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Where is Thunder Road of Sioux Falls?

REVIEWS OF Thunder Road of Sioux Falls IN South Dakota

Natalie Muratalla

Is was such a fun time! I would love to do it again!!! We all had an great outstanding experience here and we would absolutely love to come back again! This place is recommended!

Samuel Toler

We bought the two-hour wrist band for our family (ages 15, 12, 9 & 9). All of the kids had a blast! It wasn't very crowded so there was minimal wait times. The workers were very nice and friendly and seemed to actually enjoying being there. The quality of the Go Karts were excellent. I was especially impressed with the workers at the Go-Karts they were paying attention and (literally) running to the cars that had spun off to reduce the chance of a crash. The Fun Park facilities are very basic but adequate. A great way to spend a few hours!

Immortal Goku

I've been going here since I was a child and honestly it still brings that nostalgia back every time I go. They have go karts, laser tag, mini golf, batting cages and a few other things. I think it's reasonable in pricing and the staff is always very kind and try to go above and beyond to help

amelia s pegram

staff members do NOT seem to want to be working there at all. or have any idea what to do.

Jess Kudera

Fun but pricey!!

Jacob Van Dyken

Not the biggest place, but you can still have fun here. I would say it's better suited for younger to middle aged kids, but even adults can have fun here. Not terribly priced either, which is always a plus!

Dima Tsymbalist

Great place for family. Has a nice mini golf course, and the go-karts are not old

Lorinda Van Maanen

Affordable, clean place. Lots to do!

Bob Ensz

A complete 'recreation center for the family

Jessica Schulte

Great family atmosphere! Appreciate the reasonable prices!!

William Riley

Is pretty good.

paula deuel

Granddaughter loves this place especially the go-karts

Randie Anderson

It was a lot of fun.

Josie Krivolavy

Family oriented, not too many people!

Jenn Forshey

Today was my son's first solo kart ride. We had so much fun!

Stephen Johnson

Not all attractions open. Priced pretty high

John Sinning

Fun amusement park


Fun nice staff and I meet some new friends

Ashley La Bore

Fun, great service, a little spendy.

Brian Broekemeier

We love taking the kids to Thunder Road! The go carts are a riot, and there's a lot of fun things to do.

EdithEllen Gale

Fabulous service!!! Employees were so polite and manager treated us royally!!

Adams Destiny

It was awesome

Shauna Landis

Great place to take the family. Weather wasn't cooperating but the manager and staff went above and beyond and made sure we had a great day. Would definitely go again.

Bob Title

Kart track is slippery the karts have plenty of power!!!!

Matthew Pillman

We took a church youth group for a Wednesday night. Everyone had a great time and especially enjoyed the gocarts. The employees were positive and helpful. The laser tag at the end was very busy so that our youth only got to play one 10 minute game.

Neil Y

Great fun

Faucet Fail

Fun but not much to do but I'd also like to say that the tickets are a little too much for rides

Peter Stoughton

Love it

David Johnson

Hot, didn't stay long


It's alot of waiting in lines for overpriced attractions. It took 8 minutes just for them to get the first group of customers a mountain dew and their golf balls. And after that they closed one of the windows even though the line was clearly backed up. I originally was going to get some tokens for the batting cages until I saw how much higher the prices keep getting. The mini-golf course didn't even have water around it. Everything was drained around the courses, minus some standing water which smelled. The old mini-golf, and cages that used to be by the old sunshine store, (now a hyvee) was much better. They're expanding as the years go by but it feels like it's taking away from making what they already have better. It's okay. It's just not great.

Diane Schnurr

Best miniature golf!

Jeremiah Kambeitz

Fun times

Kyle Raasch

It is always a fun place to visit.

Lucas Dreyer

Friendly staff and very well kept

Jamie Jackson

Great go kart track, but the rest of the park felt a little low rent. Recommended though for their excellent track

Brock Gilmer

What a wonderful place to have some fun!! Great, family friendly, place to relax and have fun! Great go-karts and great mini-golf! Will definitely be there again!

Jeromy Pankratz

We had my children's birthday party there and they loved it. The staff was courteous and helpful and gave us an all-around great experience

Kyleena Dumas

Family fun, but can get spendy!

Darrek Olson

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Watch out for kids who can't drive though, I now have a link in my neck from a high speed crash

Laura Dunlap


Faas Vriend

Very nice kart track. Could be a bit bigger but it's a lot of fun!

Andrew Elias

Had a great time at Thunder Road..can't wait to bring the family back!


This place is so expensive and on top of that there are only five things to do here, idk if I could or would recommend going here right now. A lot of sections of just dirt were taped off like they're planting grass or something, and also one fenced off area that just looked like a hole in the ground with chain link fence around it, maybe it's going to be another attraction but who can say there are no signs saying coming soon or anything. Maybe next year

Walter Coombs

Amusement park.Well run and organized. Adjoining picnic area for use. No cost or reservations for picknick area needed to my knowledge.

Paul Westhoff

Great place we have been here many times over the years bringing are children since they were 9 and 12 witch was great as they grew up and now at the ages of 20 and 24 its still a blast. Even when they were younger the other attractions was great like the bungee jumper and the laser tage. We used to mini golf with them now we will stop by last minute and do a round of mini golf last minute on the way home. We have enjoyed Thunder Road for many years and will continue for years to come.

T. F.

Lots of fun! Great customer service!!

lyft love

Go karts are the best thing to this attraction. Service ok

Samra Bajramovic

So much fun

Crystal Dahl

Fun time. Very strict on their rules.

Alison Pauley

Fun! First time mini-golfing in a long time. Kind of harsh to go through when it's hot as there is not much shade. Even though we were golfing shortly after they opened, we were a few holes in before they turned on the fountains (one whole which only operates correctly when water is flowing.) Well maintained facility and the set up of the course was nice.

Ceylee Kryptonite

Always have s great time cominghere. Although the prices have seemed to raise lately but still worth it.


Great experience, challenging fun!!

Jason Oberg

Called a few weeks in advance and let them know we would be bringing 60+ kids from out of town. I was told to just show up and THEY would call if closed due to weather. That day it was cloudy and 55 when we showed up only to realize no one was there. When I called to see what was going on I was told they cancelled due to weather but no one called us. I was told it was a mis communication and it slipped through the cracks. Very disappointed in their communication!

LaFlora Howard


David Harness

Played mini golf. A little expensive for quality of course at $7 per player. Course is fairly difficult.

Mark Brauning

My company had an outing here and so we had the place reserved for 2 hours. The employees were informative, the track was exciting, and the cars were well maintained. They could use more safety gear on the cars but other than that the go carts were a great experience.


It was really fun there lots of cool things to do

Alex Hatcher

It's an older place but it still runs well, the only downside is that the track is super slippery at times on those corners. They do have other fun activities such as mini golf.

mike tharney

Great place. Lots of fun.

Mary Schave

Easy to get to. Clean. Friendly staff. Boys really enjoyed the lazer tag & go carts.

Jackson Huether

Worst experience ever at this dumb place. They have no respect for their customers. We wanted to go on the Go Karts and we waited an entire hour. They let people behind us ride before us while we were waiting in line. This place is terrible. Bad rides and awful service. Never come here.

Kathleen Burgess

My grandson loves Thunder Road and Al was very understanding about his special needs and Autism. Thanks Al!

Dana Anderson

I love racing my son, laser tag, and water wars

Roger, Olson,

Over expensive$$$$$

Scott Underwood

For a big guy like me, far and away the MOST comfortable I've been in a go kart. Staff was SUPER helpful making it all work! Kids had a BLAST!!!

Harmony Libby

We had a blast playing mini golf at Thunder Road!

Darla Schoep

Perfect for my bestfriends sons 8th birthday! We had a blast!

Sean Kasper

Amazing staff, clean space ,super affordable, and family friendly. Bring sun block!

Siouxsie X

Staff is not very engaged (usually younger people) but there is lots to do. Batting cages, go carts, mini golf and a roller coaster. Kinda spendy

Presley Kimball

Fun, a bit overpriced

Matt Hursh

Wish we had more or they would update some being our only theme park in town

Nathan Riddle

Lots of fun

Ross Clouse

Has an amazing mini putt course and a awesome go kart track. The staff never got on us for bumping so that’s great. We had a fun time definitely would go back

Michael Luke

Fun go cart rides. Not too crowded the Saturday night I went, so only had to wait for s few races in line. Workers were very nice and helpful. Easily the best go cart tracks in Sioux Falls.

Brian Timp

Great place!!

COMFORT KING Mattress Factory

Best place for a birthday party.

michael mcdonald

I always loved going here

Ryan Friez

The kids love it and so does the kid in me. ;)

Christopher Coatney

Fun for families and friends

Kathryn Frie

School DECA and FFA outing... All the kids had a blast

joshua coil

Good Bachelor Party spot. Laser tag, and Go carts. We were all competitive, and had a blast! Only thing, the laser tag could be better managed. The staff was nice and talked with us, but seemed preoccupied. Will definitely revisit though.

Jayden King

I always can't wait to go here one of the most fun places in Sioux Falls

Bradley Willey

Pretty cool, much smaller than I thought it would be.

Lyla Pedersen

Fantastic. We had great service from all the staff!

Ashley Hintz

Great staff and a lot of fun!

Meghan Randall

There's a good variety of things to do, but I feel like it's a little too expensive for what it is.

John Thornton

A really fun place. Lots of different activities. Great for families.

Ryan McClintock

This park is horrible the go cart track is unsafe, there are tons of accidents. The staff is horrible, the service takes forever, and they have to id everyone to do the slick track.


It a fun place for batting go karting and and fun time

David Catalan

I've gone on several dates here at least a few dozen it's a great place to go mini-golfing. Nothing like a competition on the Go Karts. Maybe even have a water balloon fight while your there, staff are friendly and it's a great place to bring your kids for some fun.... If you're a GREAT LIFE member you luck out because you get the benefit of a few free bonuses.

Pat Graber

It is great for adults and kids! We loved it!!!

Jesse Schmidt

Fun place

Madison M WhiteFeather

My friend and I. and my sister had fun at thunder road yesterday with a youth group !!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin Metts


Voon Wong

Great place for family and friends, and church youth group!

David Garcia

All day fun for family and friends.

Chris Alarcon

Good time for all

Randy Austin

Wish the water fountain were going

Sam Klein

Has everything to keep people of all ages happy.

Jane Smith

Worst customer service ever! For anything but the go-carts you have to run around and look for an employee to help you. We had a group ready to play lazer-tag, and they told us that there should be somebody back there already, (there wasn't) and he would let someone else know also. We waited for 15 min for someone, but nobody showed up, so we went and asked again, they said it was too late to start a game now, and the lady even snapped at the little girl who asked when an employee was going to show up to start our game! (keep in mind we were told to head on back, and we did, they never sent anyone and wasted our time). Also they over-booked their park the night our company was there, and had two other big groups at the same time, the general public was also allowed in during the same time so you have to spend almost 20-25 min in line just to ride one go-cart ride. (this place is not very big). Seriously, it would have been cheaper to pay for the few rides we got to go on individually, then to pay for the 50 or so wristbands we got! Then, we where in line waiting for one last go on the go carts, (since they screwed us over on lazer tag) and we waited and waited, then exactly at 10pm we were told we cant go because they were closing, yet they saw us in line, for 10 min, knew we were waiting, kept looking at us and walked passed us a bunch of times, they even let one guy and his daughter go in front of everyone else in line to get them on the carts! They never once told us that they were not going to let us on, so they just let us stand there, knowing we were in line waiting. Its an OK place for a few rides (IF you pay individually for each one) and you don't mind having to look for people to help you, that don't snap at you for asking them questions. But don't buy wristbands! Its a waste of money, and you only get your moneys worth if there is hardly any other customers there, otherwise you spend most of your time waiting in line, or looking for people to help you. (Good luck)

Malinda Davis

Great family fun!!

Ashley Bellamy

I had a great time with my husband, playing mini golf. A hidden little gem in Sioux Falls.

Kevin Van Dorin

Great family fun with carts and miniature golf.

Juna Sleep Systems Justin Waggoner

Fun place

Dave Den Adel

Your runnin with the big boys now. Absolutely, the best place to get your kart on. Receive a NASCAR or NHRA licence if you finish without crying. Good luck with that.

Gabe Fleming

Pretty fun place and has attempted to stay relevant as the years have gone on. My main thing is a lack of concessions. If they had more concessions it's be a little more of a "spot to go" I feel.

Betty Townsend

The kids liked it but wish every ride was enclosed, but if someone wanted to go one just 1 specific ride u can charge for that to

Mikky Di Angelo

fun mini-golf course

Yvonne Fae

The owners made me uncomfortable, kept talking to my family and kept us from enjoying the rides. The park also seemed very run-down and cheap other than the go kart track, which is insane with their pricing.

M Trigo

Fun time for the family, great variety for kids of all ages. Staff could have been friendlier and at least pretended to want to be at work

Jenelle vaughan

Kids loved it! Staff was super friendly!

Isaac Tirrel

Fun karts, but the slick track wasn't very slick. Karts could stand to be a little more powerful. Mini Golf is great.

Cody Huisken

Pricey, but fun. I find the mini golf worth it, but save money by avoiding the rest. A wristband might be worth it if you plan on staying a while.

Holly D

Love taking my son here, he has so much fun!

Josh Klein

Great little place. I hipe they expand. Bigger go cart track. More rides. An arcade maybe. Lot like...the starter pack to castles and coasters.

Bob McGuire

Great place to have fun with the kids. Would give 5 stars but day passes aren't available every day and you have to pay for every individual thing per person.

Shawn Fugett

Good place for family fun

Mindy Masterson

Great time worth kids, look for coupons for more reasonable prices.

Jacob Whalen

I had an excellent time here. It's a bit pricy, but a great place to spend am afternoon.

Ben J

How can you not have fun on go karts

Leilani Ray Reynolds

Fun but do not recommend going in the cold

SuperLuigi Blayne

I was 1 centimeter from being able to ride the bigger go carts and they still did not let me also one of the staff members was really rude to us

Dori Viger

The staff is Young and very cooperative the staff is the best thing about it and it's clean

Joshua Fisher

The only go carts in Sioux falls

Chad Robson

Thunder road is a great theme park. It was my birthday and i went there to ride go-carts. It doesn't cost much and it's a nice track. They give u your money worth.

Brian Wilson

Its a must visit place very fun.

Raven Reisup

Went for my bday on Friday. It was 10 and they only stay open til 11. The staff was super nice and the cost of mini golf was super cheap. Great place and alot of fun!!!

KImberly Frenier

Kids loved it

Kawaii Demøn

I LOVED IT!!! I went on the trampoline thing and I did front and back flips it was sooo fun! I also went on the bumber boats... I did not lile it because it was too slow (I'm 8) actually too slow for likeing. I also went on the spinging red thing it was SUPER DUPER FUN!!! My cousin and I ENJOYED IT!!!!

Kayley Dewees

Loads of fun. Wristbands so worth it!

Lisa W

Fun family night.

Daniel Klug

While what they have is enjoyable, what they have is quite limited. You can do all the things they have to offer there and also get a decent Waterpark if you decide to spend your Wild Water West. It is also overly expensive, in my opinion, for what you are getting

Taylor Ference

Run down rides and lame go-cart track. Could put more effort into making the place look a little nicer.

Derrick Wellman

Had a awesome time at the batting cages!!

Pam Boheman

We went for a field trip with 300 + kids and the staff there were great With the kids. Only drawback was no water fountain.

Courtney Pool

Staff was super nice and had lots of fun

John Fridley

It is what it is, mini golf was ok

dannyskitzo explicit

Good pokemon area and good amusement park

Jaquelynn Tarbox

I love thunder road it is literally my favorite place to go, I can't wait to go again

Boxy Brown

The minigolf and laser tag is so much fun

Merwin Kruger

Grand kids had a wonderful time. They needed that

Ron Brower

Fun times

Matthew Trelles

Pretty cool place to take your family. A little smaller then I thought it would be.

Mike Loween

Human foosball-greatest thing ever

Robert Hamilton

A great place to go have fun

Robert Van Peeren

Not bad for the money. They have a deal that if you buy 4 go cart tickets the fifth one is free. I bought two then went back for two more but they refused to give me the free ticket.

Luke C Egna

My daughter and I had fun. First time ever go-karting. Definitely going back.

Amanda Risk

We had a blast!! Also the young gentleman that ran the bumper boats was amazing!! He would joke with my grandkids and picking on them!! They really enjoyed the bumper boats!!The go kart track was the best!!

Branden Butler

Great place to spend a few hours, just don't expect much variety


The staff are very helpful and friendly. All equipment seems to be in good shape and working properly. Overall it was a lot of fun for all ages.

Andrea Wykoff

Always have fun here. Usually come here for the go karts and the mini golf.

Daniel Schott

Kids loved it line for tickets and food took too long

Jesse Domino

Fun go-karts and mini golf!

Eltwin Grassrope

Always have a great time here.

Mema Vee

Took my granddaughter & we had a great time. The staff was friendly & offered to take pics for me. It was expensive.

Emilie Weathers

Awesome place to spend the day. Staff was super accommodating to every one in our group.

Lernernerner Tschetter

My impression of this park is limited to the miniature golf, or as I call it, miniature miniature golf. It is a small miniature golf course, even as miniature golf goes. That said, it is a nice bit of landscaping, and was obviously put together by some professionals who did a great job figuring out how to cram everything together in a relatively small space. I suspect that this would be much more enjoyable a place for kids. There's lots of opportunity for juvenile mayhem, if that's your schtick. I imagine I would have loved raising hell here in the years before adolescence, and probably for several years even after it.

Emily Schultze

It was fun. The mini golf seemed a little spendy for what you get.

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