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Where is Cuyahoga Valley?

REVIEWS OF Cuyahoga Valley IN Ohio

Eleanor Tsai

Saw Brandywine Falls, walked the Ledges Loop Trail, and watched wildlife at Beaver Marsh (a heron, turtles, a snake, tadpoles...didn't catch any beavers or otters) all in the space of a few hours. A pleasant park to spend time outdoors in, but not much more to recommend it than that.

Michael Boll

Otherwise known as Helltown, this was a great walk even though it was overly crowded. Look for "end of the world road" "cry baby bridge and a few other hidden gems. Lots of urban legends and tales of terror to go with this park not to mention scenic waterfalls and trails.

Janet Sparks

Beautiful falls, nice little hike and walking trails to get your steps in ;)

John Edwards

Huge, accessible and full of all the wildlife that Northeast Ohio has to offer. The CVNP is a great place to spend an afternoon, a weekend, or longer exploring.

Roger Potter

We rode bikes on the tow path of the Ohio & Erie Canal. Most of it is crushed stone, some of it was paved. We did 15 miles from the bridge south to Peninsula and back. Beautiful scenery.

Tyler Miller-Gordon

Such a wonderful local gem! I really enjoy walking and biking on the tow path. Everyone is generally friendly and respectful when on the trails. I also enjoy the little shops you'll find in Boston Mills and Peninsula. So many opportunities to experience nature- find what suits you!

Lucky Se7en

I thought this was a beautiful place! My friends and I went and saw Lil Wayne & Blink 182 in concert and there wasnt a bad seat in the house. I would love to go back and walk the trails and really check the place out..the only thing that sucks is that I live 4 hours away in Dayton, Oh :(

Anthony Zaro

This is the place to take the family. Lots of history and nature to experience. If you're interested in seeing a lot wildlife, this is the place to go!

Laura Ridley

My absolute favorite place to get away. Great paths with breathtaking scenery. The CVNP sure shows off how beautiful Ohio can be! Dog friendly too! Which is a perk for me!

David Barbrick

Mary Jane was very helpful. I love this park. Brought my daughters here about 25 years ago. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

Jeanne Kreuder

Beautiful North American Forest with lots of hiking and picnic areas. Most areas are easily accessible and have great views. Visitor centers are helpful to make a plan, since the park is so big.

Cory Dickey

Not quite as grand as many other national parks. But great to visit. Wish I brought my bike!

Randi Gilmore

We love this park. Great for hiking, picnics, or play ball I'm the feilds

Matthew Mansfield

This place is pretty spectacular. Especially when you live in the Midwest, surrounded by corn. The ledges were incredible, and have to be seen to be believed. Plus, there's so many chipmunks!

Caleb Rothe

This National Park exceeded expectations. Such a wide variety of activities available, and so close to a major city! Brandywine Falls was the highlight, be sure to visit there. We took a couple small hikes, which were great, and did the drive through the park. Would love to come back and bike it as well.

robert hockenberry

Mg favorite place to go when I'm in Ohio! Walk the river which is crystal clear and even during the winter time 2 years ago it was awesome! The falls actually froze except one piece so it looked like something out of a movie lol so awesome!


nice place for nature lovers and a lot of waterfalls.. we took train ride. it was amazing experience and they have pantry inside the train. you can even load your bike in the train.

Andreanna Tera Naratatma

Beautiful park with many different trails. Spacious and diverse. Free parking and entry.

Aaron Carl

Well maintained great outdoor place to visit. The trails are great and everything is family friendly. Its Nature!

Sumanth Reddy

Amazing park with scenic water falls. A very good hiking spot, with multiple trails. Walking through the water feels great !

Joe Markus

Quaint National Park with emphasis on hiking and biking trails. Visitor center had some basic info. Good info on the various canals. Been to many National Parks and really nothing to write home about.

Commander Filthy

Start your next sasquatch hunt here! You won't see the elusive creature but you'll still walk away with your life and clean underwear.

Zack Morrow

Greatly maintained trails. Beautiful views. And a family friendly place open 24/7 too!!

Jeff Flory

All natural water falls. One of the most relaxing enjoyable place in the USA to visit and also get in a hike along the river.

May May

We took the train ride for about 2 1/2 hours Pleasant Food on board Air conditioned Scenic Enjoyable for every age Relaxing Price was reasonable There is also canoeing bike riding hiking walking trail

Nicole Schuman

Awesome hiking opportunities! Just beautiful, though I recommend using an app like all trails due to the fact the trail maps are not abundant.

Ellen Bieber

Love the amphitheater setting. The ground area outside the stage is sloped up higher giving a good view without too many issues of the people ahead of you blocking your view. There is a long walk from the regular parking area, maybe 10 minutes depending, so paying more for better parking should be considered.

Jeremy Thomas

It's probably better then I only saw Blossom. Great music venue.

Jen Knoles

Love it had so much fun with my family

Wendy McQuistion

Beautiful park. We had a fantastic time on the Cuyahoga Railroad train. Great memories for a lifetime.

Scott Dee

One of the best parks in the nation, right in our backyard. It's always a pleasure to visit even if we're just driving through.

Debi Grissinger

What a wonderful asset for Northeastern Ohio. Great place to visit with the family.

Naty C

Love this place. Hiking here is awesome and the scenery is beautiful. Highly recommended

David Milo

Brandywine Falls via the Stanford Trail was a fun, moderately challenging hike with a great payoff at the falls. The parking lot near the falls was spacious and well equipped. Looking forward to coming back with a mountain bike.

Kc Kramp

You can't go wrong with a national park. Took some holes and the train

Richard Santucci

Hocking Hills is a hiker's paradise cut into the sandstone. Miles and miles of trails through and around numerous gorges and formations.


Beautiful park! We stopped in the visitor center and told them we were passing through, and would like to take a walk that would be two miles or less. We were directed to the Brandywine Falls loop. The falls are stunning, and the loop was a nice mix of elevation, so we broke a little sweat but it wasn't too tough. You will need to be able to climb a fair amount of stairs.

Mario Alcantara

Amazing ride. Great views and incredible staff. Highly recommend going to see the steam engines.

sue dunbar

Beautiful park with interesting history. The visitor center staff was very helpful and the short movie is informative. We hiked from the visitor center to Brandywine falls and it was very pleasant with mature trees and bird song. I would have liked to see some signage on the trails about trail etiquette. Bicycles did not announce themselves when coming up from behind. And we saw several dogs off leash on the towpath and Stanford trail. Loose dogs and unannounced bikes is an accident waiting to happen.

Ken Heil

Just wonderful place to visit for a few minutes for a handful of hours. There is plenty to do or many places you can just relax and enjoy the out doors.

Eugene Pelino

Awesome trails! Waterfalls, interesting rock formations, gorges, hills, etc. The views along the trails are great. There is something for everyone - short trails, long trails, easy trails, and moderate trails. We will go back for sure!

paul Shirer

This is one of the best parks in Northeast Ohio. If you love waterfalls and hiking trails this is definitely one spot you need to check out if you haven't already. Fun fact, it is the only national park that started as a national recreation area.

Julia Goff

Definitely does not stand out as one of America's most amazing parks. However, it is lovely and it is a good place to hike. There is a historic town that is a part of the park.

Ryan Thorpe

The Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad was a great experience for our family. There were 14 of us celebrating a birthday. Plan to come back with my bike some time because the bike trails looked awesome.

Stacy Dunlap

I had a fantastic weekend enjoying the Awakening your soul Yoga retreat! The staff was enthusiastic and accommodating! Great place to visit!

Kimberly Christiansen

Love this place with all the beautiful variety of trees. The falls are hypnotic. Just being in nature is so refreshing. Listening to the birds and seeing the sun filter through the trees. Love to go here to escape all the stresses of life. Enjoyed all the flowers along the way!

Nick Lambert

We did the steam in the valley night excursion, it was nice but you couldn't see anything out the windows unless you was near a city, the photo shoot of the 765 was awesome, but kind of disappointed since they didn't do any photo op of the Berkshire pulling up to the station. Not to mention at the photo shoot they had it roped off on the other side of the concrete sidewalk, but for some odd reason no one was allowed to be on the side walk

Dustin Teis

These trails were beautiful and very clean and well kept. It was my first time here and I can't wait to go back. My family and I had so much fun.

Gene Smith

This National Park is awesome. The waterfalls around the area are spectacular and the visitor center is very informative of the area's history.

Dan Becker

Had a great time! Brought our dog along, beautiful trails and very easy to navigate.

John Funyak

Great natural outdoor hiking for the family right in our backyard. It's amazing.

Sydney James

The waterfalls are beautiful here. There are paths to walk on and stairs to go down to get a better view of the falls

Shane Brandes

Fantastic trails. Substantial elevation changes. Very beautiful scenery. Only drawback are the bridges are not in good repair and the wooden steps are fairly unpleasant to navigate. Other wise I would give it a 5 star rating.

Jess L

national park, whats not to like! very beautiful and well kept. tons of trails to explore including the awesome towpath for a nice leisurely walk/ride

Melina Coriell

Honestly my favorite park ever. So fun, so clean. So much to offer!

Elizabeth VanValkenburg

I probably didn't explore enough to give a great review of the area, but it was more historic and less scenic. If you're a fan of history you would probably love this place, though. They also had some nice biking paths that would be fun to explore.

Claire Johnston

The park is beautiful and it is a wonderful place to spend the day. Don't miss Szalay's fresh corn. It's the best!

Pattie Ripy Christy

An enjoyable day. Fun for all ages. We did the ride in the summer, but I believe fall and winter would be great rides too.

M Chic

I LOVE THIS PARK! AMAZING Trail system for all skill levels!

Ricky Pierce

Nice train ride, with all day pass, when you're tired of hiking. Wonderful volunteers

Thor Unleashed

So far we've only been to Brandywine Falls. The falls were beautiful. We really enjoyed walking the gorge trail to the base of the waterfall. Will definitely go back to visit again.

Vincent Russell

A wonderful national park in driving distance from northeast Ohio. Great for a day trip. Rent a bike in Peninsula, OH to better enjoy the paved towpath trail.

Trent Mason

Soooooo cool. Worth a visit. Just a neat thing to have near such a hidden gem of a city!

Jim Losi

Easy to find trails with varying difficulties. Good amount of parking at most stops and well marked paths to follow so that you don't get lost. The staff that we saw walking around were very friendly.

Brian Sommers

A fantastic, beautiful park that we're lucky to have in northeast Ohio. There are plenty of things to see and do, including hiking, biking and kayaking.

Jared Wells

This national park was definitely the most interesting I've been to. You do not feel remote or isolated from society like you do in most national parks. There are tons of cute houses scattered about and there are tons of different landscapes to see. The trails are relatively easy and short so everyone can enjoy. The views are still lovely even though the trails are so easy!

Sarah M

Beautiful park and hiking trails. Reviewed four stars because parking near the visitors center was a nightmare after 9AM on a Saturday. I’m not sure if overflow parking is available.

Bea R-S

We've biked the towpath now for a couple of years and it's both fun and beautiful. The trail is very good shape. We took the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Train on the way back.

Lorraine Gabriel

Hiked the ledges trail. Beautiful. Huge rocks. Beautifully maintained. Went early in the morning. Few people on the trail that early. The parking lot was full at 10:30am

Hannah Stein

How do you rate a national park? Lovely nature. Really nice upkeep of the nature. Love it.

Brandy Everly

Blossom Music Center is an awesome outside venue! We had so much fun. It's in a beautiful park setting.

LeeAnn Paul

Blossom music center is awesome.. and a great place to see a big country start like Jason Aldean .. out in the sticks

Stan Hilty

Back to nature and some history...great day of viewing it all...

John Gregg

The park systems in Cuyahoga county are like nothing I have ever found anywhere. They are meticulously maintained and preserved natural treasures. It's nice to know that although many areas are growing that there is still nice places to go to enjoy nature's best.

Working Man Adventures

The ledges is short but sweet full of rock formations

Jonathan VanBuskirk

Excellent views, great area for walks, however the latrine odor encompasses a large area.


Favorite summertime park. Gorgeous fields, woodlands and wildlife. Cool breezes, gentle flower fragrances in the summer.


Nicest drive I've ever been on! Have a pal who commutes through here every day and I am jealous. Absolutely beautiful!

Alyson Gerwe

It was a nice walk. The falls are pretty and the trails clean. Not a spectacular destination, but enjoyable if you’re in the area.

Blair Counts

Great park. Brandywine falls were gorgeous. Like the different viewing platforms. Beautiful drives through the park.

Anton Ludvik

Huge park close to Cleveland that offers a huge variety of activities with plenty of great views, decent facilities, and plenty of parking. I went here on my day off and was glad I did. You can definitely devote multiple days to seeing everything the area has to offer. Make sure to check out the Ledge trail if you are looking for a leisurely hike.

Hazel Rowe

The bike/ tow path was beautiful&very family friendly.we loved doing the Bike Aboard program that gave us a short train ride back to our car for $5 time we'll take more time to enjoy more of the path...

Jonathan Giles

The combination of historical interest, the Erie Canal and an incredible series of parks make the Cuyahoga Valley unique. Some of the best walking and biking areas in the nation.

Calvin Perkins

This is a place in history all can appreciate. Lovely to see

Elle Bea

My husband and I went on a great trip to Cleveland, during our visit we went on a mini hike in the Cuyahoga. We will have to be back to experience the waterfalls!

Jonathan Channell

Great park!!! Plenty of deep hiking trails throughout, waterfalls, bridges and of course, the train. Certainly, a hidden gem outside of Akron.

Grant Rohm

Awesome trails. So much fun to explore. Never a letdown. Unless you take the wrong person.

Debra Schilling

Large. The Tow Path is a beautiful place to bike/run/hike. Good histort lesson too.

Brian Hampton

Lots of trails and easily accessible waterfalls. Very helpful park staff too.

Stetson Thacker

Ohio's only national park! it is traversed by a wonderful towpath and canal. There is so much invigorating wildlife and nature throughout the park. It is a place I cherish as an Ohioan.

Jack Derippa

Great place to bring your pup or kids, trails are mostly stone(not muddy), I didn't see trash anywhere which I found pretty awesome!

Deb Graybill

Delightful. Kids loved the train. Had wonderful people to direct us in viewing sights. Will do again.

James K Klinger

best place to visit for hiking and out door views. Check it out! Go get lost in the woods, take random trails and enjoy it


Enjoying day with full of activities in middle of naturally complete park. We visited in summer and want visit in fall too, bike trail not to be missed, Railway tour will be fun for kids.

Lee Hall

Great low-impact hiking. Beautiful and interesting rock ledges.

Randy Vermeer

Biking the towpath trail is not to be missed. We drove over 4 hours from Ontario and it was definitely worth the trip. The park is beautiful. Well used but not crowded. People are friendly and helpful. We walked a couple of shorter trails as well and they were also really well marked and maintained.

Robert Vano

This is the perfect place to take a long bike ride, a nice hike, or a pleasant drive. I highly recommend trying to find waterfalls, the beaver marsh, the great blue heron nests, and the ledges.

Blake Miner

I mean when there's a national park less than 20 minutes away that you can enjoy for free, that's definitely a plus. But, in addition, you can tell that the community takes pride in the upkeep of this park system. I have only great memories of CVNP, and there's plenty to do if you enjoy the outdoors. You just have to look.

Paul Thoma

A suburban national park close to metropolitan Akron and Cleveland. Accessible from area highways and turnpike, with rich history and in a pleasant valley setting.

Tära Gillanders

A beautiful peaceful piece of history and nature. Many parts are easily accessible for older individuals like my Dad, or you can take the Cuyahoga Valley scenic Railroad to get a nice overview without having to hike or bike miles, but if you are active there are plenty of miles if trails with lots of nature to view

Karen Burns

Love it, great walk. Very pretty

Martin Weaver

Fantastic national park with ample opportunities for those with all outdoor interests. Hiking trails are varied in difficulty, there's a scenic railroad for those with poor mobility, and plenty of options for just driving around and looking at things.


Amazing that this gem exists in north east Ohio. An oasis of nature in a changing country. It is my hope that we can expand on this park to help enrich wild life and native plants. We have made great progress so far. Getting out of the city and into nature at CVNP is a great way to clear your mind and I encourage everyone to respectfully enjoy this park.

Jesse Truman

Never gets old. I've been going there for a long time' still haven't been on every trail.

Ady Aradrimath

Perfect park for trails & hikes..! Don’t miss Brandywine Falls and the Ledges (rocks) A great getaway for couple of days of trailing and hiking. Lush green and a great drive. 5-stars to the staff at the the visitor center. They provided helpful details, tips and directions to the falls and the ledges. Went there in the summer and plan to visit again during the Fall. Enjoy few pics posted here from the visit. Obey the sign posts for your safety!

Lee Diogeneia

I'll tell you what, if we keep letting Trump destroy places like this, we're all going to be sad. It's beautiful. Visit while you still can.

Sandy Sciullo-Baughman

Blossom was a great venue to see the beat rock band ever! Ann Wilson at 69 years of age, looks as beautiful as she dis when she was 39! Hasnt changed a bit and still put on a fabulous show. What an inspiration you are. Nancy totally rocked the stage and was so high energy at 65! You Wilson girls have some awesome Gene's and obviously take great care of yourselves. Keep it up and thanks for the awesome show.


Lovely place for a day hike. Just watch out for the bicycle riders as there are many. There are a couple of restaurants near the railroad if you are hungry after your hike or bike ride.

Eric Ernst

Nice trail or bike trail. Decently maintained.

Sherry Kraus

The bike train is awesome. Construction on one end right now is less than ideal, but that won't last forever. Beautiful trails and great train ride.

Anthony Cornejo

One of my favorite parks in the area. The area is beautiful and very peaceful. Great for walks and bike rides.

Jenna gravelle

Beautiful park and trail! The rock formations are incredible.

Damselfly King

Beautiful, and simply breathtaking. Children will also be entertained, as we took a 2 year old, and had no issues.

Kevin Best

Great for a morning walk. Love the atmosphere and how well kept everything is. Having historic stop points makes your normal walk into a small adventure. I do however wish there was a serrated bike/walk path. I had to constantly dodge cyclists my entire walk.

Catherine Hoffman

Facilities were clean, roadways were pretty litter free. All staff was incredibly helpful and informative. A little disappointed to see so much development on the land, but I hope there are further conservation efforts going forward. Absolutely loved The Ledges hike.

soccer cat

Nice picnic areas but unfortunately much of the rich history of the area has been lost over time partly because the park doesn't get the money "big name" parks do.

HydesGoSeek _

Well maintained grounds and lots to explore. We enjoyed the questing challenges, a clever game of clues and stamps, maps and instructions available online.

Gale Thomas

This park offers a lot for people near and far. Great hiking trails. Good fishing: casting and fly fishing. Waterfalls. Nice visitors center. Worth coming back several times.

Kenneth Adgerson

Absolutely beautiful. Need not say more. Stop by yourself.

Yamuna Nambiar

Nice national park.. dont expect too much and visit the place. Very good for a one day, or weekend trip

Chadd Parritt

What a gem of a park! Absolutely beautiful, nestled right off the highway, so you might think it was less than stunning. You will be pleasantly surprised at the majestic trees and waterfalls, Mother Nature, you got my vote.

Mo Allaire

Beautiful waterfall. Great place to hike, too!

Ana Doroshka

It's a nice place to visit if u live around and just want to spend free time in nature, hike or go on picnic. But definitely not "must see" We spent 5 hours to drive up the and by the end we were like - "That's it?!" It's more like a city or state park. But wouldn't call it national park

Bina Newman

Kinda hard to find way around. But nice park nonetheless. Really enjoyed it

Ryan Cleary

Absolutely beautiful hiking paths! Ended up on the Buckeye trail and Ohio & Erie trail then took the Towpath back. I've been here several times but really love it! There tend to be lots of elevation changes on these routes but that shouldn't be too unexpected. Trails were moderate effort at most challenging points.

Josh Eidenberg

I love this national park. Check out these photos. There's a nature amphitheatre


Best place for a nature download! Go get calm.

Robert Lovell

Rode northern piece of the canal trail, continued into Cleveland area over 2 canle-stayed trail bridges. This area was light industrial. Hemlock side trail was beautiful, with some short, steep grades at the end.

Victoria Gauci

One of my favorite places in the world. My hometown park which has become nationally recognized. She has my heart and I visit her a lot.

Tejaswi Kabra

Beautiful place to spend a day with your family. Brandywine waterfall is popular point in this National Park. There is no food option in the park. Restroom available.

Tara Amberson

Cleveland is one of the best when it comes to nature and the outdoors. Beautiful trails and biking areas.

Kaley Buttars

Beautiful park with well maintained trails and plenty to see. This is an urban national park so there's lots of development including a freeway and homes inside the park. Only had a couple hours to spend here but we enjoyed that there was so much to see that was relatively accessible and easy to get to.

Robert B.

STAY ON THE TRAILS!!! The park is Small, limited parking, over crowded, people smoking on trails, trash everywhere. However it is still scenic. Will only go again if passing through.

Dylan Marsh

Beautiful! I love nature, and there are trees and fern.

Victoria Anderson

I didnt even know there was a national park in Ohio until this weekend. We were able to do everything free of charge and there were easy/manageable trails for inexperienced hikers. Very beautiful and only half an hour from Cleveland.

Tracey Carroll

The Towpath Trail is a gem - well-kept and beautiful, whether you're walking, jogging, or riding a bike. So lucky to have this nearby!

Sena Hermiz

Loved this place! Nature at it's best! We went to the Brandywine Falls and did the tail. We also went to The Ledges and did the tail. Both of them were beautiful in their own ways. The rangers at the Boston Shore visitor center were extremely helpful and very friendly!

Robert J

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a wonderful Oasis that lies between Akron and Cleveland. I enjoy hiking, and picnics at CVNP, but there is plenty more to do. My recommendation for a first-time visitor would be to check out the Virginia Kendall area.

Thomas Haight

The scenery was beautiful and Brandywine falls was gorgeous. We actually got engaged there. Compared to the other National Parks this one is much more urban. If you're looking for a truly wild experience from your park there are others.

Jaime Lynn Smith

Absolutely amazing gem of nature hidden well!! Stunning hawk habitat. Don't pass on the Blue Herons either!

Danielle McKay

Wonderful experience. The trail is clean and clear of debris. Plenty of wildlife.

Nimish Thakore

Nice and easy shaded walk with interesting rock formations in the Ledges. Proximity to roads/vehicles in spots. Very well-maintained.

Anna Courtney

This is a beautiful park system surrounded by city areas. There are many trails, play and picnic areas. There is also a lot of wildlife to see and hear. Gorgeous place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Joseph Zabarsky

24 hours a day, 365 days a year ,if I want something free to do with the family,the tow path trail is one of my favorites

Mark Paschke

Lots of great trails with plenty of variety throughout. One of the more interesting hikes around Ohio, but not generally crowded.

Randy HotWheels Hubbard

Beautiful waterfalls with lookout deck! Great trails!

Shel K

All natural beauty everywhere. Train ride is very cool. All volunteers

Don Juan

Stopped at the farmers market. This is an awesome place for fresh produce in the area. Compared to Whole Foods and Musturd Seed, it wins hands down.

Sharon Zelasko

Great ride, nice people! We so enjoyed the experience! Only complaint is the entire canal is dry and weed grown... Not much of a canal ride experience! I could see the confusion on the child next to us.,when he asked his father how the boats traveled i, the dirt.

Christina Wilkes

Spent 200 dollars on a table in 1st class for a train ride that went one way and back and spent most of it's time idle. Saw nothing but some trees and a sewer pipe. Not sure why it was called 1st class. Nothing but a snack bar 2 cars away. They never checked tickets and the table next to us were squatters from another car. I have ridden steam trains all over the country and this was a major RIP Off.

Jim Ruff

Really impressed with TCT, our first time there but definitely will be back.

David Basile

A good hike, challenging elevation changes, beautiful landscapes, but pay attention as trails don't always seem to be clearly marked.

Melissa Kane

Saw Korn. If you are ever given a chance to go see the take it. Excellent show.

Erik Swanson

This was a very nice park, with tons of things to do and a lot of trails and walkways. They also have a train tour that you can take and see the entire park, but unfortunately we did not get the chance to do that due to time constraints.

Rich Schlue

Such majesty in between man's urbanization efforts is eye opening and a must see/use locale for every resident of NE Ohio!!!

Ian Kausch

A great place to hike on a cool fall evening

Scott B

Just stop and take a look around u see all that? That's why I loved it.

Jonathan Wolf

It's a cool park, especially with how close it is to larger urban areas and that you can basically just drive around and stay on main roads (no park entrance fee). Some nice hiking trails, cool railroad, nice bike trail. But as far as National Parks go? Kinda meh, at least in comparison to others, even those like Shenandoah nearby.

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