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Where is Cherokee National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Cherokee National Forest IN Tennessee

Thomas Sayne

You can find solitude here if you're willing to walk.

Robert Yokley

This is so beautiful nice place to put the jeep in 4 wheel drive and take to the trails

Kerry Willis

Great place to visit. Lake watuga is awesome for boats and jetskis.

Andy Holt

Tremendously beautiful place. Many many vistas and so many places to hike. A must see.

James Greer

It was great going to the waterfalls and thanks but the only thing it was really great been with the one I love!!

Chris Massengill

Very green and peaceful this time of year.

Craig Stevens

Beautiful views, clean and well kept, scenic roads great for a drive or bike ride

David Jamison

This place is awesome. Great hiking trails (and some animal trails) that you can go on. The top has a spectacular view and on a clear sunny day you can see forever. I take my dogs out and they love running through the woods.

Felix Kat

Elk Park to Hampton on AT. Absolutely fantastic views of mountains and forest.

Belle Childers

Part of vacation. Loved it. Go every chance we get

Christopher Prost

It's a beautiful place and much cooler due to the elevation. Great vacation place.

Barbara Guinn

Clean fresh smelling air beautiful scenery

Theodore Stepp

Water at Watauga lake was Beautiful lot of boats out today

Jannie Lee

I was standing at an overlook in between the Cherokee national forest and Pisgah national and I loved the overview! Why a challenge to drive up but it was so so worth it! Please be cautious of the rocks and don’t over stand or sit above due to difference in heights. They also have picnic tables to the left side if you do plan on bringing food.

Michael Huffman

Beautiful day to enjoy a picnic up in Tellico on the river.

Elijah Davis

Beautiful as ever. Go get out there and get away from at all and you're bound to come home refreshed.

Felicia cooper

The most beautiful place in the world.

Jennifer Judy

Cherokee national forest is a wonderful gem in east tn. It offers several options for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. There are several campgrounds, hiking trails, and picnic spots that are easily accessible mostly year around. The Appalachian trail runs through the heart of the park and offers some breath taking views coupled with trails for every experience level.

Teresa Walley

Wow, what views! Very clean campgrounds. Hope I can go back one day, and spend more time there. Didn't get a chance to go hiking...

Wm Vogel

Cherokee National Forest, and nearby Wilderness Areas are REAL natural areas. Bears, bobcat, fox, snakes and many other wild animals and plants live there. Here in the USA, we are so very lucky to have these wild places that have not been destroyed by humans. In Europe, there are very few truely wild places. Humans dominate nearly every square acre of land. You have to go to a zoo to see what's left of "wild" creatures. Here in the USA, let's preserve the wild areas we have left before they are all destroyed! Wilderness Areas are places "Where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain".

nick Santore

It was Awesome!! We hammicked along the Telico River and we walked up the river to some waterfalls. The scenery was absolutely breath taking!!

Stacey Capuano

Gorgeous as always, Green and lush. A favorite place to meditate.

Bill Hampton

Great outdoors, what's not to live about this!!

George Abraham

Nice road to ride motorcycles on !

Mille Stultz

Most gorgeous really beautif campsites private relaxing

Greg Hyder

Great everyone needs to go

earl Aldridge

It is a road built for motorcycles. American beauty at its finest.

Dawn Rohrback

Beautiful, clean & a great place.

Willie Baker II

Great Serene place to kick back and relax. Bring your own blankets and or air bed, air mattresses, or air couch. Not very many spots to sit or just lay back and relax. Unless you bring your own. The little waterfalls are great sound great. Very relaxing. Very beautiful area and surroundings. The nearby town is very friendly and helpful. It's a Greek place. I'll be back next year.

Barbara Martinez

Whole area is beautiful!! Went down for a 3 day weekend with my boyfriend and some friends. Very romantic. Took his Harley and rode the mountain...AWESOME!!!


From Hickory Tree to Little Oak the road has been maintained smooth enough for a car to drive thru. It is wide enough for passing on coming cars. Just don't take the road that leads back to Morrelle Creek Rd that is a rough very narrow road that I would not want to meet a car head on because to pass you would have to go off road. They have closed off one of the loops that is Forrest side not lake side. It was an extremely winding rough road 4 wheel off road vehicles only. Enjoy a cool ride, dense forestry, and delightful wooded smells. You might even see a black bear cross your path. I followed the Google map all the way thru so I knew I was on the right road all the time. This is a great feature so you do not take a dead end road.

Dougie DeHart

Beautiful, and Wataga Campground only cost $12. The lake is amazing and the campsites are awesome.

Lynne Fisk

I live in the Cherokee National Forest! And I LOVE IT!

Heather Swift

The camp sites were nicely maintained. The staff were very helpful and gave excellent suggestions for places to go and attractions. Stayed right on the lake. Went to bed and woke up to the most majestic site!

Robert Ware

Great sunrise in the morning. Beautiful clear water. Too bad people cant pack out their own trash.

Sr. Fox

A beautiful area for a ride down the Snake route.

dave dec

BEAUTIFUL place to visit. Worth the trip

Poohs Mom

Beautiful forest in East Tennessee surrounding a huge lake.

John Dawson

Beautiful wilderness area. Trail rides a lot but it is well laid out

Julie Knight

Beautiful day, beautiful scenery. Came here to scatter some of my brother's ashes in the river

jeff whaley

Great place to camp, hike and fish.

Madan Nagaraju

Breath taking, beautiful to visit anytime of the year! Amazing lot of hiking trails.

Kevin Holden

This is like a lil slice of heaven.. paint rock and paint Creek are very beautiful with waterfalls and forest!

michael solomon

Great area, well maintained, and a hidden gem less traveled by tourists.

Mike Pennington

Beautiful Ride through the Mountains.! Nice swim in Tellico River..

Charlotte Local

This place is amazing. Cant wait to go there again. Fishing is fun.

Wanda Langley

I love Cherokee National Forest the air so fresh enjoyable great place to relax are going enjoy picnics are you can go hiking

susan gibson

Feel like you're on top of everything. All of GOD'S beauty for you to see.

Michael Kedzior

Nice facility lot's of water and trails that are well maintained. Just watch out for the chiggers. They tore me up descent.. my fault though.

don ollis

Most beautiful part of the world. The mountains stunning all year long.

josh norris

A cool trail, we didn't go very far, but you don't have to to get an amazing view. I can't even imagine how great the rest of the trail would be

John & Jessica Dodson

Beautiful hiking, multiple trail accesses good for day hikes or overnight hikes. Trails and shelters are well maintained. Spent 2 nights out with family and looking forward to going back to hike more of the AT.

Bob Cohan

Just drive from tellico plains to robbinsonville nc you'll see.

Melodie Galaba

Absolutely breathtaking ❤️. As an artist I search for inspiration and motivation. The views I see and the pictures of the great sceneries are all I need to paint these spectacular views. We are blessed to have these wonderful mountains and rivers to explore! Thank You Tennessee for keeping these parks accessible to Us all.

Chris Mullins

It's a beautiful part of my everyday commute. Hiking the trails is very peaceful and free from city noises. The forest is covered in a beautiful morning fog depending on the season making for incredible views from above and below through the twists and turns of I-26. Large wildlife roams the forest, hike carefully.

Michael Johnson

Appalachian Trail passes by awe-inspiring vistas from open balds, through moss green forests, and along steep ridges. Trails in great condition!

Lilly Kramer

Awesome hiking spot, a bit strenuous if doing the Laurel falls hike but well worth it

Shaw Powell

Not sure if in Cherokee, but Sliding rock is a good time, but that water is COLD. I swim in cool natural swimming holes all the time, but this is very chilly mountain water. Looking Glass falls is a short drive away and is also beautiful. One of those places had bathroom facilities.


Beautiful sites in Tennessee.

Connie Lethcoe

Love it !! Blessed to have such Beautiful wooden areas & water falls & streams . Hiking trails. Love the mountains here in East Tennessee that I can home

Nicole Lane

Always a superb place to spend some time.

Mary Bristol

Visited family at Little Oak campground. Lovely place with no water or electricity at sites. Very quiet and clean with easy access to South Holston Lake

Mountain Man

Great place to go hiking, fishing paddle boating and more!!!

Dallas Turner

Cool place great view

Rs Beeler


Grant Caldwell

Beautiful trails, rock formations, waterfalls and rhododendrons.


Beautiful Place. Will visit again and again

Martin Quizhpi

Is good place to relax and walk

Cassandra Bickel

So beautiful and temps were great.

glenda barrett

Nice swim area with small "beach" as well as shaded areas with benches

kathy bartley

It's a beautiful . I had a wonderful time .

Anthony Gates

A beautiful place to visit and enjoy the great scenery and fish some great steams and lakes

Pat Thompson

Road is awful! Needs mowed on both sides of road, the weeds are tall as I am. It blocks your veiw!

Ray McClinton

Lovely example of the natural beauty of Tennessee. The Bald River (?) Falls was a sight to behold!


A great little-trafficked hike through Rogers Ridge over the Iron Mountains. Also a horse trail but is easily used by hikers. A mostly wide old (logging?) road starting at Gentry Creek and meandering about 7 miles to the TN NC VA border triangulation point. Many different unmarked side trails along the way. Moderate to strenuous at times for the first climb then a final climb to the peak of the balds.

Lora Windle

Pet friendly great trails for hiking. Overall beautiful

Matt Fini

The forest was beautiful, just very poorly kept. Many trails were closed that were supposed to be open, trails were poorly mapped out, and the roads to get to them were very dangerous and rugged. If a little more work went into making the park user friendly, it would be an easy five stars. All neighboring forests and parks we're much better managed.

Julie Cook

It was very beautiful! Wish we could have taken more time to enjoy it!!

Judy DiDomenico

Beautiful area great Road trip

Rick Fletcher

Good place, nice lake. Good people.

Adam West

I've hiked all over these mountains for years. One of the most beautiful places in the country. While you're there, make sure to take a trip down the pidgeon river.

Robin Deller

Peaceful. Great day

Sterling Hager

Wide trails, beautiful rivers, plenty of water the trail is well maintained and marked well I allways could see a white blaze hope I can bring my son when he is older.

Jessica Lane

Great and peaceful place to take your family to for a fun day. Recommend it to anyone.

sonya tipton

Grew up to love the forest. Always a great trip to the woods

scavenger airsoft

It's beautiful no matter what time of the year. Just a great place for a hike.

Harlie Chastain

This is my happy place , my home away from home. It's a great place for hiking , swimming or just to get way.

Kenny M

Cherokee national forest is one of the best and biggest I have been to. There is so much to do for the family if you love the outdoors like we do

Brian Mitchell

Beautiful forest, great trails and scenery

Jonathan Harper

Beautiful with lots of fun outdoor activities.

Michelle Callahan

A Beautiful Place to Visit.

Gavin Taylor

A great place to move around. Or stop for the scenes, either way you'll enjoy it.

Don't Ask

Pretty good place to go for a hike or camping. Some decent activities for a family get together. Have to go through a sketchy area to get there.

Gary Elmore

One of the most beautiful natural resources in the USA. It's easy to imagine what life was like 200 years ago. Take plenty of time to explore all nooks and crannys of this area of Eastern Tennessee/Western North Carolina.


It's beautiful it's clean let's work together to keep it that way.

jtholt 2112

Been going on this Lake for better than 30 years hands down the best one in the area

Ben perry

Spent a few days hiking and camping. Nice quite place.

William Patterson

This place is so incredible! We vacationed near by and this was a fantastic stop!

David Sims

Great place to hike & camp with the family, Amazing views & very well maintained. We love it & highly recommend a weekend or just a day trip.

James Williams

Most beautiful place you could imagine and the skies were lit up so bright

Yahve P

Beautiful hiking trails for all ages. Nice whitewater rafting. A great family activity.

Mike Tipton

Nature at it's finest, this is the quiet side of the smoky mountains, not overrun with tourists, waterfalls and hiking trails and beautiful scenery abound!!! And get some of that southern charm while you're at it.

Tim Tallman

It's breathtaking!

Ronnie Lee

It's a nice place

Ronnie Kier

This was an AWESOME Ride on my Fat tire E-BIKE !!! Seen deer , bear and Racoons all from the bike ....kinda disappointed in the trail being so EAT UP by horse hoof tracks but it's all good

Harris Rosenberg

I was sinking deep in sin Far from the peaceful shore Very deeply stained within Sinking to rise no more But the Master of the sea Heard my despairing cry From the waters lifted me Now safe am I Love lifted me, love lifted me When nothing else could help Love lifted me Love lifted me, love lifted me When nothing else could help Love lifted me

wakiza ramsey

It's a beautiful place just to get away very much a need to go at least once in your life But once you do you'll never want to leave

Pamila Bayless

Watch for bears


The VA Creeper Trail and Backbone Rock were awesome! I would suggest both to anyone who loves the outdoors!!


I love the Cherokee National forest. A lot of trails, waterfalls, and wilderness areas to explore and have an adventure. Beautiful all around. Get out of your house and go on an adventure.

MusickMaster 686

Awesome went with family good for fishing swimming hiking and outdoors great place.

Kim Oliver

Beautiful scenery. Great lake accesses. Wonderful bank fishing. Just gorgeous!

Sharon Gouge

Love getting back to nature

Lindsey Northover

Amazing place for a peacfull and family-friendly camping vacation.

Jason Strimel

I got to spend the day in an beautiful peaceful place with the two men I love

Chris Bevrly

Wonderful time visiting from Florida. About a mile hike into the waterfall area. Then there is a Walk way that goes down to where the waterfall is. Be prepared for a mild hike. Bring a water park and be sure to take breaks. Once you get down there it's well worth for the workout. About a 2-3 hour experience.

Sandra Thomson

Beautiful, clean and friendly. Love nature and enjoyed it here.

Edda Ingram

What an experience, seeing nature at it's best!

susan goldstein

Fabulous view of Doe River by train!!

Kevin Moss

Beautiful place to drive around and get away from the city life

Ramon Perez

Beautiful view and the roads on motorcycles were great

Adventures Unknown

What a beautiful area! It's a must visit.

Key McGuire

Cool forest. Must cross small creeks on the road. Not deep with hard bottoms... SUVs and trucks should have no problems!

Mark LaVertue

A great place to hike and discover the outdoors. Take a train ride through the mountain, fly fish in the river, hike or bike the many trails and paths. Spend a day or and hour, either way there is something for everyone at Cherokee National Forest.

Eugene Miller

Love it, Cherokee National Forest is located in Tellico Plains,TN. this is the one I visited, it is a great place to visit,camp, hike and do a lot of fun things, come on down.

Real One

It is such a beautiful place. The mountains are gorgeous. It truly is god's land. The views from this place are incredible. Everyone should experience such beauty in person.

Paula Preneur

One of the most beautiful places on the planet

Rebekah Dickson

There is true peace in the forest amongst the trees and trails

Lisa Roberts

It was so beautiful the trails were amazing I'm definitely going back, place for kids to swim also

Marilyn Elmore

The forest trails are quiet, except for the breeze blowing through the tree tops and the birds scolding me! It's an amazing place.

David Bateman

Experiences in these great mountains. So much of the Great Spirit Yahweh here... Beautiful opportunity for people to envelope in this sanctuary

Nikki Walker

Road was crazy at times but the scenery was beautiful.

Vicki Blackwell

Most Relaxing trip. Great views. Amazing people. Outstanding food. Cozy accommodations. Best in the world. Go take a trip you'll be glad you did.

Tim Maines

If you ever get a chance to time travel or have always wanted to.. it's easy now...just come visit Cherokee N.C. you will not be dissatisfied .the vibe in this little town is amazing. Make sure it's on your to-do list..see y'all there.

Peggy G

Sooo beautiful, it's a must see place!


So many things to do. Definitely hike to Benton Falls!

Jackie Elliott

This is a place I go for me time to relax and calm my nerves such a beautiful place this is God's Own creation for the people at needs relaxation

Tammy Hess

SoHo is my happy place

Mike Lively

Beautiful places to see , clean lake and river , I would've given 5 stars but the Weir dam area is starting to attract people I'd rather not be around . If you dont like fishing dont go where fishermen are ! It's that simple !

Kendall Johnson-Langley


Rhonda Jean Ebert

So relaxing. to just watch the kudzu grow, the rivers flow, the greenery was beautiful, mountain views with fog lifting was awesome.

T pinkston

Beautiful scenery public camping is expensive and non public spots are kinda hard to find but once you do it's amazing

Annette Stuart

Beautiful. Peaceful! I enjoyed the outdoors. I would go every day if I could.

Steve Abbott

Had a great time can't wait to go back

Lee Renfro

Beautiful vistas with abundance of trails and wildlife

jennifer renquest

We absolutely loved it here! The views were breathtaking! Wonderful restaurants and unique shops! Will definitely be going back for a longer stay!

Timmy Sentelle

Beautiful place but the people who live on are not the kind of people you need to be around much

Meghan Livesay

It was wonderful. We camped the four the weekend and it kids loved it a whole lot.

Dana Johnson

Beware of small, black hard shell, flying bugs in the evening. They'll drive you nuts for a couple of hours. Other than that, I love it here!!

William Scott

Great place to do a lot of different outdoor activities. Not many vista type views but lots of pretty spots.

Allan Solomon

I've always loved these mountains since I was a little kid, going back has a way to bring the kid back out of ya! Plenty to do for all ages, 1st time and repeat visitors.

Tim & Shari Corcoran

If I could give negative stars for the guidance offered by Google maps I would. We were hauling a travel trailer and GPS took us on a road we could not pass. We had to back up 1/2 a mile on a twisty road to a point where we were just able to get ourselves turned around. We have not made it to Cherokee National Forest yet. We will try again tomorrow. Tonight we are camped out at the Athens Walmart.

Anthony Reda

Great place to visit and stay awhile. Kids love going and now has become an annual event for our family and friends. Is worth checking out.

Greg Walsh



Beautiful! I was traveling through and only spend 2 nights in TN but I highly recommend visiting! I can’t wait to go back. You probably will NOT have cell phone service unless you’re in town where there are stores.

Stokes Music Studios

Some of the most beautiful places in the world!

John Barrett

We went to the Rhododendron Gardens then hiked onto the Bald Spot. The Gardens are easier then hiking the Bald Spot on the AT. The view was great from the Bald Spot and well worth the hike.


One of the most beautiful places in the world...


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