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REVIEWS OF Voice of America MetroPark IN Ohio

Cory Fowler

Great, large park! Great place for kids to run around, play sports, take a walk, ride a paddle boat, and so much more. Nice, open scenery with walking trails and places to run and enjoy outdoors.

Diana Douglas

My toddler and I had such a fun time. We enjoyed seeing the ducks the most and the playground had much more to offer than most parks which was a plus.

Can Spr

Waiting a couple of years until more shade gives it a 5th star. I need shade.

Melanie Staubitz

Walking paths. Dog park. Shopping. Restaurants. Easily accessible. Enough said.

Farheen Asif

My favorite thing to do here is paddleboard during the summer or take a walk around the lake. There's a list of hours and information about the rental of paddleboards and boats on the website. Also, come in the fall to take a walk around the path (if you're not allergic). On the path closest to the road, there are beautiful goldenrods that bloom!

P. L. Hackman

Great Park the visit in any season. You can sled ride during winter, play with the kids all year long. And a very nice place to take pictures. It would be great if they could add a natural water play area like Cox arboretum did in Dayton.

Adam Olson

Perfect for an evening walk.

Heather Vincent

Beautiful park! Well maintained playground & picnic areas.

Amanda Stroud

Love this park. It's so close to my house. My kids and dogs love coming here.

Aliya Khan

I really like the playground. I love that they have a walking trail. Along the trail they have nooks and crannies where you can sit and take a great pic or just relax for a bit. Took me abt an hr to walk it with the stroller.

Cory Childress

Such a nice park and they are continuously making it better

Justin McMullen

It is a good metropark with a nice lake and decent suburban bird watching

Tonya Revilla

I absolutely love to take my king Leo to the dog park there. Lots of walks or picnics can be done there as well.

Mohamed abd alwahab mohamed

Nice place for 1.4 mile walk around the lake or taking a paddle boat the gazebo is nice for gathering with friends and family for a bbq or a party.

Robert Callery

I caught a big cat at the lake but I had to catch it on the bank because the boat house cut our time short and still had us pay full price. I guess it was a good thing though because the 2 anchors didn't keep the boat in place anyway and the motor's battery ended up dying right when we pulled up at the dock. I like the place but I wouldn't rent a boat next time.

Carolyn B

It's close to home, plenty of parking, and there is always something going on.

Jenna A

Love this park. I only wish it was open later.

james spadafora

Was great weather for a walk... so I did. Windy , young park... no trees to tame the wind. Paved path around the ...lake. Grass trails out through the fields

Mike Hutkin

Walked the trail. Beautiful park with so much green space and lake filled with ducks and birds. What a great place.


Still there to check it out once a little cold and windy to do much of anything seems like a nice place I believe I will have lots of fun there this summer

Walter Witham

Great museum. Very helpful staff.

Stephen Medlin

Turf fields here are getting More used than a couple years ago. Parking as always reasonable. I'm glad they backed off on the frequent collecting of tolls as we visit the park.

Kristina Brenner

Great this time of year. Not much shade in the summer. Great concerts on Wednesdays during summer. Disappointed in having to pay to put my own kayak in the water. Can go to other parks and put own kayak in for free (Sharonwoods, Rentchler and Whitewater are awesome!)

Lacy L Rice Jr

Several cross country national championships have been competed here. The courses have been superb.

Matthew Bailey

Great park. Beautiful.

John Lewis

This is a nice park with many activities for all ages etc. A very nice park for the kids, a large lake, little boat rentals I believe. There is also a nice walking/jogging/bike path. In the winter they have a nice snow hill for sledding or tubing.

Suraj Adhikari

Good park. Decent lap size.

Aimee D

Wonderful park. There is a very nice walking trail, a dog park, a playground that kids LOVE! Paddle boat, kayak and canoe rental available. Good fishing location. There is a nice venue for a wedding, company picnic, or family reunion. Very nice atmosphere.

Falon Wagner

Great park to take the kids to play, walk around the big pond or fish and they have a good size dog park too

Doug Fisher

They have really made this complex a must play for soccer but getting in and out is still tough


clean open space

Nicole Bush

It ws so beautful and well maintained.

Austin Davis

The park is very clean and very scenic in portions. The dog park is also full of wonderfully nice people and awesome dogs!

Blake McMullin

Smooth trail for running, looks newly paved and not a single pothole. Easiest to access it at the trailhead entrance off of Cox Rd which takes you to the Reagan Lodge and paddle boats / kayaks. Just take the first left when you turn into the park. You can also park near the dog park and walk over to the trail from there. Didn't have to pay anything to get in.

Constance Nichols

Fun and safe park. Great place to take the family.

Khola Nasir

Best place to walk

Randall Dunn

Nice park, but pretty disgusting. Lot's of dog poop everywhere. They have plenty of trash cans/bags, but they were full. Maybe it's time to not allow animals.

Judy Bardy

Wonderful grounds so well maintained.

Melissa Doss

This is probably one of the best parks I have taken my 6 year old son to. He loved it but couldn't stay long because of the heat.

James Hanavan

Very unorganized musical event. Scheduled during the same time as a walking event. Insufficient parking directions at main entrance. Holding music events in the small area around the gazebo is entirely absurd. Build a proper stage like they have a every other festival in town. Sad how they waste the public money.

Deborah Carpenter

Ate lunch at City Barbeque. Food is the best

Patricia Flack

Beautiful park! Great place to take the kids

Brad Hast

If you enjoy history and/or enjoy watching documentaries then this is a must see ! This VOA relay station was so effective that Hitler himself dubbed it "The Zincinnati Liars" Pivotal in winning WWII and the Cold War. Well organized and explained.

Joe Kaufman

Did the Mojo Triathlon this year. Swimming in the lake was great! Nice clean water and well maintained docks. The trail around the lake lacks large trees for shade coverage, but is well paved and relatively flat. The parking lot and welcome center is really nice. Consider renting a watercraft the an hour or two. Visit the dog park or enjoy one of the large soccer fields.

Ryan French

Stunning views, excellent playground for all ages. Can't wait to take a paddle boat or a kayak out sometime with some fishing poles as they have it set up where you can get your fishing license at the park itself. Also, as we were walking the trail that circles the large lake I said to my wife, " I can only imagine what the large hill is like in the winter for sled riding?" Great Job Butler Country!

Ebi Bayram

It needs more water station. Besides all it was good experience and happy to have it closed to home

Nola Roy

Perfect place to train for cross country

Mark Johnson

Nicely done.

Beth McClary

Really friendly people who pick up after their pooches!

T Sturgill

Nice park.

Cincy Ramz

Nice park. Very well maintained. We were there for a soccer tournament. Wasn't a fan of having to pay for parking after paying an entry fee of $600. It's for the kids though, right? Parking wasn't that bad but if you have a bigger car it's a tight squeeze. All we seen were the soccer fields. So our rating is mainly soccer fields and parking.

Kristin Jay

Large, beautiful park with a little pond. Lots of ducks around, including baby ducks! The playground is also great for kids, with multiple slides appropriate for different age groups.

Scott Dennison

Garbage all around the few spots that are cleared of brush for fishing, costs $8/day on top of already paying for an OH fishing license, no fish any bigger than a pound or two at very best, water looks like a putt putt golf course (dyed blue to "look good"), the spots that actually look good for fishing haven't been mowed so you have to use a boat which is another $5 just to use your own boat, etc, etc. In other words, way too expensive for a place that my taxes already pay for, where you can't catch any good fish anyway.

Acidller War Robots

Love the playground! Perfect for the apocalypse LOL!

Paul de Saint-Rat

I enjoy taking a walk around the little lake whenever I am in the area. The walk usually takes me a bit longer than it looks so if you have to be somewhere on time make sure to walk a bit faster! It is very pretty and peaceful. I only wish there were shade trees all along the path to keep us cooler on hot days!

Durran Alexander

This place wasn't that packed so it was fairly easy to get in and out of for the weekend.


Always clean and lots of parking

Patricia Hadley

This is a great place to bring family for an outing. Lots of things for all ages.


We have been going to Chill Hill for 8 years now and the kids still enjoy sledding and snow boarding. My wife and I always discuss the loss of revenue they are losing not utilizing the little building at the bottom of the slopes to sell concessions like hot chocolate, s'mores, coffee etc.

Larry Varner

Nice park, well maintained soccer fields


Good park for walking in the evenings..

Peter Farney

Run and bike trails, plus paddleboat rentals.

Su Meck

Great walking path around the lake. And we were impressed that the walking path was fully cleared of snow!

Bbearhug Thomas

The best. Probably. It's the only park I go to. I say go to, but really I just drive by it. But the big G won't stop asking me for a review.

Cheryl Lombardi

Great place for a walk around the lake.

Shawn Scanlon

I am new to area and have heard people rave about this park. After going there it seemed kinda meh to me. Maybe I will try it again. Seems like there are lots of pretty areas for a park in this region. This one seems flat and largely devoid of trees but I guess it's kind of the point since it's called a prairie area. Used to live 10 miles from Kensington Metropark which was a relatively hilly park, heavily wooded with lakes etc-- in a flat area (SE Mich). Here you have a flat, kinda barren park in a slightly more hilly surrounding area. Just seems odd. Not saying this area in general isn't pretty, it is. I just didn't get the gushing for this particular park I guess....there must not be many metroparks here(?)

Nita Renfrow

Beautiful place, birds singing, trees in bloom, water ripples, ducks and families fishing beautiful.

Nancy Waller

Lovely, family oriented park.

Denise Carter

Great XC meet but where where the garbage cans only one for all the teams and all the trash . Lucky VOA the schools and team respected the park

Joe Hartley

One of the largest soccer parks I've been to! There are multiple entrances to this facility which is nice for when you are trying to leave.

Natalie Cain

Young kids enjoy outdoor playground. Not much shade or seating for parents; can get pretty uncomfortable in the middle of the day in summer. Lake nearby and walking path around it. Fishing and water activities offered.

MotivationTube Tube

Best place. People motivating you, and water around to keep the breeze by. Allow fishing, kids playground, soccer field. One of the best running trails I have ever visited.

Willard Bryant

Very nice place for a walk.

William Roloson

Was here for soccer tournament ...nice fields.. parking well organized...all in all great place for a soccer tournament.

Tanushri Mishra

Very nice place for family

Chad Pace

Awesome place for soccer , great facility with plenty of fields . 2 artificial grass fields and I would estimate 12 standard fields.

James Malott

Great park for the kiddos, they especially loved feeding the ducks. Nice equipment and playing area, beautiful path around the lake.

Jose Salazar

Excellent, clean, safe, you can walk in a five miles circuit, very sunny, varieties of areas for different activities.


Nice walk around the water front. Cool breeze

Tristan Norris

This is a gorgeous park. We had our wedding there and it everyone loved the venue. The stuff was also amazing to work with as well.

Joseph Kronenberger

Very nice place, clean, well maintained

Canaan Sauers

I have been there twice for triathlon nationals and the experience was great the park is beautiful

Greg Amyx

Love this place. Great fishing and beautiful sight. Very clean and a great place to bring the kids as well.

Rodney Elkins

So nice to have a dog park close to use. Huge dog park.

David Mitchell

Just a incredable place! As a fmr broadcaster & now Amateur radio operator, it was a amazing tour to experiance. It was also exciting to meet the many of the local Amateur radio club & operate the radios. My friend I are both fairly new operators. So we really had a one of a kind treat. It really made our weekend complete!

Jessica O

Clean and well kept. Had to pay $5 for parking

Josh Honken

Great park for kids, great walking trail.

Jason Armstrong

Fun park. Lots of things to do

Successful Mindset

Great park with a lot to do for Everyone!

Josh Boger

Cool lake Playgroud Soccer fields

Gary Gummerman

Would have been 5 stars, but the painted green grass got on my shoes.

Snarky Squirrel

pretty and well used

Dan Flohn

Great food, great atmosphere

Julie Mills

Nice place to play soccer.

Larry D. Collins

Participated in a meeting in the Ronald Reagan center. Love the walking/riding pathway around the lake and the children's playground is well maintained.

Kaushik Roychoudhury

I love visiting this park. There is a 2+ mile paved walking/biking trail around the lake. There are lots of birds at this place. There's boat rental in the lake and fishing spots too. Entry is free for Butler county residents.

Beth Mcintosh

I luv coming up here for my walks because it is so peaceful and relaxing.

logen gibson

Sunsets are beautiful, but it's hard to catch anything from the docks

Mohamed Hassan

Good place for family and kids both in summer and winter.

Meredith Kaczmarek

1.5 mile loop, with multiple options to make it longer. Nice playground for kids of many sizes. Fishing and paddle boats.

Denara Huntington

This place is wonderful. So many fun things for the kids to do. Bike rentals, kayaks, sup, even fishing.

Matthew Baker

The only reason that this park does not get 5 stars in my book is because the dog park is all the way in the back and the road to get there is not the best condition.

Lee Bulluck

Great facility for large soccer tourneys.

Debbie Thompson

Great venue for triathlons.

Cynthia RICH

Great soccer facility

ibrahima dia

Love it always clean . Good place for kids to have fun

Connie Barber

This place is amazing! So much to offer. There is a gazebo overlooking a lake where people get married. There are paddle boats and canoes for rent. You can fish!! There is a doggy park. I could go on!!!

mac issa

Very nice place for Kids and working out

Dresden Linde SoulesPeters

Wonderful park with fantastic facilities. The picture is of the main entrance - there are others only used for special events. The playground is extremely well kept and has lots of various parts that get kids moving without thinking about what they're doing. (Ladders, balance, monkey bars, steps etc.) The bathrooms are clean and inside, not the yucky portalet that some places have. There is a walking/biking/running path that's paved. Pets welcome, just clean up after them! The pond is available for some water activities. Canoe, kayak, paddle boards, etc. My child enjoys going to this park and it's certainly lovely!

Anne Bowers

Nice paved 2 lane path around the lake. Great secure dog park.

Jessie Smith

Beautiful place. Great for weddings, birthday parties, and much more. Kayaks are available for rent. I definitely recomend this place!!

Will Noneya

Park looked amazing. They have made some new rules for bank fishing that opens the other side of the lake previously not allowed for bank fishing. Water looked clean. Can't wait to get back up there

Tim Frisch

Fun with family and grandkids.

Rashith Tech

It is a very good place to relax. I really like that place very much. It is a great place for enjoyment. #park #happy #nice #good #great #fun #enjoyment #run #jogging #exercise #kids #adults #jolly #fantastic #maps #google #localguides #googlemaps #contributions #park #hashtag

Liz Martin

Beautiful relaxing educational family friendly park.

Greg Leuthold

Fantastic location for the Youth National Triathlon!

Aimee Hudson

We visited the dog park at VOA and had a great time. The entire park is so large that the dog park was very difficult to find.

Kimberly Bohley

So relaxing love to walk the lake trail.

Susan Lehman

Love the paths, beautiful scenery makes you feel like you are away from hustle and bustle, but everything is so close! Lots to do there for whole family at a reasonable price.

JanJan 476 Jan

Professional soccer fields, nice lake,rent kayaks paddle boats.great walking path around complete lake. Nice park for the children to play,slides look seriously fun.

alicia crisp

This is a nice park but walking the trail gets very hot as there are no shaded areas. If your heat sensitive you should probably be careful.

Mike Shrock

Voice of America is a sort of urban oasis; surrounded by very high traffic streets, thriving businesses, strip malls, a crowded residential neighborhood, and a handful of hospitals, this relatively small square of wild land is easy to miss. Don't let it's lack of wooded area fool you, as the park is full of wildlife, typically found close to it's large lake.

Ross-Alexander Smith

A very well maintained park with tons going on and beautiful views. It could use a few more trails but we didn't go through the cross country areas so I might have been missing those bits. Also, when the sun's out, there could definitely be more trees. But in all, it's definitely a nice place to do a quick run in the morning or at night.

Ryan Pearson

Great soccer park for tournaments

Lottie Simpson

Enjoy rhis place I took my student there for end of the year cookout.

Heather johnson

Great soccer fields, wonderful field house with clean bathrooms and concessions.

Anthony Alexander

Always great. Nice park.

Lula Shumard

Nice park .. First walking visit .. I hope to visit again soon

Peggy Taylor

Went to see cardboard Regata fun

Tina Jean Flaig

Beautiful park!

Sandy Leeson

Nice large park in an area sadly devoid of public spaces. It’s being maintained as a prairie type environment and attracts some interesting birds not commonly seen nearby. An Audubon Important Bird Area. The cross country trails are nice to hike in winter, but wear your waterproof boots!

Paul Keates

Good for walking my dog. Lake attracts lots of birds.

Jerry Peters

Had a blast today catching big bluegills with Juan and lil Juan

Marilyn Bumpus

This is simply a beautiful place! We hold our company meetings there twice a year. The place is so serene.

Ashley Coogan

Great clean place where you can rent bikes, boats and fishing poles. Beautiful path around the lake and a nice play set for the kids

Donald Taylor

Very nice park , clean and patroled by park rangers, great for walking , play ground, bike,joging paths. Also huge pound. Ducks. Swans. Very beautiful scenery. Metal benches special music event , live band on Wenesday evenigs for the next 3 Wenesday , Beatle tribute this coming up 1 st. Wed. In August. Good family fun free.⚽️⚾️

Corey Duma

This is one of my top 5 favorite parks in Cincinnati! It's very flat and great for people new to running

Connor Henry

I didnt go but it told me to write a review so here it is:

Russell Johnson

Nice park with lots to do. Fishing, walk/running trail, playground, soccer fields. Wish the trail went all the way around. Also not everything is connected to each other so getting around can be challenging.

james knotts jr

Had a wedding there yesterday very nice place nice people and nice atmosphere....

Noel Poindexter

Walking and running are wonderful at this park.

Harrison Zhang

Always enjoy walk around the lake in a sunny day.

Simply K

It's very nice and peaceful

Charles Minge

They have great artificial turf soccer fields!


Very nice Gazebo-rented for grad party

Peter Shay-Martinez

Love this park!

Ian Measures

My FAVORITE dog park. Always busy on weekends and evenings. Saturday mornings (soccer season) you're never charged parking if you just point to your dog and let them know.

Autumn Sinclair

Very nice scenery

Hillary Phillips

The bark park for dogs is amazing!

Diane Hohlbein

Great Hump Day Entertainment

Jeffrey kappen

I've been fishing there for the past seven years and paid 100 bucks a year to fish there. All the fish are one the north side by boat ramp were there is a new sign that says no fishing. There are to many rules on the fishing I will not be coming back next year because voa has ruined the fishing on the lake.

Denise Leary

I love to walk around the lake, the plants are lovely

Shiloh Cox Fouch

Great place to walk, bring the family to play, and bring the pooch for a frolic.

Lori Schoemer

Wonderful place to walk for exercise or to just relax!

Don Nelson

Great park for walking or running around the lake Great donated trees all around the lake.

Daniel Reupert

Love this place to walk and ride a bike and take pictures

jennifer baldwin

Pretty place and clean


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