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Where is Elephant Rocks State Park?

REVIEWS OF Elephant Rocks State Park IN Missouri


Beautiful park! FYI we didn’t have service out here so keep your google maps open on your phone. And keep in mind that it gets busy on the weekends.

Lisa Adams

like walk path see the rock and ot is it is very cool place


Very beautiful place. The view was just amazing and seeing the smiles on everyone was just something to behold. Would visit again and climb all these interesting rock formations.

Brad Sharpe

Fantastic local nature spot. Park\playground looked fun for families. Good easy hiking as well as most of the trail is paved. Very beautiful!

Brittany Butcher

One of our favorite places to go. The family can run, climb, walk at our own pace. It's well maintained. Always a fun place for myself and the kiddos.

Travis Wyrosdick

Lots of family fun, fishing available. ...great place to go to Picnic or cook out. Good family fun. lots of good views. Had fun with with our RC rock crawlers!!!


This place is literally the coolest! It felt like an adventure with new things around every corner. It was a lot of fun to jump and climb from rock to rock. I recommend it as a fun family trip/adventure, eating a picnic lunch while there is another great experience.

David W

Great area. Lots to climb and great eating areas.

Kelly Susa

Very cool, family and dog friendly. Free. Definitely worth a visit!

Terry Weir

Fascinating, pictures cant do it justice.

Kiel Harris

Gorgeous place. Beautiful views

Crimson Cloak Publishing

Elephant Rocks is a relatively easy walk/hike, even if you get off the main trail and decide to walk the dirt trails. I always take ALL the off Trails and some of the concrete paths for a bit to get a 3 mile hike in. If you walk or hike a lot, you'll find this an easy hike. If you've not walked/hiked in a while, this is good for building yourself up. The worst thing you have to look out for on the dirt paths are roots.

Power Button Revelations

Great spot to work out, climb, run and do yoga. Nice family nature spot with play grounds and pathways galore. A most visit if you're nearby.

Paul Furrer

We loved seeing these ancient rock formations, the park is well kept and the one mile Braille Trail is appropriate for all levels of hikers.

Mike Miller

Nice place for a picnic and some hiking and rock climbing. The scenery from the top of Elephant Rock is amazing.

Chris Holdiman

This is an amazing park in Missouri! The paths will take you around and eventually onto the main rock outcrops. The rocks are an incredible sight, as are the views of the surrounding area from atop. There are several other walk paths in the park, a small playground, dozens of picnic benches, and restrooms and vending machines. If you are visiting the other parks in the area you should definitely include this one.

Matthew Herring

Very fun place to hike and rock climb. Rich in history.

Kenneth LaBrot

Like the Great Megalithic Steuctures in Egypt there are many unknown facets about Elephant Rock, there is an Energy that you feel that absolutely invigorating and it's a must see. I believe an ancient race once inhabited this area

Joanna Mackrell

Beautiful park with no entrance fee to get into. Bring a lunch to eat before (or after) you walk and some water to enjoy the many sights. Some of the trails are handicapped accessible, wide enough for a wheelchair and there are interesting signs posted with braille. Enjoy the park, and keep it beautiful for our children!

Jeremy Rigsbey

Lovely place to visit. Great trails.

Chris Luffman

This is quite possibly the best place to bring your kids. It's a giant natural playground!!

Stephanie Pfeiffer

Awesome place. It is like nature's playground!

mike rehfeldt

Was a great time with the family . The guide was very knowledgeable and polite

Roo H

Amazing trail that runs through a collection of gigantic boulders, all set in a light density forest, no entry fee!!! On the north side the remnants of a historical quarry exist, no equipment or buildings, but the trail runs among the edge of a sharp drop off into the water filled pit (there are railings). Plenty of areas for children if all ages to climb on, with enough difficulty for even expert climbers to dabble in. There is a playground near the entrance, bathrooms, trash cans, and on the day we went, it was 90 degrees, and a shaved ice vendor truck was in the parking lot.

Deb Smith

This was just awesome, and I really appreciated the easy walking path so I could see it.

Wren S

Amazing. Clean, free, fun. It can be dangerous for sure but there are lots of safe things to enjoy too. There is wheel chair access as well. And brail on signs.

James Drennan

Really cool place to take the kids!

Kane Koubsky

Great Hiking. The rocks are super cool and the forest is beautiful. The water is still turned off though.

Branden Smith

Great hiking and picture perfect spots for those senior pictures/wedding pictures

Alltime Outdoors Goforth

Perfect place for rc crawling. Definitely a sight to see.

Brian Meyers

1.5 billion year old landscape what else can you say it's beautiful maybe the best place to see nature in the Ozarks.

kimberly paul

I have been wanting to visit this park for almost a year, I finally did. Just beautiful. You have the option of have picnic or grill at the entrance before one get to the mountains. Make sure you have the right shoes , bug spray maybe and be careful so the kids don’t get too excited and fall off the rocks.

Christopher Steinbach

Beautiful park. Definitely worth a couple hours of your time, long if you plan on picnicking or relaxing at all. Lots of very good photo opportunities even for those not as comfortable scaling rocks

shirley beebe

Had a great time with my grandbabies

Bryce Archambo

A lot of fun for the family! The drinking fountains are off for some reason, so backpack your own water in.

Robert Hamilton

A must see in Missouri. Family friendly, easy to walk out climb if you want. Even had a trail with braille markers. Just make sure you take food and water.

Steve Jones

This is a wonderful park with a paved path and braille stations describing the surroundings. You can also climb on the rocks, but be careful as this can be dangerous. Keep an eye on any children. This park also has several unisex bathrooms and handicapped parking. Picnic tables are available, as are grills, but the grills can be touch and go. Bring your own. Take some of the extra paths to the engine room ruins and other structures, as well as the lake left by the quarry. You won't be disappointed by the views.

Noah Curl

Had a great time walking around the park. It was clean and had great views

Ryan Giles

Very clean and the ranger was very helpful and lots of fun with the kids and wife climbing the rocks.

Jil Behr

We had s beautiful day for exploring. Great place for the whole family to have fun. Just a beautiful place for all.

Bonnie Garcia

Nice state park with picnic areas and hiking trails, free to all. Huge rocks line the landscape and offer climbing to those who choose the adventures side or there is a hiking trail for those who enjoy a nature stroll. Great place for pictures.

Stanley Schwandt

It's a really nice place to kids to play and the restrooms are really clean. I enjoyed it.

matthew voes

By far one of my favorite places in Missouri.I've been coming here for years but with the travel channel did a recent piece on alien highway about the rocks here. So I thought I'd come out and try to get some weird night pics.

gixxxer750guy .

This is such a cool place to visit. Good trails if you want to stay on trails, but you can climb all over the rocks. Great place to keep kids busy for hours. Several picnic areas on the property.

Lena Cantrell

Wonderful place to take your kids/ grandchildren.

Thomas Butler

Loved it a lot of fun on the trails and walking on the rocks!

Devlin McCoy

elephant rocks state park is the best state park in arcadia valley

Carl Behr

A great place to get outside on a beautiful day and hike, climb and jump around

Jeffie Bauer

It's a fun place to visit

Belle Messenger

It's really fun here. Make sure to bring bug spray and wear tennis shoes!

Rick Harrington

Been going to Elephant Rock since I was in high school. Sure can’t climb like I used to, but still plenty to enjoy.

Branden Johnson

Easy trail. Great views. Plenty of off trail fun with plenty of big rocks to climb.

Jonathan Martin

Impressive boulders and a lovely park. We'll be back.

Bud Anderson

This place is just amazing and a great family spot

Elizabeth Barttelbort

Have love this place and scenic views since I was a kid.

Jack Jack Geo

An easy hike and a nice little place to visit except that there is no running water to drink, BUT there is a concession stand where you can BUY bottled water, shaved ice or something to drink and soda machines but absolutely no water running through any of the drinking fountains.

Helen Boyd

Great place to let children climb an wear themselves out

J. V. Quigg

As always, a fun trip with the family. It was a little busier than usual and they still don't have water fountains, but overall I highly recommend.

Marsha Brower

Fun for the kids even in the rain.

Minahc H

Great place nice walking areas had a nice picnic! Very clean area

Kathy Tiemann

Loved this place. Kids had fun and the path was easy for all ages.

Guy Hoffman

lot of fun being shows with good traction. none of the bathrooms were working due to them upgrading their water system. could have brought in some porta johns

Tahnya Ford

Love love love Elephant Rocks. Climbing around, over, thru the rocks is so fun. To just sit and marvel at the boulders. Amazing formations.

E. Sissel

So much fun and so much history

Michelle Ahrens

Love this place! It fun for all ages and has a handicapped accessible trail that is also designed for the blind.

Rory Keylon

The park was nice and the huge rocks were very cool. I really enjoyed the tables available to look around at the immense rocks.

Sam Missey

Love the park! Right now there's no water, so make sure to take some but always a great place to take the family

lisa loflin

Ver pretty place nice walk

Christopher Burton

Really neat place for geology up-close

Jeff Reynolds

Awesome little place to visit. The snow cone guy in the parking lot is awesome. Highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area. Very cool geological feature. Good climbing and picture area's

Aaron McCully

It was an absolute pleasure to be there and the kids loved it.

Sage Night

Its beautiful and has more than i expected to find

Syd Owens

A lot of fun ways to transverse the park; wonderous and almost mazelike!

Kassi Dischner

It's an alright place to visit once. Rock formations are pretty cool. But the trail is super short, and unless you like to look at big rocks you probably won't enjoy it much. It was a bit of a let down.

Bill H

One of the coolest must see rock-based locations in missouri.

Ben Wohlschlaeger

Great hiking spot. Such a cool treasure to have as a park.

deborah redd

Cool place to explore. Bring water bottles while walking bc the rocks will heat you up on a warm day.

Heather Howard

This was an easy get away. Super easy trails or you can make it more challenging. It is only 1 1/2 from St.Louis so just a quick drive through lovely country roads.

Nicholas Yearous

Loved being able to climb around on all of the giant rocks. State parks in Missouri are free which is super nice. Has a nice gentle paved walking path to see everything. Very cool state park with plenty of area to explore


It’s been a few years since I visited this area but I can remember every detail. It’s so amazing being amongst these huge boulders, their size is simply amazing. Around every corner is a new discovery. The rock quarry and lake were covered in ice and snow at the time I was here and this added beauty to the already spectacular landscape. The park is right off the main hwy and there is plenty of parking spaces. No charge for admission.

steven shemwell

Amazing place for a stroll kinda sad that people dump lots of trash there when there’s plenty of trash cans


Free entry, not very crowded. We had a nice hike and could climb on the 'Elephant Rocks'. The paved paths disappointed me a little, I expected something more natural. Anyway, we had a nice afternoon!

Becca Maria

I love Elephant Rocks, it's absolutely beautiful and a really fun experience! I loved climbing and going on the trails, I like all the little signs with facts about the location and the rocks. It's a fun little adventure whether you go by yourself or with loved ones and the signs are very informative and helpful. Also a great place to take pictures.

Richard Lumsden

Great place to enjoy the outdoors. Took the kids here and at first they were not feeling it. By the end of the day they kept saying how awesome and fun it was. The rocks are giant and climbing on them to see the views is well worth it.

Jon Norris

Easy trail to walk and take in the magnitude of the Granite Elephant Rock formations.

David Johnson

Very nice, well laid out. Gorgeous rock formations and scenery. Well worth the visit.

Chris Judd

A very fun place to visit and hike around. Take the family here a few times a year. The grills and picnic areas are nice. The bathrooms are ok but not usually that clean. Get off the path and explore here,

Kayla Cawvey

We loved climbing the rocks!

Sarah Flex

Elephant Rocks is gorgeous! You have the options of walking on the trails or off trailing on the rocks. There is plenty to see, do, and climb even though the trail is only a mile. My husband and I were amazed at the size of the rocks. You can go bouldering on them. There are also a couple pretty quarries with fish. We jumped in to cool off. We saw a huge green snake, lizards, and lots of birds. We brought our lunch and ate it on a rock. We were thoroughly impressed.

Mary Tenny

We absolutely loved it!!!! The black top made it easier access. Loved seeing that they had also provided braille.

nichole mix

The rocks are so cool! Small little loop to see the rocks, easy for kids and also fun to climb on!

Meagan Byington

Easy trails and a play ground. Just keep a close eye out on any toddlers or children if you care about them falling or busting themselves open. If you have any love for your kids or common sense then this is a great hike!


Beautiful and a place to visit again.

Greg Baker

Great place to visit and bring family or friends! Trails clear of debris and great picnic areas.


Very neat place to spend an afternoon. Be careful with climbing on the rocks. They're very rough and you'll fray your clothes/scratch yourself pretty easily.

Shawn Hergert

Really enjoyed the day. Really neat place to visit and check the history.

Rhonda Rossman

Took my 4 granddaughters, they loved it. Picnic area and really pretty sights and lots of climbing. A definite must do

Kelly Taylor

Very beautiful park. Spent about half a day here with a picnic and hiking. It was very peaceful just hanging out and relaxing on the rocks.

Bob Houke

A great time even with lots of kids running around. I enjoyed the easy walking paths and the history.

Elin Asvaldsdottir

Really fantastic place to go hiking. Lots of different difficulty tracks you can take. You can also go completely off the path and do a decent rock climbing hike. Make sure you have a good pair of tightly laced shoes on and lots of water. Flushable toilets are only open after April but the latrines are really well kept and stocked with toilet paper. There are benches and tables to eat at by the parking lot. All in all a great place to spend the day.

Dayne Dewick

Had a great time! Good way to workout without knowing you are

Andrew Darling

Unique park that's fun for the whole family. Trails are easy to walk and rocks are easy to climb. Interesting landscapes to view. Picnic area has many benches. There is a play area for children, toilets, and vending machines on site. Parking is plentiful. The park has a lot of forested shady areas to enjoy out of the direct sunlight. Visit this park!

Ryan Freeland

This is quite an amazing place to visit! Worth a stop if you're in the area even if you have to go out of your way to get here. The park is very well kept , trails are neat and marked well. If you have never been make sure you wear good shoes that provide grip and can be tightened. Bring some extra water. Last I was here recently - in summer the park had no water turned on at the available fountains, they were however selling expensive bottled water via vending machines. Great place to climb around and explore the natural wonders of this granite mountain slowly carved into place where it stands. If you're a climber, bouldering is permitted so don't forget your shoes, pads and chalk!

The Men of Knuth

The rock are great and the water looks awesome

Samuel P

This place was really cool! I would definitely come back and bring kids.

Christi Eden

It is one of the coolest holes I've ever been on.

L Baron

Great Missouri site to visit. It's also a great location to bring visitors from out of the area. We travel here a few times a year, the park is clean, trails are clear and cement. The views are absolutely breathtaking.

Trisha McCormick

This was a lot of fun for the kids, would have given it 5 stars but I was expecting a longer trail.

Chris Allen

Kids Love it! Young and old alike!

Christian Walker

Went here at least 10 years ago! Such a cool experience with tons to look at and climb around on. You might want to bring a bandaid or two if you’re clumsy like I was, absolute blast. If you want to make a full days trip try also going to Johnson’s shut-ins for a swim.

Yuval Alon

Nice park and great idea to spend your afternoon if you’re around

Amit Athani

Very pretty hike through large rocks with interesting facts to see everywhere

Joe Drollinger

Beautiful place. Make sure you go all the way back to where it opens up.

Lisa Ward

Loved loved loved this place! Great place to climb and round and is very beautiful!

Davor Novosel

Great place to visit, wheelchair accessible, Braille path and lots of fun places for kids of all ages.

Valerie Santanello

A fun beautiful place to climb the pink granite rocks!

Raymond Barnes

Awesome place to visit and climb the boulders.

Michael Sisson

Really cool place to check out of you've never been. Good to come back to too. Definitely a good bucket list place to see. The park area is nice. Bathrooms could use some upkeep.

Jessica Grgurich

We see the signs for this each time we drive from Little Rock to Missouri.. Always wanted to stop and I'm glad we did today. The park was super busy (holiday weekend) but not too crowded on the trail. Easy walking path with a stroller, saw some lizards. The train house ruins were super cool and the elephant rocks themselves were neat though I think they look more like walruses than elephants.

Pat Roznowski

Really liked this park. The rock formations were large and different. This park is wheelchair accessible. Triails were marked .signs give you info about different things throughout the park. Nice picnic area. You can go through at your own pace. Park was easy to find. Has bathrooms. Plenty of parking.

Brian Fritz

Elephant Rocks is a super cool place to go with your family, significant other, or even alone. There are some really cool trails throughout the park, amazing views from up on the rocks, great climbing, easy access to some of the views without climbing, and an awesome abandoned train maintenance depot. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and amazing geological wonders! I definitely recommend going!

Laurie Whiteside

The scenery is beautiful. It is not very crowded. There are perfectly marked trails that are wheelchair accessible. There are trails for the note adventurous. It is marked with posted signs that give you information on the history and what you are seeing around you. Great place for all ages.

Isaiah Davidson

So much fun!! Parkour all the way

Roger Webb

Got to visit this place. Fun for the whole family.

Luke Smucker

At least a few times in your life, it's important to feel small. This is a beautiful and astonishing park. Plenty of birds, plenty of places for kids to climb and for adults to regain a little bit of their youth as they navigate the bold rock formations. Make this place a "must do" for your free time.

matt velten

One of the best places in Missouri. Get there early on nice weekends because parking fills up

melleta long

Awesome place to take the family

Catherine Roper

Love this place a good day trip and place to take family

John Behan

A must visit when in the area. An otherworldly expreience and landscape. Large bolders of exposed granite. Lots of places to climb and explore. Good place to bring children. Good hiking trails, excellent picinic facilities. Enjoy...

Clare Citrowske

Beautiful Missouri park! Makes me proud to be a Missourian.

Fatema Rasul

Excellent place for outing with family, infants, even alone!

Summer Fisher

A great place for a family outing.

Elizabeth B

Otherworldly. Be sure to come with a good pair of shoes!

Allen R

Wonderful. Great place to bring your children. John, park guide, gave us lots of information.


We love this place. We bring kids every couple years.

Jessica Stone

Great place for a walk/hike and the views are priceless! Love this free state park!!!

superdavethecarpenter Sully

Great state park. Lots of history here. Most trails are paved and easy to walk. Lots of picnic tables and grills to make for an enjoyable outing. Kids love this place. You can climb all over the rocks just have to be a bit careful. There's usually a food truck in the parking lot serving hot dogs and shaved ice and nachos and sodas, etc. You should visit soon. You won't be disappointed

Janell Mitchell

I have been coming to Elephant Rocks since I was a child and grew up around the area. Now I bring my family here to play and climb around on nature's playground. It is always neat to climb around on the rocks and go down different paths to explore new adventures.

Debbie Smith

Great outdoor day with family. Only complaint was no sinks in restrooms to wash hands at least sanitizer was provided.

John Hagermann

One of my favorite state parks. The "Elephant Rocks" are amazing! It is a geological wonder. Unfortunately the water system is outdated and being redone, but vending machines are available for bottled water, or bring water with you. There is no swimming places but about 14 miles away is Johnson Shut-Ins.

Binu Thomas

This is the place to take your kids for a day's outing. To know the nature more closely, to see different faces of it. Take some food when yougo there, and go for a hiking. Kids will enjoy for sure.

Linda Reed

It was a nice walk through the park but they really need to add more signs half the time didn't no if we was on right path and how much farther it was

Stacy Owens

Beautiful granite, paved trail is nice for strollers or wheelchairs. Kids had a great time.

Nate Brown

Fun quick stop or day trip. Large Rock overlooks the valley. Plenty of trails to spend several hours seeing interesting rock formations, wildlife, and railroad history.

Nashika Cox

The rock structure was amazing. Looking out over the high point was beautiful.

Ruby Wagner

Great state park, no fee to enter, has nice area for picnic, walking trails and plenty of history

jason Geer

Get to the top and it's one of the best views in Missouri!

Michael Benoit

Very cool rocks. Nice easy trail for beginners and when it is wet.

Christopher Marsek

A fantastic day trip from St. Louis! Combine it with the Johnson Shut ins.

Clayton Midkiff

Had a blast climbing the huge boulders and learning about the geography of the area. Public restrooms and bottled water machines are available.

Pete Fontaine

This is an absolutely beautiful park. Great for kids to run around and plenty of beautiful natural rock to see. If you're into climbing, there's some good stuff out here. It's difficult to find footholds, but there's some pretty neat climbs regardless.

Beth Sieckman

Had a great time! Very cool place. I had never been there.

football domme

Great park with beautiful rock formations.

Indra Brunet-Mendoz

Good walk in a small interactive park.

Lori Malcolm

Great history lesson about the local economy a century ago. Pink granite everywhere under foot. Trail markers also in Braille- well done Missouri.

Debbie Yee

Really cool rock formations that are fun to climb and explore. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day here.

Sarah Miller

My family always has a great time there! Great park fun, fantastic hiking trail, awesome views from the top rocks, and perfect picnic settings. You cannot go wrong with a family outting at Elephant Rocks!

Viru Agrawal

A fantastic way to spend the day outdoors with great views. Highly recommend exploring off the paved trail if you're confident enough!


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