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REVIEWS OF Big Air Trampoline Park IN South Carolina

Brad Merling

place is and always has been clean and staff is very attentive and paying attention to the kids. I would highly recommend this place for kids birthday parties. once your child gets home from a few hours here, they just pass out and sleep all night.

Lindsey Lustig

I had so much fun jumping around and climbing the rock climbing walls. Fun for the entire family!

erik roberts

This was my first time experiencing Big Air since they came to town over a year ago. It was a fun and enjoyable experience. I booked a one hour jump time for my son and I for 9:00 pm on a Saturday night. Hoping to avoid the peak crowd time. Though it was still crowded there was plenty of room for us to jump and have a good time. Bonus fact, we got to experience there cosmic light show they do after dark. It was really neat. I highly recommend paying them a visit if you have an extra hour to spare and looking for something to do. It is fun for all.

Del Terpenning

Super awesome facility! Something for everyone!!! Highly recommend for parties or just an afternoon with family.

Kelly Mathis

Incredibly arrogant and unhelpful young staff. First timers, don't except any kindness figuring it out. We'll never go here again. Both times trying to take our 4yr old has been awful. We leave. Don't want him learning to be anything like the young people that work there. Keep hearing he same story from other moms. There are other parks to go and be treated with kindness. Parents are the ones that pay and talk. It will catch up

smith pittman

Typical trampoline jump park. How can you not go wrong here. Must have jump socks (they're only like $2 but can be reused at later date. This location is bigger than the other big air place I've visited with the kiddos. It normally very packed on weekends especially if it's cold or raining. Well worth it, you can even get like season passes, which is a great price for it! Not such a good place for toddlers!

Melysa Onlyone

My kids had a blast. It got really busy and so we got out of there but if you pick a good time when it's not too busy you can really enjoy it

Amy n Brantley Peanut

A lot of fun for my 4, 7, 10, 13, 15, and 17 year olds! On vacation in South Carolina, from Florida and visited the tramp park twice with cousins. They got regularly and love it also! I highly recommend for family fun

DDynomyte Gamer

Had my son’s 12 birthday party at big air Greenville And we really love it there! Espicially my son and his friend and even the adults! (Aja) did a really fantastic job and very kind. The food was really great. The staff are really friendly.. I really recommend this place is awesome!! Thank you

Jeffrey Lurtey

Hey, I'm the one who had the injury with my arm but I was there with my friend and I used his phone. Don't tell me that my review was fake and bogus. What I said actually happened to me and the other managers know what happened as well so maybe you should talk to the other employees before you post something as stupid as this.

pawan sakaray

Not safe for is good only for teens

The peach Tree

Need to make it t much safer and make sure the staff are paying more attention (orbital). From experience my leg got very badly injured from that and I suggest they make it safer.

Ryan Pilz

Amazing place! Pretty crowded on a Saturday, but not unreasonably. We still got to try everything we wanted to with occasional short waits. Most jump parks, an hour is more than enough, but at Big Air we wished we had another hour to get everything in.

Shayla Griffin

Claudette the red head curly manager was very rude to our party as we were packing up our belongings. Other than that our kids enjoyed themselves.

Bubba Bagwell

I have been to other trampoline parks and if give the option we will go to another one before returning here. We did not have a bad experience however I was a bit concerned because I don`t know that there was anybody there over 20. That bothered me some but I guess the layout of this place made it hard for me to like it. This place would be a lot better if you could go in and stay in one location and see your kids. My wife and I had our 4 kids there and it was hard to keep track with where they were and what they were doing.

Denise Anderson

The kids always have fun!


Took my niece for her birthday, she loves it. Staff is very friendly. I liked that they had lockers that you could rent, but they are small so pack light! I kept my car keys, money, and ID in it. Lots of space to play and jump.

Catherine Duong-Ngo

Kids friendly. Definitely would comeback again. In my opinion this place is better than Skyzone if you young children.

Dena Robinson

Went here for my son's birthday. They were great about honoring the coupons that I found online, but it took quite some time for the bill to be settled to our satisfaction. The children (4 in all) had a great time on the trampolines and obstacle course sections. Our coupons included VR times, so we headed there as the last part of our visit. When we arrived it was unattended so I put the available equipment onto my sons. As they are playing an attendant arrives and tells us that we "arent allowed" on the VR. When I point out that my children have passes I am met with tons of attitude (eye rolls, teeth kissing) because we "didn't wait" for her. As my sons are finished the attendant takes her time unhooking them. By the time that's done, it's too late to hook up my daughter as we have dinner reservations. So my daughter simply misses out. The attitude is present and makes us uncomfortable and threw a sour note over our visit. My children requests visits here all the time, but I'm fairly certain we won't be returning.

Natalie Taylor Hill

Really great place! Played Christian music the whole time we were there (on a Sunday). It was awesome! I had no idea they did this. I was so impressed by it. The only thing I'd wish they'd improve on is to have 2 people behind the food counter. There were 2 stalls out of TP in the women's restroom and the paper towels were out, too. I told the front desk, but they just said "Thanks" and no one moved an inch.


I loved it but 4 stars cause my sister sprained her ankel

Nathanael Flock

As far as adventure parks go, this one has a greater variety of attractions than most parks in the southeast. In my pics you'll see features like a Laser Maze, MANY climbing elements, indoor ropes course, ninja warrior course, and, as expected, the many trampoline court elements. It's a fantastic variety. Operationally there were some issues, though it was a morning I went and perhaps they were short-staffed on the holiday break? Because of the play options, I'll make a day trip and drive from north Atlanta with my family

Ruth Payne

Great place for kids (and some adults)

Racheal Fulmore

Fun for my child. She loves it, so much to do. Friendly staff

Connie Whitten

Nice place was a little busy today.

ChrisYolo 0595

I injured my arm playing dodgeball and I went up to the redhead manager and asked for a bag of ice, and she asked how old i was and I said I was 16 and then she said someone 18 or older had to tell her that. I then asked how much a bag of ice was and she said $4. I’m not happy because I hurt myself and a manager didn’t do anything about it. It was disappointing because it was a manager.


I love going to this place to jump. I am actually on my way to Big Air to jump and play. This is my favorite place to go jump!!! I love big air!!!

David Miles

This is a nice place with a good location. The trampolines are not as “springy” as some of the other parks, but the business is tailored to the young teenagers and youth, and maybe this is something that helps to make the environment safer. They have a climbing course that looks like a lot of fun, but even the jumping side (3/4 of the building) is full of a lot of variety and fun things to do.

Ethan Perkins

This place is awesome and a lot of fun...but it is extremely expensive.

Savannah Zavala

Had a party here and it was not worth the cost! They really give no help and you get 40 minutes in party room to wait around and end up with 10 15 minutes to do cake pass it out and leave. Was told to wait on my hostess when trying to refill my drinks! What hostess! Worst party ever no hostess at all. I should of paid my self to do their job! Sky zone is so much better. Several employees told me differently about pricing for various things. I should of known not to book there when I called to book a party and the lady said she would have someone call me back..... I never received a call back! Then I went up there twice and it took 5 different employees to book the party! And my birthday girls got nothing from them no passes no high five no happy Birthday kid! Atleast with sky zone we had a hostess help us out and the kids got free passes and a shirt and a couple other things! All my friends and family there seen it and were upset about it too! The place looks nice but service sucks!

Tony Portalatin

Lots to do and great fun. But very pricey for just an hour. Can't get it all in that amount of time

Matthew Jones

Toddler Time is great. Cheap price for three hours and the kids love it. Not everything is open for Toddler Time, but it is more than enough for younger kids and older, out of shape dads. Tons of fun and we will definitely be back!

Melissa Fisher

My kids love it here! And the staff seemed to enjoy playing with them.

Mama Bear

Great place for birthday parties. Or just for fun Let the kids get good n tired then...sleep!!

Ron Tanner

Great place, but lack of employee's to oversee many of the venues. Been here many times with grandkids and this time piorly staffed.

Halley Lilly

This place was absolutely wonderful the kids had lots of fun and the staff was great my daughter got a bit scared on the obstacle course in the air and they were so patient with her one of the staff came and helped her down, great family place.

Mike Beckett

Really remarkable place! Price is reasonable.

Vipul Patel

Great place and has quite a few different obstacles to do. Great value for money too.

christina johnson

So much fun for the kids

Amanda Matousek

The kids loved it! Nicely divided activity spaces so that it is not as overwhelming to keep track of them. I would have rated it a four had the "referees" done something to persuade the bigger kids to stop horsing around in the 6 and under section. Also, we ordered our passes online, and they tried to give us an on the hour start time despite having had to wait in line for fifteen minutes. Once we expressed our displeasure of this, the girl did add the fifteen minutes for us.

Marc G

I was going to leave my review about my daughter's birthday party. But I decided to state how unbelievably unprofessional it is for the "owner" to argue with most of the poor reviews on here. The place was somewhat busy, but my prediction is this place will dwindle quickly. The service is horrible, the people running the place are inept, and the "owner" who leaves comments on the reviews acts like an arrogant, immature child who has no concept whatsoever on how important a healthy online reputation is. Just take your money and flush it down the toilet, the experience will be more positive.

Robby San

Nice equipment and the kids love it. Supervision is a joke, though. People running and doing things against regulations and I never see anyone asked to stop it. Most of the staff are too busy flirting with the underage patronage to do their jobs

Rebecca Eddy

The kids had a blast for a solid two hours and wanted more. Place was clean, comfortable, and full of possibilities. Climbing wall, 3 levels of obstacle course, numerous coordination games, and jousting can be found. Great places for adults to sit while kids run amuck. Place would receive five stars but several games did not have posted instructions so the kids were never sure how to properly use. Overall well worth admission for kids who need to burn off energy.

Ereka Hill-Venegas

My niece loves this place

William Reed

Great place with lots of different activities for all ages. 2hr pass is best to get the most is of the park b/c it's generally super busy!

Brandi Hawthorne

Fun for adults & kids. Can't wait to go back.

Tammy Maxey

We are from out of town and this one is so much bigger than ours. I love that all the climbing wall activities.

Madail Dennis

Always alot of fun. Cosmic Nights is one of the best deals as far as jump time I take my son every other week sometime every week.

Adrian Duncan

It was awesome..... I think that I had more fun than my kids did!

Alisha Como

Great fun for all ages!

Justin Fowler

Had my son's 11th birthday party at Big Air Greenville and was very impressed. The food was really good and a great value for the money. The staff there is amazing they took care of us the whole time while the kids were eating. Highly recommend them for any birthday party..

Anthony Stone

Lots of room to play in here, and plenty of employees to help and keep and eye on things. One part is currently closed for renovations.

Maggie Kozlowski

We went for toddler time which is for kids 6 and under and we had a great time!! It was really clean on the inside and had tons for the kids to do that even in 3 hours he didn't get bored. We'll definitely be back!

Mahogany Foster

The experience was great, not an overload of people or kids and very polite staff.

Christina Heikkila

We were in town for a week and discovered Big Air, which was wonderful - my 11 year old son had a blast! We went to the homeschool jump on both Wednesday and Thursday, which was a great deal for 2 hours of play. We have been to two different trampoline parks before, and this one blows the others away because of the variety of things to do! There were so many things that I hadn't seen at the other parks, such as the many climbing walls, ropes course, ninja course, orbit, bull ride, and more. The snack bar was also nice and something not in the other parks we've been to. Lots of places for parents to sit and watch. There were plenty of staff around, and they were very attentive! If we lived in town we'd definitely buy a membership.

Delores Campbell-Heyward

The facility was clean. My son enjoyed playing dodgeball the best.

Kadreak Goddard

A perfect way from men women and children to sleep well and have a great time. A day out with family and friends is the best way to go or a birthday party will do.


Perfect place for kids of all ages to jump!!! Good friendly service as well.

Johanna Petrosky

If you schedule a bday party, get ready for chaos upon checkin. Great experience once you get past that part! What’s the point of going online if you have to do everything in person there? The line was out the door by 10 am and we were standing around waiting for them to finish doing whatever they were doing. Checkin took more than the 30 minutes they say. Employees are kids and the managers are very lackluster in regard to doing an efficient job. Too bad.

Desirae Jeanes

Me and my hubby LOVE this place! We went two nights in a row. one night with our toddler and tonight just the two of us

Kenneth Macy

Awesome place! My 2 year old loves the lil' air section!!

Jennifer Wells

Good experience I took my almost 4 year old son they're for the first time and he loved it. I will definitely be back with him.

Crystal K

Great place to take the kids.. If you dont like large crowds i would try and go during the week..


My daughter loves this place! There are activity areas here for all age groups (little ones to adults). Needs more waiver sign in stations or someone to tell people only one family member needs to be at the monitors. It backs up the line. Otherwise lots of family fun!

Anna Heather

This trampoline park has the most to offer but seems to be understaffed compared to other parks in Greenville. It is the only trampoline park I’ve ever been to where there is not a supervisor at every station. Kids seem to have the run of the place and with it being a summer camp location where you can drop your child off and leave, that’s very concerning. Could definitely learn some safety standards from some of the other neighboring parks in the area.

my opinion

Management please read your 1 star reviews. They are consistent with my 1 star review. Key points: 1. Your check in staff is not properly trained. a. On a Sunday for 4 people we were rang up individually, instead of the Sunday special. Individually = 76.00 Sunday special = 62.00 which included pizza and drink. 2. The staff on the floor rarely payed attention to players 3. The staff in the restaurant had to be managed by me. Again, had no clue about the pizza or pitcher of drink. Moved very very slowly. Gave us pizza, no plates, had to be reminded of drink, then cups...took forever and we were the only one being waited on at the time. Basically, staff needs better training. They need to be alert, offer help, smile, say thank you...espically since parents just forked out a lot of money to your business, etc....have a little chic fil a attitude you could say.

Kay Brown

First time I had ever been here. I loved it. There was a lot of different activities for kids and adults. The most noticeable thing was the young people who were very helpful and happy to do it. The most respectful young people I've encountered in a long time!

Knellie Pletcher

DO NOT BOOK A PARTY HERE! I booked a birthday party and was extremly disappointed! The kids were not able to jump the 1st 30 minutes due to computer issuses and i was not offered a discount or an apology. Guests at the party ordered food at the cafe and were told it could take about 20 mintues because they had make pizzas for parties.. Mind you most of the food ordered was NOT pizza or did NOT need to be baked ( fries, subs, and corndogs)! Once 20 minutes passed guests were told it would be ANOTHER 20 MINUTES FOR FOOD! Some people did get refunds but were given by rude staff! The place was absolutely over packed! The cafe was dirty with empty tables with trash that staff was walking by ignoring. Kids at the party told staff about older kids bullying them and cutting in line and was told there was nothing they could do and was completely rude! Our party host was awesome and helpful but everything else was horrible! WAY TOO OVER PRICED FOR PARTIES!!

JD Herscheldawg

Was accused of trespassing but they had the wrong name. No apologies, no discount, cost is outrageous. Will never go back and some idiot manager couldn’t even help me out.

Zee Williams

Visited for my grandsons 10th birthday party. A great place for children and adults who have lots of energy and looking for a thrill.

Keith Stepp

The setup of the building is awesome, however the staff is not prepared. Every time my family and I go it takes 15 minutes to get checked in. The managers have not taught the register personnel how to properly do their job so they have to come help every time.

Veronica Amado

My kids love Big Air trampoline park. Friendly fun environment.

OpenYourEyes Studio

The place is really fun I really enjoyed it but the only thing that I didn't like was that the staff was not trying their best to keep little children safe, they should hire people that actually care about their job but otherwise the place is really fun and I personally enjoyed it.

Luke Jibbith

This is the best big air in the state, I did a lock in with my church and it was very fun and the employees were also very nice.

Brittany Putnam

My daughter Zoe had a friend's birthday party this past Saturday and she absolutely enjoyed it! Look forward to coming again

Cory Crook

Fun activities. Food is not good, but staff is friendly.

Frenchie Expat

This place is awesome. A lot more things to do than its competitor. Bunch of trampoline. At least a dozen climbing courses. 2 dodgeball arena with trampoline. 3 ninja course and more. Also a food concessions. We stayed for 2 hours and it went so fast their was so many things to do.

Jen Bauer

Fun for kids, but you will need to run around with them if they are under 6 or so. Most of the climbing equipment was unavailable when we were there on a Thursday afternoon, not sure why. Stay was excellent in feeding our group and keeping everyone taken care of for the whole lunch.

Judy Tanner

This is a generous 3 stars! We have been to big air a number of times with our grandchildren and it has always been a good experience. Today was the definite exception. 4 of the attractions were shut completely, the kiosk for the whack-a-bat wall did not work, the high ropes were only open for a few minutes while we were there (closed before we could get to it!); the volleyball court was overrun with a bunch of "bullies" who made it miserable (and unsafe) for any other children to play. At least the volleyball court did have a "referee" though he did nothing to control the bullie. For the first 45 minutes we were there, there was not another referee in sight! This could be an incredible place for children of all ages, but without enough personnel to properly supervise and monitor ALL the attractions, it just becomes a giant free for all which is going to result in someone getting hurt.

Carolyn Rains

We went for a birthday party. There are a lot of different sections on different levels that makes it hard to keep 7 kids in view. There were not enough employees on the floor to offer help with the more complicated sections that require harnesses.

Sarah Sherlin

Great place for kids and adults! So many different things to do (rock climbing, obstacle course, volleyball and jumping!)

Sam Hill

Extremely unhappy with my daughters party! For the price you pay. It’s a shame, I had to host my own party, track down her gifts and I paid for a 2 hour jump time and a 1 hour party room and guess what! Overbooked and Unable to accommodate us. There was absolutely no one there who had a clue how to do anything! Late to give us our party room and still wanted us to be out before our time was up. It was extremely unorganized, unpleasant and I am very Very disappointed! I would however recommend skyzone in Greenville they was able to accommodate so much and more! Don’t waste your money because you will be highly disappointed. Since Big Air wanted to reply to my comment and say it was bogus hahaha clearly I am not the only one who has experience a awful party. See the plenty Of reviews above.. Oh and they kept taken one of my daughters present to another child’s room. Awful awful awful!

Vernon Gray

Great fun for the entire family

Jason Mack

Great place to take the kids! Spent 3 hours there and they didnt want to leave.

Deanna Moore Farrow

Lots of fun. lots of different activities to do. The grandchildren loved it. A little pricey.

Tameasha Cheeks

My kids love this trampoline park. They always have a great time here!

headshot341 Gaming

the jumping was good but the service was terrible i heard a employee tell a 7 year old that she couldnt do what her freinds were doimg because there were no more in her size but did not mention this to her parent or her

Makenzie Alexander

This place is a S*** show to say the least. Me and my son arrived at my niece and nephews birthday party today. Stood in line 20 mins just to check in. What kid wants to do THAT? It cut well into his jump time (I thought) which my sister paid good money for. Next, since the party pizza was for the kids, I decided to get a snack. Some bacon cheese fries. They said we will have it right out. 20 minutes later I ask about it and they say it's still going to be 15-20 minutes. At this point I just want my money back. Took about 20 more minutes just to get a refund! Finally the only adult that was working in the place comes and was very sincere, but I was still just over it. It was 3 HOURS LATER after we arrive that we finally get a party room. We were rushed in and out in 15 mins. The kids didn't even get the treat bags and cotton candy they were promised. There is no communication between any of the 16 year olds that work here. Wayyyy too many parties are scheduled for one day. No sense of organization at all. My sister was so disappointed in the way this VERY expensive party went. So much for a stress free birthday. Needless to say we won't be back to big air. SKYZONE it is.

Brandi Cole

My family and I went here on a whim yesterday and actually had more fun than our child. We didn’t get a chance to put on the harness and complete the course in the air, but we definitely enjoyed the “2 face game” (I believe that’s what it’s called) and the bull. The bull was so hard lol. It was a great time. I recommend!

Amber Kusmier

We attended the Homeschool Jump and had a really great time! If I had to choose a negative, it would be the gym is set up that my children went in different directions. My youngest couldn't do some of the activities but he had a lot of fun. The activities offered are really cool like the bull, ninja course, volleyball, laser jump, and the climbing walls. There is a snack bar and the party rooms look really nice, they are open yet you have your own space.

Rohanna Madigan

So much fun!! An hour was not enough. We were expecting a trampoline park and got SO much more. Next time we will try a week day when they have specials. Went on a Sunday at opening and it did get busy really quick but it wasn't so crowded that it took away from the fun. Great fun and a great work out for the kids. Will definitely return.

Kari Barnes

So much fun for kiddos and adults

Ariel Hablewitz

This place is awesome for all ages! Adults includeda

Carl Ross

We enjoyed this place so much we ended up getting the monthly membership that allows the kids to go anytime they want Monday thru Thursday (a much better value). Way better than Sky Zone with a lot more to do. All of the activities are always available and are never closed down. Your entry gives you access to everything. Lots more activities for adults to participate in too. The kids do not even wish to return back to sky zone. This place got it right. Lots of comfortable places to sit (sofas, chairs, bars, etc). You’ll enjoy it.

Melissa Sagone

My granddaughter had a blast.

Trent Mullinax

I'm not going to give this place a bad review It was my first time this pass Saturday night had problem with a person they took care of it right away without a problem amazing staff good people all round just like family can't wait to go back I definitely recommend this place u don't know what u are miss out on

Jennifer Notar

We absolutely love Big air Greenville and Spartanburg—Friendy and caring people work here The staff always makes delicious food with a smile in the kitchen which is a plus bc you can order this in a package. This place has amazing things to do never a dull moment... aesthetics are very pleasing... and we love the massage chairs as well! It’s clean and the music is always fun. We love the positive and happy vibe of this place—-We recommend it to all ages. We have been going to Big Air since it first opened in Spartanburg a few years ago and Greenville as well when it first happened~and absolutely still loving to go because it is a place so state of the art that it never gets old! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shade Beck

I took my children here to jump. We waited in line for over an hour. Upon reaching the register I was informed that they couldn’t access any waivers that had been filled out through their online website. I was told I had to get out of line, submit a waiver through the computers there, then get back in line(which is still long). It was very unprofessional to wait until customers get all the way to the front to tell them about their online waiver situation. My kids and I were so disappointed.

Elsa P

Lots of fun my children could stay all day if possible

Laurie Ann MacJarrett

Amazing adventure... lots to do worth the money!!

J Kelley

Fun for kids 5 up to adult. So much more than a trampoline park.


We recently had a birthday party here for our 7 year old. We paid over $400 to have this party at Big Air because he had been asking to do it there for a while now. The kids got to jump for 2 hours and then we were called to go to our "room" where there was supposed to be food and drinks. Once inside our "room", we waited about 25 minutes for all of the food and drinks to be brought out. They were bringing things out very very slowly. No one communicated with us to tell us why the food was taking so long. Once all of the food finally arrived, everyone began eating. Then someone came to tell us we had 6 minutes left in the room. We hadn't even cut the cake or done presents because we were waiting on the food. We had to rush the remaining time we had left to finish eating, cut the cake, eat the cake, and then do presents. There was no hostess to explain anything to us. We even had to find the extra plates, forks, and cups ourselves because there was no one around to ask. I felt like all of the food and drinks should have been brought out and ready for us upon arrival to the room considering we only had a very small amount of time. We also had to go stand in a line to get dip n' dots, which i felt should have been brought to us due to our time limit. I was very disappointed in the organization considering the amount of money we were paying. I would not recommend doing a birthday party here. The only reason I am even leaving 2 stars is because the kids did have fun jumping.

Andrew Hale

It's fun. Expensive. Been a couple times and some times there are not enough "refs" to regulate all areas. But really it's the parents who should regulate their own children from line cutting, being rough, and playing on the younger child's areas. Beware though, an unwatched child can easily walk out the front door into the parking lot. There's no security whatsoever for that and the doors are automatically opened so a parent letting their child run around without being watched (which is a lot from what I saw) is scary.

Wayne Whaley

We love the different variety of things to do here.

Allison Lubonski

Very nice facility, clean and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Sergio Nance

Fun place kids and me really enjoy jumping around when it's not crammed with people.


Went during a deal and off time, had the place to ourselves. Kids between 4 and 10 loved it! (So did my wife and I.) We didn't buy any food but highly recommend this place based on our experience. Bring grippy socks to save some money!!

beth hansel

My son had a wonderful time. He is 10. I would not recommend 5 and under. This place has a lot more to do for older kids

Halen Dickson

$20 per person x 3 $3 for socks x 1 = $87 This is what the boy at the cash register told me. I know the math is wrong. That's why it's one star.

chris pratt

Decent value but some of the more interesting attractions are always broken

Matt Collier

This place was a complete nightmare. Showed up at 2:30 for a party scheduled at 3... It took 25 minutes for us to complete the check-in process, which is already confusing as they have absolutely no easily visible signs. After checking us in, they gave no direction where to go to meet the birthday party. We are fifteen minutes into it as I type and we STILL haven't found anyone. The announcements are no help at all as the place is so loud you can't hear them. I would never, ever, ever in a million years have a birthday party here. Seriously. Ever. Edit: All of this helpful information conveyed in the response from Big Air below was definitely not at all told to me. I'm not an idiot; "chaotic" places don't confuse me, unless there isn't any guidance by sign or individual. There may have been "dozens of employees", but the only person I ever talked to between arrival and start was the one harried employee trying to organize and calm people just as stressed as I was. Readers can look at my other reviews and know that I don't typically post negative reviews; in this case, Big Air upset me to the degree that I wanted to help someone else not have to deal with the stress and lack of guidance I had to deal with. Furthermore, beware corporate double-speak. The person responding to my review was just a manager in damage-control mode. And they somehow made me even angrier, which I didn't know was possible.

Autumn Stockton

We had our youngest sons Birthday Party at Big Air (Greenville) yesterday and it was absolutely perfect! Aja and Aaliyah did a fantastic job taking care of our large party. All the employees were very nice and very attentive. We have always had such a great experience at this location and can’t wait to go back.

Brandy Wyatt

First time and it was fun! Definitely will be going back.

Chad Gray

Probably a good place during the day. Absolutely do not come here for their night time "glow party". Completely inappropriate place for young children at night. The whole place gets over ran with bad crowds. I've been in downtown clubs at 2am that felt safer than this place. The two cop cars out front were probably a bad sign from the start.

Courtney Monique

My daughter loves this place. We've been several times. Everyone is really friendly. The staff always plays with her. I lost my keys here a few weeks ago and when I called the operator she brought them to me in less than 5 minutes!

Greg Miller

Great place for the kids to have fun. Lots of stuff to do. Climbing activities, jumping, and much much more. Better than most trampoline park around.

Heath Coile

Employees here are super rude. My child was MISSING. I called and was basically told . "To bad I'm not using my PA system for that". Even after I said it was an emergency he almost chuckled and said " I already told you I'm not doing it"ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!! Remember this when you kids are there. Are they safe?? Doesn't look like it. Chucky Cheese has bracelets at least. Reading the rest of the reviews... It's sounds like management is the problem across the board

Branson Bailey

Very fun, sort of booking if there is no one else to jump with though.

GamingWithJohn !

They best play I gone to


So much fun we didnt get to do it all in 1 hour.

Myss Hobbs

Never enough time if you ask my kids. They have a blast every time!

Reinaldo Rementeria

Very surprised how much they have to offer for kids and adults. Warning to the adults, be careful you may get hurt trying to do some of the Ninja obstacles.

Tracy Pruitt

We had a great time with friends celebrating birthdays! The area was well equipped, and we loved the availability of seats to watch the kids play! Service was great for the party and kids of all ages were happy. Well done!

Jason Hitesman

Great place for the kids..staff is very responsive.. Does get a little busy at times.. But the kids play their little hearts out and they sleep well at night !!

TD Baldwin

Great fun and nice friendly staff

Lady J

I had my sons birthday party here, and I was expecting something even better than sky zone but sadly it was worse! The party rooms are not private unless you get the huge party rooms. You couldn’t enjoy your child’s party without people looking in. The price for a party was ridiculous! They overbook parties, so while you’re checking in, there could be another party waiting in line with short staff at the desk! For as much as I payed the kids could only jump for 1hr which is ridiculous for the price your paying! This place is overly packed and unorganized! I wouldn’t recommend having a party here, because it will be a waste of money.

tenille Gonzalez

I got hurt but it is definitley a good place to have fun.. loved it

Jeremiah Smith

Awesome trampoline park and awesome prices on admission and food

Misty Mays

Hours of fun for the kids, great snack bar and lots of places for parents to sit

Hailee Horne

What CAN'T I say about this place?! I've always gone to another trampoline park, but decided to try something new and I absolutely do not regret it!! Big Air Trampoline Park has SO MANY MORE activities than any other trampoline park I have visited. From the ropes course to bull riding to interactive and fun games, I enjoyed going here with my young sister-in-law and husband. Fun for all ages, if you ask me :) (if you're fit enough!)

Rhonda Caldwell

Family had a great time, so much to do.

Southern Stripes Lawn & Landscapes

I stood in line for 15 minutes to get two gatorades and the person working there never spoke to me. Also when we went in there was a sign on the door which was false advertising the deal. MASS CHAOS

Amber and Emma

The young lady at the register was pleasant and helpful. However, the manager was argumentative and dismissive. Don’t use the massage chairs, they take your money. The kids liked the variety of areas.

David Dean

Used to like this place. Even had a birthday party there. Had a great time at toddler time a few months back because they allowed my older sibling son to also jump gently, as per their policy. Today the website says now older siblings cost double during this period. we went anyway, Then we find out after traveling all the way there that they changed their policy and don't allow older siblings. UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE so you don't waste peoples time. Not going back again. thanks for rejecting business. Literally less then 10 people there. Who? Jumpers ages 6 & under! When? Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 am-1:00 pm Price? All jumpers including 2 and under are $8/jumper ***If older siblings are attending Toddler Time it will be $15. (Ages 6 and up) Older siblings are allowed to attend, however all must follow our gentle jumping policy. Please remove this from your site since it is not accurate.

Stephen Puckett

LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! Great for kids. Great for adults. The 'orbiter' is a must jump!

Erika S

Birthday parties are expensive and a joke. There are so many things lost in the cost and they forgot several pieces of my daughters party. I was offered jump tickets but they can only be used during the week?! Yea, do not do it. I would try another spot TBH.

Angie Durham

TERRIBLE MANAGEMENT! Run by management who have no clue about customer service. We had a problem and not only did the manager not apologize, but he was very rude. When I asked for his supervisor, he arrogantly responded, "You're looking at him." He made the situation worse than it already was by how he handled it. Train your employees on basic customer service. Geeze! ------ My Comments Related to Company Response of Review---- * Problem: After waiting 30 minutes for my food, I inquired how much longer it would be. I was told my ticket was lost in the kitchen and preparation for my order has not been started. I was told it would be another 10 minutes before my food would be ready. I told the cashier I no longer wanted the food and asked for a refund, because we would be leaving soon. A manager was called and arrived at the concession stand 10 minutes later to process my refund. I asked the manger to refund my entire order, which included a $3 soda, which I was given when I placed the order. He processed the refund - WITHOUT APOLOGIZING FOR THE ERROR - and said he couldn't refund my soda because I already received it. So, apparently the policy being enforced is if there's an error on the part of the business it's just too bad for the customer and don't do anything to try to make it right, not even the simple gesture of offering a free soda. Based on the companies response to my review, it's evident customer service is not important to the company and clearly explains why their management doesn't care either. All this over my asking for a soda for my families inconvenience due to their error. Pathetic! We will no longer be patronizing this business and will tell others about their poor customer service. There are many other wonderful alternatives to this business, which are locally owned and responsive to customer concerns.

Jennifer Mckinney

Me and the kids love Big Air, this one is a new one and it is awesome. We always have an absolute ball when we go!

Marsha Byers Mays

Grant at the snack bar was super Kind and professional. Great employee and my kids had a great time jumping.

David Madden

I drop my daughter off here, two or three times a month. It is a teen's hot spot. Be prepared for a very crowded and hectic parking lot. I was happy to see a police at the door, when I dropped her off.

Andrew Seay

Gets rough the later it gets. Won't catch me there in the evening again. Once was all it took to learn my lesson.

Kristian Watson

So disappointed in the birthday party we had here today for my twins. The staff is very unorganized and clearly needs more training. They could definitely use some work for a more smooth and easier party. Also need an easier process of checking guests in. Took forever for anyone to get checked in and start playing which cuts into their jumping time. Some of my kids presents were not put in the right area so we had to go search for them. I still am not sure if we got them all or not. They were late on getting us into our party area. It was extremely rushed once we did get in there. My kids weren’t even done opening presents before we were told we needed to leave even though it was THEIR fault, not ours, that we were late to start. No point in a party host because I did majority of the work. Also, we were supposed to receive cotton candy but did not get it. I was in tears when we left. Such an awful experience for so much money. Will never have another party here!

Brandon Moore

The kids loved it daid its way better than sky zone.

Maggie Patterson

So much fun! There is so much you can do such as VR, above head obstacle course, dodgeball, at least 16 different rock walls with cool designs, just jumping on trampolines, and so much more! Totally recommend this place! Great for a Birthday party

Jennifer Casto

Don't take your children...very unsafe! My daughter's wallet was stolen, management was un-empathetic. They told me that it was our fault for not getting a paid locker. The $20 ticket was for entrance at 8 pm but the line to get in was an hour long. Cops were in parking lot policing bad behavior.

Brad Rauh

Great place for any age and easy place for parents to supervise with park benches and massage chairs beside the different activities to a full cafe

Mike Johnson

Very crowded on Friday night, but grandson loved it. Lots of activities. Great exercise for kids.

Eric Catman

Great place to bring the family. A bit pricey... but loads of fun!

Phil Trivilino

Great place for fun with the grandkids

Stokes Music Studios

This place is fun and they have a great team! The equipment and things to play here are safe and great!

Terry Franklin

Good price... Fun for the whole family.... An adventure for all ages. Test your ninja warrior skills!! Prices per hour... Even on their busy days, there is plenty of room for all activities. Very minimal wait if there even is one at all. Parents you are able to walk right up to each activity as well as staff members located at every activity for close monitoring. Get your massage on in one of the massage chairs they offer... Or cool down with a drink and grab a bite from their concessions counter. Awesome experience!!!

Carol Mosby

I came into Big Air on Saturday looking to book a birthday party for my daughter. I stood in a very long line just to get party information. After looking at the party options, though expensive, since it was where my daughter wanted to have her party I agreed on the biggest package. I was speaking to the girl who gave me the party information, and although she was very nice she seemed like she was not trained properly or maybe was new. There was a point where the "events manager" whose name was Annabelle or Abigail had come up, and she seemed irritated. Apparently I was told some false information by the other employee because the manager was all too happy to tell me there would be an extra $75 fee for something that should be included in the package to begin with, especially looking to spend $400 for a child's birthday party. This girl was extremely rude and short with me, rolled her eyes at me multiple times and made me feel unimportant as a customer. I don't know how the person who is supposed to be the manager could be so rude and inconsiderate of a customer, and multiple other people in line in front of me. After I left that day my daughter luckily changed her mind about having her birthday party at Big Air, and I have been speaking with some friends and coworkers about the terrible experience I had trying to book my party with Big Air, and they said that Gravitopia is a better deal for your money and that their management is not rude to their customers. One of my coworkers told me she was also looking at birthday parties at Big Air for her son and that the girl I described was the one she had also spoken to and agreed that she was very rude and short. My sister-in-law had her daughter's party there not too long ago and said the party was very poorly executed and that the party hosts got multiple things wrong and that the events manager was unwilling to budge on excess charges and seemed very uncaring of the mistakes made on their part! I will obviously not be booking my child's party with Big Air, they seem money-hungry and their management is a joke. Good luck getting good business when your managers treat your "valued customers" like garbage.

Angie E.

My 3 year old had a great time..PRICELESS

Amanda Hughes

Family of 5, we had so much fun. Monday had a great deal 3 hrs for 20.00 per person. Our whole family participated and are all sore next day lol. They have so much to do and many different levels of difficulty. Was very impressed and staff were great. We will definitely be back. Also the cafe food was good.

Carmen A

What a great way to get active and have a blast! So many cool climbing walls, and trampoline activities. We were only dissatisfied because we drove an hour and the Zipline and high wire course was closed the entire time we were there, super disappointed, but overall a great time.

E Wirgau

Great place to have a business meeting and let the kids play!

Jasmine Hawthorne

Kids had a great time! But the staff at the front desk was very rude. He was frustrated with the customer ahead of us and showed his frustration when we approached him. We were trying to get set up for my son's birthday party and he seemed to have a problem the entire time. We ordered pizza and it took 1 hour for us to realize we didn't have it. When my husband inquired about it, they hadn't even made the pizza.

Lee Vining

Super fun for the family. Best trampoline park in the area by far.

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