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131 E Falls Park Dr, Sioux Falls, SD 57104, United States

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Where is Falls Park?

REVIEWS OF Falls Park IN South Dakota

Rachel D

Love walking around here. A must see when the water in the area is high. It's great they keep adding and improving. They recently added additional walkways and railings. Not only is it a place to visit in the summer, but around Christmas they have a wonderful light display!

Beth Barnes

This place really is beautiful even when the flow is low. Apparently that was when we visited. Yes, please use extreme caution for -anybody- that wants to get up close and personal to the shore! Nicely maintained gardens and hedges, and it MAY have even smelled good but... we could smell a strong "organic" odor when we were about 100 yards away from pulling into the parking lot. Is it something they fertilize the lawns with or just what the geese leave behind? After one becomes nose blind, its quite fun to explore.

Stacy K

A must see for anyone near or passing through Sioux Falls. We stayed one night in our way to Rapid City and we randomly stopped at the park. The site was spectacular. We enjoyed a stroll through the park and also viewed via one of the observation decks. This is a great place for some quiet time for yourself, a romantic evening with a partner, or quality time with family and friends. We hope to visit again someday!

Noelle Bonjour

Falls Park is a wonderful, beautiful place. But mind the signs--no swimming, turbulent water, and the rocks are frequently slippery. Enjoy the power and majesty of the falls, but respect that power.

gitta p

Hot Humid still worth going. Gotta go to the ice cream store and have the strawberry sorbet. BEST EVER. It's a really nice park you could make a family day of it

Christy Lindberg

Went to see the raging waters & it didn't disappoint. It's always a fun, quiet atmosphere where you can go to think or just relax. Love it here!!

Mr Blue

An amazing place to spend the afternoon enjoying the scenic water falls. I highly recommend everyone to visit and experience the beauty, romance and happy natural show it offers.

Moises Madrigal Zamora

Good site to see while you’re in Sioux Falls. Could use more trees and benches. Has a places to buy things. Great view on top of the tower.

Kristi Jaragoske

Beautiful. New safe railings looks very nice. Does not at all take away from the beauty of the park. May even save lives !!!

Chris VB

Beautiful place to go for a romantic walk. The power of the water coming over the falls is impressive. I personally will not take my children there as the dangers and risks are just to high. It is a gorgeous place at night to visit. Make sure to stop for nice cream at the Falls Overlook Cafe!

Breanna Taylor

Amazing free city park! Absolutely beautiful! Great place to picnic.

Thomas Schmaus

It was good but be careful not to be swept away by the waves, very dangerous.

Ryan Massey

I love our time in Sioux Falls! One of the greatest cities that I’ve ever lived in and I’m truest sad we decided to move back home to North Carolina. I will never forget the people and experiences in this city. Falls Park was always a highlight for both myself and my family!

Adnan Akram

This is one of the main attractions of the Sioux Falls and probably the city the named on these Falls too. These are not very high however provide a beautiful view of the Falls specially for the long exposure photography. The water is not clean or transparent white

JD Lott

The falls are beautiful and the park is well maintained. Great place for a family stroll.

Suzette Corpier

It's amazing. But please don't risk your lives by sitting on the rocks edge. You won't survive.

Liam Theo Spickelmier

Love this park! Very visually appealing and enjoyable to explore. The gift shop is great with awesome products and the tower allows you to enjoy the scenery at the best angles.

Samuel Toler

If you stay at or pass through Sioux Falls this is one place you don’t want to miss! It’s absolutely beautiful! It’s attached to some great history as well. You can walk or bike both sides of the Falls. Make sure to check out the observation desk and gift shop! We were told that they light up the Falls at night and around the holidays. We’ll definitely come back to see that! You will NOT be disappointed!! Amazing river falls views (almost) in the middle of town. Easily spend a couple of hours in this location - on a nice day!

Traci Bean

Wow what a surprise! Visited Sioux Falls SD to attend a memorial service for family member and local recommended we view falls before returning to Omaha. Lovely grounds and falls are more than I imagined. Nice opportunity to get out of auto, stretch legs, walk, and enjoy a nice June day

J Trent

Great park for those who just want a leisurely stroll around this natural beauty with paved trails. There were a lot of people here on a Friday night, but there are so many different spots to view the falls from that it didn't seem as crowded as it was. It's worth stopping to see.

Bryan Rogers

Great experience! The viewing tower and multiple points of access are special. Great year around, but summer months when the water is raging is epic.

Cindy gilliam

Amazing view! A beautiful park in the middle of town. Definitely go to the top of the tower

Laura R.

Such an unexpected delight in the middle of an industrial area. You can go out on the rocks around the rapids and falls for photo ops and to take it all in. It was interesting to see large fish jump high out of the water as they were dumped over the edge at the bottom tier of the falls. I think we could have spent all day here just climbing around and looking at all the different areas if it wasn't 96 degrees. Super reasonable prices in the gift shop. This unique experience was my favorite stop on our way across the Midwest.

Michelle Castro

Gorgeous place to spend some outdoor time. Plenty of walkways, they're also working on new paths along the edges of the water. Very family friendly. Several free parking lots on either side of the park. Lots of people walking their dogs as well. There's a cafe/restaurant that overlooks the falls, and I think there was another smaller cafe as well. Plenty instagrammable photo ops! :)

Dorothea Casey

Beautiful location. Lots of view areas. Nice visitors center with very clean restrooms.


Great! You haven't been to Sioux Falls until you have visited this park. The waterfall is approachable and beautiful. Nice Cafe near the falls with view. Be re as dy for some plane spotting as the falls are on the approach path to the airport. Nice grounds for a pic nic.

Natalie Amber

This place is so beautiful! Even when the water isn't crazy high like it is right now. It is a great place to go for walks with the family. They have a lovely cafe there. In the winter they light it up and it is a winter wonderland! my kids insist on seeing every single year. But we all love it! They also have a tower you can go to the top of and look put over the park. I definitely recommend this! It is quite a lovely site to see!! And is perfect year round!!! Make sure if you stay here to check it out and that cafe. They make amazing foods! Healthy and different than you will find most places. Unique and delicious!


Stunning falls on the Big Sioux. Lots of viewing places. Great biking rest.

The wisceeeggg

If you appreciate waterfalls, this a park worth visiting! We were on our way through Sioux Falls and needed a leg stretch, great idea for a stop. The river and falls are the focus of the park, there's signage describing the history of the area making a nice walking tour. We greatly enjoyed our time here.

Leslie Vera

Was a nice break from softball... we ran up here for an hour between games. My daughter enjoyed exploring... there’s a little cafe here too... it only serves ice cream though.

Marilyn Morris

Oh my Gosh! Amazing. Beautiful cascading water fall. Nice viewing areas. Easy parking. Benches to sit at fairly close to view the falls if you can't walk much. Restrooms near parking area. Loved it! A hidden gem.

Daniel Randolph

Much cooler than expected. This very cool place was perfect for a stop as we were passing through Sioux Falls. Parking is tight and the park was busy.

Dug Thompson

Our namesakes little gem. Pure serenity. Go there by yourself and sit on a rock near the falls, but away from people. It's bliss

Stephanie Clausen

Beautiful park and i am so happy that we were able to make this stop! This is such a perfect spot for kids, couples, seniors or anyone just wanting to see a great view! Theres a small cafe that serves ice cream and it was nice to be refreshed with that while we sat on the rocks enjoying sounds of the water. The water is very peaceful. If i lived nearby, i would love to come here with a book for an afternoon. Was really cool to go to the tourist area and go up in the tower and see everything

Melissa Prostrollo

This park has come so far since I was a kid. The namesake of Sioux Falls used to be considered unsafe, especially after dark, being in what was a shady part of town. Now, though, investments in the park, itself, as well as development in the area has changed that. You still have to be smart, like anywhere - stay away from people that seem sketchy, don't let anyone get too close to the water, etc., but it is now a really nice park with lots of people visiting and events held there.

J May

This park is such a cool area to have in your city. There is a lot of history associated with the river. It was used for a mill and a power plant. You can still see a few buildings that once stood. The falls are also a great place to just relax and enjoy the sound of the water. It's a great place for a family or a little romance. I also like seeing the planes fly over head, they added for great photos.

Olivia Loving

Rick Crawford

Flood waters when we came. Still didn't detract from the pure beauty. Must see during Christmas!

Ian S.

Great stop with great sights for history bluffs. The falls were amazing to look at and the historical buildings have placards with pictures telling the history of the falls. The negative aspect about the stop was that about a mile away is a pig processing plant and you can smell the stench from it.

Elisabeth Olsen

Beautiful name sake of the city. There is a local Cafe, viewing tower and lots of side walks to troll. Great place to take visitors of Sioux Falls. It is decorated into winter wonderland for Christmas. Enjoy this natural beauty and remember it is nature, it is a river so respect it's force, unpredictableness and danger wisely.


Excellent park. We were on a cross country trip with the kids. Has a nice diner it was more than we were looking for and a bit expensive but good. Scenery is awesome and plenty of space to let the kids run and explore for a while.

Penguin Scott

Great place to view the falls and lots of history. Enjoyed visiting the tower and its views. Close to downtown.

Rajanish GJ

Nice place for family hangout.. quartzite pink visible all over

Dawn April

What a beautiful park! You can feel the power of the falls, they are quite exceptional ❤️

Marlene Wögerer

Those waterfalls are beautiful. The water was a little smelly and brown but it was still nice to just look at the falls. The view from the tower (which is free) makes the whole park worth the visit. There is a souvenir shop at the bottom of the tower which is very well stocked.

Martin Szabo

Great place to enjoy the beauty of the falls that give the town it's name. But don't get too close to the water, as rocks can be slippery and people seem to fall in each year.

Tricia DeBoer

Nice place to stop for a picinic, walk or take a break on a long trip. Nice clean park with free parking. Great spot to snap a few scenic photos! We spent about 30 minutes here.

Susan Mayle

This Water Falls Sioux Falls Is just Breath taking me i love water falls anyways so i was just mesmerized buy the beauty of the whole thing beginning to end .We travling from east coast to west coast so we stopped in this town for the night and went to see it the next morning its just great.i would love to visit it again some was a worth wild stop for sure.

Becky Deitz

It's absolutely breathtaking! The view from the visitor's tower is phenomenal and there are plenty of places to visit, with the animals being so used to humans who visit and a cafe nearby. I love this area!!

Katie Grace Mitchell

This place was amazing. Not only the view was great for pictures, but it also had great service!! There was a tower to climb up and it was a bit windy because of the falls, but overall, definitely a 10/10 from me.

Kyle Polvere

Beautiful spot to stroll or just relax nearby. Careful on the rocks..

Sharon Cross

just returned home from sioux falls and mt rushmore. beautiful places . the falls in the park is so very inviting. You can walk, stick your toe in the water, pet friendly, people friendly. lovely afternoon to visit the park. Very calming .

Sherry Ford

I have lived in Sioux Falls for over 50 years and never get tired of going to Falls Park. We like to drive around and we play the license plate game to see where all the visitors are from. Plus you never get tired of looking at the Falls

Carolina Shank

Very cool place. I wish the water was clear and clean but still worth the trip!

Colton Brim

Highly recommend going. Mother nature is crazy and you get a raw feeling for how powerful she is here. Also has alot of cool history on site. Really enjoyed myself.

Chad Konieczny

Such a beautiful place. We happened to stop as we were traveling through got a short break and it was well worth the time. It was gorgeous. The facilities are clean and well taken care of and there is a lot to see.

Kim Gulbranson

Natural wonder of Eastern South Dakota. Beautiful stop in all seasons. Christmas lights add magic. Good walking and biking path. Definite stop if visiting Sioux Falls.

jay ewing

Its was beautiful, wish i had time to stay and see it at night time. I never knew of it or what to expect. Has a gift shop in several plaques around the park telling of its history.

Beth S

We used to go all the time when I was little and I was able to bring my kids here for the first time. We all loved it and found little shells to take home to remember it by

Lisa Moore

The falls are beautiful! Definitely worth the trip here. My family enjoyed climbing around on the rocks and seeing the falls from many viewpoints.

wendy trice

Very nice falls, wish the restaurant had been open, they have an outside patio next to the falls, beautifully taken care of grounds!

Kevin Howell

Really nice spot close to downtown Sioux Falls. Paved walking trails and interesting historical markers

Dan Rubado

Fantastic park in the heart of Sioux Falls with walking paths, grassy areas, a historic mill site, an observation tower, and a series of beautiful cascades flowing over polished red rocks. Striking, red rock outcrops protrude from the ground all over and make for good sitting spots or little playgrounds. It was spring when we visited, so the river was raging and the falls were really impressive. The park was popular among families with kids, out of towners, and many young people, all strolling around, enjoying the day and the falls.

Amanda Strutz

Great place to visit! Would love to go in the fall when the trees are changing.

Jessica Sweazey

Not to many shady places and a very busy park but enjoyable! I would like to take more time next time I’m through there. We didn’t do to much but our quick exploring was enjoyable. Definitely fun to stand close and get misted from the water.

A Vape Ecape

So cool, beautiful water falls, nice park. Great meandering walkways - great place for a picnic.

Ryker Jones

An amazing falls and you can walk on rocks right out to the water to real feel the power

Vance Blackburn

Let's just say, "Wow!" What a beautiful park to visit and explore. Well manicured lawns and scenic beauty of the falls makes this a top destination in Sioux Falls.

Sara Born

Very nice landscaped park with good walkways Handicap accessible. Falls are nice. Big Sioux river.

Mandy Holman

Nice place to go for a walk and see mother nature. Always clean and picked up

Tammy Jeffers

Nice place to walk around and look at the falls. Sidewalks surrounding for easy access and a tower for a nice overall view

Neal Matzkin

Very nice park at a pretty waterfall. There is a cafe, a viewing tower and waterside observation points. Can climb on some of the falls edge rocks. Only 10 minutes from I 29 and I 90 and a nice place to take a break on a long trip. Was spring high water so made more dramatic

Susan Anderson

It's a beautiful and calming place. I have loved this place since I was a kid. Neighborhood kids, we would ride our bikes from Longfellow School to the falls with a picnic lunch and to enjoy the park 60 years ago. It has only improved through the years.

Tami Jo Redinger

favorite. And peaceful place to go! Love it here! Have came for a picnic or a walk!

Pianowizards milwaukee

I went with my new wife. It wasn't crowded on a Thursday afternoon. It could use more trees for shade. I should have waited a week. After rain storms the water is muddy. My wife liked it too. We held hands.

Surfer Girl

This was honestly one of the coolest places ever! You can get amazing views of the falls from any angle! Great place to sight see as a family, or as a romantic setting for a date. It free, open until midnight, safe, and well lit. It's very accessable and really a cool spot to see. I would recommend it to anybody! There's also a cafe available as well as several historical plaques. I did not visit the cafe so can't comment on that, but everything else was absolutely astounding!

Edward Ortiz

Just Beautiful! You have to see with your own eyes to really appreciate it.

April Salisbury

Great place to be, the kids love climbing the rock features. The tower has a fantastic view. Parking areas are abundant.

John Cary

Awesome park! Lots of pictures and plaques describing the history of Sioux Falls. Many vantage points to see the falls. Check out the falls cafe for more photo history. Found this while riding my bike on the local bike path which is also fantastic!!

Rob and Judy Gross

Such a beautiful bit of natural beauty. Great viewing spots including a tower overlook. Recommend!

Tami W

Was great falls were roaring because of all the rain. But the public restrooms closed by 9pm!? Tons of people there and NO bathrooms!

michael bartholdi sr.

Definitely a must stop if in the area. Very beautiful. Lots of history. Very relaxing too listening to water.

Troy Walberg

Great place. Excellent viewing areas, gift store, paved walking and free parking.

Ken Bass

This is one of natures most spectacular accomplishments. Absolutely beautiful. My gorgeous girlfriend and I had a great time visiting here and bought some great gifts. Everybody there is so polite and helpful. We will definitely visit there again.


I'm so glad we stopped here. Well maintained park, plenty of visitors. Some like us: on the way back from Yellowstone, some on the way to:) The power of nature-water in this case- is amazing. Some places allowed closer access to the water, as in to the very edge. Some are a bit farther. One can still get splashed with water! they even from which the view is great. Visitors center mainly focuses on selling nick knacks, all made in China. Bathrooms could be nicer. We walked up to the mill, unaware there are some cool ruins in the back. We wish we knew

Derk Zwart

Beautiful park, very well maintained. Observation tower gave a nice view of the falls. Had my daughter pose for senior pictures while stopping on vacation.

Scarlett Morck

Went at around 10 pm and it was surprisingly busy for that time of night. Definitely still enough room to walk around without getting stuck behind slow walkers. Had a good time.

Karen Saunders

What a lovely public park and place to visit, with an observation tower, we swung off the highway while traveling back east for just a quick visit. So many different places along the path to just stop and take in the beauty. These falls are grand. There is a nice walkway which takes you down to a landing platform. It was not the best day to visit, because it was raining, but really glad we took the detour, well worth our time.

Abigail Anthony

What a beautiful place to visit. The falls are incredible, and you are free to get up close to the banks, as long as you dont mind climbing over a few rocks. The grounds are expansive and well kept. Lots of families around and great photo opportunities. There's also a tower with an observatory at the top to get a full view of the park. 10/10 would go again.

Stormi Schroder

I'm in South Dakota for the summer and Falls Park is my happy place here. Beautiful views, so many different walking paths for a new perspective. Love visiting here.

Emily Salley

It was beautiful! We had fun stopping by while passing through. There seemed to be a lot of trash in the water. There were restrooms and plenty of parking spots. My gps directed me to the other side of the river so I recommend checking before you follow your google maps.

Cristhy Galvez

Really cute park. Lots of photo ops and easily accessible. Family and furry friendly.

Dave Heilman

A beautiful park with a surprisingly large waterfall. We have been through the area many times and never knew that this falls existed. Well worth a stop!

C Puckett

A very beautiful park and the falls are amazing to listen to. Great place for pics!

Chloe Allen

Truly the gem of souix falls! It's so beautiful and so many waterfalls, family came to town and showed us around and this was one of the places they took us too. Although it's magical and magnificent it really dose as times smell really bad... Like a pig manure smell within the mist of the falls.. I can definitely tell there is some illegal dumping going on... Beautiful if you can stand the smell!

Jim Carr

It was worth going. The water is really up so it's pretty dynamic right now.

Greg Ninke

Well I used to go to this place over 20 years ago, it was nice. Since then it has been "improved" quite frankly they ruined it. they added railings they added photo op places by tearing out original Rock but more importantly they don't even have any signage for the Power House, or mill, all the history has been removed it's is just now a interesting looking place to take a freaking selfie for your Instagram

Robin Fox

It was beautiful. They had a lot of water go through here in June which caused a lot of damage but I was impressed how quickly they were making repairs. It is an incredible place.

Julie Parrish

Just a splendid beautiful falls. Water quality Did not look great. But it was very cool watching the fish jump and trying to get up at the waterfalls.

Steve Eckerman

A must see when you visit. Lots of overlooks, and a couple of bridges to cross. There is also a tower to view from. Only 4 stars as the aroma from a nearby processing plant was fairly strong and limited our time there

Marianne Galati

Beautiful walks all around and over the river and good facilities. Great walking paths, clean bathrooms and lots of parking, on both sides of the river. There is an RV parking area also. The Visitor Center has a tower which you can climb or an elevator for an expansive view of the river and surroundings.

E.M. Olsen

Gorgeous name sake of our city. There is a local Cafe, lots of side walks and a viewing tower. Remember that nature is beautiful, unpredictable, a force, and a danger. Enjoy it with respect and wisdom.

John Walker

Great place to go enjoy with friends of family. Extremely beautiful and fun to be at in the summer and still gorgeous in the winter with all of the decorations

Joe Bryant

Great park for strolling around. I really liked that they had these awesome bike repair stations in the park.

Anti Terrorism Task Force

Beautiful place. Enjoyed walking around and having lunch at the overlook cafe. We spent the whole day in the area with the family and enjoyed the whole day... until we saw Sioux Falls Police beat a man for hurting their feelings. For the sake of tourism and the businesses in the area they need to get the PD under control. My wife is scared to have the kids around here due to police violence.

Michel Moffatt

Really great park to see the Falls. The family enjoyed climbing around and seeing the Falls from both banks and the rocks that went out into the Falls. A good place to spend an hour or so.


Pretty cool park got a observation tower a walking bridge to the other side of the river and some really cool falls

Elizabeth Peterson

Love it, so peaceful and relaxing. Brings me closer to God's perfection. I see the miracle in nature.

Andrew and Morgan McAllister

This was a beautiful place. We were there after some flooding so the falls were pretty full, but beautiful nonetheless. The old mill was interesting too.

Jenna Molner

Beautiful park! We all loved going up in the tall tower and looking around.

Dawn Brown

Beautiful door to take in a little local history and snap some beautiful pics. Only takes a half hour to an hour to enjoy the entire park.

Elena MatoTamaHece

Went to the Falls Park on a weekend. The sun was out and the weather was gorgeous! I love it that the park has handicap accessible restrooms and ramps for visitors in wheelchairs.

T Asher

Lots of space to play and take in the falls. Fun rocks to climb, green space to toss the ball and great scenery

Joshua Cadieux

Really cool park with a footbridge overlooking the amazing falls. It's so incredible to listen to the falls while the bridge sways a bit and the mist cools you down. There's also an historic old mill and a little cafe(after closing time when I was there). This place is really pretty and drenched in history and heritage! Lots of parking too.

Alex Fingeroot

Simple, but very pretty. The information center has a small gift shop that has decent prices for little souvenirs. It seems like a great area to hang out on a nice day.

Arthur Lee

Lovely park in down town Sioux Falls. If you didn't know where the town name came from you will know after visit here. Nice walk with great views of the falls.

Athena Williams

Easy walking paths and easy area to find. Decent amount of parking. Can get pretty close to the falls for pictures. Informative areas and historical structures as well.

Tom C

Excellent place for walk while visiting Sioux Falls. Several nice overlooks to view cascading falls. Water was a bit lower than normal when we were there in August. Given the terrible flooding in parts of the midwest this year they needed a break. I would be a regular at this park if I lived in the area.

Ramie Reyzlik

Visit at night. Very calming and just as beautiful. Pathways and parking lots are lit, we felt very safe. Sioux Falls is a treat. I would visit here every day if I were closer!

Jonathan Rogers

Breath taking. A great romantic evening stroll after sunset.

Paulie Reed

This is an incredibly beautiful park. We loved walking it with our dog and taking pictures. It is a "don't miss it" if you are in Sioux Falls.

Hugh J Larkin

This is a great place to visit. The park is pleasant with nice walking paths and photo opportunities. There are numerous plaques to explain how the water rapids contributed to the growth and history of the area.

R Shults

Very nice park. Park is center of activity. Will return in the future.

Alan Warwick

Wow. Drive to Sioux falls just to see it. I did and it was better then I expected. If you like taking pictures this place is the best. Don't leave at dark. They light the place up which adds a new dimension to your pictures. Amazing!

Laurel Radomski

Absolutely beautiful! Lookout tower, stunning waterfall, remnants of an old stone prison, well maintained, a great place to spend an afternoon

Ed Boone

Amazing falls with several layers each of which are quite impressive. The falls were way better than I had expected. So close to the interstate. Definitely worth the stop. In fact if you don't stop you are really missing out on one of the best falls in America. Do your self a favor and see this.

Brian McGee

Awesome public park. There are a handful of different observation decks on both sides of the river. The park allows you to get practically right by the water. The gift shop has a decent amount of extremely well priced items. This is the coolest scenic spot in all of Sioux Falls. Would definitely recommend.

James Mitterling

Loved going to see the Sioux Falls. I went early in the morning and enjoyed the falls lit up. The ambience was very nice. The walkways were well let other than I couple spots around the falls themselves, which the bulbs needed to be replaced. Overall, beautiful experience.

Paul Pasker

Amazing place. Way better than anticipated. Very clean, very pretty well taken care of. Definitely worth checking out if ever in the area.

Chad Robson

It was a nice evening and i stopped at FALLS Park looking at the river after the tornado went through Sioux Falls. The river was high and rushing. I hadn't been to FALLS Park for awhile and it was nice to see it again.

Cheryl Kosec

This is one of the coolest places to visit in Sioux Falls, especially in the winter when the falls are partially frozen. They are lit up at night and are spectacular to see. Our last two visits they've been raging because of the flooding in SD. If you can't make it to Niagara Falls, this is the next best thing!

Connie Baker

Beautiful place, regardless of season! Great place to take the kids for an afternoon trip or maybe just to have a scenic walk during your lunch break. Not too big. There's also a cafe and also a tower next to the gift shop you can go up to overlook the falls.

Conrad Zero

Fantastic, fun and free park, complete with waterfalls, bridges and more photographic overlooks than you can shake a panoramic selfie at. A great environment to have a picnic, catch some sun and let the kids run wild. Surprisingly wheelchair-friendly access. A cafe with a great overlook of the falls. plenty of bronze tablets to help you brush up on local history.

Andy Anderson

Omg what a tremendous place! Def worth the visit. Takes a good 2-3 hours. The cafe wad surprisingly good. We had the special roast beef and gravy over toast and REAL mashed potatoes!!

Jacob Newton

Always a beautiful place to visit. I've been here countless times, but I always enjoy it. Make sure to take care when near the water, as there have been a few tragedies here. Play it safe and enjoy the views and the relaxing atmosphere. Pet friendly, and there are restrooms on site.

John Stark

Nice views. I lived in Sioux Falls for two years over 20 years ago and never visited until now with family. Good place to relax and a lot of places to take photos.

Logan Fox

Very beautiful I love the Watchtower it was nice to look over everything and it was free I feel like a good time checking out Nature's Beauty and the history there was amazing

David Gleason

Very cool falls. Well set up visitor building with tower for view.

Anne Jorgensen

Nice, peaceful place. Wish the grass and weeds were taken better care.

Sabrina sheba

Beautiful water fall .i will go there everyday if i live in Sioux falls for reall. Loved it

Ani Raven

Beautiful park with walkways over the rushing falls. Absolutely worth checking out.


This place was absolutely amazing!! We went to three places in a day, 2 of which we paid alot of money to get into. The kids loved this place the best, and it was free! It was beautiful. You can explore at your own pace, and there were so many photo spots. I would go back here again and again!

Marci Gallagher

Stunning! Walkways are paved and have a nice view. There are some places accessed via stairs but there are stair-less ways around. Good accessibility for wheels.

Ian Kaiser

Beautiful waterfall, nice and open. Only complaint would be the fact that the park is surrounded by stinky farms and industrial factories. I'm not rating it lower because of that though, after all it's not really in their control. Also it's free to get in because surprisingly it's not a state park.

rhonda gray

Very nice park. The falls are beautiful. Gift shop is small. Elevator to lookout tower. Great place for kids to roam and rock climb. Restaurant and museum on site.

Mike Olson

Great scenic park, love it when they light it up for the Christmas season. Looks spectacular. Now a family tradition each time I go to Sioux Falls for the holidays to go down to the falls.

Jamison Dean

This is a hidden gem if you are not from around here. It’s very nice and pretty park I will come back next time in town.

Erica H

I stop here every chance I can love watching the water and also great place to stretch your legs if you have been in the car a long time. Nice place to take the dog for a walk. They do have restrooms and a gift shop.

Dave Skorupski

Excellent viewing opportunities to see the Sioux Falls along the Sioux River. Visitor Center is clean and informational. Going up the tower is free and offers Great views of the park. Fishing is allowed with multiple varieties of fish present. A restaurant is on the premise overlooking the falls. Parking is also free and multiple lots are open to the public.

Josh Bacon

Very nice clean place for pictures. Our kids thought it was a nice few minutes out of the car.

Jeremy Patnaude

This place is really cool. They have built a really nice park around the falls. They have preserved the history of the area. The pictures truly do not do it justice. This is a destination that has to be on your bucket list.

William Warren

This is a beautiful place to visit ,surprised to see something like this right in the middle of town. WW , North Carolina

baljinder singh

Good place to walk around and have the kids run. The water was smelly so to say but if u stay at a distance you are fine. Park is very well maintained and do visit the cafe which serves with a smile. We spend an hour here and was well worth it for the pics and exercise.

Kenny Bass

This is one of the most beautiful places I've seen in a long time and I shared this great experience with my gorgeous girlfriend. We had an amazing time there and got some great pictures. Everybody needs to see this for themselves at least once in their lifetime. It is truly a remarkable piece of nature.

Gloise Hunter

I loved it and the overlook cafe, made it perfect. The view was amazing from every angle. There are not very many places where you can get in for free anymore, but the Falls are free and the view is amazing. There was no crowd. It's easy to find from the road and the parking is free.

Lin Birkholz

What a relaxing stroll on a warm Sunday night. Saw one couple set up lawn chairs with a cooler out on the rocks as the sun set. Ya, you wouldn't want everyone to do that and ruin everyone's photo op, but it was sweet at the moment.

james caulfield

Beautiful scenic view of the Sioux Falls river. Great park with easy walkways Just wish some people wouldn't leave their trash lying around. Wish they would hold on to it until they get to a garbage can. Despite that, it is an awesome place to visit.

Stephanie Golde

Falls Park is absolutely beautiful! A wonderful place to hang with your family. The river is stunning, I got a number of nice photos. Green grass, lots of places to throw a blanket down and sit or any of the numerous benches I saw thru out the park. I am a wheelchair user and the park is easy to get around in. Had a pizza at the cafe, local dairy cheese, it was served fresh out of the oven and the cheese was very good. The only thing about the cafe is that the automatic doors for the disabled wasn't working. Outside or inside. That doesn't change my rating of the park because I understand that things break, hopefully that is fixed soon. I am just visiting the city of Sioux Falls, for the first time, I'd definitely recommend, to anyone, stop and hang out in the park for an afternoon, it won't disappoint.

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