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REVIEWS OF Old MacDonald's Farm IN South Dakota

Trevor Botts

We made a trip to the hills just to take our 21 month old daughter to a zoo. The fact that there are llamas (her favorite animal) and that its kid oriented was the deciding factors. Their staff was so friendly that we almost felt as though were among friends. The pony ride and "tractor ride" are beautifully tailored to the young. They are completely understanding and allow parental accompaniment for children. The farm was visited by a friendly cat on the day we were there which drew a lot if my kids attention. We're thinking, "we just drove 200 miles for our kid to pet a cat...." It was an excellent experience that we will repeat one day for sure.

Morin Twins

Cute little place. Many animals with close access to a lot of them. Pony rides are fun. Wound recommend getting quarters to feed the animals. There is a playground with nearby picnic tables and a shade structure. Our 5 year olds has a great time. Will definitely be going back.

Karen Brown

Fun little place for the kids. HOWEVER....DO NOT EAT THE FOOD!!!! Fries were raw, burgers were very dry including the hotdog. Need need cooks. Wasted $16. Could not eat it. Supposedly has a new owner ☹️

Carrie Manders

My 18 month old grandson LOVED it. A safe and fun place where the whole family can relax and enjoy!!

Allison York

Great place to spend a few hours with your little ones! Tons of hands on opportunities, and chances to feed/pet animals. There's a cute tractor train and pony rides as well.

Ashley Sather

A great experience for the family with many hands on experiences. We were able to hold baby chicks, feed the baby goats, and play with the sheep

Himanshu Saxena

Great place for kids.. We went with our 6 year and 3 year kids... they loved the place.. variety of activities and animals to keep them engaged for 2-3 hours.

Barbara Rhodes

Great place. My 2 1\2 year old grandson had a ball.

Laurel Herbert

Good place for family and friends lots of animals and games along with pig races and a chance to feed them.

Nathaniel Stubblefield

Another instance where I'd like half stars as an option. Our latest visit was a 3.5 star experience. Costs are a little high, especially for 3 and 4 year olds. Many animals to see and experiences to have with them: bottle feed lambs and calves; pony ride (extra charge unless you bring a coupon); train ride (same as ponies); and the every popular place races. Many of the larger livestock seem board and lethargic. The biggest concern when visiting is the lack of shade while walking around. There are a few covered areas and strategically placed benches under growing trees but all those spots require you to be stationary. While exploring the 6.5 acres you get warm and dehydrated quickly.

rachel highfield

Kind of a sad atmosphere for the animals but you get to go in the cages and be very jp close and personal with them!

Amos88 L.D.

Good interaction with animal and and staff. feeding the animals too . Recommend for Everyone.

Julie Kohls

Great for toddlers, it was nice to have a place for them to run around and not have to wait in line or have them not touch anything, or worry about them running out into the freeway.

Kendel Bergen

This was one of my favorite stops on our black hills trip! I loved seeing all the animals and interacting with them. They were all quite friendly and followed you around for food. I thought the ticket price was good considering you are able to go back the next 2 days for free. Plus a hobby farm can be quite costly to run when you have that many animals to feed and care for so the ticket price really isn't bad. The only thing I would like to see is the rabbits in a larger area instead of smaller cages as rabbits need room to run and spread out. Overall a very cool place and I'm sad we didn't have time to go back once more.

Luis Coca III

AWESOME place for family fun! Don't let the prices scare you away. It is totally worth the price of admission, and your admission fee gets you in for 3 days! We took our kids there twice while on our vacation, and they wanted to stay longer on both occasions!


Ferdinand the baby highland cow was cute

Sri M

This farm is good for all age groups. People who enjoy petting the farm animals can absolutely have fun!! There is also a play area for kids and an eatery. Only thing is, the entry fee is too pricey!

Marie Eich

This is the most fun I've had taking my toddler anywhere! All the animals are friendly and its amazing the amount of activities they have for the kiddos! Definitely worth the experience even if you have farm kids.

bradley Lawless

Super friendly employees and animals. My kids had a great time.

OG Rodriguez

Very nice place for kids

Kayla C

Fun, but way overpriced. You can visit a real, large zoo, for the price of admission here.

Susan Thomas

Took my two grandkids, it cost $25. to get in the gate. When it was time to ride the train, it was going to cost more money for them to ride. Everyone of us standing there with kids, walked away, no one rode. We felt, for what we paid to get into the place, the train, & the pony rides could be included. Your greed for money, ruins the fun for the kids. You had disappointed customers, and all of us walked away saying we wouldn't be back.

Mary Fiala

The place was absolutely terrible!!!! We try to go there every year and I have finally come to my senses and realized how bad this place really is!!! The animals get no attention from the workers... the goats and sheeps eyes are all watery and they constantly look like they have some kind of diesease!!! Their cages are always all full of poop and never well maintained. All the animals are cooped up especially the animals on the pony ride. They walk around in circles all day and get no actual exercise. It is not healthy for the pigs to drink koolade. Also all the animals are not well groomed or not groomed at all. The rabbits are always trapped in side there cages and never get any grass of veggies which is a primary need to their diet. The chicks are not well taken care of and are roughly handled by kids. There are very few workers that care about the animals or even there job. I appreciate those of you who care but those who don't should just find a different job because either they don't care at all or they just care about the kids and not the animals. Some of the animals look sick and like they don't feel good. Please do something! Next year I will be wasting this money elsewhere because it is not worth it.

Deanna Sheldon

Love it

Brian Olson

They keep trying to take my review down. This is the bullcrap Brittany Tanko had mentioned..

Atom Jones

Very fun place for the family. Lots of different animals and a really good experience for younger kids. It is a little pricey but if you're on vacation most of the time that doesn't matter.

Philip Hale

Such a great place to visit, price is right too as you pay once and can go back two more days. Kids under 100 pounds can ride a pony or take the train around the grounds. Goats and chickens roam the grounds freely. There are pig races, bottle feedings and other cool things you just have to plan a couple of days to spend there in this quaint area for the kids. Aldults will enjoy this place too.

Melissa Miller

Tons of hands on stuff for the kids, friendly staff, well maintained

Robert Steg

Very cool for the kiddos- admission good for 3 days, so we went back on out way out of town.

Megan Jensen

This is amazing! Our family loves animals so it was a perfect addition to our trip!


the price is fair, and my kids loved it. I recommend and will do it again next time I come out west. thank you to the owner and staff

Terra Amaechi

What a fun family place! Pigs races were so fun to watch! And my son loved the horse and train rides!

stacey schaeffer

Wonderful, my son loved petting all the different animals.

Jeffrey P

Kids enjoyed it, no suprise. Does cost a bit, but it's a 3-Day pass and well worth it. You can pet and play with anything except the stallion and the bull. The goats were all kinds of fun and my oldest child enjoyed the rabbits and my youngest liked the baby chicks. Plan to spend some time. It was well worth it and we will be going back next year.

Courtney Dixon

Such a fun stop for all kiddos who love farms! Animals are well taken care of. Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and kind to patrons and animals. A very interactive location.

Robert Kroeger

Fun place for kids. The sheep scared my baby.

Stephanie Reyes

Our family had so much fun. Definitely worth the trip! Even got to feed a kangaroo and hold a wallaby! Our kids loved the bunnies, goats, and chicks.

Stephen Hodge

Prices of course go up over the years but we still had a great time. It wasn't as busy as expected.. however we still we're plagued by the people. Impossible to get on the train cuz everyone cuts in front of you and there isn't an attendent for the line. They give you times that are easy to be there for but your butt better be in that seat when the driver comes in. Guess it pays to be rude. Purchased tickets for the pony rides and the train. Only got the pony rides.. speaks for itself.. rudeness prevails in the situations where you choose to be kind. Seemed disorderly. Everyone was very nice except for one goat who was a little grabby but still funny, as well as the older gray haired lady that couldn't decide if she knew how to do her job or be rude. Seemed distracted with judging and didn't seem happy to even be there. Disappointed in the entrance and the exit when we were trying to buy water. Other than her and the goat EVERY OTHER STAFF MEMBER were AWESOME! sorry for the 4 stars.. could have been a 5 star if it was more organized and had one less staff member. Sorry she ruined it for y'all

Katie Conley

Such a cute and fun thing for families to do with young kids. Even older ones if they have a deep love for animals, especially baby animals. It's a petting Zoo of animals you'd see on a farm. They sell chickens, turkeys and ducks. You get to help bottle feed the bottle babies. You get to hold the baby pygmy goats and the baby chicks and ducks. You get to go in the pin with just about all the animals. There are pony rides and a "train" ride that I'd meant for the younger kids. The train is just a tractor pulling wagon seats. It's cute. A great thing about it is buying tickets once gets you in for free for the next two days. So you can go 3 times for the price of 1. Bring quarters, the are feeder machines at each stall to feed the animals. They are very calm until they hear the machine, lol. Then they swarm. The goats will jump up on you and you may get dirty, but it's nothing a shower can't wash away. Plus there are hand washing stations. Wear bug spray. I wish I would have thought to do so, we got eaten alive by mosquitoes. My absolute favorite was the baby pygmy goats and snuggling a baby duck.

Sandy Crawford

Great, friendly staff, lots of different animals to see and feed. My boys enjoyed their pony rides. Wonderful gift shop. Will be returning next year.

FS Outdoors

The price was very very steep for no more than what it is. Picture a small farm charging you 45 bucks to pet their animals. Might be a few too many goats in the pens. Watch your toes and be ready to battle for your life if they know you have food. Reminded me of a zombie apocalypse. Ok I'm getting over creative, but watch your toes and the goats will kinda jump up. Feed centers are pricy but little kids will enjoy it. It's not the worst stop you could make in the black hills but I don't see it as being a great value and stop either. Seems maintenance on the buildings and grounds is lacking as well.

John Park

Very cool, friendly staff, my boy loved it!! Feeding the animals was his favorite, but it was all very cool and enjoyable!

Misty Filer

I had the best time here just visiting with the animals. The animals don't play for free though, must be fed if you want their attention. At least start with $5 in quarters. It's well spent.....just watch out for the goats, they will rob you blind at the dispenser haha! Rides were great. If it's slow visit the office if there is no one at the train ride, they will get you set up. The animals are well cared for and it shows. Such sweet friendly furbabies. Our receipt gave us access to visit again within the next 2 days!

adam smith

We live in Rapid City but drive here regularly. The animals are very interactive and do not run away from kids. We also enjoy the pony rides. The kids favorite animals are the rabbits and baby goats. Mine are the draft horses and alpaca.

Jenn F

This place is awesome! Highly Interactive a great place to take young and old. You can pet many of the animals and feed them. Staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable on all the animals. There is a playground and picnic area. When you buy an admission it's good for 3 days which is great if your kids beg you to go again.


Great place for the family. All the animals looked happy. It was fun to interact with the goats. High recommended

Bryce Huston

What a wonderful place to bring your children. Watching there face light up around the animals is truly amazing. Very relaxing place to be. Good ole fashion family fun!!!

Kristy B.

Don't even bother stopping here. The ones that you can pet are in with bigger animals that bully you and make it so you can do nothing. The upkeep on this place is minimal at best and the price to get in was way too steep for what you get.

Audra Martinez

Love animals? Up close? Love this place!!! Feed the animals, watch a pig race, listen to the rooster & even have lunch! Definitely going to come back here again :)

Colleen Rogers

Chickens, goats and calves! So sweet!

Marilynn Egbert

Great for the kids

Jennifer Hussey

omg I loved it!!!!!

Angelee Glammeier

Kids had a blast

Amber Solano

Great place for children and adults. All of the animals are very friendly and some roam the grounds freely, our children loved petting them.

Penny Hughes

A Magical & Most Amazing fun place for the whole family . The animals are well taken care of the Rooster's & Chicken' s have the run of the farm which gives the the kids great fun. .A absolutely must see .!!

Laura Padgett

Very fun, lots of hands on stuff, great for kids

Kara Richards

Great petting zoo, really fun being able to touch and hold many animals. Felt it was overpriced though.

Honest Reviewer

Loved taking my kids here last year and definitely will come again this year! Sad to see the bad reviews! Guess people don’t understand the cost of feeding these animals year round. Animals are well taken care of and friendly. Love it!

Amber Muir

Amazing! My kids absolutely loved their experience! So many animals very hands on! Gift shop was super adorable

Connie M Traver

Great place to take the kids. They get to feed them and play with them.

Rosa Angela

The place is nice to visit. Prices are excessively expensive.

Cassandra DeCoste

Cute little place. Tickets you but are good for multiple days, so it's maybe a good idea to come a couple of days in a row to get your money's worth. Pony ride and train ride cost extra.

John Victor Ubana

The entrance cost is $13.50, which guarantees you a visit for 3 times within a week. That is $4.50 per day, which is not steep as some people claim. I highly recommend the farm not only for kids, but also for the kids at heart. + Place is well kept and clean + You can interact with the majority of the animals + Cute baby animals + Pig race is funny to watch + Friendly staff - Hope they have more areas to cool down on hot days... Especially since there's not that much shade

Amy Griswold

Kids of all ages love the animals, and getting to bottle feed a baby animal is so much fun for the city kids. Some kids are shy about the animals but by the time the first pig wave is ran, they can't wait to see the next pen. Such a great time and your ticket is good for 3 days so if you need to where the kids you can go back if you keep your receipt.

ryan kelly

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Take the kids and go!!!

Rachelle Friesen

This was THE HIT for the kids out of all the places we visited in the black hills on vacation this year. My 7 and 11 year old absolutely loved it, from riding ponies to bottle feeding lambs and calves. Mom and Dad couldn’t help but get in on the fun too, scratching all the animals we could find behind their ears and feeding them all! The girls begged to go back from the moment we left, so thank goodness admission includes a pass to return within a few days. Go here first, and plan on coming back again at least once!

Lou Bedan

My kids had a great time here. Feeding the goats, watching a pig race and taking a pony ride. The staff was great as well.

Savannah Logue

Great place, great memories, will bring my children. They can relive my childhood

Izeeko Beats

I am 40 years old and I went to this place. It is absolutely trash. I tried the pony rides but they were so weak the ponies collapsed.the train broke down while I was riding it because apparently I'm too heavy.


Star the cow was very friendly and kept licking my arm. Also had a chick fall asleep in my hand.

judy kayl

It was great.. all staff very friendly especially the pony girl!!

Alexa Tlatelpa

I grew up around animals and my husband grew up in a farm and we and my 2 and 8 year old boys were completely impressed with this petting zoo!! You can go into almost every area!! They have baby goats, sheep, donkeys, calves (we fell in love with Star)

Nick Bacon

At first we thought we had spent too much money on the entry fees, but it really turned out to be well worth it. We were their for over 3 hours and could have stayed longer. The baby goats and chickens were a big hit for the kids. They also loved the horses and ponies as well as the goats up on the tower bridges! It's pretty expensive for a family of 4, but we'll worth it.

Kristin Feiock

My kids love it everytime we go!

B Humbracht

Awesome place. Kids have a blast

Kamber Good

Best farm for kids hands down of anywhere in is I have been! My kids loved it. Can't wait to pass through and go again!!

Brooks Van Pelt

I LOVE this place. You get to interact with lots of animals and feed them too. There's also pig races, bottle feeding, a live horse carousel, and a tractor train ride for kids. The baby goat pen is my personal favorite. I also like the baby chickens and ducks that you can hold and the creepy, soulless emu. This is a wonderful place to take your kids and have a fun day out. Dont forget sunblock!

Babs Greff

Our family had so much fun today! We got a kick out of the pumpkin golf! We especially loved all of your many different kinds of animals! That is a lot of mouths to feed! We knew our money was well spent with the love and care you have for your animals!

Chad Johnson

Your daily pass, we learned, counts for 3 days. The kids (ages 9, 6, 4) could have spent three days there! They loved the playground alone, not just the animal displays and interactions. Very fun.

Daniel Ripa

Family fun. We brought our 3yr old and 4 year old. Better than a typical " petting zoo".

LaDawn Thompson

My kids absloutly loved it, my husband and I thought the staff was kind/friendly. We all enjoyed our time.

Nathan Williamson

Great day to pet some lambs.

Branden Welch

Friendly staff, tons of fun for the whole family!

Briant SantosDelgado

It was amazing, the kids had a blast petting and feeding the animals. They even have a pony ride.

Juston Holm

It's nice that admission is good for 3 days. The staff is very nice and the animals are adorable. Had a great time, will be back in the morning.

Kayla Coursey

The whole family enjoyed it! From the 3 year old to the 16 year old. Lots of fun!

Lexi Dowdy

Cool place, just needs to treat animals for all types of was obvious to us that a lot of the different breeds and species had at least one disease if not more. Outside of that we had a lot of fun playing and feeding the animals!

Mitzi Miland

We had fun.

Michael Diaz

We really enjoyed this and you can come back for 3 days, kids age: 11, 9, 6, 5: * Kids loved holding baby goats, chicks, and ducklings Note: We swung by each of the 3 days for kids to hold the chicks and ducklings. They loved putting them on their arms. * Kids had fun feed the goats $0.25 for handful of food Note: Food by the goat bridge seemed to have a bit more per $0.25 * Bathrooms clean * There is a small playground, 5 & 6 year old enjoyed this. * $3 to ride the ponies or the train. Note: you had to be 100lbs or less to do this. 11 year old was sad she could not ride the pony.

Mark Bursch

Great place for kids and adults. Very clean, animals looked well cared for, nice staff.

Esmeralda Martinez

Great place to take little kids..

Bethany Lass

This year was our 4th time there. Very fun for kids who enjoy animals. They love the pig races, it's a lot of fun but only 30 seconds of your time to watch. This year we did the train and pony rides and my kids had a nice experience with both. We usually try to go twice to get more bang for our buck but this year we were only able to go in once and spent over 2 hours there. Thanks for a fun family attraction that is animal based/themed.

Andrea Harder

I love the pets my kids rather play on the play ground. All around fun day trip

Kasey Rasmussen

Lots to see. Kids loved feeding the animals and seeing the newborns.

Jennifer Johnson

Super friendly staff and lots of farm animals. A previous reviewer said it was too hot and no shade but we went when it was 95 outside and there were multiple shade trees with benches. I brought my 7 month old son and thought he might not enjoy it but he was able to touch lots of critters and had a great time. Great for those with children.

Desiree Kunze

Amazing staff! Loved the baby chicks!

Talen Connor

Lots of funnnnn

Gaige Mortenson

Pretty cool place to take kids. My daughter loved seeing all of the animals there. She especially loved the little goats.

Jamie Soper

Great family activity if you have young kids! My three and five year old naturally get tired of sight seeing and this was a great way to break up the day for them. Lots of animals to see and a great playground for the kids to burn off energy. Loved that the admission was good for three days. It gave us a great option to fill down time when the kids needed something to keep them entertained!

Charleen Nicholson

We planned a family vacation to check out Crazy Horse, as we had been wanting to see it for years. It was a total let down, but this Old McDonald's Farm in the highway out to Crazy Horse made the entire trip worth every penny and hour! The staff was very friendly, you get to walk around the farm and buy little handfuls of feed to feed the animals. They had baby goats and you can get down on the ground with them and they jump on you and play with you and I highly recommend taking children, it was the best part of our vacation to Rapid City!!! We will be visiting again.

Jonah Longville

As two adults without kids it was still insanely fun!

Alyse Brown

Fantastic place for families of all ages! My 18 month old had a BLAST!! It is a little pricey but worth it, and your receipt is good for 3 days of entry. We went back 2 times! Bottle feeding animals, petting goats, cows, pigs, ponies, chickens, horses, it is so much fun.

Cody Jerry

Train / tractor ride was great for the kids, and the goat bridge was a kid favorite.

Brooklyn DeSart

Loved the draft horses and the bunny's. And the goats were hilarious

Martin Green

We waent for the kids. I am not a big fan of captive animals like zoos but kids like it. Animals seemed to be well taken care of.

Jessica Oyler

This was a random stop on the side of the road but our kids (5 & 16) loved it!!

Devon Fountaine

My daughter had such a good time!! Lovely experience

Travis Schlafman

Awesome petting zoo

Dave Den Adel

Old MacDonald has 5 stars E-I-E-I-O.

adaleena austin

I loved it. Highly recommend, expesaly for children. All of the animals were friendly, got to pet many of them. Had Goats, baby goats, pigs, ponies, and many other animals. Even a little train ride for the kids.

Amy Russell

It's a similar concept to the Sunrise Exchange Clubs petting zone we have here in Waterloo. Larger set up and a fun place for kids to visit.

Ryan Dawkins

Really fun little place to see farm animals. They have animals such as chickens, horses, yaks, emu's, ducks, turkeys, bunnies, pigs, and llamas. Very enjoyable for children and all of the animals are very friendly to pet.

Drina Lu

This place is AWESOME! My three year old loved it! We ended up going back a second day (which we didn't have to pay for, when you pay for entry you get re-entry for the following 2 days). They have so many animals that you're able to be hands on with! I highly recommend this as a stop!

Darci McManigal

Took my Grandson for their pumpkin patch and we both had such a blast. So many different things to do and animals to interact with. He's 3 and loved it and so did I. Clean, friendly Staff, especially Whitney.... and just a fun getaway. Would recommend to anyone!

Angela Anderson

Excellent! My 3 year old son loved petting so many animals. He had a blast on the train too!

Thomas Teske

Makes you pay for everything again when your inside


Little expensive but blast for kids. And families.

Mike Krasnesky

Great place! we took our toddler here and we all had a great time. Lots to see and do, and the staff are extremely outgoing and friendly. Definitely a place to go with children, even animal loving adults on their own would enjoy the farm.

Kelly Linder

Super duper awesome experience. My daughter LOVED it. Staff was exceptionally kind and interactive. :)

David Williams

This is a fun little attraction for families. There are plenty of barnyard animals to see and pet, ponies to ride, and other activities (such as pig races, and tractor train ride, and seeing baby animals get bottle fed). Snacks and souvenirs as well. Great way to spend a couple of hours.

Chris Satnan

Neat farm for the kids. Watch out the Goats are bully's though

Amy Hook

We are early bird season ticket holders every year. We love coming and seeing the animals. The animals seem well cared for and happy. The playground is a lot of fun.

Maschelle Waits

This was our second time there my granddaughter loves this place being able to hold all the little baby animals and feed them is an awesome thing for her. It is a fun time you pay your admittance and get two days to come in and visit. The pig races were fantastic and hilarious especially their names. Would recommend taking all children there to visit

Sam Lujan

Great place for kids friendly staff friendly animals!

Vanda Arcand

Prices reflect 3 day unfortunately a bit pricey for people like us just passing through

Brad Brenda Boyd

Clean,well maintained, friendly staff tons of hands on stuff for the kids!! Plenty of shade and picnic tables and benches too!!

Daniel Petersen

Wonderful place to take the whole family. Small children will especially enjoy the train and pony rides along with feeding animals.

Melody Gienger

My kids love chasing the chickens around, riding pony's and being able to touch all the animals. Expensive, but they always have a blast!

Michael Wallace

I dont believe the animals have shelter from the sun. Also I think that the animals need better care and grooming.

Chris R

False advertising. They list all these great things to do, but charge for each thing. Very overpriced for what you get. You not only pay to get in. You need at least 1 ticket per attraction. Which is $3 per ticket per person. Train ride, pony ride, wagon ride, putt putt, face painting etc. All need tickets and then to feed animals you need 25c for food. Only stuff included in your admission is petting some goats, seeing some animals and a playset. Until they change their system, like a punch card with admission. Look elsewhere.

Kate Zarek

Felt it was overpriced but a very nice place

Bruce Snow

For the kids in us

alan pfiefer

Amazing farm animals soooooooo cute nice prices perfect size family friendly great experience

Justin Peevey

Kids loved it well worth it must go

Andre Hoyt

My daughter loved it.

Lucas Stoeser

My kid loved this attraction. Get to feed animals. Ride ponies.

Terry Stoakes

Too expensive

Marilyn Whitney

Fantastic place to take younger kids. So much fun.

Bruce Whitley

It has everything children want in farm activities. The staff is friendly, the pins are kept clean and the fun just keeps coming. If you need to lower your stress levels let the kids go in and play with the goats, sheep chickens... ect. One admission is good for 3 consecutive days which I gladly used. Kids of all ages will enjoy feeding and petting the livestock. The owner has a mission to make an enjoyable visit for you and your family. Pigs racing imagine that.

Gary Glantz

It was ok my wife liked it, I though it was a tourist trap

Owen Hopson

Great place a little spendy, but worth it

Alyse DeVries

Kids' favorite stop so far!

Ken Welch

Great way to spend time with some of Gods Amazing animals!

Jonathon Austin

Great place to take the kids. Its all about the animals. Feeding, petting and taking photos. Barrel train ride is a bonus.

William Curtis

Very fun. Cute animals. A tad expensive. The animals are obsessed with the coils you can buy for a quarter.

Anastacia Jensen

Lots of animals to pet. Great staff variety of activities to keep the kiddos entertained

Kodah Henderson

Fun but small

Shaun Erk

Kid loved it but they could do better with some of the animals living conditions.

Joseph Rivera

My grandson had his first ride on a horse, loved it, his smile was great, thanks

Micki Thomsen

Was a great place to bring the grand chillin.

Linda Davis

Great time for the whole family!

Shane Larson

Kids (5&2) loved it. Plenty of staff, activities we're on time and entertaining. It's not going to entertain tweens or older unless they love animals.

Kari Green-Eiesland

Kids love the hands on, kids can feed and pet the animals. There is also a big jungle gym where the kids can swing, slide and play in the sand. They also sell snacks and drinks in the gift shop. Passes are good for 3 days after admission.

Mark Owen

Friendly staff, had fun with the animals

Cheryl Fladager

Fun family attraction for the kids! Lived the pig races.

Daniel Kingsley

Great spot for young kids. Probably can Entertain for 1 to 2 hours

LeslieAnn DM

The kids really enjoyed this. We thought there were several simple thing that could be done to improve this attraction. It's great that your tickets are good for a few days! All and all it was great for our small kids and family

Luke Torgerson

Very interactive! Kids had so much fun. Good variety of farm animals and very accessible.

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