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REVIEWS OF Hydro Adventures IN Missouri

Taco Lover

Love it here the best place in town to have a little family fun and some of the best food in town move over McDonald's we will be back in 2019 for some water park fun we love the wave pool I do have some suggestions please keep it affordable for families on budgets like the after 3 discount and the ultimate day pass for wet and dry I really liked last year when the after 3 discount was $10 one other thing on days the water stuff is open would be cool if you guys keep them open until 7 or 8 so everyone can enjoy more time thank you for everything you guys are the best

Marilyn C

Had a great time here and the lines were very short which we like because we are used to larger water parks/outdoor theme parks in the city which are very crowded. The kids had a blast! The only improvement I could suggest is making the lazy river deeper and making the water cooler. The water was super HOT.

John Blagg

Very very fun

brandee vardinakis

My kids loved it! Only wish there was more shaded areas.

Lindsey's Land

I love this park and my dad takes me here all the time. But, one thing I wished was different is the mini golf was indoors so when its wet and rainy we can still play it. With that being said it is still a great place and i always have a blast.

Jason Berkler

Nice staff and lots of fun for everyone

Thomas Mullen

Cost to much for so little to do

Justin V.

Fun. The tilt a while was a blast. Could have stayed in water longer

Linda Oesterreicher

Good family fun.

Unlimited xBeastx

Awesome Time with the kiddos

smeegan1 Ps4

I do not recommend this waterpark. The wave pool is 4 feet at the max. And they lazy river is 2 feet 8 inches. Don't go unless you are 10 and under

Monique Matthews

My son had never been to hydro adventures and he had so much fun playing the games. His favorite game is shooting the dinosaurs. I went broke making him happy. When I get paid he wants to come back. I guess we will be back in two weeks. Thanks Hydro Adventures.

Latanya Stiger

Reasonable prices for this water park especially for a family with young children

Elisabeth Mattox

Not enough to justify the price. I got a season pass to go all the time and keep kids occupied during summer, but was overall a let down.

Amber Johnson

Over priced

Eric Harr

Way overpriced! $95 for a family of 4. Just for the afternoon. That’s just for the water park. Nothing else. Vomit in the wave pool. Animal poop on the stairs to the slide. Not worth it. Go elsewhere. I’ll never go back.

Freeda Dixon

We had fun and they had many lifeguards on duty.

Mike Rutherford

Good park for the price. Theres plenty to do with the family. We were here from open to close and never got bored. Theres an awesome restaurant/bar in the dry park next to the roller coaster. They are very considerate, care about the quality of the food and drinks and are very nice people. If you want to eat, I highly suggest going there, they have good food and good prices with awesome staff. I give the restaurant 10/10.

Tara Metz

Fun a lil bit of everything to do with the kids a arcade rides go carts batting cages golf and plus the water park my son n me love spending time together here...

Taytem Eudaley

The staff is so helpful and welcoming. They have completely revamped the place and it is AMAZING! Such a great place to bring your family this summer. They have laser tag, an arcade, plus all the great water attractions. The management is impeccable and all in all 10/10 recommend!

Nicole Howard

We had a great weekend in Poplar bluff and ended it here. The kids had a blast. We came all the way from Jonesboro Ar to have fun and you all made that happen!

Jon Sullivan

Great place to take the family.

Chad Kesler

It was great

Sheila Hines

To high priced and servers alcohol so I stopped going for the safety reasons

Samantha Cochran

The staff is friendly and my five yr old daughter loves it , but i wish it had more water slides or water rides , wish the park had more options

Curtis Carter

Lots of fun. The staff was very friendly and the price is decent. They even have a dry attractions area you can get into after swimming that features some nice rides. Food takes a bit to get ready, but was delicious. Season pass is a steal if you live in the area.

AmyElaine Gamble

One step above ghetto. Dirty womens bathroom, landscaping is sad, and prices are ridiculous. Face to face customer service is great, online and phone is rude.

Ashton Zigler


darrell l

We enjoy every time we go but we are locals and have season passes so if stuff is closed it's not a big deal. Call ahead if you are driving from far away and make sure what's open and what's not.

Bonnie Jarrette

Had a wonderful time Beverly Wells was of great assistance.

Laquisha Shields

My family and I had an awesome time at the park! I would definitely come again!

Elijah Bacon

Awesome family fun, season pass is so worth it

Debbie Woodson

Good safe fun

Kelly Baker

3 days ago I posted a review based on a negative experience and what I thought was Management's inability to deal with my situation. I received a reply from HydroAdventures Management and Barrett took the time to talk to me and explain some things. He set things right with me which is not easy. Nice facilities, safe environment. Thank you Barrett!

KeKe E

The concrete was painful to walk on because of the heat. Especially up the stairs to ride the slides. Need a sprinkler system to keep people from burning feet. Extremely overpriced. Parts of the park were broken but no discount was given. Will never go back. There are many other water park options that are cheaper and within the same drive time that we had to get to poplar bluff.

Andy Jones

Well my kids love it. Need more go carts if your making people ride doubles. They had ONE for people to ride with their kids because of the height requirement.

Barbara Chandler

The pictures they show on there website isn't what you see... Building looked like it needed a remodeling inside and outside... They had very tall grass growing on the inside by old roller coaster rides and outside... The old roller coaster rides where still there, just looked nasty... Some of the staff where really young, and needed more training and stuff

Melissa Still

Took my family here for one last summer fun weekend just to find out they ONLY did games and was selling there rides. Not to mention there $ is ONLY FOR 2 HOUR'S! Not a happy person

Karen R

Extremely overpriced. Park is in grave disrepair. There are outdoor carnival rides, but none are operational. The "water park" has 2 slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool. I'm 41 years old and got corrected by a lifeguard several times in the wave pool lol. The golf course is all torn and ripped, makes it impossible to play a game. The go karts were okay. It costed us $90 for 2 adults and a child. Completely ridiculous and will never be back.

Britney Davidson

Well I must say you guys made our summer more fun then ever before we had a great time at the water park this year not 1 bad thing to say wave pool was so much fun go karts was fun as well the food was amazing every one was nice we will definitely be back to have some water park fun next year you guys got that more fun under the sun right 1 thing I do have for you guys to pass along please please keep Water Park admission low price next year and please could you guys bring back the $10 water park admission after 3 this was so helpful for us last year thank you

JLJ Investment

Drove an hour to hydro to get there and they tell us they are closed. Management said corporate made them close due to weather. Didn’t understand that because there was no rain, no lightening, and no thunder but it did get a little cloudy for a small period of time. We stayed an used arcade room and played laser tag was there for a few hours and weather never seemed to be a concern. We stayed in town there until about 5:30pm and at that tome is when it started to kind of rain. Yet no thunder and no lightening. Not sure the policy but it sounds more like just poor management. Date was 6/12/19

Dillon Voyles

Has great potential, some attractions werent open. But that's to be expected this time of year.

Sarah McGee

Season passes are an awesome investment!

Nicole Pena

Definitely needs expansion but the slide staff was wonderful. I forgot her name, but when I visited 4weeks ago, the last staff member on duty at the rainbow slides was very kind and patient with us!

Jordan Hernandez

Not really a bad place to go but it is a little dirty and the service at the concession stand is really slow. They don’t have all the attractions open every day which is a bummer too.

Laura Waite

Grandkids loved it.

Mary Evans

Great place to have fun

Hilary Belt

Awesome staff very kind people good rides for when u want to get dry and many things to do I give 5 stars!

Steve Juarez

If I could give this place zero stars I would.

Elizabeth Sagharichi

With the addition of the midway rides and expanded menu, year 2 is actually better. We live in town and try to go a few times a week, weather permitting. The Wave pool is not as forceful as in the past, and I think more people use it now because of that. The management doesn't skimp on lifeguard coverage, and you can routinely see them drilling to keep them on their toes.They keep it clean and our entire family enjoys going, can't wait to see what they add in the future!

Tonya Martin

Nice place to take kids for fun. The place seems to be expanding. The best place for kids in Poplar Bluff Mo. I saw a comment about the food and kinda agree with it. I have only eaten there once and did not like it. Beside the food everything else is great.

Kaitlin Smith

Great Slides & even some awesome rides, along with go karts

Teddy O'Malley

It only has two slides. It is a fun place to go, though.

Maegan Peifer

Not what the commercial or the website makes it out to be but the kids liked it. Not really a place to take kids over the age of ten

Sarah Basham

It was amazing and fun for the whole family!

Brittany Padilla

The park was a major disappointment. There is a wave pool with slime on the bottom. A very shallow lazy river. The racing slides were open and two were closed. There was even a slide closed at the smaller child area. There are go karts and put-put golf. Then only three of the seven amusement park rides were open. We paid full price to get in the park and felt that we only got to enjoy half of it.

Edward Kirby

We visited here after going to the other water park in KY. If you have nothing else to do I guess it's ok. I feel like it is over priced for what they offer, or let's say do not offer. The lazy river is shallow. The staff walk around and harass adults all day and it was annoying. They should hire some adults there to supervise the teenagers working.

Silly Rabit

1st time going last summer and we loved it! Cant wait to go next yr. Get the big $6.99 cups and if u bring them back to refill them it's just $1.00. They got all kinds of colors to choose from.

Rhonda Raper

This is an awesome place with extremely amazing staff. They are all very attentive and helpful. They go above and beyond and are very polite. I wish I could remember names. The managers and young lady working the front desk were super sweet. The entire family had a blast (my wife, a 7 yr old daughter and 3 year old son!!!) We enjoyed the arcade, food, go karts and absolutely loved the water, we probably played in the different things for 5+ hours. We stayed busy and still didn't do it all and were there from 12pm to close!!! Keep up the awesome work!!! Thank y'all.

Memphis nail tips

Its was fun great for the kids of course all ages.. The adults had a good time too only thing the wave pool is so small little waves not like most water parks. The food was awesome and so was the lazy river and slides. Rest rooms where bowling was fun and the arcade games.. The park closes kinda early so didn't have time for Laser Tag may be next time!

Cyrus Byte

Was very surprised at how well the life guards kept watch and there were lots of them! Great for kids and adults. Only downside is its a little bit pricey but if you get a season pass and go more than a few times well worth it!

Michael Pry

Attended a kids birthday party. Pizza, ice cream and video games. Pizza was given away to another party, kids had ice cream before getting pizza. The games are ridiculously overpriced and several didn't work. Lots of ripoff games. The place did look clean though. *Update* I tried e-mailing the address provided in their reply and the e-mail address doesn't work.-

Rachel Jones

Always have a good time!


My family has a great time at the park every time we go. Pricing is very reasonable we bought day passes online for $22.99 and then upgraded to season passes after we got there. I was sure that we would be back a few more times to get our money's worth. Food options were good and at a great price. The new arcade and laser tag are a great addition.

Angie Prater

Wasn't worth it

Rachel Lyscas

Would be alot better if dry rides were open like they used to be instead of Friday and Saturday for a few hours. I feel I wasted money on season passes this year since my kids would rather do the dry rides. Very disappointed. Also cape splash is much more affordable. $6 for kids and $7 for adults.

Gwyndelyn Scott

they have a very friendly staff

Kimberly Burr

Nice employees, clean park, A LOT to do. Affordable prices. It's also in a great easy to find location! Support your local BUISNESS attractions or you won't have any!!!

Valerie Moore

Not really what I expected, but close enough to take the grandkids to have fun the sun

David Moore

All and all good time at reasonable prices

Shawn Dacus

Convenient for a day trip,great water park,good prices,good food

Lorraine Alcorn

Awesome place

Honor Warren

This is our second year to get season passes for Hydro! We love that it's not overcrowded like Cape Splash and they have a large staff of lifeguards.

Phyllis Stevenson

Great day just wish rides opened before 5

Bonnie smith

please clean it up ! slime on wave pool none of the dry park open..why would you even open something like this to the public? We pay a lot for season passes to get to the park this dirty

First Church of God

We have had such a great experience with Hydro Adventures and their staff. Friendly and accommodating! Barrett and Rossi were very helpful and attentive to the needs of their customers. Thank you!

corbyn ellis

Came down from Tennessee to spend time at hydro adventures. Seems like a small park but is gauranteed to make ur day. Has amazing rides and very nice employees. Amanda if I recall the name right was always in a bright mood and always kind. I'd definitely say its worth 5 stars.

noah adams

I love it

Serenity Raymond

The staff is very friendly and Shelby is such a great lifeguard!!

lindsey davis

The kids loved it and so did i

Kari Brumley

Lot of the stuff was out of service but staff was great

Chris Coffell

I love this place.i had a flat tire in parking lot and they came out of the way to help us out thank you so much hydro adventure for helping me out with a lug wrench and gave me some bottles of water too

Tracy Mills

There's a lot of fun activities but if you keep closing early people will stop trying to come at night. Its a self fulfilling prophecy. Maybe a promotion at night will boost attendance.

sandy wells

We enjoyed it there very much. This was our first visit and the girls enjoyed the water slides. I want to thank the gentlemen again for letting us ride the roll coaster when he didn't have to. It was awesome!

Megan Lamb

My mother left her sunglasses there, and they shipped them back for free (1.5 hours away) . Great fun , we all had a great time! Will definitely be back!

Angela Rush

My grandkids love coming to this park. They always have a great time. It is wonderful to have this place in our city. The new lasertag room and mega arcade is an awesome addition to the park. The staff is friendly and go out of their way to help. Food is delicious.

Angie Bowling

Wonderful water park, a little bit of everything, mini golf, arcade, laser tag, water slides, wave pool, so fun

Shaleah Cagle

The arcade is so much bigger than it used to be. Everything is done via cards similar to debit cards. So much easier than coins. We will have to make another arcade visit soon.

monkey kong

It was awesome

Jan Learue

We have been here before and loved it. Once again rented a cabana. The one we rented was taken already do we moved to the next one and told one of the workers. Only to have the kids told they weren't suposed to be there and the corrected their mistake. There were two broken chairs, the table was broken and the remote didnt work which was no big deal. I didnt go there to watch TV. There was lots of debris (candy wrappers, leaves etc.) In the water..when I reported the problems with the cabana the girl at the desk was not concerned. Probably will not go back.

Tammy Rhine

We had a great time even in the rain! Rossi Hicks is an angel in disguise! She helped us way above and beyond!! Edgar is the best! Carrie in food was the sweetest and very patient with us!

Sharon Trammell

Rossi Hicks was so helpful and so patient and so sweet helping my Godson , my friend, and me. She's an angel. Edgar was wonderful. God bless him. He gave me a $5 off coupon, an answer to my prayers. He is SOOO nice. And Carrie was a dear heart and served us our lunch and brought us extra mustard and ketchup. Everyone was excellent. Even in the rain today, we had a great day. As Parker said, we're wet anyway. And we got a free carwash with the rain. The lifeguards and Edgar kept watch to the skies but there wasn't one lightning or thunder. Just like God and Edgar were watching over us. Parker, my Godson played the Claw and brought up a sparkly pink monkey and he gave it to me. We named her Hydro Queen Sophie. I love her!!

Jimmy Cook

Nothing was open only reason I went there was for 7 year old girls for filter lease nothing outside was open the manager did not take care of what the principal asked for it all

t hill

I am here now. My family and I are season pass holders. I expect to be able to enjoy the whole park. This is the second time ( last s7nday and today) we were told we would have to wait for the lazy river because the park was under staffed. For the cost of season passes staffing should not be a problem.

Chris Troutt

The rides that my kids were really looking forward to were closed. The park just opened and One of the waste slides is broken. The wave pool is dirty. The bathrooms smell awful. I was just expecting more after paying almost $300 for season passes for the family. Hopefully the experiences will improve as the season goes on.

Jill Christenberry

My daughter and I had a great day.

Jeweral Brown

Would have loved it except the rides were not in service and golf course turf needs repair

Jacob Spinks

It was awesome

Mackenzie Smith

The staff wee super great!!

Mari Coffell

This place and staff was amazing. We were there all day and came out with a flat tire. The guy came and brought us a lug wrench because we didn't have one. It was hot, he even brought us water. He was amazing. Great place to go, are family had a blast...

Dean Best

Great time awesome staff

Bowerman Productions

Sooo much fun. Got in for free because of 14th of July and had a blast! Go karts was my favorite

Megan Brooks

Fun for family

Margaret Barnes

Was ok but they advertised rides but did not give detail about the rides not opening until 5pm. Not enough water in the waterslides to get a fast ride. Food and drinks very expensive. We rented a cabana with a tv. The tv didn't work the cabana was not in good shape and very over priced, 75 dollars a day. I want to add that the staff were very polite and the life guards did a wonderful job. The small children need to stay on tubes and not be allowed to swim in the lazy river. We purchased a season pass so we will be back.

Floyd Weeks

Fun time awesome place definitely would go back if your looking to go to a fun water park with your family go to hydro adventures pretty exesspensive but totally worth it

pattijo burnett

Pretty cool for the price. Not very expensive for the waterpark.

Charles Ellis

My son's Birthday party was there

James Beauregard

Popular Bluff not bada drive had fun

Josh Flory

I was amazed to find this treasure in a town the size of Poplar Bluff! Staff is extremely friendly and they have so much more than just a water park. They have laser tag and indoor arcade. Additionally, they have a dry park which has rides, etc on the weekends! The property appears very well maintained and I was pleased to see they offer life jackets for anyone who wants one to use (having little kids it is so much nicer to just have those there instead of lugging my own back and forth)

Richard Bunton

No lines at the go carts!

amber kern

Staff is friendly but limited stuff to do.

Amk Cross

Best place to swim

Matthew Miller

The price is ridiculous for a family of 4 to do everything that's available. There is only 2 water slides and one u have to ride on a mat and the other u have ride a tube. The easy river didn't have tubes available so u had to walk through it. The go-carts was the best thing there. I would not recommend this place to any one

Tiffany Williams

Great customer service! Our kids had a BLAST!

JO Riggs

We went to the "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny & public Easter egg hunt" the pancakes were so good! The kids loved sitting with the Easter Bunny. They played in the arcade which had an assortment of different difficulty games and some cheaper priced games with the expensive. The staff were all friendly, helpful + kind. They have a new thing called the "Jump Pad" + the kids had a blast. There were plenty of Easter eggs hidden for several different age groups and everyone got alot of eggs. The kids had a blast all morning until noon!

Marc Ashdown

This place just keeps getting bigger. Always good time!

Jan Davidson

Very overpriced. Me and my mom went there just to swim but because there’s extra rides and slides we had to pay $50 just to go sit by a pool and swim. Pretty ridiculous. Cape splash is $7 a person and way cleaner.

nicole davis

We went here Sunday August 18th everything was good but 1 thing the wave pool was not working right the waves was not big and was just about not moving feels like someone making waves by moving around we have been here before when waves would go over your head the way they should kind of a little disappointed with that we plan to come back again before summer is over I hope the wave pool is fixed by then we was not the only ones there who seen that the wave pool was not working right seen a lot of people get out of the pool and leave other then that love your water park just hope it gets fixed

wyatt smart

Great place for kids and adults

Mark Cochran

The staff is nice , just wish there were more water slides then just two it would be alot funner if the place had more options


They have made so many improvements. The arcade is great and now the boys are playing lazer tag.

Sara Elizabeth

Fun but outdated

Eric Best

Place is a great family spot!

Zack Stark

If your a young adult you wont have much fun. The employees like to follow the rules to much and it really kills the mood but over all I went back and will continue to go back.

Sherry Dobbins

Love Hydro! Have bought park passes several times. Disappointed to know prices are higher this year with less to do!!

sweet southern belle

thank you guys for cool fun summer we had so much fun this year at the park loved the wave pool was so much fun the waves was bigger then ever loved it the food was great the workers at the desk was helpful every time we went them workers was rossi hicks doni e and stephanie thank you lady's for being so helpful and nice we will be back summer 2020 and please keep the prices low next year like this year with things like the 14 99 & pool days maybe have the after 3 thing for $10 again the low price deals you guys have is how we can come we can afford to come when the prices are low thank you guys

Chadrick Parson

Haven't been here in years, I'd say it's quite improved from the old business. We came for a family night out and wanted to do something different than just dinner and a movie. Pricing is great for a family to spend a couple of hours in the arcade, plenty of variety and most machines are in good working order. My sons particularly enjoyed the laser tag, my wife and I as well. At $7 per person you get two six minute rounds. The laser tag area is very nice, lots of neon light and futuristic bunkers and walls. Has a nice sci-fi feel to it. A little Carpenter Brut or Power Glove playing would really amp up the vibe. Fantastic for groups of all ages.

PSN Azby1092

Terrible time here. Staff was rude and non helpful. When I worked at the park, guards were helpful to patrons, on the slides, in the river, everywhere. Not anymore. They won't get off their lazy butts to help kids down the slides. Paying for the entire park, I expect the entire park to be open. 2 slides(out of 9), river and wave pool were the only attractions open. Don't waste your time/money here. Go elsewhere.

Jessica Guay

The park is not what it used to be. Less activities and the passes are more expensive.

Sabrina Koehler

Nice clean place for family fun!! Loving our season passes again this year.

Jason Baker

My family and I had a great visit. We had our sons bday party here and they were helpful on everything and the package that we got for his bday was very reasonable. I do believe it is worth the money and kids absolutely love it. If your looking for a fun time with the family this would be really ideal.

Debbie Laster

Arrived there just to find out the lifeguards were sent home because of a chance of rain so did not get to swim. Partly sunny and hot when we were there. I believe their policy is to close if lightening is in the area. There was no lightening. Very disappointed! We drove an hour to get there.

LaRhonda Jackson

Rossi was a Awesome Sauce!!!! Receptionists.... She was polite attentive an she really listened to actually wat we wanted an gave us the deal for what we wanted..... Big S/O FOR ROSSI

Pat Hanshew

Great for kids.

Tim Tubb

so here we go The wave pool was full of leaves and hair like someone dumped a bag full in there the wave pool and twisted 6 was the only thing open oh and btw there will be no carnival rides this year is what a couple of the staff around the park told me so why let people purchase gold passes when all u offer is the wet park buy the bronze pass people thats all u need terrible start to a season new owner!!!!

Jennifer emmons

If i could give zero stars i would

Keith Nelson

Poplar with kids. Need a cool place for grown-ups

Gamer_Kaiy 1968

I love hydros adventures it is always fun to go to.

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