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10 Mounds Blvd, St Paul, MN 55106, United States

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Where is Indian Mounds Regional Park?

REVIEWS OF Indian Mounds Regional Park IN Minnesota

Valentine Nde

Excellent spot to host events as well as just hangout with friends a d family. Great play ground for kids. Very clean and we'll take care of.

Chrissy Bennett

Mounds Park has a beautiful view of downtown St Paul, the Mississippi river and the surrounding areas. This park is the perfect place to enjoy with family and friends for a leisurely stroll as well as learning history about the area. It has a playground and picnic areas. The overlooks are amazing.

Nathan Wohlfeil

Love walking the trails at night. Beautiful city sights and sounds.

Douglas Hamilton

Beautiful views of downtown

Gerald Dixon

I like this park alot. It is very peaceful, and very clean. My companion and i walk there every sunday just to communicate.

Alicia Tillman

The park is beautiful, but the roads need some work. They are very rough.

Kim Scalze

Favorite park. Great environment and trails and stellar views of the city.

Tessa Becker

One of the best views of the city.

Randall Todd

Water bath rooms .

Leslie Lomack

One of my favorite places to go to clear my head.


Went for a walk with my son there. Great place with a nce view

Jay Lindquist


ke tullu

A special place for native american burial and nice park.

David Austin

Took a walk, was hoping to maybe meet up with someone new

Rayne Starks

Lots of tables, fun playground. Lots of groups but far enough apart to be private

Terri Heath

Very nice view!

Niinii Moshe'nh

My daughter loved this park

Eric Padilla

Super Duper Veiw.

jessica quiet

Beautiful views of Saint Paul

Jeff Lambert

There is an area just north of the burial mounds a circular pattern but the natural spiral of a snail shell or the cochlea of our inner ear and so many natural occuring shapes through out the entire Earth our solar system and beyond. It fits in a way but kind of too close to the burial mounds in my mind. But still amazing if you can experience it. If you stand right in the middle of the circle in the start of the spiral and speak, sing, scream: the world is so amazing our lives are miraculous! Thank you great creator! We are living at such an amazing time. We are all blessed. Or just make grunting noises or sing like Tibetan monks powerful guteral throat singing. Whatever noise that comes from the inside of yourself. You will, if you are standing in the right spot, you will hear an echo that resonates inside your head. I am not sure of the exact physics of what exactly is going on but I was surprised and in awe and it continues with the more I realize the importance of the spiral so interconnected with what life is. I thank my friend for sharing that with me.

Menalik_Markease Bey

Its a Spiritual experience.

Steve Boland

Worth the extra effort to find an visit for the vistas on the bluff. Lots of room, parking available, great trails access for biking.

Chris Haas

Nice views. Unless you're trying to see fireworks.

Jeffrey Fielding

Contemplative place.

Jeff Hoeppner

Its peacefull

Daniel Larson

Beautiful well kept park.

Mike Wise

Beautiful Park located on Dayton's Bluff above the Mississippi River with a great view of St. Paul.

Dulce Torres

Love this park, alot of memories

Logan Thomsen

Great place to practice with the E-scoots and shred the riverway with your buddies.

Brett Johnson

A piece of ancient history right in the middle of Saint Paul.

Relaxation Paradise

Relaxful place.

thomas zwirn

Nice park for a relaxing stroll or for just sitting and viewing the city.

Troy Erickson

an awesome park, lots of great views of the city and the mounds are really cool to see!

Jeanie Johnston

Nice views. Can't get close to the mounds as fencing is all around.

Holly Kollman

Love the kid's play area, awesome views of the Mississippi river and the city. Enjoy viewing the history of the Indian mounds.

Renee 77


Lorenzo Reed

Nice chill place

Gary Percival

I am sick of the homeless campers in that patch of trees by mounds blvd and 94. About 300 yards south of the Lafayette bridge by the communications tower, 3 of these campers tried to make me empty my backpack. The dark skinned guy along with his underage runaway girlfriend, are the 2 biggest harrasers i have ever seen. The only reason they are around still is because i have yet to report them and the exact location of their camp to the authorities. Im calling them right now actually

Mary Ann Moran

Great place to take photos of the city of St Paul, day or night!

Handy Manny

The historic mounds park has nice views nice seating areas and good times great oldies

Josh VH

Very interesting park with a lot of history and great views of St. Paul!

Mandy Schwemmer

Beautiful park with lots of space to run around huge old trees. Playground makes the kids happy. Bathrooms, free parking, and plenty of shade make parents happy. The history of the park is a great prompt for conversations with curious youngsters!

Daryl Sager

Favorite park

Trudy Ohnsorg

Best view of downtown Saint Paul! This is a great place to walk... and have a home!

Amber Dawn

Beautiful native American sacred grounds, that look over The City of Saint Paul .Mn, an the Mississippi river. East view of the downtown area. nice sky scrap for our local artist's looking for the best signature anger view to capture its amazing vibrancy, with insight into the might of the Mississippi. A must C 4 yourself kinda place. (For the acoustics lovers music artists an anyone that enjoys cool weard rare things check out the acoustic echo circle but if you cant locate it it is on earl an mounds Blvd. You have to walk past the pavilion to edge of burial mound there is a rock bench area with lines in concrete you must stand directly in center by your self an talk an lisson to your friends).I think it's basically one of the coolest places in my City. Everyone should check it out!

MJ Berst

So, I've been doing this thing since Daylight Savings time happened a few weeks ago, that I was going to try once a week (whether permitting) to go visit a spot in or around the Twin Cities and watch the sun set after work. This past week, I went to Indians Mound Park in St. Paul and was not disappointed. The park offers a unique view of the river and the city behind it - and it also boasts 6 prehistoric Indian burial mounds. It's pretty sweet. I'd like to go back in the spring or summer because there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground and I wasn't able to explore the park as much as I would've like. Overall, it looks well-kept and seems like I fun place to take in. As I drove down the hill, I was able to capture several other photos, and it brought pure joy to my heart to see that I wasn't the only one enjoying mother nature's work of art that evening.

Mitchell Armstrong

Such a beautiful park. A lot of culture and history reside here. Take some time and see what it's got to offer.

Christina Veres

Beautiful place to visit and walk the trails.

Maung Ning

Beautiful view

Jayne Hall

Great place

Jackson Aim

A gem of the eastside, and the Dayton's Bluff community

Laylah And hopes awsome adventures

Beautiful enough to spend all day. Trails, kids park, and grilling areas.

Lisa Ferris

Gorgeous view at sunset

Michele Armstrong

So peaceful and calming. A definite favorite place to find serenity and appreciate the beauty of the earth and its history.

kathy Ebert

Unique, peaceful. Good view.

Michael Watters


Vincent Lauer

Excellent view of the river downtown St Paul the Cathedral of Saint Paul in the Minnesota state capitol! Far in the distance is the skyline of Minneapolis. The Twin Cities from one viewpoint.

Jose Lopez

Great and peaceful park I Love been there. Jose Lopez

Tina Brown

Lots of history here you feel amazing energy here

Johnny Fincher

It is mounds park eastsiders will understand

Stephanie Potter

Nice place to stretch the legs and run around in the grass.

Ian Buck

One of the best views of downtown St Paul can be found at Mounds Park. There are also a couple of popular trails that intersect here, making it a bit of a hub on the East Side of you are running or biking. They recently remade the playground, and it looks really nice.

Josh Buck

Many great memories of times with friends here!

Michael Zwank

Wonderful views. Amazing history.

Nisha Yang

Nice and big park. Fun play ground for children.

Peeyush Maurya

Indian Mounds Regional Park is a public park in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States, featuring six prehistoric Native American burial mounds overlooking the Mississippi River. The oldest mounds were constructed 1,500–2,000 years ago by people of the Hopewell tradition.

Joe Rau

How can I not give it 5 *? I got married here.

Terrance Swanberg

Peaceful view of the hustle and bustle of downtown St. Paul.

Shannon Fahey

Great picnic area and great


Large park to walk around and explore. You can also see downtown St. Paul from there


Beautiful view for locals and out of Towners. Probably on of the best in St. Paul. If you take a walk down below, you can also gain a lot of historical knowledge along with some cave viewing (outside only).

* *

One of two locations in the twin cities that are of unique character in What it's there for. The only other that i know like it is next to the maple grove rest stop on interstate 94 north of 694/494 junction. I am held in reverence to what it was like at a different time, 2000 years ago when the mounds were last used by the people whome buried thier loved ones there.. Its an ancient cemetery that most people past by every day without a thought to it. Good area to walk, ride a bike, or just sit and read a book.

Sheryl Davison

Was a nice park to help my friends celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Covered tables so if it rained we were protected. There was a play area for the kids. Easy enough to get to but glad I had Google maps

Amy Jo Felling

More paths than you realize. My dog and I are here at least two days a week in all seasons. Good place to play Pokemon Go or find a bunch of somewhere to read a book. Has a nice view from cliffs too.

Linda Payne

I love going to look out over the mountains at this place

Samantha Beatty

I was hoping for a bit more of a learning opportunity and sadly many of the scenic overlook areas have been allowed to become obscured by trees, but the park is nice and the grounds well maintained.

Jeff Mudgett

Just a place to let my mind get away

Ashmit Tuladhar

Wonderful view of river and ST Paul Skyline.

Josh Rich

Nice over view of downtown St. Paul

JRob Zetelumen

This is an important and sacred place to respect and honor. It is good that there is a law protecting this site. It stands in stark contrast to the nearby sacred cave which was desecrated and destroyed, or the sacred springs which were destroyed, or even Coldwater Spring, where the public works are continually attempting to decrease the flow.

Eleanor Martin

Very nice place to go

Mary Olin

Gorgeous views

Bong Water Productions

Like this if you know about the echo circle

Cassey Samuelson

Such a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the nature and history inside of a major city. Hopefully they don't take away the trail like the proposed signs around!!

Rafael A. Tejada Jr.

It is a beautiful park and my son and his sister love the new playground they've put there.

Ka-Lia Xiong

Play ground is big and walking path is goods

Damion Swanson

Fun clean crime free easy parking

JC McNaughton

Awesome is all i can say

Zach Sheffert

Tennis courts always open, great view of both cities, particularly St. Paul.

Anthony Beasley

Beautiful park.

Stephanie Thompson

My daughter loves this park. Room for her to run around, and a nice playground.

Isaac Francois

Amazing place and view

Bernie Tennis

Very nice park. I'm glad to see they fenced off the actual mounds so people respect this sacrate place...

Linda Neukircher

Beautiful View of River & St Paul?

Mariah Houff

Great place to bring kids to play. Brand new park for the children and great place to BBQ

Bart Hillberg

Offers some nice scenic views and a little history. Had a few nice areas for doing a picnic that can be reserved as well next to a jungle gym and swing set.

Jason Morales

Except for the harassment from The park ranger that was very rude

Travis S

Awesome very peaceful and spiritual

Toni Bongard

Nice quiet park

Michelle Parker

This historic scenic overlook is both sacred and beautiful. You can walk the trails, BBQ a meal , let the children play at the play ground, or just soak up the peaceful quiet of the is hard to miss the burial mounds....that overlook the Mississippi river as well

Steven Lutchen

Nice park for the family with pretty views right in the heart of the city


Beautiful view of downtown

Jennifer Davis

Parks get 5 stars because we need more parks and less malls.


Lovely park with an interesting group of people that you sometimes see at the end of the day on a summer night. Other than that there are very good views of the city of Saint Paul and is a nice place to just "let go" for a few minutes. Also fun to see the fireworks on the 4th. :)


Nice place for a walk during daylight hours.

Linda Karau

I have not been there yet, but am definitely going to view it this summer!

Theo Kuster

Nice park, quiet, not crowded, clean.

Joe Hutton

Great Park beautiful views of Downtown St Paul!! and Mississippi river

Heather Wadell

Great views. Really nice equipment. I like that it offers historical information about the burial mounds and has walking paths Did I mention the view!

Katana Simmons

A nice place too take a walk but don't forget to stop by the echoes circle with the little ones I promise they will love it!

Sarah Rice

Beautiful place to take pictures

Ryan Kaster

Respect the area and the history. Going too close to the limestone overlooking the tracks can be deadly on the lower portion of the walking trail and is why a low hanging fence is at these points. If you were underneath you’d see yourself standing on an outcropping and not a sheer cliff. Very dangerous. With that in mind- Enjoy the walk all the way down to the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, which is also incredible and worth the time.

Kailyn Handrahan

Beautiful area and perfect for gatherings with kids!

Ellen Keane

Beautiful panoramic views and plenty of park benches

Joe Brown

Great place to gather!

Randall VanDyke

Went several years ago and was interesting. Recently went back and the mounds over grown with weeds, drug paraphernalia laying around, can't see the river from the overlook. Disgraceful wouldn't recommend going there.

Sharly su

Good view of city

Gregg Martinson

Nice view. Nice park, but there is crime nearby

Pa Thao

My land

Jonathan Mawdsley

Beautiful urban park with fantastic views of the Mississippi River valley and the Twin Cities skyline. Picnic facilities, hiking and biking trails, and playground equipment are all available. The main points of interest, however, are the six Native American burial mounds located along the top of the bluff. The mounds are fenced off to prevent people from disturbing them. When we visited, there were gorgeous wildflowers in bloom all over the mounds and adjacent areas of the park. A peaceful and beautiful spot!

M. Doucet

This is a gorgeous, linear park with a fantastic view, but getting there might be an uphill battle depending on which end you come from. Paths are in good shape and foliage too is generally well kept. Most of the tempting bits are fenced off (for good reason!), but it's a nice afternoon stroll with some beautiful houses to ogle on the other side of the street.

Larry Hotchkiss

Fun to explore

Andrew Sean

Beautiful park with plenty of scenic views and winding trails. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the space, and the history of the space is interesting for new visitors. The only reason this is not a 5 star review is the quality of the trails - they aren't really maintained that well, and tend to be in pretty rough shape. I would also not recommend coming to this park after dark - it is perfectly fine during the day though.

G Mcquillan


michelle Valtierra

If youre looking A Peaceful, Spiritual place to go on a nature walk.

Mr Vang

Good for walking n jogging

Marco Giese

Very clean & we'll kept.

Marissa Saurer

Gorgeous views of the downtown skyline. Tennis court needs attention.

Adriana Almendarez

Sunset on St. Paul

Emily R

Great city park. Definitely urban so if that isn't your style keep that in mind. That being said, cool views of the river and awesome to walk right next to burial mounds.

Matt Bork

Aside from the occasional shooting, it is a great park to bring the kids. If you start to see numerous unsavory characters milling about and rowdy, I would suggest packing up and heading home. Aside from that, there is a great playground and awesome views of the Mississippi River valley from the bluff. And hey, don't dwell too much on the unsavory element and homicides...diversity is a good thing!

Kara Carlson

The view is amazing.... Each visit is just as intriguing as the first.

tim Eannarino

Not bad

Timothy Hawkins

Nice clean park and well maintained

Jackie LaVaque

Nice overlooks. Historic mounds. Would avoid at night unless you want to encounter drug deals.

#Gaymaker 1

Nice view

Nathan Juenemann

Fantastic view of the river and downtown St. Paul.

art lee

Great view of the city and river

Chantel Huston

Beautiful views

Amy Taylor

Beautiful view over the bluffs at the Mighty Mississippi below

Aziz Osman

Fresh mood near the national river with over green park

Nate Beulah

Our speaker was very knowledgeable and gave the whole truths of our Dakota ancestors!!

Patti Smith

Loved the Tranquility

Catrina Chamberlin

It's very beautiful and peaceful I have never seen anything like that every before I really think that if you went to see it you would really appreciate and enjoy it as much

Tiffany Weber

New play ground kids loved it

Bao Her

Took a nice walk. Loved it!

Shetty A

awesome place for watching sunset with st paul skyline view..

laura cloud

Plenty of trails, burial mounds respectfully enclosed, beautiful vistas, playground and picnic areas

Jake Gage

Small park, with some nice views of Saint Paul.

Ultimatecosplayz Official

This park has a lot to offer. Open fields, park benches, Pavilions, a playground, public restroom, even a wonderful scenic view of the city. The burial grounds can also be a great sight if your into it. One complaint I do have however is that there's an ugly tennis court with cracks everywhere, and grass growing all over the court. Compared to the rest of the park it just looks hideous. The city either needs to tear it down or renovate it. Aside from that you got yourself a nice park. This place seems ideal for family picnics, or short strolls.

Qui Lewis

Exactly what I expected. Actual mounds to view.


A ghost arm grabbed me from a burial mound

Dhanarajan Sugumar

You’re going to love this place because it has awesome scenic view Saint Paul river airport Long trial for cycling and walking..good children play area and picnic area

Janell Bryson

I love this park I go there almost daily to walk to sit just to listen to The wind blow through through the leaves

Momma Charo

First off this park is enormous with alot of different sections but overall it's very interesting.

Travis Howard

As is the case with most St Paul parks, Indian Mounds is beautifully designed and well kept. There is a beautiful vista near the tower where you can watch the sun set over both the twin cities skylines.

Sandeep K.S

Sceinic views of downtown St Paul are breathtaking.... Best place to spend an evening with family or friends

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