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Where is Stones River National Battlefield?

REVIEWS OF Stones River National Battlefield IN Tennessee

Michael Gants

As civil war battlefields go, one of the best set up and marked. The park rangers were all friendly and knowledgeable. The museum is top notch with an excellent 9 minute video giving an amazing overview of the three day affair. The car tour and app are well thought out and easy to follow. Highly recommend for American history buffs and day trippers.

Rebecca Larkman

Love this tribute to American history. The museum is informative, the staff is knowledgeable, and the grounds and facility are well kept.

Ruth Ewalt

Knowledgeable staff, very interesting demonstration, and amazing music from the era!

Jeff Shepherd

This is a lesser-known battlefield, but an important one. It is well maintained, and has several trails throughout the park. I intend to return, and bring family.

Jennifer L

Very friendly park rangers. Informative. Nice gift shop!

Janice Hackett

Very nice park. Nice trails. Dogs permitted on leash. The museum is small but definitely worth visiting.

Mary Ann Hendrixson

A beautiful place with a lot of History

Water Pro

I'd give this five stars because it was great but then that would devalue the five stars that I gave to Shiloh. There is an awesome video and the place is well laid out. You can drive to each stop and don't have to walk far at all to do the exhibits. If you love civil war stuff then you will love this place, I thought it was great. If you don't really care that much about the historical value of it then you might not enjoy this place because there's not much to see, you have to use your knowledge of how things went down and your imagination to fully see the experience.

Jacob Clapham

It's a strange feeling to stand where men have faught and died

Sheryl Meier

The civil war exhibits are so informative and the walking paths are so peaceful. There are markers along the paths explaining civil war events.

Derrick Gardner

Download the app and take a driving audio tour! Rangers were kind and knowledgeable! So much history!

Jarrett Baptist

I have a docteriate in American history. Nothing but lies and propaganda. Slamder against Confederate Soliders. They need a real historian. The musem contradicts its self. The bring up the lie the the war was slave states vs slave states and the claims northern states had slaves. The park ranger knowes nothing of the battle. They got rid of anything Southern.lincon could not have written one sided matterial. This is a disgrace.


A nice piece of history with nice people working it.

Matthew Speth

Very well kept battlefield. The staff was very friendly.


Nice place to explore to learn more abt history.

Rick Marshall

Love all of it. Historic area.

John Kirksey

An astounding battle, but like many others, not appreciated enough. The displays in the visitors center and on the battlefield provide excellent insight into specific events. Perspectives from both the foot soldier and general are provided. Visitors get many interesting facts, but also a sense of what it was like to be in the battle. In less than an hour one can walk out of the visitors center with a deep appreciation for the sacrifices made on this historic site.

Hannah Byrd Little

Nice place for a history buff interesting National Park my daughter's love this area as a backdrop for photos. The park has guides that can explain the battlefield and the cemetery. Many people come for the historic information but also a great number of locals jog throughout the park.

Robert Allam

National Park... Well maintained trails. Park closes at sunset. Bring water!

Jeffrey Cochran

Most people don't realize the tragedy and loss that defined the Civil War. A walk around the cemetery and the drive/walking tour brings it all to life. Well worth the time to do.

Rebecca Trapp

Great history presentation. Ranger led car tour opened up personal side to those who were there & experiences. N, S & locals.

jimmy kinsey

Excellent history lesson. One of those hidden gyms.

Francis Hennessy

The self guided tour was worth the time and a great gift shop.

Angela Haissig

It's a mini version of Gettysburg. Looks like it may be designed by the same people. Only difference is it's much smaller and missing the look out towers on the driving tour. On the plus side, it's free! They have cannon demonstrations and other events you can call to find out about as well.

Sean Holland

Well organized site with many walking trails, worth a visit if you are interested in the Civil War.

Will Langston

Great place to walk and run. The woods trail is particularly fun with all the rocks. It’s usually very quiet and you can have it all to yourself. There are deer, squirrels, and turkeys to keep you company. It’s the perfect place to let nature calm you down after hectic days (and depending on the time of day, a chance to calm down from the traffic getting to it). The history part is also incredible and worth a visit.

Dave Seagraves

If you are a Civil War enthusiast, like me, Stones River is a definite must see. The 3 day battle at Stones River was a turning point for the Union army.

Will Jocobsmeyer

Extremely important, and often overlooked, battle in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. Unfortunately most of the battlefield has been lost to development, and it is very difficult to understand what happened here.

onyxgamer -

Very nice place to just walk and have a nice time

Thomas Sanders

Interesting Civil war site. Friendly informative staff. Monument built by soldiers

Steve Bucher

By visiting civil war battlefields, you'll realize how great America is today.

Samuel Kafka

If you are a patriot, a tourist, a local or a history buff, you should be visiting this historic battlefield. Park staff is always helpful and gift shop has a large selection of miniature canons that you wouldn't want to leave without.

Jefferson Cheng

The visitor center has great info about the overall war and the battles


This is a great place if you are wanting to learn about American history and get junior ranger badges. The adult rangers were kind and very knowledgeable about the locations history.

Howard Anger

There a wealth of information about the battle that occurred there.

Jay Watrous

Great place to learn of an important battle

Dean Durst

Amazing historical park. Took the family there for a nice walk around the trails to see the bunkers and battlefield. Kids loved to see the canons and the video that played inside the museum. It was a wonderful day outsite. We got to experience tons of history as well as a wonderful day out with the kids and wife.

Scott Rohlck

Really enjoyed the walk and experience along the Civil War battlefield. Can't imagine the amount of troops fighting in such a small area.

Billy Plant

Amazing place for quiet walks

LELIA Morton

So interesting to learn about all the history, I always pass by and love to see how well it is kept up and maintained. I always say a prayer as I pass and live it when I see all the flowers covering the many soldiers Graves and so glad they are not forgotten. I have a great respect for those who serve and protect and have served our great Country in whatever capacity!

Brian Mullins

Very cool park. Enjoyed our visit.

Cayce Neal

Nice flat hiking trails. Very well maintained park. Great history lesson as well!

Mark Kelso

Intersting and can be toured by car.

John Groves

Stones River National Battlefield has a well done and informative visitor center with friendly staff. The battlefield itself is kept well and has well kept walking trails to the different sections of the battlefield. The national cemetery is also well kept. Overall, it is a definite go to for those who enjoy about Civil War history.

Misty Manages Life

Love visiting here. Great park to explore and learn about local history. Museum and civil war cemetery across the street to explore as well.

Barbara Potter

Very well taken care of. Park rangers are very knowledgeable and pleasant to speak with. Last stop on the self guided tour is a bit hard to get out of due to traffic.

Philip S

Beautiful battlefield with ample trails to explore. A lesser known battle than some of the others around the nation, but worth stopping and exploring. The visitors center has an excellent museum and short orientation video. There is a short drive tour, but the rewarding tour is to hike the trails. Also, the national cemetery across the street is worth a stop.


I would love to spend more time here.

Naser Altameemi

Lots of history. Very informative. Enjoyed walking around the battlefield.

Gregory Stiller

Largest Military Burial Ground I've ever visited. Only 700 miles from home. Interesting day there.

Travis McIntire

What a wonderful National Park in the heart of Tennessee at Murfreesboro. Lots of Civil War History inside the main Visitors Center and then a very scenic driving and/or walking tour (about 6 miles). The grounds are kept immaculate and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Easy to find location makes this a great place to visit during your vacation. Pics of cannon, supply wagons, military fences/lines, monuments and cemetery are all within an almost 600 acre complex. You can spend as little or as long as you like although the driving gates close at 5pm - you can still exit but can't enter after that time. Enjoy the tranquil surroundings as you wonder what it was like over 150 years ago on these hallowed grounds. Oh, almost forgot - the entrance to the park is entirely Free. Inside the visitors center they have public restrooms and a gift shop with lots of souvenirs to choose from.

Tracy Smith

Lovely place. I recommend going. The Man at the desk is so informative and polite.

Jan Knoeppel

Wish we had more time to spend there. Staff very friendly!

Roger O'Bryan

Very good National Park great history, great Rangers around the park very comprehensive history. Great stop probably a couple hours or quicker if you prefer. There are a lot of places to take pictures either scenery, family or historical. Disabled Vets check out special deal that allows you entrance into all National Parks also special discounts for seniors and disabled Americans. Don't forget your passports for your National Parks stamp. There is also a Civil War Cemetery to vist from the same parking lot.

Patty D

The Rangers are so knowledgable. Lots of history that we all need to know and remember.

Austin Haney

Full of history and the museum is amazing! Check the website before going, they will often have re-enactments scheduled on the weekends.

gale gallager

Really fascinating place. Spent time at the cemetery, wish we had more time to do full tour. Plan on coming back to do it soon.

Deanna Nic

Great piece of history and fun for kids to learn history

Emily Keen

Neat place to visit for American History.

mark Ontiveros

Amazing history. The visitor center is one of the best i have ever visited. The history interpretation is very evenly presented with both North and South prespectives. The battlefield itself is breathtaking.

David Keith

Alot of history. And its sad a bunch of good guys were killed here

Elaine Adkins

Informative walk/drive to view battlefield. I like the shadow figure soldiers to help identify battle lines.

Adolfo Siqueiros

It's a surreal feeling to actually stand where history was made so many years ago. It saddens me to realize that many men had to die in order to settle our political and ethical differences. God bless our great Nation!

Michael McGee

Well done experience with small museum and lots of walking grounds. Well done message regarding the brutality of war.

Timo Vasquez

I've never learned about this battle ground, but I honor these brave men and Brothers

Katies Mom

Great museum and walking trails.

Shelley Malone

History We Should All Learn and Fantastic Park Rangers

Steven Snyder

Drove from Cincinnati, Ohio to see this piece of hallowed ground. Ended up being one of my favorite battlefields to go to. I love the layout of the tour and all the off the road hiking trails. One of my favorite things at the battlefield was the "museum" it was one of the only displays that I have seen at a battlefield that encourages handling of specific displays and has more of a one on one interaction to really bring history to life. I highly recommend anyone and everyone go see this piece of hallowed ground that hasn't changed much since the battle. From the steel cutouts to show where the troops were to the actual museum and gift shop. This battlefield was worth the drive to visit and pay respects to the men from both sides that fell there. I will definitely return at some point in the future.

Floridanatureman K

History Lovers Alert!!!!Great experience for history lesson, easy to find and parking was a breeze. Plenty of exhibits in the museum and lots of trails to walk.

Ivy Dutterer

My toddler will only nap in the car lately, and I find myself here more and more often. So peaceful and serene. A different kind of beautiful with each passing season. Inspired me to read up on Civil War history.

David Ross

Great place to learn the history of Murfreesboro. Also a great place to walk around and take your mind off things

Richard Weber

Very friendly and helpful staff eager to answer questions and offer useful information. Moch more interesting and improved presentations from whin I was living in the area around 20 years ago

Darren Tharp

Tremendous Battlefield experience. Any Civil War buff needs to go

Arthur Johnson

Very historic. Nice tour. No guide needed

James Crockett

Interesting displays. Well imformed personnel. The park's personnel were friendly, helpful, and held our attention with the historical facts and stories. Will definitely return for another visit.

William Bollenbaugh

Friendly, well laid out, and informative

Bill Bankey

I enjoy learning about the Civil War.

Will Ellison

They give you a map of the site, but do yourself a favor and go to the gift shop and but a copy of, Blue&Gray. It's a magazine like book that has battlefield positions that are time stamped. It greatly helped me and my wife understand when and where our family members fought.

Regina McAlister

Cool activity to do in a Saturday night...learned slot too!

Chris Carey

Very impressive. Humbling greatful that so many people were willing to fight for the freedom of other

lynette teegerstrom

A lot of history rests here. A great turning point in the war. A must see.

Kristen Jenkins

Stones River National Battlefield is a great place to go if you live in or are visiting the area.The grounds are always clean and neat. There are many markers that explain the battlefield's role in Civil War history and there is a museum with artifacts and stories about the war. There are also nice hiking trails that are good for walks with the family. It is a good place to bike, run, or walk. If you come early or late in the day you will probably see some wildlife so be sure to bring your camera.

Wayne Sevigny

Absolutely a must visit if here in Tennessee lots to see and the visitors center has a great display of the Civil War

Dean Heasley

I love the trails in the Battlefield. Close to town, but still very quiet.

Sherry Minor

Enjoyed learning of this historical battlefield.. very helpful attendant in gift and souvenir shop!

Kristin Goins

I always love visiting this park! The park staff are always really friendly here. Also, it's eerily beautiful here on foggy days which makes for great photos.

Michele S

Must see. Amazing exhibits. Educational and interesting 9 minutes film. the National Cemetery is worth a walk around and contemplative visit. So glad we made time for this experience!

Larry Nicholson

Very interesting and informative, in our history we should learn from the past mistakes and embrace everyone's point of view and beliefs and learn to negotiate settlements rather than killing each other to force our beliefs on others.

shannon clemens

Enjoy this place everytime I visit! The rangers and volunteers are very knowledgable and polite. There is a nice long walking trail or you can drive around and use the app to learn about this place in history.

Vicki Minor

Love our National Parks but 2 things bothered me this year. 1. would only give me 1 brochure. I understand they need to save money but my sister and I go at different speeds so one brochure very inconvenient. 2) No one at the visitors. center suggested the cell phone self guided tour. on the positive side great cemetery tour. Marta knew her history and engaged her group. Please go to your National Parks they are a treasure.

Brent Couey

Cool experience to say the least!!

Nicole Russell

This National Battlefield gets an A+ for its staff, exhibits, self-guided auto tour, beautiful national cemetery and its excellent hiking/biking trails to key battlefield sites. We walked in the visitor center and were immediately greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable park intern who explained what was available for visitors to see and do and also gave us a brief history of the battle. The park film is a must-see to begin your visit, about 9 minutes long. Take time to go through the excellent and sometimes heart-wrenching exhibits. Then take a stroll across the street to the National Cemetery before getting in your car for the auto tour. We had no idea such loss of life occurred here during the civil war and it was quite moving to walk the areas where fighting occurred. Be sure to stop at the oldest civil war monument in the country, one of the last auto tour stops. We spent 3 hours total here and found it compelling, educational and an important site for Americans to reflect on their history.

Janine Hering

Interesting tour and museum. Interesting to hear Sam Davis' story.

Deb Meadors

Went there to visit the grave of my great-uncle who died in the Civil War. Learned about the history of how the soldiers were buried, by black troops; not only Civil War soldiers, some from World War II, Vietnam. All races and ethnic groups are buried side-by-side.

Oscar Gonzalez

This place was great. So much history here. The last image is a short video with an unexplained green dot that has a mind of its own as you can see. This video is of the actual battleground. Probably nothing. I researched the effects of videotaping against the sun for anomalies and really couldn’t reach a reasonable conclusion. Interesting.

Heather T.

lots of walking trails. well kept.

David Zupko

A little known battle and a little out of the way amid a fair amount of encroachment. Very nice introductory film at the visitors center. Nice short driving tour. Recommended for buffs of the War between the States.


Nice place to reflect and see lots of flowers and flowering trees and shrubs

Clint Pedrazzi

Excellent battlefield! Well preserved and a joy to walk around. Knowledgeable rangers and a beautiful setting.

Penny Bast Davis

We went on the lantern tour and I highly recommend it.

Heidi Robinson

Battlefield great American history enjoy walk around this place

Matt Carrasquillo

Been going to this battlefield since I was a child, I proposed to my wife here, I've walked every trail and been thru the tour many times. Living close to Stones River Battlefield has been a wonderful experience for me and I've never had a bad experience here. The employees have always been accommodating and willing to answer questions about the Civil War and further more I appreciate the way they retire the flag at the end of the day with a small ceremony and how they honor the dead on memorial day.

Dave Wade

Great place to walk, hike and learn history there's very peaceful.

Cyndi Jonen

So Beautiful, so moving... it's a very interesting place

Lindsay Wood

Beautiful! So happy I discovered this place to take a walk after meetings all day!

BB's Boutique

Great place to visit. It's free. Has a driving tour, walking trails, bike trails, and beautiful scenery.

Brandi Mortensen

We learned a lot and really enjoyed the tour!! The Junior Ranger Program kept the kids super engaged. They loved it!

Ted Wilson

All was good except for being overlooked somewhat in the visitor center. Beautiful grounds and building and wonderful exhibits.

Arthur Callahan

We were disappointed with the upkeep of the battlefield. Compared to others we have been to, this one is in need of attention.

Craig Kokensparger

Very interesting and informative museum. We didn't have enough time to tour the battlefield. Can't wait to go back when we have more time.

Scott Webb

Rangers and volunteers at the park were very knowledgeable and friendly.

Henry Boyter

Love to visit here and just walk around.

Richard Hoover

A very memorable place, honoring those who put their lives on the line

Tara Green

Excellent hiking trails. Beautiful scenery.

Dennis Mozer

Great place to spend time and visit! Wish we would have had more time to hike.

Ranger Rick

Nicely organized monument, easy access, good visitors center. Great walking trails with plenty of information at relevant sites. Beautiful cemetery which gives you a real perspective of how many soldiers were lost during the battle. Located in Murfreesboro, just a short drive from hotels and restaurants.

Ralph Parks

Very interesting place to visit. Historically significant, well presented. You can hike, bike or drive around the park.

Jennifer Perron

Guided tour was awesome! She really taught our group about this epic Battle!

Tony Uggen

Glad we stopped by. First time here. Visitor Center staff was polite and informative. Was a bit confused how to drive around but once you get back to the main road the signs guide you and are easy to follow. The call in phone info was worth listening to at each stop The small museum was excellent. Good way to spend a couple of hours and learn about the battle. Sad that so many lost their lives here.

Jason Panzarello

Good quick stop off with an easy driving tour

Joshua Harriman

A great place to learn about Civil War history and one of the bloodiest days of the war. You can walk through the park or walk or bike the trails.

Nicole Linkous

An excellent historical park, with beautiful walking trails and a top notch museum. The park rangers were incredibly friendly and helpful, and we enjoyed our visit! I learned a lot about the battle of Stones River, and walking the entire park really helped me to better understand what happened. Don't call it a day until you've headed down the road, across the river, to see the McFadden Farm monument and river trail! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, bring sunscreen and water if you plan on touring the battlefield by foot.

Leeanne Munyon

Great place to get a real visual and understanding of this battle. Highly recommend this sobering battlefield.

Raquel Rhea

So much history! And didn't even get thru it all in one visit. Will definitely be returning.

Jeanne Cooper

Interesting history lesson if you stop to read the markers.

B Pearl

This is a very safe place to run, bike or walk. A lot of people come here super early to do so. The trails are lined with gorgeous diversity of wild flowers and plants. The scent in the morning is most heavenly... but any time it still smells so nice. The educational display inside is not too long. I would comfortably say kids that can read and comprehend conflict and death would understand the display. It's not scary but it's not for little kids. If you're conservative and your kids are smart and they can communicate with you about feelings, I'd say 8+. If you have little kids with you, it would be easy to play outside with them while the bigger ones do the more serious part...20-25 minutes, tops. There's a touch screen with a search function to find your ancestors that are buried there. Mine came on a boat much later but it's a thoughtful aspect of the display. There's a short movie that explains the story of the night before the major battle and that part is sad. They are enemies but they sing hymns in the night. There are federal park rangers that do tours of the outside. They explain the landscape and where events unfolded. They have you drive the outside ranger-led tour if it's hot. You can also do the tour yourself. There's a gift shop, sometimes you see civil war reenactor groups there with horses and stuff.

Mike Magnant

Took the morning bike tour. Our guide was excellent. So much history and so well told. We enjoyed the bike ride too. All questions answered, we learned more about the battle than told in my high school.

Dianne Sherman

I recommend that you stop to visit this historical spot. It is a very moving tribute to those who defended our country.

Derek Dotson

Nice park, lots of history. Friendly staff

Stephen Schmitt

The grounds of the battlefield and adjacent properties are all immaculately maintained. The kids enjoyed earning their Junior Ranger badges while learning about the battle that took place here. Their favorite parts were the cannons on the battlefield. We did not get a chance to do the driving tour, but it is highly recommended and will definitely be on our itinerary for our next visit.

James Pearson

Love this historic site in Murfreesboro. Nice shaded trails. Quiet and peaceful. A friendly staff in the visitors center. Great place to learn especially if you enjoy Civil War history. Also. A great place if you enjoy location based games like Ingress or one of the others. Wonderful missions that bring you into the days leading up to the battle and through of the bloodiest battles in the war. Best of all it is free. One of my favorite spots to get a break from society. Check it out!

Cindy Crum

Nice movie and easy to navigate self guided driving tour. Not as in depth as some other battlefield driving tours but a nice intro into an important turning point battle of the civil war.

Cecilee Shull

Amazon historical site and a must see if you are in the Nashville area. Artifacts from both the Union and Confederate side were available for viewing with many interactive displays. You can walk or drive the battlefield area and listen to narrative using your cell phone.

Gil Boylston

Good visitor center. Nice trails.

Laine Lemon

Love the period music that was preformed by a live group. The soloist was great.

matt foutch

If you love history. This is the place.

Tiffany S

Such a neat place to visit!

Debbie Little

Very humbling experience. So sad to think how many have died for our freedom & to think this is just 1 of how many Cemeteries for military and veterans. God bless them all

frank rosenbloom

Very interesting from a Confederate narrative.

Steve Baldwin

Great history lesson

Kelly Rose-Bedgood

Beautiful and majestic. A true monument to American history. God bless!

Connor Daniels

I was visiting my family in this state and the place was so much fun i loved the boundary trail that was fun this place has a cute gift shop and all the clothes are made in USA if you like walking this place is fun along with a Museam tree room area must see if in Murfreesboro first time here it was amazing

Trish Walls

Historical, educational well cared for grounds and museum All free and tons of trails!

Jerry Bedwell

An amazing place. So full of history. It was easy to find and follow from a driving and walking perspective.

Billy Smith

Clean well taken care of great place to visit. The attendants were full of goog information about it's history. Great place to see.

Jeany n Doug Turner Turner

I Hope it's A Great place now

Dennis Clement

Excellent visitor center

Michael Callahan

Such history, so much to explore and learn. Self-guided tour was great. Welcome center rangers were friendly and informative. Kids earned awesome patches.

Lucy Bostick

Take the walk it's worth the time

Ann Hopkins

Awesome! Must see place to visit when you are in the Nashville area.

Mark Fink

Great place to visit with family Watson history.

Rhonda Floyd

Beautiful park to walk and explore or drive thru. We did the Junior Ranger program with the kids and they loved it

Tracy Ellenburg

Loved the tour I had last night. Very interesting

Shannon Tuttle

I stopped for a short walk with my dog this time. The walking areas we took were well taken care of. I walked past a Park Ranger and had a pleasant conversation. I picked up after my dog and disposed of it in the correct container. Great place to walk, run, bike and explore!

Mike Lovin

Great place to learn our history.

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