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1565 N Kingshighway St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cape Splash Family Aquatic Center IN Missouri

James Howell

It wAs great

Sheila Long


Alejandro Hornik

A beautiful day outside!

Mz Tiffany B

Very spacious, safe guards are surrounded as stated. Very good place to bring your family.

Galina Gray

Rebecca Schlenker-Korb

Waterpark is nice EXCEPT each time we wanted a drink we had to wait in line at least an hour. It does no good to buy 2 drinks at once because it gets hot. The ambulance had to be called because one girl in line passed out from dehydration. Also, only soaker hoses are on sidewalks on half of park. Your feet are on fire. I recommend water shoes. Water is clean and entry price fair.

Heather Kyle

The park is lots of fun for all ages, tends to be crowded, safe, good lifeguards, clean, great shady spaces and lots of nice lounge chairs. The biggest issue I have is their policy of A) not allowing any outside food or drink, not even water and B) not allowing you to leave and then re-enter the park other than for 15 minutes. This is ridiculous. the food at the concession stand is all typical very high in saturated fat/sodium/grease/processed, so people with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood sugar, or any other kind of healthy diet would be excluded from being able to eat there. And if u leave you cannot re-enter. I have never been to any other park that prohibited re-entry. this is completely ridiculous. A day pass should be a day pass, period. So if you have older children who want to swim longer, but a baby who needs an afternoon nap, or if you have an errand to run, or heaven forbid if you wanted to pack a picnic and eat outside the park--too bad. Not allowed. Very frustrating policy. I go up to the Farmington water park where we can pack healthy picnic for a lot cheaper. they have no such silly and restrictive policies up there and It is a very similar park.

Delisa Ward

We've only been during the week cause I hate crowds. Its great during the week. Concession stand isnt too slow then either, but can get that way if its very HOT with people want water. Very Clean place too in my opinion. We drive from Dexter twice a week in the summer too come. Need to sell tshirts tho, Im a sucker for novelty tshirts where I visit haha

Thot patrol

YO don't think ever,ever,ever,ever About going here if I could rate it zero stars I would this place sucks I'm going give you REASONS why you should never go here 1. Safety check you may be wondering what the hell is a safety check well a safety check is when they make you get out of waterslides pool and lazy river every 5 MINUTES And just to go get some food and make a profit 2. We can't get in the deep end of the pool for some reason 3. The bathrooms smell worse than your average bathroom Way worse any questions?

Chance Landin

Awesome place

OK Vlogs

Ao Hikari

I think they should disconnect the main pool form the little kids pool because the little kids like to piss in the pool and i don't like diving in piss or when it gets in your mouth.

Trevon Walker

Floetta Sanders

We went today for the first time our daughter is special needs so we was unsure of taking her but oh my Penny Williams you trained them extra well they was so good with her we wasn't sure about her floating the lazy river they got the double alot use for little ones and she sat in there while her dad was on the other side of her thank you all so much for making it extra enjoyable for her and us her dad and i was actually able to relax

Cindy Mathis

Barbara Snow Milam

Looks fun.

Marley Sheren

the ww2 stream _nathan_militaria_

Great place for great fun

Ratasha Isom

Tyler Watson

Me and my family hates this water park because they have no sprinklers and the ground is very hot! So we are not coming back at all!


We went on a Saturday and it was maxed to capacity, which is to be expected. The one downfall is the concession stand. Considering the crowd I wouldn't say that the concession line was that long ... but after waiting 40 minutes and only making it a little over half way to the stand we had to leave because the little girl that came with my daughter became ill from waiting in line, in the sun (there is no shade canopy or fans blowing at the first part of the line). We gathered our things and made our way back across the park and the line hadn't moved. I would guess that we would have waited another 20-25 minutes had we stayed in line. We couldn't find a water fountain so I was going to customer service to request first aid to get a water for the little girl that was with me --- come to find out the customer service stand at the entrance sells bottled water, just an FYI. Wonderful park and great fun, just slow service at the concession stand which caused us to have to leave earlier than planned. Will go again, we will just eat before we go and go to the customer service stand for water verses the concession stand.

Brandi Jackson

Cape splash is awesome for fun for all ages. Cape splash has slides for adults, teens, and children . There are also plenty of play area and things to do for the little ones. I cant wait to take my toddler for the first time this year. She will love it. Cape Splash also provides showers and changing rooms along with personal lockers. Food and drinks are available. There are life guards in every section to insure everyone stays safe. Staff are very observant and ready to help the little ones.

Terri Buckerman

Not a bad place at all. It would be perfect if they had a wave pool just like the waterpark in Poplar Bluff.

Andrew King

Shyanne Dennis

Cedric Malone

Ryan Smith

The staff was very nice and help full

Lakeyda Leke

Love it

Tracia Hagler

Dan Pind

Went there on 6/10/17. Never again. There were no sprinklers to cool the sidewalk. Blisters on my feet due to the excessively hot concrete. Lifeguards blew whistles when you tried to walk in grass or when kids ran on sidewalk to get to shade. Will not be going back...ever.

Amy Anderson

Ryan Glueck

Amy Lee

Rachael Charlton

Clean water park, great prices! Kids had a lot of fun!

Cecil Ray

Its awsome

Linda Ransom

Wanted to do a quick turn around but fun trip with my family. We went on Sunday and it was not crowded at all .We had no problem at the concession stands and everyone has planned to return again .

Cordell Penrod

It was awesome

Racingcollectables2014 Yeager

April Jones

Donna Hanscom

I Loved This Place so Much And I will be able to go back Again This Year.

Deb Clover

Lazy river and all the slides are great! But PLEASE use more hoses or something to cool down your concrete! Our child burnt the bottoms of her feet :( also the toilets in the women's bathroom do not flush

Audrey Corbin

This place is so much fun! It's very family friend especially for families with kids ages 3-12, who would get the most enjoyment out of the park. The park is very reasonable price around $5 per person. Park includes a lazy river, kid splash pad for kids under 6, a swimming pool with deep end, vortex pool, and multiple water slides for age different ages. Also has umbrellas, chairs, locker rooms, and a concession stand. The downfall about the park is the layout. You're walking on burning hot concrete and are not aloud to walk on the grass or the landscaping. I find the staff and the lifeguards incredibly rude at times by what I have heard them say to guest or they sit there on their phones not paying attention while on duty. The lazy river is very small and there are only so many number of rafts that most of the time you have to wait your turn. No outside food or drinks are aloud, but I have always managed to sneak in water. The parking lot is always a fiasco since the lot is shared with the Osage Center. I highly recommend coming here either when it first opens or waiting until later afternoon after 2:30pm because it will be less crowd with kids and summer camps going on.

Marian Nicole

I love cape splash it is my go to place for my birthday and it's so fun, and pretty cheap I love going for a good family day to, u should go U won't regret it

Temera Matlock

Should have more things to do

Hugh McGowan V

Lord Night

Kookie Is My Hobi Chim Chim

Awesome attraction and great for the whole family

Plank Titan

Brent Burnett

Waited over an hour to get in to find long lines , no tubes to float on and the pools were so full you could not enjoy it.

Lana Jones

Chance Goodale

Had a great time here. Cheap, good priced food and drinks. Plenty for the kids to do. We went during the week so it wasn't too crowded.

Jennifer Doom

Jeremy Griffin

Jerome Wachter

This place is amazing! For the money spent it is a great waterpark. We live in Mississippi and during our summer trips we visited the part 3 times this summer. Each experience was great! Our girls had a blast!

Aaron Chapman

Not bad for kids but it needs to be more adult friendly. I don't want to just sit there and get a sunburn.

Lisa Warren

I expected a Big crowd for Memorial day weekend, but not feces in the sprinkler area, a dead Bird by the pirate ship, and deplorable bathrooms. We like Cape Splash and usually visit weekly. I'm seriously rethinking the health consequences of that.

Aayliah Wilson

Tempest Southall

Good family atmosphere

K. Collier

My first and last time visiting. I came from Nashville, TN to visit this water park for a family vacation. While I was in the park my vehicle along with 3 other vehicles got broken into. I filed a police report and a report with the park, for them to later tell me that there were not responsible for my damages. I will not be returning again

Princessbaby 11

Beware of this place. Several cars where vandalized (mine included) on 7/27/19. No cameras, no security on the lot. Called the HR department as directed and was told it's not their responsibility.

Stephanie Mcbain

Today was our first time to cape splash unfortunately it was short lived the lifeguards heard thunder so everyone had to get out of the water I'm happy they gave us a raincheck for another day

shelley hess

We took our daughter and niece to cape splash today for the first time and they had a blast. Great first water park experience for both of them!


This was our first and last trip to Cape Splash. We drove over an hour and a half with 4 kiddos super excited only to get to a line at the gate and told they're at capacity. I understand having a max capacity for safety reasons; however we've not had this issue at any other waterpark. So we will not be returning here.

Cristian Evans

It’s a great family friendly environment, where you can spend a day of fun.

Nicole Schemel

The life guards actually lifeguard and take their job serious. Great place to have a party or organization get together. 2 kid slides and 4 bigger kid/Adult slides a lazy river that you can continuously go around then decide to get off. The have an area for infantttoddler as well. The best thing when looking for a good water park is how and how many ways can you get into the pool areas! The main one you can walk into it, it's like a walk down ramp and it gets deeper as it goes. Clearly marked on the side of the pool is the depth. Most also have a walk on step to get to the water at around 3-4 foot and ladder in the deeper ends. But their ladders are not metal they are built into the side of the pool. (A pretty cool idea for ease of access and cleaning). They have in the middle of the pool area a smaller pool that swirls you around. You walk in and it just takes you around. If you have issues getting out just let the life guard know and they will help you. One tip I do have is to bring sandals or flip flops that can get wet. In some areas on a hot day the concrete is unbearable to walk on. Footwear that can get wet would be ideal to at least have. Perks: They have senior discount, open 7 days a week (in season). (If you ask for military discount they may give you child or senior discount but it's not a discount they offer). Lounge chairs to sit in, in the sun, under an umbrella or in the shade.

Annie Giden Metro01996


So thankful they decided to build this in Cape. Love it, I wish they had a wave pool!

Kyle Volkerding

Family fun at cape splas

Unicorn 3_YT

Zach Paul

Sarah Crawford

It was fun for my grandchildren will have even more fun when they go again!


James Tucker

Me and my family had a great time. Will go again .Also the life guards did great job of watching the kids. Thanks


Be prepared to Die of Thirst at this park. It was, of course, extremely crowded on a Saturday at 3p.m., and that was o.k., it was to be expected. What I did Not anticipate was the Super Slow service at the concession stand. The park does Not allow any outside drinks or food to be brought in. Again, that's fine as long as you can purchase something inside- But you can't! I waited in line, in the Fast lane, where they only serve drinks and ice creams. You would think that it would somewhat faster, but No. I waited for ten minutes, got frustrated, left the line and walked all the way across the park. I spoke with my family and decided to try it again. When I walked back to the line- it hadn't moved. Nope, not one person had been served since I left. Unbelievable! To FINALLY get a drink took about Forty Minutes. Lots of workers- no one Managing Anything. Sorry, but I would bring a bottle of water. Two Stars for the Park, because we did get wet.

Jenna Freeborg

Was a good time at the beginning but you need sprinklers for your walkways! My family's feet including my 3 year olds are BLISTERED and your lifeguards would yell when we would walk in the grass! Your lifeguards are rude and not very helpful what so ever.

Fly High

Nice,clean, kids had fun! Only wish they played different music. Everyone doesnt listen to country music.

Mia McBride

Amazing for kids and has many wonderful things to do!!!!!


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