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7172 Cincinnati Dayton Rd, West Chester Township, OH 45069, United States

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REVIEWS OF THE WEB Extreme Entertainment IN Ohio

Rachel Wallace

Fun for the family quite a few things to do go carts, laser tag and bowling which my husband and I really enjoyed

Brayden Place

Its basically the most extreme place ever

Sarah Macy

Rented this place put for a work event. Had so much fun racing with co-workers. Sean is great and did alot of work to accommodate us.

Kevin Kriegel

Many games didn't work. Some don't go e to keys until the different time. K iw wZy of knowing.

Lisa Jump

.My grandkids ( love this place. Great value also. Definitely will return


They updated the heck out of this place, it's so much fun

Barb Wofford

Great food great service definitely be going back again

Shalonda Fernandes

Nice place to visit with kids...lots of things to do: lasertag, video games, miniature golf, bowling, etc

Erica E.

Great family fun place.. Go carts.. Laser tag.. Vr golf u name itthey got it .. Excellent date place or family fun great too. Great service

Am Nice Guy

The dude with a wicked beard had great enthusiasm

Avisek Jana

Many games machines are not working

Steve Conrad

There are a variety of activities here for kids for all ages. The nice little putt putt and bowling to electric go carts. They have a decent variety of video games and laser tag. It's a great place to spend a few hours on a dismal winter afternoon or for a special birthday party. There really is something here for kids of all ages.

Carey Cheek

Child age 15 and child age 8 had a great time for 2 hours playing games. We didn't play anything else due to capacity! We have been here a number of times and it's always a good time for the kids. Some staff could be a little more helpful with the smaller ones, but also understand you have teens running things. All in all it's a good place for kids and the ONLY arcade in the area without Dave and buster prices.


When we were ready to leave, we went to cash in our tickets for prizes and "Big Al" met us at the counter. He's got jokes for days any "dad joke" fan would be proud of, not only that, but when we had a problem with one of the games he was there in seconds to fix it and gave us some extra credits while we waited. We had a great night and we'll be coming back, that's for sure.

Gerald Fullam

My son attended a birthday party here and had a great time because of the variety of activities. He enjoyed pizza and fries, played laser tag, climbed a rock wall, played arcade games and redeemed tickets for prices. He gives it 5 stars.

CLC Student Life

We rented out The Web for a youth all night event. The staff was flexible and accommodating. Not to mention it was a blast! Sean Korsnak, the sales manager was super friendly. We would definitely recommend and we will be back!!

Courtney Ware

The arcade section is a little small and outdated but the go karts are really fun....According to my son.

Mark Hill

GREAT PLACE!! My teenage daughter and friends didn't want to leave.

Drama Tim

Me and my family had a great time doing everything they had to offer. Staff was friendly as well.

Carissa Sherman

The guy who yells the rules to you should get a raise. Idk how much he gets paid, it's not enough. 10/10.

Brian Suman

My son and I love this place. Between laser tag and go karts, we have a great time.

Archana Hegde

Arrangements we're good.we were bit late due to traffic, but they were kind to postpone the party half an hour ahead of scheduled time. Games were organised very well and kids enjoyed every bit of it. Food was good and fresh. Thanks!!

Don Litherland

I think this place needs to shut down because the guys in the go karts told me I was to big and then made me put in a extender in front of a whole line of people. That is fat people discrimation!!!! I know that I was big but wow point it out to everyone. Thanks for making me feel like I don’t matter and want to end it all!!!!

Praneeta Lakkapragada

It's a great place for having fun. We went out for team outing and had blocked laser tag, go kart, bowling and escape room. So we had fun at our own pace. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The place is neat and clean.

Stephanie Gregory

It was a great experience. The kids had a great time and made a wonderful birthday for my granddaughter.

Sidney Vickers

I love this place but I don't care for the employees. Great service from the food court.

Can I get 5000 subs for no real reason

Very Fun Many Games Kinda Cheap Suggest Escape the Room

Christopher Jones

Very fun, laid back atmosphere. Friendly staff. Clean facilities. Family fun for everyone

Eric Bass

Laser tag was fun, great experience. Go carts were another story. 5 minute race, but when someone wrecks they turn the cars off and you lose that time. So for $16 my son and I got 2 laps because other people in our race wrecked. The cars were stopped more than they were racing.

britney llewellyn

Ok for little kids... Not very big or fun for anyone else.

jamison jones

Alot of fun! Great for a out of towner.

Ester Hall

Rainy day getaway! Nice go kart area. Slow, but just my speed. Small bowling alley and small mini golf area. Forest come first serve. There is a restaurant on site. Air hockey is always fun. Great deals.

Jennifer Janevski

Had a fun filled day here with my 11 and 9 yr. Old kids. My son has Autism but the lights and weren't overwhelming and it's easy to escape outside if needed. We played arcades, Lazer tag was a blast (first timer here), kids did an interactive rock wall. The rock wall was funny to watch and was a nice way for the kids to expell some energy. We also partook in the 2 massage chairs, nice touch! My only suggestions would be that at times the line up front was long and intimidating. Very accommodating and friendly staff.

Jamilah Nugent

The kids always have a ball whenever we visit

Lindsay Johnston

I had higher expectations and was a bit disappointed. I was there with my kids for a birthday party, the host wasn't very attentive and would leave to check on things and be gone for longer than she should have been. My daughter ended up breaking her finger (found out after we were there) but she had hurt her finger and it was bleeding and trying to find a employee to help us took longer than it should. When I went to the front desk I had to wait while holding a hysterical child-obvious she was hurt, had her hand wrapped up until the front desk person finished up with the person in front of me. There were other staff back there not doing anything that could have helped.

Lawrence Thomas II

Not a bad experience, it was 95 degrees outside and about 87 degrees inside. That's not acceptable with over 200 Kids running around.

Alicia B

Really cool place with go karts, an escape room, and arcade. Mini bowling was fun too!

Lainy Gentry

Go karts was fun until I crashed

Elijah Craig

Definitely geared towards younger kids, but even adults can have fun here. Even for older kids, (or adults) the escape room here can be challenging. Recommend at least 5 or 6 people to finish in time. The lazer tag is enjoyable for all ages. The downside is that many of the guns and vests don't seem work properly 100% of the time. When you purchase your games/attractions you will need to schedule the times you would like to do the attraction/game. They offer package based discounts for everything except the escape room. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They are good with kids.

Lisa Fowler

Great place for families but horrible selection for prizes. Every time we go they say their getting more prizes in but still havent.

Shannon Lewis

Prices are good! Fun for the whole family!!

Shelby Ryan

I had a birthday party for 12 and 13-year old boys. They and their friends had a lot of fun! Laser tag is always a fun time, and the web is sure to go over safety guidelines with the kids. The party host/director was kind and patient with 10 preteen boys. I only wish we could have brought our own food in, because with 10 preteen boys...they love to eat!! Other than that, it was a nice time and all the kids were together and supervised, but still able to have fun! I highly recommend the Web for a party.

Scrap Baby aka scrappy

THIS PLACE SUCKS. Me and my 9th grade class went on a field trip to the West Chester location. My friends and I were waiting about an hour and a half for the go karts, and then we didn’t get to go. The employee, Jared didn’t let us go. He counted off people who cut the line to go to the last race. Laser tag lines were super long, we waited for 30 minutes. None of the unlimited play games would work for me. DON’T COME HERE IF YOU WANT TO HAVE “FUN”, IT STUNK AND THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE RATING THEM ON HERE!!! (this is a joke review)

Russell Davis

A fun place to take the kids when the weather is bad. Go carts, putt putt, video games, bowling and laser tag.

Roman Thompson

What time with you go out for dinner or coffee and CVS and get the house to myself i the quality is good and I will get back to you go there you go again tomorrow to get my money back or not but will have the house and sleep over and CVS to get my car shows that you have a great time and effort to be a few days before and most importantly how much I

Jason Stokes

Me and my son Aaron riding go-karts was a very good time inexpensive they have laser tag put put climbing wall an escape room arcade I refer this to everyone

David Schneller

This place is GREAT! Our high school and middle school youth group has REALLY enjoyed it. There's so much to do, and the staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Highly recommend

Brian Santefort

Seems like an expensive, rushed place, been there for two different bday parties and the concept is cool but the electric go carts are slow and worn, and not really my thing. Guess I am too old to enjoy it.

Katie Kazol

This place is very nice, fun, and there's so much to do! I highly recommend taking your kids or going with a big group of friends on a Friday night because you get so much "bang for your buck"! It's $20, and you get unlimited attractions which include putt putt, bowling, go karts, laser tag, some rock wall game, and I believe one or two others, AND they're all endless! The only downside to the Friday night deal is you do not get video games from it, but that isn't a big issue. This is a fun Friday night thing to do, and I definitely recommend trying it out!

Amy Schuyler

My 8 year old and I had a lot of fun, especially with laser tag. The bowling and putt putt were fun but were a bit underwhelming compared to other activities offered. If I were to go again I would just skip these. We loved the variety of arcade games. The cost of going here makes it something I would only do for special occasions, but I don't think it's much different than other places that are similar.

Lane Webb

Took a large group there, and we had a lot of fun. Some of the laser tag guns didn't work well, and go-karts stopped a lot because of the way the walls on the track were setup. Other than that, it was a good experience.

heather furguson

Kids had a blast and thats all that matters on a rainey day


First timer. We had a great time.

Maria Mcgee

Booked my kids birthday party here they were turning 11 and 3. so much fun for all ages (i think the adults had more fun then the kids!) Everyone had a blast and were excited to return again!! We will definitely be back soon to come play. The party was great and ran smoothly, i didn't have to lift a finger, our party hostess was the best! Thank you for a great experience!!

Christopher Johnson

A decently fun time. Go carts were a blast, and it's a great place to take the family for a night out! Did not try the food they had, I'll have to check it out next time.

Amber Kreiner

The kids had a lot of fun!!

Brittany Everett

Our group had a good time here! It's much bigger inside than it seems when you pull up. They have a good variety of things to keep a large group all busy at the same time.

Maria Butler

My kids love the variety of activities!! The food is good as well !

William Williams

This place is OK. The system in place to get tickets for everything needs to be changed. One line, three registers and you have to decide everything on the spot. There has to be a better way. The out of control kids was a problem but that is parents and chaperones fault. The young lady that help my two girls with the climbing wall was great. Not sure if we would go back on a weekend night.

Alexander Montoya

Lots of stuff to do for a relatively low price, I recommend it.

Nathan Payton

THE WEB Extreme Entertainment is a fun place to take the family. We went there for my daughter's birthday. The staff really took car of us. They gave her extra points to use for games. And they even gave her a couple free rock climbing sessions. THE WEB also has mini golf and bowling, along with go carting. They have cool go carts that you are able to take your children in the go cart with you while you drive. Another cool thing THE WEB has is they have a frozen yogurt machine where you can make your own frozen yogurt and the machine makes it for you!!! I would definitely suggest going here.

Joseph Garcia

Love the Lazer tag

Katie A

We had a very fun day today at the Web with our 2 teenagers. The go carts were a blast and we also had fun at laser tag bowling and skee ball too. Please check this place out!!!

Happi Smilez

Nice place to have children's b'day parties. Fun for families with small children and older children as well. If you loooovvveee ice cream, they have an ice cream spot.


This was fun like 2x then we realized the bad customer service wasnt just a one time thing.

John S. Combs Jr

It was a great time!

Review King

The staff there are very courteous. I had an issue with something and they got right on it and fixed it. The arcade is to-die for. The Jurassic Par is fun and the Go Kart arena is thrilling. I will be back and will travel the extra couple miles to go here. Grading: Friendliness of Staff: A+ Quality of Everything: A+ Environment: A+ Overall: A+ Keep it Up, The WEB Extreme Entertainment

Samantha Goldsberry

A lot of fun activities to do! Some include laser tag, go-kart, putt putt golf, rock climbing, bowling, and arcade games. Reasonably priced. The whole family will enjoy!

Michael Turkov

Mini Dave&Buster's + awesome electric go cars track

Kristin Mortimer Hosbrook

Had a blast!

Angie Konkle

Best if you get a Groupon. It's fun for kids but pricy.

Terry Huff

So much fun!

Cherie R

I live out of town, My family and I always come back the prices are wonderful..

Christopher Perdue

This place is a nice place for family. The staff is tollerent yet follows the rules. The place is clean; including the track. The laser tag may be a bit difficult for young children who don't understand the gems. (They are thing that if you stand near them to long you get tagged out, but can give you special abilitys while playing.) Even if you've played before ask for detailed information. The kitchen are well kept and serve food at a basic level.

Liah Know Best

Different attractions for all ages. A favorite of mine is the indoor go carts.

Adam Murphy

This was terrible my laser tag did not work and i went to ask for help and there was NO ONE THERE! When i went to play pop a shot, i might have gotten the record but the score showed as 0! It cost me a lot of tickets! Don’t get me started about the go carts, wait i didn’t even start because i left, i had a ticket for 9:40 and i had to leave at 10:30 because i still wasn’t on. Finally i couldn’t play the bowling i paid for because it closed at 11 and we didn’t have time! Worst experience of my life!

Alan Schmidt

My family had a blast. I haven't played laser tag in years, but this was the best room I'd ever seen for playing tag.

morgan grosse

Went there for my Birthday and was amazed to see stuff thats new but sadly the operation game was down me and my som was looking forward to it but still managed to have fun lol

Scott Lewis

The laser tag was pretty good. I feel like it's hit or miss with the guns. They aren't really new so some work well and others just don't. Both guns I used were pretty bad. The guns wouldn't fire unless you pulled the trigger excessively hard. Like I don't think my son could have fired the gun easily. It was fun though. The arcade was overpriced. Every game is like 4 credits on average and the nicer ones are like 6-8. So cash really doesn't go far.

Crystal Horn

My kids loved the web better than Kings island

Andre Tran

Not bad a lot of different things to do. Geared more to young teens. Arcade games were pricey to me. The mini bowling was probably my favorite.

Kat M

The kids had a really great time here! The food was good, their service personnel were very helpful and accommodating with attraction times and switching.

Ada Gamble

We were highly disappointed last time we were here just this sure rudeness of the staff just made me cringe

Baron Protea

Made mistake buying credits, machines are old, don't all work, no staff to help you insight.

C Maximus

I had such a great time today with my other half and his family! I've never played putt putt golf nor laser tag and it was worth it. Cheap prices for a great time for the whole family. If definitely recommend going here and I will return again.

Shima the fox

Nerd paradise

Tyler Krieg

Great place for family of all ages and great staff always willing to help.

B Alexzander

First of all, I have been here 3x's. The 1st 2 visits were alot better. Today, it opened late, it was hot inside and there werent enough staff to help with mechanical issues. The manager gave us some passes for opening late and they have friendly staff; however, I doubt we will go back for a while.

Sinister Titan

Took my daughter for her birthday last year. She and her cousins had the best time. My wife and I had a blast as well. They have everything all in one place n the laser tag was amazing. Taking them back again this year.

Alex Chavez

Very nice and clean place we had a great time there hundred per cent recommends

Kimberly Walters

I went on a date here. It was okay, but probably not a good idea if you're all nervous and awkward like me. I do love a good game of skee-ball though. It was a bit pricey.

Jeff Lamotte

I had been here once before with a group from work for a team building event. This time I took my family. Everyone thoroughly enjoy the experience, and had a ton of fun. All the activities were fun and in working order, and the staff was pleasant and very accommodating.

Emy Abrahams

Great value and extra things that other arcades in the area don't have

Jamie & Damon Benge

Very pleased with the courtesy and frindliness every staff member I encountered there. Great family fun. I don't remember the last time I had si much fun with my kids, and at such a great price.

definitely something

Fun place and fair prices


Great fun!!!! My three sisters and I spend a few days with my Aunt once or twice a year in Cincinnati. Every time we are there we just ha e to go to the web. It is so Much fun for everyone. The prices are reasonable and the attractions are amazing!!! We LOVE go carting and laser tag. It is so much fun to spend time there, the staff is great and it is very clean!! I will Defiently be going there many more times in the future

Scott and Cynthia Colegrove

A great place to take the whole family. Bowling, Lazer tag, race cars, video games, food and more.

Chad C

Alan ( Big Al) did a great job helping us around the facility.

Cornelious Gray

Great time to be there with family and to enjoy ourselves over Christmas break. Of course then it's back to selling cars at Kerry Toyota in Florence KY. Ask for CJ Gray and drive off today.

Carrie Jones

A great place for family fun. Good atmosphere. Friendly and energetic staff. Great fun for all ages

Rick Minges

Was there for a party the host was very polite and friendly but as far as the set up is ridiculous no one was Harley their. staff was at the go kart tracks and you had a scheduled time to drive. you could not just go up and ride. had a half an hour until the next allotted time. When it came time up to ride the go karts, my group of 6 was the only one there to drive, when confronting management about waiting she said it was so there was no lines. Dont think this place has been there long but run down (seats torn with black duct tape)

Hailey M

I did go karting there awhile ago. After employees that work the go kart area said not to bump karts. Some guy was bumping my kart. So then he kept making me wreck because he kept bumping into me. AND THEN I GOT KICKED OUT OF THE GAME BECAUSE OF WHAT HE DID. It wasn’t even my fault what so ever. I don’t even know the guy. He should’ve been the one kicked from the game. Oh and In other thought the go karts are slow as heck. And the place is dirty and unsanitary. I will never return to the web again.

Han'na Hiru

Super nice staff and plenty of activities to keep you occupied. Pricing isn't bad either.

Brandon Stanifer

Good quality fun family entertainment.

Josh Cates

This place was a bit pricey, and everything feels a little bit “run down”, but there was a lot to do. Video games, go karts and glow golf. The kids had fun, but it did empty my wallet a bit.

craig sloan

Fun place for the whole family, plus the food is good and not expensive. They also have a decent variety of beer.


Great fun with the kids here

Dana Dickman

Great fun

Brandon Perez

That was Awesome The Aracde Game for Brody idea

Elaine Powers

It's ok, kind of expensive

Maegan Parrott

If you're only looking for an arcade, this is not the place. They have done arcade games, as well as putt putt and duck bowling. They also have laser tag and a racetrack, but obviously that does cost extra. We didn't do the laser tag, but my kids enjoyed racing the little cars, and the claw machines!

James p Dooley sr

They really know how to do it upright for kids

Mark Lacey

Kids had a great time at the Web.. Hostess did a wonderful Job of taking care of the Birthday Party Room, Indoor Race Track and Lazer Tag ..She kept everything in order.. Will definitely have the next kids Birthday Party there ..

Sandra Chavez

Great place for kids and Family! We enjoyed it , had lots of fun! Highly recommended!!

Rob Smith

Horrible experience tonight September 29th 2018, a manager got loud and I thought he was threatening towards my family and myself. We have been coming to the Web for more than 3 years now. I take my family here usually once a month and never experienced anything like this before. My daughter was scared and didn’t understand why the manager came over to yell at use. I think it may have been our disability or appearance, because we just said to a worker that your token machine is taking credits without giving tokens. The worker didn’t respond well or show a care. Then two minutes later the senior manager came over to threaten us and try to throw a 7 year old little girl out. I asked for our money back that is left on the card, the manager was said we could stay. I was heated at this point, but kids are worth more. We spent the 50 dollars that was left on the card, the kids received their prizes. At the end I confronted the manager and explained to him in a professional way that he didn’t handle the situation correctly. I also explained that we will never be back or have our birthday parties there again. Just very disappointed.

Tiffany White White

Had fun but i wish they had better deals

Amanda Austin

Excellent family fun!!

Penelope Hensley

Great place for kids to have fun

Lynda Steinhauer

Great fun. Would like to see more sanitary wipes or liquid.

Kimberly Poellnitz

Great entertainment for a few teens. Wasn't crowed on this weekday. Staff was nice and friendly. Had a bakery of fries and they were freshly cooked.

Darren Anderson

Strait up alot of fun flat out

willie G

Excellent for youth birthday party!

Karen Wavra

Kids had a great time! Birthday party was fun.

Jennifer Derrenkamp

This was a terrible experience. I spent $60 on the family pack and it was not worth it. You have to pick your 8 options before you do anything. It was so packed that our games were spaced out. We sat around waiting for each game to start at first. The roof started leaking which pushed our go cart time back so far it ran into the laser tag time. Do not bring a toddler because the entire night was unpredictable and lots of back and forth to the ticket booth exchanging things. Also very hot. Hopefully the holes in the roof end up large enough for air flow. Even the staff looked hot.

Brandon bonamarte

This place was just weird. Half the machines were broken, rigged or just plain messed up. Maybe the activity's might have been better, but I don't recommend coming for the arcade.

Kate Bredestege

The Web has a lot of fun stuff to do there, video games, Go-Karts, Laser Tag, etc. Some of the activities could use updating, but the staff was nice and a lot of fun was had.

Nathan Jessurun

The facility is a bit run down and not all the equipment works consistently, but the staff we're very friendly and the activities were quite enjoyable. The breakout room was just challenging enough to be a fun activity for a young adult, but not so difficult you feel like you can't do it in 30 minutes. That being said, it depends on your group size. Mini bowling was great! It's a fantastic "sport" to entertain yourself while you converse and interact with friends. The rest of the arcade games are pretty standard as far as arcades go, but they do have laser tag as well. Prizes are "meh". You need an extraordinary amount of tickets to redeem anything worthwhile, so usually you will cash out with a few pieces of candy. But the point of going is more for the enjoyment and socializing, not the tickets so it's not that big of a deal.

Ty Gray

We have been coming here for years. It's a great place for my kids to enjoy themselves with the many ways to be entertained. We recently had a birthday party here and rented a room. It was a great experience and we will do it again. The staff is always helpful and the experience is always great!

Evan Warren

This is great for younger kids. Adults and teenagers might get bored but it's a nice place.

James Zhu

Not as nice as say dave and busters or lazer kraze, but the variety of activities available make it a fun experience. The laser tag, mini golf, and go karts are all fun, although the arcade games are pretty underwhelming

Chikira Stackhouse

Mini golf, mini bowling, arcade, food, go karts, VR, and more! We had a lot of fun and they have good deals. Only thing we didnt like was the escape room. It was tiny and hot.

Liz Cooper

Great for family night, the food here is awesome and lots of fun package deals. We had a blast on the go-karts, playing laser tag and at the arcade!


A family friendly, fun place.

cammie lacy

Loved the go carting and the last tag mini golf was fun as well

Candace Murphy

Great place for some family fun in cold months

Spencer Harrington

Great for kids of all ages. Variety of entertainment activities: video games, mini golf, mini bowling, multi tier laser tag arena, rock climbing, and go karts. A nice choice of pretty good food.

I Aint Black I'm Hebrew

My daughter and I decided 2 come here on a Wednesday because you get 5 attraction's 4 the price of 20 dollars per person. Also due 2 the fact it is spring break:) We were told by the nice young lady at the front desk about all the event's. She told us that the laser web challenge was about 2 begin in a lil bit and are 2 head over 2 the race car track at 3. So we started off at the laser web,where I ranked number 2 and my daughter number 6:)We had got an arcade card and played games b4 we headed over 2 the track. While at the racing track I had got wiped out by a dude that thought he was playing GTA 5:) I still had fun:)Then we went over 2 the cliff hanger where we had the instructions given 2 us by a friendly young man named Ayo:)After that,we played miniature golf and miniature bowling. It is really different from regular bowling.We used all the credits on our card and redeemed them 4 candy at the end:)Also check me out on YouTube at Queen Mary: ILL MENTALLY:)

Betty Barg

I had a blast here. I hope to come back sometime soon!!!


This place is super fun however I feel the arcade games should be updated more and also the prize area should have more to offer. Maybe like video game consoles and some things that are useful. My family went over more that 2 Years Times worth and we’ve saved up our tickets but there’s nothing worth it for now

Jessica Gordon

My family had so much fun! We all played arcade games, laser tag, minigolf and the VR

Jeniffer Plowman

My family had fun but me and my husband didn't really like that we had to pay extra just to do the go carts. But if are kids had fun that's all that matters. Just double check before you go

Fuad Khandaker

Nice place to hangout with family and kids. Time flies here. Kids enjoyed it a lot (so did I ;)).

Patrick Powers

Fun indoor go cart racing. Fun laser tag.

Amanda Grace

The web is decent if it is a rainey day and you have a lot of cash to burn. Personally it's extremely overpriced. Due to the high cost my three kids are usually disappointed when it's time to leave. Feeling like the fun is over when it's just began. To enjoy the Webb it's honestly going to cost about $150 for 3 kids to experience all activities for a couple of hours. Not worth it in my opinion.

Tiara Curry

My kiddos love this place. Their bday party packages are great.

Mandy Ferrell

Got a group on and got a great deal. The food was delicious and the kids had a blast.

Brad roeske

I have been bringing my kids here on and off for years. I took them there tonight and couldn’t believe the state it was in. First, we played laser tag. We had six people with us and five of our guns didn’t work properly. The screens didn’t work and the guns would periodically stop working. When brought to an employee he said these guns were 15 years old and were junk. Nothing like paying $8/person and the guns not working. Now we went to play bowling. There were a shortage of balls and the pins kept getting tangled up. Great. Now we went to the go carts. Big long line and they only had 4-5 carts running at a time. I am assuming because most of them were being held together by duct tape. The carts were is terrible condition. Now we payed some arcade games. Most were in bad shape and missing balls, another waste of money. All in all this place is in shambles. It seems like they are going to keep taking the customers money until we stop coming or they finally upgrade the equipment. I refuse to keep funding this apparent money grab.

Pinkandgreen hb

Arcade, mini bowling, laser tag, and go kart track. Not as big as Dave and Buster's but cheaper and good for the kids.

Marc Dixon

Kids always love coming here it was the first time my middle child could drive a go cart alone so that made this visit even better.


Friendly & helpful staff, had a day of family fun. Double go carts are great for families with smaller children.

britton stockstill

The prices aren't too bad, but there's not a lot to do and several games didn't work well or at all. The mini golf course was in rough shape, like there were missing fixtures and it could use a bit of maintenance and tidying up. The mini bowling lane we used wasn't setting the pins down correctly and we had to get an attendant to fix it after it quit working entirely. I would have liked to try the go karts and the track looked nice, but the kiddo was wearing flipflops. I might go back to try that another time, but the rest of the place is in need of an upgrade.

Grant Munafo

Kiki was absolutely awesome and so nice and sweet!! Will come back for her type of experience!!

Jessica Wolf

Pretty sad when you have at least 5 employees working and only one person is doing anything. The same guy is running VR and Laser Tag while every other attraction has no employee. There is 1 person at the desk, no one at the prize counter, 1 person at the concession stand, and at least 2 people in the back office playing on their phones. Yes, we can see you. I wouldn't care except they're behind about 30 mins on VR and Laser Tag because the same kid has to go back and forth. Finally, a kid asked someone at the desk to come set up VR and the girl said she "didnt want to do it" when she finally came over after 5 minutes and passed it back on to the guy already doing everything. Prices are pretty great. But I guess you get what you pay for. And the place is dirty and at least 10 years outdated. Also, turn on the A/C.

Liv Schuck

My family and I have been there a few times and when we have gone it has always been a blast the staff is so friendly and the games and attractions are so much fun always leave with big smile on our face. Well my daughters birthday is coming up and what better place to have it then there?!?! Sean korsnak helped us book the party and show us all the fun we are going to have. Sean was so awesome and friendly and really pumped us up for her birthday! I would reccomend this place honestly because a friendly staff and SEAN!!! Thanks SEAN! I just wanted to update on our party it was a blast! I wouldn't be surprised if our guest throw partys there now!! We had a huge smile on our face the whole time. The birthday girl and her friends laughed so hard go karting and had a blast bowling. Thank you so much Sean and Sophia you guys made it an awesome birthday!!!

Maxine Phillips

Took my boys here for their birthday. We had a blast. The front reception team was awesome. The girl was able to package our activities so we paid less than a la carte. We will definitely be going back

Vikram Seshadri

Loved the laser tag game. It's a great place to hangout with a group.

neo the great

Great place lots of fun

Newman OutDoors

Great place to bring kids ,employee's are super nice.

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