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Where is Wilson's Creek National Battlefield?

REVIEWS OF Wilson's Creek National Battlefield IN Missouri

Sarah Maze

Beautiful location! Amazing history. You really need to have time to spend even if you do the drive so you can truly appriciate the history of the area. Used also for exercise and is very calm and serene.

Jerry Williams

Very interesting place. Lots of history.

Win Fialahageman

Wonderful place to experience nature at its best. Wonderful movie about the Civil War at the battlefield great descriptions along the way. It's a wonderful place to visit. Like the City of Springfield

Raymond Brown

Interesting historical area of a civil war battle early in the conflict when Missouri was trying to decide which side it wanted to take. Hard to believe the number of soldiers that were dispersed (around 8 or 9 thousand) in the rather small area that the battle took place. Very good historical trip for all, young and old.

Mee Eic

Very much history..

Christopher M. Bingham

One of our favorite little getaways. River is always cold and refreshing and the kids always find at least one turtle...

Suzette Patton

Civil War history as taught in school is nothing compared to being able to drive and walk around a very well preserved battle location. Wow! A very memorable and informative experience.

Jim Gardner

Excellent experience. Very nice museum, video and presentations.

Betsy Combs

Interesting historical battlefield....wish it had been warmer. Drive through loop was worth the time.

Rich Cummings

This was a wonderful park experience! Well worth a multi-hour trip. There is a lot to see, experience, and learn. I recommend the driving option. There are multiple spots to stop and see, and even walk multi-mile trails. We couldn't have walked to main road and the multiple trails into the field.

Geneva Harness

Great place to get back to nature while getting in a great workout!

Michele Kirsch

Great little gem!! Great museum!! Staff was very friendly!

Carol Bundsgaard

Much more extensive of a battlesite than one would think.

Steve Silvas


Nick Guarino

I highly recommend this visitor center and museum. They have top-notch, interpretive displays that do an excellent job at explaining the complexity of the Civil War, but with a focus on Missouri that was eye-opening for me. Make a point to stop by when you're at the battlefield.

Tienchai Puangnak

Beautiful place and fill with knowledge about our history.

Kraig H

Went here for a recent trip with a class to take a course. Had a great time with plenty to go see. Get ready to do a lot of walking and hiking to learn a lot of history about the Civil War. Even if you're not a civil war buff the history here is interesting and it's worth checking out.

Rebecca Trapp

NPS Civil War battlefield. History trails paved roads

Joe Maghe

A great, remote setting for the park. The visitors center is quite good and is scheduled to undergo a major renovation this fall.

Steve Stewart

Good info movie. $20 for drive thru way overpriced for fall.

Karen Grady

Only went to the visitors center, but have some pretty cool displays and fun facts about history. It was better than I expected. Will return for the tour, cannon firing, and more.

Brent Davidson

Another great museum. And actually setting foot on the battlefield is humbling.

Barbara Thomas

I went to a ceremony there and I was amazed at the rich history of the place the ceremony ended with a Canon salute i even went to an old historic house that was used as a hospital for the soldiers who were fighting the war it was great

Warbird Lover

Amazing park, so much history. The museum and movie were very well done and the rangers extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We sat in on a civil war medical presentation, it was great! Due to weather we weren't able to take full advantage of the stops on the drive through tour, we'll be back though!

Shannon Wise

Great place to take in nature and enjoy quiet time.

Mc KitKat

Looked like a nice place... We were rushed for time. Seen some Deer

Natalie SilverRaven

Awesome history!! American treasure in teaching about the Civil War.

Dan S

Great NPS site for Civil War buffs. Nice facilities, interesting museum, and well-manicured grounds make this a must-stop if you're in the area. It's not particularly far from other Civil War sites, so you can make a day of it.

Kyla Mahoney

Spent many hours here in running the many miles of trails or the tour road. Love that there is a separate lane for pedestrians. It is kept very clean and the trails are well maintained. Bathrooms are always clean also.

Erin Edwards

So pretty! Love the trails as always. Very clean well kept park. Not super crowded. My girls love all the cool historic stuff to see.

Erin Horst

I love it here. So much history, the museum is great. Lots of information in the visitors center. The people are very informed and love to share their knowledge.

Halliedew Anderson

A nice 5 mile shared drive, bike, walk, or horse back ride around the park. It has 8 parking stops with telephone connected guide along the way. There are only a few remaining structures from the original battlefield site and some cannons. It has grassy trails that are a little further off the parking sites for additional hiking, etc, The entrance has a little bit of pictorial and a few artifacts for the history of the location and this is handicap accessible. There are no bathrooms along the way and the handicap accessibility is more by the road. This is a National Park so the National park pass works or you can buy a day pass for $20 or just the pass for this location. The informational posts covered basic information

rhonda aliah

Very informative and good trails

Stephen Miller

I had been to Wilson's Creek several years ago; and I decided it was time to take my wife there. A while back we both bought senior lifetime passes to federal facilities for $20 each. You can get the same pass today for $80, still a deal if you travel a lot. This time we caught the movie at its beginning. It is worth the time to watch, especially if you are a novice to the history of this battle. The park is beautiful. You can walk, ride your horse or drive through the battlefield area. As other reviewers have mentioned. there are stops along the road with informative signs that explain your viewpoint and what went on at that spot. Seeing a bunch of indigo buntings was just frosting on the cake. The museum and gift shop are top rate; and the guys who work there have a passion for their work. I walked in wearing my "Iron Brigade" t-shirt and immediately got into a nice conversation with two reb reenacters. Wilson's Creek might not be the most famous battle of the Civil War; but it was a vicious scrap that cost the lives of 535 men, north and south. If Sigel hadn't collapsed it would have been a Federal victory. The park is a really nice place to spend, at least, an afternoon. Bird watching, hiking, picnicking, history and a gorgeous environment makes this park a place you will not want to miss. Huzzah!

Emily Crain

This is an amazing site. I had chills and got emotional walking/driving around the battlefield. It almost felt like soldiers would come out of the woods at any minute and resume fighting. The battlefield is well preserved as are the houses and out buildings. There are lots of lovely trails. The driving path around the battlefield is 5 miles or you can walk it if you want. It is $20 per carload to get into three battlefield area but the visitor's center and museum are free. The museum has wonderful displays about the battle at Wilson's Creek as well as Missouri's role in the Civil War. There is also an excellent video that's about 30 minutes long that you can watch as well. The gift shop has some great stuff (books and civil war era toys). There is also an area for picnics and some vending machines. Bathroom facilities are only available at the visitor's center and they are very clean as well! This is one site you really shouldn't miss!

Elijah Stiefel

Pretty good. We actually got in for free because it was after 5, but I don't think it was supposed to be free. The parking and roads are nice, and so are the trails. And you can really get to know the knowledge about the battle that happened here.

Jill Easton

This is one of the better National Parks I have visited. The museum is excellent. The film is a bit long but very informative-it made the trip around the fighting area much more real. Bloody Ridge became a very real place. Our grandchildren 11 and 7 loved running up and down the hills and playing soldier with their new canteens and caps. One went Blue and the other Gray. This led to an excellent discussion about whether the North or the South was right. The docent who told us about the hospital did an excellent job and the hospital/home was well decorated with period pieces. We had a great time.

Hack My Control System

Hospitable and accommodating staff. Great canon demonstration. I took one star off as the views were really reduced by all the overgrowth, but gave it back for the doggy water fountain.

George Denezek

We were greeted by someone right when we walked in the door, and asked if they could help. The staff shares a wealth of information and this is a must see for everyone. The trails also offer a great place to ride bikes, horses or run. We will be back!

Nathan Ziegler

Terrific place for walking, running, and especially cycling. I see others riding on horseback on extensive trails. Few places with challenging and fast-paced hills exist for cycling without vehicle traffic, so this is a gem. The museum and history are also a great plus.

Patricia Asher

My grandson is a big civil war buff. We hiked the first area.

Chris Merz

Great place to stop for a couple of hours if you are cutting thru MO. In the big scheme of things a minor battle site but significant in the Western theatre of the war. The driving loop is very convenient as we were there in winter. Visitor center has a small museum.

Larry Nelson

Very educational experience. Beautiful park--needs to be walked to be truly appreciated.

Rhonda Regier

Great place abd lots of history.

Stephen Stout

A great Civil War battlefield. A must see for all Missourians and history buffs.

M Dale

Great historical site. The Park Rangers were an amazing help. My kids earned the Junior Ranger patch program. They earned the pin and a patch. They learned a lot and enjoyed the walk through the battle field. Nature is really amazing here with butterflies landing on the kids and deers walking through the roads to the forest.

Bob Cherveny

Really learned a lot about the history of Missouri.

Tanner Pettit

Great place for a self guided tour. Free for active duty military. You can drive your car to many spots and walk to see even more. Bring water and have plenty of time available.

John Thaemlitz

Great trip and trails for children & adults. Well stocked library as well.

Adam Wiener

Very natural Civil War battlefield and well maintained by the national park service.

Roger O'Bryan

National Park with great history. They have a museum and a drive through self guided tour that I really enjoyed. If you are a Vetran, Senior Citizen or Disabled Vetran or Senior check out the special rates or free entrance to Parks around our great country. Don't forget to get a passport book and get your stamps.

Ron Cate

Beautiful location, gruesome history but it's OUR history. Was great to "experience" it 1st hand 150 years later.

Doug Swiger

Laid out nice and easy to get around

Brian McCormack

We love visiting battlefields our grandfathers were mustered to fight on. This site is very well preserved we will visit again

Jonathan Dowell

Excellent birding in splendid habitats of forests and glades. Excellent road and trail facilities. Excellent historical resources.

Adana Fishback

Beautiful place! Lots of interesting history to learn about, trails to walk or ride your horse, and a beautiful drive!

Steven Kloske

It's our history. It's what it took to get us to where we are. We are not a perfect nation but no other nation is what we are. That's why so many come here. This is a piece of our history we had to go through.

Issy W

Place was well kept. Disapointed in not seeing any buildings or encampments.

Amanda Sweetpeach

Nice place to visit when they are having demonstrations

charles wood

Historic area with a nice visitor center and a lot of information. Lots of areas to hike and there is even a bike lane around it.

Amber Mccroskey

This area is gorgeous in the spring. Volunteers were wonderful.

David Stambaugh

Loved the relaxed atmosphere with great exhibits and an extensive library.

Greg Ransom

Great place to spend to take the family.

John Wylie

Great to have such a place and historical area so close.

Devony Grisham

The history behind it all is amazing.

Aiden Kelleher

This was an easy 5 mile loop in the car:) Our phone audio tour kept breaking up:( Still, we watched the film before our car tour and had a good idea of want was going on:) The Rangers in the visitors center were GREAT:) Simply enjoyed talking to them:) Enjoyed the gift area and bought several items:) Our favorite part was blood hill:) Good job on signage explaining what took place on and around this area:) It was nice walking the northern line on top and around blood hill:) Standing where our General went down was humbling:( Great visit!

Kristina Shourd

Beautifully kept grounds. We visited on a week day, and practically had the place to ourselves. Helpful and nice guide at the front, and the museum was amazing and had many, many artifacts. A mist visit battleground.. Beautiful, historical place.

Samuel Oquendo

Great historical value in this national park! The staff works diligently to conserve the area and structures that served as key terrain during the battle of Wilson's Creek (Bloody Hill/Oak Hill) during the American Civil War! You'll find various Union and Confederate artifacts, equipment, and weapons in the museum.

April Poirier

Very informative. We love it there. Such beauty out there.

James Conaway

Amazing place... Great staff that is friendly and helpful.

Ashley Astolfi

5-mile loop with 8 stops. Narrated tour via phone (dial number associated with different points along the tour) is helpful and interesting. Some weekends there are live re-enactments. Serene and yet haunting place with many short hikes available. Exercisers use the loop as well.

Thomas Joseph Breslin

Any student of history will be blown away by the quality of the museum tore and a library archive that has few parallels. The markers on the battlefield help you to imagine the experience of the actual solders as you actually follow in their foot steps. This stop is always worth my time.

DoThe RightThing

Awesome place to walk around, by the creek, or through the fields. Great place to walk a dog.

James Wells

It's a great little park area! Lots of history and a few things to look at......BUT.... honestly, there could be a porta-potty in the parking lot for the Ray House and one at the parking lot at stop 7. My scouts and I were taking care of our 10 mile hiking requirement. Taking care of "business" on the grounds was not the preferred option. The other option was to wait until we got to the Ranger Station again.

Tomi Benedict

Awesome. General Price is my family

Mindi Ferguson

Very pristine civil war battlefield! Great place for hiking with easy trails.

Chris Kamin

We took the luminary drive thru the park which happens once a year. This event is free. It was absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to next year. It has also inspired us to take a drive thru during the day to see the history of the park.

Susan Kim

Wilson's Creek is important because the battle which was fought here kept Missouri in the Union. It was the first large battle fought west of the Mississippi, and cost the Union its first general. Wilson's Creek Visitor Center does a very good job explaining the passions at work which led to the Civil War, and Missouri's unique part in that story. A film which includes an introduction to the park by Ken Burns, vividly tells the story of the battle. Displays inside the Visitor's Center contain arms, uniforms, and personal effects of soldiers. A lighted battlefield display allows visitors to watch the battle unfold. There is also a gift shop which includes books about the battle and the Civil War.

Karen Tucker

Horse trail, hiking & biking trails, and informative plaques everywhere! You can miss a few if you don't do any walking. The Visitor Center will be closed for renovation for a year to year-and-a-half starting November 1st, 2019. The Park itself will not be closed, though!

Aaron Landrum

Excellent battlefield. Excellent facilities and the driving tour is great.


Very awesome allot hours of time to ensure you get the whole affect.

Gibson Girl

Had an amazing time here. Definitely worth a visit. Our favorite part was a talk one of the park rangers did on military medical practices during the Civil War.


There is some much history out there that it took me two days to explore.

Thomas Mooney

Loved it every American should go

Destiny Redmon

Trails are well maintained and so are the grounds. Staff is very knowledgeable on the history of the civil war and then some. A beautiful wildlife scenery

Copernicus Czyzniejewski

The historical value is great! I would recommend it if you're driving through Missouri, or live near this place!

Diane Marie Noblett- Trujillo

Our visit here was amazing! Clean, professional and informative! This is well worth your time to step back in Missouri history!


There was no transportation so you're forced to walk miles. It was a cool experience though.

Teressa Reeves

Starts off with movie that sets up the battle very well. The self-tour is well laid out. And the final stop is not to be missed; it gives a person an incredible perspective of an incredibly violent day. The rangers absolutely know their stuff & are very helpful. Great day. Thank you.

Jimmy Barngrover

If you visit Bloody Hill you can still feel a heaviness in the air. Men gave all they could here, because they believed in something

Beverly Purvis

I encourage anyone and everyone to experience this time in history. It was very informative, as well as, sad days for our country in division of itself. Loved it!

bailey morse

Amazing place. So much history and the walking trails are great.

Jesseka Jones

Clean water perfect swimming area

Joshua Brenn

Interesting set up, It's a drive through National Park tour. You get the tour tokens in the gift shop.

Lesallan Bostron

Great history And Friendly Visitor associates. Very knowledgeable in civil war.

Bryan Jeffrey

A lot of walking and I thought there would be more to see. ..Wondering why it was 20 dollars to get in to be honest

Jim Weissler

First class staff and explained the history

Dennis Garrett

We stopped by Wilson's Creek on the way back from the WWI museum in KC. What a way to enhance the drive home! The battlefield is a drive through or you can ride your bike or hike it if you're up to it. I'm not sure exactly how many miles it is around the battlefield, but there's quite a bit of elevated ups and downs (if your walking or riding). The battlefield itself has quite a few cannons and quite a few informational plaques. There is not really any statues or the like. There's a stone monument for Union General Lyon, but that's about it concerning any "monuments". There's a couple of houses that were an important part of the battle story. There's a really nice film showing at the museum building (where you buy your tickets and gift shop)... I'd highly recommend watching the film if you're unfamiliar with the battle. It's well produced and quite informative. You can also dial a number on your cell phone when you're at one of the stops (the numbers are posted at each stop and may be included on the battlefield map) and get a pretty informative audio story of each stop. It's really a beautiful area in light of the tragic loss of life of the event. Wilson's Creek played an important role in the western front of the Civil War; especially as a precursor to the battle at Pea Ridge and the status of Missouri within the Union. It's a nice memorial to the memory of those that fought here and a good reminder so that future generations of our country don't forget the sacrifice of all those involved. Definitely take a visit if you can!

Chris Swinney

Great historic site. Drive through on the "tour road" to take it easy, or hike it all if you're feeling ambitious.

Larry Hobbs

The visitors center and museum are very interesting and the film describing the run up to this battle and it's significance is excellent. The ranger we spoke with was knowledgeable. enthusiastic, and friendly. My only negative is the driving tour of the battlefield. The cell phone narration could have been done much better. It did not paint a picture of what you are seeing and that is a shame. Having done a lot of these driving tours, this one needs work. That being said, this is still a place the history junkie or Civil War buff needs to see. The war in Missouri is something that is seldom talked about or understood.

Chance Robinson

This place is amazing so many hiking trails and interesting facts about the war


Incredible place. Well preserved historical landmark.

christina dillon

Awesome place. Beautiful! Great and very informative volunteers. I've brought Eldon kids here 3 years now. Great trip every time

Just Onnest

Great place to learn about local history in a very engaging way. I thought the tour guide was extremely helpful and informative. They have an excellent museum and plenty of cool landmarks to explore.

Angie Hoggard

Tons of history. Watch the film first! Then drive, bike, ride your horse or walk (5 miles) the park. Don't forget insect repellant for ticks

Bonnie Bertoldie

Beautiful scenery, great place to ride horses!

Craig Majewski

A beautiful place for the history that took place here. The ranger was very knowledgeable and put up with my questions. This was a spur of the moment stop and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Jonathan Hubbard

We went with a group of Cub Scouts and they did a wonderful job. We not only got to see the museum and the battlefield but the Ranger also should the kids some stuff that wasn't on display and then spoke directly to what we've been learning about and really help tie it all together

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