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9477 Oxford Way, West Chester Township, OH 45069, United States Located in: Streets of West Chester

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William Burke

A little bit too expensive for me, but if you have the time and money and aren't near a Dave and Buster's or Scene 75, this will be sure to scratch the same itch. It's also in a very nice location where you can see a movie with friends and family and then head over here for a good time.


If you get here before noon on a Saturday you basically have the place to yourself. $20 gets you unlimited bowling, laser tag, and billiards all day. The pizza is great too. I wish they had 9 foot pool tables instead of the 7 foot ones but they seem well maintained. The bar area service can be a bit slow at times.

Dorian Jones

Lots of fun clean and good food and drinks

Tamara Meese

Attended husband's workplace event at facility. It had a good variety of things to do for different age groups. The service staff for the private event was attentive to the guests of the event.

Alex McGillvary

Think Dave and Busters, but worse. Food is overpriced but average quality. Only tried the standard arcade games. Minimal selection, probably to offset the other types of gameplay offered. Most games worked, a few didn't. An all-around "okay" experience.

Ryan Hasselbach

Pretty cool place. Bowling alley arcade games laser tag for kids and adults. A little on the expensive side for just bowling IMO. They do have some packages for cheap that would be worth taking advantage of.

Timothy Gentry

Was fun had a blast with brothers company

Jennifer Rutledge

Very nice place to take your family good clean facility hospitable people in a good place to enjoy

stoss truppen

I watched the bartenders ID a 74yo man with white hair, white beard, and a cane. And refused to hand the beer over until we had to help the old man get his wallet out and then completely remove his license. Absolutely disrespectful and uncalled for... Alcohol there cost: 1 bottle, your left arm. 1 draft, your right leg. Most arcade games there are racing games. The bowling alley was the best.

Douglas Pressler

Never again. $36 / hour to babysit others kids. Too bad, good concept, great food great service, horrible clientele

Jacqueline Davis

FUN place to hang out with family an freinds

Nicholas burhart

Really fun place. Mondays are the time to go. Best deals.


Great time and pricing for summer fun.

Tabitha Smith

We had a family outing for the first time experience at the Main event. Our 9 year old was super excited. We enjoyed bowling and the arcade. However, when our 9 year decided to do the gravity ropes for the first time the extremely rude kid working it basically discouraged her and we left Main event with a crying child. Perhaps if you dont want to work with those younger than you you should find employment elsewhere.

Katya Huster

Great summer deals to have some fun with friends. Laser tag and sky walk are great. Bowling wad nice. The pizza wasn't bad for an entertainment venue. The server was almost nonexistent

Sarah Eickleberry

There was trash all over the arcade area including adult beverages that were not being occupied. Most of the games didnt work properly and cause you to waste your money. Staff wasnt friendly and the wait for laser tag and bowling was a 2hr wait. The food area was also dirty and disorganized completely. Over priced and over rated. To top it off the women's restroom was not maintained and I hesitated going to the rest room.

William Watkins

Fun time for work Christmas party.

Denise Chattams

My 1st visit was amazing. There was something for everyone! I will be back soon!

Destiny’s World

My family and I had a ball and the staff was wonderful.

John Herro

I ordered salmon and it was delicious! And the waitress was delightful.

Tiffany Blue

Came from Dayton to celebrate my daughter 10th birthday called before i came talked to a employee by the name of Olivia i told her what i was coming for asked hours of operation not once did she inform me that the main event was closed to the public for a private event had i known this i would not have came though its not that far but its the point didnt want to rate this place because i didnt even step foot inside the building will never try coming here again

Stacy Crawford

We took a group of 10 kids there on a Monday night for Monday Madness, which turned out to be a really good deal. We were there a couple hours - they bowled once, did the gravity ropes course once (which they thought was amazing!), and played laser tag several times... all for only $10/person. We had no trouble finding anyone to help us do activities (either at the front desk or in the prize shop) and the staff were all friendly and helpful. The guy from the front desk even walked over to the bowling alley area to make sure we got the computers all set up. The place is really clean and everything is in working order (unlike some other entertainment places we've been). We ordered several pizzas and they came out super fast. We were celebrating my son's birthday and they had no problem with us bringing in our own cupcakes. The kids all had a fabulous time - we will definitely be back!

Kendra Berry

Literally have been walking back and forth to the table eating during the day where you could clearly see everyone in here (phone on table) they threw my food out. Then everyone was acting like I was gonna walk out with my son that was clearly running back and forth playing games! There was even another family in the place doing the same exact thing except they were white! Discrimination at it's finest. The server would've gotten more than the tip they got if they weren't racist. I'm disgusted.

Josh Ferneding

Everything about this place is great except for the service. The restaurant speed was horrible (1.5 hours for 6), couldn’t get drinks (soda), and our bowling lanes we reserved never got cleaned from the last group. Pool tables, bowling lanes, and shuffleboard are in great shape and the games aren’t outdated. Just need to fix the service.

Carolyn Dash

We were celebrating my granddaughter's 7th birthday & I had fun with her, but it wasn't a lot of games to choose from & when it's really crowded you have to wait to play. Not really impressed.

Andrew Duncan

Went here for a work function and will definitely be back with the kids! Bowling, lots of games, laser tag, and a unique gravity ropes course.

ace 53

Forget having a birthday party at the house. Best service and environment. Thanks so much

Clinton Arnold

Fun, reasonable prices, good family environment.

Gisel Campbell

Not as many options for adults as I will have looked but it was fun.

Zach Crawford

Fun place overall but most things are very overpriced. Wait times can be annoying as well during busy times.

Bea Keller

Great place, fun things to do. Had never been there before and was confused by the packages they offer. There is nothing for a 6 year old to do there in the Lazer Tag package. She played video games and watched us bowl. When we paid for the bowling package we did not know shoes did not come with it either. Bowling lane turned off before we finished our game so we don't know who won.

Michigan Wolverinefan

It has many great attractions and a video arcade. The summer pass allows you to do most of these,as much as you can, all day. Worth it budget wise, with a family.

Erik Johnson

Excellent food!! Would have rated 5 stars, but it took more 30 mins to get our entree! Tony was an excellent server.

Paul Kidd

Drove 3 hours and they closed the hole thing and didn’t mention anything on website for a private event truly don’t care about customers

Nina Schipper

The service was terrible, very expensive and you do not get much food

Steve Ristau

Great fun for the kids but the prices are absurd. I realize it's a treat but man you can't do this often!

Johnathon davis

Had a great time playing laser tag and bowling!

Ronika Rockett

Family fun place for all ages

Crystal Jones

We pay for a 20 min activity, the antigravity walk and I timed her from start to when they blew the whistle to stop and she was up there 7 mins. The employees in the laser tag were very rude. We walked in to ask when to line up for her scheduled time and the guy got very nasty and told us we couldn’t be in there. There is not one posted sign saying not to enter or where to stand. The amount of tickets for prizes is a little outrageous. 50 tickets for a bite sized laffy taffy.

Shivang Patel

Awesome place to have fun. $24 gives you unlimited bowling, shuffle board , pool , laser tag and one more activity. It doesn't include arcade games but it wasn't a deal breaker. Long island ice tea wasnt the strongest but tasted good.


Had a fun time coming here for a work event. Lots of different things to do. Would be a blast for grade school kids. Not much for young children.

tiffany gabbard

Had a blast. We went for my boyfriend's brothers birthday

Ezra Rubi

Great place! It has bowling, arcade games, pool tables, laser tag, bowling, and gravity ropes - a walk on a narrow path suspended from the ceiling. Plenty of options for food and friendly service. It can get expensive but it is fun.

Jonathan Jordan

I have not been there yet. I am going to a Men's Conference there in a couple of weeks. It is a great place to let loose and have fun.

Lydia Martinez

It's a great place for the whole family

Wayne Sibley

Great place to unwind with coworkers. Also, my children love to spend hours here bowling and playing games. The staff are always friendly and eager to help.

Jeff McCoy

This place has customer service mastered and the prices were very fair and affordable

R Ravi

Our all time favorite family entertainment place. Visited couple of times last winter and spring and enjoyed every single visit. This place gets crowded in holiday season and weekends. It’s better to book bowling lane online or visit an hour early from planned start time and reserve the lanes. You’ll get text notifications when the lane is ready. You can spend time in snooker or other arcade games in the meantime. There are good food options inside and also couple of good restaurants at a walking distance. Would recommend this place for kids and family!

Shane Laubhan

The kids always have fun when we go to Main Event. The last visit, we bowled for an hour and had a great time. It is expensive, but worth it for a special day out with the kids.

Kirsty Surface

They close at 11 but shut the power off to the games at 10:55. I wouldn't mind if they announced it but I had just put a couple swipes on the coin game so I was pretty mad. If you are shutting the power off 5 minutes before closing maybe announce it so people dont waste credits on games.

jeffrey prewitt

Its a perfect place for date night


Me and Austin loved it I even saw one of my old teachers there with his daughters we played some laser tag


I give the bar a 0 star review. It is a cool place but if you want to get a drink at a not so busy bar you will be completely ignored and get 1 drink maybe after waiting 30 mins to even ask for what you want. The bartenders are horrible atleast when i was there. I will not be going back.

Tiger T

Nice items but i dont like being followed around the store like iam going to steal some employees are way too paranoid.

Kylie Ellingson

Ok service but it's expensive

Scott haungs

Was told that lazer tag was an hour wait definitely wasn't and it seemed that they were trying to discourage me from getting their special only to get more money then they only have 3 bar tenders so then you have to wait 20 minutes for a drink (even if it's water) overall a fun place best time to go is when they have special prices but they're customer service seriously lacks

Violet Sears

Fun afternoon. Got one half hour free extra game time by filling out a survey online and was able to use it on same visit. Very cool!

Carol Bibee

Took my Grandson there and had a Blast !

Emma Rubin

Had a group of 8 for nephews birthday and he enjoyed the gaming while waiting on service and food. Food was sub par- basic bar food. Service was terrible. Had to flag someone down for every drink, napkin, silverware, etc. You are told to order on the touch screen at the table, which didn’t have the same menu as what was on the paper menu. Came on a Tuesday, place was basically empty. There was no reason for slow, inattentive service.

Travis Hays

Great deal Saturday evening for all activities except videos games. Fun ropes coarse.

Tom Kilianski

Amazing fun for the kids. Paid 1 price per "event" and they got unlimited times to do it. The gravity ropes course was a little intimidating for my 8yr old, but my 6yr old had a blast! I suggest getting the 32.95 meal deal, which gives you a $30 games play card. 1 suggestion to the management, there seemed to be a bunch of games that we're red meaning they didn't work.

Gerald Williams

Lots of fun for family!

Kyle Hopper

Basically Dave and Busters, but with Bowling! The layout is very nice, and they have an overhead obstacle course kids can traverse. Lots of games, all kinds of drinks and food items. They have an absolutely ridiculous shareable sundae if you like ice cream. Also located right next to a Top Golf. Great for a work outing!

Zachery Hartman

Great place to go with friends. Bowling, laser tag, and food. Quite enjoyable. The staff were on top of everything, making sure we had what we needed.

Joerdie Driscoll

$36 for an hour of bowling. I think that alone is enough to never go there. That price is absolutely insane.

Philip Taylor

Slow service. Lack of quality service. Moe employee training would be a benefit. Food was decent though and the bowling atmosphere was cool. But for what we paid as a party 5 they could've done a lot better.

Mark Ernst

Took my oldest for his birthday party, the activities were awesome. They lose points because we had issues with the food. We had to remind them 5 times before they brought out the rest of the food, so that was frustrating. Better communication is my recommendation to the staff.

Lisa May

The wait times are extremely long almost every time I visit and the staff is mediocre at best. The concept of Main Event is great though and I love the bowling, arcade, and bar area.

Angi Stewart

Went here on 3-29 to take my 9 grandkids and nephew for spring break outing had a terrible experience with rude manager named Lindsay and misrepresented specials on phone message. Under staffed made unreasonable long waits for activities and activations for cards. I am sorry I chose to come 40 minutes here when I could have had a better experience closer to home. Choose scene 75 or any place else.

Imdope_in reallife_513

I had fun bowling playing games and doing the gravity ropes. It was a great couple's date night

Brandon Storey

Super fun, decent drinks and some pretty good food. All the activities are fun too

Kiersten Shelton

My name kiersten Shelton and I love going to main Event to have fun and exciting eat and drink and have fun

travares bass

My favorite place to hang out on my free time

Jennifer Schwartz

So, my boyfriend and I came here tonight. It was our first time ever, and WE WILL NOT BE BACK! First off, we ordered food, and it took us asking several people if our order was even received. After approximately 30 mins, we did not have drinks or food. Finally, our drinks came, and we had to ask about our food, AGAIN! When our food came, it was burnt, and cold. We spent an hour and a half waiting for our food, and drinks. A manager came over and asked if we were doing ok, to which we replied no. We explained the situation and she did not charge us for our food. We ended up getting a refund on the game card, because by this point, we were done with the place. It appeared that the employees either did not like their job, or are poorly managed. The experience was terrible, and just the overall vibe of the place was bad. For the prices charged, the experience should be better. Back to Dave and Buster's for us!!

leah newcomer

We had a dual bowling birthday party (5&7) at main event West Chester. The party host, Lena, was super helpful. She made sure everything went smoothly. She even decorated our table for us. The kids loved bowling and all the video games. The birthday party was flawless. We will definitely be back.

Lorie Fitzpatrick

Good place for family fun. It was great for a Wednesday evening for entertainment. I'm not one for huge crowds, so this would definitely not be the place for me on a Friday - Sunday. The service was great and food wasn't bad. It's pretty pricey, so that's why the 4 stars. I definitely didn't get my money's worth from the unlimited arm band @ $24 PLUS the eat and play for $20. The arm band is for unlimited bowling, laser tag and a few other things. The eat and play fun card is for the games. Do some research if you've never been.

Jabetha Greer

It was fun with family. Games for adults and kids, there's bowling, laser tag, an obstacle course, pool and many other things to do trust me you won't be bored. They even have arcade games all over the place and a huge eating area with a pizza restaurant inside the building with it.

Antoni Gambetta

Great for the kids, fun for adults too. I recommend getting the wristband passes for unlimited laser tag.

Antoinette Jones

Came out her with 14 people’s to celebrate a birthday the waiter was very rude stated that he was not going to take out order that what the machine was for ... 1 machine for 14 people’s... It took like 30 minutes cause hell it just did ... Never will I come back out here again never

Doug Pratt

Competitive pricing , lots of activities for the children. The food is very good and a good selection of drinks for adults. The staff is kind and courteous.

Rhonda Jamison

Nice environment. A little expensive but would go again.


Cool place with all kinds of fun activities under one roof

Brandy Gindratt

This place is AWESOME! I had a lot of fun bowling and playing video games.

Mark Eckman

Took my grandchild here last night and she loved it!! It many things to do , bowling, gravity you will have to try this, lazer tag and many arcade games. They had pizza and drinks and it was great and we will go back again. I highly recommend this place for everyone in the family.

Dr. M. Franklin Joyner

Mgmt was exceptional along with the waitresses. I am.from NC and attended my granddaughters birthday party in Ohio. Great

Lawrence Branham

You'll have a lot of fun laughing especially why you playing the games

Elena Kholodova

This place is a total mess. We are waiting 1 hour till somebody will come to take a good order, no one is still around after multiple requests. The pricing for arcade machines is suck. Never ever coming here again. Worst birthday ever

brandi bryant

Excellent place for fun! Our server John was excellent! Best service ever. Food was great as well

Leah Crawford

This 1 star review does not reflect on the atmosphere of this establishment. However, I would highly suggest the training and selection of your employees be reconsidered. The service I received from Tomesha at the bar was less than average. We stat down at the bar to eat dinner and order drinks before a night of fun and she asked us once what we wanted. Never asked if we need another drink. She never asked for my friends dinner order either. I could’ve brushed this off but her reaction to me ordering a milkshake was absolutely unacceptable and pathetic. She rolled her eyes and huffed to which I replied “what?” She said “that means I have to make the milkshake” and I simply said “isn’t that your job??” She proceeded to be very rude the rest of our sit down. It’s not too much to ask to be at least slap a smile on your face as a bartender. Do better!!!

Private Information

Very poorly run center. Do not get the unlimited plan $20 as you will not get your money worth. Better to go to The Web in West Chester And you get the indoor go kart. The wait session between games is one hour and half. Sold me that three sessions of activities would pay for the unlimited plan. Problem is the wait between activities is 1.5 hours each. Update; i see great responses, but that's all they are, responses. I sent the email as requested but the responses here must just be for show as no action was taken for post follow up.

Awesome Empi

A fun arcade for the whole family.

Nate Nickerson

Lots of fun. Serving staff was a little hit and miss

Jake Hites

Good time. But literally barely any customers and just a bunch of staff standing around everywhere but no one to help us or serve us the entire time... All they said was "short staffed". Would have got a lot more drinks if we had a waiter or anyone to ask us if we were doing ok...

Christy Smith

Went for $7 all day activity for a family night. We were meeting our family there and asked the guy for the details in which he failed to tell us that we only get a lane for an hour at a time. When our family got there they ordered food and bowled 4 frames then we got kicked and all. The sad thing is the manager on duty wouldn't even talk to us....we will NOT be back. Sad family night for us.

Senthil Kumar

Very good place for kids and adults. Lazer tag, gravity rope, video arcade, pool tables, bowling, food

Daniel Smith

Went there for a 9 year old's birthday party. Lots of games for the birthday boy and friends. VIP treatment all the way, staff friendly, quality for the money. They have a balling area and a bar for the grown focks. Last of all the restrooms were clean and updated.

Prabhakaran Dhanapalan

Place is good but they goofed up our billing request

Elisha Cole

Love it so much fun music amazing awesome

heather willer

Wish they had more arcade games, but it was very fun. Food was very good as well.

Martin Phipps

kids asked, "Can we please go to Main Event?" They LOVED it!!

Jessica Martin

I had so much fun here! The food was good and there was a good selection of games. If you want to bowl, plan ahead and go early. Especially on the weekend.

PerspectiveZ Creative

It's fun for all ages - kind of like Dave and Buster's...

Lula Shumard

Company event .. Good food .. Good service

Steve Wilson Jr

Way too expensive for what you actually get to do on a busy night. The price for a pizza was a joke. It took 40 minutes for a frozen pizza and the toppings were wrong. I won't go back and my kids said the same. Giving it a 3 because it seems like it could be fun if there was any time to enjoy things. We did get to go on the sky bridge which was cool, but confusing because the employees wouldn't talk to us about how many could go from our group.

James Ball

Worst service ever. Came in for lunch and eventually got good food, but never had a friendly human talk to us. My new rule is to avoid any food place with a Ziosk. Then waited in line 30 minutes with one cashier to find out there was a wait for everything else. Just really poorly managed.

Scott Rooney

Extremely fun place. My company rented out the entire place for an end of the year party. The food was great. I bowled 3 games. The lanes are nice. The lighting was a little bizarre, but I got used to it. There are games, pool tables, laser tag, and more. So there is plenty to do to have fun. I had a great time for sure.

Daniel Rodarte

If you can get passed the aggravation of standing in line (one cashier and 20 minutes) to get a pass, you might have fun. I would think an intelligent manager would make this a key area of importance. The kids had fun though once they got entrance. Couldn't order a pizza because the counter was closed. Asked an employee for help and she said the barmaid could help. Asked the barmaid and she was nasty. Finally someone came from the kitchen to take my order. I am finding customer service is not important to any business anymore.


Went for a childs Bday party, hostess was overwhelmed but nice. Visited the bar during the party, ordered a beer and wings. When wing order was ready it sat behind the bar for 10 min before being served. Wings were served with fries and ranch even though I ordered blue cheese with no fries, bartender asked if I wanted fries at time of order. Was unable to tell if I was charged for fries as recipe was not itemized. To much of a hassel to correct order after witnessing others standing around a period of time to be waited on. Child recieved a game card from the Bday party and had one arcade machine take half of its balance as it was not functioning, again to much of a hassel due to staffing. Wont be back unless invited for another event. 2 stars for being able to serve a cold beer and that's generous. Management, Save your time and dont copy and past the prepped replies I see in other reviews.

Amanda Jenkins

The kids had a great time. Staff was very friendly. Ice cream was amazing! The gravity ropes are a ton of fun!! Bowling was great, had assistant props for my 2 year old to join in, and also able to get lanes for the kids to play next to us. Also receive 30 mins of free Arcade time by signing up for the email!!!

Carla Holloway

Very friendly staff. Reasonably priced. Good time

Sean Cain

First off this was a great place to have fun a couple years ago. The service and food was good back then but not anymore. Tonight I took my family for a night of bowling and family fun. It did not end well. First off we ordered drinks and food from a waiter (Cole) who needed a shower and introduced to deodorant. He smelled so bad I wanted to throw up every time he was near our lane. After food arrive I had to find him to get additional condiments we had ordered. Additionally for 4 people we only were granted one set of silverware. Food arrived 45 minutes after ordering drinks took 30 minutes. Terrible service so I spoke to a manger (Diane) and complained. She offered to comp our evening I refused because this place was awesome at one time and without feedback they cannot correct the problems. I requested out waiter not come near our lane and in fact he should be sent home to shower. (Yes he stunk that bad). Then Jerry came over to speak to us and told me the Cole said I touched him and when I told him the only time that happened was a tap on the arm to get his attention requesting our condiments. Jerry proceeded to tell me I assaulted him and if the video confirms me touching him I would be removed. I said fine refund the extra hour we just paid for and we would leave. Cassandra then approached us as we were leaving and said she was coming to comp our food which I already paid for on the kiosk. She was very professional and wanted to smooth over Jerry running his mouth about assault and admitted Cole LIED and clearly was seen on the tape. I was refunded for the bowling but I WILL NEVER RETURN. I was embarrassed by how Jerry spoke to me in public about a legal accusation of assault and extremely disrespected. This is not how to manage a business and both Jerry and Cole are a embarrassment to the Main Event. This was embarrassing not just to me but my family. Good job at losing a long time customer.

brandon Pitts

Really good deals. Plenty to do whether you are a kid or adult.

Steady Glitchin

Monday madness... Unlimited arcade games for $10.95... You can't beat it

Shawn Bowen

Great fun for the family.

Tye Zirkle

Very fun and clean environment for the kids. Also great deals on gaming.

Shaun Reeb

Games were great, the food was above average and our group had a great time! Unfortunately the service in every department was nearly non-existent. Most of the employees were young people with a very "annoyed" or disinterested attitude...Management needs to evaluate their business model very soon or this company will not last. Hire less entry level positions and pay a little more for an associate with customer experience.

John Copeland

I go back on a regular basis it's well worth the money. Full bar and menu to order from on top of bowling, laser tag, billiards and an arcade.

Eric Smith

I wish I could give it zero stars. Paid over $100 for 2 lanes unlimited play bowling. Management never explained that you be kicked off after an hour if people are waiting. So we ordered about $80 worth of food and have to eat else were in the place. Will not be back !

Christopher White

Beautiful facility. I had a chance to play the video games, but I mainly went there for bowling.

Chris Dougherty

Very similar to Dave and Buster's with the added fun of a ropes course, bowling, and laser tag. Would have rated it higher but while bowling the balls quit returning to us and it took far too long for the staff to come and fix the problem. Fun time otherwise.

Mandy Ferrell

Went to educators open house. The food was so delicious, the staff was friendly, and the bowling was really nice-I won! They have lots of other fun things to do too.

Tiffany Hedges

Had my daughter's Birthday Party here and they did a great job! Provided 2 hostesses, that did a wonderful job with organizing the activities, serving the kids, and even cutting the cake. They even suprised my daughter with an unexpected awesome gift and a card. They made my experience stress free and fun! It was our first time there and we will definitely be going back.

Peter Shay-Martinez

Overpriced for what they offer.

Shannon T

Our experience at the restaurant was beyond dismal. It took over 30 minutes to get noticed, almost two hours to get out food which had several orders incorrect. The manager had to be requested and then was extremely rude in response to a civil request. I don’t know about the rest of my family but I will not be going back to this location.

Dave Martin

Great for kids birthday parties!

Mike McGlinch

Unlimited card was a pain. You couldnt play the same game more than three times in a row. The card would be locked out. Bowling and laser tag fun.

Richard Mellen

Had a great time on our first visit. Prices were reasonable. We went early on a week day and had the place to ourselves. We will be back.

Nayy Marie

Great food, great service, and fun :)

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