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REVIEWS OF Adventure Sports Center International IN West Virginia

Nettie Owens

I had not been on the water for 22 years after a rafting trip went badly. But, at ASCI I felt safe to try it again. I had an amazing time and over came my fear. I went with 9 ten year old girl scouts and 5 adults. Every guide was amazing, positive and supportive such that everyone came off the water with a big smile!

Jenell Webb

Very interesting place..

R. Michael

Prepare to smile and have a guided run that you will remember.

Andrew Miller

Great spot for first timers to go raft as well as kayak. Staff is always fun and energetic.

Kaiulani Kini Kinoike Talbot

The highlight of our trip . We went with our instructor Andrew and man he was awesome. He was challenging enough for us to do extreme stuff , we surfed one on the Rapids, had a great time. My whole body is soared, but will remember it forever.

Randolf Delapena

Glenn Falcao

Great rafting!

Grant Hoover

Ask for Mike if you want to go hard. Had the best time.

Dan Bevil

cheri Zielinski

My Daughter and Husband had a Blast. They can't wait to come back.

Thomas Chase

Derek Snider

Great staff, okay prices, nice course for training, but it's still not the real thing.

david matson

Great place, lots of fun! Great staff!

Lizzy Danter

Incredible and worth each penny. My kids and grandkids had the greatest time. Don't be scared it's lots of fun.

Steve Sharp

Very nice place a lot of things to do and see!

Kathy Whoolery

Great family weekend teaching my grandsons to ski!

Robert Joyce

Nate Evans

Amazingly fun whitewater experience!

Kaare Mejias

Derek Huff

Had a great time at their white water rafting experience.

Michael Lavengood

Ryan Deasy


Spent half a day rafting here for my bachelor party. We had a blast and our guide made it much more enjoyable.

Ryan Haws

Had a great time!

Donald Miller

Christine Kositz

Bonnie Bezjak

Beautiful but expensive.

Michael McCarthy

Scott Bishop

Stephen Pirpiris

I just visited to use the parking lot and tie my boots. It was clean and the staff was helpful.

Matthew Miller

Trevor Cobb

Fantastic experience for my family. Thanks for a great time Ben!

David LaBuda

In the infamous words of Bill and Ted. Excellent. Class 3 rapids. Good for novice and experienced. Family fun.

Edwards Palacios

P. Thriver

Kevin Hubbe

Action packed fun. Great place to raft

John Forish

Good place, tons of fun

Jason Wright

I always have fun here. Great place to work on some kayak skills. Never too crowded and easy to avoid the rafts.

Brent K

Awesome whitewater course

Jason Mills

Used it for training. Had a great time

janet marlin

Loved it

Amanda Doty

Josh Matthews

Had a blast. ..well worth it

Julia Graham

Great fun for newbies and those with actual river rafting experience!

David Ellington

Colli Leighton

I've done a lot of rafting over the past 30 years on a couple different rivers in Maine and I have to say I did not enjoy this experience for several reasons: 1) It was repetitive. You go around and around the same course multiple times. It probably takes no more than 5 minutes each time, and then you circle around the lagoon and go around again. It's like riding the same ride at an amusement park over and over again. 2) Our guide decided it would be fun to flip our raft over on purpose. It was not fun. To clarify, we were a group of middle aged not terribly fit women. Why he thought we would want to be pushed to that level of adventure is beyond me. Several of us came up under the raft which was terrifying for my friends who had never been rafting before. We all ended up on scattered along different parts of the shoreline. One of my friends was so scared she refused to get back in the raft, and another friend suffered a bruised and bloodied leg so she did not get back in the raft either. Maybe the guide was trying to compensate for the monotony of going around and around on the repetitive course, but it was not at all appreciated. 3) In a word - fat-shaming!! To start out the trip they grouped everyone around for the safety lecture and then proceed to hand out life jackets... by weight. A few of us in my group are rather big-boned... okay we're pretty darn overweight. We were absolutely mortified when they yelled out that anyone over 200 pounds should come forward to get their life jacket. It was absolutely humiliating to have to wade through the crowd of people to get our hefty sized jackets in front of everyone. I think we were the only women who had to step forward for this embarrassment. I get that weight is a factor in buoyancy but surely there is less humiliating way to go about this. Again, I have been rafting in Maine for 30 years and I have never seen anything like this. Even if the rafting was worth going doing again (which it isn't), my friends and I would never go back for this reason.

Matt English

The white water rafting is a great activity for the whole family. And if someone wants to stay on dry land there is a great walking trail that follows most of the river around the course.

John Miller

Go karts

Andy Spalding


Saleena Simpson

Fred Senese

Nathan Craig

Awesome white water destination! friendly staff and guides... Even the elevator attend was happy..... So much fun challenging white water..too !

Mark Tanner

Tyson Stull

I have been to ASCI twice, the first time was great. The second time was horrible and I will not go back. On our first trip the river guide was awesome he joked around and had fun. Reservations were easy and they accommodated us dividing the cost up between friends. Since it can cost up to $80 a person to be on a raft for 2 hours and there were 6 people we really needed to divide the cost. This last trip was horrible. The guide was almost silent the entire trip not talking other than to give directions on the boat. I can almost understand that since some people just aren’t outgoing. The real problem was the office staff. When I made the reservations I had to pay for everything up front over the phone with a no refund policy. We arrived early, as told, so we can split the cost. The office staff was annoyed that this needed to be done. One girl actually said "Get her to do it, I am going home". So we asked the other person at the desk to help. She was nice but wasn’t sure how to refund the deposit and split the cost. So another girl came over to help. I am going to assume she was a manager. She had the worst attitude I have ever had to deal with. She snapped at me through the entire conversation. Demanded I listen when I turned to ask someone in my party a question and made multiple mistakes when dividing the cost. I kept a calm attitude since I was pretty sure a refund was not an option and I needed this to work out. I was embarrassed for recommending this place and will not go back. When spending $500 on a 2 hour event it isn’t much to ask for a staff that can accommodate simple requests without an attitude.

pat DiGioia

Joseph Caretto

Interesting, has a circular river. Just checking it out. Will likely go back to try kayaking.

Rick Freitas

Desmond Smith

Very professional and friendly staff made us a bit more comfortable with trying out the course and we totally loved it. I recommend this if you're an adrenaline junkie cause it's definitely a rush.

John Anderson

Malik S

The white water rafting was great

ptpeanut adventures

Great whitewater rafting experience! Great guide!

Andrew Sauder

Ronisha Johnson

Lauren stryzak

Kelli Ende

What am amazing experience. We had a blast


This is a must do if you are in the Deep Creek Lake area. It is a whole lot of fun for everyone. If some.of the group do not want to go, they can easily watch 90% of the course and get.great pictures.

Jack Culotta

Manager was an obvious jerk, but the actual staff, and facility was AWESOME.

Joe McDaniel

Great fun. Have done it several times with various kids and grandkids.

John Haddaway

Awesome place

Daniel Field

Ian McGovern

DaveKathy Baca

Our first time on the course rafting. Had a great time. Awesome experience for the whole family. Gave us a taste of what white water rafting would be like with minimal risk. Would definitely recommend. Patrick did a great job as our guide. He ensured we had a good variety of raft experiences.

Joe Gilpin

Chuck Hester

Great fun, highly recommended!

Derek White

thanks for a fun saturday

antonia bruck

nathaniel jones

Gregory Madison

CJ Behnke

Jon Booska

The guides are awesome

Laura Mann

Venus Ramos

The experience was incredible

Matthew Mull

Dave Z.

Stacey Kemphfer

The guides are awesome. They make your rafting experience amazing!

lisa levdahl

Very neat mountain top rafti g/kayaking experience.

Norman Weber

Cool place must visit

Liz Smith

This place was awesome. They do a great job teaching you safety protocol for when you get thrown into the water. You might not go overboard if your guide avoids trying to go "surfing". Our entire boat flipped sending a 6, 8 and 9 year old in the rapids which sounds worse than it was. We all came above water pretty quickly and swam to shore. The kids practiced jumping into the rapids and swimming to shore earlier so I think that really prepared them for a toss in the water. We really had fun though. They take amazing photos of everything so keep your valuables at home.

Greg Jones

Craig Trissler

White water rafting...what a way to spend a day. The large boats allow for a great experience with your friends and family....Jeff was a very friendly guide.

Courtney S

This was the best part of our weekend!! Our instructor David was awesome!! We are already planning our next trip

Anthony DiPasquale

Awsome, good time for all

Yury Miroshnichenko

Andrea Leatherman

So much fun! Great facility and staff. Kody was our guide and he was awesome, definitely made the experience so enjoyable!

Sandy Wheatley

Keith Dudhnath

Michael Ford

Great fun for the entire family! My youngest son is 7, and he had a blast. The guides were very good with the kids. It was well worth the money.

Cleve Shaffer

Had a Blast yesterday. We went on a school trip with our son. Mike was our guide and was awesome. Yes you go around in circles a few times but every time was different. The kids have not stopped talking about. Thanks Mike.

ellie keating

Jim Starr

Fantastic! Highly recommended. Bring a small lock and a towel as they have showers and changing room....

Zachary Wood

I went with my family of 7 and we had a blast we had a wonderful guide and had a lot of fun, more fun than I've had in a while. I recomend this to familys who don't mind a rough time but a fun time.

Debbie Lancaster

Family Friendly, inexpensive, and lots of fun!

Michelle Miller

Had a wonderful day! Dean was wonderful! Such a sweetheart! Will go back again and ask for Dean again. A great family outing!

FIA Interpreting

Dave was an awesome guide at Gauley Festival! Everyone in the group enjoyed the whole day so much.

Jennifer Williams

This was my family’s second time here to white water raft. It’s a fantastic facility and our guide (Mason) was phenomenal. The guides make sure to give you an awesome and fun experience, while also making sure you’re safe. I also enjoyed the fact that they have wet suits/jackets and swim shoes that you can rent. Today was pretty cold and windy/rainy for June and we were cold before we got in the water, but with all of our gear on, it made it much more enjoyable (and at one point we were even warm and jumped into the water to cool off). The wet suits and jackets were also just a nominal fee, and were absolutely worth the money. Overall, I highly recommend this rafting experience - even though it’s a course that you go around multiple times, they make sure to give you a different ride each time. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Garman

We went rafting for the first time with 5 kids, 2 of whom were very nervous. Upon arriving we talked to the front desk staff and they switched us to Adam for our guide. All of us had a fantastic time, and we credit a large part of that to Adam who was amazing easing the timid kids into rafting to the point they all jumped out into the rapids on the excursion, and all loved it. It was a highlight of our trip!

James Nichols

Johny Pgl

I booked a houseboat package for my wife and kids from Atlantis Water Sports and they provide a very comfortable experience to their customers.

Daniel Houghton

Ann Bolyard

Had a blast rafting down the course with Mike. The course was easy enough for my first trip, challenging enough to be awesome, and physically demanding enough to ensure a great night's sleep! Mike was a top notch guide who made sure we had an authentic, fun and wet ride!

Russell Banfield

Sunjeet Sidhu

Tom Godfrey

Fun place, its a must

ravi shankar

Alex Van de Putte

Awesome experience at their artificial white water rafting course. Safer than the real thing (depending on location, I suppose), yet exciting, great fun. I had a group of kids 10-13 years old, and their parents - everyone LOVED IT!

Quinn Hoffman

Kathleen James

Domenic Bentz


Wide variety of outdoor sports available at this place. I definitely recommend it.

John Gourdin

Got more than I expected.

Wendy Ricker

Mehul Shah

Great experience for River Rafting We took level 3 and that was very nice experience It is man made lake. With different deeps It is a clean facility with great saff.

רועי פישמן

That's where the real adventures start

Matt Kime

You're History

Shelly Sisler

Cool hiking biking trails rafting!

malack hejazi

Bill Slade

Fun kayaking!

Chris C

Elaine Rifkin

Exciting watching kayakers and rafters negotiate this training course. Beautiful spot near chairlift for scenic panoramic views! Great little shop too.

David Dunnington

laith alhajaj

David Channell

I love this place so dnt my family

Rob Logan

Lukas Wulf

Great water rafting course

John Dowling

Was a blast!!!!

Sarah Kempisty

Marissa Marsh

John Kabulski

Deep Creek Lake's hidden gem. Great place to try white water rafting if it's on you bucket list.

Daniel Carr

hollye traband

Ben Ellis

John Bryson

bella Barker

Tooooo good


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