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REVIEWS OF Wild Water West Waterpark IN South Dakota

Samuel Toler

When you look at just the water rides and pools it's not the greatest water park out there but when you factor in you get to go play in the batting cages, ride go karts, bumper boats, and mini golf all for your admission it really is worthwhile. Wow! There is so much to do here beside play in the water. Go carts are a huge hit with our family. I gave it an excellent rating because of the level of fun we had. The park could sure use some upkeep.

Monika Repaal

We waited in line just about everywhere. After we got in we looked for a locker. On the far side of the park we finally asked someone where lockers are located. We were told where we came in. Walked back there to find out that we have to purchase a key- across the park! I sent my family into a pool as it was over 90 degrees while I stood in line for 45 minutes to get a key. I then went to where I was told my locker was to find out it was again, across the park! Go cart line 30-45 minutes long. Most food and drink lines are about that long. No one working there knew anything that would be helpful. At least I wasn't the only one. Several other people I spoke to had the same experience. Not worth our time.

Dawn Marie J

We can spend the whole day there! It's for the young and the old! I felt very safe having my young child there as the staff and life guards were incredible. Food prices were reasonable! Enjoyed the additional go karts and batting cages that came with the entry fee too.

calhoun jeffrey

Great time. Weather was good and it wasn't crowded. Prices are very reasonable and the food was not expensive. I will have to try the bumper cars next time.

Sarah Neilan

Kids have fun here, mom gets sunburnt.

Geraldine Breen

Loads of fun kids of all ages

William Hoygaard

Wild water west is fun if its your first time, but its a small park with only a few slides and they really pack people in. It tends to get really crowded as the day progresses, but my 4 year old always has fun so that's what really matters. You're also better off buying the discounted tickets at the local get n go gas stations.

Chasidy Caster

Some Lifeguards not paying alot of attention. Awesome Park. Lots of Variety for all ages. Long long lines at Food booths.

Hope Haines

Super fun place to take kids. A little over priced but worth it!

Steven Feldmann

Excellent rides, always a good time.

Richie Lugo

Best place to cool off

Michael Logan

Nothing fancy but it is the only waterpark we have so its popular. Mini-golf sucked, was not fun.

Brian Walker

Amazing waterpark! It's best to spend a whole day there and drop the money for a cabana so you can have a way to get out of the sun though.

Michael Navarovsky

Watered down drinks with loads of sugar. Beer prices are high as well for the ticket price. It was fun nonetheless! Watch out for the big slides as they will hurt your butts amd leave red marks on your backs!

Paula Hanson

Love this place! Fun for all ages

HeyitzA J

Does anyone no the price for a person plz let me know

Becky Mckinley

Impressed with the lifeguards!

Limpio Knees

Really fun and has alot of things to do for every age group.

Shannon M

Freaking packed. Bathrooms were pretty gross.

Harlan Kjergaard

Great place for water fun

Neil Sargeant

Not bad. Only half the bumper boats were used on a very busy day

Stephany Oquendo

They closed just because is cloudy. What a waste of my money.

Monika Repaal

We waited in line just about everywhere. After we got in we looked for a locker. On the far side of the park we finally asked someone where lockers are located. We were told where we came in. Walked back there to find out that we have to purchase a key- across the park! I sent my family into a pool as it was over 90 degrees while I stood in line for 45 minutes to get a key. I then went to where I was told my locker was to find out it was again, across the park! Go cart line 30-45 minutes long. Most food and drink lines are about that long. No one working there knew anything that would be helpful. At least I wasn't the only one. Several other people I spoke to had the same experience. Not worth our time.

Randy Carrell

Lots a water, lots of fun

Bill Hubbard

Enjoyable, wish it had been warmer leaving up to our visit but everything is about what you expect, our small children had a blast.


It's fun, but once you do everything gets kind of boring and lifeguards are kind of rude

Miss Jaye

Had a blast, want to come back again.

Dana Berry

Such a blast! You can relax in the lazy river or go for a scary adrenaline rush down the slides. Or if you want to test out your drifting go on the go karts.

Mahli Abdouch

They need to have a limit of people they allow in! It was crowded I waited over an hour to get a tube for the lazy river! The prices of the food is also ridiculous, so is the fact that you can’t even bring a water bottle in!

Ken Wahlert

Over all it was a good day there. Prices for food were reasonable and I do like that they continually add new attractions as the years go by. Was not impressed by the mini golf. The corse was in shambles! The turf was all torn up in places. Some of the bridges were busted and cracked to pieces and the small creek they have running through the corse was bone dry. Also they didnt seem to have enough tubes for the lasy river nor the slides and quite a few of them I saw people using were half flat. Also noticed (as did another woman in line for the slides) that there was some kind of brown stain on the slides from the water. Seemed kind of gross to me. The place could definitely use a good clean up.

Del DeVries

A great place to spend a day with all ages. Enjoy those summer days in a clean, well maintained park. Not just water and sun, there is plenty of shady spots, tables, and chairs for all. Food is reasonably priced and good. My family had a great day on the slides, wave pool, and go carts.

Cary Williams

Great time for the kids The bumper boats are awesome. We rented a Premier Cabana right by the wave pool. I highly recommend spending the extra 30$ for private area, chairs and there's shade. I'm a visitor from Ohio and I give the place 5 stars. Pack a picnic for your car, the food and drinks will add up.

Lesley Hopkins

Absolutely HORRIBLE!!! Theyve gotten their very last dollar from me. End of the day trying to pick my child up and the refused me entrance. So outdated and antiquated they dont even have a PA system. You would never be able to reach your kids in an emergency. Had to call county sheriff on them before they got my child. Child said the place was dirty, rusty and gross. Childrens pool filled with dirt and rocks like it hasn't been cleaned in forever and water was yellow. Theyve often by for too long being the only place in Sioux Falls. Cant wait until someone puts them out if business. Giving them one star is too nice.


This water park is one of the best for the price and is much better than any indoor water park at any hotel. The lazy river is extensive and it keeps you wet and is fun to just sit in. The pirate section is fun for littler kids but entertaining to watch. All of the big slides are fun for the entirety of your stay and keep your attention in the excitement that they give. The wave pool, in my opinion, is the best thing they have to offer. It goes up every so often and the waves get fairly big and go in for a while, but there is a Grace period when it is still for a while. There are also bars and places to get food. Great place overall and I would go there again, after this being the third time going.

Laryssa Kapfenstein

I know it is to be expected in the South Dakota summers, but the parking was outrageous, giving a long walk. And then you have to walk all the way across the park for any place to sit, in the grass even. The concrete is extremely hot on bare feet, even if you were just in the water. It happened to be a company weekend, so tons more people than you see on most average weekends. The line for the lazy river was backed up to the kiddy pool the entire time I was there. All of that aside, I have a blast every time I go, and everything is always worth the downsides. Food and drinks from cabanas was great, but the wave pool is always my family's favorite and is where we spend the most time. It was too loud and crowded for my nephew, though, so something to consider when bringing a child under 1 year.

Jay Ritter

Lines were a bit insane. But probably a bit busier than normal....but 45 min in line is excessive

Shelly Payne

We had such a great time !!! We would deff go back for another family night !! Our kids loved it and the pizza was good !!

Dave & Jessica Murphy

Fun place for families!

Mary Tilden

It was nice I would come again

Fee Brigg

Fun little chilly

Dracathio Foltz

The people at the entrance were really nice and helpful, they have plenty of water based and land based activities. Make sure weather is clear though the day you go, because if there is any sign of lightning all water activities are shut down until the storm passes which really ruins things for tourists or large groups that planned a month or 2 ahead. Also the snack bars are a bit lacking, I'd suggest sharky's be the one you head to, sadly what you get is a bit small, so it's best to get a meal before heading to the park. Aside from what I see as it's flaws, it's a great place to cool off and have fun.

Gary Schimmel

Cheap, fun, definitely a place to take your muss, however don't plan on being able to afford anything there after admission.. Way to high of prices for a place for a family to actually enjoy fully.

Rafaela Schiefelbein

It was suck take to long to get food

Marcus Guider

The daily deals from 4pm-8pm are great for big families looking for a fun and inexpensive time. We had slushes and funnel cakes, and we were not disappointed. Thanks

Adam Whitelock

It's okay. Long lines. Lazy river smells like pee.

Demonika Johnson

The Miami vice drink was spectacular! Fun all the way around

Olivia Loving

Amazing water park!!

Peggy Stratmeyer

Best place to enjoy hot summer days to stay cool!!

Britney Becker

My work puts on a family fun day here, and my son loves it. Took my little brother too and it was a great time.

Kenny Anderson

Never again on a 93 degree Saturday. OMG 2 many people

Dion High Eagle

Disappointed! My daughter could not have goggles in the wave pool, but it was ok to have alcohol.

Nick James

Too many kids... Lol

TrickShoter Insane

I enjoyed my visit here! My favorite part was the lazy river!

Josh Swanstrom

Great place to stay if you have an early morning flight.

Mike Kinsella

Classic amusement park. Loved it!! Everything is included once you get in and all in Pretty good shape. Go carts, water slides, lazy river, swim up bar, mini golf. Such a nice variety.

Beth S

We loved it. Get here early to make sure you get a good spot. We shared a large pizza for lunch and able to take the rest home. Kids had fun and I loved going down the slides. Bumper boats were hit or miss on what one was a good one.

Herkia Dameron

It was alot of fun! the kids had a blast but the staff seemed to not like their job very much rude & extremely unfriendly but overall we had a blast

jody vanroekel

Went to go pick up my kids, and they have an extortion fee of $5. No manager on site and no one to help. They will hold your kids for ransom if you dont pay them

travis robertson

Nice Waterpark with a nice swim up bar and can eat and drink anywhere in the park as long as u buy it from the park


Water was cold my youngest was shivering and it was 90 out. Not enough place to sit. People put there stuff on picnic tables and go swimming. So there's no place to eat. Need signs on the tables do people don't do that. Park was clean for the most part. Bathrooms need so updating.

Sharon Schulz-Elsing

Wave pool and lazy river are awesome (according to my teen). Fries are yummy but food overpriced.

Lynette Tiede-Beals

Great family fun. Need money to rent locker $7 and $1 per person for mini golf. It would be nice if there were family lockers and dressing rooms. The lockers are not big enough.

Tracy Lynn

It’s always a really great experience from riding in the cars, Minature golf, and of Course the Lazy River! Friday’s are only $5 from 4-8pm and that’s a great deal! Great Job!

Micheal Colby

Had the best time

Linda E

Spacious, variety of things to do.

Wade Jorgensonyrtu

Place was packed. Hard to enjoy with that many people. Lazy river was solid people and rafts. Great place for a 5 year old. He really liked it.

Cindy Dagel

Fun for all ages

Eclass the Dabbler

It's a great place to take our 4 and 2 year old. The options for them to play are great and life jackets are provided.

amy nilsen

Had a great day.

Kimberly Tona

This water park is great! I read some bad reviews but I’m glad I didn’t pay attention to those. There’s so many different things to do, the food is not expensive at all and it’s actually GOOD! My husband and I had a burger combo and it was $11 for both of us. The staff was always nice. This is a great place to bring your family and friends!

Brandy Wallace

Kids love this place. Only bad thing is that they won't page anyone for you and charge you an "escort fee" to walk with you while you look for your kids.

Anna Underwood

Nicely kept park, and the staff is always very polite and do their jobs with excellence! I love that they use the dummies in the water for continual training for their lifeguards all summer.

Jill Stewman

Super fun!!! Just make sure you wear plenty of sun screen. The lazy river is awesome! So much to do for a really good price. Make sure you purchase your tickets online from the gas station. It is even cheaper.

Angela Koch

Fun for all ages

August Burley

I loved this place because it was so fun there is so much to do there I was there for 10 hours and didn't get bored the slides are so fun!!!

Bill Potts

For what they charge to get in.....they should update their changing area....showers were ice cold and no privacy The bathrooms are gross by the afternoon.... Most of the employees are crabby and only commicate by blowing a whistle at you

Erica DeRycke

Great for kids and adults alike. Float up bar as well

Hans Lundquist

Great place to cool off!

Matt Codak

Good place for the price and a good place to stop for the kids while going across South Dakota.

Jody Jaacks

We had to wait in line for a hour for ice water! How ridiculous! They should have a line or a cooler just for that. The concession stand had 4 windows and they were not utilized at all.

Kevin K

Rude staff, everything was hillariously overpriced, lines were super long even to get into the lazy river, and they dont even let you bring in water. This is a bigger waste of my summer time than sitting at home in a kiddie pool.

TIM Paullin

Karts, waterslides, swim up bar next to the lazy river. Something for all ages.

Jake Bleyenberg

It was a ton of fun!

curly head maci

Super fun, this is a great place to take your children on a hot summer day! I do have to say though that there food is kind of pricey, but worth it!

Logan Ware

For the year almost that I lived in South Dakota I've only visited this water park once and I was visiting my nephew. Loved that this water park has something for everyone. Drinks available to be consumed in the lazy river, swim up bars and wave pool. Or you can sit in an area that is designated to smoke and drink. Has go carts, batting cages, mini golf and much more, great place to take the whole family.

Alex Andersen

Great entertainment! We went on Wednesday I believe and it was bogo free!

Marci Glines

Must say.... I was really impressed!! There are not only great water slides but there is also mini golf, bumper boats, batting cages, & go carts all included for one price! You can also play paintball but that does have a separate fee. The lifeguards are absolutely outstanding! They are so disciplined and are SO attentive! Will definitely be returning again when it opens next summer!!

mint kira

i came to this water park, hoping for some fun. i called ahead of a time, and they said they wouldn’t close if it lightly rained, which it was. they said they would stay open if there was no thunder, and the sky’s were completely clear by the time we got there, and the rain never got bad. i don’t know why they closed early but i am disappointed. i am giving my money to midco instead

Kevin Kruse

We had so much fun here as a family. There is something for everyone to do no matter what age you are. Kids loved the wave pool and lazy river especially. Lines for the bumper boats and go carts got long but everything else was fast.

Sandi Mihaly

Always fun to take the kiddos. They have so much for them to do.

Chad Birger

I love Wild Water West. It's so much fun for the entire family.

Dawna Wetzel

My kids and I LOVED this waterpark. My only complaint is that the slides without a tube is quite painful. Each connection where the slide was put together was quite the bump and scraped the skin. This can be avoided by going on the slides tubes are allowed.

Lauren Rekonen

Kids loved it! We visited here as the halfway stop between St. Paul and The Black Hills. It was a great put stop. Fun slides and a great lazy river. The mini golf course is kind of terrible, but everything else was fun!

Stadiume Hott

Always had a blast here. It's a quality place considering it's in the middle of nowhere. The prices are reasonable. There is a LOT to do here. You can genuinely stay here all day. Kids can have the time of their life. Adults can have a great time drinking a cold one in the lazy river and awesome swim up bar. The wave machine that goes off every 15mins is an awesome attraction point. Recommended.

bill Hoff

Excellent variety of water activities. Well run. Very safety conscious.


Service was good water kinda dirty in some locations price honestly is what kills it

Brandi Everhart

Love the place but wish they had water warmers brrrr

Jim Jensen

Got rained out but still fun to go to

It’s Just Charlotte

Everything but the kitty pool and the swim up bar and the food places were open but everything else was closed/not opened I got there at 12:00 and left at 3:15 and everything was still closed when I left and I called and they said nothing was closed today

Jenny U

For the money you spend per person you can keep your whole family happy for hours. Was there on a holiday weekend and surprisingly it wasn't overly busy. Would definitely recommend.

Aaron Moss

My family and I enjoyed our time there. We especially like the lazy River and the go karts. The go karts are fun and if you get there early the lines are short

Sebastian Lupu

Nicest and closest places to have fun in Sioux Falls if you love water parks.

Robert Willis

Loved it. The lazy river has a bar and snacks you just coast up to them and get food and/or drinks... Yay

Brandon Gralheer

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. Way overpriced for the amount of people they let in on the weekends. Could barely walk or enjoy anything. My kids couldn't wear goggles even though there's way too much chlorine in all the pools. Place seems to be run by teenagers. Will not go back here. I'd rather spend my money at a public pool.

Tennille K

I love the lazy river! And dragging the whole family on the bumper boats! The mini golf course is a bit worn out and could use some work, but is still fun. Only 2 of the pits in the batting cages were working? Sad how many people would like to use it and walk away instead due to very long lines trying to use 2 open cages. The volleyball area seems a bit neglected as well. Overall the place is a blast, offers amazing concessions, and has plenty of activities for the whole family.

Mike Miers

Our family spent a full day here. It was a lot of fun for both adults and the kids. Unfortunately it wasn't super hot out so the water was pretty cold. Had the water coming out of the fountains and water features been warmer than it would have been much better! Only about five of the bumper boats were working so that made the line take forever...They advertise the batting cages and sand volleyball like they are big features. The batting cages are run down and only two of them were operational. The batting equipment was also junky. There was one torn up volleyball to be used but the courts were overrun with weeds so we didn't bother with it. Would recommend for the water slides and pools. Make sure you go on a very hot day!

Jamie Bleyenberg

I worked here for a summer and the staff is not the best. They were difficult to work with. Overall, the park itself is quite nice.

Christopher Little

Spendy AF, but so much fine tail wandering around.

April Qualley

Great park and more than reasonable rates. Attentive staff. 2 tube slides, 2 drop body slides, another body slide, pool with obstacles, wave pool, kiddy pool, mini golf, bumper boats, go carts all included. Pick up tickets in town at the local gas stations for a discount.

Sydney Bassing

Loved the swim up bar and wave pool


My family comes here once a year and we enjoy it thoroughly. I am the type of person who doesnt like fast slides, and there qas still tons of stuff for me to do; go-karts, bumper boats, mini-golf, wave pool, and the lazy river were just a few. The food was good, but they put WAY too much ice cream on their small cones and their walking tacos tasted like chili, but other than that its great!☆☆

Kayla Janachovsky

I took my child and boyfriend here and it was too cold for us adults but obviously not my child. Kind of wish the pools were heated. The only pool that was okay was the wave pool

Andrew Engdahl

Fun place, not huge, but big enough to have a good time. It would be more fun if there were less bandaids in the water.

Carter Benson

Had fun mini golfing and swimming

Madison Trout

It's fun but the lines are long and it's pretty expensive

Allyson Thiel

Was super fun, even for two adults and no kids. Wave pool was relaxing and anywhere you went you could bring a drink. Food stands were priced well, and tasted like you would expect good and nostalgic.

David Garcia

All day fun for teenagers and family.

Bird Man Productions

I love that Lexy girl, so pretty

Owen Simonson

Most fun place to go to swin with my kids and family

Dawna Wetzel

My kids and I LOVED this waterpark. My only complaint is that the slides without a tube is quite painful. Each connection where the slide was put together was quite the bump and scraped the skin. This can be avoided by going on the slides tubes are allowed.


Extraordinary Place, fun slides fun things to do my only recommendation is keeping the place open for longer and the prices are large

Rod Gallup

It was a good time even if it was cold

Kat Finzen

It's a bit pricey, but once you pay, you have access to literally everything there. The lazy river is my particular favourite!

Aaron Laake

It gets crowded, but its a blast on a 90° day

chris matson

Such a great place to enjoy summer with water and dry attractions. It's an aging place, but it's so much fun! Highly recommend if you live nearby.

Elvis Mujić

Try your best not to poop in the pool and you’ll have fun. ElvisComedy(DOT)com

Jessi Anderson

Nice way to just relax

Tori Driesen

Fun place for all ages!! Many different things for all to do! Do wish you could take your own water inside water park.

Misty Cowell

Great place to bring the whole family. We went for a Birthday party and the kids were so happy with pop and icecream.

Cynthia Dagel

Bit chilly for me but kids loved it

Shiyo Masika

Its a very nice place to be with friends and family. Very friendly staff a majority of swim slides that are very fun, a pool bar, the lazy river,bumper boats, go-karts and best of all is the wave pool. There is also a mini golf area and paintball. So much fun

Jeremy Overstreet

Good fun and I didn't drown. I would choose different music, but I guess music by Pungent Stench and Cannibal Corpse would a little much for the general public. Lame. Good place with reasonable prices.

Melissa Nofziger

It is awesome you can do a lot of things with friends I recend if you live close to get a season pass!!!

Brian McGee

On the one hand, it's a water park and I love water parks. It was also only $5 to get in on a late Friday night. The lines weren't insane for the amount of people and cheap prices. On the other hand, there's a LOT of negatives... The first being...there's only one set of slides. The drop slides were pretty cool, but the lines for for tube based rides were insane. Speaking of tubes and lines, the people at the end of the rides would constantly just "keep" their tube, instead of handing it to someone in line waiting to go. Lack of staff directing people to have decency was disappointing. Speaking of lack of decency, you can have food and booze in the Wave Pool? What?! That's so disgusting and trashy, but I guess it's allowed here... All but one of the batting cages were broken the day we went. I mean, if you're looking for a water park, Sioux falls has one... That's about all the positive I can say.

anthony stovall

It was fun... 5 dollar Friday-


Very spacious. And many amusements. Along with mini-golf. A paint ball arena. Go Karts. Beach Volleyball. And the water park portion contains: A wave pool. Two humongous slides. Fun tube slides. A large lazy river. And they even added a kids section! Definitely worth a visit!

Daniel Shchur

Once you've been here, it automatically gets a little less fun... The water park is a blast however, especially for kids. Lots of different attractions to experience such as plummeting slides, tube slides, a wave pool, lazy river, pirate ship for the kids, and a few others. The dry park also offers fun in the form of go karts, bumper boats, mini golf, and more. The lines for some of these attractions are horrendous however. I waited over 45 minutes to ride the go karts once, for a total of 5 minutes. If you stick to the water park side, it isn't as bad, but there are still long lines at times. It really helps to bring a friend. They also have deals every once in a while bringing the price of admission down to about $5, make sure to find out when those are. Makes it much more worth it.

Jason Fraser

Wonderful day of fun in the water!! Thank you Pam and Avera!!!

Julia LeVan

A fun place to enjoy with spouse, and have a treat/snack! Many things to do and keep all ages busy!

Reese Garcia

Lots of fun and activities for all ages. The slides are a great adrenaline rush, the wave pool is relaxing, and the lazy river has equal parts calm and crazy as you float along. I have to admit, the highlight of it all for me was the 6 inch tall soft serve!

Joelle Morgan

Fun and reasonably priced - except for the locker rental. 7$ seems quite excessive!

April Borgstrom

Great day at wild water west. Spent it with family.

Cade Bobzien

Very fun and service was amazing but some prices are a little high but nonetheless an amazing experience.

Laura DeBates

Very relaxing. Swim up bar for adults. Hear a lot of people talking they should have more adult only areas

Pat Jacobi

The attendants at the boat ride was rude and not a very nice person. Only had 5 boats out of 10 working. Very poor!

Truckin America

Good place to relax and beat the heat will definitely be going back

Raina Paquette

The tornado ally is SOO much fun. You don't know if you're are going to fall, or go really fast thought it.

carissa carey

Great water park. Just the day we went was super busy & crowded. Also can't bring in water bottles that are already filled.

Lynn Schweers

Would recommend. Will probably visit again. However, there is no handicap stalls in bathrooms but all pools and recreation areas are easily accessible.

Parker M.

Very very fun

Shar Moses

Absolutely love this place, every single time!!

Ruth Redetzke

We got ther at 1 and they said they were closing at 2 eventhough the wadsite said 2

Dawn Oslund

Great family place

Amber Fricke

Super fun time with my kiddos!! Only complaint really is that nobody gave me a head's up that they have a doll they put in the water to test how well the lifeguards are paying attention. Thankfully someone told me it was just a doll as I panicked and darted to "save" what I thought was a dead toddler. We passed 3 lifeguards when it was finally spotted. That was kinda scary. Other than that, we had fun. :) I recommend it.

Melissa Campbell

So much fun. Not that crowed. Will hopefully.come back

Bay Skeleton

It's so much fun even when you bring your family and friends with

Shavonne Mcdonald

Nice place for family fun.

Alex Wonder

Really fun time

Danielle Donovan

It's fun to come here. However, the prices are outrageous.

David Christensen

Great family fun. Nice personable employees/lifeguards who do a great job. Only thing we didn't like was people with alchohol in the wave pool, and going around the lazy river. Even one guy washing his beer can out in the pool after drinking it in the wave pool...Why?


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