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REVIEWS OF Caddie Shak Family Entertainment Center IN West Virginia

Christa Bartley

Stopped by here while we were traveling and really enjoyed it. Got the kids the 1 hour bracelet for $10 and they rode the go carts 4 times, plus the bumper boats. That was a great deal! We got the loaded fried and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of bacon on them.


Minigolf is great! But the arcade needs a bit more modern touch to it, yeah? And some of the go-karts definitely need some TLC!

Devin Bennett

Disorganized staff who closed all the rides prematurely, then sold us tickets. About as modern as their website, but looked like it could have been fun 5 years ago.

Tyler Akins

Samantha Mccorry

The kids had fun. The go karts were good. The smaller rides were a pain since you had to wait for someone to start it for you. The arcade was a total rip off. You get 2 “double value” tokens for $1 and every game costs 2 tokens. There is no savings. Half of the games were out of order but the signs were so small that you put tokens in before you noticed. The girl at the entrance was awesome and very helpful, and her customer service was outstanding!

Adam Fine

horrible. kids have 3 rides and the kid carts are broken. no workers at rides. $125 wasted!

Alana Bryan

Fun family friendly park. We love the put put golf!

Tom Stull

Stephanie Deitz


Great place for families

Chris Meyer

If your expectations are low you can have fun. We went on a weeknight so place wasn't very showing its age...didn't have enough staff to run all kid attractions...we still had fun on bumper boats and go karts...just don't expect too much.

Brian Shockey

Fun family place that is very reasonable. Great lemonade and ice cream.

Brady Fries

After reading reviews on the journey to the place, I began getting concerned. My first impression when we pulled in: the road is a little unmaintained, a kiddie ride and kiddie go-kart; a mini-golf course and two bigger go-kart, with a bumper boat ride. As a group of 11, we weren't sure what to expect. There are two portable bathrooms behind what is an 'arcade', they were cleaned. Overall, the park is a little outdated and needs minimal maintainence update. For each of the rides we went on: MINI-GOLF, the course was challenging at parts, and had wonderful foliage around. There is no still water, multiple waterfalls, little ripples of rapids - 4/5. BUMPER BOATS, the pool was a little unmaintained, boats were slow, but they had a water gun sprayer so you were able to spray other people on the ride - 3/5. ARCADE, n/a. GO-KARTs {kiddie}, n/a. GO-KARTs {bigger track}, amazing experience, the track was big enough to fit a group of 11 people to have enjoyment. Though they were strict about not bumping, we made sure to slightly bump if we were going to - what can I say, we are competitive and challenged one another. Some of the cars were slower than others, some were way faster - easy fix, tune all equally. Everything about the track and karts was exciting and fun - 5/5. GO-KARTs {smaller track}, the cars were much faster than the bigger track, it was more a stock sprint feeling - all left turns. The cars were a bit bouncier especially when you would turn. You were in a more protected kart than the bigger track. The track was slick and had a nice design - 5/5. Overall, this amusement center was a pleasure to a group of 11. We believed that the more people you had the more fun because of the GO-KARTs and mini-golf. If you're not from the area like us and looking to spend two hours of family enjoyment for an ok price, I recommend Caddie Shak. Negatives: not updated/maintained, staff {friendliness and professionalism}, and the buildings. Give this center a chance and you may find yourself opposed to some of the reviews - it is definitely a different feeling than Cedar Point, Hershey Park, Knoebels and other big amusement parks that specialize in amusement.

Chris Back

Highlands mini golf course is the best around. $7 a person.

Frankie Rubright

issac is the best worker there he deserves s9me hot sex with all of the employees

Martin Brea

Fun for kids and adults

Shane Ferris

I have been here playing Putt Putt golf back in August first week in 2013, wow 3 years ago. :) they have friendly staff here! :)

Jacob Murrell

Lawrence Robinson

Very simple design to the Highlander mini golf, very uneven design, hard to predict where the ball will go. The race way was nice. Go carts were not too loud. Very scenic. Decent overall

zack hall

Jennifer Martin

Mark Brozik

Great gocarting

Mike Pittas

Summer Sierra

Place was very cheap. They turned the lights off early and we had to walk the family to the car in the dark and the employees were high school kids that were messing around on a golf cart. Yes we left 10 minutes before they closed but the lights should've still been on.

Ian Murrin

My friends and I had the time of our lives zooming around the track on the go karts! We then moved over to play a round of mini golf on their new course. Boy, it sure was a challenge! My one friend Kevin didn't even make it past the 3rd hole! Thanks Caddie Shak! HSO

bmx ninja

Ashley Jennings

I think it 2as horrible for what we paid and they close the carts down early on a Saturday

Bethany Campbell

Horrible employees...had 4 kids running one ride...and then Noone anywhere else...started playing mini golf at 9:15 with 4 kids and 2 adults hole 10 and they turned the lights out...never will I go back again...

Jacob Smith

Poor service and management. We played three holes of mini golf when it started to thunder and were asked to wait inside—nothing wrong with that. We waited around for about 45 minutes until it started to clear up and asked if we could go back out and they informed us that they decided to close early and no one told us even though we were sitting right in front of them. I asked for a refund and the manager would only offer a rain check. I told him that we lived several hours away and would not be returning anytime soon, to which he responded, “sure you will”. Despite telling him about how we waited around unnecessarily while they decided to close early he refused to offer the refund. If a company plans on keeping my money despite the kind of service I experienced, which wasted a large part of our evening, I highly doubt it’s worth patronizing.

Nicole Lewis

Carol Shaw

Judy Bardy

Good family fun. Organized, safe and meticulously clean.

kim pennington

Great time

Adam Tomaino

New 2 hour pass model is great. Lots of go-carts riding in 2 hours!

Thomas Exacustides

Fun place for the whole family and very inexpensive you can spend a full day there

camille jackson

Benjamin Kemp

Fun place, friendly staff, but bad bathrooms.

Kendra Berga

It was a nice time, but it's quite worn down. Maybe budget some repairs. But we had fun and it wasnt overly busy.

Ashley Brocious

sara vas

Had a great day today. Very satisfied. All the staff i came across were very friendly and helpful. Will def be back more this summer

Ryan Rovida

Always a lot of fun here with mini-golf. There are two courses, one easier and one more challenging (and it certainly can be challenging). They have affordable snacks and quick food and a variety of other activities, like go-karts, an arcade, a pool, a driving range, and even a small paintball range, among other things. Great for an afternoon out if you want affordable fun.

Lauren G

Lots of memories here, tons to do. People can be just brutal on these reviews. It's so crazy to see how many different types of people there are in the world lol.

Peter Ramirez

Little outdated. Some rides were not functional. Go carts were fun.

Carl Brevard

Fun place for famly night out.

Craig Henry

Fun night out for date night or family night. There's a lot to do. Fair prices especially if you take advantage of some of the package deals they offer.

Hart Ash

The Caddie Shak was so much fun! I brought my nieces and nephews, who are from Texas and loved every part of it. We rode on the go-carts which to me was very fast! The staff was very nice and showed us how to control the go-carts. We then all played about 5 rounds of mini golf, my one niece won every time! We ended our night staying at the Log Cabin Lodge and Suites. The suite we choose was the Bear's Den Suite , which was amazing! It was so large and spacious; it has 3 bedrooms enough for all my nieces and nephews! The beds were all soft and clean. There was even a hot tub in the room!! The hot tub was perfect, we all enjoyed it! The built-in kitchen and the bathroom were spotless. The staff was wonderful and so helpful.


Used to be so much fun back in about 2008-2011. I had not gone from 2012 until 2015. In 2015 when we went back it was a dump. Men's Bathroom sink is still broken from 9years ago. And the putt putt course was in bad condition. And the go karts were very slow.

Joe Pouch

Very easy to lose your ball on mini golf but otherwise a nice course.

Eric Simpachi

Staff seemed like they wanted to be anywhere other than Caddie Shak. The go carts are mediocre at best and the track is unimpressive. Mini golf had a few good holes but it is showing age and wear. Location is also way out of the way.

Dan Dzambo

Theresa Fedigan

Chrissie Barton

Great family time..

Heather Wampler

It's a fun and nostalgic place to visit. A bit overpriced, but my kids had a blast. The kids working in the main area by the golf course weren't super friendly. It seemed more of a hang out for them than a job. The guys at the go karts were super nice though. Made up for the young kids.

Dan Kelly

Heather Vavrek

Kaitlyn Jordan

Mike Wertz

Always a great time there. Will always go there

Peggy Kirkman

New one price is great. Our grandkids 11, 7 and 5 had a great time

Gregg Livengood

Horrible staff members.. Not to mention careless and lazy. Maintenance is horrible. Overpriced for everything. My family had a horrid time there. Never again!!!

Alex Temple

pj mckaveney

Melissa Hamer

Joe McElroy

club watchers

Lots of potential...poorly run...waste of water on mini golf...race track go cart had only a few cars working...bumper boats had 3 boats working...batting cages shut down...they should sell to someone who has the Capital to run it...or Close...dont waste your time..

Jak Bradshaw

The customer service is terrible I ordered fries and it took 30 minutes. The best worker is Brittany she’s so polite and friendly.

Brian Grubbs

Great course

Zack Breegle

Great place to act like a kid.... even with your kids

r well

Very fun time. The go karts were awesome. Putt putt was good. Very dated equipment but still fun

Kara Shogan

Nice for younger kids.

David Morrison

Linda Albericp

The "upper" golf course had holes that were so slanted you could not play them. The first hole had said slant, we finally ended up skipping it. The there other hole where the slant not meant to be an obstacle, but developed. The 14th hole was holding balls. The crew came out to "fix" it. Unload and number of balls. Next crew up us. The hole kept our balls. Went ask for a refund and was turned down. This is not a suit able mini gold course to play!

Carrie Bennett

We played miniature golf, the course is nice, but no water running, everything was drained. The course is poorly lit. The staff turned off the lights as soon as we handed in our clubs at 9:45pm. It was so dark that a couple of us ran into table benches on our way out in the dark. The staff ran for cars and were gone before we were even to our cars.

Mark Yockey

Enjoy the go kart kayaking and putput gulfing

Rachel Chisholm

Had a awesome time!

Ryan Walter

Very fun place to spend a few hours!!

Scott Berger

Fun little stop to play mini golf, gokart, etc.

Susan Stoughton

Great pizza, fun mini golf but wished the water features were working. A little run down but it looks like they are actively working on improvements. Nice employees. NO recycling receptacles. Can't wait to see the future!

Margaret Hughes


Matthew Schrenk

Great place for taking kids. Our 2,4,and 6 year old had a great time.

Aydian R Paige

BruhMan From5thFloor

Breanna Uhl

Fran Brownfield

Very nice played mini golf course was really nice very challenging usually make it here once in the summer great family place

jeff davis

GeometryDash Irift

Rather expensive, as well as being very run down nowadays, not many people there, and some of the rides get closed often.

Brian B. George

Great family day

Lynn Marzetti

Looking forward to the reopening next year

Amber Curtis

Very fun. They have race cars, bumper boats ( only 1/2 worked), miniature golf, batting cages, a small arcade, a couple pool tables, a paintball target area, etc. The miniature golf course is fun. #2 is a little challenging. Still a great time!

April Neiderhiser

Fun and convenient

Bryon Black

Driving range wasn't bad. It was obviously a slow day, which was kind of nice.


Fun time for family and groups

Editha Sta.Barbara

Enjoyed the experience

arun kandappan

Ashleigh O'Donnell

The kids loved it, but the mini cold course is in terrible shape.

William Andrews

Angela Saylor

Fun for kids.

Marissa c

Karts could use a little love but it's awesome to see this place improving from when I used to go as a kid!

Nicke K

I went here when I was alot younger. Great place then, and the mini golf is still nice now. Just about everything else has gone spoiled, the guy running it kinda went broke, and is selling the place. Goodbye Caddie Shack? Hello new owners or new addition to Donegal?

Jennifer Clayton

Mini golf was fun. But the go-carts and other activities could use some updates or a new coat of paint.

chris buratti

Randy Starkey

A bit shabby. Not nearly as nice as the photos on the website.

Angel C

Michael Paletta

Extremely challenging golf course.

Carolyn Clark

stephanie wotring

The place has the potential to be a great place. But the workers where on there phones the whole time. Half the rides where not open and the people that sale you the wrists bands where uneducated with the price and height requirements.

John Brown

william markle

Janelle Miller

Well the workers need to watch more on the go carts and warn people when they are hitting into each other... My son got off of it and he was crying because an adult ran him off the side track. Same with my father in law With my 3 year old daughter same adult ran into them. And nothing was said!

Brian Woodall

Paul Milby

Good challenging mini golf and nice staff

Amber Nearanzio

Holly Atkinson

Michelle Reynolds

We enjoyed the day. Lots of different things to do.

Free Atlas

Kim Daugherty


matt crawford

Brandy Kane

Not worth the price. Came to take the kids for a fun afternoon. My parents struggled with handicapped access. Several of the rides needed maintenance. Do not recommend.

Cj Meyers

Fun place for all ages. Some of the rides you can take your kids on with you so they can experience it with you. Also some things for kids to do at no charge which is nice for some down time.

Brian Simmers

Looks like it's starting to get run down. Bricks along the golf courses to keep the balls on the green are loose in some spots and are in my eyes a safety hazard especially on the highlander course since you are at the top of steep banks with rocks below and no rails. There is construction going on for supposed improvements along with the road construction but we will see. I fear with the area becoming more populated and built up, unless they take great strides to renovate and polish this place, it will start to stick out and show its age. Overall I went here as a kid and things have been added since then but I wish more care went into maintaining it by the staff, but it's all high school kids it seems with no leader to oversee and delegate responsibilities and duties. Sorry it's just an honest observation which I agree with just from the amount of trash not picked up throughout the park. Will come back but with lower expectations next time to soften the blow

Kenny Zimmerman

The place is understaffed and the kids that are there are lazy.

lisa harris

Nice place for a family day

Lori Bollman

Fun place

Maxwell Sentry

it was pretty fun for my family. fairly cheap.

Tammy Noakes

Had fun with the kids there mini golfing

Jennifer Clark

WIlliam Butker

The mini golf was fun but the gokarts were overpriced slow carts and a simple track. The bathrooms were disgusting. There were feces in the urinal and no soap. If you go to caddie shack definitely use the restroom before you show up.

Brandon Auman

Go-Carts are fun and the mini-golf was challenging

Megan Ortego

Great fun for me, my boyfriend, my sister and my cousin! We started with a golf game for $5 which I thought was really good pricing. Then went back to get an hour wristband for $10 and did the go karting! The only problem I’d say I ran into was that we were not informed that mini golf was included on our wristbands. But it ended up working out anyway! Good times here.

Don Stahl

Place is overgrown with weeds. Water feature not working on miniature golf. Putters were in very poor condition. Went to get a bucket of balls at the driving range,and they were out. He said he wouldn't have anymore today. Place is in very poor condition .

Glen Neff

Meh. Nicely designed courses, but they're really run down.


Brandon Bickle

I missed riding the go carts there

Paz and Dad

Really family friendly place the go cart racing is a lot of fun

Peggy Stueber

Opened last weekend. Looking great. Rides were refurbished . Arcade and snack shak Got big makeovers. The range has new clubs and facelift. New owner had a lot to do. Only one week lasts opening this year. Definitely worth the wait. Check it out.

Magge Cales

Robert Sterbutzel

I like it

Nathan Davies

I went there last year and it was overpriced and cheesy but I hear it's been renovated. Can't wait to go again. OH BOY, OH BOY!!!!!!!!! Edit: I've waited a whole year to go to cadie shak and today's my lucky day! Caddie shak has been the highlight of our vacation for 4 years! 10x better than Disney, six flags, and Kennywood. No joke

Mark Toth

Steven Jankech

No a bad little place, nice mini golf, and go carts. But for $28 its really not worth it.

Terrance Grant

Made a stop on our way to Hershey park.

robert williams

Very disappointed in the new armband system.

Keith Reid

Jesse. Cole

Great time go carts mini golf great for kids an adult's

ada o'doonell

Very nice. Fun place to go

Bethany Welch

It used to be alot of fun but it got new owners and it is not as fun and is more expensive

Dan Herdman

Wound up here unexpectedly when Idewilde was closed during the week in late August. The diversion saved the day. The boys (7 and 5) had a great time driving the little go carts, and riding shot gun in the big go carts. They got to shoot paint ball guns at targets and play in the little arcade. Batting cages and mini golf as well and near 7 Springs Resort. Nice little spot.

Krystal Miller

So much fun. Only good for an hour though!

Tina Thomas

Ate lunch there first they had no lettuce so we ordered 3 cheeseburgers they were cold and our fries were raw terrible food

Denis Sutter

The kids absolutely had a blast! Went on a Thursday night for and hour and it was not busy. Kids were able to ride the go carts over and over. Well worth the $10 per kid for the hour.

Bill Carini

Good place to take the kids and ride some go-carts. The staff is friendly and helpful. The place does need a little updating, but we had a blast and will be sure to revisit as often as possible.

Massimo Demicco

Blast! Family and I laughed our heads off while blasting each other with water cannons on the bumper boats! Go cart track was fast and competitive!

Brandi Lawson

Joretta Myers

Went down hill very much!!!

Jason Armstrong

Nice place for kids of all ages to play. We stopped here on our way to Pittsburgh from Harrisburg to let the kids stretch their legs a little.


Bob Stanek

Really fun place with lots of different things to do. I would give it 5 stars but I think pricing is a little higher than other places. 2 mini golf courses, 3 different level of go cart track, paint ball target shooting, driving range, small arcade, food, small park and more. Only saw porta-poty for bathroom. All the employees we met were really nice.

Christine Stahl


Alberto Morell


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