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Where is Lowell National Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Lowell National Historical Park IN Massachusetts

Lyle Wheeler

Attended the Lowell Folk Festival over the weekend. It's nice to see all types of people, having a good time together. The United States of America is strong and doing well. Weather fantastic this year, music excellent, food outstanding from every culture. Rangers very knowledgeable, helpful. All types of music, food, and people. Go to the festival next year, but in the meantime, visit the national park here, you will learn about the city and have an enjoyable experience!

Shane Trombino

I liked it, makes for nice photos. as long as u know where ur going in Lowell its good, so grab yourself a coffee and take a walk, was peaceful to me..

Sara Hayduchok

This was a surprisingly pleasant stop. The surrounding city is a little run down, but the museum(s) and historical parts are truly intriguing. I think I spent two hours here but I could have spent twice as much time. Learned quite a bit about this particular area and it's influence by/on the industrial revolution. The river walk was pretty and peaceful with interesting historical information posted along the walk. I would even describe the stop as inspiring. It's a little sad to see the area in need of an economic boost now, but that happened in other areas and at least the museum brings in tourism. Pro tip is to visit the website to see how you can get free parking if you need, but parking wasn't too expensive.

William Norris

Waiter was excellent, food very good.

Bill Cutrer

I come to Lowell each year for the JW convention. Walking through these grounds are my favorite part.

Christine Sparks

We enjoyed our visit to Lowell. We went to the Lowell Folk Art Festival. The whole historic downtown was closed off to traffic and was filled with great food vendors and artisan booths. The live music venues were wonderful. We also enjoyed walking around the historic factories. All in all, a fun and educational day!

Nicholas London

Great place to visit. Lots of learning opportunities.

Abbey Tewari

Watched the beach boys!! Great venue and facilities. Staff were friendly and we had a great time. Highly recommended for events


Great place to learn about history of Lowell Ma

RobB Edtech

Boardinghouse Park great venue for close n personal entertainment in downtown Lowell

ed shea

Love this place been coming here since a child now I bring my children

Anne Elixhauser

Fascinating place. Learned about a period of history I never knew before. Well-maintained displays, super helpful staff. The weaving rooms, the museum, the trolley tour, the guides all excellent. Could not see it all on this trip -- will definitely come again.

M. R. M.

Very informative regarding textile manufacturing. Well done. The loom rooms were deafening!

Jean LaPoint

It is so reassuring to see history preserved. This place is the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, many buildings were torn down before the park was established in the '70s, but there is still so much that has been preserved. I love living here.

Rosalyn Williams

A nice quiet place just to sit and relax.

Jacquie Vieira

Love the tranquility of this little hideout. Great for dogs. Or. Just yourself

Irfaan Ahamed S

It's very good place to visit and learn about the Lowell history. They also speak about the technology used in mills. They take u for a short trolly ride also. As a paid service they take u for a boat ride in the canal.

Chris Misitano

Great place to visit. Very educational for the kids and alot for them to do. They have a ton of tours with the trolley and the canal boat tours. This is where america started!

Larry Steingraber

Spread out, but the trolley ride makes it easy.

NightShade 7

Good atmosphere to do exercise

Aaron Stier-Cohen

A once empty concrete lot, transformed and maintained by the national parks service. Thanks national park service!

Crisel Pérez Gendron

The guided tour of the canal was really spectacular. There is lots of history beautiful buildings.

Noah Hill

Amazing historic area, awesome to learn about the Lowell Mills and the role they played in the industrial revolution.

Brenda Liz Alvarado

Very clean and nice environment

Fyodor Berkovich

Too many hippies and also google stop tracking my location

Deborah Sampson

Great place. Beautifully done exhibits. Plenty of parking. Lots of good places to have lunch. Music festival is terrific.

Bonnie Kothari

Great place to explore industrial history!Fun tours.

Erin McNeely

Lowell National Park it really great. They have kept the history of Lowell alive. You can take the pathway and they have sings to stop and read. It very cool how the have redone the the Mills.

Ānanda Coughlin

This is top priority when in Lowell, enjoying the festivities! It's a great way to get to know Lowell as the trolley also gives someone the chance to relax to simply enjoy the ride. I've only heard outstanding stories and personally look forward to enjoying this historical beauty myself.

tom rich

Fun good if you want to learn a lot about lowell

Stephen Drace

Great place. Super walking tours.

Ian McGaunn

Beautiful canals and familiar businesses. The entirety of downtown lowell is a national park, which is quite unique.

Kristen Harden

Lots of history and things to do. This city is being gentrified badly and homeless rates are rising steadily. Pay attention to your surroundings. You think the 90s were bad?

MAUREEN Whitcomb

Lots of information is available at information. Great day trip, good for all ages young and old. Can't wait to see more.

Edmund Freeborn

Very interesting and great staff/rangers

Mandy Whittaker

Love Lowell has lots of history. Boot mills have great stories

Candace Gregorian

There is so much to do in historic downtown Lowell! Start with a train tour , visit the mills and museums, grab lunch at one of the eclectic restaurants. I love shopping at Mill 5 . A wonderful experience of entrepreneurs and artists demonstrating their ideas and crafts. You will not be disappointed! Parking is reasonably priced and some is app based. Bring cash or cc as some machines are a bit funky. The city is undergoing great transformation and growing in many areas of culture. Enjoy your trip!

George Parmenter

We love this place and the summer music series. We come every year. Classic Albums Live put on an excellent show. Great outside venue, easy walk to restaurants and parking.

- yaboinesty123

Nothing like yosemite but its

Toxic Doll

Very neat area, gorgeous, lots to learn, fun things to do, great places to eat nearby


Visited for a field trip when I was younger-great place

Geoffrey nyoni

Good scenery for photographers that love landscape shots.

brian smith

They do a wonderful job with the concert series! Great place to see a show

Ludis Budis

Its a calm place to hangout

jaime figueroa

I love lowell its so good to see how the city i grew up on has grown into a great educational mecca lots of new construction my only complaint is the lack of public transportation while they have good bus service there just arent enough routes to make this a city you can live in without owning a car and rideshare services can get pricey other than that i love lowell

Abigail Watson

Very informative and interesting place to visit in Lowell

R steez

Very nice a place i could just hang around. The viws and the sound of the city blend well their i might have a chance at meeting some interesting people their. I love to mix things up.

Kathleen Steingraber

Plan enough time. Spread out and lots to see.

Steve Mack

Great River Walk with plenty of food options nearby.

Tracy Barbour

Awesome programs, sincere, knowledgeable rangers.

Leslie Berube-MWangangi

So piece full great trails to walk along the river.

Mark C

Had a great time at the BOC concert! Nice outdoor venue!


Nice place for walk

elly ojwang'

Great tour guide and scenary

Joni Anderson

What a quaint town! The festival was cool!

Kali den Heijer

This was a great day trip with my four year old who loves trains and trolleys. We took the commuter rail there and the main attraction fur is was the trolley ride with the ranger at 10:00. The park was more interesting than I had expected and a different experience than other national parks. I would definitely go back.

Juan.Lozado Calderon

Beautiful go and visit

charles turner

It's a beautiful Park I was just walking by on my way home from work

Muriel Rand

Don't miss this National Park site! You can easily spend a whole day here doing the free tours and going to all the locations. What an amazing way to learn about this period in American history. Great for children and adults alike.

Kare T

They have so much store history lowell natiorical .

Pat Glynn

Great take to understand the history of manufacturing and how it got started. Remarkable effort of the city to support it. The stories told,by the mill workers are heart warming. Demonstrations of how it was done are educational. Lowell restaurants make it easy to spend a day. Walkable and trolley accessible.

Bob Bobbington

Amazing time, great atmosphere and volunteers

Richard Hamilton

Learned so much

Tina Tina

Dont waste your time you walk and see people shooting up sitting on towels/blankets.

William Stieritz

Very well organized and executed park. Really conveyed the working conditions, and machines were running as they were in the early 1900s.

Sandra Tubbs

Great things to do and close look of mill history.

David Martiroso

Great place to visit and enjoy some nature and good architecture lots of brick which I like in a couple trains which is cool

livebearridge maine

Would give it a 5 star rating if not for the long line to get their RFID tag setup in their system for the seasins first use. Also, would be nice if they installed a magic carpet or similiar to take you from the ticket area to at least one lift area.

Barbara Ganley

Great canal tour awesome people who work for the National historical parks of lowell

Jonathan Tidman

Beautiful park. A highlight of down town Lowell.

Maron Maxner

Each park is very different from each other. But wether, small or large. Out door concert or sit and enjoy the scenery. Past Merchant Museums or a Tour of the City. Take your pick, but enjoy them all.

Raul Diaz

I loved it. Great historical value. Very clean. If you are a history buff or you want to know some history of the yester year of Lowell, ma. This is the place to go.

Stephen Budau

Nice place to walk around

Laura Lilley

Gorgeous old buildings and waterways...

Ted Sterling

Very interesting piece of American history. Probably learned some of what was presented, but really good to have an excellent refresher course!

Shannan Dunn

Experienced my first Folk Festival since I moved to Lowell 2 and 1/2 years ago and had the most wonderful time ever. It was better than Disney World, but on a smaller scale. I have ventured into Boston weekly since arriving in MA May 2013, experiencing cultural events and such, but Lowell's Folk Festival was amazing! I volunteered for the event and received a T-shirt and goodie bag for helping. It was very family oriented with a lot of music and tables to walk around and see. Very organized and "uneventful" for such a large gathering.

Catherine Doyle

Its beautiful. Especially in the summer. You have farmers market outside

Cindi Manganello

Incrediblely knowledgeable Park Rangers and excellent park in every way. Everyone should know this story!

Tom O'Dell

Great place to learn about textiles. Watch machines at work. Watch short video. You will learn so much!

Allen Todd

Loved the self guided tour of the factory floor. Seeing these weaving machines in action is awesome. It is amazing the intricate movements and timing that was needed to operate this process. To think these machines were originally powered by steam. There is an overhead pulley system that delivers power to each machine. If you are in the area this is a worthwhile stop. The signs to the factory floor museum are a little unclear, there are three museums/administration buildings in the area. Google maps kept sending us to the wrong one. We ended up paying for parking on the street and walking to the factory. We then realized that there was parking next to the factory.


Lovely town with a lot of history and friendly tour guides that steer you through it

Joshua Deshaies

It was very good! Very cool with the different genres of music playing all around you

Robin Ratliff

Interesting tour. Lots of school kids around on a weekday in March. The video at the visitor center is great for providing historical context. Loved the factory tour.

Gary Comeau

Great place to enjoy with family

J R.z

Old architecture was best to visit. If your into that.

John Luke Mills

Great historical preservation. All the canals and water power systems and controls are intact. Some of the cotton Mills have also been preserved. Nice building with interesting displays in the park headquarters.

Diana Whitcomb

The staff at the visitors center were so helpful and knowlegable about the park. Everything is accessable from the visitors center. It is so well maintained and the historical structures are well preserved.

Jamie Eichelberger

Loved the mixture of events.

Kitt Shattuck Piel

Fun, busy downtown. Worth a visit or stay.


Cool national park that is spread out throughout the whole town of lowell. The trolley ride was fun and the working looks were fun to watch.

Derik Hayenga

A perfect restoation and story. This park is part of the actual town. A building here...a building there. Wonderfully infilled with local business. Really a cool time.

Donna M Dube

Very helpful rangers, excellent program offerings. Low cost, great learning experience combined with little to no cost. For families!

Anne Guerra

Great music and food experience!

Doogie RN

Very picturesque place to walk and enjoy a nice and cool sunny day. Have yet to try some of the restaurants here!

Jarred Melvin Melvin

Nice set up and friendly staff


Not bad, just daunting when no one believes you. Just another day in the life of an equestrian.

Elaine Wood

The employees are knowledgeable, helpful and very nice. They work hard and give genuine top notch service.

Christopher Bensch

I found our visit utterly fascinating and only wish we'd had more time to explore.

Joe Lehman

What can i say about my home town....other than i miss whos there,but really not whats there,in my case anyway;but a super historic town and filled with some great people ,education,shopping ect. mill CITYYYY❤❤

Josh Wittenberg

Very cool a tad boring... take the tour

Peter Gavel

We went to the Lowell Folk Festival. Great event every year. This was Walter "wolfman" Washington.


It's small but pretty cool

john gray

Great place to visit during the Annual Folk Festival

Diane Nelson

Interesting story of factory workers history

Neely Perry

Was nice out today

Richard Martin

Very interesting, would have been five stars if the signage was better.

David Driscoll

A unique place to grow up in. The National Park has brought to light Lowell's contribution to this countries industrial revolution. Oh yeah, we have tons of cool buildings and a load of canals and waterways.

Kitsap View

a must see for anyone interested in economic and industrial history, or the history of women

Sophia DeAraujo

Authentic history and context. Awesome place to also hangout and enjoy the view.

Camille Jaber

Great tours for both kid groups and ALFs

Chris Oakley

I can't say anything more definitive until I've had more time to look around. I only briefly passed through here on my way to Tsongas Center.

Lew Phinney

Excellent industrial history

Don Greenwood

Very peaceful and quiet at 6 am.

Carmelo Rosado

That's why I walk my dog my dog loves going there

Christopher Zito

Nice, staff great, attend concerts every year.

Nick Loy

Good history, you can learn alot

Ma Pyo

Because because this place I never been that is the first time.

Oxana Miron

Very interesting historical place

Ruby Phillips

Great place lots of history

Diamond Eyes

Very quiet surprisingly because of the closest traffic intersection with the sweetest squirrels...and surprisingly, bc it's silly, but the entire areas engineering, the downtown giggle spot where I bet you couldn't resist playing on the roundy parts! It's something else. What a design for family and excitement! I've shared lot's of memories here. Without a doubt, you could probably find me relaxing in the park by Lowell's historical black beauty of a train. Oh, don't forget to look for painted stone's! Good luck! Have fun!

Jim Swaringen

The only place I've been that was a company turned into a state park. Well maintained and several park rangers who are very informative about the textile manufacturing industry.

Miranda Vargas

We really enjoyed our afternoon at the Lowell National Historical Park. It's actually a very large complex. In the winter, you can visit three separate buildings; the Visitors Center and the Mill Girls housing and the Boott Cotton Mill. I understand in the summer there are canal boat rides and trolley rides. We will go back to take those. It was a pleasant and educational experiences. The Boott Cotton Mill still has working looms that are producing cloth and there are many other exhibits which really help teach the history of this first "factory town" in America.

Raymond Cloutier2

Was at Lowell folk festival ,great , music ,food and crafts if you get there early

Scooby Doo

Its pretty to look at and peaceful

Gregory Rosic

I would recommend this because: 1. It's free in including parking 2. The walkways are well maintained and have ramps for strollers 3. You can see nearly all the sites and most of lowell in a couple hours 4. Most of the buildings are still in use so are well maintained 5. It's an interesting piece of history.

Esther Sewell

Would give this Downtown area4 stars for the beautiful mill-era buildings. But no stars for the panhandlers and other crime that permeates it

Wendy Thomas

A real gem!!! Definitely worth a stop. The rangers were kind, helpful and knowledgeable. The park is well organized and provides a comprehensive program. No parking for RVs in the National Park Visitors Center parking.

Paul Johnson Sr

Great music in the summer

Jeff Ayala

I enjoy walking around the neighborhood occasionally

steven rancourt

Cool for local school trips

Lance Lucas

The historical value of this city is amazing!!!

Marc B.

Great small outdoor venue, bring your own chair or blanket. Family friendly.

Randolph Ruckdashel

Very interesting historical experience with direct relevance to our current circumstances.

Peter Cox

Great place , very entertaining and informative

kenny larkin

Lowell has a lot of historical hot spots including a trolley guided tour as well as canal boat tours. Very interesting if your into that kind of stuff. I haven't been on the tours for quite some time but when I did go it was all free including some historical museums in the downtown area. Good family experience, the kids will love the trolley ride, boat ride and being able to check out and experience the canal locks and such but might be bored by some of the history. But I give it a thumbs up.

Adam Grealish

Quiet place to relax

Brenda Resto

Awesome place everyone should visit.

Cassie Cates

Loved this peaceful place!! Great nature walk! It gives the ability not to get lost! If you want peace and quiet along with easy trails.. Go here!!

Fabienne Rich

I love Lowell National park because it's very clean and my kids like to play sports there but it's good for Kids and everyone to get moving.

John Ritz

One of the most significant places in US history, this park consists of a number of buildings and activities. A multimedia show presents a superb summary of the birth of the industrial era in America that took place here. A working mill has activities for kids and a (seasonal) boat ride on the canals gives an idea of how the system was designed and used. Knowledgeable park rangers will help you plan and enjoy your visit. A trip to Lowell is a must for a thoughtful visit to the Boston area.

Zulmarie Rodriguez

Nice staff!! Really good giving suggestions for the trips around l Lowell MA .

Ed Doucette

Went to Boarding House Park to see a concert, Big Head Todd & The Monsters. This was the first show that I saw in this venue, certainly will not be my last. This is an outdoor location, but still classified as in my mind an intimate venue. The sound was incredible, it was a beautiful night, the staff and people were great, and Big Head Todd was amazing... As usual!

Nicole Welch

Awesome place!! Free fun and activities for children all summer

Pkm General Contracting

My kids love i t.

Jane Tremble

Was only there for an outdoor concert but what a great venue to see one. Very small and intimate.

Alan Lefebvre

Great place to visit. Full of history.

Maria Gonzalez

Beautiful place to visit with the family. I had a great time.

Heather O'Malley

Its a really cool area, well set up.

Janice Truouville

Lowell folk fest..great food n entertainment

Puppetville- Beth O'Brien

This is a beautiful but very small urban bricked park dedicated to Jack Kerouac. In the summer it's quite a lovely, shady, reprieve from the sun with the many remaining carefully planned park. A must.

Maria De Jesus

Still not visit this place but i know from others is a great place to visit this summer.

Mary Kay Weidner

Worth a quick stop for local history. Well done

Kimberly Wetherbee

I love history and this place is a must for any buff.

Alaina Swartzlander

We didn't have time to see all of the park but enjoyed our time.

Jatmary BSalvá

My kids love history sure will enjoy going to PRico.

Brian Quinn

Don't miss the folk festival in July

Nikkieta Greene

The kids would love this. They give you tours around downtown. They have the trolly, boat rides and on the river.

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