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5601 Minnehaha Park Dr S, St Paul, MN 55111, United States

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Where is Coldwater Spring?

REVIEWS OF Coldwater Spring IN Minnesota

Daniel Pothier

Amazing dog park. Great trails. Really clean. Good swimming in the river.

Ramya Beesam

Steve Sol

Minnehaha Falls is right next door and vastly more popular, but Coldwater Spring has much better, more winding trails and is dog friendly. You can also rent bikes and ride them around the area.

שקד דנאי

Great place

Todd Fierst

Elizabeth Campbell

This is a sacred site for many nations

Lauren Kinnee

Craig Pasqual

Mason Preusser

Mark Rivers

Nice trails.

Steve Fabian

stashbox 22

Crystal Edwards

1111 1111

Kyle Wright

A fun little hike to explore some Minnesota history.

Justin Krieg


Thanks to all who helped to save this sacred place/water from Mndot filling it in during the reroute of highway 55. *Preserve Camp Coldwater Coalition, *Friends of Coldwater, Mendote' Dakota Tribe, *Earthfirst, *Stop the Reroute Coalition and others everywhere, you know who you are! :o) NPS didn't have to much to do with saving it, but they sure took it over in true conqueror fashion! Quite the walk to see the Spring from the new parking area. It says not to drink the water, but go ahead, if it's from the source, it's in your Native traditions to gather sacred water from this spring that has been flowing for over 11,000 years, and the flow has been cut in half from all the destruction/construction. Matakioasin

#failmaster 87

Great place for a break from your kids

Queen E

Nice park. Has great views for everyone.

Mony Kuoch

Andrew Rose

Joe Lindell

Stephanie Gomez

Its hot and there are lots of bugs its pretty but unsafe

Krishanu Sen

Brad Cahill

Wonderdful historic beautiful

Genysis Iznow

Jessiclaire Wolf

One of my favorite places to walk. It's very peaceful.

Joe Albrecht

I really enjoy coming here and hiking the area with my dog. In the winter it's amazing how clear and unfrozen the water is.

Emily Theisen

Adalpe Apé Leal

Relaxing and peaceful place. One of my favorite places to get lost in...

Oz Me

Interesting but not per se spectacular. Cool looking walking trail map but I was on a recubent road bike so didn't look further.

Jessica Miller

Water is life. This scared site has been restored as an oak savanna. Exploring the National park here and the wildlife signs makes me excited and restore me

K Hyde

Mike Jones

Beautiful, peaceful, serene.

Nich Malia

David Boenigk


OutdoorOutlaw TV

Awesome fun national park great for in

Hector Juarez

Brad Miles

Jillian Steinke

Cool little gem in Minneapolis. Beautiful easy walking paths.

Ester Knowlen

Paul Vaillancourt

Peaceful and perfectly maintained walking paths.

Caleb S.

Nice place to visit that isnt as traveled as minnehaha falls or fort snelling. Good hiking and lots of mileage. Great place to walk your dogs

Gabe Farnsworth

Probably the best off leash dog park in the world. Great place to take a walk and let your dogs burn off energy.

Kimberly Davis

Ray Olivera

Susette Garcia

Couldn't find it

Chris Jost

Beautiful area. Really well landscaped. Dont drink the water.

Honey Darling

David Harvey

Loved it

Melinda Stahlman

Tess Huber

Kienan Mick

Beautiful in the fall, and plenty of bird watching opportunities.

Randy Nibbe

Andy Fleming

Sherry Brooks

Fun place to walk a dog or with a friend lots to see in nature plants and animals

Marianne Davis

Beautiful in every season.

Nick Huo

Nick Mehring

Great natural prarie

Chris Kraft

Beautiful hiking trail with a history.

Michelle Settimi

I had a lovely time. Beautiful location. Would definitely return.

timothy cronberg

Nice place to walk your dog or not, great place to photograph birds.

Patrick Tsai

JRob Zetelumen

This is one of the most sacred places in the area. I visit it with reverence and awe. I loved it before they enhanced the park aspect, and it's even more enjoyable now. I just wish that engineers would stop engaging in activities which reduce the flow of water to the site.

Ca Am

Park is beautiful but I guess they found out they can get a lot on money from parking meters so now you HAVE to pay parking. It was free until this year...

Scot Mahan-Miller

The river is running a bit high right now so a lot of the area is under water.

Patrick Schubitzke

Riley Molitor

Great dog park with riverbanks, fields, and a forest!

she ha

Parking on weekends is tight


Love it!


Per an earlier review it is true, there are fields packed with a huge variety of native wildflowers and plants that are especially gorgeous in the evening light. The spring building is pretty. Paths (paved and natural surface) here go south all the way to Ft Snelling State Park (a pleasant jog of a few miles) and north to Minnehaha Falls and beyond (in fact, all the way to the Stone Arch Bridge and beyond).

Nara Joy

Devesh Srivastava

Nice place

Jerome Liggett

Amanda Wolfson

Donald Regan

Curt Larson

It is a wonderful place to go for a walk.

Adalpe Leal

Relaxing and beautiful.

Google User

too bad the water is dirty

Holmes T

Forest Eidbo

This area has been completely transformed thanks to the National Park Service's management. What was an abandoned mining facility just a few years ago is now becoming a native savanna. Great place to walk around and then head down to the river.

Stacey Robison

Religious experience!

Bryce Commerford

Beautiful park with a natural spring right on the trail

Amelia Fleischhacker

Denise Houk

When you first find this place you might not see what it's all about. Keep going. Explore and you'll find out. It's magical. If there are unicorns in the twin cities... they live here.

Arvind Menon

Joli Grostephan-Brancato

Renee Valois

Beautiful park! Love the historic stone "Castle" spring house, the paths and ponds, the prairie and twisty oaks--plus the trails down to the river.

Mary Penny

Love walking my dogs here. It's usually quiet. I only wish more people would heed the posted rules about dogs needing to be on leash. One of my dogs does not enjoy being approached by unknown dogs. I really enjoy this park aside from seeing 1-5 off leash dogs each time we go when it's nice out. The off-leash dog park is up the road.

Brian Solomon

Very beautiful PPL shud stop and enjoy god nature

Sonny McCoy

Scott Nordahl

Cherise S

Corleen Simmons

Luke Hennigar

Adjacent to the Minneapolis dog park, a wonderful place to let your dogs off leash, without anybody hassling you(too much(occasionally you get the "by the book," parks department guy who insists they be leashed until they're in the area down by the Mississippi)).

Sam Robertson

I absolutely love going here. It’s not super well marked so it can be confusing, but there’s so many hidden gems.

brandon schmidt

Best hiking in Minneapolis

Tyler Jacobson

Rita Sandstrom

Bernadette Hindman

Ian Stade

Andrew Sincebaugh

Tyler Meyer

Deanna Lynn Poling

Phil Sturm

They're taking away the parking so it is a park with no parking, because our federal bureaucracy is anything if not petty. With usage comes those who abuse places, so the natural response of the bureaucrats is spiteful. So basically they don't want you there I guess. No parking means no visitors.

Anne LK

Becky Miller

Sandra Markel

Luke Haruki

Douglas Lochowski-Haney

Mikky Daub

Neil Sirrine

Great place to take the dogs!

Russell Kanning

Dean Travers

caira iseminger

Emma Young

Great little prairie park with a small pins and spring.

Bashir Awwad

Art BanDit

Nice walking/biking paths.

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