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Where is Nickerson State Park?

REVIEWS OF Nickerson State Park IN Massachusetts

Erin Lucier

Lots of space on each campground. Facilities were great and spaced out really well. Pond access was wonderful. The general store was very helpful when we needed random items. They have everything from food items to camping and fishing equipment. Definitely recommend.

Christian Scott

As good as dcr camping gets! Love the ponds and Cape location

Bill McNamara

Pristine Park with several beach heads. With a couple of variety stores nearby on 6A. Great family fun.

Tony F

Very Clean. Nice service. Beautifuly maintained and peaceful.

Давид Чапел

Wonderful camping area with freshwater ponds with beaches and great fishing.

Oceanel Delforno

Beautiful ponds and clean campsites

Giselle C

Just beautiful... go take a hike!

Marc DeFalco

Great place to camp.

Fernando A.

Beautiful lakes. Very close to several beaches.

Patrick Lam

The park is clean and has a few bike paths and hiking trails. It has two big ponds where you can swim or kayak. Water is very clean and warm. Great for kids to spend an afternoon there. Bring your own kayak if you has one as the rental is kind of pricey - $25 for half hour. Bathroom and shower house are clean as well.

Justine Bajek

Beautiful state park!

Alexandria Stoddard

One of our favorite places to camp in the Northeast! Wonderful swimming, boating, biking, beaching!! Takes a little effort to figure out which sites have or are near pond access as they do not show it well on the map. We love the super beautiful and private beach at Area 7. Just a short hike (5-7m) through the woods from the campsite area.

Jeremiah Rodgers

Awesome floating, water is very clear and clean! No fish smell. This is a great place for younger kids as the water is shallow for a good distance. It gives them plenty of room to play. This is fresh water with sandy beaches. Fantastic day!

Karl Stauss

Excellent swimming lakes, large camp sites (no hookups though), and great biking/walking paths that are paved.

Jennifer L

So beautiful, hope to return next year!

Yossi Weihs

Great Paul for camping with kids. Beautiful gentle introduction to the outdoors.

Sandra Davis

Riding the bike trail was fun. I got a great work out and the scenery is beautiful!!

Hank Allan

Great with very few ticks and mosquitoes.

Tim Walsh

Huge family campground with hundreds of campsites. (literally I think 400). Leaves ability to completely go off the grid and camp out. There are also showers and concrete bath houses. Miles and miles of bike trails, and multiple ponds for kayaking and a pond for small water crafts (10 hp max). Fishing for kids and loads of trails for hiking/walking. Best to take a drive through in the off season and find the site you want. Book up to 6 months in advance because the popular ones fill up as a early as possible.

Tony And Ed

Beautiful place. Love it

Paul Colucci

dirty. small sites. can't compete with private campgrounds. nothing like campground out west.nothing offered.

David Simpson

Great hike and views

Gisela Perez

Great for swimming, camping, bike riding and fishing. Great family environment.

Charles Sutton

This is a wonderful state park! Great camping sites spread over seven areas. Two swimming/boating ponds. Great staff. My family has camped here nearly every summer for twenty years.

Cathy Horein

Really nice bicycle trails and friendly service.

Bigfoot Is Right Outside

What a great place to stay on the Cape! A few years I've been coming here and can never tire of it. You can sit and relax in the nice forested setting, walk the trails, swim in the ponds... Rent a boat to sail around Cliff pond, ride a bike on the 8 mile bike trails, just enjoy nature! Also centrally located on the Cape, there are all the other options available only a short car drive away.


Beautiful campground with so much to do. We biked and hiked. Wish we had more time to explore.

Ralph Marquit

Always enjoy taking a ride through, and hope to see a deer.

Elizabeth Bullard

My 1st time here, gorgeous park! The yurts are so cool!

Stephanie Persiani

I stay here every year for two weeks with my family, wonderful place with beautiful scenery!

Tommy D

Awesome hiking park and lakes!

Yingzi Yang

Best camping site around Boston.

Jason Longton

A true gem on Cape Cod. Bathtub warm freshwater ponds and lakes minutes from the roiling waves of the Atlanic or the placid waters of the bay. We've been two years in a row, just got back from the second time, and are already lioking forward to next year.

Stephen Miller

This place was built for tent campers and smaller travel trailers. They do have some sites wide and deep enough for Class A rigs such as ours at 36 feet, but the roads are fairly narrow and curvy. I encourage you to unhook and drive your tow vehicle to the site for a reconnaissance trip before attempting to go in with your full rig, We stayed in Area 1 and I especially caution against staying in that area because of the poorly designed entry and exit. You are going down a two-lane road and then you have to make a 90-degree left turn through what is probably a 12-foot wide steel gate with strong steel barrier arms trailing back into the camping area. If that goes ok, then you have to immediately execute another 90-degree turn onto one of the paths to the actual campsites. Don’t choose the 1st of the two gates next to each other, because they elected to save one of the trees near the right side of the opening as you are entering. That means you don’t even get the full 12 feet in width! The roads on the loops to the campsite are narrow and not all the trees have been recently trimmed to allow a 12-foot tall vehicle such as ours to pass with touching. We had problems backing into our site because the tent campers across the road from our site had parked one of their cars, with a large bike rack with a least one bike on it, almost exactly in front of the entrance to our site. I went to ask if they could move the car for a few minutes while we backed it, but no one was home in either of the two tents. We ended-up just driving in front ways which worked ok because there were no hookups to worry with. The site was not generally level, but the deepest part was fairly level and our levelers had no problems in getting us level there. Parked this way, there was plenty of room for the toad to park behind the rig. The park is very beautiful and the many large kettle ponds were amazing. My dog got a good swim and lots of folks were having a good time with kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddle boards. The pond was very clear and some people even brought some snorkeling gear and seemed to be having a good time with it. The park staff was friendly and not bothersome. My only complaint was they refused to give me any kind of comparison or recommendation between the two walk-up sites they had available. They did give me an entrance pass for my toad, so I could unhook and go look at both sites before committing. We did go look at the site in Area 1, but my reconnaissance unfortunately was inadequate to reveal all the problems I later encountered. In particular, I assumed that the entrances were properly designed, which I now strongly contest. I wish we had gone and looked at the site in Area 4, before choosing, We did later look at it and found Area 4 and that site far preferable. The other reason I recommend against this area is that typical Class A camping is largely incompatible with tent and small trailer camping styles when no electricity is provided on site. The others are happily enjoying the quiet of nature and are happy with the prevailing outdoor temperature. My partner likes living in 74 degree indoor comfort. As I walked my dog, I realized that ours was the only generator I could hear running. Even though park rules said we could run our generator, except during quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., we were being bad neighbors. I turned off the generator, opened windows and my partner dealt with the low 80s outdoor temperature after I promised 74 degrees by 9:00 p.m. and 65 degrees during most of the night according to the Weather Channel forecast for Brewster, MA. We never got anywhere 74 degrees all night, even with all windows open and our vent fans on. We did finally get down to 78 just before sunrise. I’m completely unable to understand why Brewster was at 65 degrees a couple of miles away. Don’t go in there with your nice shiny new Class A or 5th wheel, especially not if you’re going to run your generator a lot.

Matt Borden

The meaning of life is hidden somewhere in here.

John Olmoz

This place is amazing, so much to do. Take a break from. The beach, hike, bike, kyak, picnic and swim. Love this place!

Caitlin Muztafago

Absolutely love this campground! So many childhood memories!

Jennifer Jean

Great fishing, parks & people.

David Earley

We have been camping at Nickerson for years. Several on site ponds. Close to beautiful mid cape beaches. Kid friendly events most nights. Great place.

Nicole C

We really enjoyed our stay! The people are so friendly and the staff in the main office are super helpful and knowledgeable. Here’s plenty of room in between camp sites but you do have neighbors that you can see. Bathrooms were cleaned often which I was thankful for. Overall we had a great experience!

Joanne Catanzano

This place is amazing. Beautifully decorated and very clean. They are very accommodating even when you do not have an appointment. The staff could not be nicer. I got someone that has been with them for a short while and she was awesome! I didn't catch her name when I asked but she was so sweet and could not have been nicer! Almost always a great experience.

Lvl Lor

This wonderful park, occupies a large area, is a great forest with nice park areas for camping. There are beautiful lakes. You can go kayaking or swimming. Good bike lanes, around the park and even lakes. Well organized tourist service. Friendly and competent staff. The park deserves the highest rating. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Hastings

I first came to Nickerson State Park to camp with my young daughters 20 years ago. It is wonderful for camping with beautiful sites in wooded areas near ponds for swimming. Very safe. Nice facilities. Very well maintained. A great place to get back to nature. One of my favorite places to camp (which I still love to do!).

Emily M

I visit this park every year, clean and pretty as usual. Just make sure to book 6 months in advance, this place is popular!

Kevin Canha

I had an awesome time biking here and swimming in the lake, recommend

Aric Betchtel

Splendid nature on the cape

Trevor Kearns

Cool, clear ponds, miles of mild biking and hiking amid black locust, pitch pine and black oak, plentiful campgrounds and friendly DCR staff, the only sense you have of being on the Cape is the occasional seagull dipping in for a look. A peaceful oasis away from the bustle of 6. One of the best parks Massachusetts has to offer!

Matt S

Very nice state park, great for camping.

Miles Stanton

Came to see the checkpoint for the PAN MASS challenge, and the park was beautifully kept, loved coming here as a kid.

Kathy Miller

Loved nickerson when my children were growing up, and we camped. Seems to be a lot of rules now pertaining to adults, no alcoholic beverages, fires out early! There are a lot of trails and fun for children and family

Jimmie Kendrick

Love getting back to nature on the Cape

Deborah L.

Very nice.staff was friendly.clean park

Danny Campbell

One of the best places to stay on Cape

Ethan Roberts

Great place for camping and have so many memories make sure to check it out!!!


Great place to ride and camp. Easy access to the rail trail as well

Lillian Pearsall

Calm water, great swimming. Beach a little small and had to be careful of poison ivy.

Paul White

It was a day trip but we had do much fun. Nature walks through the park filled with great scenery. A clean , fun experience.

Maritza Cruz

Clean campgrounds, beach area is small but water is crystal clear.

Shaila Khan

Do not go if you expect a decent bathroom: There’s 3 inch deer ticks and giant grasshoppers on the toilet seats. They don’t clean it at all. It should be shut down as a health hazard. There’s dead spiders everywhere. There is some sort of black mold all over the window. There’s spiders crawling inside the toilet. It’s disgusting. It’s better to pee in the woods. But its best to not go at all. Its so nasty. NEVER GO PLEASE!

Sean Solarte

Nice little park

Oscar Molina

Awesome biking and hiking trails, and clean facilities. Would love to return for camping next time.

Kelly Doherty

Big cliff pond is beautiful!

Chris T

Camping at this park is pretty fun depending on the spot you get. Our first trip here we we're positioned in a place where we could walk down to a pond in the morning to fish and was in biking distance through the forest to the beach. The other time we stayed we couldn't do either of those. The biggest downside is that the campsites are packed; there's so many families stuck so close to one another at the campgrounds. The bathrooms can be pretty far away from you depending on where you stay. The showers are even farther and a few stalls we're broken at the time we went. The showers are nice though they're big, clean, and hot.

Anthony Pagliuso

I've camped all over Massachusetts and Nickerson is the best by far. Access to parking on awesome bayside beach, crystal clear sandy bottomed warm sweetwater ponds!! Beautiful, private campsites. The forest is beautiful. Close to everything if you want that, or nothing if you want to never leave the park. Camp store has everything you need, including great coffee. Always hard to leave.

Saleh Bahmad

This place is great for family camping there's a couple choices for the kids like fishing, hiking, bike rides, kaik and stand up paddle. Dog friendly and the moskitos doesn't bother that much.

meghann milligan

Trails were a little hard to find at first, but once we found the correct parking ground they were signposted and trail blazed! Such a fun place to relax, a nice (almost) quiet place in the Cape!

Tanith Moodley

My favorite spot on the Cape!

Matthew S

Fun place to camp

Bea Leon

Nickerson state park is one of those places that are so good that you always have to book a site at least 6 months in advance. For those who like to risk it, you can always show up very early on a Saturday and see if there are any spots available due to cancellations or no-shows. For people who don’t want to stay the night, you can park inside the park and pay $20 bucks to spend the day inside and either bike around or enjoy the water. *PRO TIP: look for the camp store, it’s tiny but has pretty much everything you could need for your stay there (and that includes coffee, pastries, beverages and ice cream).

Alex Dehnert

A bunch of hiking options, but we repeatedly lost the trail we were supposed to be following (Cliff Pond). Other than that, nice and pretty.

Rathish Shunmugum

Need to make few more parking slots and restrict plastics

Jason Libby

Awesome campground good trout fishing

meghan robertson

Great campground, friendly staff and well kept. clean bathrooms.

Cidney Schultz

I was riding on Cape cod rail trail, and decided to check this place out. I was amazed at how clean and beautiful it is. I will definitely be going back.

Jim Nason

Beautiful, and even when it's peak tourist season, things are spaced out enough that you don't really notice all the other people.

Jeff Behn

It's a very pretty park and has some lovely day use areas, but the campsites are pretty open and not private. I only saw a few that were set far enough away from the road that you didn't have an unobstructed view of the campsite from the road. It appears to be well maintained and well used.

Lissa Giosi

Clean park, clear water, wonderful bike trails and connects to the Cape Cod Rail Trail. Love it!

Pier H

Very beautiful. Practical campground with everything you need : kids playground, bushy camp site for privacy (most of them), practical facilities (washrooms, showers, dump station...), direct access to the Cape cod rail bike trail You can stay on the park and Crosby Beach and have your vacations full !

Daniel Rosenberg

Beautiful. Well kept yurt.

Anthony Cirincione

It's just amazing

P Ferwerda

Didn't stay here but accessed some of the trails off the Cape Cod Rail Trail and visited the Crosby Cemetery that lies off of one the trails. Every now and then would catch glimpses of folks walking or others mountain biking on the trails. Worth exploring!

Anthony Triggs

Short review. Beautiful park with lots of hiking and biking in the area. Camp sites in our area were all large enough where you don't feel on top of other campers. One problem we had was having to drive a half mile to shower.

Eylin Socorro Oviol

The best in Cape cod

Paul Kattermann

A very well kept park. I have camped there in the past as well. We went there for the fresh water ponds. Great for boating and swimming. There are a few areas with life guards on duty but you can swim anywhere you like. No power boats allowed.

Phil Harang

A wonderful place to go when the tide is out and the kids want to swim. The fresh water ponds are a great place to swim and explore. The bike trails are shaded, even and well marked.


A beautiful park for cheap rates. They seem to have everything, close access to beaches and lakes, hiking, and amazing restaurants. The lake there is beautiful, although the bathrooms are not.

Peter McGarvey

Great place to explore and relax

J Spang

Great sites and nice and quiet.. bring your dog too..

colin purdy

Beautiful park with a great view from the beach

Ras El Hanout

Beautiful quiet park lots of trails, beautiful forests. Picnic tables and grills

Slightly Ender

Go every year, always leave happy! Woot woot

William Haley

Love Nickerson park. Cliff pond is clear and clean, great for swimming. If you camp it is also walking distance to the ocean. Awesome for camping, boating, fishing, hiking, dogs and lots more

Funny Bunny

Cliff pond is amazing

Matthew Bilodeau

Great campground with lots to do. We had fun swimming at the lakes. Very close to bike path and beaches.

Shultzeyman // Shultzeymanimation Studios

This is my favorite park to go to. It will provide you with plenty of trails to walk on. You can come here by bike too.

judy k kuntze

We come here every year and thoroughly enjoy ourselves

Kevin N

The park is nice, but extemely spread out. The showers, store, and sites are very far apart. The entrance was 3.5 miles from our site and the road had huge hills. We had to drive our bikes down to the trail. Overall a nice place if you have a car to get around.

johnny havastixs

Great state park. Great camping and plenty of stuff to do.

Bill Kenyon

I shouldn't share my review of Nikerson State Park campground with anyone new to it. Its already far to known on Cape Cod as one of Cape's not so hidden gems. And tuff to get a reservation at peak season. Yes it is a really great place for basic camping, 400 some sites and close to many other places to visit. Or just enjoy the wilderness, 3 nice ponds and walking and biking trails.


The best place for a family to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time. Great swimming, hiking and biking trails. We love everything about this park and staff are always so nice and helpful.

Christopher Daley

PMC weekend was amazing here!

Dedicated Worker

My favorite place in the off season.

Sriaravindan Sundararajan

Good Pond areas and camping place

David Webster

Best camping in ma. Kettle ponds are so warm and very close to the beach. Sites are fairly large.

Scott Dowler

A hidden gem, but you need to book 6 months in advance. Use the Reserve America web site and you can stay 6 nights for less than $250. The bathrooms and showers are well cleaned and maintained. There are several ponds in the park that are ideal for swimming, kayaking or sunfish sailing. There are lovely bike trails throughout the camp ground that also connect to the cape rail trail. There are no hookups for popups or RVs but the location in the middle of Cape Cod more than makes up for the no electricity factor. Enjoy Nickerson!

Susan Kelley

Mostly we enjoyed having a place to camp on cape cod so we could visit the National sea shore and surrounding area. The Park is nice but we are from PA and our State parks are wonderful and have us spoiled. The children really enjoyed your playground and beaches.

Mary Wallin

Great camping place. So close to everything

Brian Levesque

Beautiful state park. There are lots of campsites that are big enough for multiple tents. It's relatively cheap also. Lots of hiking and running trails. There are also a few ponds to fish. Saw a few people pulling in some nice trout. Highly recommended place.

Meg White

Fun for camping or hiking

Bruce McQuillen

Lots of good trails, decently marked.

Merilyce Valentine

The walking trails, swimming & accomodations were are so nice. We will be coming back.

Callum Biathrow

Great walking location

Girish Sheelvant

Best state park for camping.

Malachi Ege

Been going here since I was a kid. Make sure you make it in early if you’re trying to hit the beach, not much real estate there. Boat rental is highway robbery but that’s just that Cape Cos premium. Great park.

Daniel Gerow

Beautiful park with miles of trails. Campground was amazing with lots of space between sites and clean facilities

Rob D

One of the most beautiful state park campgrounds in the state. Miles of walking, biking, hiking trails. The seabreeze at night, the quiet, this park is absolutely gorgeous. It has multiple water bodies to explore. The maintenance staff does a great job of upkeep. They also have yurts! YURTS!!

Michael Pollack

Solid campground. Easy check-in (do it online to make it really fast when you get there). Sites are pretty spacious. No electric sites but many water spigots around. This is my 2nd stay in 3 years and would definitely use Nickerson again. Ponds are crystal clear and very refreshing to swim in. Cliff pond is good for kayaking too. Many bike trails in the park as well. My only negative about Nickerson, besides the rate increase for out of staters, is that the park is almost too big! If you camp there as a hub for activities all over Cape Cod, when you get back at the end of the day it takes another 10 minutes to get to your site after entering the park. Other than that, great place to camp on CC.

Edward Lohse

Always fun to explore new spots


This park is beautiful,with some nice trails for hiking and biking. We did the small hiking trail. We loved it

Meredith Moga

Great camp ground, price was perfect. Camp store had everything you could need and the bathrooms were clean and stocked. Right off the Cape Cod Rail Trail for easy traveling. Will definitely stay again!

Mark DiGennaro

Two fresh water and in the park. 15 minutes from the ocean at Coast guard beach.

Scott Grunin

Amazing how big Nickerson park is... So beautiful in there..

Richard Fish

Gorgeous acres and acres of nature with abundant dry camping.

Ellen H

Near town, you can be deep in the woods, climb hills and enjoy the cool forest.

Parker Anderson-LaPorte

Great experience, and a great lake.

J. Roberto Garcia

Great for family and biking. Busy in the summer

Megi Nevins

Nickerson State Park is beautiful place to camp, bike and do day hikes. Crosby Lane beach is 2 minutes from the park. We camp here every summer and it never gets old.

Anthony Versace,Jr

Where gods congergate.

gameing and fun with rori sheehan

Spaulding Hospital has a great program for any people with disabilities of any kind offered through October. Also dog friendly. And wonderful children's programs through the Park's Department

Roger Kyte

Good selection of paved trails for walking or biking. Ponds for kayaking, canoeing or swimming. Camping, and picnicking areas. A good place for a family outdoor adventure.

Eileen Perlot

A great hiking area for the family.

David Walsh

Can't say enough great things about this place. Camping is $22 a night(MA resident) +$5 all others. Hiking and biking trails. Connection to Cape Cod rail trail, Beautiful kettle ponds. Clean and well kept facilities. Jumping off point to all things Cape. Sunsets at Skatet beach. Sunrises at Nauset beach. Awesome


I have been camping at Nickerson state Park for 2 weeks and I think this place is great a d very easy to camp at the temperatures are comfortable and there are beaches everywhere. There are also kayak and paddle board rentals which are very fun. This place was a z Blast to camp at hopefully I will come here agakn next year

Dale Vandergriff

Two tight for fifthwheels. Trees on roads are not trimmed or in camping areas. Lots very hard to move in and out. Rules say use generator if you have medical needs at night. Don't even think about it. The ruditest people in camp ground I have ran into. If you have a small tag a long trailer you can get around in the park. Long story short I WILL NEVER CAMP THERE AGAINST. Our experience was not good at all. Hopefully if you decide to camp here you have a better experience.

Walter Turner

I can't say enough good things about this place. It is a wonderful location for a drive, bike, or walk. The kettle ponds offer a picturesque and relaxing environment to enjoy. Our family pet also enjoyed going for a drive, and walking along the beach. They have public restrooms around the park, and it is just a great place to go and unplug.

Edward Daley

Like being in the foothills but in central cape cod! Very nice park, camping small boating swimming biking and hiking all spectacular.

Shloimy Green

Gorgeous and very friendly place

Peter Whitlock

Higgins Pond is great for swimming

stev0 johnson

Great camping with access to the cape cod trail

Matt Wooldridge

Very fun place to camp or go for a hike very inexpensive for the amount of things to do there I could spend a lot of time here on vacation

Nicolas Belmore

Its a fun but challenging place to ride your bike

Gary Fournier

I liked the many different spots there are.

Ilya Borisov

Awesome place to bike and SUP family camping

Davian and Walter games on Steam

The best place ever....

Toni Cross

Look for the outer loops if you want more space. Folks at the camp store were so warm-spirited! Loved this place. Best camping space to explore the cape.

Jimmie Ng

Ok, it is safe to say that we are not a family of outdoorsmen. We are spoiled by the creature comforts of civilized life. But we gave it our best effort, and we did enjoy ourselves. The site was clean and a good size. The kids liked making the campfires, the proximity to the pond, the s'mores, and the outdoor cooking. We all appreciated the nearby potable water, the indoor toilets and showers. I learned to make a taut line knot! Brewster had some lovely beaches that were all a short drive away. There is also a supermarket nearby for our supplies.

sam haines

Great Park great Ponds, great Campsites

Marat Yumagulov

The best camping at the cape cod

Nicole Cameron

Beautiful clean calm waters perfect for kayaking, SUP, canoeing and swimming. Great for children if all ages.

Bill Patton

Beautiful sites and ponds.

Merrick Smith

Great trails to walk with the family, ride a bike, or go for a run! Easy to get to in the CCRT.

Danielle Nicoll

Camping for two days at Nickerson State Park. Multiple ponds/Lakes. Nature at its finest. Saw this young Heron on Flax Pond while there last week.

Milos Daboss

Great place to camp. Close to everything. Lots could be larger. Choose wisely as some are better then others.

Stephen G

Nice park. Lots of biking and hiking trails. Pond is decent and water is clean. Decent price. There is camping, but I know nothing about it.

Dina Kantelis

This is one of my favorite state parks! My BF and I love the ponds, hiking trails and the close proximity to the beaches. We like to go to Nauset Beach to swim with the sharks (kidding) and then go back to Nickerson for a dip in the ponds which are usually very warm. There bbn is another beach in Orleans named Scusset. Great for children as it is very shallow and very warm. When the tide is out there is almost a mike if beach to walk before you hit water. Ponds are big enough to kayak/canoe around. All of the ponds have hiking trails around them. There is a long bike path which we have not explored. This park books up fast so plan your trip well. Restrooms and bath houses are at each camp area. They are cleaned twice a day. As long as there are not campers disrespecting the restrooms they stay pretty clean. Beautiful way to explore the Cape.

Philip Kohn

Best swimming ponds on the cape. Good place for dog camping

Peter Ball

Large state park with lots of marked hiking trails. Clean rest rooms. Lovely lakes with some sandy beaches. Easy hikes around the lakes. Highly recommended.

Cameron Contarino

Nickerson state park is special place with much to offer


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