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24280 SD Hwy 63 I90 Exit 170, Midland, SD 57552, United States

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Where is 1880 Town?

REVIEWS OF 1880 Town IN South Dakota

Katie Schubert

Great stop! Very interesting little town to see and walk through. Our family had a good time. I would say plan on at least a couple hours to walk through and look. Thanks!

Mark Bender

Absolutely worth the money. Super friendly group. Kids had a blast!

Dominic H

If you love history and antiques, you will absolutely love this place. There's so much more to it than what it looks like from the road. Well worth it

Kelsey Bollman

Such a fun and dog friendly tourist attraction. My husband and I (and our dog) had a great time.

Fran Fry

It's awesome to go through the buildings in this town. You can see items, furniture, and much more in the buildings from this time era.

Bob Weeks

So much fun and so much to see. Had props from Dances with Wolves. Definitely worth visiting.

Brad Sandbeck

Plan a whole day to really see and enjoy it all.

Andrew Garris

Very interesting! Especially if you enjoy Western history and things!

Jared H

This isn't Disney. But it is great if that is not what you are looking for. It is a full scale town minus the hundreds of homes a town with 2 banks would have.

Canner Fruitman

A great experience and it was cool to see what a town looked like around those times.

Laura Nielsen

Pretty cool little town. Grandkids loved it.

maria conlon

I hated it! I paid $12 to walk around some old buildings out in the field. Almost all of the exhibits were chained or fenced off. I understand having some of the exhibits chained or fenced off because people might steal but still the whole experience was just terrible. Here's how you can make it better place people out there dressed in 1880 S-Type attire interacting with the public as they walk through. Clean the place up make it look like it's an actual town maybe hang some flowers out have some Wildlife walking through there accompanied by a cowboy or something. I visited your place once but I did not go inside I went to the diner that's in the train car which was actually pretty good you guys do have good food. I was so excited to go in and actually do the tour I thought I would see a lot of very interesting stuff not just a bunch of antiques piled into buildings covered with dust. I will never recommend this place to anyone. Please put my $12 to good use.

Larry Fisk

Great place alot of history of early pioneers and alot of info on dancing with the wolves which was filmed there.

Deanna Greer

The real west town.great breakfast .home town warm people great place to see .

James Glover

Was fun to visit. Enjoyed how well they were taking care of the place and keeping it in period. They sell some amazing antiques and second hand goods. Worth stopping by and checking out!

I am Rennie

This is the real deal. Plan for extra time to fully experience all of the incredible history and artfulness here. Well worth it as a destination, or even a far-out-of-the-way side trip. The collection of buildings, tools & machinery, artifacts, furniture, etc are impressive and genuine. The passion is evident.

Steven Pape

A quick stop along the freeway that yielded some great photos and memories. About $10 and worth it. A Fun stop.

Becky Archer

Stopped on our way home and all the kids loved it! Age range for my kids is 6-18 and they loved it!!!

Frances Roen

Hmmm...the people were kind enough, but the town was sort of sad. I feel like if they had actual people in all the buildings acting the parts it might have worked better. It just felt dusty and worn, but maybe that’s the look they are going for. I’d say skip it and stop somewhere on the roadside or rest stop for a picnic. If you gave kids under 10, they’ll enjoy a rest stop just as much.

austin watson

Very nice town that was found destroyed and repaired and made to look as close as you can get to a old 1880s town in all it is very fun experience for those who have seen the movie dances with wolves

Regina Bower

It's a fun place to be. Great for snack and stopping in to get gas. 1880isba great place to experience what it was like to live in that era.

Pammy Macmillan

So amazing we loved it can't wait to go back an see it again the people were so nice just simply wonderful thank you ❤❤

Jenny Allen

Great place to stop and take a break. History and educational place about the early days of life .

M Cleary

It had iall. We got to pet a camel too. Fantastic people working there.

Thomas Schultz

We stopped at this place while road tripping across America. While we were there, we met the owner who is very friendly and told us about his experiences. Children will love it and so will people interested in historical buildings. It's just like going to an Old Town in the 1800's.

Kenneth Kerns

Stopped here on a whim during family roadtrip. Price for visit not advertised on billboards leading up to place. Quite expensive to see this old town. Opted to bypass seeing it.

J May

It's a total tourist trap. $12 a person. I was expecting an actual town with shops and people dressed like the 1880s. It's more of a museum. There were only two people at the saloon dressed up. Some buildings were not even open, just a little view inside. There wasn't a person in the gift shop for us to buy our souvineers, and when she did show up, another co-worker needed her. Didn't even acknowledge us. So we left our stuff on the counter and left. Maybe just enjoy the photos and say you were there.

Fili Segura

Awesome. It takes you back in time . Or at list makes you wonder how they did it with out cells

Paul Smith

Nice experience. Very friendly people.

Wendy Couillard

My daughters favorite part of the trip. Nice stop to stretch your legs. Very friendly staff and so many neat things to see.

Journee Ramsey

The gas station had my favorite drink which isn't very common. Otherwise attractions were fun for the entire family

Daniel Powell

Well worth the stop! Our family had a great time and could have spent half a day or more adventuring around.

Antonia Beehler

Definitely a go to place! Rented costumes for our 9 year olds for $5 each. They were able to wear them the whole time we were there. The lady who helped them was very excellent in helping with their selections and getting them dressed. No photographer available, but able to take our own anywhere there. The kids had a blast. Definitely going to go back there again.

Mary Locatelli

Wow! What a wonderful experience! We had seen all the signs for 1880s Town and were intrigued. We stopped as it was a good time for our picnic lunch and debated if we had enough time and money to stop. We had decided on settling for the gift shop and stopped to talk to Darrell and Connie - two of the nicest people you will ever meet! They certainly live by the golden rule (my life's motto) and showered us with kindness. We told them how we were newly married and taking this trip as a family honeymoon with my daughter on a shoestring. They gave us entry and 2 rose quartz (my favorite rock) as a wedding gift. This was one of those days in ones life that will always be remembered. My health is non too good and happily hobbled around on my swollen ankle. It was so good for my soul. The collection of historical buildings and artifacts are a must see! There are also Longhorn cattle, a mule, a camel and if you are an arachnid fan like me look for the amazing orb weavers around the town. We didn't see the cats, but hope they are still there. There are also neat pieces from the Dances with Wolves set. I highly recommend this town. Please support these kind people!

Cindy Brown

The buildings are very well kept and restored without losing the original look of the time period. You can rent period costumes to wear for strolling through town and taking pictures. There is a vintage passenger train with several cars, and even a camel at the homestead. I enjoyed my visit.

אתה ברטון

Food/Service(s): Everything is super expensive here for a tourist attraction. Parking: They have a parking lot that seems to be sufficient for what they offer. Restroom(s): N/A—did not use Customer Service: Above average in the convenience store; can’t speak for inside the exhibit Cleanliness/Sanitation: They keep around the place relatively clean. Recommend: I’d recommend if you’re out here in the middle of nowhere and need to stop for fuel, otherwise you’re just wasting your money for stuff you can see for free online.

Wade Christiansen

Nice little attraction. Buildings and railroad set up as it was in the 1880's. I really enjoyed the Dances with Wolves exhibit upstairs.

Melissa Stoffel

Nice clean place, I love old west history, so I enjoyed this place. My kids ages 11 and 13 were bored though.

Tiffiany Funk

This is a great stop for families, especially with young children. They can dress up, ride a mule drawn buggy, and enjoy a sarsaparilla while watching a hilarious show. Great bang of entertainment for your buck.

Elliott Reel

Its fun kinda. Definitely don't travel to see it but stop if you're traveling through.

Jason Williams

Not your typical road side tourist trap. I've visited twice traveling to Mt Rushmore. Very fun time. I recommend taking in the full experience and and dressing up to stroll the town and learn interesting facts. Everything is so tangible and hands on you feel transported back in time. Nice small museum portion. Cute train diner is open for lunch. Plan on a few hours here with lunch

Ann Perkins

Love the settings the old antiques through different buildings and the ride up the home steds. The show that was in the saloon ! Had a great day here in the town of1880!!!

Mr. Xavier

This place actually caught us off guard. We were expecting some really cheesy place but, this attraction is the real deal! We got there a few hours before close and it was a ghost town (no pun intended). The authenticity is well preserved for the most part and while it could be fun for kids, but it's more intended for big kids.

Corinne Steffens

Neat place to stop if it was free. But for the price of admission, theres really nothing to do or see that's worth it.

Dawn Vargo

Didn't plan on stopping until seeing all the signs. Was expecting a cheesey little place but we were pleasantly surprised!! We took 8,9,15 year old and was worth the time and admission fee!!!

robert lane

Very nice place to stop to fuel up for the vehicle and yourself. People are absolutely beautiful and friendly. We made new friends and will send them Christmas cards. Take care and hope to see you guys soon again, - Your crazy new friends from Michigan -

Joe Vogel

A fun roadside attraction. Convenient food and fuel.

Estie Tabarnak

Wish I had more time to visit. Estimated time to enjoy 2 hours at least.

Joe Maynard

Not much to do there kind of bland and as all gift shops are is way to expensive it is cool to see the actual buildings but it looks just like the pictures over all would not recommend

Nicole Lapointe

I've driven past this on many trips, but an air bnb host recommended it. It's so much bigger than I thought! Could easily spend an hour here wandering around.

Amy Imbesi

Cute stop in the middle of nowhere. Lot to take in.

Louis Ross

The place screams pricing study. As of Jul 2019, for entrance fees they're asking $38 for a family of 4. This is way too high for a non destination, only stopped in, tourist spot (trap?) in the middle of an 8 hour drive. We paid $14 for our 2 teenage daughters to enter and the wife and I ate lunch in the RV. Had the price for a family of 4 been more reasonable (under $20) we probably all would have entered. When your marginal cost of goods is zero, pricing is paramount. Their goal in pricing is to charge the most they can but still be low enough that (almost) everyone pays to enter. At $38 for a family of 4, I would guess a LOT of people are passing. The girls spent about an hour and said they enjoyed it. Said there weren't many people in there...

Me Too

Its a little run down a long time ago it was probably nice

kelsey Walton

We didn't have time to take the tour and see everything but the gift shop was really pleasant and a cool place to stop for some quick photos.

Aulton Mitchell

This place lets you step back in town. They actually have a saloon that you can watch a show from the 1880s and enjoy a cold beer in the old time setting

Shaun Simmons

Kind of expensive for a large family! The restaurant was closed early and there was a lot to see, with out any kind of guidance. Would not do it again. Not really worth it unless that is your thing.

Jelly Roll

A old town movie set, a step back into the past before electronics.

Mary Fisher

Could not eat the chili, it tasted like they put beans in BBQ sauce. Potato salad not good either. Hamb was good. Probably won't stop there again.

Paulette Barfield

Very interesting. We enjoyed visiting.

David Amore

Very interesting place to visit, alot of history


Kids loved this place! Will be returning

Viola Henriques

A really interesting place where you can learn a lot about how it was built, where, etc. if you’re curious

Harold Graves

Kids loved it... they was scared to ride the horse and carriage

Dianna Hirsch

Fun wholesome Family visit. You won't be disappointed.

Carl Swoyer

Really a neat place. If the walls could talk.

debra matulewicz

A very cool place. Lots to see. Brings you back in tome!

Rachael Huisman

We needed to stretch ours legs and let the kids run around after being in the car for 8 hours plus. We saw all the bill boards and decided why not. It was a great break during our road trip. It was neat to go through all the old buildings and read about their history.

Ohio farm hunter

If you like the older times a must stop. Worth every cent and great for kids to stretch and run around. You get free roam to entire Western town.

Nadine Willits

Very nice place to stop and visit. Everyone is friendly. Nice authentic feel.

River Wolford

I'm sure it's pretty cool, but we didn't realize it had an admission fee just to get inside. Pretty cool, might check it out on another trip sometime, but it wasn't in our budget. Still cool to see from the highway.

Zach Rogers

Awesome well worth the money. The have a comedian who involves the whole crowd. It was a blast recomend for the while family

Kandy Swan

OMG! I loved it! We took two hours to see it all. There is era clothing rental available at the saloon. It was 10dls for the whole outfit. I loved every second of it. We took tons of pictures and a ride on the waggon. The driver is awesome, the children will love it!. They have sooooo much era paraphernalia that you will go crazy. The first building where you come in from has a ton of cool stuff, and the second floor has a ton of stuff related to the movie "Running with Wolves" things used in the movie, props. Real size animal props. And take your time to see it all, this place takes time. There is a cool restaurant in a train. So definitely a unique experience.

Sherry Hunter

Really well kept town! The costume rental is a very fun touch! We didn't get to the diner train , but sure enjoyed the town and the show at the saloon!

Crystal Wolfe

I loved it here! So much history! Amazing artifacts and antiques. Another must see!

Sarah High

Google maps says people generally spend up to one hour here, but there’s no way to see everything in one hour! Very cool place.

Joanne O'Donnal

Pet friendly, made it nice for us. Very interesting. Building amazing.

Matthew Franklin

If you love the movie Dances with Wolves you need to stop here they have everything you need to see about that and they have other stuff from the early days of the settlements of South Dakota

Steve Lindquist

Fun little history museum. Takes some time to walk through. So make sure you have at least an hour or more to spend if you like history or the Western pioneers.

Elizabeth Kolarik

I loved this! It was so cool! I have been to a miner town from this time, but this one was soo cool!

Sherry Drake

Came upon by accident..Great side trip.

Sarai Gonzalez

Enjoyed dressing up from back in the day * and taking pictures in such costumes - definitely fun!

Gregory Duncan

Step back in time and see how the west was won. Excellent time capsule, highly recommended for all ages!!!!!

Daniel M.

The singer Hillbilly ruined it. The guy who sold the tickets was a nice gentleman. I took memorable pictures. However the bloodshot hillbilly who was supposedly a "singer" had a drunk's attitude. He sat smug in a chair at the entrance of one of the town's houses talking to people. He waved I though 'sure enough'. After talking to him I jokingly said "if you hear me scream save me" in response to his joke about it being scary in the house I was about to go in to. He responds "I don't want to hear a man scream" as if he was correcting my words because I didn't line up with his macho man way of thinking. Because people looked concerned I said nothing else. I thought 'What a drunk bigoted pile who needs to be pushing a shopping cart." Hopefully he got treatment for alcohol abuse.

Alex Pellegrineschi

Nice little recreation of the old west. Not too fancy but fun.

Tj Chester

Kids loved this town. Make sure to hit the saloon FIRST to get dressed up while exploring. We spent over an hour here exploring and taking a carriage ride.

Christopher Merck

It seems better than a typical tourist trap, but could use some improvements - there were many boards that were about to break and some of the building smelled like mold. There wasn't anything here that I haven't seen before somewhere else.

Free man

Nice little stop when travelling across S Dakota.

Steve Jones

Really looked foward to this place but was very disappointed. It's just a collection of death traps dumped in a row to look like a town. The saloon and the church are the only nice parts. Would nice if they tried to fix up the structures. Then this place could be great.

Dee Rosmis

I didnt want to pay the entrance fee. Kinda drags you off the road. Looks cool but cant go in without $7.

Brooklyn DeSart

Dressing up like the olden days. Alot of fun. Very family oriented

Wes McClintock

What a great place!! Walk into this town and walk back in time!! Starts with a convenience store out front and semi tractor trailer parking parking across the street . Just a few yards north of the store and town entrance is a RV park, ( RV or tent camping) . Walk in to the store . This is where they filmed a bunch of "Dances with Wolves" and upstairs is a Dances with Wolves museum. Then it's out the backdoor and go back in time. Up on the hill a bit away is a old homestead. We will be going back to spend a couple of days soon we hope. I DEFINITELY WOULD PUT THIS PLACE ON YOUR BUCKET LIST. P.S. it is dog friendly. You Just have to keep pets on a leash. I took my dog and spent about 3 hours.


Absolutely loved it! So much to see and super interesting to walk through. I brought my 8, 5, & 2 year old and all had a great time. Would definitely recommend.

Kristi George

Great stop on our road trip, kids and adults loves it!

Forge Weasley

I wasnt able to make it inside cuz we locked out keys in our car and by the time we got them out they were closed but he was very helpful and sweet. And even if we didnt get to go inside the service/interaction was amazing.

Annette Squires

It was a great place to stop and visit!! Lots of collections. Kids got to drive Mc Nasty's buggy.

Lucy Jackson

This was a last minute decision based on all the signs along the interstate. It is newly constructed in the late 80s, they brought in some older pieces from other places to create this space. The entry barn/gift shop is air conditioned, the rest is all outdoors. If you have dust allergies be prepared, non of the Dances with Wolves props have been dusted since they were put in. There were also spots on the 2nd floor we were afraid to walk on. That's unacceptable for a building built in the last 35 years. The outdoor displays are rustic and lots of antiques. A train, mining mill you can mine a bag of sand for gems, gold and treasures (this was a crowd pleaser for all ages) feed the camel, mules or horses. Small stage show (nice AC break) where you can also rent clothes to take pictures of yourselves in the town dressed for the age. Saw a few do this it was cute. Some photos ruided by conoco sign in the background. Train dinner next door closes at 2 pm so we missed that part. Motorcycle and RV parking lots.

Tannia Lovejoy

Looked online to see what time it closed since driving through wanted to see before going home says closed at 8pm we arrive at 6:45 pm at there closed when I asked was told they close early on biker week. they should really post that then in there online hours.

Michael Humble

Love stopping there when am in fun and interesting. To see how folks lived back then this is a must see attraction. I highly recommend.

Kathy Salton

The boys dressed as cowboy had a super cool time. A very family oriented team of personnel. The carriage ride was cool. Lots to do and see.

Jodi Woody

So much to see! Go before 2pm if you want to check out the diner. Also on a cooler day as only a few buildings are air conditioned. The saloon was my favorite building. Friendly staff!

Caly Czarnecki

This was really neat to see and visit. It was a short visit because I had to convince my husband to even stop there at There are two buildings that have a lot of antiques and artifacts which was really interesting. The buildings were neat to see and some were original. The downside to the place is that some of the buildings are in need of repair. Leaky ceilngs have led to several "fall ins" of plaster ceilings that have just been left to dwell amongst the antiques. I give it 4 stars based on the need of some repairs and because we were supper bummed that the 50's train diner was closed on a Monday during the summer.

Tiffany Belcher

I had high hopes for this place. It is definitely fun to explore a town that still looks like an old western movie but we showed up just as everything was winding down. There weren’t any carriage rides or shows and even though there was plenty of time to still explore so we didn’t feel like it was worth the entry fee. I’m not sure we would ever return but it was a cool place to see.


This place has so much to look at for the price of admission!!! Constantly upgrading. I revisit whenever I can

Dana Gingerich

A lot to see in the town of past history. They have a great selection of items and buildings to view and experience. Original buildings of the past that were found in various areas of S Dakota and brought together to make this town. Above the gift shop there are exhibits of items used in Dances With Wolves movie. Good thing to put on ones list of "things to see".

Diana Finn

Loved walking in an old time town! It would have been better if the restuarant in the train would have been open!

Lerin Perry

One of my favorite places to visit when we come thru SD. Get a costume and ride with Bill and his mules, Tom and Jerry!

Justin Dammann

Nice staff. Enjoyed the Dances with Wolves Museum. The town was kinda neat.

Rhonda Wright

I thought it was a great place, very historical. It does need some maintenance and the poor camel really seemed neglected.

Leslie Diecks

Not impressed! No fountain drinks, the bathrooms felt like I was in a small stall in the middle of the shopping area.

percy field

If you are driving through MT stop by this place. Its great and its fun to go back in time. You have to pay a fee but its worth it. I spent a whole day in that town and still didn't see all. Great for family or if you been driving for awhile wanna get a break from the drive this place is.

Kat Felix

We enjoyed ourselves on our self-guided tour through the historic homes/businesses. Before we left, we stopped in at the little saloon and had a couple of sodas. My kids loved it! I have to make it a point to bring them back here soon. :-)


Amazing stop for the family. We went last year & spent an afternoon going back in time. There was lots for the kids to learn about how life used to be while having fun doing it. The buildings were very authentic & you could go inside & feel like you were really there. The Dances With Wolves exhibit is something you DON'T want to miss! I highly recommend making this a Must Do in your list of attractions. We're heading back this summer!

Justin Lindsey

Sorry, this wasn't much of a hit with my family. Plus they weren't serving sarsaparilla in the bar.

Jason Simpson

Had a blast showing off with my whips. And got to rescue a young fellows boomerang from a roof

Danielle Fazio

Didn't like how you had to pay over ten dollars to visit this ghost town. I can 3-5 dollars. Still a nice atmosphere.

Teresa Peeler

Nice stop for a break on our long road trip

Carolyn Mazanec

Some interesting things. Liked the train car cafe.

Charles Murphey

Really cool little town, very fun to walk around, and lots to see. Especially neat for history bluffs!

Ben Cedarberg

We were not sure what to expect from 1880 town. Afraid it might be pretty much just a tourist trap. We ended up thinking it was actually fairly educational with lots of old buildings and stuff inside them to tell our kids about. The family favorite was the wagon ride where the kids could drive the mules. There is a coupon on their website online tour discounted admission. There is good RV parking.

Tonie Garcia

Like traveling back in time. An absolute must if you are traveling through. $12 dollars an adult, a little less for kids but completely worth it. I would eat before hand but there is enough treats to get you through if you don't. There is so much to take in and explore so plan to be there a while. Truly an unique experience.

Laura Restrepo

It was good to see the original places and they had really cool things to see. However the restaurant was closed and there isn't a lot of interaction like with people. Is very much a museum more than anything. You can rent cloths and they do a couple things with animals.

Lisa Turpin

Had a great time! Kids loved it they got to dress up and pretend like they lived in the 1880s.

Chelsea Young

Ate there would have loved to go inside. Next time.

Emilija Petraityte

Super cool stop on our road trip!

alan pfiefer

Good prices really cool experience way better then we thought it would

Drew Johnson

A lot of fun!!! Good for stretching the legs and a fun carriage ride through the town.

frank Patterson

Very pleasent but cost to get in seniors 10 adults 12 a person not sure about kiddos

Drew City

It was an interesting little stop on the way thru SD. The folks running it were extremely pleasant and took pictures of my wife and I in the saloon. A tad bit pricey at 10 bucks a head but I can understand why as it wasn't busy on the chilly, wet spring day we visited and yet they we're kind enough to keep their doors open during the slower season for travellers like us. Lots of cool antiques there, some for sale. If you are looking for a quirky little place to stretch out your legs and take a break from the interstate for a good half hour, this is your spot.

synr07 Synthix

It's pretty darn cool, you can go inside all of the old western buildings and is a comedy show in the saloon which was pretty good, plus a gift shop.

Marinda Golden

It was very educating. Very neat gift shop as well.

Karol Holton

Retired teacher. A real look into the past. Loved it.

Susan Thornton

Not just another run of the mill tourist attraction. The amount of artifacts and memorabilia here is off the charts. Once in be sure take the free ride on the wagon. My hubby and I were in the Semi truck and found the parking across the street to be more than ample for trucks and campers. Gas station is clean and has clean bathrooms. Once you step inside the actual attraction go upstairs and see a huge collection from Dances with Wolves. Then in each building you discover awesome real life sets of the old west. Be sure to go upstairs when given the opportunity there is more to see. Dont miss the upstairs dental office and above the saloon is just beautiful. Lots to take pics of and kid friendly. Thanks to the nice man at the desk for being so generous to my husband and myself too! You made out visit very memorable. Nice to meet a fellow truck driver that knows how it is on the road. The diner is awesome with some great food too. The gift shop is loaded with all sorts of goodies.

monica zurn

I had high Hope's of this being good. But very sad of the need of care for the buildings. The gift shop had a strong odor.

Shawn Schweigert

Very interesting! I loved all the old saddles and spurs. It's great to see the American cowboy lifestyle preserved. I will be back!

Robbie LaCosse

It was an interesting place to visit. The first building after leaving the gift shop is by far the best and has some fun things to see.

Ian Kaiser

Nice stop along the way when taking a trip out west.

Victoria Ashley

Pretty nifty place to stop on the way across country and stretch.

Terry Bloom

Has a good lunch at the Railroad Car Cafe. Kind of pricey but good.


Is it safe for me here...says the black man. Jus kidding...!

Sean P

Very friendly staff, lots of historic memorabilia and plenty of options for activities for families. I highly recommend stopping. Great value for the price.

Katherine Winslow

This is a charming "old west" replica town with a huge assortment of buildings and memorabilia in a lovely setting. There's even a saloon with a pianist and "bar" selling cold drinks and popcorn, plus you can dress up in clothes from the times. It's a neat stop and plenty interesting for kids.

Jarrett Roberts

Great stop. Very cheap to go to and interesting walking through what a town would have been like back then.

Craig Clement

Fun to see all of the props from Dances With Wolves. Most of the buildings in the town smelt of bat guano and had bat droppings laying around. Price is fair for what it is.

Kirk Scott

Nice place to see, they have a great Dances With Wolves prop display here

Fancy Baccon

I really liked because I liked the wild west era. If you also do. I would recommend going here!

Dave Wacker

If you love to visit the past this is an incredible place to go! Has everything from 1880s and even has a few set pieces from dances with wolves. I stopped as a way to stretch my legs from a long drive and needed up there for over 2 hours. Didnt even realize I was there that long. Could have stayed even longer.

Amy Davis

This was a great way to spend an hour or so out of the car. It’s worth the admission price to be able to walk around the town and check out all of the buildings. A lot of thought and work has clearly been put into each building.

Nick Schneeman

Little expensive for what it is. Very run down. Neat stop in the middle of South Dakota that broke up a long road trip. Would be more fun with kids

Thomas Ashlock

Great place full of history. Staff was great

Julie Radcliff

So glad we stopped here. We had a great time walking around this 1880 town.

Beverly Kenney

History and fun in one place. Nice people working there too.

Jeramy Elley

We've driven by this for years and finally decided to stop and check it out. Wasn't worth it. There were some somewhat interesting parts, but totally a tourist trap. There we're parts of the floors in the buildings that were mushy and we were a little apprehensive on whether we'd fall through. Most of the buildings were hard to breathe in because of the stench. I get that they would smell old, but this was way more than that. They are rat and mouse infested and we couldn't hardly be in the buildings long enough to see anything in the building because we had to get out to get a breath of fresh air. It was all very dirty and unkempt.

Charlie Dango

Nice place to stop and streach your legs and see how people lived in frontier times. Lots of good photo ops and a family friendly saloon to get a cold drink.

kevHD 24/7

Was very authentic looking. Interesting stuff.

William Bracken

Very educational and interesting concerning the pre-20th century and pioneer living. Loved Dances with Wolves exhibit also.

Donald Hoffman

A great place to visit and really worth the entry fee.

Ferretti Farm

As a huge Dances With Wolves fan, this place did not disappoint. Here you will find really cool movie props and behind the scenes info. The main attraction is the 1880s town (hense the name). There were some pretty cool antiques and interesting buildings to explore. The only negative was that the gentleman doing the wagon rides was telling jokes that were inappropriate for the children. Other than that, this is a fun stop along your journey's way.

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1880 Town en South Dakota
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