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REVIEWS OF Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark and Party Center IN West Virginia

Amber H

Our family went here, we had 4 kids ages 4-11. They all had a blast! My 4 year old loved the bounce houses and slides, ramps, and the staff was even nice enough to let her "try" the ninja course (with our help of course). The older kids loved the dodge ball, ninja course, and hockey. We got a coupon on groupon so it wasn't very expensive. I LOVE that as a parent you only have to pay $1.95. Instead of like other places where you have to pay full price admission just to take your child.

c Johnson

We've never been to anything like this before and it was super fun!!

Talaya Marie

We went there for my daughter's 10th birthday. She and the kids had a blast. They are pretty lenient with the rules. They say it's only a couple of hrs for each exhibit for whatever amount of money you choose to spend but we were there all day and no one hunted us down and told the us the kids couldn't play anymore. The kids went back and forth carpet skating, playing dodgeball and going in the bouncy house and slides all day.

Sean Jeffries

Kids had a fun time!

anthony masters

Good place for the kids, my 6 year old had a lot of fun. Expensive for what you get.

Jesse C

Is there really no way to add some kind of padding under the carpet? Fun, but bruised hips.

Michael Catullo

I would love to say how great this place is and inside it might be...never got the chance due to employees not being able to read a schedule. First my daughters elementary school had a party planned that had to be moved because the establishment double booked. My daughter ended up being sick on the rescheduled date...that brings us to today. Promised her we would go as a family one day since she missed her party. Called on Sunday 5/29/16 and was told it was closed that day for a private party but was open tomorrow (Monday 5/30/16) from 10-1. So we drive up from West Mifflin (40 minutes) only to be told he read the schedule wrong and they weren't open to the public. Mistakes happen, I get this but, when I explained that we had just driven almost an hour to get there based on an employee there telling us it would be open...all I got was "um well sorry"...felt it a little less than accommodating and took my family to Wildwood Highlands and had the best time. Sorry, but due to the fact that the employees there are incompetent I don't feel comfortable with them also being in charge of my children's safety...seems like a great concept that is truly mismanaged.

Danielle Hall

Zariea Bunny

The idea is cool!!! The atmosphere has potential. The bouncy house and slide was a good time. I had a party their for my 6 year old daught. Extremely overpriced. They eligible provided everything, however did not provide ant balloons. The pizza was subpar which was to be expected. The teenager assigned to our party I'm not sure exactly what her roll was other than bringing us the pizza. She played no significant role at all. No energy excitement ability to related to the kids just sad. U po purchased a beverage package which included one soda per child. I ended yo have to pay for each additional soda. Just rediculuous. I'll never spend another dime their.

Noah M.

So dangerous!! Coworker injured himself badly, had to call an ambulance! EMT told me that they get calls from this place all the time. Manager didn't even apologise. DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR CHILDREN OR ADULTS!

Susan Kenders

Pricey but the kids loved it!

Heidi Blick

Super fun!! Decent price!!

Jason Gibson

Very poorly run. We were there for a birthday party. The pizza was late arriving which made it late for the cake and presents. Part way through the cake they announced to please exit the building. There was an outlet exposed which my son would have been injured on if we weren’t paying attention. Asked the girl who worked there if they had high chairs for our 1 yr old. She said oh we don’t have high chairs here. Would not recommend at all.

Kris Dahl

So much fun for kids and great wireless for parents.

David Windsor

Kids had a great time. It was something new the kids could try. Staff was very friendly

Aaron Perkins

My daughter loves this place, its such a cool idea. The prices arent too outrageous either, so good for a cheap night out

God is for real Prove he does not exist

Great place and a wonderful staff

Emily Menteer

Great time with the kids! Something different to do kids kept busy! They have dodgeball, and bounce houses and a obstacle course.

Black Ninja412

It sucks


Awesome place for adults and kids.

DeAndre Stevenson

My kids had an awesome experience... from my 13 year old to my 2 year old. Will definitely return.

Steve Sobeck

Great place to burn some energy.


So much fun!! My daughter loved it and wants to come back

Erin Goodwell

Great place to take the kids. A little expensive but is something to do on the colder days

Dan P

Fun place for kids. Poor cell reception inside

Chad Litzinger

Awesome place for birthday party for kids. Alot of activities inside

Jovan Harris

Great time!

Marco Gruelle

Great place. The staff was very attentive and the kids had a blast!


Kids had a great time but it sure smells like stinky feet.

Candace Snyder

My son and his friends had a total blast! Cool atmosphere and they loved the extras like dodgeball and obstacle course. Good times!

Jess Mehalich

Angelica Goughnour

Went for a classic field trip. Everyone had a great time, adults included.

Madusta Cassidy

Such a great place! So much to do and a huge space to keep kids occupied. Staff and management are awesome and great to work with!

Dayna88 Trosky

Rob Tolkacevic

Erin Santoriello

Had our Sweet Memories PGH Booth Entertainment here and the staff was super helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!

Patricia Mooney

Granddaughters had a blast. Good safe fun. They haven't stopped. Lots of parking, contrary to what I was told.

Peter Sorrell


Rachel W

Had our sons birthday tonight. We had a great time he was thrilled. Our hostess was very nice and helpful. It was s far drive for us but would do it again anytime bc the kids enjoyed it so much. It's hard to find an outing that All the kids in my family can enjoy. My nephews 16 and there were 8 kids in my group and the youngest child of mine is 3 so it was something that we could all do together as a family. Thanks to the staff for the fun

Dom the Producer

Back of shopping center but very bright and fun for kids

Zachariah Coffman

greg macer

Didn't know what to expect when we made a visit to this unique twist to a skatepark. Kids had so much fun that the wife and I decided that we would give it a try. Everyone had a blast! Got there on a Friday at 4:00 and we were the only ones there for a good hour. Staff was super friendly and helpful. Definitely worth a visit.

Michelle Lenkner

Great place to let your kids run around and have fun! There are so many different physical activities including a bouncy house, obstacle course, bouncy slide, carpeted hockey rink, dodge ball court and various carpeted slides. My little guy had a blast and I know he will sleep good tonight ;) They host parties and have designated sections for them. They also have a room with tables and booths to order food. We brought our own lunch and ate it there. My only complaint was that there wasn't a single napkin in sight. Other than that it was a lot of fun. The staff were also very helpful.

chris cline

My four year old son loved it. The one girl who works there was great compared to other employees who didn't really help us but alot of them are high schoolers so I understand... She was the only employee who actually helped my son and showed him what to do and assisted him on the course to better his experience. She had dark hair in two braids on each side with glasses in a orange shirt, she did a great job on the Ninja course helping us and was very friendly also

Angela Confer

The kids had more fun the first time we went. This Time they were not impressed. My 7 year old is the only one that wanted to slide around. Other than that it was nice. Not alot of people.

Daria DiGorio

This was really disappointing as we had been to previous locations in the past with our older kids. As soon as you walk in the door you can smell a strong mold smell. We didn't think much of it as we thought it was probably just in the entry way. We bought the unlimited passes for the all day skate online so, there was really no turning back at that point and we stayed. Once we went into the skate park area, the smell was even worse. We went on a Wednesday afternoon, I had kids ranging from 5-12 with me. There was a group of mid-ranged teens there, maybe around 15-16 years old, that used the slides as their hangout benches. They would gather in groups of 6 pr so on the slides and literally lay around talking, not skating. The kids couldn't use those slides at all. There is some staff around the area facilitating the extra activities but don't seem to care much that the slides are used as loafing coaches instead of slides because nothing was said or done to have them move to the seating areas instead. We didn't last more than an hour because the smell was really unbearable. My one son couldn't stop sneezing and I ended up with a headache, so beware if you are sensitive to mold, this is not the place for you and you will not get your money worth. The concept is great, and my kids love the skating, but I don't see us returning if the location continues to have issues with the must and mold.


Great place for kids to let out some energy

Desiree Haynes

Kids had alot of fun especially with the ninja course

Beth Lastname

Fun place to take your kids! Staff is helpful and polite! You'll probably spend about 2 hours there. They have bouncy houses and an obstacle course as well.

Nichole O'Dell

It was fun

Ashley Trozzo

This place is very fun for kids of all ages. Very crowded with open skate but great for a private party!!

Ed Soza

Funny Nick

Amazing experience

Jayson Fehr

We had my sons birthday party the staff was friendly and helpful. Everyone had a great time

Robert Ross

Jun Inada

Great place for birthday party.

Fup Biz

Kids loved it. The nickel and diming for everything is silly. Also the closing sections and opening them constantly is annoying.

Kathryn Joyce

Kids love it

Amber Nehnevajsa-Raine

My son was at a birthday party today at the Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark. We had never been here before and my son was apprehensive after he had his first fall within the first 5 minutes. One of the young employees, Devon, saw what happened, came over, and offered my son a few awesome pointers to make his time there fun. He went out of his way to help my son and even gave him a special light (which he was so proud of). Devon also checked back on my son several times throughout our visit and offered praise, compliments, and some high-fives. Devon, the two hours we spent at your facility today had the potential to be full of tears and my son saying he wanted to leave. Because you gave him so much extra time, he left begging to bring his younger brothers back. You have no idea how much you meant to me today and I am so thankful you were there. Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark, please be proud that your employees seem to love their jobs! Devon's kindness today spoke volumes of praise to your company and we will be back.

Jacqui Mobile

Had a hard time finding the place, but we made it and my grandson had fun. If I still had a bunch of wild little kids running around I'd take them here. I forgot what day we went, it was a few months ago, but we had the place to ourselves. Fun for the little ones. Not challenging enough for bigger kids. If you've got young kids full of energy, give the carpet skatepark a visit.

Linda Azzarello

What a great place for small kids to go and enjoy the pleasures of safe skating.


It Was okay kids got bored fast.

Josh Pegher

Unique and fun experience for kids.

Jordan Atchison

Great place for kids to run around! Wide open, fun concept!

Michelle Richards

shauna h

Very expensive

Michele P.

My son had his birthday party here! Him and his friends had a great time! The staff was very nice and accommodating! Very fun place for kids to run around and have a great time! Very clean! Thanks!

Cute baddie

I love the things they have for the kids

Lissa Ludinich

Wow!what an awesome place for kids of all ages. Cant wait to return

Jay Revelant

So much fun!!!!!!!!!!cant wait to go back

Anthony Geiger

Great Place for families looking for a night out

Amara Prevenslik

Very cool place for adults and kids friendly great pricing

Adam Golubski

Oddly great place

Ciara Lynch

Frank Caputo


Amy Haldeman

We read the reviews before coming and were prepared for the musty smell, however it does feel a little gross/dirty. Our kids ages 5, 6, and 8 had a lot of fun. It would have been nice if the various extra activities like soccer, dodgeball, etc would have been open for more time. Our kids had a lot of fun!

Amber Austin

They appeared to treat minorities different from non minorities when it came to the Christmas party. My child was a fan. But I wont be taking him back.

Heavenly H

Amazing place for kids to hang out and have fun. The place is aesthetically pleasing and safe. Nice obstacles and ramps, good for all skill levels of skaters. Fun place to party and have fun.

Chad Hill

Fun and safe. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Kellie Strate

So fun just be careful about brush burns

Denise Tolliver

The kids had a lot of fun. It was something different from most places. Most places have games this had the kids doing things


Super fun place for kids and adults. My kids got to slide around, be silly, and just be free They have alot of things that we did like the Ninja challenge, dodgeball, and carpet hockey. Wacky and fun a must stop for families. Price is reasonable considering they give 3 hour sessions.

Kate Mathieu

Abbie at the front desk was rude and did not help at all. She was full of false information and was not helpful in getting the manager. She lacked the personal skills to listen to our situation and work with us through it leading us to have a negative, expensive experience. I would not recommend asking her for help or going to her as a front desk attendant.

Bruce Clark

we suck gaming game over

I love it it is only 5.99 per person

Charley Dracula

I can't wait to go there again for my birthday party!!!!!

Charise Bonner

My grandsons love it. ❤


Great place, friendly staff, lots of fun.

Jason Figley

Interesting and fun can be fun but it gets expensive when you a la carte the other activities NOT included with general admission. 11 year olds birthday party enjoyed themselves but didnt seem overly thrilled. Best section is the hockey area, followed by dodgeball but those are the extras I am referring to.

Inez W

One of the best experiences I’ve had at birthday party. Dodgeball,bouncy house, bouncy slide, ninja course. Just fun!

Trey Leeper

Super fun even for adults

Jasmine .A. Williams

Idania Mendez

Loved it for rainy days, clean, beverage available.

Cherie Lyn

Fun place, kids love it. Nice place to have a birthday parties and reasonably priced.

Limbsy Whimsy

Its..ok? Basement so it smells musty. Kids got bored quickly. Staff stood and talked. Having never been, I asked a young man what to do first he shrugged and said "I dont know, wait?"

Christine King

Kids will love it and there are places for the adults to sit!

Mr.Moose 2019

I would say it's a good place for kids and for parents to also enjoy. The pizza Is ok but I would rather order it right next to Fun Slides rather than inside the building.

Christie Brimmeier

Great fun for kids!

Heather Sullivan

Colorful and fun

Lawn King

My son went to a birthday party here recently. I will get to the negatives first. There is definitely a musty smell that hits you when you walk in. The lighting is a bit dark making hard to find your child. The birthday partys are pretty much all held in one big room. They had curtains separating each party. It got a bit crowded with the parents standing around as there was no room for us to sit. I personally like a more private setting if I'm paying for a birthday party. But the kids all seemed to have fun so I will still give it 4 stars, that's really all that matters. The hockey, dodgeball and ninja course were popular. The workers were ok, nothing negative or positive to report. I would highly recommend this place for an afternoon out but doubt I would pay for a birthday party here unless they offered private rooms.

Shawn Reese


Sean Loar

It's fun environment, great for kids but adults can run around too. It's like ice skating but not cold. Snacks are available and vocelli pizza

Marty McKenzie

I'M a Grandma, but the grandkids loved it.

Alex Gaming

Cool Place and the Ninja Challenge is unique.

Melanie Phillips

Matthew Burdine

Staff was attentive. Good for the smaller kids.

Lisa Litzinger

So much fun and great service for birthday parties. Kids loved it!

Jennaral Zed

The kids had so much fun! There was a bit of a communication breakdown between the party planner and our host but they quickly reeled the problem in and it was great.

Bryan Revelant

loved it

Shila Shay

This place was awesome. Took my girls there for the first time. I got a great deal for tickets on Groupon and upgraded for an extra $4 when we got there for unlimited everything. It was over an hour drive away, but we spent the day there. Well worth it

Justine Mcdonald

I want to say Hannah was our party host and was absolutely amazing. She went above and beyond for my daughter and the party. Never was there one time that she wasn’t smiling or felt overwhelmed with everything going on. I have had many parties but this by far was the best and she exceeded all my expectations I had for a birthday party. So again thank you Hannah for the perfect customer service experience only if others can learn from you.

Lara Stunkel

This is a unique place, and a great activity for the winter. The only reason it doesn't get five stars is the price. $20 for two hours (with the extra activities) is a bit much, in my opinion.

Michael Solano

For a specific play "park", they have a decent amount going on for the kids to do. They stayed busy AND ACTIVE for 4 hours!! Good place where they can run, jump, slide!!

David Levinson

Fun concept!

Shawn hatesue

The helmet rule for ages 8 and lower is a bit exhausting if your kids are running around helmets become saturated and cause overheating. But the american ninja warrior style obstacle course was pretty neat. But if you also have little little ones its insane they want 12 dollars to bounce in the bounce house.

Idania mendez de Boye

My kids 4 years old had fun, even me.....

steve harrell

Kids loved it. My 3 year old even played dodge ball. Both kids slept good after a day of fun here!

Alannah Murphy

Great for kids!

Mr. McClintock

It was fun. U get to play dogeball, ninja Warrior and there's going to be hockey there soon so me and my friend when we go there next time hopefully going to do hockey if it's open. I know next time we go there I will never forget that. And u will never forget it if it is your firs time. And Just A Heads Up Your going To get hert.

Jeffrey Wilt

There used to be one in Greensburg that most people have no idea it was even there. Lack of advertising and just a bad location killed it. Having said that. I went to this location with the grandkids and they loved it. Isn't that all that matters. 5 stars for being different and the kids loved it. 4 stars for pricing. So an average of 4.5 stars. I'd say give it a try and see what your kids/grandkids think.


Loved it!

Martha Kuntz

This was a fun group activity with lots of choices. But unless you're with a "group" you have to pay extra to do some of the things. There are group packages.

Jmm Plays

This place is awesome for any age

Amy Pitkins

It's a bit pricey, but my kids always have a great time here!


My two daughters, ages 12 and 13, went with their church youth group to the North Hills location. They did NOT enjoy themselves. Their big complaint were the employees. The group paid to do the dodgeball and one of the young, male employees would join in and throw the balls very hard at the girls, hitting one of my daughters friends in the face twice. Employees, apparently off-duty, were goofing around and running all over the place getting in the way of the guests. Also, as stated by a prior reviewer, the sub-flooring was hard so there are a lot of bruises and sore backsides. My kids DEFINITELY will NOT be back.

Lamar Woods

Keyonia Singleton

My son's birthday is today. He asked to come here and didn't want to leave.

Carrie Eckenrod

Even better than flight and cheaper too the best part is its glow in the dark and the employees are amazing

fn flocci

This place rocks

J.R. Worthy

Kids had fun. Music sucks - kids agreed. At least play today’s hits.

Harley Dasta

A lot of fun for the kids!

Mert Mert

It was.. ok? It sounds good in theory but I’m not sure that it’s better than actually skating on concrete. At least with skates, skateboards, scooters, etc you have brakes.. I slid pretty far across the room with no way to stop and bruised my tailbone. The floors are carpeted but are not soft whatsoever. Staff are all unfriendly, unhelpful teens. It’s also overpriced when the kids skate for 10 minutes then wanna get on the bounce house.. might as well just pay $10 for unlimited play time at planet bounce.

Joe Snyder

Dont go

shamekia guyton

First time there staff

Moshe Boim

Clocked Pro

They have great deals on Groupon there is plenty of parking great for parties very cool for the kids check it out North Hills!! On a side note it's behind the building remember that when you get here!!

ditzy\derpy hooves

Fun and great for kids

Terry Smith

Kids had a blast. Ages 6-15 and of course me a little older than that

Gretchen Giovanni

Really fun for people of all ages. Friendly staff.

Jenny Contenta

This slide park is super fun, it has bounce houses and is huge. The kids had a blast and they have a hood little snack bar where you can order pizza and salads from a local pizza shop. Its pricey but great for a winter day.

Debra Mooney

The kids had fun

Jenny Barnick

E Brice

Mixed I went ok I'm 16 so I drove there and the actual enjoyment was great but the employees were rude and were annoying they ran around they talk loudly to another and were ignorant to customers but I did have a good time good was decent not bad at all

Amy Richard

Cute, but gets boring.

Swpa 87

PLEASE designate an area away from the front door for the adults to smoke cigarettes. You can smell it In the lobby and it makes non smokers and children choke.

Nithin Jillella

Fun Slides definitely fun, my kid is 4 and had a fantastic play. I would say fun slides are even for adults. Take care and Have Fun :)

Dan Herdman

Neat concept and they did a great job on my buddy's kids's birthday party. Seemed pretty expensive though.


Went for a birthday party. Kids loved it.

Kyle Schwemmer

$12 per person + $2.50 for slide skates + $1.50 for each "other extras". Extra $1. 50 to watch. Ridiculous.

Tube Pokhrel

It was better the first time I went there. Now it is not that exciting anymore.

the entertainment channel

Kind of boring..they should have something more to do.

Denis Sutter

We loved this place! Buy your tickets before you go online and save some money. Kids "skated" for hours and slept really good that night!

Heather Saylor

Christopher Tallon

Great fun for all ages. Sections for beginners up to experts. Pizza was delicious. Great party room sizes.

Bryson Shepherd

It was cool and fun

Eileen Bertera

Great family place

Jesper Lauge Larsen

This was an awesome thing to try! I brought 3 kids (4, 6 and 9) and they were all having a blast! I will definitely recommend this place!

Vilasita Yamasani

Unforgettable Service! We had our son's 8th Birthday Party here and totally loved it. All the kids had a great time including the older sibling(12 Yrs)and her friends .The staff is terrific and really knows how to keep the kids entertained.

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