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2500 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203, United States

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REVIEWS OF Centennial Park IN Tennessee

Will Parker

Great build with lots of shade and plenty of parking. It is a great place to spend the day with you pup. There are plentiful walking paths and a quaint pond in the area. There are public transportation routes, and E-Scooters scattered throughout the area. Can easily spend an hour of two of your day here with no qualms.

Courtney Lee Ann Turley

This place is magnificent! I could spend every day in this park wandering around and be very happy. Time has only made it better. The Parthenon reminds me of human achievement and creates a stepping stone between ancient and modern. This is an awe-inspiring experience.

Julie Sauls

Docents are knowledgeable and welcoming! Not an expensive place to visit. Clean bathrooms!! Excellent place to stop for a break in the long trek across Tennessee. Well stocked gift shop... Art, books, knick knacks, jewelry (quite nice jewelry) even a Greek gods & goddesses chess set! This is a 100% scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens. Athena protected the people of Athens, and they are represented by the snake standing inside her shield. Check out the very cool doors in the room behind Athena. And the griffins! Outside their are other interesting attractions including the women's suffrage monument ...which is odd because these days Tennessee is doing so much to deny rights to women and send them back a hundred years. It's a nice monument but should come with a disclaimer that TN doesn't value women anymore and in fact is trying to take away our rights. Anyway, easy access from I-40. Enjoy!

Zach Halbert

Great park to walk, relax, and enjoy. Plenty of trails and it's very well maintained

Michael Stankewicz

This is a must see in Nashville. It is an exact replica of the real Pantheon. Just seeing the exhibits are breathtaking. There are small exhibits showing how it was built. Bring a camera and take lots of pictures!

Linda Highbaugh

Worth the time and entry fee. Impressive. Ancient Greece in Tennessee - love it!

Tom Jewell

Very open dog park that is well-maintained. Lots of room to run & play. Lots of dirt though; would not recommend after a rainstorm.

Karsen McCarter

Really fun place to visit. It was only $6 to get into the museum which I thought was worth it. Is super fun to ride the Uber scooters through the park area. Was impressed with how clean the park had been kept up, especially with how many people go through there.

Bianca T

the most beautiful park ive been too!! i will definitely be coming back with a hammock ☺

Arleen Hicks

I feel they need to downsize the areas that they are working in at one time. Just so you can find parking and have more things to enjoy on your visits.

Christina Blackburn-Wanko

Great little park, lots of bird watching and beautiful trees. Motorscooters available all around the park for use to get you from one side to the other efficiently. We took our 8 year old and had a blast.

Shravani Nakkella

Love the ambience. It's well maintained and the parking is very convenient. Love the swings. Had some good quality time with family!

Mary Kate Allen

No clue as to why I haven't written about this park that I have been coming to my whole life when we visited Nashville or now since I am living here. I love everything about it! It is historic, has lots of open space to wander, kid friendly, gated dog friendly, romantic, and it has the world's largest replica of the Parthenon. I recommend reading the separate Yelp listing of the Parthenon to grasp more info about it. Centennial Park held its own rendition of the World's Fair in 1897, 101 years after the establishment of Tennessee becoming an official state to the USA. This was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the state's founding. The park had many temporary structures for the event including the Parthenon, man-made pond, and gardens which still remain in the park today. Mind you, the Parthenon was rebuilt in the 1920s with concrete and steel compared to the temporary structure it was during the first erection of it leading up to the centennial event. I often come here to just walk or sit and reflect. It is very quaint and safe. Use common sense here at night. There is always ample parking even when it is super busy. I have never had any problems... don't quote me on that. I would consider this a must see when in Nashville.

Anna D

We were just looking for something to do on Mother's Day, hoping that my wheelchair wouldn't get bogged down in the gardens. As daughter & I approached The Parthenon, we saw a tour scheduled. The price was right: $10 got us both included on the accessible tour, as well as admission to the art gallery. A very pleasant afternoon!

Wanda Hodge

Our church had a family gathering for fun and fellowship. We played board games. There was lots of food and beverages. Music variety to please everyon was supplied by DJ Loose Kannon. He had everyone up dancing.

Jeffrey Johnston

Musician Corner is a lot of fun. Except they don't allow you to bring in alcohol. They were very nice about it and they do sell it there so no big deal. Nice crowd on a beautiful night.

Chessie C

Centennial is a gem of Nashville :) l wouldn't feel comfortable going at night though unless it's in the open area where other people are. Make sure you go see the ducks on the pond. Romantic and free date night.

Carlene Baurichter

The Parthenon was an awesome part of the park! My husband and I had a nice walk around the Parthenon and through most of the park. Everything is very clean and spacious and we had no problem finding a parking space even though there were many other people in the park. It's a beautiful park and worth a visit.

Travis Stepp

This is must see the attention to detail was amazing. This sitting in a now very large modern city just feels right. The entire place was clean and well maintained.

William Wiese

Cool building and history behind it, grounds are under construction right now, but still a cool trip.

Seth Norman

A great park to take your family for a picnic. This park has a lot of versatility, from huge open spaces where you can play catch or frisbee, a playground for children, the Parthenon, a flower garden, and a small lake, it offers something for everyone.

Alice White Kaminski

The Parthenon in Centennial Park is a must see in Nashville. With rotating art exhibits, there is always something to spark interest. The enormous statue of Athena is really something! The park is a lush oasis of green lawns, large shade trees and a lovely pond with gardens all around it teaming with flowers.

Leighton Linning

I love this park more than any other. The old trees are really tall and provide so much summer shade. Always have great activities goin on. My daughters love to feed the ducks!

Tammy Loth

An historic and iconic city party with all the amenities. The baby water fowl are out and about on the pond, flowers blooming, and greens are greening. Walk/jog the paved pathways or trek the grass. Picnics abound, a playground and The Parthenon that includes the goddess Athena. So many spots to take great pics.


Stunning really! The architecture, surrounding sculpture, and park setting is wonderful. Early morning runs, walks; striking and relaxing...

Gwenevere Bridge

Beyond amazing! Athena in the Parthenon is gorgeous and the day I went was a beautiful cultural festival.

Jekiya Udell

Very beautiful.. Came herevfor a field trip and the insife is even more pretty... The lady giving this tour made sure to explain everything. The giant Athena sculpture was my favorite part.

Julie Piotrowski

Very clean. Very picturesque. We had a great afternoon here and it was inexpensive.

Missy Brauckmann

We went to see the Parthenon. It was neat to see a piece of history and see the Athena statue but overall a bit disappointed. I was expecting more history and got an art museum instead.


Great place to play Pokémon and the new Harry Potter game. Lots of stops and very friendly people. Not sure why you need to see a reconstructed monument native to another country, but cool atmosphere while you catch em all.

Bobby Johnson

Great park! Highly recommend you stop and rest here. beautiful and peaceful area. the attention to detail is top notch. Bring a camera for some beautiful outdoor backdrops. Bring a frisby or football and enjoy the outdoors!!

Kris P

Had a blast learning about ancient Greece and Nashville history. Kid friendly with lots to see!

Sawyer Sherrill

The outdoor area was one of the best parts about Centennial Park. The art and history about the place inside was interesting. However, it's not as expansive as you think it would be. Still had a good time, I recommend.

Bev Harris

Unbelievable beauty. Don't miss the 7.5 ton doors. They are as impressive as the Statue of Athena, which is breathtaking.

Nick Murdic

At the time of it's construction, this was the only large scale replica of the Parthenon in the world. It was built from plaster as it was not intended to be a permanent structure. If you're in Nashville check it out. Inside you can see works of fine art and a huge Athena statue inside.

Aaron Farmer

I love going to Centennial Park. We take our dog there often to walk and socialize. They also have a nice dog park. Centennial is great, because it has really nice walking paths. It also has a number of places to rest. One of my favorite things to do is to sit by the pond and watch the birds. There are beautiful gardens, as well. There’s often events going on, which are typically a lot of fun.

Sharon Moore

Come prepped with sunscreen and shades if its sunny out. Really beautiful, except for parts of the lake that were blegh. The landscaping is gorgeous though!

Laura Belrose

Had a great time here last Thursday. Beautifully maintained lawn with plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy the view! We were lucky enough to have arrived during the artisanal fest, which was free. To enter and to enjoy looking at all of the pieces for sale by different vendors!

Madan Nagaraju

This is in the heart of Nashville. Beautiful, green, colorful, almost always buzzing with activities year round. Easily accessible, limited parking space during events otherwise there is ample parking space. Lot of history built into the park. There is also famous Parthenon temple located inside the park. Good lot of hiking paths, only and most notable lacking is the public restrooms. There is one back of the open theater - which is almost unusable!! Smelly and disgusting. Have to use it in case of emergency needs. Overall a great park in Nashville, just needs some updates and maintenance.

Amanda Wilson

This was a beautiful stop in Nashville. I would've given 5 stars but that small brick building at the top of the stairs is a bit neglected. There are signs of homeless people at the Parthenon and I was there on a Monday, which they're closed on, so I can't speak about the inside. The little pond was nice, there's people running and walking, and a few monuments. Highly recommend.

Jen L

Wow! What a unique and beautiful park! So much green space and a ton to see if you wander around. Sure, the Parthenon is cool. But personally I liked the concrete sculptures of the ship from and the clam shell, just because I almost feel like these are unknown/hidden treasures. The pond is also beautiful, with great people watching as well as duck watching. Also love the swinging benches! Very beautiful park for a romantic picnic or daytime stroll.

Chris Manhattan

Very cool replica! Nice place to visit to take pics.

Matt Hammer

This is an excellent park in the middle of Nashville. There is a complete replica of the parthenon that is also a museum. If you want to see inside make sure you check the hours and see if it's even open on the day you plan to go right now its closed on Mondays. There are also so really nice walking paths in the park with nice monuments around the grounds.

Dusty Gonzales

Food Truck Expo was awesome. Band cancelled but a DJ was provided. Great place. Rock Solid Security did a great job ID ing and checking people on through the gates.

jodi conley

I didn't take nearly enough photos! Great park. Beautiful places to sit and enjoy the fantastic day we were having. Loved the historical markers which I didn't take photos of :( it did however make we wish I was born in a different era. I would've loved to see this park in its original form as a fair.

Meredith Puppa

Beautiful park to walk around or just relax in. Museum inside the Parthenon replica does charge

Craig Nedoff

Centennial Park Nashville is one of the best Urban parks in the United States in my opinion, it's a great downtown park with good facilities ample parking great walkways plenty of space for picnicking great people helpful staff I highly recommend this park it's a very good place to get your head together done it many times there over the years and the Parthenon is a jewel

Keith Sutton

Great place to enjoy birds, squirrels and other wildlife as you walk around the lake on easy trails. The Parthenon is incredible too

Anna Stewart

Beautiful park! I didn't find a ton of spots to lay out a blanket and chill where there aren't cars driving by or a parking lot right next to you. But I managed to find an empty shaded spot nestled between some trees that was very lovely. :)

Ashleah White

There were a lot of people there when my friends and I visited, but it's so big that it every group had its own section. There were professional photographers, musicians, and lots of families, but everything was quiet and peaceful. And the ceiling--which doesn't get many pictures--is so pretty! It was so nice to experience so many parts of culture at once.

Gail Bianco

We enjoyed live music, food and art/craft vendors and then walked to the Parthenon. The self guided tour was only $4 each for seniors, worth it for the air conditioning and restroom alone. We enjoyed touring and also the gift shop.There's a nice lake in front. The $2 snowcone hit the spot.

Shannon Godfrey

Pleasant park, good accessibility, pretty neat to have the Parthenon replica if a little odd. We were able to find free parking close to the Parthenon, it was not busy near dusk but there were lots of bugs in some areas.

Robert Brady

This place is amazing! A must do if you are Nashville and you are into history and architecture. My wife and I spent about three hours in here and never saw the same thing twice. We came away enriched with more knowledge of our beautiful Capitol city, it's rich heritage, and the breathtaking landscape surrounding the Parthenon.

Deepika Behera

Of course if you can make a trip to Athens to see the original structure but this this is also very beautiful. The statue if goddess athena is beautiful...if you like history and art you must see this place.

Travis McIntire

Prefect Park inside the middle of Nashville when you just need a little tranquil time. Just find a patch of grass under a huge tree and relax. They have great walking trails, a beautiful water pool and a lot of cool pieces of art & history within it"s boundaries. Not to mention the main feature - The Parthenon, which is full of history and art works. Ample complementary parking & a great gift shop along with some vendors to help beat the heat. Enjoy!

Rukia Yosuf

One of the most iconic places you can go in Nashville. So fun and so much to do. From the museum, to flowers, music, festivals, and even just playing sports like soccer or frisbee with your friends. Prime location right by Vanderbilt and a few minutes from downtown Nashville. I love going for a walk in the evenings here as well. If you ever visit Nashville this absolutely has to be on your must see list.


Beautiful place and very good for kids. Nice scenery, good size park for picnic and sport activites. A small pond with ducks, good place for pictures.

Greg Presnall

The Parthenon replica is quite impressive, as well as the history of the park. It amazes me how they were able to pull that off that long ago. The park and ponds are a pleasant walk around. Lots of scooters available for rent as well.

arun ranganathan

Centennial Park is great for history lovers and even for a common man. Nice place. Neatly maintained and tells the past history and the story on how it was built. The status inside the building is awesome and has cultural depiction of the past. It has electric skate boards to Rome around the building which is a new initiative to attract people. The lake view, the dog park are other attractions. Could spend quality time in the place.

Krisi Harris

We absolutely love this place, and visit whenever we're in town. It's just as breathtaking every time. And the prices are more than reasonable.

Steve McClure

This was a great place to visit and see a full size replica of the Parthenon! How many times can you see a Parthenon out side of Greece! It was really impressive. We were there after closing but were able to walk around the outside and see the massive stone columns. Dude this thing is big,

Jennifer Cooper

Beautiful and well-maintained park. Tickets to the Parthenon may be the most affordable in the city for any attraction, and we truly appreciate the art collection, which may also be the best in the city.

Trevor Susong

Awesome place to visit. I would definitely go back here again, just maybe not on such a hot day. It was around 92° when we went, we drank a lot of water, they actually had free water for people just so they wouldn't get dehydrated.

Nicole Dessin

Nice park in downtown Nashville. There's a pond with some wildlife including fish, ducks, and turtles. The Parthenon was closed while I was there. However, the outside of the building is pretty interesting and is a great place for pictures. Electric scooters can be rented to ride around the park. The park is a nice change of pace from the downtown scene.

Jimmy Speakes

As if I needed another reason to enjoy Nashville. On a whim I headed out to spend an afternoon with two objectives. Enjoy the cool spring air and see a few interesting sites. I spent the entire afternoon here. You see, aside from the Parthenon which in itself is quite a spectacle, there are quite a few memorials and, as one might expect in “music city”, I discovered this is something of a popular place for musicians to show their talents.


Great touristy attraction to visit if you want to do something different than the normal Nash scene. Great park to walk around with a pond in the middle. They have several food carts around the path for drinks, snow cones and snacks.

Ali Bouarfa

Breathtaking recreation of a marvel. It makes you want to go see the real thing, for sure. There's a museum in the entrance beneath it which costs $6 a person. Didn't take them up on it, will next time. The gift store inside is awesome with some beautiful items and the staff inside are even more awesome. Good people. The building itself is such a vibe. So chill & a great spot to sit down & enjoy a book or enjoy the view. The field and trees in front of the building and lake are great too. People had picnics underneath he trees. I'd definitely visit again.

Matthew Cushing

It is a nice, vibrant park. However, when I was there I encountered three little dune buggy type vehicles driving around mutiple laps on the pedestrian paths. Considering the park police office is attached to the park, I was disappointed that this dangerous behavior wasn't stopped. Realistically, I know they can't be there all the time, but I hope they keep am eye out for it moving forward

Mike Jones

They have a dog festival and classic car show and a carnival today. Awesome I love dogs more than I love most humans!

Catherine Cybulkiewicz

This was so amazing . I wasn’t expecting see this in the middle of Nashville but it was great for the pictures. We wanted to go inside because we know it is a museum but it was closed. Is a cute place for a picnic


Great park in the heart of Nashville. A historical place to visit even it is a replica. Good place for walks and pictures

Bryan Brown

Iconic Nashville park. Great playground. Variety of events held here is pretty good.

Ehren Congdon

The Parthenon is a must see on any visit to Nashville. The park is beautiful and well kept. Make sure to go inside the Parthenon and tour it and the galleries.

Brittany Deweese

The Parthenon is free to enter and tour. It is definitely worth going. It is impressive in size and history. If you wish to view the art on display inside the museum, it cost $6 a person.

jazz rod

For the Parthenon it's a $6 admission for adults so you can't go wrong. Nice artwork inside and alot of it's history along with an impressive 40 foot statue of the Greek pagan goddess Athena (in modest lingerie

Nelson Maniscalco

Fascinating at first, but it was disappointing overall. The building was surrounded by chain link fence and inactive construction equipment. We were not allowed in the building on a weekend. The surrounding park has very clearly been neglected with overgrown and dead foliage. Would have been very nice if more care were taken.

Surbhit Jain

Simply love it. Great place for entire family irrespective of age.. great kids area.. museum is nice, although paid.. very good walking trail. Nice pond with goose swimming around. So nice to have such a great park in middle of city


Loved the replica of Athena statue! Cool little art and history museum, would recommend just to see if you are in the area!

andrea bates

It is absolutely beautiful here! There is something fun inside and out. The statue of Athena must be seen in all her glory. The pond and surrounding trail provides many spots for relaxing activities and photo opps.

Jason Householder

The park was nice and the replica Parthenon museum was wonderful. It is a must visit spot in Nashville.

Hothman Misane

Beautiful scenery, on One side. The disappointment was the parking lots that lead right to the historical structure, an eye sore and ruins pictures. But worth checking out.

Mary Pennington

What a great stop this turned out to be! For $6 each, you get to tour a history of the building, two art collections, and see the amazing statue of Athena. It is really breathtaking. The detail, all the way down to the relief pictured on her sandals, is incredible, and it was really neat to see the scale of the statue in the building.

John Shimer

Beautiful park in the city. I visited early in the morning. Lot's of joggers and people walking about. Great reflection pools for pictures.

Cole Massey

I always have a great time at Centennial. The park is most notably home to the Nashville Parthenon, truly making Nashville the 'Athens of the South'. Inside the Parthenon is a large Athena statue, which is gorgeous. With FREE parking, rentalable bikes and beautiful gardens, this a park that caters to many different people. Also, Centennial remains a huge hub for Middle TN Pokemon Go players, even 3 years after the game's launch.

Cephus Wright

Beautiful place to visit. I hope the construction of like half of it gets done soon

Joshua Abston

1/2 of my life I've lived within 1 1/2 hour drive of this place, for the life of me I can not understand why ive never been here till now. This place I amazing, not only the strict attention to detail and amazing accuracy to the original structure but the art that rests below the structure itself is breathtaking. If your ever in the area, do yourself an immense justice and visit this ode to the ages!!!

Romero Mariano

Visited as a family and it's a great park. Lots of paths to walk and a nice lake in the middle. Bring bread so you can feed all of the ducks, fish, and turtles because the kids will love that. There is a pretty good amount of parking and lots of space to have a picnic. You can also go into the Parthenon located here to get a tour. There are a lot of benches if you need to sit frequently. There's also a park in the area for kids to play across the street.

Jared Reed

This place was amazing!!!! Dog friendly and clean. If your visiting Tennessee then you need to come here.

JT Jutras II

You have to come see the Parthenon. It's amazing. And the museum inside is well worth the price of admission.

Milton Magee

I love going to Centennial Park. We take our dog there often to walk and socialize. They also have a nice dog park. Centennial is great, because it has really nice walking paths. It also has a number of places to rest. One of my favorite things to do is to sit by the pond and watch the birds. There are beautiful gardens, as well. There’s often events going on, which are typically a lot of fun.

Richman Nwoke

Great place to go hiking, jogging or just hanging out with friends also it has a museum too below are few of the pictures I took when I visited(Museum).

Adam Cornett

Out of all the amazing architecture I’ve seen in Tennessee, this one takes the cake for uniqueness. I honestly never expected to see a recreation of the Parthenon in middle America, yet here we are. The art gallery on the lower level is small but effective. The Athena on the second floor however... absolutely worth the price of admission. If you’re anywhere near the area, go check it out. Too bizarre/ beautiful to miss.

Kristin Shapiro

Wow! Amazing piece of history in the middle of Nashville. Wonderful art museum on the second floor. Very inexpensive and probably the only free parking in Nashville. I would definitely add this to my Nashville agenda. Also there's picnic tables in the park nearby for a relaxing lunch close to Downtown.

Neto Santillano

Very nice museum with beautiful local and historic art. Impressive replica of the Parthenon.

LeeAnn James

Love this place.... long walks, trail to run, kids park.... and let's not forget the multiple events that occur here every year from 5k to dog day.....

Alethia Botchis

While Athens, Greece will always have the most breathtaking Parthenon, Centennial Park offers this replica which is also beautiful and glorious. It was amazing to see what Greece had centuries ago, statue of Athena- inclusive, but it's in our backyard. I spent a couple of hours exploring Nashville's version and was not disappointed. There are other displays honoring Nashville's, and America's, history around a relaxing lake. You can also simply enjoy the sites from a paved walking path. If you enjoy temples and/or history, I recommend making time for Centennial Park.

Rebecca McCallister

Very disheveled construction everywhere. Crunchy everywhere no sprinklers. Landscape looked dead not well kept. Very sad. It was very well kept when in the 1970's I visited. So heart breaking.

Joey Barsic

Great placement in centennial park. Nice to walk around. Very good art gallery on the 1st floor. And great Athena statue on the second.

Francisco & Naomi Garcia

Truly enjoyed the Parthenon replica. Very cool that we have this in the States, although I wish there was more info on the actual building such as to the meaning of the detail on the structure and such, and some history of the real one. We didn't go inside as it was closed. The 5 stars are for the structure and not the park however. I would like to see the dirt paths leading there cobbled over or something with charm and landscaping overall.

Irandira Gonzalez

This place is so cool there’s so much to do outside so many vendors great treats you can buy. I haven’t even been inside yet. I’m definitely planning another trip so I can go inside.

josh Allen

Very beautiful place, we rented scooters and drove around the park it was very peaceful and the scenery was extremely gorgeous definitely a must see if you are in Nashville Tennessee! The parthenon is a sight to see for sure although the inside was closed for a private wedding the outside is still quite amazing!

Rob Herion

How can you pass up an exact replica of the Parthenon? You can't. An amazing structure built for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition in 1897 now also contains a replica of the goddess Athena. She stands 42 feet tall and is beautiful. Check the times for when it is open (as of this writing, they are closed on Mondays). I spent about an hour and a half inside and walking the grounds. Lots of photo ops!

Christine T

Great public park where everyone can experience the beauty of nature and learn some history for free. We were only in town for a few hours on a weekday afternoon, but Centennial Park was the perfect place to visit after a hurried and harried drive down Music Row. If loud crowds aren't your thing, take a stroll around the cement replica of the Parthenon, play a game with some friends, sit on the grass or swinging benches, pay tribute to the Tennessee Suffragettes and enjoy the flora and fowl along the lake.

Linda Adkins

The park is lovely and through August they have a dance with crowded floor, 30somethings and younger doing 30's style dancing. Lovely Big Band music from a live band with solo singers! The vibe is fun and eclectic...take a blanket, chairs a cooler, dinner and enjoy a fun night under the stars with warm breezes and cool people!

David Wilder

Life size replica of the Grecian Parthenon. 1:1. Adjacent to museum containing a 50+ foot statue of Athena, covered in 24 carat gold leaf... and an inspiring art gallery with art from great Impressionist and Realist artists, 1820's to 1930's era... Great way to spend a late Saturday morning...anytime of year in Nashville...

Chad Bolt

Epic! If you like Greek mythology, you must visit. It’s a cool park but the Parthenon makes it.

Barbara West

Make sure you check days and times you can get inside this really cool Nashville treasure. It's an amazing place and fun to take visitors from out of town.

Kathy McFarland

Down for annual Nashville Humane Association Dog Day in the Park. Big open park with lots of walking areas. Pond to feed ducks. The Parthenon. Faith amount of parking, although there is some const8in the park that does make it tricky in parts to navigate. There is also a permanent fenced dog park area where you can let your pups run and socialize .

Meghan Brewer

As a Greek Mythology buff, this place was absolutely SPECTACULAR! All of the information about the statues both inside and out was detailed. This is a place that I hope one day we can revisit. The most ethereal part was standing in front of the replica of the Athena Parthenos statue. There are sections that discuss the original Parthenon as well as the development of the one in Nashville. My kid's favorite moment was seeing the pearl and dart used in the first Percy Jackson movie. My only regret was that we weren't able to stay longer, or catch any music in centennial park.

Marianne Ruiz

I love going to Centennial Park. We take our dog there often to walk and socialize. They also have a nice dog park. Centennial is great, because it has really nice walking paths. It also has a number of places to rest. One of my favorite things to do is to sit by the pond and watch the birds. There are beautiful gardens, as well. There’s often events going on, which are typically a lot of fun.

S Meeks

We have been to Centennial Park many times, but the Parthenon has always been closed. Today, we made it a point to get there early. It is absolutely a wonderful place to visit. Amazing history. Take the time to read the info on the walls. I would have loved to been there when it was originally set up with all the other buildings. Being there today really makes me wish I could have experienced the Expo all those years ago. I just wish they would extend their weekend hours.

James Devers

Update- new construction in the park starting this month 8/2019. Miles of fence around the commons areas and the stage. Cleaned up the area finally but now 1/3 of the park is inaccessible. Hopefully these changes will benefit all the groups that frequent the park and the droves of tourists. (Previous Review) This is an amazing park. Beautiful monuments, lake, gardens, and play areas, but the bathrooms are terrifying to go into and the stage is literally just a house for the homeless right now. Trash everywhere. Scary to be alone around. What's going to happen next time there is a play ?! Buck up, Nashville. I know the homeless have no place to stay but it's not a reason to let them destroy nearly an acre of this beautiful place.


Really cool place. Pictures don't do it justice. The park is nice to walk around feed the ducks kind of thing. (Need more benches) The museum is super.

Jay Lennox

It's beautiful and interesting to see this in the middle of Nashville. Great place to walk around.

Todd H

Very unique park with a rich history, and the Parthenon is definitely a must see! It was closed at the time of our visit, so I'm not sure what is actually inside. My only complaint is that I wish there was more information about some of the historical things in the park. There is a very old concrete ship that can be climbed on, but I could not find any information on it's original purpose. There is a giant Bell and a clam shell shaped amphitheatre which were really neat, but I couldn't find information on those either. There is also supposed to be an old locomotive on the grounds. We found the location where the locomotive used to be, but the locomotive is missing with no information on it's whereabouts.

Stephen Pursell

The Parthenon is amazing, and the historical tributes throughout the beautiful park is appropriate and aesthetically pleasing to he eye.

Kyle G

Great, relaxing place for yourself, family and kids! Take a walk, run, nap, picnic, bike ride etc etc. Free parking if you can find a spot! There is a duck pond as well where you can feed the ducks and hang out. Just a really relaxing park!

DD Mcgrue

This place is pretty cool, if a bit cheesy. It's a great replica of the parthenon but made out of concrete. Interesting artwork inside as well as old pictures of when it was built along side the other buildings erected for the world's fair. Great side excursion when in Nashville.

rachael app

The place was great! Easy and plentiful parking. Good views, lots of sitting area, dog park, there is ample room for outdoor activities and amazing smells from all of the flowers and plants they have. Don't be afraid to grab a coffee and take a secluded seat by the water and enjoy the peace.

Jennifer Isbell

One of our most favorite parks to visit in the city of Nashville. We come here often and don’t see that changing anytime soon. If you’re just visiting Nashville for the first time, or maybe you just haven’t made it over to Centennial, The Parthenon is a “must see”! It’s a great place to go if you’re just wanting to get outdoors. Lots of walking paths, beautiful gardens, tranquil waters, and benches and swings scattered about the property. On hot and humid Summer days, the walking trails by the water offer much needed shade to help people and pets stay a little cooler.

Rob Foltz

When in Nashville take a couple hours and visit the Parthenon. It is an exact replica of the original originally built in the 1890's as a World's Fair prop. It was loved by so many that they completely reconstructed it in the 1920's into a permanent attraction. Don't miss out on the beautiful artwork on the lower level..

Y Wrry

Wonderful, beautiful place- even with the construction. I literally had to wait for the sun to rise to shoot but well worth it! Beautiful place for dogs, elders, fitness buffs and photographers. I didn't go inside but I'm sure it's just as educational! You'll definitely enjoy the Scenery AND the diversity of everyone who visits. Enjoy!

I'm RonDo

A lovely place to spend some time and get a little cultured. A nominal charge to get inside the museum, which is essentially what it is. Huge outside grounds area surrounding the Parthenon. Parking can be a bit challenging so be prepared to find alternative lots/street options. Plenty of photo ops.

Spencer Goldade

Beautiful in some areas, not many sidewalks to navigate, though. If you want to avoid the spiders and wasps frequenting the dry grass you have to walk on the road with the busy traffic. Wayfinding (signage) wasn't great either, and there's terrible cell coverage in the park, so know where you're going beforehand. Recommend walking around the water and checking out the Parthenon. Stunning area over there. There was a lot of construction around the southeast side of the Parthenon when we were there that stretched most of that side of the park. It makes it look as though the Parthenon isn't open since it bumps right up to the edge of it, but you just have to keep going around it. Looks like the construction will be going for quite some time.

Dustin Van Dyke

Really cool place to visit and we weren't even able to go inside. I would recommend checking the times to make sure you can get inside.

Troy Glidden

One of the largest open green spaces in Nashville. It's a great place to come for a walk, run, or bike ride. Bring the kids, picnic, your the Parthenon, bird watch, etc. Clean park with tons of open space. It's also a great place for Pokemon GO

Jennifer Markel

Even though we were there on a cloudy rainy day the park was still beautiful! It had nice walking paths with water that ran along it and nice trees and plants to look at. We even tried out some of the scooters that were sitting around the park. Those were fun!

Daniel Diaz

Honestly, words cannot express the magnitude of enjoyment the cane from me and my family visiting Centennial Park and The Parthenon. It is something you have to witness in person. It is incredible how long this has been in Nashville! The Athena statue is more than impressive and there is a great museum downstairs. Very close to downtown and many many opportunities to ride electric scooters around the park if that was of interest.

Brandon Haney

Nice place to walk around, people watch and attend festivals. Parking can be challenging at times. This is Nashville's Central Park.

Daniel Garcia

Nice park to relax and just take in some sights of Nashville. Place is pretty clean for the amount of people that was around. Open areas and a free concert as well

Cecilee Shull

Great place for the price!! Enjoyed the artwork and the history of the area. The statue was amazing and so worth the inexpensive admission!! You can spends hours or just 30 minutes inside to enjoy the place. Explore the outside and the park for a full experience if you have time!

Edward Blunt

Centennial Park is pretty decent. It has the Parthenon replica that you can walk inside (for a fee), it has a lot of open outdoor space, a couple of ponds that ducks frequent, running/jogging paths, and a playground for kids. I am sure there are a few other amenities, but these are the ones I experienced while I was there. I gave it a 3 for a couple of reasons. One, I like the kids playgrounds, but they are a little rundown, and hold water like a cup. The Parthenon replica is cool, but it really the only thing to attract people to the site. Its mostly wide open spaces, which is good for the events they host, but doesn't really give need to repeat visits unless you are running and jogging. With that said, I like to visit it, buts its not one of my must go to spots when I am in Nashville. But, if you haven't ever been, it is definitely worth a visit.

Bernadette Ellsworth

Want a centralized location to walk and enjoy the scenery? Go to Centennial Park. There is always something to do. It's a beautiful place to get a little exercise or cool for a nice quiet stroll. ENJOY!

Bradley Pendergraff

Great look at how Nashville changed from the turn of the century to now. Good to walk at your own pace.

Andrew Okeke

If you're visiting Nashville this should be one of your stops. Summer time and the snow cone stands are out!!! You could easily spend a couple hours out here. Shakespeare in the park is pretty awesome. They do several events around the year. Pretty cool at night as well. You could stop by Springwater(cash only) for a beer if you need a buzz. Clean park with 1:1 scale of the Parthenon in Greece. Free to walk around, but there is a charge to go inside it.

Taylor Padgett

Has beautiful walking paths, felt very safe every visit! We've attended day markets and watched great live bands! The green area is plentiful for picnics, frisbee games and a good time!

Mrityunjay Sharma

What a unique park! Must see if you are in Nashville. The only full size Parthenon replica in the world. Amazing craft! Park has good walkways and don’t forget to swing in the “family” swings all over the park.

Elizabeth Franchuk

Beautiful, walkable, and clean. The parking is adequate, but not intrusive to the whole park idea. The playgrounds are fun for the kids and shaded. Add in the Parthenon on site, proximity to food, and it's an all around great afternoon!

Glenn Paschal

I love Centennial Park! Great place to take the pups and enjoy long walks and friendly people.

Jill Kilgore

If you get a chance, definitely take a tour of the Parthenon. Or grab a book and bring a picnic. This park is gorgeous and the perfect spot for family time , friends outing or date night. Love walking around the park in the spring and fall with my pup!

Stephanie Foley

Great park! We lucked out and visited Nashville while they were hosting an art fair and summer concert series in thr park. What a great way to spend an afternoon!

Sherry Engs

It was the beauty of the Athena statue that was my favorite. Also the great art work and Greek dinnerware. Everything had descriptions written beside them to tell you when they were done and by who. Awesome!!

Pamela Ramos da Silva

So beautiful!!! And if you love history and art definitely you should go inside, the entrance it's cheap.

Adrian Breedlove

I've been coming to Centennial Park all my life. It's seen its ups & downs, and I'm happy it is on the upswing again. The squirrels are only one of the attractions. Hahaha. The green space is beautiful and there are plenty of places to have a picnic, play, or walk. The Parthenon is the world famous centerpiece, but make sure to enjoy the entire park.

Blake Baldassari

I love taking visitors here! It's 6 bucks to see the Parthenon inside and it's so worth it. Take a blanket or something to play with in the lawn and you'll have a great time.

Brian Fritz

The park is a fun and open place. It is a nice escape from the big city and a good taste of nature. The statues and sculptures are amazing and reflect the history of Nashville. The Parthenon is a very cool thing to see while here. The only downside to the park is it's not very clean. There is trash everywhere and not many trash cans anywhere. The stage is covered in random stuff and there are unsafe items scattered at some points of interest.

Angelina Henegar

Very clean, great photo opportunities, people from all walks of life there for the same reason 'a good time' the details in the architect is breathtaking! The little hidden garden is exactly what I want in my own back yard :) As well as the pergola. This is a good thing to do for those thats seen everything in Nashville and looking for a nice place to unwind without leaving the town. Oh and the scooters......worth every penny, lime is my favorite!

Pd Mccarthy

Parthenon was cool. Park was ok. Lots of construction took away from park beauty

Joshua Waters

What a beautiful building. To see the only replica of the Parthenon was amazing. The fee to get in is reasonable. With the fee you can enjoy the museum and Athena. Not to mention the Parthenon and walk around Centennial Park. A very pleasurable walk. So glad we visited this place.

Steve Woods

Make sure you enter at the front bus end. One wheel chair in the Temple. Not handicap friendly. Athena is impressive. Bring a goat for sacrifice!

TC Tennessee

Very nice park in the heart of Nashville, lots to do for free, you can tour the Parthenon, feed the ducks at the pond, people watch, jog around the pond on the walking trail. Have a picnic in the grass !!

Trevor Bateman

I dont agree with the price for admission to how little there was too see. The most impressive stuff to see was the building and the statue, and I just paid money to see the statue, nothing else there really interested me. Also it was weird to find the statue because you have to go up these stairs tucked off to the side on the first room.

Matt Brumit

With ample parking and easy access from various main roads, Centennial is one of the best parks in the Nashville area. The park itself is quite large to be nestled where it is, but is equipped with a dog park, volleyball courts, a large open field, and tons of shady areas. The Parthenon itself is beautiful and is complimented by water on its north and east sides as well. Highly recommend.

Ken Jones

A very pleasant place for strollers, power walkers, runners, etc., etc. Lovely, well-kept lawns, shade trees, paths around a small lake, two-seater swings, a playground for the younger set, all presided over by the stunning Parthenon (which houses an art museum). Well worth a visit, whether to walk the pathways and read the interesting and informative plaques describing the park's origins and history, or just to find a pleasant place to relax for a while. And the art museum (Parthenon) is well worth the modest admission price.

Tracy Chen

This is a very nice place to visit due to its historical and architectural values. As the one and only full sized replica of the Greek Parthenon in the US, the building is beautiful in every angel and fits right in the park as a wonderful attraction. Pictures come out well with the building in the background. Instead of the building, the paintings and sculptures did not disappoint either. The 12 feet Goddess sculpture is magnificent, and the paintings are unique and fun, richly reflecting the musical and historical root of the Nashville city.

jude rainbowstar

Just amazing to see a full scale replica of The Parthenon! & to encounter The Goddess, Athena

Miranda Lewis

Such a lovely park. There are some awesome dogs always walking through here. There's a large duck pond that's nice to walk around. The trail that winds through the park is a nice long walk. There are statues and other such pieces of interest along the path too. The parthenon replica is obviously cool and impressive as well. Tons of stops and gyms for pokemon go if you enjoy playing that.

Dave Brogdon

I absolutely love this park. I don't know how I managed to live in Tennessee my entire life and not hear about the park, The Parthenon, or the Tennessee Centennial Exposition that brought it about. If you have never been you really should check it out. It's impressive.


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