great place for indoor soccer and birthday parties.

Rocio Lopez

I'm giving 1 star based on the Waiver for Liability for their camps. Which states "Kid's Choice Sports Center Day Camp is not required to be licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a childcare or daycare facility. We are a children's sports center that provides physical and entertainment activities. We DO NOT provide childcare. Children are free to enter and leave the premises without permission or supervision." From what I understand, they will not be liable if one of the kids during camp decides to walk out. This is the only reason I did not sign up my kid for the camps. Just wanted to pass the information.

Mike Garelli

This is a one stop shop for your family, this facility is enormous. Giving kids so many different options to have as much fun as they want. I highly recommend coming here to Kids Choice and experiencing this place in person. Even the parents will get to enjoy themselves here. I have never seen anything like this!

Lisa K

First time here we came over from Loudoun Co. I was looking for a place to burn some energy with the kids. This place is fantastic. Staff was helpful and nice, the prices were fair, and there is so much to do. We went at night so the pool was closed. My children did the inflatables and laser tag. They are ages 7/10 and it was perfect for their ages. I might have been nervous with a smaller child but I saw plenty having a blast. I want to say they don't have any video games or claw machines and I really was happy to see that. We will for sure come back again. Thanks for the fun!

williow 362

jah love

My son love it

Mercedes Ashby

I highly recommend Kid's Choice! We have taken our youth group five times and all the kids love this place! Our youth group has made this our "go to" place for sport, recreation, and plain old fashion fun. The general manager Tony is a true professional with a person-centered approach to management. You can tell from the employees. In our recent visit, Abril, our party hostess made sure all our needs were taken care of, and we had an awesome time!

William Quintana

Carolina Huante

Bruce Rose

abiy bay dire

Very expensive $12 per a kid they need to work out about the price !!!

Virginie Beauvais


Staff seems to be genuinely friendly and caring to the kids. Good price and great facility, I highly recommend it.

Buzz Alot

Habibullah Asadullah

Asante Meredith

Great place. My best friend son had his birthday party yesterday. Will comeagain

Inmar Sorto

I have brought my daughter and nephews here multiple times. I can never get them out of this place when it is time to go. The supervisor, Kathy, has seen us various times in the past 2 years and practically has a bond with my daughter. I have noticed that she truly cares about her job and they are lucky to have her!

Cellza : /

Paul Pearson

Dominic123 Blanco

Chris Meadowcroft

Safety concerns with the little kids moon bounce area. The concept is great, there's a designated 4 and under area with 4 inflatable play gyms. Also in this area are about 6 ride-on little tykes 'bikes', kids table with 4 chairs, puzzles, and assorted misc toys. The layout is horrible though. The area is split with gym equipment and to enter 2 of the 4 inflatables, my toddler needed to go under the chain & post (to keep kids out???) and/or climb right-beside workout equipment. The moon bounce with the basketball hoop inside of it is up against their mirrored walls (because this is obviously supposed to be just a gym and was recently converted to a shared space). After noticing how easily he could bounce back into a wall he wasn't allowed to play on this one. By the way the 2 power surge blocks being used to run all of the little kid inflatables were right beside this moon bounce and my toddler LOVES that the ON/OFF switch lights up and is easily accessible. Thankfully my twins aren't mobile yet and there were no other little kids playing today so I could stay on top of my toddler's every move. I can only imagine adding more little ones to the mix. There is nothing stopping them from climbing on gym equipment, shutting off all the moon bounces while kids are on them, playing with the actual blowers that are randomly place in the middle of the floor in between each bounce house, or running astray behind the one big Kids bouncer and/or to the bathrooms & mini arcade. I should also mention that because this is a shared space with a gym, the floors are hard and semi-slick so my -almost 2- toddler abiding by the socks policy was slipping and falling while venturing around the room. I didn't give this place only 1 star because the few staff members I interacted with were really sweet and friendly. I girl (staff) shared my concerns and wants to make a change. I really hope she does.

Bts_ Army

Kamariah'slife Hi!

It tells me the location

Damarys Garcia

It's a great place to go, especially on weekdays when its a little quieter! Alyssa at the front desk was super patient and friendly! She explained everything I asked her very well. She seems like an excellent employee along with the rest of the staff. This is the best indoor play area in Woodbridge!

Muhassad mahdi

Very bad management and racist on Wednesday 30th January19 we had The field booked for an hour and half we did reservations 10 days in advance and we put deposit we came to field on time and we played for like 10 min and the manger came to us and said that field for someone else was his friend that’s Not acceptable And guess what the manger like 20yrs old he was very rude and not respectful that unprofessional business BE AWAREEEEEEEEEE

Kimi Fergus

This is a neat place to take your children, they have many moonbounces, a soccer field, basketball court, laser tag, and a pool. They do birthday parties or just open Jumping. Lot of fun pretty inexpensive.

Deanne Bettwy Lienau

Highly recommend Kid's Choice Sports Center - for everybody in the family!

Dixia Garcia

I love kids choice and bring my little cousins here often. The manager, Kathy, has always taken good care of us and made sure to meet our expectations.

Johana big muffin energy

I love it because I went there and am watching it too > <

Valerie Long

can be in

J Bravo

It's fun there from what I've seen staff is very nice and the kids are separate by age so the 1-5 us red 6-8 green 9+ blue girls purple the pool is fun with a opstical course in the center

Yonas Girma

Awesome party.,Great host ,great pizza. I absolutely recommend this place to friends.

Kate Ulmer

My kids were at a party here 2 years ago and loved it. They’ve begged me to come back. We came back today to see everything has completely changed. There are really only two inflatable play places that they enjoyed one smaller obstacle course and 1 slide. There are 4 in all but the other two are small ones. We will not be back. Very disappointed. To make things worse there was a group of rambunctious camp kids not following the rules and running around crazy. My kids got kicked and shoved a few times. The maze is not situated well so you can not see anything that goes on inside!

Alisha Pretto

We just had my daughter's birthday party there and it was really great! I chose this place as it said "parents can relax" and that was accurate. Jojo, our host, was amazing! The kids had a great time. The pizza was just okay though. There was something for everyone to do. I'd highly recommend the birthday parties here!

David Reiss

They raised the price and reduced the amount of inflatable bounce houses. They also blocked off the great wooden castle play structure kids loved playing on. Until they get it back to at least the level of activities they had before, we're not going back. It's just not worth it when for less $$, we can go to the local rec center and let our kid play in the soft play room and swim in a cleaner more supervised pool.

Amy Collier

BEWARE!!!! If your kids have an age gap like mine, this is NOT the place for your family!! I was told by the manager that my 10 year old daughter had to go on the OTHER SIDE of the building away from where me and my toddler were playing. They really expected her to be by herself because she was to big. Keep in mind, my daughter knows how to play with toddlers since she lives with one. My other issue with this Is the fact that the employees should have asked my daughter where her mom or dad is in order to discuss this issue. Instead, the staff and managers yelled at my daughter which made her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. Really disappointed in our experience and will never return!

GJKD World World


Izzy Ice

Claudia C

heylyn bustamante

I highly recommend kids choice! & to whoever is planning to go there or having a birthday party to ask for Kathy if help is needed! Kathy helps out the most & seems to be the only one that goes out of her way to satisfy customers! She has good work Ethic & always has a positive attitude!

Josue C. Vasquez

Caleb Wasnidge

Awesome place for children. Cheap too. I take my 3 and 1 year old there every week.

Ever Rubio

It sucks

Timothy Ha

Tina Woodruff

Disappointing. Old building with five bounce houses and an indoor soccer field. No wifi for parents; this is the first indoor playland I've been to that doesn't offer it. I told the front desk staff this was our first time here and she offered no information about the facility. I expected she would at least tell us to go to the left to access the moon bounces and right for the basketball etc. she seemed more interested in talking with her friend and getting back to their conversation. There are only certain times the soccer field is open so I would recommend calling in advance. It is reserved for team sports at certain times. Bathrooms are old. Gross lid on trash can, a Rubbermaid from WalMart that has seen its years. Would love if they had an espresso bar that also sold individual packaged snacks or Capri suns. Is there a drinking fountain in this place??? Here's what I liked: -staff was friendly and actually played wth the kids instead of just patrolling the area -still better than sitting in the cold

Fatima El Hilali

Fun place for the whole family.

La Toya N Jackson

Matt Lester

harris durrani

Place had some kind of rodent poo all over the main kids room to include the entire wooden train and floor!

Amanda Rollins

Fun for little kids. Had a great birthday party there

May R

I love kids choice and bring my kids here often. The manager, Kathy, has always taken good care of us and made sure to meet our expectations.

Pamela Whitney

Clara Diaz

Not impressed at all with this place. Children have to wait in line to get on the trampoline pool. Not enough space. Not recommended. The price is not fair either for the amount of time they spend in the pool. They have to wait in line about 20 minutes to get on the trampoline and of course children get bored but they wait to get on it anyway. Not good. Thumbs down

Sean Gomez

The place was great! My kids had access to the whole facility. My daughters played in the bounce houses for hours! My son played soccer for hours as well! Keep up the great work!

Matthew English

They moved the bounce houses to a basketball court and there's one less bounce house. Instead of a carpeted area you have kids sliding around and falling on the wood floor.

Latisha Troddy

We had our daughters second birthday here an the party host was horrible she was not kid friendly at all. She stood off to the side an I had to tell her everything which when we booked the party it was said that the host would do everything an run the party an play games. She did not do anything an did not engage with the kids at all. The party was rushed an the kids were still eating an she tried to clean up while they were eating. There was not a time to open gifts but there was a lot of down time with the host just sitting back. We added on laser tag an when we came back they had kicked our guest out of the room an took my daughters gifts to one of the guests car without asking us first. The kids in my party did not get there gift bags because by the time they came back they had already put everything up. Plus the building is HOT! The host only played one game with the kids an I asked if they could go back to the bounce area because they were not starting any games an they stated that they couldn’t go back. This place sells a good party stating that the party host does everything an starts the games an the parents get to sit back an have fun but that is not true all the host did was serve pizza. We had to do everything which for the price of the party it is not worth it.

Massrkfkymu jfnynyj

Gæ Love

Great place

Christopher Peyton

Granted I don't have children, but the staff here were great during a recent birthday I attended. The facility offers several large bouncy houses/obstacle courses and allowed parent to jump in on the fun. They also offer an indoor soccer field, pool, and party rooms. Wi-Fi available upon request.

haro guerman

Isatu_Slayys 4L

Everything is great

Sandra G

I recently scheduled an event at Kids Choice, from the moment we walked in the door with 36 kids it was awful. First of all, there is no A/C in most of the facility. We specifically scheduled this trip so that the kids could burn off their energy without being outside. Some staff said it was broken, some staff said it was always this way. The staff was disorganized and seemed to not know that we were coming. There was also limited access to water with only 1 working water fountain available. They need to at least provide water coolers when hosting a large group. Hope that Kids Choice can make some changes so that we can visit again.

mudaser hafez

Lolita Lopez

Hareg Tamre

Ammar Dorea

Alba Bustillo

Axel S

Khalid Elghali

The WORST experience EVER. They kicked us off the field 15 min after the start of the game. They said there was a double booking. NOT TRUE. Before the game, I checked with them, they said there is only us. The manager was very rude, and unprofessional. He didn't even apologized. He just told us to leave. It was 15°F and I drove 30 min. He didn't even care.

D. Sturgis

Anne Schumann

I've been here twice for birthday parties. It's huge, but you don't get the bounce structures to yourself during the party and instead share them with other paying customers. The kids got a bit tired of the crowded bounce room and went to play in the empty exercise room next door. The party room we were in was a bit cramped for the number of kids. However the hosts were very nice and the kids enjoyed the party.

Danielle Billingsley

Doesn't have working air conditioning has fans every where. Kids are having fun so we will deal

Meghan T

I was so excited to bring my son and a friends kid here. The website made it look clean and awesome- NOT THE CASE ! "Open play" is 11$ regardless of the age of the child even though certain areas are not age appropriate, yet are included in the fee-( my son is 15 months and can only safely play in the "tots" area). The facility is way too warm and it's filthy. They have no one regulating that kids take their shoes off in areas where it says they must and most of the toys and equipment is old and seems yard sale like in nature. My friends kid was big enough for the bounce house area which is on wooden floors and seemed altogether unsafe, I saw a few kids get hurt in the short time I was there. The final area we visited before we decided we were unhappy was the "wooden castle" area. It's down on some astroturf, and beside an indoor soccer field, which we thought was awesome, also much cooler than the upstairs as far as temperature goes. Right away we see old gym equipment covered with tarps right beside the children's play area, extremely unsafe.. uncovered electrical plugs EVERYWHERE on the floor for people to trip on and kids to touch.. the soccer field where we finally resorted to try and get some energy out had no soccer ball!!! There were albeit, 2 medicine balls- heavy for working out, not safe for children to kick around. There were multiple pieces of exposed insulation and rusty exposed beams and piping. I cannot believe this place is still in business. It could be so great, but I am not impressed at all. I don't think they have cleaned or kept up with anything since opening- if this is all it takes to run a business why doesn't everyone?!

beach bomber


Virginia lester

Can I come

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