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Where is Minute Man National Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Minute Man National Historical Park IN Massachusetts

William Follett

Peaceful, pristine evocative place. Like the USS Constitution or Mt. Vernon, brings you back to their milieu. But the park is spread in an historical line over many miles. Suggest taking the tour in sections (We only did the one area with the Concord bridge and the shot heard...). Plan, call before you go.

Howard Lev

We take all of our out of town guests here. Nice presentation. Walk on battle road passes a number historic sites and buildings. In season there are people dressed as people from the 1700's willing to tell you about they represent. You can also drive to Concord and Lexington which are close by

Stephen Smith

Great place to visit. If you have kids Be sure to ask about the Junior Ranger program which is free. Your kids can earn a park ranger badge which is a lot of fun.

St. Mary's Media Ministry Office

Plenty of parking and a great way to learn about how the start of the revolution took place and the events that led to the Shot heard around the world at the Old North Bridge. Great way to apply what kids learn in the classroom and give them the real life experience of the former routes that our beloved Patriots took in order to prepare for their freedom. Every trail is clearly marked and various message boards along the way provide great information about what happened at various locations you stop at. We brought a lunch since with all the walking it made us hungry. I highly recommend this place for families, school groups, and for an American History buff out there.

Jacob Oh

This is one of my favorite place in Massachusetts. Go visit here with someone you love, Enjoy your nice day in this park, And Feel the history!

Andrew Call

Interesting things to explore, old building tours preserve historical significance of the area.

Robert Galvin

Great place to walk around, think and soak in the history. My favorite 'thinking spot' for over 50 years.

Trevor Sands

The park service has done an incredible job preserving a place of historic significance and injecting it with modern appeal. The visitor center movie is a must see as it is more than just a movie (you will see what I mean when you get there). The trails are well marked, cleaned and maintained. Very respectful of both sides that were part of the conflict which is really well done.

Joann M

We visited on Memorial Day and it was not too crowded. The visitor centers are super nice and informative.

John Warther

Loved it waited a life time to see it..

Sandra Davis

Beautiful and well maintained trail.

Daniel Reichwein

Great tribute to our origins as a country and the sacrifice that was made to create this great country. Very easy to navigate with a beautiful trail for biking or a long walk through the whole park. Highly recommended!

David Minoli

Wonderful park, replete with historical information. Dog-friendly to boot!

stephen desrosiers

Interesting experience. Beautiful area. Incredible American history

DanPatty Boucher

Awesome place for a person that loves American history

T Pease

We love the history, the trails, and the variety of things to do.

Leo Velez

Ever since my wife and I moved to Concord we have always felt drawn here. We have seen it in all of its glory, be it on a warm summer evening to a chilly winter morning covered in snow. The importance and magnitude of what ocurred here many years ago always give me pause as well as it striking beauty and tranquility.

Larry Steingraber

Never realized the battle was only over 2 days. Great for history buffs.

Steven Romei

Great place for a peaceful walk in nature and history

Laura ntk

Very informative. Clean. There are restrooms, a shop and helpful friendly employees.

Tatiana Fonseca

A wonderful park full of history. You could easily spend the entire day here, if not longer. I recommend checking the website before going so that you can see what events are going on during your visit. The park is a wonderful mix of walking trails, living history, and monuments.

Tom Galli

Amazing History Place. Is nice to remember the History here!

Eric Frandsen

Amazing history with a beautiful view. We loved it hear and learned a lot.

barbara Mosley

First time their had a great time with my son and our Army Reserve family. History is something you can never get enough of.

Patrick Ramsey

Fantastic place to visit, especially if you're a fan of history and the American Revolutionary war. Could easily spend an entire day here.

Bret Roebling

Cool place to visit while you’re on vacation. I would love to come back again.

Larry Kligman

Historical site in Concord. Very pleasant walk around especially on a sunny day. Loads of plaques to read to brush up on your American history. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Be sure to meet and talk to the costumed characters.

Shweta Jain

A great place to learn some American history.

Filip Jasinski

Another great NPS facility. Worth a visit.

Jason Bouchard

Great to see local history, a lot to do, but you need a car to see it all.

Nana Nash, M.A.

Classic place to visit. Made me think about how hard early Americans fought and died for our freedom. Freedom is NOT FREE. Beautifully preserved park and site for all to visit. Big free parking lot invites walkable easy access. History still relevant today. Love the colors of the Fall leaves and standing on the bridge to watch the water.

Rebekah Elkins

So much history, both national and literary. I do wish the park was laid out better in regards to access; bicycle traffic on walking paths was quite a hazard as well as an annoyance; tours and demonstrations are also at weird times and not posted conspicuously so we missed quite a few which was a disappointment. Nevertheless, you can't downgrade the importance of this park. I would DEFINITELY recommend bringing lunch, great walking shoes, and a really good camera for wildlife shots. And you really do need at LEAST two days to see it all! I really wish we had had three or four to walk the battle trail completely. The nature itself is superb.

Copie Harris

Steeped in history and a wonderful place to bring your on leash dogs for a walk. You'll hear all languages and see people from many different cultures here, all looking to learn about U.S. history. Enacters dressed historically accurately complete the experience, and the excellent Concord meeting and eating establishments round out your day.

Christine Franklin

Love this park.! We run it regularly, and it's also nice to walk the dog and take the kids. Lots of wildlife as you can see the mama turkeys and their babies in my pictures. Live this place. Check it out if your in the area.not only are the site's amazing but also the history is so interesting to read along the way.

Penny McGhee

Loved this historical place. Gave me chill bumps to realize where I was standing.

Claude Haroon

Very user friendly trek, with historical values and good signage. To do when in the neighborhood. Very close to Marriott Elements, very nice hotel - gym - pool - bikes with breakfast included.

Spence Calder

Excellent site intertwined between Lexington and Concord. Great walkability and overall quality.

Robin Luca

A must see..another great historical site.

Jay Blackbeard

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David Rossall

Place to park, places to walk around, especially cool when they do reenactments with red coats and minute men.

Ila Farshad

Good explanation. Could have been placed in its larger context, but sufficient if you already have knowledge of 1775 and 1776.

Melanie Sadofsky

Great for walking and biking the trails. Visitors center with information, movie and restrooms.

Mark Hermans

Very informative visitors center which led to a walk along the north bridge battle site. Visualizing what those brave people did on the very spot sent chills through my body. Couldn't imagine how brave they were to stand up for what they believed in.

Angela Boncore

Concord, So Very Historical.. Beautiful old period houses and very old cemeteries. Stroll over the Concord Bridge and take in the scenery. You can feel the historical vibe of the city as walk around. Concord and Lexington are a must visit on your bucket list. I am fortunate to live close to this landmark.

Billy Stephen

A nice historical place to visit.

Xuena Lin

Peaceful place to listen to the echo of history.

Jose Centeno

Beautiful park... so much history right in our back yards, I absolutely recommend visiting the park and getting familiar with the history associated with minute man national historical park... what a treat !!!

Cait OBrien

Great local park for walking. This past month the rain left the actual monument part really muddy so do not wear nice shoes. It's not really a big sight seeing spot, it's more of a walking, hiking, or bike trail.

Matthew Talbot

Very peaceful. Beautiful grounds.

Ross Mann

Great place to visit and learn. Staff members are helpful and knowledgeable. Great hike starting point. I walked the trail all the way to Lexington.

Everett Harman

A national historical treasure where history of the revolutionary was comes alive. It contains several sites where important events in our fight for Independence occurred.

Keith Mcmeniman

Great historical place to visit. Liked the videos

Eugenia Walsh

Great scenery. Grass. Marsh. . trees, rocks,water. My grandkids took me to MM Park for Mother's Day. It was a beautiful sunny day and walking around the park is time well spent. Especially enjoyed the boathouse and the dock. The kids loved some "rock climbing. ".. they are 4 and 6 yrs.

Dan Gabel

Great biking, great hiking. And the history should be required. A little trafficy in places, but mostly pleasant strolling.

Kasey Moudy

This park needs at least an hour. The movie in the park office is one of the best our family had ever watched. A must see.

anthony dangelo

It was so nicely set up. Easy to walk. They had a great video of the confrontation. The shootings. A must see.

Jill Stewart

Feeling the torture and horror was hard, yet it prepared me for my battles of this week. Walking in truth and fighting for justice is worthit. Getting beat up kicked around and not supported by your teammates is all part of battles we get on Planet Earth. I LOVE THE MINUTEMEN AND LADIES.

Jay Hosmer

Great place for a quiet peaceful walk later in the day while you travel the historical road of freedom. Bring a flashlight if you're a plaque reader around dusk. If you want the full picture make a day of it at all the sites in Concord's illustrious past.

Joan Kimball

The trail are outstanding with parking lots spaced to allow great access to trails. The trails are wide and pleasant to use for walking or biking. Today we also went to the visitor center and were very impressed with the creative and interesting video about the start of the Revoutionary War, April 1775. in Lexington Lincoln and Concord.

Amanda Chase

So much fun! It was incredible to be in a place where the shot heard around the world occurred.

AAMCO Amherst

Interesting part of history. Great walking trails

Richard Robertson

This gives an excellent perspective on the battles at Lexington and Concord. At the Visitor's Center there is a multi-media presentation that should not be missed. I walked part of battle trail used by the British to reach and later retreat from Concord. There are markers telling what happened at varios places along rhe trail.

John Hall

Fantastic take, wonderful walk through history, litterly. We we're lucky to be there when a small reenactment color guard were there.


Great walk but be careful it does not loop around so if if you walk one way, you're going to do it back

Monique Martin

Go to the video if you're going to com here. Make sure you come when there are programs running or be prepared to walk around a little aimlessly!

Jeff Trotter

Always a thoughtful and moving experience to visit... Thank God for the "Founders and Patriots that risked life, family and treasure" for what we are Americans are blessed with today.... Thank you to those folks that daily maintain the historic monuments and the truthfulness of the past so those of understand and wisdom, are able to truthfully propagate the spirit of liberty so imagined and manifested by our Founders... We just ABSOLUTELY enjoy the Patriotism, celebration and joy of Patriot's Day in Concord, MA in April. So much to see and learn... Thank you again to all at Minute Man National.

stephen vantre

.. Not friendly to handicapped. But nice otherwise

Alan Weiss

A walk along an important trail in the life of our country. Excellent historical markers and explanations. The visitor's center and various spots along the 5-mile path are interesting for children and adults.

Barbara Bolich

Wow! Gorgeous and peaceful. This is unexpectedly now one of my favorite places ever. Plan for a day or two, bring hiking gear and water. Catch the singing volunteer at the North Bridge. Kayaking the river looks fabulous.

Javier Avendaño

Meh... I'm somewhat conflicted reviewing this. On the one side, it is part of American History. I love that in the US, what we in Europe would consider some minor thing which happened just a short while ago, is revered, protected and shown proudly here. That is fantastic. However, that said, this National Park... If you have Yosemite and Yellowstone, or the National Mall in DC, in your mind, then this one here is just... Unremarkable. If you are in the area and want to take a nice stroll, ride your bike, walk your dog... Then this is great

John Brian Anderson

Limited amount of artifacts in the park headquarters but a good movie and gift shop. The appeal is in the walking of Battle road, if you don't like to walk or you don't like the outdoors, skip. I recommend an nice spring day in late April before the trees leaf out or late fall when the trees are in color.

Robson Rabello

If you're an American and love your history, this is a must place to known. Put that on your bucket list!

Janet Wheeler

What a GREAT park! We had a fabulous visit at this park. After watching the movie, we rode our bikes along the trail. Make sure to stop at the houses and meet the people I side.

Eric Samuels

The trails in this park are so calming on a cool summer day.

Jorge Sauda

Interesting historical revolucionary place. Get lost through the differents paths...nice pictures

Hunter Pruett

Beautiful historic site with informative presentations put on by the rangers.

James Crowe

Took a great walk along the Battle Road. As I was looking at the homesite of Josiah Nelson (1st Casualty of the Revolutionary War), the National Anthem began to play at Hanscom AFB. Pretty great.

Mike Jan

Need to come back since it started raining and couldn't walk around in it to finish seeing everything.

Brian Slessor

An important part of American history

Brittany Mulcahey

A beautiful trail for hikers of all ages and abilities. Stop by the visitors center, or read the signs as you walk to learn about our nations history.

Edward Kercado

The displays and descriptions of the events are shown in a manner that is interesting to follow.

Robert Funke

Make sure you go to both of the Ranger stations. One, as above, is by North Bridge. The larger of the two is a couple of miles away. The 25 minute instructional diorama is an excellent way to see how the battle grew into a rout of the Regulars. Colonials made the Regulars pay a hefty price.

Russell Fogg

Good bumps thinking about how it started this country.

Jerald Belford

Can get busy at times but always an awesome walk

Alex Fadeev

Priceless historical site, well marked, documented, and maintained. If you time your visit to encounter historical reenactors - it only gets better.

Madmatt D

Great historic park with wide, well kept walking paths. Great place for a long walk!

Michelle Cable

Must do while in Boston. Family-owned you do need to plan ahead, food is phenomenal and the staff.

Bob Torre

The history through out the park, plenty of historic sights to visit, bring your bike to ride on the Battle Road Trail.

Diana Bryan

Great historians we went into the house where Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote on theirceRly years.

Sir Smith

This trail is very New England esque. There is a lot to be learned from the signs, however the houses left behind are not as interesting as I expected. Overall, if you are in the area, I would recommend checking out the park.

Ken Beckett

Great location of the first shots fired in the war of independence of the American Colonies from Britain.

Aaron King

You can feel the echoes of the past

Nadine Cohen

Free audio/visual experience that lays out the events of that day. After we went on a ranger hike that detailed Parker's movements and how the terrain played into the fighting.

Norman Hursh

Pleasant walk along historical trail. Through woodlands, boarded walkways across lowland scrub and wetlands.

Frank Rivelli

Very interesting and a lot of fun.

Eriks Goodwin

Loved the intro movie at the visitor center (a definite must-see), but the walking path feels more like a "bike path that happens to go by some closed up historical stuff". Would have liked to be able to go inside some of the historical homes and woyld have been able to at least walk around them better if the grass was mowed.

Charles Simmons

Had an awesome time here. loved experiencing the history that was made here. Thanks to the park ranger who helped me look up my direct lineage ancestors name in the list of persons who fought at Concord.

Danny Wood

Nice place to spend the day and learn history.

Sheila, S.Y. Wang

Easy dynamic trails, great for hiking walking for families, dogs and groups.

Maximilian Halus

A beautiful place to see a piece of the birth of our Nation.

Chris McKinney

Awesome experience literally immersing yourself in the story of the birth of our nation. While I went to see the sights, the trail itself is also fantastic and serve as a great running/walking/biking trail if you’re a local.

Sherry Hankinson

Gorgeous well kept place. Old Manse is just across the yard!

Brian McCarthy

Really cool place with a parking lot and led tours.

Ryan Glick

Highly recommend visiting on a nice day! Great walk or bike ride filled with history and nature.

scott bancroft

Great piece of American history. Rangers are friendly and very knowledgeable.

Patricia Becker

Historic, walk a short way or for an hour or two. Interesting.

Rhonda Usry

Awesome history. We all benefited with freedom due to their sacrifices. Tour guide, Jerry was awesome.

Jeong Kim

Nice to park and take a short break. It appeared parkings were consist of small pieces along roads.

Shantida Oakheart

Lovely tour and walking paths. Went on their seasonal Night Hawks walk and was lucky enough to see many of those and other wildlife as well.

Daniel Fallon

A walk through history. Highly recommended.

Michael Lowder

Great place to walk around and take in the history. Very quiet and peaceful too.

Bob Spinelli

Excellent experience. Well-informed Rangers who spent extra time with us discussing great books and art.

Allen Todd

On the morning of April 19, 1775 the British marched into Concord, Massachusetts looking to confiscate the guns and munitions that the Colonists had had been storing there. The Colonists had gotten word that the British knew about the cache and had moved the weapons. The news that the British had fired on Colonists at Lexington had reached the surrounding countryside. Minute men converged on Concord at the Old North Bridge, where they met British troops and turned them back. Today the Old North Bridge is the Minute Man National Historic Park. We visited on the 4th of July. They were giving talk a about the events of that April morning. They had actors in period uniforms, they also demonstrated firing flintlock muskets. Very nice tribute on the 4th. Parking was a little congested, but that was probably because of the days events. Bathrooms were clean, which is always nice.

Danielle Bush

Beautiful park to visit, layered in history and welcoming to all. Great place for families or for a solo sojurn along the battle road trail.

Jayne Chen

This is a great place to bike ride

Wayne Briggs

Very historical park, safe for family and friends, Handicap parking great location perfect place to relax and enjoy nature

Amanda Bundt

My daughter and I walked aboit 6 miles of the trail, loved it all. It's very well taken care of, with multiple historic locations and info reader boards so you can learn about where you are. Can't wait to do it again, highly recommend!

Nicole Pineda

This is a great stop on your tour of revolutionary sites. The visitors center has a great multimedia presentaion about the "shot heard 'round the world". There are live actor presentations of musket fire and ranger talks daily.

Jason Moore

Great Place To Bring Your Family and Pets To Enjoy A Leisure Walk & Enjoy The History. Well Kept Up!

Jindi Farmer

Minute Man National Historical Park commemorates the opening battle in the American Revolutionary War. It also includes the Wayside, home in turn to three noted American authors. The National Historical Park is under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service and protects 970 acres (392.5 ha) in and around the Massachusetts towns of Lexington, Lincoln, and Concord.

Kevin Werner

We got a late start. The visitor's center is not very impressive. They have a decent video/multimedia introduction to the park and the importance of Lexington and Concord. There are audio stops via calls to a phone number. They don't work very well from the car and would be better utilized by actually walking the trail. Nevertheless, they are informative. There are a few stops between Lexington and Concord. We stopped at the Hartwell Tavern and there were a couple interpretators there to answer questions and give information. It's worth the stop. The Bridge at Concord is a must. We got lucky and hit a couple talks. One at the bloody angle and one at the Concord bridge. Both talks were well done. If you really want to get a good experience, it's probably best to start early, find lunch in Concord or pack a lunch.

Bruce Miller

Dreary bicentennial era building 5 minute walk from the parking lot via an elevated walkway through a swamp. Lawns are threadbare and dying. Dull 25 minute film loop with a few lit up plywood cutouts as props near the stage. Restrooms are dirty and in poor shape. Whole place needs serious renovation. Good pamphlets.

Betsy Eadie

Nice visitors center. Lots of interesting historical facts. Nice walk over a bridge. Recommend for anyone!

christine lotyczewski

It was free and a really patriotic learning destination.

guy massa

Great place to hike and learn!

Swetha Srinivasan

If you care about history and the start of the american revolutionary war then this is the location for you. If you are going here looking for natural beauty, scenic views or hiking trails this will disappoint. All the trails are flat, well marked, very accessible by car with parking lots at regular intervals. They have two visitor centers at each end, one at north bridge in concord and the other at lexington/lincoln with movies that play explaining the significance of the location. They also have a shuttle that runs between the two locations. It will take about 2.5 hours to visit all the spots or you can walk on the trails longer for a half a day visit

Bamidele Owoyele

Nice park especially for its historic nature!

Manuel Navia

This is a jewel of a place. Great trail network through a key site in our history. It's off the beaten path, but well worth it. Walk through it deliberatively and take in the details - - no hectic crowds to distract you.

Curious Airlines

Very pretty place. I highly reccomend visiting.

Christopher Vane

Fun place to walk, explore and learn.

liza mclaughlin

Wonderful day. Loved the multi media presentation at the visitor center!! Lots of history!!

Jim Flaherty

Good historical park. Poor handicap acessability

tolerant fire

Great Historical site well manicured. Labeled explained and maintained . So much history preserved so well for all to enjoy for free.

mark nicholson

This beautiful park is rich in history. Great place to bring the kids for a history lesson!

James Pope

Beautiful peaceful and historic Great area to walk your dog too

Amy Calder

Wow! We had such a good time. Almost a dozen sites to explore. The video experience at the main Visitor's Center was VERY worth attending, more than a video, a map and some light effects that made the story come to life. I usually am bored during videos like this but honestly I think this was my favorite part. Demonstration at North Bridge was nice, stay well ahead of the actors who you may get stuck not being able to cross the bridge.

Ron B

Not taken care of properly. Grading of the surfaces has been inadequate. We worry about the illegal Hispanics that we don't take care of what made American history so important to us. In a few years Asian and Hispanics will build on these hallowed grounds. We must fight them or perish.

Laura Gimby

A beautiful park for walking, biking, and enjoying nature. And a fascinating place to learn from, about an essential part of America's history.

Gabriel McHugh

Loved the hike along the historic path. So much to think about as you walk, one is brought into the experience of the minute men. There are markers along the way showing where scrimmages took place. There are also original houses along the path.

Jean Mayo

Beautiful settings and in spring gardens at the center are special.

LensWiz Photography

If you're into history, this is a must. Immerse yourself in Colonial history. See the site where the Paul Revere was captured by the British. Walk the trails of the founders. Several times a year you have the opportunity to watch a colonial battle reenactment. There is also the Wayside, a colonial home where several prominent authors such as Hawthorne and Alcott lived.

Robert Lumens

One of my favorite places. I grew up not far away.

Debbie Belanger

Never take for granted, you're freedom!!

Nick Pasko

A great place to walk through history.

James Redmond

Great to have so close to the city. Tons of parking and an excellent place to walk with the kids.

Kristine Thurston

Historic! Retrace the Battle Road and feel like you are a part of history.

Rosebud Mosaics

Grew up around the corner from this place 35+ years ago and forgot how AWESOME and historically significant this place (and all the Revolutionary War characters) continues to be!! Revisited it for a college project with our son and fell in love with Our History all over again!!

Shahma Bibi

it's very quiet anfpeaceful place to visit.

Sue Cooper

The Warren Tavern Watched them shoot a musket! The rangers were dressed in costume and one did a very nice job explaining the history during the Revolutionary War time period. Need to visit this place during the time they have planned for the musket shoot to get the most out of it.

Etienne Barsanti

Wonderful piece of history! Guides available to provide a history lesson. Parking across the street from the park.


Great for hiking. Dont miss it at the peak of spring. Beautiful flowers

Joyce Murphy

Always a fantastic day trip!

Kathleen Koechling

Location of the "shot heard around the world," this site has beautiful grounds, knowledgeable guides and serious historical significance. Great place to learn and then visit the Old Manse site adjacent.

Craig Wood

Every American should visit this site at some point in their life. It's an honor to stand on the site of the official start of the American Revolution. Walking these grounds instills a special respect and solemnity in the hearts of any visitors who stop to read the plaques and ponder the gravity of what occurred there. Americans today are the benefactors of the sacrifices that many brave souls made before us, granting the opportunity for us to enjoy our unique freedoms, even in 2019.

kumar kona

Wow what a great place it is with lush green and beautiful scenery must visit

Ruth Kenneway

Yes! Great place is you like history or just being in picturesque location!

Vicki Ward

Historical & free to walk around on our own.

Dorina Enes

The minuteman national park has something for everyone. From reenactors retelling stories to answering questions, demonstrations to tours. There is history and wildlife, great trails for walking or jogging. Also a great trail for bike riding. And did I mention plenty of pokemon go stops?! Check out the visitor centers, there's one near the Old North Bridge and another more toward Lincoln. There are usually the most activities between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But is a great area to explore year round.


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