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REVIEWS OF Burlingame State Park IN Rhode Island

D Silva

Love this place! Been camping there for the last 10 years and there's never any issue. Its quiet and it has CLEAN bathrooms

chris sturm

Nice simple camping area with pay showers. They really jumped the price for out of state campers so we wont be coming back as much. Apparently a lot of other campers feel the same because it was a ghost town the week before labor day.

Deanna Handricken

I love it!! Burlingame State Park reminds me very much similar with where I grew up going camping every summer at Terra Nova Provincial Park in Newfoundland, Canada but Burlingame offers much more. Better summer temperature, near the ocean beach, I like when alcohol is not allowed, 24/7 facilities and security that we need. I would love going back that campground again. Perfect for families, friends, kids, and mediation. It's just perfect!

Liam McGuire

Awesome hiking trails

Debbi Akerlind

Quiet but getting a bit expensive for dry camping. Bath houses were much cleaner this year.

Josh Massa

My fiance and I go here every year. If you don't mind larger crowds, go any time. If you prefer a less crowded camping area, I suggest going early in the season or mid-week. They have a bathroom facility with showers which is great. However the drainage is terrible and the entire shower area usually has two inches of stagnant dirty water in it. They have a camp store to fulfill most of your camping needs. They also have an arcade, a basketball court, and canoe rentals. The canoe rentals are grossly overpriced in my opinion though. As far as grounds go they have a mix of tents only, campers only, generator free areas, and cabins you can rent. Great experience for the family.

Ingrid Pineda M

Really is excellent place for the family... and clean area

vanda fortes

I lovr this place, next to lots of beaches but, if you don't like children, this is not the place for you

Linda Carvalho

Love it. Have been camping here for for over 40 years.

Dawn Pearce

A beautiful place to stay

David Cordeiro

Good place to bring family and friends for camping

Rigin V.P.

We took a camping here. Awesome place for enjoying your peaceful vacation

Red Jelly Bean TV

Its beautiful here. I got a cabin by the water but we used it for our supplies. Slept in a tent. Used the porch during day for shade. Lovely time.

Gaurav Kalani

Great experience, nice location, weather and commute to the beach. Get up in the morning and go to the beach. Need more stalls and bathing spots as it tends to get busy at the site we were. I think there are renovations planned and until then they have port a potty that are all over the park. The sites are a bit close especially if you get one in the middle as you will be sharing the 3 sides with the other camp sites. I did get network so it is quite easy if you need to be accessible. Very busy on 4th July weekend. The camp store was pretty good and had everything we needed including my new favorite pop corn tray.

Cat Morgan

Very nice hiking trails

Cera Houghton

Ok was not what we thought it would be like

jamie kurvink-belding

Mostly empty, quiet right by small beach. Huge park.

Jose Figueroa Sr.

This is my 4th time going and camping at Burlingame. I can honestly say they have been recent changes to the way the campground is managed and kind of loosing its charm. The staff at the store and many around the campground are amazingly nice and a true compliment to Burlingame. This time my girlfriend and our 10 and 2 year old reserved July 20th to the 25th. No fault of the campground staff there was a big thunderstorm with a lot of rain on Sunday 21st. Our site was unfortunately in an area they know floods regularly on several sites there. Needless to say after 15 minutes of hard rain our site 487 was 10 inches deep in water. Two sites to either side of ours were in the same situation. We couldn’t stay as our tents were flooded and ruined along with everything inside them so we decided on heading home for the night taking the 1.5 hour drive. After going back the following morning our site was still 10 inches deep in water and were told by some of the staff at our site area they couldn’t get the area pumped out because they didn’t have enough hose run to make any real attempt. We were told go to the office and inform them and see if we could be moved to another site that wasn’t being used or reserved. When we got to the office we explained what happened and mentioned where we were paid until the 25th if we could use that payment plus whatever difference to rent a cabin for the next couple days ( even if we had to move to a different cabin everyday because of any reservations already made ) we had no usable tent or firewood 5 bundles that were just waterlogged. Hoping it wouldn’t be to only hear from management that “They could get us another site” (mind you we have tents still in 10 inches of rain water that pooled at our current site) but we would have to buy new camping gear or use our own” So I asked where the cabins were empty and I checked and there were 5 cabins that we could easily have paid whatever difference in charge for them to use nightly and would extend our stay until Saturday the 27th. Were told they couldn’t do it and we would have to pay the full amount daily for the cabins if we wanted to stay..... I don’t know if we were asking for a lot but to me I don’t think it would have been any loss to them to try to work with us considering the situation. The fact that we were not asking to stay in the cabins without paying any difference in the fees, just didn’t think it was right to pay full price for something that they didn’t have rented out and just lose on the site we already had paid for where the price had even gone up in one year to twice as what it use to be. Again the place is Beautiful and many of the staff make the place a hidden gem but little things like what happened to several other campers as well as us being treated as we did .....leaves me to rethink if I want to go back or find another campground that might be more considerate of such situations. If anyone wants pictures of the site please ask I took several so that “The Office” could see how bad it was....

Kaytee Stokinger

We loved the campground, tons to do! At a good rate to boot!

Sue D

We love Burlingame! We camp here every year with our two large dogs. There are all types of campsites to accommodate any size family. The cabins by the water are a bit more private, and offer a little more space. We love waking up in the morning and watching the run sun rise over the large pond. The store is abundantly stocked with supplies and food, including fresh Green Mountain Coffee. The firewood sold at the camp store is very inexpensive. The area around the camp ground is beautiful and offers tons of nature walks, beaches, and scenic areas to explore. There is a 24-hour Walmart super center just down the road for any supplies that you can’t find at the store. We always have a wonderful time staying here! Would highly recommend. UPDATE: I am removing a star because costs here keep rising, and it’s getting hard to afford every year. Prices nearly doubled over the past year, which makes it harder to stay longer when we camp. We just went to rent a kayak for our visiting friend to join us on the pond today, and they wanted $50 for a few hours with a $50 cash deposit. A little unreasonable for a few hours seeing as you can buy a used kayak for $150-$200. The camp store items are very pricey, which is understandable, but only to a certain extent. Some items have been sitting on the shelves for years and are triple the price they should be. I will say that the store attendant is really nice and he does a great job every year. Security could be a little better with check in. You just flash your green piece of paper through the window as you drive by, and they wave you in. You could literally have a blank piece of green colored paper and get into the camp during off-season. Sometimes we drive in without seeing any front desk attendant, after waiting several minutes. We were supposed to get an email from ReserveAmerica in regards to them spraying overhead for mosquitos, but we never did. No big deal to us, but could have been scary to others that did not know what was going on. We are also dealing with a noisy boys retreat this weekend, as the campsites are pretty close together. Quiet hours and generator hours are not strictly enforced. Overall, still a wonderful experience... I just wish prices did not drastically increase this year. Makes you think about what you are really paying for.

Cynthia Wolf

Great park. Lots of sites!

John5444 noway

Great place for the family. Almost all of the campground is flat so riding bikes for the kids is a pleasure

Eric Russ

Been camping here for over 30 years, will not be going back due to the substantial price increase. $36/night up to $45/night. For these prices we will be going to private camp grounds and getting electric/water/sewer.

Har Cooper

Great park for the kids, activities provided for all ages, two age group playgrounds, lake with small boat ramp and beach. Most of the sites are not secluded but a few provide privacy if your lucky enough to find them. The showers are 3 quarters for 3 minutes, no option for cold. Free water at fill-up spots around the park. Clean and kept up.

God of Snails

I got Burger King nuggets was great thanks for the hike

Nayda Aurora Cuevas

Not Quiet or tranquil, surrounded by tons of people and pets. Crowded, not enough bathrooms or showers for amount of people allowed in the camp grounds. Noise regulations not enforced, or amount of tents per site un-enforced. Party For all... which means no one sleeps do to noise. Just spent 4th of July, Thurs -Sat. Even when Rangers where informed of noise, music went on through 3am. 3-5 tents or RVs per site, creating giant groups of people staying up through dawn. Lake beach was tiny and crowded, animal not allowed NOT enforced... swim along your pet. Not that I entered the orange brown water of this lake. 30-40 min wait line for coin up shower ($1 for 4 min). 2 stars because the camp store is well stocked with every essential possible. And the ocean is a 10-12 min drive parking cost between $12-20, i recommend getting dropped off if possible (parking is small) and use outdoor showers at Shutters Beach.

Joshua Naylor

Wanted to get away from being so busy and relax for a couple nights by a fire and have a stress free time with myself and a friend of mine. First on the day I went to book a site for two nights I indicated to the folks at the front desk that I would be having a guest stay on the second night, and would only need to register his car and pay the fee for that. Didn't seem to be a problem, however we were unsure of the fee so when I went back to set up I asked the lady at the door how much the cost to register an additional car would be and I was told it would cost 6 dollars. Seemed reasonable since I just forked over 38 bucks because they raised their prices on sites. First night was great and had no issues. The second night was decent, but for some reason when my friend came and registered his car they only charged him 4 dollars even after he said that he would be staying the night. We decided to grab food for dinner. We picked up various items including a bag of shrimp. We returned to the site and got the fire going and were all good to start cooking. We noticed the bag of shrimp had been cut open, but being it was frozen we didn't think it would be an issue. Turns out the shrimp had been bad after all and made me sick from eating it. We returned it to the store, and without hesitation they refunded the money. Cool. So we take our time walking around and just taking in the scenery. We both work 2 Jobs and don't get to have much time to ever relax or get together. Sometime around 1 o'clock in the morning we have flashlights in our face and park rangers telling my friend he had to go because his "visitors pass" expired. To no fault of ours the women in the office gave him the wrong pass even after we both at different times advised them he would be staying the night. So at 1 o'clock in the morning he and I went to the office and there was no resolution but to pay an additional fee for staying. We both get up early and would had been pointless to pay extra for a few hours. They did not refund his money or offer for him to stay with no additional cost because it was the staff that gave us the wrong information and didn't pay attention. I've never had this issue with Burlingame, but all it takes is one bad experience for some people to not want to go back. We were inconvenienced and woken up by the negligence of the park staff. On top of that we could had gotten really sick from the shrimp they sold to us. The guy at the counter as my friend was leaving said it could take weeks to be refunded. That is unacceptable and poor service and it will be a while until I go back there.

Jesus Matta

Great place for vacations

Robin Smith

very relaxing!

Jim May

Very nice camping and staff. Only dislike is the upcharge for non residential I'm from Missouri we don't charge like that. Our St Louis zoo is actually free no admission charge.

Shaina Aizenshtat

Great Manager Mark, very friendly and welcoming. Need to put more bathrooms not white houses, and upgrade the grocery store, add some fresh produce and breakfast essentials

Christopher Kapp

Have been camping here for years. Thankfully the state of RI does a fine job and has pride in their state parks unlike my home state of CT. Will continue to make this a destination for many years to come!

Dorothy Cimmino

Great family time, and lots of fun spending quality time without all the electronics.

Dylan Bennett

Great place for camping. Only a few miles from the beach!

Melanie Demski

This is my third year coming here. #1 reason I return is, it's so close to the ocean and super affordable to stay. Now, we do prefer to do some camping (not glamping) so yea, it's going to be dirty....BUT, this does not mean that the portapotties should be neglected for so long...those suckers need to be changed every few days, not once a week (bring your own toilet paper and a gas mask). Rules are NOT enforced, so we barely got any sleep due to generators being on all night. RV people, be considerate to the other campers as I think you can go without your TV for a night. Also, while my kids and I were swimming in the brown/red water all day, a park ranger came over and told us to all get out because the bacteria level was unsafe

Manuel Rivera

Great camping grounds. Some of the bathroom need improvements

Osiris Gonzalez

Great place for family cookout & water activities.

Kerriann Moffatt

Great for the family.

alok pandit

Best place for camping. Good number of restrooms with shower. Good little beach and play ground for kids

Nathaniel Barreira

We've been visiting here for over thirty years now. Still one of my favorite campgrounds to go to.

Mandy Cole

Loved the pavilion area

Debra Lussier

Always have a great experience with the Burlingame staff, always friendly. Very helpful, we always camp here. close to the beach, lake, camp store and more. Love it here!!

Betzy Santiago

Secluded site. Perfect to celebrate anniversary

Gerard Downing III

Better in the beginning of the season and In the end very nice place no services plenty of sites

Katya Maiser

This was my first time there, I'm hiking the North South trail that goes from the seacost to the MA border following the CT and RI border. It's a well maintained trail system with occasional roadways. Burlingame was wonderful.

gta master

Love it here come every year

Shelley Schurer

Very nice campground. Large sites - we reserved two and didn't even need the second one. Bathrooms are porta potties and were gross by Sunday night though.

Carole Dybdal

The worst experience in my life. First of all I had to pay $1.25 for a shower at 6am otherwise no shower . Then at the portable bathroom at 6:am no toilet paper at all n they were filly . Regular bathrooms were also dirty. Thank god I brought my own toilet paper. If anyone goes there good luck n that was July 4th.

Gina Leclair

Its gorgeous and love that there's a freshwater lake and beach on site as well as being couple miles from Misquamicut Beach! $36 for sìte to use tents campers, cars,etc., There's no reason to get the upgrade here tho! "Cabins"=Same size as a garden shed w 2 sets of bunk beds& a porch! One thing they should work on

Stacy K.

Beautifully secluded and peaceful!!!

Kenny Hartley

I dont know i am still here

Mike Rzewuski

Excellent place to cooling, casual, relaxing water time in spring fed Watchaug Pond.

Judith Hanley

Lovely day! A chance to escape the heat.. beaches were closed however we had a great time . Nice and clean. We are so lucky to have a perfect place that all can enjoy. Thank you ❤️

Jeff Holtegel

Great park but after spending $36.00 for a camp site with no water or electric you had to pay $.75 for 3 minutes to shower. I'm going to drink for a doy until I get a shower with my site fee!

Cameron Therrien

Personally the best camping trip I've ever experienced I loved this place others might have a different opinion but I made some amazing and unforgettable memories here however there is a no drinking policy but.. yeah if u're looking to drink u can get away with it pretty easily

AJ Golden

So great. Love it every year.

Jennifer Correa

Beautiful peaceful place.


Overall really nice to go to if you want to camp out. I visited the arcade along with the lake. What I didnt like is how you have to pay to shower. (1-3$ by the minute if I can recall correctly). I also don't like the huge amount of campground space in comparison to actual nature. Everywhere you go, there's another campground. I am a man of going off-trailing and finding my way back. I like to get invested in nature(which is why I wanted to go camping!) However if you are looking for a family / child friendly experience, this is definitely the place for you.

Kevin Estrada

Love this place. Close to all amenities, pond, and bathrooms plus close distance to stores if needed. Well kept. Staff are on top of everything.

Myr C

Very well maintained campground. The showers left something to be desired but they're camp showers so I didn't expect much. No loud campers aside from some groups singing early in the night.

Maria Munoz

My site was nice no complaints . The roads have pot holes, i blew out tire my second day there. The staff at office didnt seem to care that their roads suck. Had to spend 140.00 to replace my tire. I was very thankful for the gentleman also camping there who helped me change my tire. The shower water is so hot it burns you.

Marcin Mojek

Best camping experience ever... clean, well managed, updated bathrooms and great staff. Blast for the whole family. They have a store which is packed with stuff at reasonable prices, arcade building for the kids and a lot more activities to do when you are there

Nick Arduini

A few years ago a group of 7 of us camped here. Everyone had a great time, and would definitely camp here again. It is located close to the beach which is also a great benefit if you want to enjoy camping and going to the beach in the same trip!

Patricia K Purcell

Clean,beautiful , lots to do loved it!!!

John Doyle

Great camping for families.

Dave Butler

Great place with one exception. Maybe the lateness if the season is partially to blame but the showers were a mess even though they cost me $1.50 per shower. I thought the charge was for water conservation but the water pressure was so strong I used at least three times more water than necessary.

Sara Akil

It very nice place. Weather was a little to cold. But it probably nice in June and August.

Gentian Duro

It's a very good place for everything, ocean is near, lake is there. I strongly urge you to use cash only at camp store. Both me and a couple of my friends have had some strange unauthorised expenses on the carda coincidently after using the cards there

Heather Taylor

Great swimming spot

Xiolimar Garcia

Nice trails to hike, family friendly not torturous. The lake is very clean, kayaks and canoes available to rent at campground store. Showers/bathrooms recently remodeled. Over all this is a great place for family/friend camping.

Veronica Chacon

Great place with convenience store in case you forgot something with coffee all day

John Jangrow

Good campground.

Nicholas Romano

We rented the pavilion for Memorial Day. Price is a steal at only $50. Otherwise, the facilities are free. There are 2 fireplaces and 4 picnic tables in the enclosure. The water is clear and usually warm. The only drawback to the water is there are small rocks near the shore which can hurt a tenderfoot like myself. My family spends a lot of time here during the summer.

Red Seraph

I like this place a lot. Best feature is that they have multiple on site showers. I just wish campers could drink at their campsite :( stupid Rhode island rules!


I've been coming here since I was a kid and this time around I was able to bring all of my friends! We had very friendly neighbors and a great spot with not too many surrounding campers. Unfortunately the park rangers thought it was necessary to look through our tents and vehicles like we wouldn't notice. It took a lot of self restraint to not start screaming at 2-3 AM. That's the only reason they're receiving a 3-star instead of a 5-star. 10/10 would recommend for families but if you plan on going camping with a significant other or even friends I would advise you not to go here as the Park Rangers clearly don't know how to act right.


Rude employees. No thank you

Toria Vicente

Beautiful day, lovely walk to the camp store!

Yani M

Great camping in a great area near a lake and minutes away (by car) from the beach. Clean restrooms, our space was a good size, wish it was a bit more private but we’ll pick a better one next time. There is variety of types of spaces so lots of choice.

Karl Swanson

It's a wonderful campground and very well cultivated. Keep in mind it is VERY packed. I'm a Backcountry camper and this was vastly different from what I usually like. However, I'm always up for something new and Burlingame definitely provided. Plenty of diverse camping spots, friendly staff, and cheap firewood. It's a great campground and worth at least trying once. P.S. if you have bikes, don't make my mistake and leave them at home

David Perez

Great place to camp and let the kids have fun. The shower situation is not as great as it could be... but it's camping. The mountain biking and road biking in the area is a nice feature for me, the relatively short trip to ocean beaches was also good. The Burlingame Bridges path was nice but still muddy in small sections.

Chris Cantwell

Burlingame has a beautiful campground with a lake for swimming and boating, marina, hiking trails, and a picnic area with a pavilion and BBQ grills. All of the campsites are primitive, no hookups, but there's plenty of space and trees for shade. I was there in the middle of the week at the end of August and there were very few campers. A nice place to get away from it all. Campsites are $18/night for Rhode Island residents, but out of state residents last double, which is a lot for a primitive campsite. The camp store was reasonably well stocked and had good coffee.

Dustin Lannan

Looking for a good time come here just don't openly drink

Breah Banks

On memorial day weekend, there were not bathroom facilities to manage the hundreds of people camping on the grounds. The port-o-potties were overflowed the Sunday of the weekend and it was disasterous to use the larger bathrooms. It was not evident where dishes could be washed, as the water stations explicitly said not to wash dishes...great camping sites though and amazing picnic areas near the lake.


Pleasant place to go with your family..

Jack Vincent

Me and a friend just wanted a few days Escape our miserable lives and just simply relax by a fire and chill, we were aware the campgrounds did not allow alcohol however when I called and asked the woman on the phone said if we were quiet and didn’t disturb people it was ok. So, following her instructions we kept to ourselves stayed quiet and didn’t disturb anyone. As we are letting our fire die just talking the security shows up said they seen our drinks and demanded we dump out our drinks and everything else in our possession out or we would be kicked out. Now they were friendly about it so we complied and didn’t argue we wanted to keep things civil. However this not only killed the mood for our whole weekend but we were angered at the fact that we didn’t do anything wrong just like the worker told us to do and we still got in trouble. We packed up and left the next morning. And we will never stay again lesson learned.

Bobby Ka Greene

Nice big campground for the littlest state.

Grace Bonney

Loved every peaceful minute!

Alicia C

Omg never again. Grown adults can't even have a good time! Park "police" drive around all night making adults go to bed like little children. Wow. I didn't drive all the way here to see my friends so that I can have park rangers telling me when my bedtime is.

Maureen Aptt

Super knowledgeable, good old fashion service, great craftsmanship, we love the place

Amanda Williams

Very clean, big wooded sites, family friendly. Only slight downside is that it's a state park so very strict no alcohol rule.. which is guess could be a good thing in some cases.

Craig Preuit

My favorite place to camp. Never have found anything cheaper or bigger

Joe Scrivano

Price went up, now it's not worth it compared to other, more close places. No complaints really, but now it's nothing special either. $40/night, plus a $12 charge for a 2nd vehicle is just a whatever price.

Ryan Leary

I love Burlingame state park! Great hiking trails on the grounds and close proximity to the beaches. All in all it was a great trip!

Garrett Lulli

It was very busy the weekend that we chose in August. We set our tent up 6 hours after check-in because they had somebody else in our campsite and didn't verify that they had checked out.didn't seem to be a one-time thing because when we were in the office taken care of it there was other people with the same problem

eduardo miller

Water pressure is amazing, bathrooms /showers are cleaned 2x daily. Store wer stocked and had most needs. Would recommend and marked for a revisit.

Angel Samo

Great Park to have a BBQ and go camping with the Family

Anthony Rodriguez

Nice spot to go camping I had an awesome time

Robert Dias


Aimée Joy Marko

Freshwater lake, playground, camp store with wood/ice/propane/coffee, hot showers, trailer dumping stations, cabins/trailer sites/tent sites, kids arcade

Dan Richards

It's less a camp ground and more a parking lot with tents ..I guess it depends who is in the sites around you but as they say ..hell is other people

Richard Mulvey

I demand a written apologie from the Park Manager for his attempted theft of property, discrimination and verbal harassment.

Jorge Monsalve

Excellent place for all family.

W Monsky

Burlingame state park has become overly restrictive over the years and very price oriented. Despite their own rules they will charge extra money any chance they get.I was improperly charged a second vehicle fee for a campsite where I was the only vehicle. I tried to explain but they were so wrapped up in getting all the details they just insisted on the money. Been there many times over the years and like it less each time.

Gabrielle Bisson

Have all my fondest camping memories here . great places for long hike interesting places to go see I saw the visitor center for the first time on my last visit and they were in their teaching kids about Wildlife which was wonderful to see.

Stan Krupa

Very nice picnic area and freshwater beach. Fire pits are available and a pavilion. Boat ramp nearby.

Adam Filipczuk

Very nice, quiet and clean campground. Close to everywhere.

Jaimie Fenn

I have always loved staying at Burlingame. I would give it 5 Stars if the hole Reserve America system wasn't being used good. We had to switch spots every single night when there was numerous spots open for that time.. Reserve America is ruining the campgrounds. Also extremely overbooked on the weekends in July ... could have handled that alone if it wasn't for having to move sites every night . I'm looking into private campgrounds that don't use that website for reservations :-(

Shaun Cooper

Great camping and amenities.

Sarah Cordeiro

Hit or miss on privacy and peace and quiet but it's fun family camping regardless and definitely affordable..


I camp here every year, but the showers need updating on the main camp. A water spicket would be more efficient than the showers there, and there is zero privacy.

Andrew Johnson

Still as beautiful as I remember when I was a kid. Had a great time and all bathroom facilities were working and in good condition

Laura Morse

While the campground is nice the management needs to improve. Was told they would take care of our problem now 4 hrs ago. The dumpster next to our site is overflowing and smells like dead, decaying animals. I have to wear a bandanna over my face to walk outside. If you move your site you don't get a refund on the one you already booked. They should do something to compensate us.

Rosa Serrano

Best time ever.

alvaro pereira

Nice people..good environment

Elizabeth Hernandez

Loved the area. We went kayaking, we went out to eat, and relaxed, perfect place for camping.

santos romero

Dylan kept the bathrooms spotless he was very kind with the kids too i talk to him and he told me he is working day and night shifts wow lots of work keep doing what you do best Dylan

K Leigh

I love going camping here every year. Very cool staff and laid-back Campground.

Tony Daniello

Good camp spot near beaches. The campsites were clean and all had firepits from what i could tell. Be sure to bring plenty of quarters for the showers as we found local stores not able to provide change.

Renee Mullett

It's okay. No electricity or sewer hookup.

Joyce Douthwright

Great place for camping in either a tent or camper. Nice big sites with lots of trees, paved roads, hiking trails, a lake, and plenty to keep the kids busy.

Mermaid Masterpieces

I'm honestly disappointed in Burlingame. We booked a few weeks ago for two nights - and we'd been so excited! One night alone and the other night, meeting family. The first day was super windy - not their fault... and we got through it while having fun! The first evening dropped down to 40 was brutal - but again, we survived! And we had fun! The second day we woke up and made breakfast, taking care to clean up after each step so there was no residue, crumbs, juices... nothing, so we didn't attract animals (just like how we cooked the night before). At 830 am while cooking we started to notice bees, first one, then two, then up to at least 20 swarming the site. They were in our breakfast, in our coffee, all over us - it wasn't good... actually very scary for me. We couldn't do anything outside on our site. Couldn't play cards, couldn't relax, couldn't eat... I even sat down by the water and made a beautiful painting of the scenery that I planned on donating to the main office...but bees followed me down there too!! I have a mild allergy to bees. I don't go into shock but my mouth goes numb as well as parts of my body, I get woozy, irritable, heart palpitations and anxiety... I got stung by a bee while painting my painting and I immediately started to have a reaction, so I took a few benadryl, called the office at 230pm and said our site is swarming with bees, we're leaving early and that I'd like to get a refund for the second nite. The woman offered us another site - no. We just set up an entire site yesterday... we're not interested in breaking it down, moving, setting up again... then taking it down in the morning. That's too much. Especially because I was having an allergic reaction, needed more benadryl and needed to try to calm down! Then I got stung two more times as we packed up. It was sad because we spent a lot of money to come, have been really looking forward to it... and we were having fun! I am a buisness owner, so I never stop working, and my boyfriend works himself to death too - this trip was so exciting to us, we were ready to relax together. When I got to the front desk, I couldn't believe the disrespect I recieved. I walked in and politely explained that our site was swarming with bees and that we had to check out early because of the at least 20 (I think 30 is more accurate) bees... the woman started to tell me off telling me its nature and they can't control wildlife... and she went on and on about that - yes I'm aware of that. I'm not stupid - thanks. as a campground with many many visitors should be checking site 112 for a beehive! And thanking me for making you aware of the situation.... and honoring my request for a refund because of a bug infestation on my site. Had you been aware of a beehive on the site, you probably (hopefully) wouldn't have rented it to me. Yes, you obviously can't control nature, you're obviously not going to chop down a hive...but you can take better care of guests and make sure their safety is your number one priority.... making them aware of a beehive before they check into a site (maybe you didn't know about this one) and if they check in to a site and bees are swarming them out of the site to the point where they have gotten a few bee stings and literally can't do ANYTHING on their site... but they only have one more night so they don't want to move sites - you should be giving a refund. It isn't even about the money for the refund, it's the principal...I shouldn't have my special trip cut short because of clearly a beehive in my site. No one else had bees like that. I also shouldn't have been spoken to like a dog by the woman at the counter. I can't remember the last time someone was so rude to me. I'm so sad my camping trip ended this. I would appreciate if management contacted me please.

Pat Cussen

Have been camping here for years, and always loved it. Just went to reserve a weekend and found out that the price for out of state has more than doubled. $45 a night! I won't be back. I will miss it terribly, but cannot justify that big an increase. Very sad and disappointing.

Tina Pullen

My favorite place to be! Minus the large tree branch that fell on our site during the storm this weekend . But the park rangers responded immediately. Broken tent but free firewood

Adam Diiorio

Great place for the family and friends

Jason DeGray

I love family trips to Burlingame Campground.

Em k

I loved camping here! The campsites are well maintained with bathrooms nearby for the most part. They additionally have an arcade, camp store, playground, and beach on a lake. Great place for camping with kids. Great place for rent camping. Some of the sites are very close together. The only downside is that they have coin operated showers.

Elizabeth S

Great place to camp! Friendly helpful staff! If I'm ever in Rhode Island again, will definitely stay here!

George McPhee

Great place to camp. They have just about everything you need on the property just in case you forgot something.

Michael Santiago

This a beautiful peaceful and safe place to camp.

Donna P Morin

We arrived last night about 9:00 to find a gigantic line of people waiting to register. I had pre-registered figuring I could breeze right in. Silly me, pre-registration means nothing. We stood in line for 1 hour. They had 2 people behind the counter and they eventually added another. Not sure what raising the rates and offering pre-registration is benefiting. The campground itself is beautiful, quiet and well maintained but for a place this size with no hookups, bathroom facilities are a bit sparse. And for $45 a night I should be able to take a free shower. Yup you have to pay for your shower.

joe lebel

Nice place.. except booking fishing cabin A for my birthday weekend to find out they had a wood roach problem inside it. Left without staying filed a complaint and asked to be called back. Didn't receive no call back or offer to even a partial refund. Good luck booking cabins there.

Julee Carlson

Six cousins (aged 15-20) on their first camping experience without an adult/parent - no alcohol, before quiet hour of 10 pm, so even if they were being a bit noisy, which they weren't, should not be an issue, were harassed by a park ranger - sadly they did not get his name or I'd share it - who used profanity, threat of a fine, eviction, revoking privileges for the remaining season, and waking them at 6:00 a.m. the next morning to kick them out...all for burning the dead wood found in the woods of the campground, but mostly, my guess, is because he is a bully and they were young. I have combed the 21 page manual, which I recommend you read before visiting this campground/park, and spoken to the manager, Kyle, who was awesome by the way, and there is no posting other than in the office re: the use of dead wood in the park. This ranger was unprofessional! We will not visit this campground again and we will not, do not recommend this site to anyone that is going to be without an adult or someone that is comfortable enough to speak up for themselves.

Elizabeth Robin

This is a beautiful wooded park with huge campsites. There was one good trail but no dog friendly beach here. That said, there are serious issues here: Despite incessant ranger patrols and an alcohol ban, sites were packed by groups--7 tents at one, 3 trailers at another, the rule more than the exception, so that people and dogs often got into altercations. One unleashed so many F-bombs, in an area with 20 or so children present. The cleaning schedule is erratic, 7 one morning, 9:30 the next, so that it's not only hard to manage morning necessities, but hard to believe how filthy the bathrooms are. At the price they charge they should do better.

robert gardner

Clean, polite staff but a little expensive for out of staters. 80.00 for two nights. Pay showers. All in all had a great time with my honey.

Eunice Roman

Enjoying nature...

Mackenzie Bertwell

Best place to camp in RI. Everything you need at the camp store, and the grounds are kept clean

Lynn b

I have been going here for 32 years. I have always had a good time. I am so disappointed that they have raised the price from $20.00 to $36.00 a night for non residents. That is extreme! Makes me so sad because its always been an affordable vacation for my family and I. Now its going to make it hard to even go camping. :( For that price there should at least be electricity available.

Jeremy Smith

Perfect for family picnic swimming calm clear water takes a bit to go deep good for little kid s also

Arthur Cole

Very accommodating.

Ross Plourde

Been going for years. Great price for a great place with beach, fishing, boating. Close to ocean, and much other stuff if you can find a reason to venture out of the campground.

Charles Brand

Fantastic mountain biking and lake beach.

Uwe Schwenn

Very nice park.

Kristin Laporte

First visit to Burlinggames, just a quick stay with our tents but beautiful campground and easy check in and out process. Amenities were perfect. Hope to visit again soon!

Chad Vaudreuil

Amazing will make a tradition for family, very close to beach and everything you can think of to do this is more like camping then glamping, only thing is you need money to come here :/

Brian T.

Camping like you would expect

Mary Jo Snavely

One night in cabin E. Beautiful campground and friendly site managers. Big sites, clean restrooms, and easy access to the lake.

angie c

Great camoground! Very relaxing, great camp store, playground, and beach

Tina DuBosque

The Vin Gormley Trail provides an easy 8+ mile hike around Worden Pond, in any season.

Natasha Arce

Horrible Experience! Will give them a 0 star if could! My friends and I rented 3 camp sites & because of the rain 1 of the camp sites became flooded about 4 feet. We called the front desk and they wanted us to go to the front desk. Just to tell us they can't do anything about the situation cause they don't refund due to weather. Which i understand.. we had no problem when it came to the rain .. we had a problem about our camp site that we paid for the nite being underneath 4ft of rain and not use the site we paid for. The lady did nothing but raise her voice, roll her eyes and told us to use a friend's site. In addition to the flooding, one the campsites was missing a picnic table, bathrooms were disgusting ( even after they came to "clean"), 2 out of 3 showers were broken, and rules are not enforced at all! Camp site right next to us had 4 ladies who came at 11:45pm who started slamming car doors, playing music, talking loudly and even had their generator on when rules state that they should be off from 8pm to 8am. Just a complete disappointment! Will never come to this location again!

Mike Fearns

Great place for family's to camp

Stephanie Williams

Great camping areas, but always has a completely unnecessary slow check in process. Also, a quiet place to stay if you don’t mind the rangers driving around you all night on their golf carts.

Melissa D

This is my third time coming to this camp with the family, we have fun everytime we go

Christine Vermilyea

The campsites are lovely. The amenities are absolutely disgusting. There were 2 working showers in the ladies room for 700 campsites. The portajohns were out of paper and hand sanitizer. If you don't need bathrooms, it's great.


Great camp ground, nice and clean and a beautiful

Gleb Popoff

Great campground. Clean bathrooms, friendly rangers, respectful neighbors. Minutes from the beach (East Beach). Cool coffee place nearby - Dave's Coffee and restaurants in Westerly. The pond at the campground is huge with a nice kid friendly beach and clear water. There's also a store and a nice playground with a huge lawn. This place is a must visit. Probably best campground in RI and CT


We were not happy with our stay here. For the 5 days were were here our biggest issues were the bathrooms/showers and the very late night noise. This is a "No Alcohol" campground and "Quiet time 10pm-7am Strictly enforced" signs all over when you enter.. This is not true. During the day an employee on a golf cart comes zooming around a few times a day, 2 hands on the wheel staring straight ahead like "I'm suppose to check things out but I just want to get out of here so I'm not going to look around" Maybe if they looked they would see people a few sites away from ours with the red solo cups, nope they never did and so night after night the LOUD laughter and yelling conversations went on and on - usually quieting down about 3-3:30 am-- No golf carts then!! There are very few "bathrooms" at this location for the amount of sites they have and so we got stuck close to one of the many 'port-o-Johns" - Which we didnt use because the "pile" was only a few inches from the seat- I asked at the office about this and was told "Well they get emptied 2 times a week!!" while at the office I also asked about the real bathrooms and showers as we had arrived on a Wed, checked them out and saw soggy bar of soap and Pebbles/rocks in the shower which was still there on Sat. They said they would look in to it. We were also suprised that not only do you have to pay for showers but there is a SURCHARGE if you are handicapped. Yup the Handicap "stall" cost more than the regular stall which by the way neither has anyplace to hang anything or even place your soap or shampoo- it all goes on the dirty wet floor which is next to a floor drain which I found out backs up and then everything is really wet. Other problems with the showers? yup- One ate quarters by the handfull with no water the entire stay, and the handicap showerhead had a break in it in shot water up into the light fixture on the wall- during my above mentioned visit to the office I reported this also and was told " that is state run, we can not do anyting about it and the 2 people in charge of that are off today and yesterday ( this being a Friday)- I assumed that meant nothing would be done untill Monday. I said I hope no one gets electrocuted and the reply wa "OHHH!! I hope not!" - I dont understand why the exact same person that I saw "leafblowing" the dry clean pavement leading to and passing my site for at least 20min spent less than 5 combines minutes "cleaning" the Mens AND womens bathrooms/Showers while I waited for my wife. Maybe that person could put "out of order" sign on the coin op or broken shower head? nope, they are not "state" employee and can not do that. - I will say that the rest of the campground was clean and I could not believe how well behaved ALL the kids were, and there was A LOT of them. They were all friendly and polite. they would step off they road if someone needed to pass and they were not loud. - So to sumarize, the EMPLOYEES here need to step it up and do ALL of thier job, not just the fun parts and someone needs to be in charge of EVERYTHING not just certain areas.

Michael Misiaszek

Surprised how expensive a tent site is. Place was pretty quiet and clean, except for the pond. Yuck

Anestis Jordanoglou

Unbelievable and incredibly affordable 5 minutes from ri beaches next to a beautiful lake


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