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REVIEWS OF Imagine Playspace IN Massachusetts

Courtney Kain

Wasn't impressed with my first experience here. First impression was frustration over the lack of instruction on which direction to go once you enter into a small and cramped landing staring at a set of stairs up and a set of stairs down. When you have a toddler, / baby and a double stroller this small detail becomes and issue especially considering there is a ramp in front of the door for a stroller to easily enter but then nothing but stairs as soon as you walked in. Seemed outdated, dirty and cluttered. Today the weather was 20 degrees outside and the heater wasn't working nor was there any running water. It wasn't overly cold but to charge people full price in these conditions seemed a little lacking in the customer service side. I was also pretty disgusted over the no shoes even in the grossly outdated bathrooms. Unfortunately my toddler had to use the restroom and it was messy and everything looked dirty. I came to meet up with friends I haven't seen in a long time but definitely won't be returning.

Dobrin Niculae

(Translated by Google) Very nice space for children's play (Original) Foarte placut spatiu pentru joaca copiilor

Rasha B.

Perfect for kids on a cold rainy day

Chandler Zhou

Fun for kids to play.

Jann Burgstaller

Absolutely love this place! Perfect for small kids to play and parents to relax a bit. Made with heart and mind. You can even bring your own food and use the kitchen.

Jen Merren

Patrick Bosco

Rosa Grenha

Great for kids' bday parties

Ashlix Tee

Good for kids ages 6mo and above. Or at least those who can sit up on their own. Those older than 12 at max won't enjoy the place as much, as its for the preschool to elementary crowd, with a hard cutoff at 5th grade (which would be pushing it). But there IS an outdoor part, too. So older kids can use that.

Princess Sophie

Great place to take my toddler. Cerebral, yet really fun and not inundated with commercial fluff. Great developmental toys and experiences. New staff member, Tammie is friendly and helpful! Made our experience that much more fun! Love this place, I recommend it for all ages :)

Janhia Beatrose

Great space, good for siblings or multi age play dates as it can keep kids up to 7 or 8 occupied

David Brooks

What would we do without imagine? Literally go insane on cold or rainy days

Silvia Jaiman

Drove 45mins to get here because not only google but your phone message says you are opened 8:30am-8pm everyday and to get there and you are closed with a small piece of paper by the door that says opened 3-6pm everyday. Thank you.

Liam RBG

The place for under six to play.

Anvi Gandhi-Nair

Very good for kids to play specially in winter days !!

Gershon Ballon

This is a wonderful place which my child enjoys immensely.

Jenny Andre

Extremely fun for kids of all ages

Donald Reed

great place for kids and parents

Erin Logan

My kids love Imagine. Lots of fun when you need somewhere indoors for active kids to play. As others have mentioned the vibe is fun, a little old-school, and happy chaos. (or at least happy chaos during the busier times when we tend to go, it is probably quieter during the week). We had my son's birthday party here when he was around 6 which is about the right age, now that he's 8 he's a little old, but still enjoys going with his younger brother who is 3.

Garth Blake

Nice place to take my 7 and 8 year old girls

Nicola Ferralis

It's OK, although it gets too busy with too many kids and adults very quickly

Megan Baldwin

We've been going here since it opened and have enjoyed the creative evolution and expansion of activities. I've held two birthday parties here as well - Amy and her staff were very helpful and events ran smoothly.

Kara A

A wonderful place to go with kids!

Julie Shimizu

Kids always have a good time

Tao Peng


Zia Sobhani

Kids and I love Imagine!

Monalisha Kalita

Spacious and lots of toys and activities 3.5 year njoys a lot...c never wants to leave

Olivier de La Bastide

The perfect place for your kids to play indoor with all kinds of very educative things

Tricia Mascoll

Fun, fun, fun. I discovered that there's still a little kid still in me. Oh the kids had fun too.

Vincent Cho

Plenty of spaces for the kids to play, both upstairs and downstairs. Some of the parents need to get off their phones.

Kaitlyn Byrne

Such a huge space for kiddos to run around! The are so many options, from the jumpy house, to cars, swings and bikes, to pretend area, 2 level house and market area to the actual kitchen area to eat. Definately a great way to spend time when you cant be outside!

Art Goldhammer

Fantastic place for kids.

farida neralwala

Good play area they have lots of age based groups and language based groups here and it helped my son to socialize.

Gulnaz Khan

It was awesome place for my toddler(29 months). Especially in winters when there is no other place outside to have fun. My toddler played there for 4.5 hours and even after that he was not ready to leave :) Many families with like age kids were there!

Celeste Finn

This place is very well thought out and is such a delight for small children ages 15 months to 5 years for more. It has different areas for gross and fine motor skills for pretend play for spacial reasoning, etc. Having a large eating area and places store food make it better.

Carolina Umeda

Very nice place. There are different sections (espaces) to explore. First time here and kids are having so much fun. GPS brings you to the back of the place, which makes easy to park. $25 per siblings. There are some packages for those who want to come more often.

Zina Gomez-Liss

We have been going to Imagine ever since the place opened its doors. It is amazing, and the people who run Imagine are down to earth good people. It is a joy to come here, and my young children have a fantastic time. It has great toys for my son who has autism. I hope more people get a chance to visit. It's a gem of a place.

Lyndsae Brito

Large place to play with lots of activities and room to run around.

Alex Cox

Seems like a good place if your kid needs to run around when it's nasty outside. If it's not nasty, though, you're better off outside.

Maggie Cervantes

Limpio, seguro y a mis toddlers les encanto.

Pierre de Galbert

Very nice indoor space for kids from 1 to 6 for a cold or rainy day. It can get really crowded though.

Eric Ng

The space used to be kept clean but lately it has been a disaster zone. You also used to be able to use any toys you wanted, but now rooms are taken over by private birthdays on a regular basis. They often remain dirty after the birthday party has left and are not cleaned until the room is needed again by another private birthday party. Trash overflows from the trashcans on a regular basis while the person in charge is busy either picking up toys or preparing a room for another private birthday. Expect to find floors and tables dirty with crumbs, and also expect for toys in some rooms to be off limits to kids who are not part of the birthday party. I suspect that the person running the place does not want to spend the money necessary to run the place properly. They have even resorted at times to turning the lights off during the day on the second floor for what I assume is a cost saving measure (who turns off the lights in a business?). There is also zero enforcement of the rules in place. Expect to have unsupervised kids causing havoc while parents are glued to their smartphones or gossiping among each other.

Jackie Hayes

Had a birthday party here. There were lots of great activities for kids. The staff is friendly and accommodating and you are pretty much left alone. Space was small for the number of guests it was suppose to accommodate, so over priced by that measure. Parking is difficult, especially if your guests are from it off town and unfamiliar with Cambridge parking. Overall, I was happy with the experience.


Absolutely love it here! Great place for kids to be kids, learn and use their imaginations. My children beg to come here everyday since the first visit! They have comfortable couches for parents to sit on and enjoy watching children play. There’s a kitchen and you can bring your own food and use their fridge and microwave! The owner and workers are so friendly and really enjoy what they do! PS. There are two floors of fun!

Diane Gantenhammer

Great place for a rainy day- plenty to keep a toddler entertained for hours.

niranjana natarajan

Great indoor children's play space, with swings slides and a ball pen. Great place for birthday parties.

Rosalee Lamm

Large space, tons of toys. Downstairs was active play, with rising toys, swings, a bouncy castle, and jungle gym. Upstairs had more toys and imaginative play. Lots of couches for parents! No food served, but you can bring in your own to the snack kitchen area. I think I even saw a microwave. Our daughters, aged 2 & 6, played happily for hours.

Aner Gabay

Tons of toys for kids. Tons of calmness for parents.

Heather DiGiustino

Loved it but it was very very busy.

Susan Martin

No toys or broken nothing around the place the next floor looks like a daycare ctr but all of it messy and empty. In pics there was a Thomas the train n tracks n stuff he gets there n some trains alot broken tracks broken toys smashed. Wish I could show a picture of the emptiness, the pic looks like if u speak u would hear it echo. Not recommended what so ever plus they charge pfff that takes nerve. I'm disgusted

Irene Schinaraki

Lovely space and toys! Would love someone to be in attendance downstairs as it feels lonely and kids mess up the toys.

Kimberly Lewis

Anne Simunovic

Awesome! Upstairs for all kinds of imaginative play, downstairs for more active play. My grandson loves both, discovers something new — or shows off a new skill — each time we visit. Lots of s-p-a-c-e for everyone. Having a lunch room is a real bonus. Lots of clean changing/bathroom options for little ones. When grownups (with their kids) pick up a little after themselves (signs politely ask for that courtesy to others), that makes it even easier for kiddos to plunge into a new activity. Would give 10 stars if I could!


Such an awesome place filled with love and passion for child development, the arts and culture! I came in to sight see from NYC and was really amazed by the place. Great place for rainy day fun. Dance floor, ping pong tables, play gyms for the kids, and great professional staff to run the activities with.

Rajat Subhra Das

Good playspace in Cambridge. Parking could be challenging to get during peak weekend hours.

David Romney

We love coming here with our kids. It can easily keep a toddler occupied for several hours! It can get busy on the weekends and parking can be a little difficult - they have it, it's just spread out and a bit cramped. But very affordable and one of our go-to activities on a rainy day.

Soyeon Kang

Extremely dirty..

John M

Very big selection of toys for young kids to play with, wish they were open till late!

Richard Mudge

New renovation is beautiful, great place for the kids to play with numerous toys. Bathrooms are always tidy and the staff is very pleasant. Parking can be a tiny bit difficult at times but not a huge problem.

Avi Assis

Very nice place with many attractions

Mallory Zuech


Kimberly Ann Thompson

Great place for kids to run around and unwind. Plenty of seating for parents to sit down and relax and let the kids have fun. Very clean and wide open.

Alina Medina Hernández

Really nice place! :3

Yanairis Aquino

Great for kids.

Michael K Reed

Great place to take children on a rainy day. Lots to do and play with.

bernard denis

I wish some parents could teach their kids more about discipline, sharing and not to be aggressive because those are the signs of bullies other than that the place is perfect the staff are great

Rose Neff

This place was amazing! My 2 year old had a blast. Mary Beth was wonderful!

Michael DeFilippo

Really fun place to bring the kids to let them burn off energy. It can get busy on a rainy Summer day.

Susan Murphy

Just had a great time at a birthday party here. Very spacious with lots of different activities available

Megan Renfrew

Great place to let a toddler work out energy on a hot day.

Andre Whitlow

Great for 2 yearold

aaron wolfe

Wonderful place to bring the kiddos

Francisco Gonzalez

Nice place for childrem....they enjoy a lot

darshan parekh

Meike Becker

Great place, kids and I loved it.

Susan Pfordresher

So much fun for the kiddos! We've been twice and stayed over three hours each time. Great place to stretch their legs and their imagination! Friendly staff. Clean, safe environment.

matan burstin

Big space , a lot of activities

Beth Baniszewski

Lots of activities for kids 0 through mid elementary school age. Great place to run around on a cold or rainy day. May as well get a multipass for the discount.

Lawrence Clifford

Only gets better with time, great staff and massive space. Fully worth the price for any visit over ninety minutes, and fully worth contributing funds no matter the duration if one can afford it...

Angela Charles

I took my 5 year old twins on Jan 7th for the first time.. the place was absolutely filthy dirty diapers in the trash and bathroom very dirty. The staff was rude didn’t even acknowledge us. We went at 9am so it’s not like it was dirty because they were busy all day. I’ll never go back and I am reporting this to the board of health

Evan Girodet

Lots of good play options for kids of all ages. Great prices for more than one kid too.

Tara Mack-Gillins

Great two story place space. Staff very attentive with keeping the place clean. I would suggest some kind of additional check in desk for the lower level for safety's also pretty chilly down there. But overall a good place

autthor morante

Love it! Kids love it! Perfect. Used to be a place in Sudbury like it, but it's gone. This place is just right.

Ariel Waldman

Can’t say enough good things about this place. It has a cozy vibe that’s somewhere between your favorite artsy coffee shop and a community center. Lots of newer and more classic toys. Two floors with separate areas for rowdy and quieter play. Plenty of space to run and have fun. Fun spots to climb, a stage, and toys galore. Staff is sweet and super helpful.

saurav pradhan

Nice place

Cevin Soling

I am so happy this place exists.

Life of a Catracha

Excellent experiences


The kids loved it. Very clean and we'll run!

Lis Hulin Wheeler

Super fun space with great toys and play structures! Very difficult stairs to navigate getting in, though, so strollers are a pain to get in.

viviana zapata

(Translated by Google) I love! The place is very fun for children. I always go with my family whenever I can (Original) Me encanta! El lugar es muy divertido para los niños. Siempre cuando puedo vamos con mi familia

Dacia Thompson

Great place for play dates!

Hugh Gerechter

Our grandson's favorite place

AC Goldberg

We've been enjoying Imagine since it opened! My (almost) 3 year old daughter says it's her favorite place. We've had birthday parties at Imagine, play dates and meet-ups of all sorts in that space. It's a ton of fun, there are a wide range of activities for different developmental levels and abilities, the staff is EXCELLENT and the space is clean. I would recommend Imagine as a place to play for any child!

Revital Bronstein

This place has two floors with two large spaces and several smaller niches. Mostly of small toys but there is also an inflatable, swings and two small slides. The kitchen is large and comfortable and there are several toilets with nice changing stations that are very clean and well equipped.

Dayana Kaplan

Amazing place!!!!

becky morris

Great place for all ages . My children never get bored and never want to leave .We always feel at home at imagine. :)

Rafael Polidoro

Very good place for kids to spend their energy during winter time. Bring cash for the kitchen. Cheers

Shannon Rowley

My daughter loves this place. So much stimulation for both gross and fine motor skills! Highly recommended

Ozan A

Living of Cambridge! Great for birthdays and rainy day

Ashley Diabo

Love this place - perfect for toddlers and nkw they offer programs, which I will defintely be attending with my new nanny baby!

Fred Williams

Plenty of stuff for young kids to do. Staff was extremely friendly. You could tell that she enjoyed interacting with children.

Michael Bonislawski

My 5 year old grandson loves this place.

Greg Nalegach

I like the idea, but the realization is awful. This center desperately needs renovation. I don't know when it was build, but looks like 40 years ago, everything is very much used, furniture, doors, toys... if this is a center for children - it can be cleaner, tidier. Lower level is like an old basement, very dark. My daughter was frightened to go there when we just arrived. Second level needs some ventilation as the air is condensed and it smells.

mihir parikh

Very nice place for kids

Chris Karl

Great place for kids from 0 to 5 years.

Brittany SInclair

Absolutely love this place. Indoor playspace...two levels. Down stairs complete with swings and a bounce house. I love that there are no screens here. Everything is tactile tvs... just toys encouraging your little ones to be creative.

Gaurav Agarwal

Loved it. Amazing place. My daughters spent 4 hours there and still not ready to come back.

Rhonda Kauffman

This is on our weekly schedule of activities! We regularly go here to get out wiggles and play with the dolls, Legos, Playmobils, and ride on anything with wheels. This place is huge, so when it gets packed, there are nooks to escape into to get away from the crowd since my kiddo sometimes gets overwhelmed by too many noises.

Cassandra Kobzina

This place is great. Visiting from out of town and sad we don't have one near us!

Asanka Herath

Large indoor play space. Lots of room to run around, and lots of toys to play with even when it's crowded. They keep the place clean and the staff is continuously tidying up after kids.

Derek L

Our 3-yo loves it here! A great place to romp. Wish it could stay open later.

Gregory Marton

Superbly well thought out for any combination of ages. Toys aren't generally noisy or battery operated, just lots of fun. Huge space. They happily pulled out a guitar and Rise Up Singing when I asked. What a fun time!

Dave Nelson

Great for younger kids. Lots of different things to do.

Inga Bellach

Lots of toys to play with. This place is more for younger children.

Daniel Sanchez

Great place to get out of the house with your toddler.

Lisa Katz

It is a very creative and thoughtful venue for young minds to climb, pretend, and play. There are lots of comfy seats for parents too!

Jens Marquardt

Great place for kids especially for freezing winter days. The proper kitchen is great to have a meal while the kids run around and play.

John Lluberes

That was awesome time with my son


Took my 2 year old and 8 month old yesterday and all 3 of us had a fantastic time. Tammie was very helpful and kind while maintaining the organization of the space.

Jorge Zeron

Kristen Cox

Such a great LARGE indoor playspace. Lots of different areas and activities for all ages. What I like best about this place (in addition to room to run) is how nice and clean everything is. We've been to a couple other playspaces which feel like you're walking into someone's old basement-- like just a room of old worn toys. But not Imagine! The toys are all in great working condition and the poor people who work there perform the Sisyphus-like task to keeping everything orderly with a smile.

Renee Brooks

This is a great indoor playspace for toddlers. It's like one big arranged playdate at a friends house. Lots of toys for imaginative play. A large active area for rowdy tots, and a great way for parents 2 mingle too! Lots of fun.

AP Anuma

This is a really great playspace for kids. I just wish they did a better job of sanitizing. Everytime we go there the whole family gets sick. It has happened three times now, a pattern too consistent to ignore.

Connie Zong

This place is really great! We started coming when my son was 2, and still come regularly. Lots of places for parents to sit on both levels. Upstairs with more calm play, downstairs with a bouncy house and outdoor area. Some additional quiet rooms, plus a fridge and microwave for your lunch and snacks. Best money spent, you can stay all day or just an hour. When it is cooler I bring a pair of thick socks for the kids that we call our playground socks

brooke nieves

This place is on the top of my list of indoor play places. It is clean compared to other locations and I absolutely love having access to their kitchen when we have lunch on site. The only thing that bothers me is the music playing through out the whole space. Sometimes we just look for a quiet place to bring our children to play, I don’t want to listen to nursery rhymes on repeat.

Michiel Niesen

Fun place for kids to play and socialize. Well maintained and spacious.

saman parvaneh

It was crowded and disorganized.

Rivka Strelnikov

Amazing place for kids!

Ashley Mcdowell

MIAfka Ebony

Not very diverse but its clean and the staff are ok too

Ryan Dobbert

Amazing. So much to do. Our 2.5 year old could stay here all day. The website is extremely helpful, it lets you know how busy things are. The mini land on the top floor has a grocery store, checkout, doctors office and several play kitchens. They have a ball pit and bouncy house. The temperature was 90 degrees outside on our first visit here. The air conditioning was welcome and it's such a large space. I can't recommend this play space enough.

Susanne Behrisch

Very good place for cold or rainy days. Super friendly stuff and lots of space to play! You can bring your lunch(or order something) and heat it up in their kitchen. They also sell coffee which is super nice. 2 stages to play-basement and first floor. My kids love to swing in the basement and play catch. They also have fun in the castle, bouncy house or monkey bars. We love it!

Jane Peppler

My grandson loves it. Great for a rainy day. However, it's expensive and parking is difficult.

Ward Vandewege

Fantastic playspace. It's huge - 2 levels - and there are many different toys and activities. There's a kitchen to eat snacks you brought. Go early, it can get very crowded on weekends and vacation days.

Christina Kadziela

It’s a bit messy and a lot of the toys are old and worn out

Mihaela Rusu

Due piani interi di vari giochi. Strutturato bene, giochi molto educativi e personale molto disponibile. Ci si sente acasa. Questo grazie anche all'area cucina dopo si può scaldare il proprio spuntino portato d'acassa.

Russell Bisesi

The place to take your under six.

Farah Ibrahim

It's v good place for kids, but a little expensive and is over heated in Winters

Christa Labanara


Kids do have fun here, but the place is extremely dirty. Sticky toys, pee on floors, and building with bad smell. The staff try to do their best but they are understaffed. The place needs weekly deep cleaning done by a professional team. I did not feel that it was a safe and clean environment for children.

Tracey Carter

Great place for kids

Sheraz Choudhary

A large indoor space to let the kids run around. There is ample parking and two large open areas with lots of toys. The bottom floor is less crowded and had indoor swings (in the winter the bottom floor is cooler). A little expensive if you go there very often but a great space for kids.

Dariusz Jemielniak

A lot of good space for kids

Danny Lam Ong

Variety games for kid 1-7 years old. It's a bit of pet smell in the area?? Will be back Edit: The smell was in the middle toward the back of the ball pit area, It was gone after 10 mins (i guess we got used to it)

Koraima Diaz

The place needs work it smelled of urine and is extremely dirty. Payed 15 dollars for an Uber to get here and walked to the dunkin and waited for my husband to come get me. I couldn’t go in I didn’t feel comfortable having my 19 month old play in there. The couches looked gross and they where extremely stained. Not even if it was free would I recommend it. It has potential if it was cleaned thoroughly and new furniture was added.

Michael Helsmoortel

This is a great place to get in out of the cold. There were a lot of kids there when we first arrived at 10:30 but it emptied out some around lunch time. My daughter loved the ball pit and the side rooms are great to get away to. I bet the place would be less busy on a non school vacation week.

Wanda Gonzalez

Kids really love this place. It has a lot for them to do, but it is very outdated and dirty. Every time I bring my kid here he gets sick.

Ayala Sahbti

Great place for kids!

Laura Lieberman

wally zammuto

My grandson and daughter love it here. They go regularly. They said alot of space so it never feels crowded. Nice staff and clean

Jessica Tripp

This place is amazing. Usually not very crowded except if theres birthdays. You can check their website for how busy it is. 2 floors and a small outside place. Everything you could imagine. $15 for one kid. No charge for adults. Open 365 days a year. My son would spend a week here!

Natalia Banasik-Jemielniak

Love it, we spend hours there!

Alicia Bella

#since writing this review i loved this place so much i offered to share my experience working w/kids and now am Teaching an arts and crafts class for all ages every Thursday at 4pm thru whenever children get bored or until closing at 7. Each kid takes home their special lil proud exhibit* wish they had a place like this when I was little. This was the ultimate Dreamland for kids where you can go play and dress up role playing all different set up they had. For example the Doctor's, grocery store, Library,train tables, indoor swings and large trampoline. Out back they had a pirate ship setting. I can't even begin to talk of all of the different experiences in this almost hidden treasure in Cambridge. 2 floors of indoor fun and activities. I would have to say this even beats the Children's Museum because not only is there parking but it wasn't as crazy bumping into people or anything. Even on a bz day it's so spacious. Typically more bz on rainy days.

Aidan Dragani

Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today

Jack Rizutko

Can get a crazy chaotic on the days you need it most: when it's too cold to play outside.

V Yesenia

This is a big space for children of all ages to play at. I love all of their toys, books, activities. My son is 1 and absolutely LOVES it there. They really do have a wide variety of activities to keep kids busy. My only concern is how filthy this place is. They should consider investing in a custodial company. When have the toys been disinfected? The carpet cleaned? What about children with asthma? Their floors are dirty, dusty and stained. The second floor has foam mats that look like they came from a mechanic. The couches look like they were donations from a crack den. The entire place smells like feet. :(

Olga Oleksyuk

nice, clean place with lots of toys for development and just fun. good for play or party.

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