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REVIEWS OF Castlewood State Park IN Missouri

Christi Gleason

Hike here up to 5 days a week in the summer and I always love it. The trails are lovely, some more traveled than others and we always feel safe. Bikers don't always understand they are supposed to yield to hikers but that's not the fault of the park. That being said, we always have to be aware that one might ride up behind us with little warning expecting us to move. So awareness is important. So is bug spray. And good boots. Enjoy this treasure!

Rachel Faulkner

I had so much fun hiking (for the 1st time) in Castlewood! The "cardiac hill" was a hard, but do-able start to the trip. I enjoyed the challenging terrain and felt like I was getting a workout. I was glad I didn't bring my 8 and 6 year old kids with me because some of the loose rock on slopes made me a smidge nervous (I'm neurotic) and well, we walked a good distance and they would've complained, a lot! I definitely want to go again! It was fun with a group of ladies!

Phil Bognar

Superb elevated views of nature are just one reason to visit one of Missouri's best easy hiking destinations. Wear rock-ready shoes and bring the dogs to enjoy some exercise time away from the masses. Unless, of course, you visit on the weekends when lots of others are trying to do the same thing!

Jess Phoenix

Such a wonderfully large, beautiful park. Hiking trails, beautiful vistas, mountain biking trails, picnic areas. I hope they add camping too.

Carlos Hudgins

Really LOVE this place, had a great time

Nicole Baumgarten

Definitely a must visit if you're new to the area or just passing through. There are several different trails that you can hike, bike, or ride through. It does tend to get pretty crowded, especially in nice weather, so go early to get a parking space. It's a beautiful park and my dogs love it. If you hike the Lone Wolf trail, you can end at a little stream that the dogs can drink from and splash around in.

colbalt blue

The view and variety of trails as well as the remains of what used to be a resort is pretty astonishing

jen hedemann

It is a huge park with long trails to hike. The history of it is very cool. You can hike to the top of the cliff or along the river.

Aaron Jaeger

Been going here since my childhood. It's way more than your typical park. Great for family events, massive hiking trails, and if you bike then youre in for a treat, there are several hiking trails of differing difficulty. Grab a map and plan out your day. Be careful, the bluffs on some of the trails have treacherous drops, but the views are gorgeous!

Aaron Cole

Great variety of family fun

Dan smith

Nice place for a family hike

Paul Furrer

Castlewood State Park is a beautiful place to commune with nature, but when we visited, there were several renovations going on in the park, and due to all the recent rain we've had lately, the trail we tried to hike was muddy and sloppy. Swimming in the Meremac here is NOT recommended, but Kiefer Creek is a great place to enjoy the water, as it's fed by two springs, making the water crystal clear and very cool. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, and will definitely return once all the work is completed.

Amy Goslik

Wonderful place to hike, always something amazing to see!

Kenneth Thomas

Pretty state park with lots of trails.

Brie Miller

Beautiful state park in the heart of west St Louis county. The River Scene trail is my favorite.

Patricia Aldrich

So many mosquitoes but the water was extremely high and the park had just flooded... Take bug spray!!! Go prepared! Also don't know if we couldn't find the beach because it was under water or if we just didn't know where to go.


Great trails for the family.

Amanda Mounce

Something for all ages & perfect place to take a social dog. Be lazy down buy the river or a creek or see how you do with the breathtaking hike that includes well over 100 stairs. My favorite place to hike in STL

Noraan Awad

Good park for hiking with beautiful views everywhere in the park.

Hope Wills

We have visited Castlewood many times throughout the seasons and it never disappoints even if The Meramec is flooded a bit. Nice trails for runners, bikers, hikers. Dogs are welcomed of course. Tall bluffs to peer over. Do be safe. Large wooden stairs the people exercise up and down on also. Great place.

Tidus Blitz

A beautiful trail. Multiple vistas relatively safe. Plenty of adventure

Audrey Brunell

Good trails and views. Very muddy though

Jamie King

Nice views . Peaceful settings and trails great for dog walking and taking in a lovely day

homan krishna

The hiking trails are good. Plenty of bike trails as well. Be sure to get your bug spray, otherwise you will regret it.

Luna Bardle

If people on here hate the trash so bad, PICK IT UP. I always pick up trash when I go for walks here. It's everyone's responsibility to keep our parks clean. It's a nice park. Don't let the reviews scare you. Obviously bring bug spray and sunscreen, that's just common sense.

Bob Klein

A nature refuge in an ocean of over development and asphalt. Experience nature while you can.

Robert Stein

Great place to mountain bike and relax. Very helpful staff explained where all the trails are located.

Bonnie Minkler

A lot of walking...Not many birds. 1 very rude worker..Not good access for disable

Mohrah m7md

Great place for hiking playing and fishing

Rebekah Chamberlin

Love their Lone Wolf trail that goes along the cliffs overlooking the river. This hike has some actual elevation which is unusual for this part of Missouri but a good change of pace.


Great place to hike. Lots of trails. Not crowded when you come early on a weekend. Or good for a midweek hike!

Darren Crane

Busy but wonderful trails

Mark T

Great park in the St Louis area. Decent hiking trails with nice views, not so difficult, but definitely enjoyable

Sylvia Moya

What a BEAUTIFUL place. Too bad it was pouring and we couldn't fully enjoy it

hanan salman

lovely we enjoy everything

Korhan Raif

Great hiking trails, well marked and very scenic. Beautiful place. Nice facilities. Quick drive from St. Louis.

Jake Copeland

Nice place to go hiking, biking, and if you have horses horseback riding. They have different trails at different diatances. They also have picnic areas and open fields.

Joe Cacioppo

Loose gravel is a little dangerous but great hike

don hodges

Excellent hiking, just remember to bring the bug spray.

Sal K

Love this park. Great views!

Lee Champion

Beautiful views and great groomed trails but yet you. feel totally in nature

Andrew Totsch

Castlewood is an amazing park. Make sure you bring bug spray. There is a lot of hill hiking and great views of the river and surrounding forest. Patrons are friendly. Trails are good for mountain biking, hiking, and trail running. Lots of people with their kids and dogs. Park is kept up well.


Always enjoy biking here! Great trails!

Barbara D Jones

Beautiful view. Medium climb. Will go again.

Fine Family

Love it cant wait to come back

Nirupama Balakumaran

I have fallen in love with this park so much. I have visited a couple of times now. And the place is so calm, hardly people around. It gives a chance to enjoy the place without any distraction. If you are lucky, you will be able to catch few glimpses of deers too. What more you want to wind up a day ?

Tony Colter

This is a hiker’s paradise! Trails with lots of elevation changes, overlooks of the river, ruins of buildings long gone and deep woods to get away from it all. What more could you want?

Michelle Carmichael

Beautiful place to get away!

Allyssa Riley

I went to both the World Bird Sanctuary and Endangered Wolf Center. Both are excellent!!!

Devlin McCoy

best state park in st louis county because it is big and there are bridges and views of the river i reccemend the river seine trail and the loan wolf trail those are the best

Evan Patrick

Wonderful place to bike, I try to go here every sunday with my brother. A lovely place in the morning.

Robert Hursey

Great hiking with even better views! It is a refreshing change of scenery in a land of bland geographic features.

Christopher Inman

Fun playground and really cool trails

Geoffrey couch

Pretty good kept hiking and biking trails a fantastic place to take pictures I highly recommend it in the fall when the leaves are changing colors beautiful

Luke Auffenberg

I've been going here since I was a small babe. Great park. I recommend the lone wolf trail. Fantastic view of the Meremec River. Avoid the creek, as it contains e coli. Really fun road to get into the park! Lots of other trails for mountain biking and hiking. The playground is nice for kids. Great park.

Colleen Bartow

Went hiking on Monday, October 29, 2018 about 5 p.m. The weather was perfect. It was, sunny, about 70 degrees, low humidity, light breeze. Here are some videos of my hiking experience. Bicyclists and horseback riders have their own trail apart from the hikers only trail.

Brian McCormack

Great park lots of history. Good creek to look for points in.

Dejan Deh

Extremely annoying that they lock EVERY SINGLE BATHROOM and discontinue trash service during winter months. Thousands of people here on a sunny February day, and nowhere to pee or throw your trash in. Honestly, maybe a nicer park during spring and summer, but definitely not nice this time of year... Ugly and muddy.

Erin S

Nice hiking trails, & pretty scenery. However the people swimming blasting music ruins the peace of nature.

Hannah Willow

love this state park! it has some great trails and beautiful views. plus plenty of stuff for the kiddos to do.

Tyler Kroeker

Let’s be honest, folks. Either you hate it or love it, am I right? If you don’t.... well don’t come here and save your 1-Star review for a bank or a lawyer. With that being said this place is beautiful. Trails, river, areas to set up and grill with a group. It’s a fantastic park and one of the many parks Missouri has to offer. For those looking for ideas this is my recommendation. Pack a cooler with food and beverages. Come early in the morning and start your day with a trek through one of the trails. If you like riding bikes bring that instead of going on foot. After making a run through the trials you then bust out the cooler and lounge out on the river. It’s worth every moment.

Dishon Knox

Scenic views! Riverscene trail was awesome! Great workout and fun for the family!

John Hile

Went hiking on the "Red" trail. Great views of the Merrimack river. Trail was marked and had plenty of locations for picture ops.

Shoeless Joe

Castlewood State Park imo is the the most beautiful park within 50 miles of St Louis. Providing access to the Meramec River and hiking trails with breathtaking overlooks, Castlewood is a perfect patch of thriving nature.

Maksym Doroshenko

Loved the trails, will have to come back after the river returns to its proper shores

Tina Risley

Beautiful hike along the river.

Abigail DeClue

Love hiking here. So many trails. Good for kids too

Seth Scarborough

Big enough to explore and hike lightly trafficked and moderately trafficked trails. Currently fairly underwater in parts. If you want to hike the river scenic trail you won't be able to hike the whole thing til the water recedes. Overall a beautiful park. Lots of available parking.

Derek Legler

Great to hike with your friendly dogs. Beautiful views.

Alice Gregory

Awesome park !!! Just great for all your likes and fun stuff.

Catherine Nguyen

So many birds to see! It was a great experience. The volunteers are very friendly and answered our questions! Very clean area, well maintained

Theotis James

Probably my favorite park in the St. Louis area. Very big, lots of trails. And it's a solid place to get a solid hike/workout.


Amazing site for hiking! Every visit feels like its brand new. I would say stay hydrated and away from the water I can swim but the water looks dangerous with unknown tree or items. Other than that I would recommend to hike the trail and explore mother nature

Karol Haskins

Very nice state park. Trails are well marked. Lots of picnic areas. Nice views of the river.

Mark Arnold

Took my kids here the other day. Really awesome place for some family time. Beware the bears and coyote's.

Allen Morgan

If you are looking for an adventure in nature. This is definitely your place. I thoroughly enjoyed the trails, the views and the nature!

Eric little

The workers at Castlewood take care of the facilities, trails, and mowing and do a good job of it. I hiked the lone wolf trail and it was clear from debris and trash. Additionally the staff was very friendly, but there was limited parking at the trail head so sometimes the overflow lot needs to be utilized.

Jesse Burgess

Beautiful park! Great place to go ride your mountain bike, or go for a hike.

Amy Gregory

Great place to hike or just take a short walk. On hot days the cool streams are nice to cool down. Beautiful escape from the concrete jungle.


Best park in st louis and greater area. Doggy approved

Francis Ehrgood

Hiked the red trail today. Nice scenery along the river. Moderate climb to the top and wooden steps take you to the lower part of the trail.

Dan Burkemper

What's not to love? As far as suburban parks go, this place is vast! Over 1,800 acres and you can do everything you ever wanted to do in a park. Ride a horse? Yes. Swim in a beautiful, yet unforgiving river? Yes. Explore ruins of resorts from 150 years ago? Yep. Abandoned mines? Yes. Trails of course. A river bluff where you could fall to your demise? You know it. This place has it all. It's amazing and admirable this place exists where it does, and in this 'sealed for your protection' world.

Mary Heidingsfelder

Best hiking and biking trails around, love looking for remnants of when it was a booming tourist spot back in the 1920s. When you're hiking look closely and you can find old concrete stairs and foundations, etc

Kyle Owens

Love this park. It's a hidden gem in the west county area. If you want fun trails, exciting cliff views, a beach! (Although be careful people have drowned. They have signs posted) head to Castlewood. Perfect for Trail biking, walking, running (competitive and casual), picnics, family gatherings, creek walks, dogs are welcome. I think there are horse trails too. The best is the bluffs. Head up the west side trails to get there. They have these wooden steps that go all the way up to the top, perfect for a strenuous workout. So much adventure, you'll find Castlewood State Park to be one of those places you didn't know you were missing out on. (Somebody tell them to add a frisbee golf course!) :) That's it. Everything else is perfect.

Layla Saffaf

A gorgeous park with great hiking/biking trails and beautiful cliffs and nature scenery great any time of the year!

Jack Hutchings

The river scene trail is a must! Great views of the Meramac River, rolling hills, rock outcrops, and more! The full trail also takes you along the river, too. The park includes a river beach and many other trails.

Tiffany Tegg

It was a busy park, but we went on a Saturday so that is to be expected. The people were friendly. The trail by the river was nice if you don't mind a little sand.

Tim Kimberling

Great place for quick hikes, runs or frisbee

Sarah Amonson

We went here on Christmas day for a hike with our young kids. I noticed there were several hiking and biking trails to choose from. The trail we went on had beautiful views of the Meramec river. Although there were a lot of people there that day, it didn't feel crowded as the trails are large and have a lot of places to stop and enjoy the view. There was litter unfortunately. Overall beautiful.

Lisa Dial

Great walking trails.

Aaron Roberts

I really enjoy spending time here. The walking trails are awesome. See if you can make it up to the cliff overlooking the river valley.

Lawrence E. Engle

Love this place for swimming or just walking!

Bernadette Corbeil

I love this place! Beautiful, peaceful, and multiple options for exercise!

Joe Calmese

Always fun. Great rides.

Jimmy Mader

Amazing views looking over the Meremac River Bottom. Trails are wide and clear for both pedestrian travel as well as bicycle thoroughfares. There are clear running streams and in the springtime the floor of the riverbed turns blue eight Bluebells! It’s magical.

Jeff Reich

Great for walkers and mountain biking!

Cody Dillon

Such fun was had. Could use some kind of security system or something cuz we saw a disagreement I guess and it could have turned into something bad but didn't everyone just dispersed and it ended but I was about to throw down if necessary. ;)

king chino 15

Awesome river and very fresh

Bill Parmentier

We are very lucky to have such an openly natural park attached to St. Louis County. Great hiking, trails, creeks, flora, and fauna. And everything is well maintained, but still a little wild.

Ryan O'Connell

The mt. Bike trails are amazing. Theres a variety of trails for all levels. Take some time to look up as well-lots of deer around! I love castlewood!

Raymond Erdey

I love to walk/hike with my dog. I bring towels for my dog and myself so we can wade in the water. It is free admission.


One of the best hiking places in the St. Louis area! Amazing scenic views from the Meramec River bluffs, great picnic areas, a nice creek for the little ones to splash in, and lots of wildlife. And trails galore! I can never get bored here and will continue to return for years to come.


Great place to unwind. Lake. walk trails. Places to party with family and friends.

Bryan Bradley

Beautiful place to head for a day with the family. Great place to take some aerial photos as well. Very Clean State Park.

Carrie Beach

Haven't been here in years. I have never seen so many people the in my life! The wild life was nowhere to be found, way too many people! But you can't get those views anywhere else!

William Ranney

Very nice park, well marked trail blazers, some steep hills! its in a naturally wet area so pack the repellent unless its freezing out.

Steve Elder

Great trails.... shady

Kush Patel

Awesome place for hiking......loved the drive for that

Steven Barnhart

The creek is a great swimming hole a little cold though

Danielle S.

The World Bird Sanctuary is amazing! The birds are well cared for and our day program clients love to visit and see the birbs ┌|o^▽^o|┘♪

Bradley Anderson

Great trails and incredible views.


Beautiful hiking trails and views of the Meramec River!

Brian G.

Popular state park for hiking, trail biking and trail running. Can be a bit crowded at times with limited parking so arrive early on weekends.

Natalie Pickering

Beautiful park with easy to moderate trails to meet all skill levels. Scenic river and cliffside views, as well as a play structure for kids, pavilions for eating and restroom accommodations. Very pet and kid friendly. This is one of my favorite spots in the greater St. Louis area.


Loved the scenery and the multiple hike trails. Very nice and supportive others out there. Loved seeing everyone with their little children as well as their pets. Definitely family oriented.

Tom Keene

It's great hiking. The whole family had fun and has the longest set up stairs up the bluff I've ever seen in my life concluded by an awe inspiring view. I would highly recommend to any family looking for a spot in nature to come together and get a good workout at the same time.

Paula Sun

Great place to go hiking. Beautiful views. The river is very dangerous though. The current is strong sometimes. Many people have drowned. The trail is a great exercise. I would definitely recommend going there.

Goo Boo

There are bluffs here that you can rappel. I had an interesting time here while rappelling (I found a treasure).

Michael D

Great park. Plenty of open space. Decent playground. Awesome, well maintained and marked trails. Parking can be a challenge during peak times. I just can't figure out why they chose to keep the smelliest, dirtiest, and smallest bathroom (essentially a permanent port o potty) open during the winter; one nice day and the line resembles a football game at halftime and the stench is unbearable.

American Home

Really like the trails here. Especially the grotpeter trail. Really quaint

Caleb Sigmund

Solid trails, great place for hiking and biking locally.

Chrystal Chi

It's a great little place to go for a hike. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll thru any of the three trails. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city even though it's minutes away. Bike thru the trails if that's what you are into. Enjoy a spot of Bald eagle watching especially along the scenic river hike. It's nice and quiet. You can sit at any of the scenic areas on benches or lookouts. Just remember to bring your own hydration. I've even seen people doing some free climbs along my hike.

Bo Lin

You can do many things here, hiking, picnicking, and more.

Andy Baker

One of the best parks in the St. Louis area. Not the safest place to swim though.

Dan Witherspoon

The only real park near St Louis! Good trail

Tim Brooks

Great park clean beautiful!! Perfect for the kids!

Marie Martin

Great place. Kids loved it.

Jack Vandegriffe

Beautiful park, lots of hiking and biking options and a playground as well

Moses Farr

Great place for an all day hike or an afternoon stroll! The views are priceless!


Most amazing views I have ever seen! Great trails too (hiking and biking).

Catherine McCoy

The rangers are very helpful and friendly. It is a very clean park and there is plenty of parking and bathroom accessibility.

David Steele

Great place to hike beautiful scenery.

Elizabeth B

Absolutely the best way to start off the weekend!

David Wollmann

A great park. Bring the kids and a picnic lunch.

John Cody

Great place for hiking and relaxing in the creek

Samantha Miller

Great place to have a birthday party. Just don't recommend it in the warmest weather due to the amount of mosquitos. And the price to rent a pavilion for the day is a little too much in my opinion. But all in all it was ok.

David Varner

Multiple hiking trails and difficulties. Scenic views from the River Bluff trail. Great picnic areas and playground for the kids.

Kaylee T

Amazing hike and great place to mediate, usually pretty quiet

Renee Hazen

This was a nice moderately challenging trail. The view of the Meramac River was pretty. Don't plan to go swimming in it; the river is a bit too dangerous for that. Do plan to see some cool birds and deer, hike up some pretty steep stairs, and see great views atop a bluff. We chose the River Scene trail. Our dog had a good time too!

Anna Stein

Gorgeous park, amazing trails, but a little flooded in low areas currently.

Alex Fischer

A great place to go hiking. There are plenty of trails to choose from, all with different degrees of difficulty. The trails are well-maintained and the park is pretty friendly, provided your pet is on a leash. I recommend the lone wolf trail, but really you can't go wrong with any of the available trails. The park opens at 7 and closes a half hour after sunset.

Jason Vanover

I brought my pet tegu to the park and the water was lovely and everything was purfect except for the mosquitos

R Kovalski

I love that park as it has nice trials for hiking other biking, I do both. Biking is at moderate difficulty. Very nice view on the Meramec river. Few spots for barbecue and play ground.

Kiran Khan

Peaceful. Logs, trees. Good hiking experience. Very easy to hike in the 1.5 mile hike because it was all flat ground.

James Farrell

Fun hike and hidden gem

Adam Gardner

Nice park if you don't mind being bitten by dogs. MDC has really got to crack down on this here in the park.

Chris Dawson

Great place for scenery and to take your dog for a walk

Bradley Dawson

Beautiful scenic walk overlooking the meramec river:) great little hike.

viviana _lopez

Cool place I guess, my dog likes it

Cassandra Daugette

Lots of trails to explore and other activities throughout. We arrived around 10 on a Saturday and by the time we finished hiking, the park had exploded with people. I could see parking being an issue if you came later in the day, in the summer at least.

Nate Brown

Great location and short trails for a day hike or to test equipment for backpacking or biking terrain that isn’t particularly technical.

John McLain

The Scenic River Trail is a must. Some of the better trail views in the state. Start at the base of the bluff and climb it first. It's a much better loop that direction ... unless you really like climbing stairs that is.

Laura Sobczak

We seen about 8 deer, the creak had spring water. It had sun shining through the trees. We Couldn't find where the boats get launched at.

Adrienne Barrow

Serene and truly beautiful. Very clean.

Ron W

A very beautiful park for hiking and relaxing.

don ohearn

Great hike. Not for small kids.

Veronica Villanueva

If you're looking for breathtaking views and inclines, this place is a must.

Adie Bennett

Castlewood is a treasure of the Missouri State Park System located in a suburban area. Centrally located in Saint Louis County this park experiences heavy use no matter the day of the week or time of year. Check out some of their amazing trails, check in to the ranger office for a map and updates on trails. Reserve a pavilion for a family outing.


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