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Where is Silver Beach Carousel?

REVIEWS OF Silver Beach Carousel IN Michigan

Mandee F

I found this place randomly while visiting from out of town on a work trip. I had a great time walking the beach area and checking out the carousel. Super fun experience and worth the stop!

Holly Hiday

Great carousel -- clean and well maintained. And affordable. A nice children's museum also in the same building. Huge splash park across the street and beautiful Silver Beach just a couple of blocks away. A real gem for the family.

Alan Crawford

This place is truly awesome. The beauty of its location right by the lake. And the vintage carousel is just gorgeous. Our 2 year old loved it.. I can't wait to take another trip there. So we can take the kids back.

Nathan Hopkins

Nice restroom kool antiques

Kim Miller

Everything is wonderful at Silver Beach Carousel

Dave Mabo

It is very nice, lots for kids.

Kim Atkins

Cute little place which is a part of history great place for families

Jason Dorn

Cool place

Amanda Warren

M my family loves this place!!

Christie Eenigenburg

Inexpensive fun for families.

Kristen Pollack

Been going here for years, love that my daughter has so much fun. The carousel is out of this world. Magnificent

Robin Kennedy

Very nice set up inside

Elliott Acosta

It's a real special place for kids. Just try to go on the down times.

Shanon Puterbaugh

Costs $5 for 2 tokens. The activity room was closed when we went on a Monday.

David Campbell

My toddler loves riding the carousel and driving the decommissioned bumper cars.

John Van Duzer

Not quite the same as 50+ years ago, but nice lesson on local history.

Renata Suerth

Man oh man, the fountain was SOOO nice on this 80 degree day! The kids ran around splashing each other (and me by mistake, or on purpose). Very relaxing beach and very family friendly. Have been here many times and will come back.

A Read

Just fun. And good pizza and beach nearby. $3 for one ride or there are package discounts up to 12 for $20.

Sarah Becker

My young son and I always make a day of Silver Beach. We go up and spend all day in the area, especially in the summer. Can't wait to go back!

John Rezabek

If you have a little one, or a big one that hasn't grown up, it's worth a stop. Classic restored merry-go-round including functioning calliope. Many beautifully restored and re-imagined horses to ride. Staffed by kind and enthusiastic volunteers.

Lainey Emmons

The idea is cool. Very unique and fun! The staff made it absolutely dreadful. Literally the place where fun goes to be squashed by cranky old people. I will not recommend this place to anyone nor will I go back. There are much nicer people at many other organizations that we will support.

Seth Bailey

1 hour wait to get into discovery zone so we decided to just go on the carousel. Walked up to order our tickets, we wanted 4 tickets so its 2-for-$5 and 2-for-$5 to make $10. Charged us $12. We told to what we wanted and pointed at the process but she insisted it was $12.

Mark Melnick

Great place to visit and brings back childhood memories.

Mike Nalepa

A great throwback carousel

Darin Koenemann

I loved taking my daughter on her first genuine carousel ride here. However, I can't give five stars because instead of genuine carousel music from their awesome carousel organ the whole time, I was was tortured with the "baby shark" song through the PA system for half the ride. :/

Chelsea Childs

Great price, adults that hold the kis under 42 inches tall do not have to pay! Our daughter absolutelyloved it!

Debra Mihlhauser

Great place to bring the kids to ride the carousel.

Nicole Brooks

We had our wedding reception at the Shadowland Ballroom and rented the carousel for one hour during the event. It was FANTASTIC! The staff is great to work with and were excellent communicators leading up to the event. We had 150 guests (all older than 21) and the carousel was a hit. We did our rental from 8:00-9:00pm, so right after we finished dinner at 6:45, we did the first dance, mother / son, father / daughter dances, and went straight out to the carousel to do our professional photos before opening it up to guests. I liked that timeline because guests could get a drink or two in them first before enjoying the ride. Photos on the carousel did take longer than I expected, so the full hour was pretty necessary. If you’re debating whether or not to book the carousel for your event, I recommend you go ahead and do so. It’s super fun! And as a bonus they give you 60 free ride tokens at the end. We’re including them in our thank you cards! Ben Pancoast was our photographer and did an INCREDIBLE job!! Bridesmaids dresses on Rent the Runway, hair and makeup Hanna Wagner Design out of Grand Rapids.

Stewart Otto

My 2 and 3 year old love coming here to ride the carousel. They also like watching the train set, they change the theme depending on the time of year. Lots of fun.

Heriberto Acevedo

Very nice place to feel the sun , water was cold but enjoyed the views.


Great little carousel, the kids loved it. They have a bin of fun hats to wear while riding, lots of different animals to pick from on the carousel, little exhibits around the perimeter, and an area for non riders to sit and play chess. I saw a sign that headphones are available for people who are sensitive to noise, which was great. Though to be clear, in general it did not seem very loud to me or my fairly sensitive 4yo. Staff was friendly and helpful. Adults riding (standing) with a small child do not have to pay to ride.

Timothy Fox

Not a huge number of things to do in the building, but definitely something fun to see and do, especially for the kids.

Vincent DesJardins

So fun, so cute

Lilac Tempest

Always enjoy coming out for a visit every now & again. It's a popular local spot. Definitely a great place for an afternoon outing with family.

Emmy Jo

Fun place for the kids. If you want a snack and a drink come here instead of the beach. Much cheaper.


It's always very clean and the people are friendly. A great place to visit!

Echo Knight

This place is a must go for kids of all ages! A fun quick trip if there are no events going on. But always look at their calendar because they have so many fun events for the kids all year round! Sometimes it's busy but the kids always have a great time. Employees have always made it easy to enjoy yourself here. The yearly live reindeer event is what started our tradition of going here in 2011! Only improvements since!

alexis Land

Love the carousel. They play "happy birthday" on your birthday which is really fun for the kids. Well maintained. Very friendly.

Amanda Quinn

My kids love it!

Brad Saverino

Family friendly to the max. They have bags outside for you to throw around. Game area inside. Hula hoops everywhere for the kids to try. Fun little things to look at. Great half hour stop for the kids.

Steve D

Fun, clean and friendly volunteers

Evelyn Morgan

Lots of fun. Must see

Heather Wilson

A reminder of days ago. A nice, affordable add-on to a trip to the beach. Inside, there is memorabilia for days long ago. Be sure to stop by the gift shop for photos and other reminders of how it was many years ago.

Lanya Aldrich

Carousel is beautiful. It has been kept up and the animals are painted brightly with a lot of choices from horses, giraffes, tigers, zebras,fish . The staff are very friendly and engaging. There is a gift shop and snacks within the building. Silver beach is a short walk down the street . parking is not free ( by the hour for carousel which is behind the building and $14 at beach for non residents).


Visited most recently on my 2 year olds birthday! Had a great time on the carousel and even had some cotton candy! The splash pad was a blast too!

Nita Gupta

Such a fun place !...I am almost 30 yrs, I went with my 4 month old daughter, 10 yr old nephew and my 50+ yr mother in law... Giving the age references just to convey that it is a place for all.. :) ... They are really careful with everything.. just a great place to relieve your childhood memories :) ...

Charles Brannon

Very friendly staff. Alot of miniatures around the carousel


This is a great family time. Large indoor carousel. There is a big display next to carousel where you can put a coin in to watch trains go. My boys could have stayed there all day. When you buy coins to ride the carousel you get a souvenir coin keepsake. It’s right next to the beach, the splash pad, and the best pizza for miles around. Also the train tracks. It’s a great place to visit,

Luis Palazuelos

Cute for kids nothing for adults.

Ahmed Mowafi

Big carousel and friendly staff

Melanie Ludvigsen

Their ad doesn’t say that you have to pay for parking in addition to buying tokens for the carousel, and nobody answers their phone when you call for information—it’s just an automated message that provides their hours. However, once we got here and found parking alternatives, we ended up having a good time :)

melissa P

I always love seeing all the history this place provides and when we went yesterday...they played baby shark on the carousel! The kid and adult loved it! Thank you!

liz Hurley

Very funny atmosphere. Great for kids! Love the history behind the place

Ailya Abidi

Wonderful location by the beach and whirlpool compass fountain. The carousel is clean, and fun. They have few tables for the kids to sit and color, play chess and checkers, they have laughing mirrors, and candy floss! Brilliant staff/volunteers. Love it!

Tete Morales

A place whit awesome history's

Josh Tarnowski

My girls liked this.

Larry Artressia

Grand daughters love this place

Tracey Furdge-sawyer

Carousel, beach, lake all open even though it's the off season beautiful sculptures best part free parking too

Dustin Leighty

7 years now we have been coming to silver beach and my kids absolutely love it.

Narlo Schiesser

Silver Beach Carousel is a Magic Place! No matter how many years young you are. Just ride it, and dream

Phillip Latterner

Fun little carousel and discovery center

Judy Remington

Just a good place to relax.

Gayle Fick

We love this carousel

Ian Thorpe

More than just a carousel, there are a number of things for kids to check out, like a big model train display, and other vintage carnival fare.

Kurt Prenger

The variety of animals is pretty amazing, and you get a longer ride for the price. I think $3 for a single ride is still a little steep. If you're going with several people or across multiple visits, then it gets cheaper ($20 gets you 12 rides).

Lydia Herron

For a vacation spot, with kids in tow, this is a good destination. Right off the beach, with a little ice cream spot inside the actual building as well as gift shop with a model of the old amusement park the carousel's organ was originally in. The lady running the concessions was sweet enough to give change for the penny machine. FYI, pennies older than 1982 work the best because they have more copper. The carousel horses are gorgeous and huge. It looks fun for everyone, both parents and kiddos, and the music sounds lovely. Also, there are other things in the same building that kids can do if carousels are not your thing. The only reason it dropped a star is due to the fact the carousel's tokens machine has high jumps. $3 for 1 token, $5 for 2, $10 for 5, $20 for 12. You can buy them from the cashier with a card, but since there were 3 of us it wasn't worth it. Great for kids, just kind of awkward otherwise. Worth the trip to see.

Susan Scrogham

The kiddos had a great ride, staff was friendly, and good family safe atmosphere.

Angela Marshall

What's not to love! Everybody loves a carousel.The area is gorgeous the ice cream and pizza cannot be matched. You will not be disappointed.

Tim Sharp

Good service. Vile salted popcorn, but I should have checked I guess. Kids enjoyed the carousel. Nothing much else to do, was heavy rain

Dawn Osterberg

Love this place♡

Coach T

Very enjoyable experience. I rode the camel. Just the right amount of time.

Frances Garcia

Great place to visit if ever on vacation. I definitely recommend walking through downtown Joseph town. There are a lot of antique shops hidden in between the new modern ones. The food is delicious at any local restaurant. The prices are reasonable. Cost for parking near the beach is $12.00. Best to park out in the town and walk the rest of the way to the beach.

Ricky Muse

Would have love to enjoy this on my first trip here but where to start. The old cranky man who has no customer service at all. Sorry my daughter wanted to wear the birthday hat but it was 2 days past her birthday because we live in Indiana. Like i don't get people not knowing how to make the customer happy, instead make my daughter feel horrible instead, thanks. Then the whole time were on the ride some old lady is screaming at my wife because she thought she was walking around when she was clearly standing there. My 11 yr old can ride alone, while i had a hold of my 2 year old. But everytime around "hey get with your kid", then the nasty looks smh. I mean God i hope i never experience this place thanks.

We spies

I love the carousel at silver beach. All the animals are beautiful. It's a long ride. You get too wear hats. And lots of fun things inside.

Cayla Morrison

Great place for the kids, especially on rainy days. It's cheaper to buy $20 worth of tokens you get 12, instead of 1 token for $3. Our kids always want to ride more than once anyway. Makes a fun afternoon if you do the curious kids Discovery zone too

Kyle Kelley

Beautiful old carousal. Totally worth the trip to check it out. They sell tokens for $3 each, but if you buy more at once you can get them for a discount from the machine. There are a couple models to put a quarter in and watch them run. My kids enjoyed the ride and looking at the models.

Jas Mcf

We've been here four different times. It is very nostalgic as the characters are hand-carved hand-painted. It is inexpensive and located close to the beach and splash park

Nathan Wolf

It's a great inexpensive outing that the whole family tends to enjoy. Besides the fantastic and enjoyable carousel, there are different themed exhibits on display and perhaps my favorite theme was the Legos. Not only were their interesting models put together for viewing but also tables for the kids, and myself, to play with Legos, build and create.

Marcela Padgett

My one year old and I love this place! Besides the adorable volunteers who make your day with their greetings and smiles, the price is great ($3 only) cheaper the more you get. Never made long lines not even memorial weekend. I'll keep going cause it's a great place to make some memories

Steven Jones

Great place to visit especially if you have kids. Love the Wizard of Oz theme.

Lisa Abbott

I'm home from Las Vegas and my sister Lori surprised me today with a walk on the pier, awesome pizza and a ride on the carousel, best day ever! !!

Ed D

Very nice staff. Great Carousel and a lot of historic pictures and information.

Sharon Kiefel

Loved it there

Viscious Triplets

Love to bring my daughter here :)

Ellen Ludvigsen

I wish they would have better parking signage. We ended up parking on a public street in town and had to walk--there are a lot of stairs! After we were at the building we saw a sign for parking (we didn't see it the first time we drove by.)

Chuck Losch

Don’t miss this when you’re in St. Joe. Rides are long with a variety of restored animals to ride. Theme this season is the Wizard of Oz. If you’re celebrating a birthday or other event, let them know and they’ll announce it even play the happy birthday tune. Come early park at Silver Beach.

NIcole Lawrence

Always have a great time are the carolsal.

Eric Skinner

Love the carousel! Its great at for my kids to experience a piece of local history as well!

Juan Jauregui

It is a beautiful carousel right in the middle of a beautiful area. My kids absolutely loved it. They had different hats for the kids to wear during the ride and huluhoops for them to play with while they wait. They also have a gift shop, some tables set up with chess and checkers, and they have a bean bag toss game.

Marcus Whitlock

It was fun and laid back

Jacqui Crittendon

Nice summer place to visit! Went there on a beautiful day! Within walking distance of a very nice beach! The carousel was beautiful. And the workers were very friendly and helpful! My husband and I rode the carousel!

Rita Cradle

Granddaughter loved it! I enjoyed the whole experience, the Wizard of Oz displays were very interesting.

mike bergen

Always fun and friendly people operating the place!!!

Bridget Riegsecker

It's beautiful

Laura Mullikin

My girls really enjoyed going on the carousel. There were lots of other free things to do in the area. Coloring centers, fun mirrors, snacks etc. We will definitely go back in the future.

kristie yother

This is a very fun place for kids and adults it gets really busy but there's a water pad museum,beach and pizza shop all right there fun family time spot

Wilhelmina Wise

This was a pretty good deal for our family with three kids under 10. For $20 we all rode 3 times together. I particularly liked the musical machines that you could watch working during the ride, like the mechanically operated cymbals and stuff. I really liked the variety of animals available.

Douglas Kremer

Kids loved it!

Shana Calhoun

Such a pure feel good spot. Wonderful surprise. Every adult should ride a carousel!

Matthew Broderick

Excellent place for families and people who love history.

Bret High

This is a definite must if you're around the St. Joseph/Silver Beach area. The rides are cheap, the carousel is gorgeous, and the entire area is just phenomenal. Absolutely 5/5 stars!

Brian Fruchey

Lots to look at in a small building. Detail on carousel animals is amazing. Kids loved.

Michael Lah

One of our kids' favorite things to do in the area. There is also coloring pages, as well as corn hole, chess, and checkers. We probably spent 10 minutes just goofing off with the fun house mirrors. There are concessions and it is attached to the Children's Museum. Parking is behind the building.

Karen Blinstrup

A beautiful carousel, our granddaughter loved it. So nice to see a child enjoy such a simple pleasure.

Evan Spencer

A perfect place, definitely a great opportunity to take the kids out anytime. Especially since the splash fountain and beach are also located in the same vicinity. Plenty of food options available too.

David Martin

The carousel is nice, but it's more than just a carousel. Many shops and a banquet hall. Covered walkway from the parking lot. An interesting place.

Chuck W

It was great...

Easton & Kara Price

Fun for the kids. When asked, the workers were fun and informative regarding the carousel and history of the organs, one of which was used in the original carousel. It sounds amazing!! What a joy. He even got us as parents involved by handing us goofy hats to put in just like they did for the kids. Our son was mortified lol.

Natalie Jones

Amazing carasoul. This is a must see. You have to purchase tokens to ride this which are $3.00 a piece or 2 for $5.00. My husband and I rode it and were the only adults with no kids on it. LOVED IT.

Voula Bowling

Awesome fun wonderfilled nostalgic wholesome experience for young and old alike! Loved the Wizard of Oz Theme. The carousel is well taken care of with animals you don’t see often and just amazing .


Magical fun took my back to my childhood. Definitely had fun riding the different animals with my family!

will tucker

The kids had a blast. We were there for Thanksgiving visiting my daughter. The kids loved getting to pet the reindeer. It was wonderfully decorated for Christmas.

Brad Urfer

Horses were beautiful

Dustin Clough

friendly staff. clean facility.

Charles Maddox

Fun for kids and adults

Sarah Wholock

Silver Beach Carousel is a great family outing. It can be sunny or cloudy, since it is an indoor activity. They have a few games in the lobby area, as well as Michigan's largest kelidescope. There is also a small Children's museum/fun learning center inside as well. Pricing is very reasonable and the tokens for the carousel never expire. During the off season, parking is free. I suggest bringing your family along and making a whole day of Silver Beach. There's a lot to do in St. Joe MI, aside from the beach and carousel.(Pardon the selfie here folks, as well as the photo quality (we were moving.).)

Ken Frisby

Beautiful Carousel & building. Love the wooden rocking chairs to sit in while watching the grandkids go round.

Brittany Punches

Such a cute place. My kids could spend hours here. We went every day. They had Christmas in July and Mr and Mrs Claus were visiting for their vacation.

Kirk Tower

Great place to hang out and socialize with people. I really enjoy, really like seeing the go Blue Horse on the carousel. They had some other in state schools with a horse, though go Blue was the number one school there!

edward mahler

Old time atmosphere

Melanie Leoni

The kids always love to ride the carousel and the young man in the gift shop was so friendly and helpful.

Pedro Nieves

Great felt like a kid again

Cherie Heyn

Great fun for adults and children! I loved reawakening old memories from the past. Employees are all friendly and helpful and informative. All in all a great experience !!

Krystle Copeland

Daughter really enjoyed herself and so cheap ($3 a ride). Tons of things for kids to do around the perimeter and even a small snack bar if you get hungry. The employees were phenomenal with kids and it showed that they enjoyed their job.

Peter T

Wouldn't be a trip to St. Joe without going to the carousel. There Halloween decorations are great and the Halloween train towns can't be missed.

Audrey Petrea

My son and my family all had a blast. Would totally go here again.

James Kelley

Fun place for kids and adults. Historical info of the area.

Sharon Bafile' Mitchel

My nephew's wedding was there and it was breathe taking. Very nice place

Seanna Scheibelhut

Family fun in a beautiful location.

margaret moffit

We met Santa and Mrs. Klaus. Christmas in July Day. Granddaughters loved their ride on the Carousel.

Robert Topping

Great concept, my kids loved it. Also cool that it's a 501-c3. Some of the elder volunteers here though were pretty rude to the children. Impatient and discourtious. They're kids! Who did you think was coming to ride the carousel?? The Navy Seals? My wife and I brought our 4 and 5 year old children. 4 year old was short enough he needed a parent. 5 year was tall enough but wanted me to go. The man almost didnt let me go because "I didn't have a token." My kid cant even climb up on the ride! Do you think I brought my children here and bought tokens for them so I could get a free ride on the carousel? Lol. As we were exiting, my kids walked past the exit because they're kids and were checking out all the cool animals on the carousel. The lady there quickly and rudely shooed them out like they were trespassing. "Its time to exit!" she snapped. Very unwelcoming vibe from most of the volunteers. Dont know if we'll be back.

Glenn Youngstedt

Great experience for the youngsters. Carousel is beautiful. Organs are fun to hear. A must place to take kids to.

Andrew Cour

Tons of history here and the kids loved it!

Jahero Heamorea

It was really fun it was my first time there. They have a small gift shop and historical facts as well. :)

Donna Parrillo

It is done beautifully and so much fun

B Goss

Took my daughter and 2 y.o. grandson. We all enjoyed ourselves. The little one wore us out.

Jonathan Picou

My family loved this carousel. It's located right by the beach and is easy to get to.

David Percival

This Carousel is the best so many friendly people Great Time will definitely go back

Dru Robison

Great place to take kids. Very beautiful Carousel, with lots of fun activities for those who are watching their kids ride.

Lawnie Marie Wilson

Absolutely LOVE this place!!

Bob Duval

Very fun place for children of all ages! Near the beach, across from silver beach pizza, the best in town, ideal destination for family

Richard Camacho

Very entertaining place . The family enjoyed the carousel very much.

Lisa Lintz

Tgis is a awesome place for little kids

Dan Boverhof

A fun family experience

Sarah Gryp

Great atmosphere for the family

john pearson

YAffordable family fun I'll recommend it to anyone who's inst Joseph mi bad part of it is parking

Alex Hoffmeyer

Great place for kids to beat the heat for a moment and enjoy some history of St. Joseph!

Jeffery Sample

Fun for everyone.

Daniel Medina Díaz

This place is a must if you're in St. Joe

Mary Postelli

Love the carousel ride with the grands!

Scott Nielsen

Grandkids loved it!

Jeff Ervin

Good carousel for the kids. It goes a little faster than others I've been on.

Kelly Bielawa

Run by volunteers. Friendly and clean

Amanda Hobbs

Great place for families to enjoy some quality time

Heidi George

$26 for two adults and one child for a couple of hours of amusement and distraction from life - I'm in! We enjoyed playing in the museum and the carousel ride very much. I felt the ride was kind of short for three bucks, but the money goes toward preserving that beautiful carousel, so, I'm good with it. All in all, we really enjoyed our time there and I'd go again.

Amber Cadwallader

Beautiful carousel and carousel house. Cute, fun thing to do for kids and adults.

Rachel S

Fun little spot for the family. The carousel does get reserved sometimes for weddings/parties which can be inconvenient but it is a great place to take the family for some fun.

James Cochran

The carousel and the museum are amazing! I didn't want to spend the money on it but I'm glad I did. Our kids loved it and so did I.

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