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10 Skinner State Park Rd, Hadley, MA 01035, United States

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Where is Skinner State Park?

REVIEWS OF Skinner State Park IN Massachusetts

Kristin Newell

Great rails for hiking, mountain biking, or paved road for walking up the mountain. Half way point marked for good traffic or driving. Great view from the summit.

Bridget champlin

This is one of my favorite places in the area. They have tons of great hiking trails. Also the summit house has so much history. Also this place is pretty year round.

Cassandra Waterhouse

Nice park with great views! We hiked up the paved road. The trails are a little steep. You can hike, snowshoe, snowmobile or use a quad here!

JP McGrath

Nice variety of trails, very good for beginners. If you are a history buff this is the place for you. The famous Connecticut river painting was painted up there. It's an amazing view with a humbling image. There is a nice memorial for a B24 crew from WWII there and you can see their destination, Westover Air Reserve Base. All in all it's an amazing place to spend time whether it's a quick hike or a day trip. If you dont want the cardio there is a road that is open during the day in season however it may cost a small 5 dollar fee.

Greg Kuhn

The moderate to advanced trails on the western end of the range were perfect for our outdoors day. We even found time for a bit of bouldering!

Frank Wilda

I love to park outside the main gate and hike my way up to the summit house. If you hike up the trail from the half way house you'll save at least ten minutes of walking but it's a tougher walk. Great view of the valley from the top.

Joh Kangiser

Great people maintain the land, the land is quite spectacular. Views 360 at the top of the summit

Philip Blyth

Beautiful narrow uphill trail from the halfway station to the top is a favorite with my kids, who race me to the old hotel on the summit and then ask for more! Summit hotel is open as a little museum in the summer, and telescopes outside let you see far into the valleys. One day, I'll hike more of the ridge trail, which looks to be amazing!

Abby Ericson

One of my favorite parks. The trail up Mt. Holyoke is quick and arduous and has excellent views. The trails are well marked and people are friendly. During the summer the top has water and bathroom facilities.

Lee Kimball

It was a gorgeous afternoon. We were able to see for MILES!! Great hiking area, a part of the Holyoke Range..

Jeff Watts-Roy

Very clean!

Karl Hulseberg

Great ride destination and beautiful view

barbara berthiaume

Awesome view of 3 states!



Daniel Oaks

Such a beautiful view and an amazing hike

Michelle Kellum

Great place to visit

Fabian Linares

The view is breathtaking. It's the perfect place for meditation.

peggy hernandez

Beautiful place to go hiking the view is awesome and the old hotel is nice beautiful

Danny Colon

Beautiful view, peaceful place, good stress reliever. But to enter there is 2 options; #1 pay $5 to drive your car up the mountain, or #2 walk up the mountain (good luck with that). A couple of public grills, places to sit, public restroom. But watch out for mosquitos and ticks.

Bill Pete

Best flowy mtn bike trails around.

Rowan de la Barre

Great place to visit and hike. It would be nice if all the rooms in the summit house were open though.


Always a good time

Troy Brittingham


Thomas Fox

Awesome hiking area. Bunch of trails to explore.

Brittney Chechile


Felipe Carrasquillo

The veiw is the best

Onky Handoko

A perfect location for the family. Just be careful once you reach the top of the mountain. It is pretty steep. But the view is marvelous. In order to get to top you have either pay the toll to the park ranger, that would be standing near his little hut. Price varies in-state or out-of-state. Or you could park at the base of the mountain and start walking, which is a hike.

Phillip Bekech

Best mountain in the valley.

Lisa Bordenuk

Great place to hike many trails or walk up the auto road. The people of Western Mass are fortunate that Joseph Allen Skinner donated hundreds of acres of land years ago for us all to enjoy!

somethin2prove k

It's great that there's a road trail and a hiking trails

Hilda Marin

Is a great pleace.

Youtube Making Lover

It was a nice place to walk around and just hang out. Its also fun for exploring.

Shawn Delton

A nice place for a walk or a hike. You can walk the road or hike the trail up. Plenty of small trails below if you don't want to head to the top. There are even a couple interesting rocks to checkout below. If you do go to the top there are some nice view from the Summit House. Restrooms are available too. The summer months even have tours of the house if you time things right.

andrewjjeep .

This location FULL of history and views from Amherst through Northampton to South Hadley and Holyoke with views of Springfield and Hartford!

Brendan Sullivan

Went hiking with my family in the park, there were plenty of nice hiking trails you could choose from, or you can walk up the road to the top. You can either park outside the park, or pay $5 to drive up to the top and park. The look out is open again which was nice as I had never been in there before. Amazing views of the area.

Miolany Cruz


Jessica Rollend

Very pretty view. Worth the parking fee in the fall to see the leaves. The building is always closed for construction though.

Carlos A. Ramos Santiago

Beautiful place,,,,,you'll need to go

Gunther Cox

Good hiking trails and a fantastic view of the Connecticut river oxbow at the summit.

alexa delacqua

Beautiful State park with amazing views of the horizon and surrounding cities. The building on top has been restored and there are visiting times and events as well. Great place for a picnic or barbeque. You can drive all the way to the top or hike it but it is a steep hike with loose ground in some spots.

Matt S

This is a very nice state park.

Linda Baron

Nice and relaxing beautiful scenery friendly hikers

roshan raza

Natural beauty, but mosquito laden. Nothing much to do.

Stephanie Lindsay

Great view, has bathrooms, picnic tables and grills. Great trails to hike.

Robert E Wenzel Jr

Good hiking trails

Stuart Dingman

Fun hiking and great views

Jennahjoe Kay

Worth the hike for the views

A.D's Adventure

Great place to hike. Wonderful viewpoint!

Joe Joe

One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in my life

Diane Lareau

Beautiful scenery. You can see for miles

Ron Allen

We went up to the top of the mountain to the out look and there is a very old hotel. The hotel is now a museum and picnic area. There's all kinds of walking trails to the top. You can drive to the to. The road is just wide enough for two cars to get by. The views are outstanding. Bring your camera

Benjamin Chapman

Outstanding trails! Appropriately challenging and fun to navigate.

Sarah Chamberlain

Great hike with beautiful views. Some of the trail markers are confusing but overall a great place with history. There's even a memorial for a WWII plane that crashed there in the 1940s on top of the mountain.

Dave MacLean

A nice place to hike...

David Olsson

Beautiful mountain woods, trails. Of course, famous viewed from the summit house.

Anita Alves

Absolute favorite hiking spot in western ma. Good views, variety of trails, parking, walking, hiking, picnic spots, and a sense of peace. Go here often!


One of the most gorgeous spots in the valley! You get a spectacular 360-degree view with plenty of picnic tables, outdoor grills, and space for outdoor activities!

Eugene Goffredo

A couple of different ways to The Summit. Two or three different trails by foot. Or you can drive. The view is amazing. And there are decent facilities up-top including a covered porch, picnic pavilions, bathroom.


New England trail is a must!

Bill Langlois

The view!!!!!! Used too see much more but the trees have blocked the 360degree view that I remember plus the $5 dollar entry fee is new to me.

James Davenport

Love the view

raymond coughlin

The best place to visit on the valley.

J&A Rod

Very nice ambient, good for exercising

Adi Pan

Great View of the ct river and very helpful staff working at the summit house

Carmen Rivera

Great view


Really nice park and short hike but the amount if mosquitoes was just insane. As soon as I exited the car I was swarmed until I got up to the house (where thankfully there weren’t many bugs). The hike up from the base was fairly easy but a bit steep in spots. Might be slippery in wet conditions as there is considerable erosion on the trails. Loads of birds too if you like bird watching. Saw a few indigo buntings and eastern pheobes as well as many warblers and vireos (which were too fast and high up in the canopy to identify).

Marlene Fortin

Wonder views, grounds very clean and we'll kept. Hiking trails everywhere. A must see.

David Boland

Gorgeous state park with incredible views and lots of hiking. You can see for miles in every direction.

Mike Masse

My favorite place to go when I am visiting South Hadley

Lance Holman

Always so beautiful and inspiring the views from the summit.

Karl Konopka

Cool place with a great view, just being your hiking legs.

Eric Mazzarella

The road to the top is almost always closed. It does look like it was recently paved though. There are some cool views odd the back of the mountain from the road. The trail up does not and is extremely icy in the winter.

Natalie Rodriguez

Beautiful view!

Dayan Siri

Went on a walk.view from the top was amazing. It was relaxing and fun little hike on the road.we could drive to the top but we decided to walk part of it for fun.

michael bess

You must climb to the summit it's not easy but good hike.

B. Schneider

Nice start to the Seven Sisters range. Great views at the top and along the way.

Timothy Randhir

Worth the visit; great views of the valley

James Delsie

Beautiful place to hike and picnic. Amazing views of the valley.

Aubri Drake

I really enjoy hiking around here, but the trail markings often leave something to be desired.

Jim Shea

We went up today (08/03/19) and took the tour led buy a woman who’s name escapes me. She was so knowledgeable and had interesting information for adults and my six year old son. Views are amazing and the trails are great. Also has bathrooms and water in summer.

Junk Account

Excellent way to spend a day, great views. Peaceful.

birash kharel

Nice view point and best sunset view

Kevin Michalski

A trailhead starts on Old Mountain Road. It starts where you see some signs just off the road on the right, and you can just park on the side of the road. From here, it's a ~45 minute hike to the Summit House. Lots of mosquitoes in the summer! The Summit House has great views of Hadley, Northampton, and Amherst. The house is only open on weekends. Outside are picnic tables if you wanted to drive up and have a picnic.

Louise Dechert


David Boivin

Great trails

Wendy Sweller

Beautiful view and great hiking

Jim Bromberg

Beautiful park with stunning views. 360 degree views from the very top. You can drive all the way up!

shane mapplebeck

Good trails beautiful foliage, especially like how quick you get to the summit/ ridge line.

Russell Matson

Great view easy drive up!

Debra Lorenzo

Love that it's quiet, clean, and green. Beautiful, spectacular views from all around the visitor's areas! We picnic here whenever we want to do something nice, but cheap. You can bring your dog, but please, clean up after him or her, especially where people walk. There is more info on their website, but it's about 5.00 to park until park it loses. The rangers are very friendly and make sure you know what time you have to get out there before gates ate locked up. You won't get stuck unless you just ignore the rangers. There is a ladies' room and a men's room, but be warned, they often close about a half hour before the park.

Luis Espada

Great view..

Tony Boncore

Skinner State Park over looking the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts provides hikers with terrific views in all directions. Atop the summit you'll be pleased of the vantage points in your view. Be sure to bring your camera. There is a $5.00 entry fee but it is well worth it. Have a great time visiting.

Adam Sweet

Very nice, except for the DCR boy weedwacking blueberry bushes (he said he was killing ticks).

Patricia Eagan

Gate is closed so you can easily walk on the road or the trails.

Cristy-May Delaney

Beautiful place

Layannie Haydon-Mayer

This is such a beautiful state park. It costs $5 to take your car up and park, nothing if you have a disability plaque. The views are amazing and the rangers are very helpful.

Cameron B

Best place to hike in this section of Western Mass along with the Notch side trails. A lot of different trails and most people just hike on the road so the actual trails are usually very peaceful. Summit Mt Holyoke for a quick workout or invest half a day for the Seven Sisters trail for the best adventure here. Usually not much wildlife to see but did see a black bear once in my several hundred times hiking here.

ali aon

Beautiful place.. awesome views .. love it ! You can hike but the beauty is road goes to the top n you can drive up to the peak with kids. Can't wait for it to reopen.

Alexander Shyshla

Always a good time here! This place is awesome! Nice views, all around is beautiful! Love to visit this place time after time! You will like it too! Good place to spend some times with family or friends!

nicte barriga

Love being in nature with the family.

Mike Hughes

Great view

Sam Brodsky

Great little climb with kids

Erik Balser

So many fantastic trails to pick from.

Justin Hannigan

Short beginners hike was short but steep enough to make me breathe. Loved the historical bed and breakfast house at the summit and great view and just all around a breath of fresh air away from lifes chaos

Chris Green

Love the view. Great place to be at peace with one self

Paul Goodchild Ph.D., CPA

I was happily engaged here more than five years ago and I visit whenever I can. Amazing place to visit and hike. Such a beautiful view at the top. Looking over the Holyoke Mountains at the valleys below. The Connecticut river seems to circle around in view.

Kristel Estores

Absolutely gorgeous views from the summit. Nice place to go for a hike.

Kl Hooker

Great hiking and viewing spot.

geirol rodriguez

Open 9 to 8pm, house will open 9 to 1.30pm

Jared Reid

Great Hike. Great live music in the summer. Great views and sunsets.

Paul Kozub

The best hike

Paul Mann

Great views and hiking


Really great visit, i recommend following the lesser traveled paths across each peak.

Linda Murphy

Best quick hike great view you can see mount greylock from the top

Dan Coffey

Good place to go hiking, many trails options for all skill levels.

Linda yarish

Had a great time with the kiddos. What a view.

Matt Grillo

Best park in pioneer valley

Mark Mazzaferro

Perfect place to come reflect with some wonderful views of western Mass.

Stephen Koziol

Beautiful place to spend some time. Gorgeous views at the top from several areas.

Jeri Duda

Beautiful view!


Had An Amazing Time with My Girlriend on that Trail. It was Awesome, " Try walking it on a Very Foggy Day"

12 Houses

One of the best places in the world!

Greg Eichensehr

Great place if you want to go hiking. You are rewarded with a breathtaking view and utter peace.

Kevin Slate

Great place to hike.

Janitza Rosa

Great place for hiking and picnic

Jason Marhofer

Great park for small hike. Fairly challenging trails that made us break a little sweat. Scenic summit where you can overlook the valley, see towns and cities

Jill parent

great hiking,, beautiful views

aziz ashirov

Nice view from top

Karen Utley

Beautiful View

Robert Ross

Didn't even know it existed. A must see for MA residents, awesome history and amazing views.

Tim P

Good place to sled if you have health insurance.

Trish Sandstrom

Was very long walk up but worth it ^_^

Ed Bishop

Great place to visit.

Ted Chmura III

A perfect place for a hike...even or perhaps especially in the winter. It's always rewarding to make it to the top where you can sit and enjoy the view over the river and beyond.

Hank Sundell

Good veiw

Martina Lopez

Incredible view at the top, definitely a workout to climb but you can drive up if you want.

Kazmi Sitwat

lots of great picnic spots at the top of the mountain. Great hiking place

Joseph Dutko

This a trip I always enjoy have been there in all seasons and the beauty changes with it. Winter seems to make the hike to the top and trails along the Holyoke range ridge seems to be the most enjoyable, as nature exposes many things you don't normally see. The Half/way House, aka Summit House, is a fun visit in the warmer seasons when it is open for inspection, pretty cool inside. There are great views of the Connecticut River as it flows around the oxbow below, there are views of Amherst, Northampton, farmland along with everything else. There is also a memorial to a B-24 Liberator crew who lost their lives when their plane crashed into Mt. Holoyke during World War II. No matter when you go, enjoy the park as it will reward you with great views.

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