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Where is Mark Twain National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Mark Twain National Forest IN Missouri

Lance D. 'The Wolf' Quick

Always a great place to get away from the fast pace of life today. Always relaxing and if you watch close there's plenty of wildlife to see.

Ashley Franklin

Great place to float. Camped at the Bass River Resort. Had an amazing time with friends!

William Daven

You may have been many places in your life... but Missouri National Forest will blow you away when you least expect it...

Robert Pinnegar Jr.

Didn't go today but I've been before and it's more than worth the visit! I highly recommend going there if you get the chance! Very family friendly!

Chandra Hopkins

Big wooded area lots of trees squirrels seem to like it

Yvette Rowland

The River of Life Farms is a excellent place to stay.. They have awesome Tree house cabins.. The Owner is very nice he is an Awesome Man..

Christine Koenig

Love getting my water here, and the country drive only 10 mi.from Fredericktown, Mo .!!! Off 72 E , after Castor River Bridge take CR 247 So.afew miles, go across 2 creek beds, go on forward at fork.See on the R.

Colin Cummings

Beautiful place. Cell service is spotty but GPS works just fine. This didn't bother us at all, as it was our father's day gift to be able to get out and go on a three night and three day hike.

Steve Conrad

Our scout troop hiked 41 miles on the Middle Fork and Bell Mountain sections of the Ozark Trail from the Hwy J trailhead to the North Bell Mountain trailhead. The trail was well marked and relatively easy. It is almost constantly up or down with a few flat spots as you walk around some of the ridges. Water was easy to get and it was generally clear and often cold. We did treat it with iodine and had no issues. There were no water sources on Bell Mountain. The geology was spectacular with quartz crystals and some kind of colorful striped flint like rock. The dry stream beds were full of geode like crystal formations. The wet streams were all easy to cross other than Strother Creek. I would recommend getting the National Geographic trail maps from the Ozark Trail website.

Matthew Herring

Very nice national Park. Beware of snakes. Had a lot of fun at Elephant Rock. Good place to spend hours at.

Tyler Effinger

Amazing adventures, tons of things to do. Float trips are my family's favorite

Jennifer Bishop

Its so beautiful and a great place to have an outing.

Sage Izadi

I love every visit here.

Anita Augustine

I love Roaring River State Park, which is located within Mark Twain National Forest! I have come to this place since I was 5 years old and I am now a senior citizen and love it even more. It is a perfect place to fish, picnic, walk my dogs, say "hello" to first time visitors, and, of course, RELAX and take in the beauty of this wonderful place!

Janet Dellinger

Great place to spend some time walking or hiking or contemplating.

Suella Miller

Clean well maintained structures and trails.

David Winn

The people who are Forest service employees are dedicated to conservation and servings the public. One of the few real American institutions that I am proud of.

Ernest Messex

One of bunch of really beautiful and great parks that are there for you to enjoy.

Nina Stone

My parents have a place in here and just being in nature, being able to walk around and just enjoy how quiet and peaceful it is makes such a difference. It helps you unwind and I enjoy watching the turtles, lizards, and hummingbirds from our deck.

John Baker

Just a beautiful place to see and experience!

Kristen Kruger

It's a beautiful place. Always something to see. A nice place to unplug!

Connie Rogers

Was a great place to visit if you have never been there before . just don't get lost lol

Darren James

Ticks are bad there this year but the staff is great. The camp sites are very nice and they have park rangers the patrol. Love camping there.

leanna chapman

So, peaceful love this place. We go here alot , when life is stressful, or we just need to get away or take the kids from the tv. We come here and either set and listen to the water. Or swim. Or just hang out at a table in the park

M.L. Thompson

Not for everyone. Experienced hikers only. Bear country, be careful.

Alten Treece

Lived there all my life. Beautiful wildlife and historic sites

Devon Hall

Great place to hike, unique landscapes and large hills all around for climbing! Spent like 3 hours here and I'd bet we explored less than 1% of the park. Can't wait to go again and just wander around!

brent haefner

Berryman Trail is great for hiking, backpacking, running, trail biking, and horseback riding.

Josette Lynch

The Mark Twain National Forest has alot to offer in recreation. All sites have picnic areas and bathrooms. Pinewood section is a great fishing spot, no swimming at this one. There is swimming at Current River, and Rocky Falls! Big Springs is quite the view!

Melissa Rheault-Taylor

Beautiful and quiet and just a place to relax with a loved one

Snog Boy

This is forest is perfect. Come here on the weekend with the kids!

Julia Foster

Went horseback riding and it was quiet and very clean for a public area.

Michael Baras

Great place to hike. Great stream and scenery. Bring plenty of water.

Aiden Johnson

A fun experience, went here for a 2 day hiking trip and mostly took the back routes, very little trash and other people. Beautiful nature. Hitting my self for not taking pictures :(

James rogers

Going when i was a kid and experiencing how the lives of those in the time period was better than just reading about it. You seen how they lived and how they dealt with the hardships they encountered.

Heather Hatfield

Absolutely gorgeous! Canoed the Kings River which was very peaceful and compared to some other places I've canoed on Labor Day weekend this one is family friendly fun but yet not insanely crazy where you're trying to dodge drunks in the middle of the river like another place I went once on Labor Day weekend. Now if you want to have head-banging music competing on both sides of your camp ground and a bunch of drunks in your way showing their privates then I would suggest Noel Missouri.


We had lots of fun catching fish. I'm not very experienced when it comes to fishing but we actually caught quite a few bass, sunfish, and bluegill. And some frogs and tadpoles too. There are also tons of butterflies and birds down here. It's really beautiful. Overall, I really enjoyed spending time out here. It was very nice.

Corey Burks

It was great at the Johnson shut ins. Seeing all of the huge boulders that had been carried by the river and settled along the shut-inside were super cool... It was hard to imagine boulders larger than a Ford super duty were carried by the current and set along this area

Jon Bird

I truly enjoy this area. There are so many different sites. Just be mindful of your surroundings. There are bears in these parts. Please remember to pick up after yourself, and clean up after others.

Mind Warriors

I grew up on land that had Mark Twain on all four sides. A little farm outside of Willow Springs Missouri. I've grown very fond to the forest in Mark Twain, hunting fishing, exploring and camping. I've spent alot of my childhood and adult life in these forest. You get a peace of mind when out here. Beautiful land.

Aurelio Quintana

The best and number one Mexican buffet the best employee s and cheap prices .and food to go ... delicious mmm

Steven Day

It would have been better if I was not driving a big rig with 40,000+ through there. I will say it was pretty.

Chris Burch

I came out here on a service call for no AC. Theres also NO stores NO gas stations and most of all NO cell phone service. Cell service is spotty at best. As far as the stores, there may have been some past where I turned off but not sure. I can say though.......i would love to have my home out here. Absolutely peaceful with neverending scenery. And yes ill be back........tomorrow. I didnt have the motor I needed on the truck Friday so going back Mon morning to put it on.

Stacey Fris

I find the trees and bushes are plentiful. You can easily hide behind one to pee. I did notice the leaves were rough when I wiped. If toilet paper could be available it would be appreciated! God Bless America and Mark Twain National Forest!!

anakin durron

It is summer so it was very green and leafy. Birds singing deer frolicking. 5/5 would recommend

Ever Starcatcher

This place is peaceful and quiet. The scenery is also excellent. However, the trails are short and it does not take long for one to stumble upon the surrounding cabins.

Mary Bates

Great part of the Nat. Forest Really enjoyed our stay. The many Walking Sticks keept us company

Justin Ulmer

Stunning ozark forests in the heart of Missouri. You wont be sorry that you explored this expansive park. Truly a beautiful place worthy of the parks namesake.

haley kay

Bell mountain is one of my favorite hiking trails! Lots of bugs in the summer so autumn is definitely the time to go

Nathaniel Sauerwin

Just drove through to go looking at property but it's beautiful lots forest and rivers

Dan Buettner

Beautiful state park in Missouri. Plan a trip and donate to the park!

Frances Emery

Beautiful place to visit. Take your bottles of water. A lot of walking involved but worth it. Small restaurant was unprepared for lunch crowd. They tried but couldn't provide much

sandy shawley

Beautiful place to ride... Could use a little maintenance on the trails... Any day on horse back is a good day of course!

Paul Cliver

Great place-- always has been still is well kept nice place.

Eric Elam

Love Mark Twain! Berryman Campground is a great place to camp in MTNF

Seth Waite

The views are amazing when the trees clear and you find yourself overlooking amazing vistas. The dense woods provide a magical place to explore and find streams, caves, and even waterfalls. Then you add places that are prepared for playing with grass, picnic tables, and creeks and you get all the best of a park.

jacob rose

Went down to Bass River Resort for my first float it was a great time with awsome people

Marc Crowe

Beautiful scenery and great people. Always a good place for family vacations, highly recommend. Cheap gas Cheap but good food Souvenirs

John Sanders

I actually live in this area. There are so many fishing, hunting, hiking, and wild edible harvesting opportunities all with backdrops of the beautiful Ozarks mountains. There is so many chances to see wildlife. It's a great place to visit or live.

Dr.Phil Bigone

Beautiful area to walk and enjoy the scenery. I love listening to the water falling from the rocks. Very peaceful.

Michelle Kinder

The forest is of pure beauty, with everything to do to have an electronics free time of relaxing with nature of seeing wildlife to just collecting sanity.


Mark Twain national Forest has some of the neatest curved roads for riding motorcycles there are in the country most of them are down towards the South around the gorgeous lakes that Missouri has

Patty Thompson

The food was hot or tasteful, it was one of the nastiest Chinese food I ate, sorry folks but I don't know what happened to the place but I think it is going down hill, we didn't even finish our food, and very little ice in the drinks and the drinks was just a little over half full.

Dustin Schrieber

One of my favorite places in the world! Trails, rivers, and camping to suit all styles and ages. Worth the trip from anywhere!

Mike Snyder

MTNF is beautiful! Complete wilderness for people who like to get out in the woods. Just make sure you check for ticks when you're done

Janet O'Connor

Very nice place to tour and see the sights..

Bobbi Boyer

Beautiful, so much shade. When it's hot outside this d spot. Got swimming holes, BBQ grills, u can't beat it.

John Potter II

I grew up here and it's so beautiful. There's so much to see and learn here in the ozarks.

Daisy Rayns

I think the Mark Twain national forest is awesome! It's mother nature at her finest. Best times to visit would be spring and fall the weather is the best and not so many bugs. We found this little guy wondering around all by himself.

Kristina Ralph

Wonderful experience here! I came not knowing what to expect and found a beautiful trails, and gorgeous scenery. Staff was very helpful and well-placed to help visitors get to where they needed to go. Riding the golf carts through the canyon was a lot of fun. I enjoyed my visit and would definitely return here.

Ozark Mountain Outdoor Adventures

Mark Twain National Forest is so vast I'm not sure this will be an accurate review. However, I have been looking to expand my knowledge of Mark Twain and I can say with my limited experience in am truly impress with this National Forest. If you are a Missouri resident be thankful we have such a wonderful natural resource available relatively easy to access. With the new hunting apps and National Forest maps it is easier than ever to find the best area for your Outdoor Adventure of choice. Plenty of well maintained roads and trails for hiking and hunting or camping. Always conatct the National Forest Department for your questions about any regulations on fish, wildlife or restrictions for designated areas.. All in all feeling Blessed to be able to get out in God's Creation...

Roger Coleman

So close to the hustle of city living, really calms the soul. Check out Echo bluff state park, maybe even stay there for a night if possible. It's a beautiful part of our country.

Stephanie Graeter

Beautiful scenery for a picnic while traveling. We viewed the Current River with clear green tinted water. Park staff were friendly and obviously keep the picnic area well maintained. Thanks for a beautiful place to stretch our legs and enjoy the great outdoors.

Gregory Kiburz

Cool place to visit of your driving thru it worth stopping and just looking at all the nature

Syd Owens

Honestly I just love nature, and MTNF is one of the best places worldwide to experience said nature.

Dora The explorer

It's beautiful landscape out there .me and my sister rode out to k hwy .yesterday to do a little mushroom hunting we hit pay dirt found all I needed plus some for a few friends.i love the outdoors and I love mark Twain national forest .if u enjoy doing anything outdoors this my friend a place to visit the beautiful outdoors

Meghana Raja

Lots of great hikes to be found out here, but beware that it's not maintained like a state or national park, so make sure you know where you're going and be prepared to walk into many spider webs on the trail

Kristine Hernandez

I did notice the leaves were rough when I wiped. If toilet paper could be available it would be appreciated! God Bless America and Mark Twain National Forest!!

aaron bearup

This place all wild-lifey and stuff. Spiders and ticks and chiggers everywhere. Absolutely no cell service. The streams haven't been treated with chlorine and are likely teaming with bacteria. The stars are so bright and frogs and crickets are so loud its hard to sleep. And the ground is lumpy! You'd be way more comfortable staying at the Holiday Inn. I promise!

chip Tabor

The national forest is always a great place to go and visit Mark Twain is an awesome one

Jeffrey Mills

Pleasant and relaxing. Great place for activities. Plenty of trails and pretty good trout fishing as well.

Jim Rush

Beautiful river scene and an amazing spring that pumps out over 70k gallons of water a day. Cold and refreshing on a hot summer day!

Terrie Dutton

Just look the picture says it all perfect!

Charlie Kennedy

One of the most beautiful places. A must visit in this area

D watson

Driving through Mark Twain was easily the best thing about Missouri. I love a good scenic drive, but the Midwest, in my opinion, doesn't offer much. I'll have to go see it more thoroughly. Go see it for yourself!


Can't beat experiencing beautiful nature. Went rafting and it's such a relaxing trip.

Lela Cahill

Beautiful views. Nice drive thru the park


Plenty to see & do. Very Large forest in Missouri with lots of rivers, creeks, lakes, hiking trails, and camping areas. Beautiful forests.

Andy Trusty

Beautiful scenery relaxing drive definitely worth the drive will be going back

jeff fraka

Loved the trails that I hiked, workers were there spraying trees, not much for wildlife this day, way too hot, going back in the fall

Ira Wilson

I always love when I can get back up in the hills it's very peaceful and a great place to relax and enjoy all nature's glory.

Michael Harper

It was great place to visit. Went to a couple different places. Looking for place to stay at

Chris Philbrick

Beautiful area, tornado hit near here awhile visiting.


Loved the 2 mile hike through horse theif falls so beautiful up there

Steven Buchanan

Naturally made. Naturally unaltered by naturally..people who care.

Kelly Cooper

Peaceful and quiet beauty of nature always left me in peace the solitude helped me sorted out my pea brain

Bill Bonebrake

I've always enjoyed spending time in nature, and Mark twain national Forest is so big, there's all kinds of places to check out. Depending on what area you go to, there's public fishing access, hiking/biking trails, and just about every natural thing, living or inanimate, that exists in Missouri can be found inside its boundaries.

Randy Bourland

Lots of trees and crawly things awesome place if you love nature

Tiffany Crawford

The large deck on the Ranch house is superb, it's a new addition from last year. We spent more time there than anywhere else. Sleeps about 12 adults and 5-6 children comfortably. There is a pond with excellent fishing a nearby creek and 3 bathrooms, not enough, but we made it work.

Sherii Parrett

Beautiful, tall pine trees. We actually went to a church camp - Pinecrest. but it is near Arcadian Valley. Elephant Rock state park and Johnson shutins are within an hour. Cool places to see.

June Babb

It is so BEAUTIFUL!!! New owner's Jenny n Greg are ROCKIN IT!!! Great job! You All did so much to prepare for are arrival!! Thank You, see you next month. River speechless!

Sylvia Thomlison

It was amazing!!!! My bf and I went there and loved every inch of the beautiful forest we encountered. Well maintained and natural. Its beautiful and a great place for pictures and hiking. Wonderful place I will return to!!

Roger Keeler

I would like to know how to set my phone to not tell everyone where I am or where I've been. As far as the forest is concerned, I enjoy it very much.

Dale Hall

Keeps listing that I've visited, but actually kind of surrounds our farm. And yes do love it here. Great hunting and trails right behind us

Anthony Ohlandt

Never saw this bridge or any water I can think of but the tall trees where awsome.

Deloris Edwards

Logging operations have really detracted from the beauty of the area. Depressing.

Andrew Benefield

Mark Twain National Forest is a great to explore. Lots of opportunities to camp, fish or just get away. Beautiful scenery and if you're careful enough, plenty of wildlife.

Jess Stevens

Most prettiest place ever to go n chill n def take the float trip if u bring ur tubes n walk the little trail to the prettiest, biggest swimming hole

Nathan Richardson

I live in the middle of it, so I have to give it 5 stars. It is hard to beat the vistas in the Ozark mountains. You won't regret a visit.

Darrell McClanahan 111

I live near the Hercules Glades Taney County Ozark County Missouri very beautiful enjoy driving through the park only reason I didn't give it five stars is that it's owned by the federal government it should be under the state's control states rights the 10th Amendment I would suggest if you have a chance to drive through Glade Top Road and the Hercules Glades do it it's very beautiful there's an old fire tower they have left abandoned they either need to tear it down or turn it back into an observation for people to go up and see the beautiful Ozark Mountains God Bless America long live the republic make America great again

Brittany Stephens

Beautiful place to visit! Lots of trails for hiking and four wheeling as well as shaded areas.

Dustin Trisch

Mark Twain is huge and full of great places to visit. Tons and tons of different adventures for you and the family.

Rain Blue

Love the atmosphere and the people that work here great

Andrew Sikes

Always a treat getting to visit any mark train parks and areas. Usually keep clean and maintained beat they can being a public use area. Love the trails and areas. Some amazing views if your willing to put on hike boots and take a day or longer trip. Ozark trail is also a very cool trail and place to visit. Always look forward to getting to visit areas and look forward to next time

SJ Crandall

I'm looking forward to exploring here more, so much to see!!

Theresa Otten

Camping was great! Nice private sites. Clean restrooms!

Roger Webb

There's always something to do, beautiful park.

Meredith Brown

So serene. Love the OT through here. Shout out to AmeriCorps St Louis and the USFS for doing awesome work keeping this forest pristine!

James Duncan

Did a trail run here. It was my first ever and man was it challenging. But the scenery in Mark Twain National Forest is breathtaking. The experience I had in this beautiful landscape has turned me into a trail runner and an even bigger outdoor enthusiast.

Kandi Newton

Beautiful blue spring comes out of the side of the mountain and boils up from under the river bed and flows into the north fork of the white river that eventually meets with the Bryant River at the forks at Tecumseh Bridge which then becomes one of the many tributaries that feeds the north fork lake that continues on into Arkansas.... The National Forest runs along many miles of these rivers and lakes and spreads out into beautiful mountain ranges hunting areas hiking trails and trail riding for horses and atvs where posted that they are permitted.

Robert Moreland

Missouri parks and national forest are some of the best around.

Tina Nugent

Very Beautiful park.....enjoy the scenery and enjoy feeding the fish.

tim owsley

Looking for adventure look know more fishing hiking resting camping cabins.

george salyer

Called 'the Gateway to the Ozarks,' Poplar Bluff is located in the boot heel of Missouri. It is where it is flat to east and south and hilly to the north and west. Having stated that, simply gorgeous are them hills and hollers, deer dart out in front of you while wild turkey can be heard causing a ruckus competing for your attention, if you listen closely. Get out there, explore see Missouri.

Duane Scharf

Highway 76 is Fantastic for motorcycles or sports car.! My GTI loved it!


Just off the Lower Narrows trailhead near Steelville MO.

Tommy Oliver

If u love the outside this a place to go and see sites

Brady Nealon

Very clean place for very light Off road Driving. As long as you stay on the marked Paths Its No problem at all. County and Forest Roads are the Best from what Ive Driven. Some steep inclines and a few rocks, but mostly lightly graveled scenic roads.

A Cam

Overall, a great experience. The trail isn't marked accurately on the website. It's a moderate hiking trail, but its actually 13 miles instead of 11. Still, it made for a great day and the view was legit. A bit difficult to find this trail by the Mark Twain sign and a drive to get to, but it's an all day event.

Mike McGaha

First time we went ( 4 months ago or so), Ranger Rick ( that's a made up name for the campground caretaker) recommended the trail of death for my family. My daughter has a small 4 wheeler and is inexperienced and he knew this. I literally had to tow her back to the campground because it was so bad. Not impressed with him. The park is nice. Trails are nice and as well kept us as possible. They seem to use the honor system for camping. Be honest friends!

Nora Buchanan

I love taking drives and picnicking in different areas of the Mark Twain. It is so peaceful and serene. I love the wildlife.

Lewis Hardin

There with friends who have homes in the area. NO cell service. Satellite communication. Very pristine. Pucky Huddle just down the mountain. Lots of great fishing nearby.

Joanna Priest

It is amazing. Wildlife everywhere. Love the hiking trails

Alixzandra Brown

You can find some of the most beautiful places here lovely streams and what places hiking is beautiful not to mention some of the campgrounds it's well taken care of I definitely think that the forest areas here are beautiful the drive is easy and wonderful take your time to come and see Mark Twain's national Forest

Erinn Hughes

Love this part of the country. It's good to spend time in God's natural wonder. Camping and hiking and fishing oh my.

Robert Cr4Him

Incredible area to drive around in..very much in the woods feel for sure. Rally Racing(100 Acre Wood) thru the woods as a spectator was just amazingly thrilling event to see close up. Big crowd of fan base growing like crazy. So maybe I don't want more to crowd in..?

Monica Spradling

My family is from So. Illinois and many are right along the bluffs into Gorham and G. Tower.. to me, since my grandpa spent years in those bluffs as a young boy and man... It feels like home. A good place for family trips and camping

Micki Gibbons

A piece of heaven on earth. If you Get the chance go check it out I live taking my granchildren theyre and roasting marshmallows! Super fun & peaceful

Bobbi Frazier

It's beautiful an quiet [ peacefull ]

Eugene Bieller

was a beautiful relaxing place to enjoy God's creations

Henny Rose

There is so much beauty here.. it's hard to say what I find most attractive.. so I'll just say.. visit and see for yourself!

Randall Roetzel

Very beautiful land , peaceful, serien, lots of wild life. Has a lot to offer if you like hiking, walking,biking and or camping. Lots of fishing and seasonal hunting grounds. Just a beautiful place to visit.

Janice Charlton

Love the relaxing but it is not in Greenville Mo they say it is in Rolla Mo. It may connect somewhere in between I don't know.

Dustin Parrish

Really peaceful place for a hike. Only issue is the wildlife can be dangerous. Watch out for wild boars.

thomas kelley

It's one of the most beautifulest forced in Missouri since it is mostly Missouri and has a lot of beautiful springs and natural habitat

Donnie M. F. Jones

It's rugged and vast. The wildlife is abundant and diverse.

Fmono • 38 years ago • Updated

Big forest and good for kidnapping stray raccoons but i removed a star because 1 of the trees looked really weird i hope thats alright

Mark Cullen

My new forest! Love it. Bugs are terrible but bring spray. Lol

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