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Where is Cedar Point Shores?

REVIEWS OF Cedar Point Shores IN Michigan

Sharon Dellimagine

Not a lot of slides. Standard cabanas show $119 but when you go to check out they tack on $10 to $30. Cabanas are not clean and have spiders all over them. Dining plan has 6 options to choose from, anything else costs extra. For the amount of $ I spent, it wasn't worth it. Kalahari is MUCH better.

Michael Reilly

The water park at Cedar Point is a ton of fun! There's all kinds of stuff for every age. Lots of kid friendly areas and plenty of slides and other attractions for everyone else. Two lazy rivers is awesome - one not so lazy. The slides are all fun. The park staff we running the group water slide extremely slow though. There's a nice adult pool with a bar - bring your ID or you will not get in. Don't try and argue with the staff at the gate, they're just doing their job. There's lots of staff around and plenty of lifeguards. Plenty of very expensive food and merchandise options. I think someone in my group paid nearly $20 for a foot long Subway sub. You're not aloud to bring your own food in. Only closed water bottles unless you have to have something else for medical reasons. If you get there early enough in the day you'll have a chance at getting one of the private cabanas near the wave pool. Over all the park is a blast and if you don't have a good time it's probably your own fault.

Crystalyn Joyce

Love it had a blast with my daughter!

Ryan Wertz

Had a great time with the kids! Just wish you could wear water shoes because our feet feel raw. The meal and drink plans are amazing.

Rob Tillson

Awesome place


Great water park. A lot of things to do. Friendly staff.

Rakhel Adamson

So awesome!

Shane Keyes

Awesome water slides!

Andrew Ciszczon

My review will focus on the cabana, which there was shockingly little about on any review site. If you have $119 or more it's definitely with it for guaranteed shade. For a family of four it's a bit much, but you can add up to 4 people at $5 a pop, which brings the per person price to a reasonable amount. We went for the bronze package which has a mini fridge and tv, which both came in handy. Having a server was very useful too, but you need to time orders right. It can take 30 minutes to get your order. The park itself was great. Get there early as the lines got crazy around 3pm (we were there on a Sunday). There is no shade in the parking lot, so keep that in mind. I would wear sandals or water shoes to the rides and leave them at the entrance. Your feet will thank you.

Misc Misc

Fun place with terrible overpriced food and drinks. Super crowded and not the cleanest..definitely room for improvement .

Donald Romell

I loved going down the lazy river with me wife

Brian R Ebie

Its amazing

Aaron Fleshler

Lines are horrible without fastpass

Adam Anthony

part of their remodeling was apparently to remove their changing facility. we had a terrible time getting our three kids and ourselves changed in a tiny shower stall made for one person. then when I had to use the restroom I found 10 people waiting in line to change clothes in the toilet stalls! the rides are average at best. we had free tickets and I still thought it was a waste of money.

Honi Sniegowski

Nice get away

Zak Garcia

Water park is great

Evan S

Cold water.

Jason Pasenow

The waterpark is good made a lot of good improvements. However the restroom changing facilities are lacking and when it’s busy the lines for each ride are horrible.

michael davis

Waited 1hr in a line that looked like it'd have took 10mn... false advertising, too many sweat hogs peeing in the pool too!

Maya Rosenblath

Not worth the money.

Alen Milković

Just goood

Brenda Lehman

Not enough shade. Not even umbrellas to rent. Water supplied, so that's good. Good rides. Most shaded area available was in kiddie pool area.

Laurie Wagatha

Fun place

Ron Johnston

Wet, Wild and Fun...Great time had by all...RJ

Jenny Shawberry

Very nice water park, highly recommended!!

Ashlee Phillips

Fun for the whole family, great price too

reese bocook

Lots to do

Nancy Figueroa

Went on 9/8/19, definitely will be returning.

Michelle McClary

Its o.k. blisters on the bottom of our feet from the cement being so hot and the stairs to the rides were super hot as well. They wont let you wear swim shoes on a lot of the slides....

Warren Waite

I took my family there on 6/8/19. We had the castaway bay 2 day pass package. We decided to go to Cedar Point Shores on the first day so we could enjoy a full day at the actual park. The parking wasn't bad but everything after that was less than what was expected. There's a infestation of mosquitoes at the Shores, literally everywhere you turn there's a massive hive of mosquitoes. It was like they were trying to make you choose between being comfortable or having fun. We left within a hour even the kids agreed, it was a health hazard that people were being forced to endure

Maria Zapata

Super fun

Michael Hogness

The water park was a great time too.. love it.

Tracie Saunders

Great variety of things to do for all ages. The music definitely needs to go back to beach type music. That stuff they play now is ridiculous.

Charles Miller

Spent a lot of time with the little one in the kids area. Lots of slides and a good splash pad area. Plenty of lifeguards on duty also which was relieving. There was also a decent amount of seating with good shade in this part of the park

Richard Quimper

Wouldn't known my phone fell out on the magnum. Shoutout to otterbox lol

Brandon West

Fun place, plummets plundge was great water slide

Joell Garcia

Was a fantastic time!

Scott Walton

Always crowded, not enough bathrooms.

Kim Merriner

Everything was great except on the website it says bayside harbor serves food and it doesn't

CD Incorporated

Beautiful place,great rides,short wait times(today), but small. Better for children 17 and under

Jim Knicley

Overpriced for the attractions. Cedar Point has better food.

jomon joseph

Good place, definitely great place to spent a hot day. But I was disappointed that small (3yrs below) kids can't try any rides, not even the ones around kiddie pool, not even with adult. May be it is a federal rule. But it was a total let down for me.

Ramiro Mireles

my kids loved it! perfect for our 4yr old

Keith Perrine

Great place to have some fun

Dave Jenkins

Great family water park

Steven Smothers

Fun rides

NoNstop PlayZ

It was awesome

Shawn Penwell

One of my least favorite water park in the area. There aren't changing rooms. All they have are little family changing rooms. I don't understand how that makes sense

Cary Graham

Lighthouse point is the best!

Eileen Conroy

Plenty of water slides. Big wave pool. 2 lazy rivers. Lots to do!

Rhys Agdamag

There are a good number of rides, slides, and attractions for all ages. Access to the beach is easy if you want to take a swim there as well.


We are season pass holders and Love the water park but unfortunately this day a storm was brewing so we ended up at Castaway Bay..Yay..Thanks CP!!

Ashley Rogers

Good exercise, Did not like the fact that half the slides were closed still in the middle of August. For as much money tickets are they should make sure they have enough staff to keep all the attractions open.

larry deitcher

Great place to relax

Tana mull

Our favorite summer spot

Jennifer Fox

Very disappointed in the amount of Handicap parking at the shores. I counted 23 parking spots for handicapped parking. I had to walk from the overflow parking lot.. main parking lot is a free for all with no parking people to guide anyone. No shuttle from overflow parking. Not impressed. With the outrageous food prices you would think it they would improve this feature.


Lots to do for any type of swimmer!

Tamyah Flowers

Fun but not that much to do

Everett Schmidt

Big coasters big fun and many other 5 thrill rides.

Kahlen Burns

Water was very cold and dirty. Lots of big and small slides but no medium ones. Nothing impressive. Restrooms were very clean which was surprising because most public bathrooms aren't.

Los Ram

Fun for my whole family even my 4yr old...

Eric Stankovitz

Cedar Point Shores is a great addition to the Cedar Point lineup. They did a really nice job updating the old water park and making it into a newer more modern and detailed park. There are multiple water slide towers, a wave pool, a fun lazy river and a few raft slides. A must visit if your vacationing or just around for the day...

Jennifer Keiser

So much fun


By far the best water park in the area. Must see. Much variety and decent staff. Best of all, there aren't life guards constantly getting on you, like some other places like this.

Debbie Cheek

Kids had a blast!

Tamara Williams

Awesome place

Vicky Weber

We had a great time today. Very relaxing.

Lynn Smith

It's hot as hell and it's crowded otherwise love it ❤❤❤

Amber Prall

First time being in the waterpark was awesome

Sarah Schneider

Good for the value...disappointed after being to Universal's Volcano Bay park but, they are on a whole different level than Cedar Point.

Kevin Mock is awesome

Mik Isle

Best place

Kelly Geist

Spent almost $200 on tickets in to the water park. Within 30 minutes of our arrival the park was temporarily shut down due to inclement weather. We waited for two hours in the designated area before deciding to leave (it was raining heavily). When passing through guest services we were told no refunds or rain checks are available when weather is the cause. I have been a supervisor at a well known water park in Cincinnati and while this policy is common practice, there are usually exceptions made for circumstances such as ours where the inclement weather commences early in the day. Our family of 4, and numerous other families, didn't even go on ONE RIDE and received nothing in return for the rather pricey entry fee. I can understand this policy if people have been enjoying the park most of the day but as I state above, this was most definitely NOT the case. I will recommend that my Ohio friends and family avoid Cedar Point and instead opt for a different park with a more common sense approach to similar circumstances.

Corey Betke

Park is great. Tried to upgrade tickets bought from Costco toward the season pass but a supervisor said we couldn’t even though it said we could on the ticket. Called back a few days later and sure enough we could have but it’s too late.

Michael Johnson

Loved it. It was a rainy day so it was pretty empty. Super friendly employees. The park was clean, the restrooms were clean. The water was the best part...not over-clorinated, it was perfect. I will be back with my daughter next year. Keep up the good work, guys!

Nina Paulic

Great ongoing deal. $110 (with taxes) 150th anniversary gold pass! Thankfully, this pass includes our parking ($16 every time you come). The park gets really crowded quickly & the lines get long. However, depending on the weather, the day you choose to come can make a huge difference! Park is kept clean. We pack little snacks to take to the wave pool or lunches to take a break if we go to the ride side of the park. FYI you cannot bring in coolers. & Food/beverage is on the pricey side. Good way to spend a day.

Grant Rohm

Best day I've had in a while. So much to do and see. I'd like to recommend a two day visit. With a stay at the resort hotel.

Stephanie Moore

It's a pretty average water park, with a lot of problems. Firstly the rules are not spelled out well enough on the website. No outside food or drink (save one water bottle per person) and no towels are provided. There are not nearly enough bathrooms or changing rooms, it's separate parking lot is hard to find and fills up quickly so you have park in the regular lot and walk through the main park to get there, and that's assuming you have a pass for both parks. They also close everything down for at least a half hour if any kind of storm rolls through and they don't offer rain checks. It's usually super crowded too. Oh and if you go during mayfly season expect so many bugs. BOTTOM LINE: DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU HAVE PASS FOR BOTH PARKS. It's not worth paying for by itself.

Wilmer Garcia

The best

Tom Reiter

Included with Platnum passes, busy, but Awesome!!

Ellen Bartel

Fun slides, not too long to wait for each. We all enjoyed it.

Janet Krugman

We had a terrible time first time there and last time thererides were stopped because of clouds coming no storms at all very sunny don't get that at all price were very high too many people at park

Teresa Zeigler

Actually we were disappointed in the Water Park. Food prices were totally ridiculous. $27 for a plate of chicken tenders, potato wedges and mac & cheese and 2 bottled waters.

Lilit Esber

super fun had a blast

S Bee

Park is a good time but ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS leaving the parking lot in the back of the park by Lighthouse Point/Cedar Point beach!! My family and I left at 11pm and we sat in our car for OVER AN HOUR WITH NO MOVEMENT AT ALL! It took us 2 hours to get out of the parking lot because they did not have anyone directing traffic to get out. So we were maybe 150' from the exit and sat at a standstill with 2 children in the car. We even called Cedar Point to tell them what was happening and no one came until the last 10 mins. That's the only reason we got out and finally made it to the road out. When you have people wanting to go to waterpark, beach, fireworks, etc you should have traffic control in the back parking lot to get people out instead of making them sit for 2 hrs in their car. Been there many times through the years and always had traffic control everywhere.

Lisa May

We rented a cabana here and had the issue of being told one thing by the cabana employees and another by the life guards at the park. I found it frustrating that the lifeguards just whistle at you repeatedly instead of whistling and then explaining what you did wrong (the cabana people told us we could take our drinks on the lazy river and the lifeguards told us we couldn't). Just little stuff like that. It would also be helpful if they added another restroom. There are only two in the waterpark on completely opposite ends and they always have a line.

Abby's mom

Although this place used to be organized by the staff now it seems it just a free for all. We spent 6 hours here and we rode two slides. not willing to stand in a 2 hour long line for rides. It was relaxing in the adult area but outside of those gates, there was nothing organized about the rides. The tubes were never returned to the corral area. there were not tubes for either the lazy rivers because children and adults alike simply didn't use them in the lazy river. So imagine trying to float and being pushed by kids playing and kicking water in your face. Used to have rules here i guess they don't anymore. Also we watched many children who were clearly under the height requirements get stuck on the 2 tube rides that we waited for. I would guess thats why there's a height requirement. We have always looked forward to a trip every year to this waterpark. We will not be returning. With the many new options popping up every year, we will look elsewhere for our next waterpark adventure.

Tammy Eakle

Love this place

KingMickeyFerguson Ferguson

Very nice improvements.

Donavon Neese

If kids were not cutting in line would been 5 stars.

Heather Maki

Quite packed today! Had to park in extra lot. Beautiful weather!

Patrick Meyers

Sweet, even in the rain

Norma Locklear

I loved the lazy river. Great place for children.

Gene Scearce

Fun fun fun

Alfonso Hodge

Nice water park, would go back again

Amy Smith

Lines are way too long for the amount of money you pay.

Lewis Burch

Love the place


Graet water rides

dawn voland

So much fun

John Ford

Had a blast

Nicole Collins

Pretty amazing. Lines weren't too long. Point plummet was the best. The signature funnel cake was pretty awesome too.

Paul Cottingham

I had a blast at Cedar Shores movie night.

Rae Letkiewicz

A family tradition for us! We love love love CP!

Susan Perry


Jose Gonzalez

Always a fun times

Colin Magers

The life guard let the kids go before the others got off so they all hit each other and got hurt

Gerard Richardson

Love this place

William Herzog

Fun place. Great for kids. Hours are horrible late in the summer. They close by 6 pm in August. Ridiculous

Tim Brooks

Kids had a ball. Fun for all ages

Jake L

Nice water. Plenty to do. Love the wave pool.

michelle willoughby

Very kid friendly. Clean. Life guards everywhere.

Anna Nicole

Need shade areas around the water park. Especially the wave pool. Not a single umbrella, people pulling cots up under the only tree to get shade. Not everyone is there to get scorched by the sun!

Mindy Naticchioni

Great waterpark with lots of variety!

Dave Macy

It's great what they are trying to do to add value to the park but on any halfway decent day the lines are just too long for the majority of the rides. The guards need to cycle people through faster, especially on Storm Surge; plan for at least an hour in line on that one, and I am not joking. Changing areas are slippery, dirty and unventilated. On the plus side, the lazy rivers are fun and the adult area is a great idea but like everything else it is too expensive.

Justin Dominguez

Its always a pleasure here. Think im going to start stayn in park.

Haley Grimm

Fun day with my bestie!!

Tricis Defore

Weeds where growing from the side of the water slid, the lazy river had leaves in the bottom one it was very dirty. Other then that it was alright

lisa petersen

Lovvvvve this place! Fun areas quiet areas and the neach is around the corner

Anita Fantozzi

Amazing place for kids and adults!

Kimberly Bigler

So much fun loved all of it

I thought of this today

So much fun. Lots to do

Eleasha Tate

So cool awesome love it

debjyoti das

It was fun visiting this place. There are good exciting slides and a large wave pool and lazy river. There is also an exclusive kids zone if you are accompanied by a toddler. The kids zone has a play area with 2 water slides and a pool with 6-7 water slides. The water temperature is comfortable. There are plenty of food options inside the park including a Subway.

Johnny Hackathorn

Great place to hang out with the family on a hot day. It's going to be packed most of the time but the waits are not too long. There is plenty for the kids to do for all ages. They also have an adult pool with a bar in the back. Live music plays every few hours. Get yourself a drink and relax.

Austin Bentley

Best day ever

Karter Sell

Never disappoints. Great for the family. Fun for all ages.


They could turn one of the two lazy rivers into an adult river with drinks. The swim up bar was filthy with insects everywhere because pool level was low and not draining. Few seats around the pool. They could probably deal with a maximum of five feet in there, but it's like three feet. An extra 5+ feet pool would be nice for adults that are typically over 5 feet.

Kadee Knapp

Loved it! Different level of ages and swimmers accommodated for. Lots of bathrooms, drinks and food available.

Garry Barnett

A lot to do to cool down and friendly staff

Terri Greer

Need more bathrooms, even though they do have plenty, they still need more.

Terry Finley

Loved it! Alot of lifeguards!

Lizzy Prichard

Super fun!!!! Lots to do

Frank Wheeler

Loved it enjoy the swimming

Martha Tamayo

Rated number 2 in the time"

Deetra Meyer

Love this place!

aaron stephens

Alot cleaner than last year, but alot of rude people too.

Jim Griss

Had a great time with the family and granddaughter it was a little chilly but we still had a good time

David Hughes

Fun clean exhausting

Todd Frawley

water park has two lazy rivers and a variety of slides for the whole family

Tristan Cortellessa

It's the best place ever.

Dani Mama

Freaking amazing !

Dobbits Mkgee

Idk about this. I really don't like because I tend to go to cedar point early in the year but if you go to cedar point shores early in the year than it'll be too cold. The lines are way to long as well.

Pamela Fuqua

This place is amazing!

Sami H

I really did have fun here, I however, I have a platinum pass for Cedar Point and you would think that would get you a locker or something, the lockers are $10, you can’t use them between parks... which sucks... you can’t wear your glasses for ANY slides, so I was blind the whole time :( it’s fun but I wouldn’t personally pay for just the water park.

Lori Baker

When strictly going to the water park, go to the left at the toll booth($20 parking') and avoid parking in the cedar point parking lot. If you find yourself at the Cedar Point parking lot you can still maneuver around to the water park. Follow the road with Lake Erie directly on your left (so you will likely be making a right turn) when you are on it. My daughter (9) and I are platinum season passholders for the past few years. The slides are amazing with so many different types. With younger ones, there is a child's pool where there are 12 slides where a toddler/child/adult can use them and it all goes to one pool (about 16-24 in high)I have never had a oblem bringing in a SOFT cooler with light food and drinks. A walking trip back to the vehicle will isn't a bad idea for lunch.

Madison Wickham

I have a platinum pass to CP, just went to this water park last Sunday. Idk what was up, but there were large, winged bugs- I cannot stess this enough- EVERYWHERE. All over the lounge chairs, the overprices lockers, covering the stairs to the slides, etc. The lazy river was full of them, it's was honestly a bit of a nightmare cause there's only one entrance. I just had to constantly swim to avoid hitting them until the end and I didn't see a single employee try to fish them out. So... Anyway. Has anyone done anything about it yet? Have they migrated away or something? I'm tryna go swimming but I don't wanna chill in bug soup again.

Laura Williams

Excellent family oriented park. Fun activities, friendly staff, and great value.

Brian Squires

Nothing special, smaller than i remembered

Kristen Diaz

Everything here is so far spread out that it takes FOREVER to do anything. The food is overpriced and definitely could taste better. My kids had a blast though so that's all that really matters.

Teriko Booker

If it's to hot the water park is awesome

Heather Forsythe

Fun and enjoyable

mandy desmond

C.p good, fun, as always

Julie Franck

We had such a great time there! My favorite was the wave pool and the lazy river.

Kayla Smith

It is open at 10am - 11pm.


This place is so much Fun. My grandson loves it. Great staff

Linda Gallaher

I find it relaxing to go there. I pretend I'm on a week long vacation...even though it may be just for the day. I particularly like the "wave pool". It reminds me of when I was at the ocean...the waves and the sound of them. This summer Cedar Point is offering FREE admission for Veterans on Mondays. Just bring your military ID, VA medical card is what I brought along with my driver license. You can get your hand stamped and walk around to the actual beach on Lake Erie. They had bands playing different types of music too.

InaMo 702

It was just nice... Just hanging with the FamBam♥

chris vojkufka

Always a good time at Cedar Point. It was super hot this year with the heat index's well above 100 every day but the staff seemed prepared.

Brittany Morgan

My kids really enjoyed the water park this summer of 2019

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